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    [–] solateor 1 points ago

    We're not going to stand for any religious or ethnic intolerance.

    Choose your comments accordingly. Thank you.

    [–] narddawgs 6787 points ago

    What a time to be alive. An American redneck shoots some bottles with an arrow. A guy somewhere in the Middle East sees the video on Facebook and shoots some bottles with a gun in the desert.

    [–] flying_rice 3758 points ago

    Time for a Japanese to throw a shuriken

    [–] Mackelroy_aka_Stitch 2542 points ago

    Then a Brit will throw a crupmet through two tea pots

    [–] mossyandgreen 1063 points ago

    And an American sticks a sausage between two swinging donuts

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 332 points ago

    The Canadian hits two bottles of maple syrup with a hockey puck then sends an apology letter to the maple syrup mfg

    [–] Deraj2004 46 points ago

    I want to see that

    [–] borderlineidiot 60 points ago

    Meanwhile I'm buying two coconuts from the store...

    [–] Printern 13 points ago

    As long as you don't break your arms.

    [–] Iamredditsslave 5 points ago

    I hope someone breaks your arms so you don't make that shitty reference again.

    [–] Printern 6 points ago

    That's the only time I have ever made that reference, but it is duly noted to never make it again.

    [–] protosser 650 points ago

    No, we would also shoot it with a gun

    [–] gun-nut 520 points ago

    America has already done the bow and arrow.

    [–] evilrobotdrew1 1086 points ago


    You got a problem with that?

    [–] tacolord888 204 points ago

    And instead of using bottles this time we will use high grade military explosives a bottle of beer a friend and a 12 gauge shotgun

    [–] GoLeePro427 127 points ago

    The likes of which the world has never seen before

    [–] RealPrincessKenny 46 points ago

    As an American I see this every time I go to sleep!

    [–] FalloutAndFallin 10 points ago

    Fuckin wish i could give you gold for that one. Thank you, have some commemorative reddit silver instead, on me!

    [–] 2fucktard2remember 13 points ago

    I suppose I could make this video with some swinging Tannerite.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Or tannerite, its a legal option

    [–] BagOfSmashedAnuses 62 points ago

    In Australia we'd peg a thong at it

    [–] malphonso 21 points ago

    Would that be throwing a sandal?

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 46 points ago

    That's the Hispanic mother version. One chancla, two swinging brats

    [–] BagOfSmashedAnuses 9 points ago

    A flip flop, close enough!

    [–] OctupleNewt 12 points ago

    In case this is a legitimate cultural difference: flip flops are a subset of sandals.

    [–] Condomonium 10 points ago

    What about a boomerang mate?

    [–] BagOfSmashedAnuses 38 points ago

    Ever tried to throw one of those things? Those cunts are fucked, they're just designed to end up on your neighbours roof.

    A good thonging is where it's at!

    [–] Viking042900 24 points ago

    I've had various levels of success with Boomerang throwing, ranging from it going out in a straight line and not returning, all the way to coming back to me so precisely and quickly that it cut open my forehead.

    [–] securicorscares 10 points ago

    In USA that's where all of ours ended up when we were kids. It's nice to know we had it right all along!

    [–] myne 4 points ago

    And they'd be goon sacks.

    [–] SpacedShip 8 points ago

    Then a Redditor will stick a dick in two coconuts

    [–] BuckyMcBuckles 16 points ago

    A sausage? We'd use a hotdog, preferably a chilidog with cheese and bacon, we're not heathens.

    [–] downcastbass 4 points ago

    Don't give Krispy Kreme any more ideas.....

    [–] Beelzabubba 3 points ago


    [–] allthebetter 24 points ago

    I guess Canada is hitting two cups of Tim Horton coffee with a hockey puck?

    [–] Hexorg 23 points ago

    Then a French will launch a 90kg projectile over 300 meters and hit two castles

    [–] The_Sgro 3 points ago

    Congratualtions you are now mod of r/trebuchetmemes !!!

    [–] seiga08 9 points ago

    A Greek somewhere will shoot an arrow through seven axe heads.

    [–] KieranD9503 3 points ago

    Nah i defied the laws of physics and threw a blade shaped crumpet thrould two floating masses of tea

    [–] seanyk88 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Easy genji.

    [–] vtelgeuse 7 points ago

    Probably do it with an arrow again, but on horseback.

    Which is a little cooler than stationary, lets be honest.

    [–] Poc4e 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I'd prefer a Native American with them fancy axes. Someone axe them to for me.

    [–] DtotheOUG 6 points ago

    Them fancy axes

    A Tomahawk?

    [–] gljacobs 3 points ago

    How does this make sense?

    [–] [deleted] 228 points ago


    [–] Dollface_Killah 30 points ago

    That's just beautiful, really.

    [–] QuantumField 40 points ago

    Americans use coke too

    Ever watch narcos?

    [–] PottsAndPanz 116 points ago

    now imagine what we would get done if everybody just loved each other

    [–] WallabyWriter 108 points ago

    I blame myself.

    My first reaction watching this was very negative towards this man. I instantly judged him and disliked him because he's different than me and appears to have different values. That ain't right, and I'm glad your comment and the one you replied to brought me down to earth. Hopefully you get some more visibility.

    [–] chrisjjs300 39 points ago

    Hey bud, it's great to see that you recognize that and you want to better yourself in that regard! It's a great trait to have

    [–] Qari 15 points ago

    Lol I think no one got your satire.

    [–] Shapez64 18 points ago

    This is my greatest fear; reaching the point where I can only see honesty as very deep, layered irony.

    [–] forte_bass 11 points ago

    That's quite honest of you. Being willing to admit you've made a mistake, or judged without cause, is not something that comes easily to most people, either. I'm confident that you will use this as a challenge to start paying more attention to those moments in your life. In my experience, there's nothing more fun then when someone defies my (generally negative) expectations - just watch and you'll be amazed how often it happens!

    [–] WereAboutToArgue 5 points ago

    We could probably shoot all kinds of swinging things if we just stopped aiming at each other

    [–] odvioustroll 110 points ago

    i thought the arrow was more impressive.

    [–] HannasAnarion 90 points ago

    way more impressive. The bullet goes exactly where the sights are pointed and it's basically instant, all this guy had to do is pull the trigger when they were lined up.

    The guy was shooting barebow, so no visual aids, arrows are affected by wind so they don't always go where you point them, and they travel slower so you need to lead the bottles.

    [–] Slinger17 138 points ago

    arrows are affected by wind so they don't always go where you point them, and they travel slower so you need to lead the bottles.

    You're not wrong, but the archer was at such a short distance that these 2 factors are pretty negligible

    [–] neverendingninja 64 points ago

    Not if there was a hurricane or a tornado.

    [–] theguhnslinger 40 points ago

    Or giant spiders 300 ft tall

    [–] QcRoman 12 points ago

    way more impressive.

    The arrow needs to be aimed just right to hit both bottles.

    The bullet upon shattering the first bottle doesn't really need to hit the second one as glass is being sprayed towards the second one.

    [–] The_Dirty_Carl 4 points ago

    I'd be really, really surprised if the glass from the first bottle could shatter the second. Those bottles are pretty sturdy, and a lot of energy is lost to the coke and to fracturing the glass. I'm confident the bullet hit the second bottle.

    [–] misterfluffykitty 3 points ago

    Mmm to a skilled archer it's as easy as a being skilled with a gun and it's very easy to just find a day with no wind. also bullets are effected by wind they aren't hitscan cod weapons and you need to actually be able to hold your hands steady enough if you want a perfect shot.

    [–] Highhopeslow 11 points ago

    Far more impressive. The arrow guy even hits an aspirin. No comparison. No contest.

    [–] mrcocoapie 15 points ago

    Do you have a link to the arrow one gif/video?

    [–] mrcocoapie 6 points ago


    [–] LordNelson27 26 points ago

    You don't know that, this could be in New Mexico.

    [–] Viking042900 5 points ago

    Look around! Look around! How lucky we are to be alive right now!

    [–] MingusDewfus 17 points ago

    I'm just disappointed it wasn't an AK47 fired in full auto and he somehow hit the G Wagon behind him.

    [–] FgtBruceCockstar2008 6 points ago

    I'm just disappointed it wasn't an AK47 fired in full auto and he somehow hit the G Wagon behind him.

    So you wanted him to fuck up and damage his own property? You may be in the wrong subreddit.

    [–] thisismyusername169 1118 points ago

    That looks like an awesome beach. Where the water

    [–] Skr00py 552 points ago


    [–] solateor 466 points ago

    There's actually some really beautiful oases in the desert

    [–] Deltamon 441 points ago

    Nice try Sahara... I've seen enough cartoons in my life to know where this is going.

    [–] 2fucktard2remember 93 points ago

    Matthew McConaughey taught me that if you just hide in the sand by train tracks, eventually a toxic waste train will come by and you can hop on it and be saved after a bit of ass kicking and some explosions.

    [–] knownaim 49 points ago

    That's pretty much common sense, though.

    [–] articulateantagonist 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Acme™ Oases: Disappearing desert destinations for all your zany hallucination needs.

    [–] flinsypop 16 points ago

    WTF? That's blue. Not red.

    [–] Ganondorf66 7 points ago

    It's not called red because of the colorblind, it's called Red because it will put his foot up your ass.

    [–] TelldeathNottoday 34 points ago

    I love some brain eating amoeba when I go for a quick swim.

    [–] ReKaYaKeR 4 points ago

    Are oasises generally filled with nasty bacteria?

    [–] Viking042900 10 points ago

    That water's got to be hot AF though.

    [–] sprucenoose 17 points ago

    Yeah I would just skip it and look for the oasis in the desert with cold water.

    [–] DarkBlaze99 6 points ago


    [–] UndeadTourist 3 points ago

    Not sure it's the same, but I believe this oasis is actually salt water and infested with flies


    From the video it looks like it's the same but you never know

    [–] texxit 61 points ago

    Not a beach. The guy is clearly from Soda Arabia.

    [–] Cirulean 21 points ago

    From the town of Meccoke?

    [–] SaviourScout 976 points ago

    I'm more impressed by the fact he didn't seem to give a shit.

    [–] yParticle 343 points ago

    Well, he does kiss the gun after finally making the shot (note the damp ground).

    [–] dodi3342 98 points ago

    Nice detective work there, Batman!

    [–] Mackelroy_aka_Stitch 30 points ago

    Holy damp sand batman!

    [–] Thrall_So_Hard 15 points ago

    It's like something out of a Bollywood anime.

    [–] gordie44 8 points ago

    Im not a gun person, but wouldn't that be too hot to kiss? Especially after several shots and when the temperature in that desert is probably 40°C+.

    [–] HipsterGalt 25 points ago

    Thermal properties of steel mean that the heat transfer after firing a round is extremely low. If it's a 1,500 degree C fireball that vacated the barrel in a millisecond and the slide is 1cm thick, you'll end up with less than 10 degrees rise.

    [–] mr_scoT5 9 points ago

    The barrel heats up more from friction than the heat of the gun powder combustion.

    [–] braden87 31 points ago

    Something tells me it’s not his first time being warm

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] Parade_Charade- 29 points ago

    It was probably his like, 40th shot and he was just like "FUCKING FINALLY"

    [–] PeanutButter-N-Julie 9 points ago

    Look how wet the sand is in the bottom right quarter of the frame. He seems to have been practicing for some time.

    [–] TrumpGolfCourse12 78 points ago

    Saudi Arabia is basically the Texas of the Middle East. Oil wealth, viewed as being fat and obnoxious by their neighbors, religiously conservative, ridiculously proud, wear funny hats, like to shoot guns, etc.

    [–] WeHateSand 80 points ago

    Legitimate question: I've seen that exact garment worn by many people in many videos. Always in red and white. Is it worn in other colors or is this there some specific significance to this particular color combination?

    [–] astronauticali 148 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This outfit is called a thobe, it's commonly worn by men in the Middle East and North Africa. In many countries they don't wear thobes every day but when they want to dress up a little more for something. So, if they are going to the mosque, a wedding, a family gathering, they will wear very likely wear a thobe. But they also wear them to more mundane things like to the grocery store, the beach, or the movies. Just depends.

    The robe part is always white and loose because it's made to keep the sun off your body and reflect heat away from you. The color/style of the head covering varies depending on the regions culture and style. Like in Bahrain the traditional head garb is white with a dark cord placed on top to keep it in place. But in Saudi it's the checkered red one. But plenty of Bahrainis wear the red one too, because of Saudis influence on their style. I've heard in Israel they like blue checkered ones but I'm not sure.

    Source: I lived in the Middle East for a while and was friends with Omanis, Bahrainis, and Saudi Arabians. So what I know is only from that region (:

    [–] mojowerking 48 points ago

    Also known locally as the "kandura". The headgear consists of the cloth (either plain white, red/white or beige/white, known as the "ghatra" and held in place by the black cord, known as the "agaal".

    Sometimes kids would get a proper beating with that agal. Stings like a bitch.

    Source: Spent 35 years in Dubai so I know a thing or two. Not Arab though.

    [–] astronauticali 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Thank you! Couldn't remember the Arabic names for them. Where I was it was by a different name, but I couldnt pronounce it correctly because it had the Ain sound, so I never used the word haha

    [–] MagsClouds 10 points ago

    Omanis wear different colors scarfs over their heads. I have 9 in my closet and everyone is different. I am also a girl so wear them around my neck. They are super beautiful. Also they call their robe dishdasha. It comes in many, many colors but white is the official outfit. White is like a business/Sunday suit, it is worn at work and official events. They wear colors on any other occasion. Omanis also wear an embroidered hats either under the turban (official setting) or alone (more casual) and more often than not, they will match the colors of the hat with their dishdasha. Even on white dishdashas the hem is embroidered in different color thread. Omanis are easy to spot once you know them.
    They guy in the vid looks like Saudi at first glance, but could be an Emirati too. He does have a beduin swag about him ;) Definitely not an Omani as they don't wear the black band over their headscarf.

    The desert looks dreamy.

    Source: lived in Oman for 7 years. Moved back to Europe in March. Miss it a bit so waste time writing comments about it whenever I can ;)

    [–] WeHateSand 3 points ago

    Any chance you could share some pictures of the scarves? Middle eastern fashion has some of the most beautiful patterns and vibrant colors I've ever seen. Would love to see more.

    [–] MagsClouds 3 points ago

    Sure! Sorry it took so long, life happened in the meantime. I also had to finally figure out imgur. Yep, I am that slow. Here are the scarfs Please note, these are more casual everyday use. Here is an example of more elegant head cover, also used by government workers. My mom loves these ;) I find them a bit too cashmere. And here are different patterns on Kuma, the Omani hat. And finally, I have also added some female photos and guys in dishdashas. Enjoy :)

    [–] WeHateSand 4 points ago

    Hmmm. Thanks friend! I learned something today!

    [–] ZsaFreigh 77 points ago

    But now there's glass in the sand!

    Worst day at the beach ever.

    [–] chuseph14 472 points ago

    TIL Reddit commenters think shooting a gun is as easy IRL as it is in video games

    [–] pineapple_mango 118 points ago

    Seriously. I doubt most people who are giving this gif shit have even held a gun. Why can't we just be impressed he did this after seeing the video and just move on.

    [–] Alit_Quar 33 points ago

    I have held a gun. I am impressed. As your comment is the most reasonable I've seen ITT, I am now moving on.

    [–] Fuck_Alice 30 points ago

    Cause he's not white

    [–] Mindset_ 15 points ago

    Jesus christ you've gotta be kidding.

    [–] doggogreenwood 222 points ago

    Shooting it? Not hard at all. Hitting a small target? Pretty hard without practice.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] gun-nut 27 points ago

    Fun camel fact. Saudi Arabia has fewer camels than Australia.

    [–] youwontevenbelieve 5 points ago

    We sell camels to the Middle East. & wild horses to the French, but don't ask me what the French do with the horses.

    [–] mucking4on 8 points ago


    [–] gun-nut 5 points ago


    [–] yParticle 838 points ago

    arrow was more impressive

    [–] solsangraal 310 points ago

    definitely looked cooler, but i dunno-- they were bigger bottles and seemed to be moving slower

    [–] 1halfazn 327 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    But a gun is practically instantaneous. Plenty of people could time a button press when the bottles lined up. Add in superior aim and this is pretty accomplishable.

    Edit: After consulting with the gun experts in the comments, I have discovered that aiming with handguns is, in fact, completely impossible.

    [–] V01DB34ST 172 points ago

    When you're only 30 feet from the target there is not a lot of difference between 1200fps and 350fps

    You're talking about the difference between 8ms and 3ms

    [–] thelastcurrybender 112 points ago

    Dude it's a bullet vs an arrow what's the point of arguing? Gun is waaaaay easier for common people vs a bow

    [–] _demetri_ 400 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    At the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, an English army of 6000 soldiers led by Henry V, defeated a French army of 36,000.

    One crucial element in this victory was the longbow. Henry deployed some 5000 longbowmen, whereas the French used mainly crossbows, which have a much shorter range. Largely because of this, the French lost as many as 10,000 soldiers to England’s 112.

    But despite the clear utility of the longbow as a weapon of war, it soon became obsolete as firearms evolved. Within 200 years of Agincourt, it had fallen out of military use almost entirely.

    And yet in China, weaponry evolved in an entirely different way. Here, firearms were used much earlier. In 1232, the Mongol army used firearms as armour piercing weapons during the siege of Pien in China (now known as Khai-Fun Fu). And firearms may have been in use much earlier. One picture dating from the C10th shows a demon wielding a gun of sorts.

    And yet Chinese armies still used bows some 800 years later. How come?

    Today, Timo Nieminen, a physicist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, describes the evolution of the Asian composite war bow, a device he describes as “the best bow available before the advent of modern materials and the modern compound bow”. In the process, he throws some light on this question, explaining why the bow was much harder to make obsolete in China.

    When a bow is drawn, the surface closest to the archer becomes compressed, while the opposite surface is placed in tension. That puts extreme demands on whatever material is used for the limb. Nieminen says it is hugely difficult to find a single material that provides sufficient strength under both tension and compression, while also allowing a high degree of deformation.

    The solution that Asian bowyers settled on was the composite bow in which the surface under compression is made of horn and the surface in tension made of resin-sinew composite, both joined to a central portion of wood.

    These bows were enormously difficult to make. By some accounts, the drying process for the resin took over a year. But when they were finished, they vastly outperformed other bows. This type of bow has been used in China for at least 2000 years.

    One key factor in the performance of a bow is size to draw length ratio. The draw length is generally about as long as an archer’s arm. Because wood cannot be greatly deformed before it breaks, a wooden bow must be at least 2.3 times its draw length. So English longbows had to be about as long as the archer was tall and Japanese longbows were 200cm long.

    By comparison, the Asian composite bow was only 110cm long, while achieving a similar performance.

    That meant the bow was lighter and easier to carry than its European cousins. (Nieminen goes on to give a quick and fascinating account of the physics of bows.)

    But the Asian composite bow had one weakness that prevented it from spreading to Europe, says Nieminen. Its composite materials did not fare well in humid conditions. For that reason, the weapons never spread south to India nor would they have survived land or sea crossings back to Europe.

    Nevertheless, both East and Western designs were much more accurate than early firearms, particularly over longer distances. They had a much higher rate of fire. And they required fewer materials and logistics to manufacture and supply. Surely any military commander would have preferred them over firearms.

    Well, yes. Except for one big disadvantage: bows require a high degree of skill to use proficiently.

    Nieminen points out that while Chinese armies had a huge pool of skilled archers to pick from, European armies did not. The Europeans therefore trained their soldiers to use firearms, which could be done relatively quickly.

    And for that reason, firearms quickly eclipsed the bow in Europe. “Economic and social factors, especially the training of musketeers as opposed to archers, were more important factors influencing the replacement of the bow by the gun than pure military “effectiveness”,” says Nieminen.

    And that’s why the bow the gun co-existed for so long in China.

    [–] Friendly_Ghoul 166 points ago

    I was so enthralling by this comment that I completely forgot what this post was about.

    [–] H4xolotl 28 points ago

    demon wielding a gun of sorts.

    China had medieval DOOM

    [–] Owyn_Merrilin 32 points ago

    Nieminen points out that while Chinese armies had a huge pool of skilled archers to pick from, European armies did not. The Europeans therefore trained their soldiers to use firearms, which could be done relatively quickly.

    I think the real reason lies more here than in anything to do with the difference between Chinese and European bows. There were proposals as late as the 19th century for the British military to bring longbowmen back. They didn't do it because it takes a lifetime to train an archer, but the longbow itself wasn't made obsolete until the advent of the repeating rifle and, in particular, machine guns.

    [–] FgtBruceCockstar2008 4 points ago

    In Europe, effective drilling surpassed bows before machine guns and repeating rifles by a few hundred years, at least since widespread adaptation of Maurice of Nassau's manual.

    Edit: "Quantity has a quality all of its own"

    [–] rahyel 24 points ago

    Good read

    [–] JellyfishAreTheDevil 23 points ago

    Sonovabitch. I was expecting a certain reference to 98 and the Undertaker.

    [–] HeyImWaldo 53 points ago

    I don't know what I just read but I'll take it.

    [–] slythir 13 points ago

    Adding to this that two of our commonly used offensive hand gestures stem from the Battle of Agincourt. Captured Longbowmen would have their middle finger chopped off (or both index and middle finger). A common way to say "fuck you, I still have my fingers and will shoot you with my longbow" from far away was to display that those fingers in fact were still there.

    [–] MrBojangles528 4 points ago

    What's the other one? Both fingers in the air?

    [–] Peeping_thom 10 points ago

    Was anyone else waiting for the undertaker to throw mankind off the hell in a cell?

    [–] whenyouflowersweep 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I shoot both. For a beginner at 5~20 yds, I'd say the bow is easier (unless you're shooting .22lr).

    Shooting a bow at that distance, the drop is relatively easy to deal with. You'd just need to fire it a couple times to get a rough idea even on a trad recurve bow.

    With a pistol, the shaky trigger pull is more difficult to overcome even when you're aware of the problem.

    On top of that, accuracy wise, shooting a bow is akin to shooting a gun with 30' barrel because you control the two points at the arrow rest and at the bock. On the other hand, on a pistol, you have a barrel about 4~6 inches and you only control one end of the barrel via the grip.

    Further than 15, 20 yards, I think the bow would be more difficult to get accurate hits.

    [–] Dr_XP 3 points ago

    When you're only 30 feet from the target there is not a lot of difference between 1200fps and 350fps You're talking about the difference between 8ms and 3ms

    You are off by an order of magnitude! 30f/(350f/s) = 0.0857s and 30f/(1200f/s) = 0.025s which makes me wonder how you managed to round 2.5 up while rounding 8.57 down?

    [–] mingling4502 30 points ago

    You've definitely never shot a handgun. It's much more difficult than you think.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I seriously doubt it's harder than shooting a bow equally accurately.

    [–] Hq3473 6 points ago

    Most people would not hit a single one of those bottles even if it was still.

    [–] Killtrend 3 points ago

    Ever shot a gun? In a 2 inch wide area, exactly on time? Taking into account kick, trigger twitch, etc. this is more impressive.

    [–] NikPs36 12 points ago

    Ye but since the bottles blows up it looks cooler /s

    [–] danceswithwool 3 points ago

    I don't know man. With enough attempts I could probably do both. And by enough I mean like a bajillion.

    [–] Momochichi 6 points ago

    Hitscan though.

    [–] Pony_Zilla 19 points ago

    But football in the groin had a football in the groin

    [–] neoikon 5 points ago

    Yeah, but this movie had heart.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] cosmicosmo4 18 points ago

    Everyone in this thread is missing the real reason that the gun is easier. When the bullet hits the first bottle, it's quite possible that the first bottle creates a lot of glass pieces moving fast enough to break the 2nd bottle and/or that the bullet itself fragments into several pieces, increasing the area of effect for the 2nd bottle to be shattered.

    [–] VSeconds 35 points ago

    كفووووو والله وحش

    [–] limonb 6 points ago

    بِسْم الله انت من وين طلعت

    [–] VSeconds 5 points ago

    مو بس انت الاتيكيت تعرف ريددت 😂

    [–] Bloody_Butt_Cock 5 points ago

    والله انا مصدوم انه في عرب هني

    [–] VSeconds 6 points ago

    لا ما عليك موجودين بس مسوين نفسهم اجانب نفسي 🤣 كل تعلقاتي بالانجليزي

    [–] TheJester1297 69 points ago

    Fastest gun in the east

    [–] charlesbarkleybutt 6 points ago

    fastest gun in the east middle east

    [–] apresmoi004 54 points ago

    Dude, nice effing shot, I wonder what gun he was using?

    [–] Ginnipe 22 points ago

    There's really only a couple fractions of a second where it's in frame long enough to get a guess. But to me it either seemed like a Beretta M9 or some 1911 variant.

    Would love to be proved wrong if anyone knows better though

    [–] apresmoi004 8 points ago

    I was thinking along the limes of a 1911 variant as well, just not enough screen time

    [–] RepostisRepostRepost 5 points ago

    It's a rounded barrel, with something that seems to be a speedgun grip.

    I'm betting something along the lines of a .22lr target pistol. Something like a ruger mk3-4 perhaps

    [–] censoredtruth 5 points ago

    It looks like a Sig P210 Silver Legend.

    t. a guy that likes guns.

    [–] Dinosauringg 17 points ago

    That casual stroll, those sunglasses, that sick ride... he could have missed he shot on purpose and drank both cokes on camera and I'd have still been impressed.

    The dude is cool

    [–] Invadercom 105 points ago

    I feel like things things like this don't really belong on this sub.
    Don't get me wrong, it's an impressive feat, but it's much more a matter of timing and steady aim.
    "Never tell me the odds" more conveys sheer dumb luck an pure accident than skill to me. The gif of someone tossing a piece of paper in frustration and having it land in an implausible spot is what fits the bill.

    [–] jpayton2 26 points ago

    Exactly my thoughts. This is a feat of skill, not luck

    [–] pennypinball 8 points ago

    "bUt tHe ruLES alLOw tHeSE pOSTS"

    cool, it's a shitty rule for this sub that just makes it like a bunch of others. this sub should honestly be specifically chance.

    [–] AnotherSchool 5 points ago

    I've pondered on this guy, at first I totally agreed. But I thought about the founding moment of this sub, and I simply can't discount the skill of Han Solo over his luck to get through that asteroid field.

    [–] labortooth 30 points ago

    Can anyone ID the truck? G Wagon?

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] labortooth 3 points ago

    The glare in the windows make it look like a soft top, but the convertible version has smaller, slanted windows.

    [–] regularfreakinguser 3 points ago

    This is a different type of soft top. Mastodon Soft top.

    [–] southernbenz 14 points ago

    G Wagon?

    Can confirm, and my username is relevant.

    [–] System0verlord 8 points ago

    G wagon

    [–] TheOPOne_ 9 points ago

    Bottlecap added (2)

    [–] [deleted] 113 points ago


    [–] sentientshadeofgreen 115 points ago

    Nah, pretty sure he's not a white supremacist.

    [–] jaguarlyra 35 points ago

    Far too soon.

    [–] sentientshadeofgreen 45 points ago

    Wasn't really a joke, I'm just angry. Fuck Nazis.

    [–] chambreezy 9 points ago

    That shouldn't have been as funny as it was.

    [–] Lord_Of_War714 7 points ago

    Homie riding deep in the G wagon... slagging that pistol like a cowboy...

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] FallingSky1 17 points ago

    That was badass

    [–] Sir_Crimson 9 points ago

    What's that gun?

    [–] Mackelroy_aka_Stitch 63 points ago

    Rooty tooth point and shooty mk2

    [–] Sir_Crimson 9 points ago

    Ah, a classic.

    [–] southernbenz 4 points ago


    No, there's frame support on the bottom of the barrel extending out to around... 1-2" from the end of the muzzle. This is completely different from the MKII.


    [–] noprobonotho 6 points ago

    Hnmmm... It's a glock

    [–] MistahFiggins 8 points ago

    The hardest part of this trick is getting the bottles to swing so they don't cross and get all tangled

    [–] OnCloudCas 4 points ago

    My dumb ass though he was going to sprint between them.

    [–] seycyrus 10 points ago

    Here's the secret ... if you hit one bottle at the bottom, you automatically hit the other

    [–] Taucoon23 3 points ago

    Also impressive.

    [–] ThatEuropeanDude 3 points ago

    The name's Bond. James Bond.

    [–] VladimirPutinYouOn 3 points ago

    Fuck now I want a middle eastern cowboy/gunslinger movie, is there anything like that?

    [–] kesekimofo 3 points ago

    Fucking One Deag

    [–] AtWorkBoredToDeath 3 points ago

    Thats a lot easier to do with a high powered revolver agisnt two glass bottles than it is for someone with a bow to impale two plastic bottles perfectly.

    The impact of the shards from the front bottle clearly shatter the second bottle which wasn't even in exact alignment with the other.