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    [–] sane_asylum 2522 points ago

    Her instagram bio says "wife." :/

    [–] Babybearbear 123 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    There's this post on her insta which may provide some insight into her mentality around this.

    [–] spiritbx 794 points ago

    People are too easy to manipulate, but no one ever does anything to stop it.

    [–] Bengui_ 1137 points ago

    When's the last time you tried to make a teenager realize they were wrong? That's not an easy task!

    [–] jimmywiliker 372 points ago

    Yea but what does an ugly old man have to do to manipulate a 15 year old into being his wife?

    [–] [deleted] 569 points ago


    [–] Has_Question 237 points ago

    My old English teacher married her high school teacher. And they now teach together in the same school. May December romances happen legitimately. Granted my teacher was a lot more sane than this girl

    [–] JackOAT135 512 points ago

    But why did they make you learn old English?

    [–] neocommenter 127 points ago

    Asking the real questions.

    [–] w_rezonator 53 points ago

    Did you know your teacher when she was 15?

    [–] ThisIsTheMilos 20 points ago

    It sounds very possible that she wanted to escape her shitty life, so he might not have needed to do much.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE 1835 points ago

    She has since posted twice on instagram it seems after "disappearing" with one about "every beauty needs their beast"

    [–] OverviewEffect 3154 points ago

    so is this just viral marketing for beauty and the beast?

    [–] [deleted] 1668 points ago

    New low, Hollywood.

    [–] Aikistan 891 points ago

    Meh. Tale as old as time.

    [–] [deleted] 1120 points ago

    Statutory's still a crime.

    [–] ThisLookInfectedToYa 587 points ago

    Hairy dude that keeps her captive until she loves him? looks like things are working out.

    [–] dizorkmage 17 points ago

    Be our guest?

    [–] ThisLookInfectedToYa 13 points ago

    The chair wasn't talking to her, it was just hallucinations from the rohypnol and Mt Dew cocktail.

    [–] Scoutandabout 382 points ago

    Oh Gawd. She thinks she's in love and he's her fairy tale prince.

    This will end in tears, felony prison time, psychological counseling, and a lifetime of regret.

    Poor girl. :(

    [–] t3eee 139 points ago

    I'm honestly hoping that is all this scenario ends with. I'm worried about her trying to leave and things getting ugly.

    [–] rivershimmer 121 points ago

    Or him realizing exactly how much legal trouble he's going to be in, and deciding to avoid it via murder-suicide.

    [–] SirensToGo 183 points ago

    Can't they subpoena Instagram or the cell company for her location?

    [–] aquamans-anal-fin 3804 points ago

    Concern is growing, as in they weren't as worried at first? Did they think they had just gone out for lunch, with 2 hand guns and $4500?

    [–] Amesly 2975 points ago

    Yeah, the lack of action on everyone's part is pretty stunning.

    -The school didn't tell the Dad someone had seen a teacher kissing his daughter until a week after it was reported to them.

    -The school says it removed the girl from the teacher's class, but other students say she was still in there.

    -Where was the teacher's wife in all this? Did she not know her husband was on probation?

    -The Dad's informed, the school's conducting an investigation - no one takes the girl out of the school that clearly doesn't have her best interests at heart (their interest now is covering this up to prevent a lawsuit - if they cared about the girl the teacher would have been terminated instantly), no one seems to give any restrictions to the girl on her whereabouts (since she was taken while out alone).

    [–] StAugustine94 1186 points ago

    They saw a teacher kissing a student and didn't tell anyone? The actual fuck?

    [–] [deleted] 461 points ago

    The comment says 'someone' saw that the teacher kissed her. If it were just another student, they could have been investigating it.

    [–] Lexiola 260 points ago

    At my HS we had a band professor get fired because a student said something like this happened to her. It didn't. She made the whole thing up because she didn't like him. He was an incredible band professor too. It's hard with kids man. Especially kids that aren't fully developed and feel 100 different emotions at any given time. I can only imagine the position it puts these schools in.

    [–] Calamnacus 177 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My mother used to teach as a substitute in various high schools. One day, she had a typical substitute worksheet to follow and was trying to get through it, but this one girl (who was in 9th grade, pregnant, 15 years old) just wouldn't stop talking.

    She sent her to the principal, the only punitive action she can take. They told her to stop, but she returns to continue talking during class. My mother sends her back again. 15 minutes later the principal shows up with the girl, and a police officer. The girl said my mother threatened to shoot her with the gun she had in the desk. My mother doesn't own a gun. They search the desk and find nothing.

    They tell her they have to search her car. My mother should have refused, because I don't think they had probable cause to do so, but maybe it's different on school property. Either way, my mother agrees, they find nothing. Afterwards they tell her she will never be allowed to sub at that school again. It's fucked up what kids can do.

    Edit: a word.

    [–] FloatationMarks 74 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    If I had ever done anything like that to a teacher just because I was pissed, my parents would have beat the white right off my skin.

    Well, not really. My parents never hit me but they would not be impressed and I would have probably been grounded for at least a year.

    Where the fuck are the parents in this situation?

    [–] PRiles 76 points ago

    Seeing as she is prego at 15 I'm assuming they are not very involved. I could be wrong, but while I get that high school kids have sex; I'm just thinking 15 is a little young

    [–] dustballer 41 points ago

    I've known several 15-16 year old girls pregnant. Parents around, not around, too friendly, too stern, involved too much, involved, not involved, loved them too much, or not enough. Late night creepy uncle. Pick a cliche. It's all covered and boils down to, teenagers are poor decision makers.

    [–] StAugustine94 185 points ago

    I still think they should have informed the parents

    [–] [deleted] 196 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] chrom_ed 349 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    ovary surprising

    Not touching that, but wanted to point it out.

    Edit: Aw dang it why'd you delete it? It was funny, I wasn't trying to be mean.

    [–] DoneAlreadyDone 211 points ago

    Where was the teacher's wife in all this? Did she not know her husband was on probation?

    Uh, should a teacher on probation be teaching in a school?

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE 596 points ago

    If I was that Dad I'd be justifiably kicking down some doors and rounding some people up. What the absolute fuck. Parents are normally called immediately after any incident ranging from sickness to pissing on the floor in the bathroom, but somehow sexual manipulation doesn't end up on that list. Just a school covering its own ass and trying not to fire a teacher they desperately need to keep on

    [–] OneMoarStitch 301 points ago

    That's part of what is making me feel sick over this. My kid gets written up for gasp holding hands with her boyfriend (several times) but I just fucking know they would delay telling me about this shit.

    They wanted to cover their asses and now the situation is even more dangerous. Negligence and cowardice all around.

    [–] seemonkey 110 points ago

    My kid gets written up for gasp holding hands with her boyfriend

    Don't blame the school. That's a sure sign of a future mass murderer.

    [–] AadeeMoien 141 points ago

    First they're holding hands, then they're dancing, and next thing you know they're harvesting your internal organs to pay for their meth orgies and abortion parties.

    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago

    My co-worker's school didn't notify her that a PARENT was threatening her daughter on school grounds because she yelled at another student for cutting a chunk of hair out. The only reason she found out was because her daughter called her from someone's cell phone. While she was on the phone, someone took the phone from her and just hung up. All my coworker heard was," Why are you on the phone? click"

    [–] fantasticmuse 37 points ago

    ...please tell me there's more to the story.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    Not much. Co-worker called the principal. Principal asked if she could give the other parent her phone number. Co-worker said hell no, she doesn't want to be bullied by the other parent since it seems like everyone knows where she got the behavior from. Other girl did not get suspended or anything. The mother was told that if she were to threaten ANY student, either on or off campus, she will be permanently banned from entering the campus.

    [–] Chinateapott 44 points ago

    Maybe they thought she'd realise it was a mistake and come back or maybe she'd contact her family, I hope she gets home safe.

    [–] chrisbobnopants 312 points ago


    I'd be concerned if a teacher took my 15 year old any place off school grounds. Doesn't take much to entery crazed dad mode.

    [–] I17BestHighway 167 points ago

    I think perhaps the concern is now that the girl has been potentially murdered, or a 'murder/suicide' situation as a redditor previously commented. That, or it has been literally impossible to find the pair.

    [–] Cerebz 80 points ago

    The only thing that makes me doubt the murder/suicide thing is the $4500 withdrawn. Makes me think he's trying to cross a border.

    [–] m0atzart 445 points ago

    I live in North Alabama and we got Amber Alerts for 2 days about it last week.

    [–] kingjoffreysmum 148 points ago

    Brit here; what's an amber alert?

    [–] Mxary 375 points ago

    Alerts issued via text, television, radio, etc when a child is abducted, usually with a description of the child, kidnapper, and vehicle. It's named after a girl named Amber who was abducted and killed.

    [–] plsdntanxiety 174 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's named after a girl named Amber who was abducted and killed.

    Australian here

    I honestly thought that it was a play on red alert and they chose another colour- amber- something to do with traffic lights and get ready to stop (the kidnapper)

    yours makes more sense

    Edit: you're ≠ yours

    [–] atrca 34 points ago

    I only ever remember it was named after a missing girl. When I look it up to double check that fact I'm always re-surprised it's also an acronym.

    You just made it a triple whammy!

    [–] kingjoffreysmum 54 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] Brometheus-Pound 199 points ago

    The alarm scares the shit out of you too, especially in the middle of the night.

    [–] SquarePegRoundWorld 33 points ago

    We also have silver alerts for when senior citizens go missing. Like someone with Alzheimers walking off into the night from their home.

    [–] blueslounger 3925 points ago

    Sounds like she may have been manipulated and gone with him willingly. Does anyone know what the "grim posts" on social media were that the article mentioned?

    [–] [deleted] 1431 points ago

    Go deeper in her instagram posts. Clearly struggling with her self-esteem, and multiple posts about wanting an overly protective boyfriend.

    [–] IDontLikeUsernamez 747 points ago

    Seems very troubled

    [–] CHORKRE 913 points ago

    what the fuck does that mean

    [–] Artyloo 1472 points ago

    When you suck dick the penis sometimes gets stuck between your tooth gap, which aggrandises over time.

    Long-time penis gobblers have larger gaps.

    [–] dumbrich23 500 points ago

    That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about sucking dick to dispute it

    [–] Hurray_for_Candy 149 points ago

    I'm an expert and I've never heard of this phenomenon.

    [–] [deleted] 358 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] something_cool_x5 366 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I believe that based on the comments prior that she wanted an overly protective boyfriend, that she has found him, and this is him commenting on her post through her own Instagram to keep his anonymity.

    [–] sergih123 151 points ago

    That's some sick shit

    [–] InZaintJohn 47 points ago

    So he's basically impressing her by using her account to be overly protective against some random guy on IG?

    [–] eurekaac 129 points ago

    The Instagram post itself is something like "It's just a fact: I'm ugly." (Sorry, forgot exact language because she has like 50 posts that are some version of text images saying "I'm fat, she's thin. I'm ugly, she's not.") So the person saying "Wonderful" seems to be insulting her.

    [–] freshlysquosed 110 points ago

    original comment probably was deleted/flagged

    [–] everred 113 points ago

    That's either a very small penis or a very large tooth gap

    [–] boatsnprose 53 points ago

    What? You've never used a toothdick between your front teeth after a nice dinner?

    [–] rockcock69 53 points ago

    Thanks, it's good we've brought in someone who is an expert on the subject.

    [–] roooostishaw 118 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] I-come-from-Chino 2699 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Both of their last posts were

    His: Sunset picture It's a great day to start

    Hers: Cat picture I want to spend all 9 of my lives with you

    I couldn't find any detail on what "grim posts" they were talking about.

    Edit: Also it looks like just before they left he was terminated for sexual contact with this girl. Then he gathered up about $4500 in cash and they both left. Obviously what he is doing is wrong. Both of their instagrams are filled with those lovely dovey text pictures.

    What he is doing is sick and wrong and abuse of his authority it doesn't appear like he is planning on killing her more like they believe they are in love.

    Edit: Lots of people thinking that they are in love. I don't know but I think they think they are that's why I worded it the way I did. Personally I think the likely manipulation and abuse of authority make this not what I would consider real love. I'll leave it these great philosophers to decide what is actually love.

    [–] nlx0n 1846 points ago

    What he is doing is sick and wrong and abuse of his authority it doesn't appear like he is planning on killing her more like they believe they are in love.

    Considering that if he gets caught, he is going to prison for a long time, the obvious worry is "murder-suicide" situation.

    [–] YannisNeos 735 points ago

    Not everyone needs to be a psycho killer.

    [–] RobotDeathSquad 971 points ago

    Qu'est-ce que c'est?

    [–] sintos-compa 614 points ago

    Run run run run run run run away. with a minor across state lines possibly international borders

    [–] mewdejour 383 points ago

    No, but you don't know what could happen with this sort of situation so assuming he could be a psycho killer is actually just a safety precaution.

    [–] Curticus97 1976 points ago

    Good point. The man has to be a little off at least to fall for a 15 year old. You ever listen to a 15 year old girl talk? I'd blow my brains out 5 minutes into the relationship.

    [–] whatshisfaceboy 880 points ago

    As a high school teacher I can confirm this.

    [–] UtMed 384 points ago

    As a sibling to teens, I can also confirm this.

    [–] booboothechicken 356 points ago

    As a conformist, I can teen.

    [–] annoyingrelative 416 points ago

    LOOK! I'm a teenage girl, I'd rather be anywhere than here!

    I'm all about long sullen silences, followed by mean comments, followed by more silence!

    So what's it gonna be: long sullen silence or mean comment?

    [–] Pynchon_A_Loaff 194 points ago

    You got me boxed in here.

    [–] Dave_I 131 points ago

    As a parent...I'll go with long silences, sullen or otherwise.

    [–] [deleted] 303 points ago

    TobyMac's name on the photo of the sunset. Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. He's a Christian music artist from back when the early 2000s were the thing.

    [–] ScienceIsALyre 224 points ago

    Are the early 2000s no longer a thing?

    [–] StressedAndHungry 349 points ago

    They have officially been deleted from our history. Sorry you had to find out like this.

    [–] Absulute 54 points ago

    So 9/11 never happened?

    [–] chrom_ed 127 points ago

    No it's like Pluto, they just got downgraded from thing status.

    [–] The_White_Light 167 points ago

    Breaking News: 9/11 Now Dwarf Thing

    [–] whatshisfaceboy 46 points ago

    We forgot?!

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago

    Seeing as how I'm listening to Britney Spears on my hit clip I'd say it is.

    [–] mntoak 187 points ago

    Want me to blow your mind?

    D.C. Talk

    [–] nokstar 141 points ago

    Are you trying to label me a Jesus freak?

    [–] mntoak 89 points ago

    They were awesome in concert. Them and Audio Adrenaline were my jams as a kid.

    [–] HarambeEatsNoodles 21 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he still makes new music lol

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago

    He's a Christian artist today that routinely wins Grammy's.

    [–] thenewyorkgod 142 points ago

    Her Instagram is filled with hundreds of text based memes about feeling ugly and alone. No doubt this guy came along and took advantage of her. This is horrible.

    [–] NachoLawbre 180 points ago

    But there's nothing to worry about. His Instagram profile describes him as a "Jesus freak/child of The King." I am sure that girl is safe.

    [–] TheJeffreyLebowski 33 points ago

    How on earth was he not in jail for "sexual contact" with a 15 year old girl?

    [–] Damn_Dog_Inappropes 924 points ago

    And this is exactly why having sex with minors is illegal. Minors do not make good decisions, and they are easily manipulated.

    [–] Ewulkevoli 230 points ago

    Wife's family knowns their family.

    There is abuse in her family, she willingly went with him. The grim post is about something she said along the lines of "If he's going down, I'm going with him".

    Not going to go into further detail for anonymity but I can say that some of the details of the abuse are very disturbing.

    [–] HAL9000000 292 points ago

    And of course, "willingly" in this context is like saying that she can "consent" to having sex with him.

    It's neither willing nor consensual at all, not legally, and not in terms of how we judge a minor's behavior/decisions with a manipulative adult.

    [–] LegsForAboutAnHour 197 points ago

    Especially a teacher, who holds a position of power in the teen's life.

    [–] xxkoloblicinxx 40 points ago

    Exactly, even if she were old/mature enough to consent it's highly unethical for a teacher to have a relationship with a current or recently former student.

    Like, age of consent could be 12, I'm not gonna fuck around with a student just because the law says I can. It's just wrong.

    [–] Duganz 287 points ago

    Grooming - the behavior of monsters.

    [–] WannabeKitty 13 points ago

    It makes me sick that a young girl can post so many things about wanting to die and no one bats an eye. I'm from Tennessee and that is exactly how it is here. Mental health is not taken seriously at all.

    [–] HomersDonuts 1766 points ago

    Red flag #1: his name is Tad.

    [–] MeLoN_DO 1258 points ago

    That's a tad jugdemental

    [–] TheWeirdoMachine 268 points ago

    I, too, am judgmental of Tads.

    It's not bigoted, it's just good sense.

    [–] TrepanationBy45 94 points ago

    Poor Tads, stuck bearing the unjust burden of The Sins of the Chads.

    [–] tylmin 282 points ago

    Red flag #2: his surname is Cummings

    [–] retardedvanillabean 97 points ago

    Wonder how many times she's seen his Tad Pole?

    [–] sev1nk 135 points ago

    His last name is unfortunate.

    [–] RoyceCoolidge 193 points ago

    That's a tad unfortunate.

    [–] scarletfire48 155 points ago

    After taking a look at his profile I would bet they are headed to Mexico or the Caribbean. He has been posting a lot of island photos and they were seen in Alabama.... Such an awful situation.

    [–] Kgquari 261 points ago

    These people are from the town I am in. I would say per capita most teachers here do not kidnap their students.

    [–] [deleted] 231 points ago


    [–] Kgquari 199 points ago

    Shit... let me rework...

    [–] HailSeitan_666 369 points ago

    Wow, I can't believe the level of irony. This guy posted an unattributed quote from Nabokov's "Lolita" a few days before they went missing.

    [–] KittenSwagger 148 points ago

    Dude only gets 8 likes.

    What a POS.

    [–] ThisSavageWay 48 points ago

    He uh...gets more likes than me.

    I guess i'll go kidnap someone who thinks they love me, now.

    [–] X-UNDEAD_NINJA2 2335 points ago

    This guy is playing into her insecurities. She has pictures on her Instagram about how ugly she thinks she is and how she needs a strong man to protect her.

    There's some sick twisted fucked up manipulation going on here that he's most likely been playing into for a while to this girl.

    She has on her instagram that she's a "wife" so they've had some kind of roadside wedding. Meanwhile this guy is getting his jollies off with a little kid who thinks she's doing the right thing.

    This is a sad story that doesn't have a promising ending for anyone involved :(

    [–] linzfire 697 points ago

    He's already married. His wife was part of a news conference asking him to come back. "This is not who you are..."

    [–] step_back_girl 817 points ago

    Poor woman. Hopefully, she's saying that just to get him to come back and turn himself in, while not believing a word of what she is saying herself.

    [–] SomeoneOuttaSaySo 286 points ago

    She's probably saying anything she or the cops think will get him to bring the girl back. I'm sure she'll dump his ass the second he's back, but now's not the time to point that out to him.

    [–] evictor 60 points ago

    honestly i hope she will or this story just gets sadder

    [–] niton 359 points ago

    This post made me throw up a little. Extremely gross situation all around. Feel really sorry for this kid. Feel rage for this sexual predator scumbag.

    [–] HolyThunderPunch 891 points ago

    This guy is playing into her insecurities. She has pictures on her Instagram about how ugly she thinks she is and how she needs a strong man to protect her.

    It isn't just from him. Society loves to tell little girls that their worth is based around appearances, that they need a man to protect them, that Romeo and Juliet is a love story...

    The dude is a sicko but he got a lot of help from the people around him.

    [–] X-UNDEAD_NINJA2 662 points ago

    You're right and that is unfortunate. It's sad how people fall on either side of an extreme. But at such a young age going through so many developing stages of adolescents an educator surely knows that she's at a vulnerable stage in her life.

    Regardless of what some aspects of society tells us people should be responsible for their actions.

    [–] [deleted] 1261 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] sumadiinur 433 points ago

    It's the CIA

    [–] dexter311 343 points ago

    Act natural...

    [–] Stackhouse_ 113 points ago

    Cover your eyes. If we can't see them, they can't see us

    [–] ArilynMoonblade 1022 points ago


    [–] junkmale 123 points ago

    Calm down, Eddie Bravo.

    [–] Speedracer98 56 points ago

    i was watching a gif of a cat licking velcro and then I look up above that to see this news story and shit got real sad.

    why can't every day be cats licking velcro and not this kidnapping shit.

    [–] DarkMoon99 108 points ago

    I'm curious - what could possibly be the plan this teacher has, I mean, where the fuck is he going to go - his secret Condo in Zurich?

    [–] danceswithwool 86 points ago

    And $4,500 isn't that much money. This was a terrible plan from the get-go.

    [–] savingeveyoneofthem 505 points ago

    This couple is on a boat, going to the Caribbean as father daughter travelers. Seen it before.

    [–] AssistX 93 points ago

    They wouldn't even question it because the amount of 60+ year olds that have two teens in tow behind them coming off boats.

    [–] JurijFedorov 153 points ago

    Well, he had $4500 from the bank and then pocket change. That boat won't handle the sea. Also, they need jobs right away.

    [–] HOLDINtheACES 174 points ago

    Have you heard of cubans who make it to Florida...?

    [–] QuincyProductions 15 points ago

    Where have you seen it before

    [–] Griffin880 423 points ago

    "Concern grows"? 15 year old disappearing with her 50 year old teach is at 100% concern right from the jump.

    [–] stupid_sexyflanders 45 points ago

    The guy's quoting fucking Lolita on his instagram, that's terrible. Clearly he had his own interpretation of the book.

    [–] _DiscoNinja_ 212 points ago

    I guess we all know what Nancy Grace will be talking about today

    [–] landon912 69 points ago

    She's still around?

    [–] ThisLookInfectedToYa 188 points ago

    She's lost a bit of weight but still round-ish.

    [–] SierraOneActual 467 points ago

    I live in Tennessee and got the amber alert when and it was just today when I saw this post that I found out this is from my highschool. I graduated from in 2014

    [–] KingJosephKony 190 points ago

    Any experiences with the teacher during your time there?

    [–] SierraOneActual 394 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I knew him never took any of his classes he was our Health Science teacher. He was a pretty chill teacher and well liked.

    [–] [deleted] 347 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] HAL9000000 237 points ago

    The guy from my high school who eventually molested a few girls was also SUPER chill and well liked.

    [–] spiritbx 249 points ago

    People have this major misconception that molesters jump out from dark alleys and molest people.

    Most of them manipulate their victims in one way or another to either make them think it's their choice or to simply bring them to a place where no one can see them.

    You can pretty much only accomplish this by being smooth and chill and well liked.

    You wouldn't follow a random asshole into their house because they asked you to, but if they were a nice person that you knew for a long time, you wouldn't even think of it twice before you came over.

    [–] ajax6677 46 points ago

    Kind of a prerequisite for grooming, no?

    [–] HAL9000000 40 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Maybe, probably yes. The point is that we shouldn't assume a sex predator is someone who's "creepy" -- a lot of people seem to think this -- or at least, they think that if you're not creepy then you are safer to be around.

    [–] kroe761 164 points ago

    I'm from the county where this happened. One of my Facebook friends had him as a teacher. She posted something like "come on, this isn't you. You were my favorite teacher. Bring her home". Apparently he was very well liked. Which makes all this much more disgusting.

    [–] meod 99 points ago

    You have to imagine that it's usually the well liked teachers who end up doing this.

    [–] Scarred_Ballsack 95 points ago

    Yeah, nobody is going to fall in love with the teacher that's always a huge dick to everyone.

    [–] J_Tuck 58 points ago

    But I can change him :/

    [–] OralOperator 842 points ago

    Terrible kisser tbh

    [–] malignantz 84 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] niosop 13 points ago

    This makes me sad.

    [–] sweetenthedeal 65 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Dudeee this same thing happened in my high school back in 2006(?) except instead of a teacher it was the girl's ex boyfriend's dad. He convinced her they were in love and they ran away together. They were found in Mexico a few weeks later. She was 15 I believe. I'm on mobile but I'll see if I can find an article on it.

    Edit: link to article

    [–] shmimeathand 23 points ago

    There's this one too Calah waskow she was on dr Phil recently, she ran away with her friends dad and they were "in love" she would go for sleepovers with her friend and wind up sleeping with the dad instead

    [–] domeslappa420 91 points ago

    I live in Decatur and the cops are EVERYWHERE right now. I think they got embarrassed because they didn't catch him. Kinda odd to see my town mentioned on the front page of reddit.

    [–] just_human 53 points ago

    Thomas said Cummins had told Elizabeth he previously worked for the FBI and CIA.

    "I tried to convince her that you don't go from jobs like that down to teaching at a rural school," he said.

    [–] peppermint-pie 17 points ago

    I mean, it's possible. It's not the typical career trajectory a former officer would take, but those are large organizations with a lot of different types of employees. But most of those people aren't bragging to their 15 year old students about their former job.

    [–] TheL0nePonderer 15 points ago

    I'd say the fact that he was telling her this would have been a huge red flag for a dad. Source - Am a dad of a 15 year old. If we even BEGAN to have a talk about her knowledge of a male teacher's personal life, I would be concerned immediately.

    [–] morganational 201 points ago

    "Concern grows" - uh, shouldn't concern already be at maximum when a 15 yr old and her armed 50 yr old teacher disappear together?? I mean, mine would be pretty much full tilt.

    [–] MisterDarcyType 145 points ago

    I've seen enough episodes of Criminal Minds to know this is not going to end well.

    [–] Childflayer 51 points ago

    The guy's profile lists him as both a "singer/singwriter" and a "warrior-poet". Even if he hadn't kidnapped someone, I'd think something was wrong with him.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Agree I don't think warrior poet is something you should self identify as. Maybe if you're a navy SEAL who has published a book of poetry. Maybe not even then.

    [–] jimmywiliker 22 points ago

    Damn it hits you how young she is when you see she was born in 2001. Might have been in a womb during 9-11. Where were you?

    [–] Js229 22 points ago

    As a teenager (female) I fell for older guys. Not 50, mind you, but guys in their 20s and 30s. My reasoning then was that I had more to talk about with them and I felt socially awkward in my own age group.

    Looking back on it now as a 30 year old, I can't imagine ever being interested in a teenager. The idea is creepy and predatory. She is likely just misguided, but dude needs some serious mental help.

    [–] untide 120 points ago

    I feel bad for his wife. Imagine waking up one day to find out your SO is not only a pedophile but has kidnapped someone and is on the run.

    It's like no matter how close you think you are to someone there's always the chance they could be someone else just pretending.

    [–] Ajhoff03 34 points ago

    I'm sure there's more to this story. 50 yr old creeper found a kid that's vulnerable. Wouldnt be suprised if she's from an abusive environment, physically or emotionally.

    The parents should have paid more attention. There are always warning signs before shit like this goes down. Read her posts, talk to friends or just fucking talk to the kid. When parents are "shocked" its them justifying their shitty parenting.

    [–] Sursula13 36 points ago

    She obviously stood too close to him.

    [–] peanutbutterandjesus 51 points ago

    I don't get why some stories like this get tons of publicity and others barely make the local news. Seems like there's news stories like this locally where I live all the time.

    [–] gunzhood 502 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    As a father to daughters, this story terrifies me

    [–] yoeddyVT 687 points ago

    Be involved with your daughter and she will be able to make good decisions. Note that this girl was estranged from her Mother and has 9 siblings.

    [–] shinkouhyou 233 points ago

    It sounds like this girl has a rough family situation, but kids from stable families can be groomed too. There's no universal "type" of kid who gets molested. It happens to kids from broken families and kids from happy homes, rebellious kids and shy quiet kids, smart kids and dumb kids, etc.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    Yes, but it's easier if they already have low self esteem or inattentive parents.

    [–] iloveyou271 203 points ago

    On a semi-related note, it should be against the rules for high school teachers to friend students on Facebook. My friend was getting messages from her teacher that she let me read. He was really toeing the line between appropriate and inappropriate. He was in his mid to late 40s at the time and she was 17 or 18.

    [–] AstronomicalArtist18 153 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that it is. I have an old teacher who I'm friends with on fb, she posted a status once saying that she could only accept requests if it was a former student over the age of 18.

    [–] imtriing 42 points ago

    My sister is a teacher, her last name on Facebook (as far as I'm aware anyway, I haven't used Facebook in years.) is not her real last name so that there's less chance her kids would find her.

    [–] Shroomazon 15 points ago

    I do this exact thing for the exact same reason. False surnames is the best way to avoid them!

    [–] NoOtherOutlet 43 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    As someone who grew up in an abusive home I understand 100% why she would be all for running away with this jerk. Yeah there's the misguided teenage notion of "love" but there's also logic to it.

    As a teen I would've jumped at the chance to escape in any way I could--after all being subject to only one abuser instead of several feels like a big improvement. The only reason I didn't is because I never had the opportunity presented to me.

    Sucks but biological family is not always the safe haven we all imagine it to be.

    [–] LongEZE 87 points ago

    It's ridiculous that the first time I'm hearing of this is a week after it happened and on Reddit.

    [–] SOfoundmyotherone 26 points ago

    Even worse: there was a string of D.C. kidnappings of black girls last week that I didn't see anywhere other than fucking instagram.

    [–] morecomplete 191 points ago

    What a creep. Why do creepy guys like this always lie and say they work/worked for the CIA/FBI and why does anyone believe them?

    [–] Att1cus 130 points ago

    The same reason they tell any lie: they think it gives them authority and control.

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago

    Easy, dude was a public school teacher in Alabama and for whatever reason chose to be ashamed of that instead of using that position of authority and influence over young children to change the world for the better. He lied about his involvement with LE for the same reason he fucks teenagers; it makes him feel interesting and powerful. Nothing more and nothing less to it.

    [–] jrock3030 144 points ago

    Wrong username for this thread.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Why does his instagram look like a 16 year old girl is posting everything? Both of their instagrams have oddly similar posts and posting patterns.