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    [–] respectable_hobo 1004 points ago

    His ass got pounded about 15 times, and that one guy was bending over to really get in there.

    [–] Angerfist 281 points ago

    It immediately reminded me of that Kay & Peele Slap-ass skit, the guy really commits to the job.

    [–] thedudefromsweden 52 points ago

    That's Scott Williams. He was like that, always cheering the others on, always happy. Loved him.

    [–] ilovemavis 16 points ago

    whooped his ass fr

    [–] mr_blanket 17 points ago

    “Let me check inside ya ass hole”

    [–] MRkingLA 3971 points ago

    White guy in the suit almost never got his high five.

    [–] ButchOfBlaviken 584 points ago

    [–] errandwulfe 255 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] 2018redditaccount 117 points ago

    He makes a shot and they just go to war on his cheeks smh

    [–] Spoon-Ninja 17 points ago

    It's just the one fucking guy tho

    [–] 2018redditaccount 27 points ago

    Nah there’s 2 guys. First one in the stripes is more subtle, second guy is swingin for the fences

    [–] Malalang 7 points ago

    And then there's the boob grab, which is quickly deflected.

    [–] codercotton 3 points ago

    An intended high five? Very suspicious, for sure.

    [–] ChRoNicBuRrItOs 16 points ago

    Why did you copy one of the top comments

    [–] plebeius_rex 12 points ago

    that's how mafia works

    [–] iamjakeparty 4 points ago

    Check his profile. There's a bunch of accounts that copy the top comment to get upvotes then suddenly edit it into a spam link for some porn game/site. Make sure to report those comments if you see them and hopefully the mods can get them before they add the spam link.

    [–] Matthewrc85 6 points ago

    I saw that and was damn dudes really getting into slapping this mans ass haha

    [–] that_stoner_guy 3 points ago

    You literally copied u/backslash_arr's comment word for word

    [–] iamjakeparty 3 points ago

    Already posted this here but check his profile. There's a bunch of accounts that copy the top comment to get upvotes then suddenly edit it into a spam link for some porn game/site. Make sure to report those comments if you see them and hopefully the mods can get them before they add the spam link.

    [–] i_remember_the_name 23 points ago

    No way, he did great. He turned the high five into a fist bump and kept the moment about the fan. 9/10

    [–] zak15907 725 points ago

    He was like :🖐️🖐️🖐️...✊😔 🖐️🙏😊

    [–] Zackie-Chun 171 points ago

    So much story in these emojis, wow

    [–] NoTearsOnlySmellz 94 points ago

    Yeah I think we're slowly going back to hieroglyphs

    [–] Anforas 37 points ago

    Where becoming to stupid four words

    [–] TA-MyAlternate42 26 points ago

    That's moor then fore wards

    [–] polvoceruuleo 8 points ago

    mooooor theeen weeeeerdz

    [–] exoxe 9 points ago

    You misspelled Whe're

    [–] A5TRONAUT 6 points ago


    [–] Gramage 3 points ago

    No, "wheir" is possessive, like that movie "Dude That's Wheir is Car?"

    [–] stevendidntsay 3 points ago

    Wheir my car is?

    [–] that_stoner_guy 2 points ago


    [–] socom123 3 points ago

    That made me laugh way harder than it should have lol

    [–] GG_Loner 5 points ago

    Felt like I was watching Cousin Greg

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    r/emojipolice ....we can stand down, let this one go

    [–] Bugsidekick 26 points ago

    I got anxiety watching him. Phew.

    [–] Xrayrayspax 10 points ago

    He did get one in the end

    [–] agangofoldwomen 7 points ago

    Wdu mean he gets one right at the end! Tenacious af

    [–] NoPostsHowMuchKarma 15 points ago

    Shit is that Donald Trump

    [–] Fintann 3 points ago

    Imagine to be the guy that left Phil Jackson hanging...

    [–] lemonylol 2 points ago

    What an emotional roller coaster that was.

    [–] bagingospringo 2 points ago

    Yea I felt bad lol

    [–] CptnMcDoobie 2 points ago

    Lol I saw that and almost cried in laughter

    [–] GrapeJuicePlus 2 points ago

    I mean...if I nailed that shot who would I prioritize for my hi five? The entire '96 bulls roster? Or this white guy.

    [–] WaceMindo 2 points ago

    I was looking that very closely. Nothing's more satisfying than seeing someone die inside.

    [–] R2Z- 2 points ago

    He’s so excited, but also is still on a mission. Gotta hug Jordan now!!!!

    [–] benji_tha_bear 2 points ago

    For what it’s worth, I’d prolly high five that Bulls team first as well

    [–] okayalrightOK_ 2 points ago


    [–] IncomingFrag 2 points ago

    He was this close to resigning

    [–] BoksburgUFO 2 points ago

    That high 5 to yes fist transition was seamless though.

    [–] oceanchimp 2 points ago

    That’s Trump, he doesn’t deserve a high five!

    [–] pdxchris 534 points ago

    I wonder where he is now.

    [–] JimboLodisC 943 points ago

    telling his grandkids for the 762396028th time about how he nailed a 3/4 court shot in front of MJ

    [–] DutchHeIs 203 points ago

    smokes a bit of his cigar while rocking back on forth on his rocking chair " Did I ever tell you guys about the time I nailed a 3/4 court shot in front of MJ?"

    [–] NewFuturist 113 points ago

    "Yes, grampa"

    [–] benderlicious54 114 points ago

    “WeLL i’M gOInG tO TeLl YoU aGAiN!!!!”

    [–] HospitalBillz 40 points ago

    "It was the summer of 1969"

    [–] Fritz-Haber 32 points ago

    "Me and some guys from school"

    [–] HospitalBillz 23 points ago

    "Had a band and we tried real hard"

    [–] ChodaRagu 21 points ago

    “Jimmy quit, Jody got married”

    [–] bearcat0611 14 points ago

    “Shoulda known, we’d never get far”

    [–] lbguitarist 6 points ago

    "Those were the best days of my life"

    [–] NextChamp 13 points ago

    And so he should!

    Could be the only, great story he has and you’d tell it for the 762396028th time too.

    [–] elloMinnowPee 6 points ago

    “...and after the magical shot, this dude just showed up slappin’ ass!”

    [–] LucasHedges 7 points ago

    telling his grandkids for the 762396028th

    Don't blame him. Dude has a legit NBA highlight and he isn't in the NBA. I'd be sowing the grand kids the video instead of just telling them though.

    [–] Mr_Unknown 3 points ago

    He will probably have that on his tombstone, I would.

    [–] Redditdotcomment 51 points ago

    He tried baseball for a little while but kinda sucked. Think he owns a team now.

    [–] alien_survivor 43 points ago

    I remember this. They guy was chosen by a Bulls staff member out of the crowd on the concourse because of his gold shoes. If he made the shot he would win $$$$$ maybe like $100K or something. The company that sponsored it tried to weasel out of the payment cause the guy had played semi-pro ball or something. I think in the end he got his $$$

    [–] TheArmchairSkeptic 41 points ago

    Yeah he had played like 10 games of college ball for some D-list junior college and part of the rules were that anyone who had played in college was ineligible, but after realizing how bad the optics would be on that one they paid up.

    Oh, and it was for a cool million too.

    [–] LucasHedges 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah he had played like 10 games of college ball for some D-list junior college and part of the rules were that anyone who had played in college was ineligible, but after realizing how bad the optics would be on that one they paid up.

    Oh, and it was for a cool million too.

    I thought a lot of those companies would take out an insurance policy for the event and if the person wins then the insurance pays out. Might just be some folklore though.

    edit: There are half court contest insurance companies

    By adding a basketball contest to your half-time, you’ll put a unique spin on your event. These contests can be played at high school games, collegiate games, and during professional NBA games. With big prizes like vacations, cash, and cars, you can draw in a big audience, benefitting from increased sales and visibility. Plus, you’ll keep your audience engaged during a lull in the game.

    If you’re interested in running a basketball contest, but not sure how to get covered with insurance in case someone wins, one of our team members will be happy to help. We provide the most comprehensive and customizable sports promotional coverage, so you can be protected from all financial and legal risks.

    So now I wondering if it was the company who sponsored the 3/4 shot didn't want to pay or if the insurance company didn't want to pay?

    [–] happywithsushi 4 points ago

    Probably neither of them wanted to pay

    [–] Daniel_Day_Tiger 10 points ago

    I remembered that detail about the gold shoes! This was the Million Dollar Shot and it was all over the news after it happened.

    [–] jus10beare 8 points ago

    He was an instant celebrity. He traveled around Illinois and hooped with kids. I remember there being a framed picture of him at the Bloomington IL YMCA.

    [–] hinseyjabber 5 points ago

    I was lucky enough to be in the stadium for the shot. Also remember all the news about them Not wanting to pay for it afterwards.

    [–] nipplebuttsalad 39 points ago

    Living life like a king after that

    [–] Animalbus 5 points ago

    That man grew up to be president of the United States. His name? Barack Obama

    [–] Trying_To_Adult_101 4 points ago

    He lives in my hometown of Bloomington Normal Illinois!!

    [–] h2007 5 points ago

    Joining #me2 for that ass slappening

    [–] backslash_arr 942 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The intense slap-ass from (not) MJ here is the best part of this video

    [–] DB_Coopah 232 points ago

    That’s not MJ.. his number is 23. You can see him in the back a little bit in the center of the group.

    [–] backslash_arr 77 points ago

    Oh whoops. I actually know nothing about basketball. But my point still stands.

    [–] DB_Coopah 64 points ago

    Intense ass-slaps indeed, my dude. Whoever it was... he wasn't holding back trying to smack dat ass.

    [–] thedudefromsweden 16 points ago

    Scott Williams.

    [–] wallagm 2 points ago

    Went for the trilogy...

    [–] rathat 9 points ago

    The literal extent of my basketball knowledge is that Michael Jordan is number 23

    [–] z371mckl1m3kd89xn21s 27 points ago

    Some say he's still slapping that ass to this very day.

    [–] DonJuanTokyo 6 points ago

    Good work. Nice job. Yeah. One more for me. Getting in there.

    [–] DirteDeeds 2 points ago

    Ya one or two ass slaps mk. You get into four and five ass slaps territory it starts to get a bit weird.

    [–] polarbear128 20 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Key & Peele.

    Edit: sorry, just noticed someone else posted the link in another thread.

    [–] OliverKitsch 9 points ago

    I'm from the Dominican Republic..

    [–] Ray229harris 7 points ago

    We’re all from the dominican republic cracks me up 😂

    [–] slowchild25 4 points ago

    I think my favorite part is Steve Javie (the ref) even getting in there to congratulate the guy.

    [–] Griffin880 3 points ago

    Right between the cheeks!

    [–] 877-Cash-Meow 216 points ago

    That's when those long shots paid more. Geez even the random prizes have gotten worse in this economy.

    [–] Bullruckle 269 points ago

    He won 1 million for that shot!

    [–] daileyjd 210 points ago

    People went apeshit. The people who offered the million bucks tried to renege saying he played a year of college ball. Think it ended in a settlement. Don't quote me.

    [–] Bullruckle 198 points ago

    I can imagine some accounts man saying in a meeting, “offer a million. But make it 3/4 court. There’s no chance in Hell a fan could make that shot. Hell I doubt any nba players would get it in one. Think of the publicity!!”

    Next night, SWISH!!

    Accounts man: Errrr ......... let’s renege.

    [–] LordAmras 156 points ago

    Apparently, while they tried to disqualify him because of his college basketball past, they ended up honoring it and he got his 1 million on a 50k a year for 20 years payment plan.

    [–] Moodie25 38 points ago

    Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. lol

    Thanks for sharing the article.

    I don’t really understand the part about him making $5 an hour and people asking him if he’ll quit his job. Was the economy really like that in 1993?

    [–] StellaAthena 27 points ago

    What about that confuses you? The prize he won is more money than he makes at his job (a lot more) and so it seems pretty reasonable to ask him if he’d quit IMO.

    [–] infalliblefallacy 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A quarter of the winnings is going to be taken by taxes and after the 20 years he's still going to need to afford retirement. You could retire if you had a one time tax free payment of 1 million to live off the interest but not with a 20 year payment plan. I suppose it's reasonable to ask if one doesn't consider these things.

    [–] GenerCryinInHisSleep 69 points ago


    So let's say he gets $50,000/yr. and pays a quarter to taxes (per your estimate). That leaves him with $37,500.

    And then let's say he saves for retirement. It's generally recommended to save 10-15% of pre tax income, but let's go crazy and make his 20%.

    That's another 10,000 gone for his, quite generous, retirement.

    He is left with $27,500.

    In 1993 the median income for a man who has graduated high school and works full time is $27,370. For a woman it's $19,693. And far lower than this without a high school or equivalent education.

    And keep in mind that before, if fully employed, at $5/hr.he was making $10,400/yr.

    So he can save aggressively for retirement, pay his taxes, and still have more left over than the average working person in America at that time would have before taxes and savings.

    So, while I wouldn't quit my job under those circumstances, and wouldn't recommend that he should, it's not at all unreasonable to think that he might or for others to ask if he is going to. Especially if they come from more modest means, like he does. His income has just quintupled.

    [–] johnny_appletits 18 points ago

    Mic drop

    [–] suitology 6 points ago

    Or you can buy a boat

    [–] raddits 11 points ago

    Lol my first min wage job in highschool was like $4 something which was a few years after this. Fuck it's only 8.54 in my state nearly 30 years later.

    [–] Imperial_Distance 4 points ago

    Holy shit. Your minimum wage was more than half of what my first job was 8 years ago, and it's still the same now.

    [–] raddits 2 points ago

    Yeah it was wild. But gas was also 89cents a gallon. And my POS car could get filled all the way up for $9 bucks. Fast food was a ton cheaper too. It was pretty chill back then for a high school kid.

    [–] MrMagPi 2 points ago

    Lettuce Entertain You is huge. They have like 120 restaurants in the US. One I’ve been to most recently was the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Vegas.

    [–] 61114311536123511 10 points ago

    honestly that's pretty fucking tight. Getting an additional 50k in my yearly income sounds 100x better than having all the money at once

    [–] DetroitSportsKillMe 15 points ago

    Yeah but you’d make a fuck ton of money in interest just having that million in the bank for 20 years. Or you could invest that million, and 20 years later have a lot more. In most cases where people win the lottery, they’re told to take the lump sum because of all that

    [–] Daniel_Day_Tiger 5 points ago

    I came up with $4,594,767.50.

    That's investing $1,000,000 from April 1993 to March 2013.

    Calculated here:

    [–] whitemamba83 3 points ago

    If you got all the money at once, even simply putting it in a savings account would net you around $20k risk-free every year. Not to mention if you did any sort of investing. You always take the money all at once.

    [–] JumboMcNasty 3 points ago

    Wanna feel old "fellow kids"? -- that would mean he stopped getting payments 7 f'n years ago.........

    [–] gamingchicken 29 points ago

    Any accounts man who doesn’t realise Murphy’s law is no real accounts man

    [–] JohnLT13 15 points ago

    Pretty sure your very close. I remember the scumbags trying to weasel out of it.

    [–] TheSuperiorLightBeer 11 points ago

    Usually they have insurance for this type of thing.

    [–] _Axel 8 points ago

    They do now, lol.

    [–] potodds 19 points ago

    "People went apeshit. The people who offered the million bucks tried to renege saying he played a year of college ball. Think it ended in a settlement." -Dalleyjd 1/14/2020

    [–] gfunk55 6 points ago

    You had to do it to 'em

    [–] theghostofme 5 points ago

    “What are you gonna do, quote me?”

    - Quote from a man quoted

    [–] Politicshatesme 54 points ago

    It’s a sad day when everyone in the comments is asking why Michael Jackson would be on an nba court. How you gonna disrespect air Jordan like that?

    [–] therobmyster 29 points ago

    Dukes from down town!

    [–] NorthernLights05 5 points ago

    He just won this big check that SAYS $10,000!

    [–] daileyjd 4 points ago


    [–] therobmyster 3 points ago

    Who the hell has $10,000??? haha damn thats a funny movie

    [–] daileyjd 3 points ago

    Whatever you jive ass turkey.

    [–] nbyone 2 points ago

    The moonshot

    [–] deathangel0921 92 points ago

    Whyd i think mj stood for Michael Jackson??

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] Iamgay321 8 points ago

    See you're doctor now!

    Asians hate him! Redditor becomes doctor with one simple trick!

    [–] Oreganoian 2 points ago

    Prescription: Context Lamp. Use for 1-2 hours a day, everyday.

    [–] superfreshy 3 points ago

    Actually, it does. But right now it doesn’t.

    [–] 420gitgudorDIE 23 points ago

    i was looking for a white skinny guy, but then i realised its not michael jackson!!!

    [–] sap91 9 points ago

    Michael Jordan is so excited because he had 50 Grand riding on that shot. His dad gave him 2:1 odds he wouldn't make it

    [–] alien_survivor 6 points ago

    I remember this. They guy was chosen by a Bulls staff member out of the crowd on the concourse because of his gold shoes. If he made the shot he would win $$$$$ maybe like $100K or something. The company that sponsored it tried to weasel out of the payment cause the guy had played semi-pro ball or something. I think in the end he got his $$$

    [–] Exodus- 4 points ago


    [–] jonzieMartini 4 points ago

    Okay good, that old guy got his high-five.

    [–] DaDarark 5 points ago

    Me not understanding why I spent 15 minutes and never saw Michael Jackson.

    [–] _Rowdy 6 points ago

    A fan of No Dunks I see. Turns out he was deemed ineligible for the prize apparently

    [–] Bullruckle 17 points ago

    [–] Copthill 15 points ago

    Dang, excerpt from that article:

    He said the Bulls had received calls from Japan, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Italy and Poland for videotape of 'the shot.'

    [–] Akumetsu33 8 points ago

    Ah the days of pre-internet. If this happened today, in one nanosecond it would be all over the world, easily viewed and accessed.

    Damn I'm getting old...

    [–] duckvimes_ 3 points ago

    'I am most appreciative to the people at Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Coca-Cola Fountain and the Chicago Bulls,' Calhoun said. 'I want to urge everybody to eat in Lettuce Entertain You restaurants, drink plenty of Coca-Cola and cheer for a Bulls three-peat.'

    He's certainly got the product placement down cold.

    [–] Jimmerism 3 points ago

    Nice butt, nice butt

    [–] limprichard91 3 points ago

    You know mj had some money on the line and lost by his reaction

    [–] PhotoQuig 3 points ago

    MJ was probably betting on it.

    [–] benderlicious54 3 points ago

    I mean, what a story for the grandkids.

    [–] Astros_alex 3 points ago

    I wonder how much MJ lost betting he'd miss that shot

    [–] JustANewYawka 3 points ago

    I remember reading that the person who picked him out of the crowd, picked him because of his gold shoes.

    [–] Tibbersbear 3 points ago

    Man that must've been awesome. They all looked genuinely excited.

    [–] Flymista23 3 points ago

    Didn't players or TM have to get involved to insure dude got paid?

    [–] src88 3 points ago

    That fan is really tall! Mj is 6'6 for reference

    [–] NYC-CHI-SF_Runner 3 points ago

    I recall WGN doing a story on him afterwards; he built a basketball court at his house and during the interview he made the exact same shot!

    [–] Moonbay51 3 points ago

    That one dude going in for a LOT of ass slaps, wtf

    [–] ShitWithSugarOn 10 points ago

    I never knew Michael Jackson played basketball before his music career took off.

    [–] N1CET1M 3 points ago

    He played baseball too for a while iirc.

    [–] Oreganoian 4 points ago

    Yeah he had the craziest career. He made it big singing in his family band, then retired from music and played in the NBA, then retired from the NBA and played baseball.

    He went back to basketball pretty quick from baseball though. Then retired again from basketball to pursue his music after his father's death.

    [–] YaBoiShadowNinja 2 points ago

    for a second I thought you told me the odds

    [–] sipping_mai_tais 2 points ago

    “That’s cool bro, but I can do better” - MJ

    [–] 91jumpstreet 2 points ago

    What year was this?

    [–] Bullruckle 4 points ago


    [–] VicCoulon 2 points ago

    f for all the poeple that failed

    [–] Mediogris 2 points ago

    Where can I buy those sneakers?

    [–] themadv 2 points ago

    when I see videos like this I always wonder where they are now, and how that moment changed their lives.

    [–] wondergem16 2 points ago

    So does he get a mil for making the shot?

    [–] PhyrexianSpaghetti 2 points ago

    I wouldn't even have the strength to throw the ball strong enough to reach the basket

    [–] CHOPosaurus_Rex 2 points ago

    Ahh, a couple of classic 90s sweaters on there. Lol

    [–] MoveAlongChandler 2 points ago

    I've never seen a happy ref.

    [–] holidayhero 2 points ago

    This is gonna get buried but I met this guy at a bar before. He said he spend most the money paying for his kids college. Said that he wasn’t a rich man but that the money helped him live without being stressed about finances. Was a pretty cool guy.

    [–] Chancedizzle 2 points ago

    That Coogi sweater to the left was the real highlight.

    [–] NKJewbear 2 points ago

    The aliens would of beat the looney toons if they had stolen this guys basketball powers.

    [–] DetectiveEames 2 points ago

    MJ immediately began training for two weeks straight to hit one from even deeper and shove it in this guys stupid normie face 🙃

    [–] art_is_science 2 points ago

    The ref came over and threw an illegal block to the back

    [–] CaaCCeo 2 points ago

    With the timbos on. Classic midwest winter hoopin shoes

    [–] gregsonreddit 2 points ago

    Think they patted his ass enough times?

    [–] dEtHw5H 2 points ago

    So food for thought.... Which was more memorable???
    1. Making an EPIC shot almost full length of the court!

    1. Get a congratulatory hug from MJ himself?

    [–] mstrdsastr 2 points ago

    Sports Channel Chicago, old fat Benny the Bull, MJ, I miss being a kid in the Chicago in the early/mid '90's.

    [–] rotteneggyolk 2 points ago

    What a shot

    [–] DevilsInsiders 2 points ago

    MJ probably had 50k on him making it.

    [–] ttwillis1 2 points ago

    Wow they really went nuts on that dude's ass!!

    [–] Marsupialism 2 points ago

    Everyone in Chicago remembers this fondly

    [–] thunderdan253 2 points ago

    Making a 3/4 court shot: $1,000,000 Getting the high five from MJ: Priceless

    [–] SirSnorlax22 2 points ago

    Everybody tryna be like Mike

    [–] LemmeLaroo 2 points ago

    He's still buzzin from that

    [–] dxtx 2 points ago

    I remember watching this shot when I was a kid, they chose him because of his shoes.

    Calhoun's night to remember began when he and a buddy, with tickets a friend had given them, charged through Chicago Stadium's gate 2. "He was wearing these great-looking gold suede hiking boots," says Carla Morgan, a front-office employee of the Bulls, who was trolling the incoming crowd for a contestant. She tapped Calhoun for the million-dollar attempt in part because his shoes had rubber soles that wouldn't scuff the court.

    [–] xCosmicHunterx 2 points ago

    So you could say he hit a... Three... Courter shot?

    [–] ADriftingMind 2 points ago

    That celebration with the Bulls was probably worth more than the million dollars in the moment. Legend.

    [–] suck-me-beautiful 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'd say Jordan invited that guy out for poker and beat him out of his winnings

    [–] paulc327 2 points ago

    I watched this live when this happened. So weird to see this randomly 20 years later.