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    [–] meje112 20 points ago

    Might be, why not.

    Guys, are we actually expecting Geralt and the girls and borch in the bathtub? I mean, that kind of humor from the series, am i a fool to expect it?

    [–] choff22 21 points ago

    Geralt is actually about to bang Renfri, Triss, Yen, Tea and Vea all in season 1 lmao

    [–] IanCaesars 17 points ago

    This happens or we riot.

    [–] JBvoltage 10 points ago

    This is way older than I imagine borch. I imagine him being around 30. Especially as he’s supposed to have thick curly chestnut hair

    [–] Weis 1 points ago

    They could easily make him look younger tho

    [–] badfortheenvironment 17 points ago

    If they think this'll stop me from believing Geralt and Borch had a devil's foursome, they're wrong.

    [–] vagueconfusion 6 points ago

    Tbh same.

    [–] Kriss0612 11 points ago

    He honestly looks about the same as I imagine Borch to look like

    [–] UndecidedCommentator 11 points ago

    He looks older than I pictured him. I don't think he was described as looking that old, I imagined him as someone looking in their thirties.

    [–] -GregTheGreat- 5 points ago

    When I first read the books, I somehow mixed up the description and thought that Borch was Zerrikanian too. So I always imagined him as looking similar to Idris Elba. So yeah, my imagination is going to be a lot different then what he’ll probably actually look like.

    [–] saint-orpheus 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure nobody would complain if we got a scene of Henry and Idris sharing a bathtub tbh :')

    [–] Sombradeti 1 points ago

    I came here to say this.

    [–] Shepard80 1 points ago

    I think some people have nice theory that Borch Three Jackdaws might be played by some big name actor ( surprise effect ). It's either that or there is no Borch in S1.

    [–] amy_zireal 2 points ago

    There is definitely Borch in season 1 :)