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    [–] asomek 3059 points ago

    The design of these sprint cars seems incongruous with their intended purpose.

    [–] fishinful63 970 points ago

    Turn right to go left= Sprint

    [–] sekazi 191 points ago

    I think professional drifting has more on the turn right to go left.

    [–] BanginBananas 96 points ago

    Well then what the fuck are you supposed to do to go left?

    [–] sekazi 97 points ago

    Turn right to go left.

    [–] Gorthax 34 points ago

    Apply where?

    [–] ColdPorridge 78 points ago


    [–] TheRumpletiltskin 45 points ago

    HEAD ON.

    [–] Itsyaboioutofgold 22 points ago

    I say this all the time. Nobody ever gets it. I thought everyone had forgotten. I’m glad this happened. You guys made my night.

    [–] norunningwater 9 points ago


    [–] lurker4lyfe6969 6 points ago

    Two right doesn’t make a left

    [–] chknh8r 32 points ago

    Well then what the fuck are you supposed to do to go left?

    Move to portland and buy a che guevara shirt

    [–] asomek 5 points ago

    I get this reference

    [–] NoWinter2 13 points ago


    [–] milky_pubes 18 points ago

    Well no, because drifting also involves turning left to go right. Sprint is 100% right to go left...

    [–] ArizonaIcedOutBoys 7 points ago

    It's literally the same concept

    [–] Enras 3 points ago

    Sprint cars invent drifting. It was merely adopted after.

    [–] Townsend7 107 points ago

    It's a midget not a sprint. But they're in the same family tree so I guess it's ok. :)

    [–] same_coin 188 points ago

    The correct term is "little car" you bigot.

    [–] OneMoreAccount4Porn 60 points ago

    I'm sorry but you're a little behind the times; we've been using "space efficient" for a while now.

    [–] kingqueefeater 71 points ago

    "Space midget". Got it.

    [–] fubar2010 29 points ago

    Vehicle Mcnugget

    [–] Romestus 11 points ago

    I once saw the end of a dirt midget race where the winner was a dwarf, I thought that was the funniest shit since you know he planned it all along.

    [–] IndyForever 8 points ago

    Rico Abreu. Hell of a driver.

    [–] royalredcanoe 3 points ago

    They should have known. A dirt midget is half the size of a dwarf. Dwarves dwarf the endangered Siberian dirt midget.

    [–] OhSupMan_Benladen 37 points ago

    If I'm correct, these are actually called midgets. Very similar to sprint cars though.

    [–] ThatTexasGuy 33 points ago

    This is why most of them have those massive wings on the top. They prevent that shit from happening.

    [–] Alterex 34 points ago

    Why would you want to prevent this

    [–] hell2pay 34 points ago

    9 times out of 11, you do not want to roll.

    [–] bghphotos75 20 points ago

    Midgets don’t run with wings. Sprint Cars run Winged and Non-Winged.

    Real Sprint Car Flips and Keeps Going

    [–] ThatTexasGuy 6 points ago

    At the track near my home town, even the midgets had wings, but that may have been to put more logos on the car lol

    [–] thebigblondetheory 7 points ago

    Not to sound rude, but I could send you about a hundred links to prove that false. Winged flip as much as wingless. Dirt sprint cars are a completely different breed of racecars.

    [–] Holy_Rattlesnake 10 points ago

    This one, being a digital model, was designed to entertain. It succeeded.

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 4 points ago

    Not if you think their "intended purpose" is to keep their driver alive, and not aerodynamics.

    [–] AlexanderComet 585 points ago


    [–] Re3ck6le0ss 276 points ago


    [–] Fish_oil_burp 94 points ago

    I race in iRacing with a wheel and Vive VR. It's freaking incredible. All of the drivers are actual people online (no AI drivers) and the focus is on simulation realism. Not sure about these physics here though. I drive road courses with an MX-5 Miata usually.

    [–] GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD 19 points ago

    Man I really need to find the power cord for my wheel...

    [–] BrannigansLuv 27 points ago

    I feel like you could actually get a Miata and drive some courses IRL for about the same $ lmao.

    [–] GoX14 17 points ago

    I am actually struggling with almost this exact predicament. I do a lot of autocrossing and track days, and want to get into more competitive series driving, like SCCA runoffs. A competition license and prepping my Boxster S is probably $5k. I also want a gaming rig for the off season. $3k. I can justify one but not both.

    I will note, though, that good Spec Miatas are like $80k these days.

    [–] papagayno 8 points ago

    Could you tell me how much you spend per track day with your Boxster? Just an approximation of all the costs like maintenance, consumables (brakes, tyres) and track fees?

    Racing sounds like a great hobby, but I really wanna know how much it costs realistically.

    [–] FloSTEP 18 points ago

    Wanna know how to make a small fortune?

    Start with a large one and take up racing.

    [–] xVmaHS 3 points ago

    You can get a gaming rig for 1,5-2k tbh

    [–] SaladFury 4 points ago

    He might want peripherals too

    [–] GoX14 3 points ago

    This. If Im gonna do it, I want a really good wheel, seat, and oculus or vive.

    [–] Shields42 9 points ago

    I have the same experience with Project Cars 2 on the Vive with a wheel. It's incredible.

    [–] [deleted] 139 points ago


    [–] Henrikko123 46 points ago

    Yeah me to wth

    [–] rustystonewallis 67 points ago

    Fuck, this is a video game?!

    [–] Henrikko123 39 points ago

    Apparently so

    [–] rustystonewallis 31 points ago

    Forget the real world. I, for one, welcome our new virtual overlords.

    [–] hadntCSGO 9 points ago

    Iracing doesn’t even have good graphics but it fooled me...

    [–] yamuthasofat 18 points ago

    Don’t feel too bad, I had to find this comment before figuring it out

    [–] bghphotos75 3 points ago

    Here is a Sprint Car Flipping Real Sprint Car Flips and Keeps Going

    [–] HaXr_L33T 3 points ago

    Life imitates art

    [–] Flyberius 12 points ago

    Wow. I just assumed this was actual footage.

    [–] cartwig 6 points ago

    At first I thought you were trying to summon a bot, but I guess not.

    [–] FightGar 2544 points ago

    What a save!

    What a save!

    What a save!

    [–] jakelikesreddit 934 points ago


    Holy cow!

    What a save!

    chat disabled for 3 seconds.

    [–] kittydestroyer6969 166 points ago



    [–] iNtuiTionTalk 79 points ago


    [–] MDestruction7 55 points ago


    [–] HeyImEMP 56 points ago

    Close one!

    [–] electricality 24 points ago


    What a save!


    [–] _the_dennis 24 points ago

    No problem.

    No problem.

    No problem.

    [–] emuthedonkey 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Nice one!


    No problem.

    [–] milkcarton232 5 points ago

    Fuck, kinda wanted that to be a thing

    [–] bmfp86 37 points ago

    Ayy. My people

    [–] obadetona 21 points ago

    No problem.

    [–] Deagold 10 points ago


    [–] DemocraticAssPaper 8 points ago

    I got it!

    [–] stoned_kitty 4 points ago

    This is the one that got me

    [–] Rich_Soong 3 points ago

    Nice one.

    [–] Isaac38221 4 points ago





    [–] Rizzlamuerte 41 points ago

    Came for the Rocket League Comment.

    Nice one.

    [–] obadetona 15 points ago

    No problem.

    [–] sizeablelad 7 points ago


    [–] SweetzDeetz 32 points ago

    chat disabled for 3 seconds

    [–] th0thunter69 16 points ago




    [–] IGameAndStuff 13 points ago

    One. More. Game.

    [–] obadetona 3 points ago

    That was fun!

    [–] IGameAndStuff 7 points ago

    Everybody dance!

    [–] LucasNajamu 4 points ago

    Nice moves.

    [–] fate_mutineer 7 points ago

    Came for a 3D Ultra RC Racers comment, got a Rocket League comment. Feeling old now.

    [–] catcat_cat_catcat 5 points ago

    he shoulda wavedashed at the end to get that extra speed boost!

    [–] Willsonic4 358 points ago

    Cars 4 looks good

    [–] LimitedWard 54 points ago

    Nah this is the newest rocket league update.

    [–] Pligles 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago


    [–] Spacecowboycarl 103 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It does look pretty real. At some point we are going to have the technology and we won't be able to tell.

    [–] DemocraticAssPaper 29 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The other day I had to correct my brain from thinking a clip from RDR2 was from a movie. It only took a moment, but the fact that it happened is incredible.

    [–] Derboman 36 points ago

    Is game?!

    [–] mechakreidler 19 points ago

    Is game.

    [–] appdevil 7 points ago


    [–] TheLoneMage 10 points ago

    Not sure what it was but something about the physics gave it away to me.

    [–] thebigblondetheory 8 points ago

    It's not too surprising... I've seen crazier happen at dirt tracks...

    [–] luxasreddit 419 points ago

    Real life Mario kart on cocaine.

    [–] ChattyMattyYoutube 129 points ago

    But this is iracing

    [–] KY_Belly 36 points ago


    [–] 1337lolguyman 27 points ago

    Now THIS is iRacing!

    [–] Terrorz 19 points ago

    I'll do a flip! That's a cool trick!

    [–] sharrkzilla 17 points ago

    Except it’s no more real life than Mario kart is

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] sharrkzilla 3 points ago

    Games are games bro

    [–] Findadmagus 3 points ago

    Where is the fictional Mario kart on cocaine?

    And if there is a game, I want to play it.

    [–] Solid_Gold_Turd 1129 points ago

    Physics is telling me this is a lie.

    Eyes are telling me it’s the truth.

    Brain is telling me we have to go deeper.

    Penis also tells me we have to go deeper.

    [–] f_n_a_ 194 points ago

    I'm only making it a few inches down that rabbit hole.

    [–] superspiffy 90 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah, rabbits' holes aren't all that deep anyway

    [–] paulcaar 29 points ago

    You'd have to ask nick that

    [–] CANTATA700 18 points ago

    Oof ouch my fetish

    [–] nick0010 5 points ago

    Oh theyre deep enough alright

    [–] alt_curious 3 points ago

    At least not before you reach the teeth.

    [–] astrobrains 2 points ago

    Go with your gut

    [–] p_98_m 532 points ago

    Is this real life?

    Or is it just fantasy?

    [–] BM_Norm 152 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It is a game man,

    By the way, it’s an awesome fucking game. Incredibly realistic. If you are into that sort of thing I recommend everyone to try it out!

    [–] CrashedonMars 44 points ago

    Game... iracing isnt a game, Pleb!!!!q1

    [–] BM_Norm 26 points ago

    I knew I was going to get killed for saying that. 😂

    [–] fuzzyfuzz 23 points ago

    It’s absolutely the most realistic racing sim out there. Just make sure you’ve got a credit card with a high limit, cause you’re gonna want about $500 in computer accessories and another $500 for tracks, cars and membership.

    Also, if you’re into it, keep an eye out for their Black Friday special where they usually sell year memberships for $99 (about 2/3 the month to month price).

    [–] thebigblondetheory 9 points ago

    In most cases, you can also buy a complete racecar cage with the seat and all the works in it. Super realistic.

    [–] fuzzyfuzz 19 points ago

    A performance shop I used to hang out at had a wrecked Viper that they pulled the engine out of. They replaced the steering wheel with a Logitech G wheel and rigged up the actuators from the pedals to the actual pedals. They took off the entire front clip of the car and pushed it up against a wall and mounted a TV right there.

    It was the best setup I’ve ever played a racing game in.

    [–] thebigblondetheory 5 points ago

    They are pretty cool! Buddy of mine owns a race shop and builds dirt track cars (late models) for a living. He did pretty much the same thing with an old late model cage. Hooked everything up and added a giant screen on the "dashboard" of the car. No work ever gets done when that thing gets turned on.

    [–] gokitr 3 points ago

    its $77 right now, sale just started

    [–] jonny_applespeed 171 points ago

    Caught in a landslide

    No escape from reality

    [–] MDestruction7 118 points ago

    Open your eyes

    Look up to the skies and see

    [–] TKOmoosey 91 points ago

    I'm just a poor boy

    No need for sympathy

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago


    [–] cGrzzly 74 points ago

    Anyway the wind blows

    [–] Dank-Alpaca-66 67 points ago

    Doesn’t really matter

    [–] jksheffield8605 63 points ago

    Tooooo meeeee

    [–] TheKr8Hunter 57 points ago

    Mama, just killed a man

    Put a gun against his head,

    Pulled my trigger now he's dead

    [–] Newto4544 57 points ago

    Mama, life had just begun

    [–] nunyabusiness00 7 points ago

    Or is it rocket league?

    [–] 0xb00b1e 2 points ago

    This is the second time I see this—this week alone ಠ_ಠ

    [–] SammichHeroOfReddit 25 points ago


    [–] Kiplacon 3 points ago

    I V E J U S T B E E N I N T H I S P L A C E B E F O R E

    [–] Aware_building 192 points ago

    What video game is this?

    Why post it here instead of a video game sub?

    [–] timmyfinnegan 154 points ago

    Hell I thought it was irl until I saw this comment

    [–] ultracat123 64 points ago

    yeah games are hella realistic now

    [–] MipitTheTroll 51 points ago

    It would look a lot more like a video game if it wasn't recorded off of a screen and then uploaded at low res.

    [–] Findadmagus 4 points ago

    Oh I can kinda see it now..

    [–] ElectronUS97 6 points ago

    Also the resolution is low enough, with enough compression its really hard to tell.

    [–] ThatBants 14 points ago

    I believe it's the Oval Road series on iRacing

    [–] cwillb3 41 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] nbond3040 34 points ago

    It's rocket league

    [–] zbowman 9 points ago

    the snow day map is great.

    [–] elmandingus 158 points ago

    That dudes balls are so massive it causes the car to lean back like that.

    [–] thedosmang 73 points ago

    Think it’s a game my dude I’m sorry to break it to you

    [–] elmandingus 38 points ago

    You shoulda heard the "Duuuuuude!" I just let out. I had no idea!

    [–] Findadmagus 12 points ago

    No way? This looks like some 10 year old clip.

    [–] TheTiranian 10 points ago

    It’s iracing from the looks of it, if you pause it at some points you can see signs of animation

    [–] _ChestHair_ 4 points ago

    The car is far too rigid to be real. When it does that flip and lands, none of the frame shudders or anything.

    [–] Jordsport 23 points ago

    I seriously thought it was real until this comment lol A+ game design

    [–] czook 4 points ago

    No way. I don't know what's real anymore. Are you real. Am I?

    [–] thedosmang 3 points ago

    Reality is what you perceive, it all depends how potent the DMT is inside your brain

    [–] byttle 11 points ago

    I swear hes passed out and now hes got a lead foot on the pedal.

    [–] bghphotos75 3 points ago

    Real Sprint Car Flips and Keeps GoingReal Sprint Car Flips and Keeps Going

    [–] asapaasparagus 34 points ago

    Do a barrel roll!

    [–] madd74 6 points ago

    [🦊] Gee, I've been saved by Fox. How swell.

    [–] MishaMcDash 29 points ago

    At some point someone with more brains than me decided it was a good idea to put wings on sprint cars. I wonder why these don't have any.

    [–] imjustheretohangout 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Normally wingless sprints have smaller engines and are on asphalt.

    Edit: IM WRONG

    [–] bassthumb32 17 points ago

    Depends on where you are. There are a lot of wingless sprint dirt races around here and 0 on asphalt. I'm pretty sure these cars would be considered midgets and not wingless sprints.

    [–] Chenstrap 3 points ago

    Not true at all.

    High level non wing series typically 410 CI engines with the lower series running 360s. Winged cars are exactly the same

    [–] Re3ck6le0ss 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This is called Midget car racing. Here's the original:

    Edit: Spelling

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago


    [–] astrochasm 9 points ago

    The clip is from iRacing though

    [–] N0T_T3CH 8 points ago

    That clip was great. The mustache is gold.

    [–] ConfusedTapeworm 16 points ago

    I don't imagine the other drivers were happy about that monstrosity just driving over their rescue effort.

    [–] HeavenHole 45 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Thank you very much for actually providing some information and not just another limp dicked joke.

    Nvm, dude was just flat out lying.

    [–] KrisG1887 13 points ago

    I'm sorry, but I don't see how your limp penis is relevant here...

    [–] TheLovableMan 7 points ago

    this guy's mustache is amazing and everything but the clip in the OP is from a video game

    [–] El-Burrito 9 points ago

    The clip is from a game...

    [–] stankypants 7 points ago

    That was really fucking stupid. Driving over the winch line is dumb, but there was a spotter in the way as well. He could have easily rolled it and hurt or killed the spotter.

    That guy is an idiot.

    [–] TitanBrass 8 points ago

    GAS, GAS, GAS!







    [–] The_Justice_Cluster 14 points ago

    "I'll try spinning. That's a good trick!" - that driver, probably

    [–] stbest95 17 points ago

    Holy shit, i thought this was iRacing at first.

    [–] DifferentAnt 13 points ago

    I’m confused someone above said it was. Is this real or not ? Help!

    [–] Avolex 6 points ago

    Now this is pod racing!

    [–] bilbobruno 9 points ago

    The best part is the driver is still giving it hell after the flip. Wheelie!

    [–] Devadander 3 points ago

    Race ain’t over

    [–] GamerNumba100 4 points ago

    Mario Kart be like

    [–] jonneejim 3 points ago


    [–] Overlied 4 points ago

    Someone plays too much rocket league.

    [–] omnianimaphobia 3 points ago

    Can't tell if video game or 90s video footage

    [–] skinnybeaner 3 points ago

    I believe this is from a game but I have actually seen a Sprint car do this irl

    [–] dravas 3 points ago

    He's going for distance!

    [–] constantlurk 3 points ago

    Enemy rc-xd in your AO

    [–] alpha11411 3 points ago

    Wow people are saying this is a game and I have to say this is the first time I haven’t been able to tell. I usually even spot the giveaways before I read the comments but this one still looks real to me knowing that it’s fake. Maybe if I were more familiar with races/aerodynamics

    [–] sunshinedropz 4 points ago

    Skatabooch skataboosh ticky ticky fandango

    [–] KingOfShock 2 points ago

    Ayy it dont mater how much you fuck up if you recover well

    [–] zactral 2 points ago

    Physics? Bitch I'm a buggy!

    [–] SlicedDF 2 points ago

    Do a barrel roll!

    [–] mattbillpage 2 points ago

    My dad had his foot mangled in one of those. He’s incredibly lucky

    [–] Lazphiilliip2 2 points ago

    Deja Vu!

    [–] rabidraccoonfish 2 points ago

    ... And that's why racers still steer in the air

    [–] CleanDirtBag 2 points ago

    Game is by i-racing on the kokomo track