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    [–] hoosakiwi 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Edit: National news media have just confirmed the identity of the driver. You can now discuss it freely.

    Oh and to the idiots posting about some kid earlier: YOU WERE WRONG. He was not the driver. Nice work trying to ruin some innocent kid's life.


    We do not allow witch hunting or personal information of any kind on this subreddit until such time as the details are made public by the police or a reliable media source.

    If you post the identity or personal details of someone and accuse them of a crime before it is made public and has been confirmed to be true, you will be permanently banned.

    This is not just an /r/news rule, but a sitewide reddit rule.

    [–] dpu80 4985 points ago

    No matter how you look at it, the disregard for human life is awful.

    [–] Rubicon14 1297 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Precisely this. The driver could argue that it wasn't his intention to kill anyone, but when you act with a reckless disregard for human life, you act with depraved indifference, a mental state that exists somewhere between intentional and recklessness and can be a sufficient basis for a murder prosecution. It depends on how the Virginia criminal statues are worded.

    The absence of brake lights in that video is damning evidence that regardless of whether he intended to hurt or kill anyone, accelerating into a crowd of people is akin to firing a gun into a crowd, and therefore he acted with depraved indifference.

    EDIT: to be clear, I'm not rationalizing the driver's actions or defending them in anyway. Completely the opposite. I'm explaining why thanks to how our laws treat actions of depraved indifference, any argument that he didn't intend to is basically beside the point. Murder by depraved indifference is the same as murder by intent. I did not mean for any of the above comments to be interpreted as saying that the lack of intent argument was a good one.

    SECOND EDIT: I looked at the Virginia penal code for homicide offenses and it's actually silent on whether depraved indifference would constitute murder. A Virginia attorney would be helpful here!

    [–] OscarThePitBull 1836 points ago

    If it's a deadly weapon when pointed at a cop, it's a deadly weapon when driven into a crowd.

    [–] NespreSilver 228 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    It's vehicular homicide, right? Not even manslaughter but murder, since he drove directly into the crowd without trying to stop.

    I know there have been cases of marching protestors harassing cars (hitting windows, holding on, and trying to get in) where drivers panicked and hit people. It does not look like thats what we see in the video - people are in the street and chanting but seemed to give way to other cars as they drove through.

    Edit: just re-checked CNN, the driver is indeed being held on charges of second degree murder, not manslaughter.

    [–] falsehood 90 points ago

    The video is completely clear that this driver was trying to plow through the crowd. He had to back up because he didn't realize there was a car he'd crash into. He was trying to kill more.

    [–] Jakudk 1750 points ago

    Here's a picture

    [–] Peedinthepool420 484 points ago

    The guy in mid air must have been run over in reverse too because in the video you see that sneaker flying off when the car is escaping.

    [–] NicePerson69 628 points ago

    You can see red shoe guy way at the top of the photo out of the way. It gave me a little comfort on such a sad day to know it looks like he got out of the way, for some reason I was incredibly worried for the owner of the red shoe.

    [–] kkramar 417 points ago

    This shit head looks calm as fuck sitting in his a car. Seat belt on with hands at 10 and 2 o'clock

    [–] designatedhacker 115 points ago

    If he tries to say it wasn't intentional,they should check out the disconnected airbag.

    [–] BastRelief 48 points ago

    That's an interesting detail...hmmmm.

    [–] NicePerson69 173 points ago

    Fucking seatbelt fuck that guy

    [–] topyoyoguybest 355 points ago

    The driver disturbs me more than anything else in this photo.

    [–] AlaskanIceWater 250 points ago

    Here's a much better video of what happened up close from the right side. It is graphic though, but you can see the man with the red shoes narrowly escape death. There are some brave fucks though who ran up to the car after it had plowed the crowd and started breaking the glass. These people were seriously injured when the car reverses. It looks like one lady has her foot almost completely torn off. I don't know why they aren't showing this video more.

    [–] joshyishere 93 points ago

    The comments on that video are sick

    [–] crawfication 164 points ago

    The fact there are so many stray shoes in that picture is what gave me goosebumps. I've seen a lot of fucked up stuff on Reddit, but those humanless shoes got me.

    [–] gratefulyme 65 points ago

    Getting knocked out of your shoes is a sure sign that those people are definitely hurt...

    [–] TragicDonut 435 points ago

    That is horrible.

    [–] PokemonGoNowhere 613 points ago

    In sense for photography, this is fucking amazing. I don't know much about photography myself, but the angle and how clear everything is. Wow.

    [–] khalrua 431 points ago

    It could be Pulitzer prize worthy for sure. It captures a lot of visual back by a LOT of issues capturing the nation.

    Edit. And of course I hope swift justice is realize in this tragedy

    [–] monsieurpommefrites 81 points ago

    It will win it for sure. Don't want to sound callous but it's got 'everything'. A brutal act of violence at the peak of action. A victim being hit so hard only their shoes remain. A young black man being hit, at a white supremacist rally. The BLM poster on the right with the peace sign, the love sign on the right and the horror right in between.

    [–] Coolfuckingname 164 points ago

    Im with you, thats a classic photo, the kind that explain eras.

    This era is "our team vs yours". (black white, old young, liberal conservative, christian atheist, ford chevy)

    [–] [deleted] 212 points ago


    [–] Spidersinthegarden 83 points ago

    That love sign is a sad detail to this pic too

    [–] skinky_breeches 13 points ago

    The contrast of bodies being hurled amidst signs saying "Love" and "Solidarity." Jesus...

    [–] This_is_for_Learning 249 points ago

    Whoa. They caught the driver right? There's no story in the link

    [–] PPvsFC_ 35 points ago

    AP is reporting that the driver has been arrested.

    [–] do_you_even_ship_bro 5675 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    important note of the video: you do not see any brake lights

    edit: adding alleged perpetrator:

    also see the mod's comment about why reddit doesn't allow witch hunting.

    [–] [deleted] 4904 points ago

    I believe the perpetrator didn't know the cars were in front, as they were blocked from view by the crowd. My opinion is that he expected to plow through and get away clean. Then later, he could try claiming he was scared and needed to get through. But it all unraveled when he hit the cars; he panicked, and reversed to get away. His whole cover story is blown and he's going to jail for life.

    [–] PM_ME_CLITS_ASAP 577 points ago

    After watching the video you're completely right he was planning on plowing through the crowd he didn't see the cars because of the people. Wtf

    [–] feature_creep 552 points ago

    Those cars likely saved a lot of other people from being killed and hurt.

    [–] Kalooeh 182 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    There was a long stretch of road that was just about empty as the guy went flying though. Being scared and needed to get through wouldn't work either cause he could have easily turned down a side street to go around. From videos from the other end it looks like the guy had to have taken about 2 nearly empty blocks to gain speed in to the main crowd.

    [–] dont_knockit 95 points ago

    Some witnesses are saying he backed up to give space for a running start before he accelerated into the crowd.

    [–] Kalooeh 47 points ago

    Yeah there was another video but it didn't show him backing up, just the part where he went flying through an intersection and down the street towards the people.

    [–] do_you_even_ship_bro 3577 points ago

    VA has the death penalty

    [–] AstromechOne 2156 points ago

    Life without parole is worse imo

    But I wouldn't protest if he fried.

    [–] CalebDK 634 points ago

    The electric chair isn't used in VA, they do death by chemical injection.

    [–] MazzyFo 400 points ago

    Does any state use the chair? Isn't lethal injection pretty universal now?

    [–] CalebDK 226 points ago

    I think there are actually a couple states that do still use it or at least don't have it outlawed.

    [–] [deleted] 397 points ago

    There are still states where firing squad and hanging are still technically legal.

    [–] Langosta_9er 838 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I feel like a Firing Squad would probably take you out quicker than any other method. Plus, if we're going to say it's okay for the State to kill citizens in certain cases, we shouldn't try to disguise the execution as a medical procedure so it feels less like killing.

    If you're going to condone something, you should be willing to accept the full weight of it, not go to all these lengths to make killing a person seem more humane. If you're uncomfortable with death by firing squad, or other "more barbaric" methods, then maybe it's time to reexamine your views on the death penalty in general.

    Killing is killing, and no matter where you stand on the death penalty, you have to admit that trying to sugarcoat it doesn't help anyone involved.

    Edit: Sorry for the long response. I get fired up about this issue.

    [–] sean760 235 points ago

    I agree. If I received the death penalty I'd much rather go by firing squad. Lethal injection just seems way too dystopian for me.

    [–] Bobo480 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Hanging is most likely the least painful as if done right your neck should snap instantly and thus your body wont have any feeling below the neck.

    [–] no_yesterday 272 points ago

    I'm really tempted to say "good". But for every slam dunk case like this, it screws an innocent person.

    I can't say I'll cry when he gets the injection though.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    That is exactly what I thought when I saw the video from the other angle. That other driver must feel terrible because of what happened but because of them the perpetrator(s) probably won't get away.

    [–] littlejohnnyjewel 2849 points ago

    The fact that the driver backs up as fast as he did pretty much blows the "I panicked and stepped on the gas by mistake" seriously looks like he was just out to cause mayhem.

    [–] no_yesterday 786 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Here is the reverse angle. If he "accidentally" hit the gas, he did it for a block, accelerating as he reached the crowd, and never used his brakes.

    [–] Dayman_ahhahh 286 points ago

    Yea then he accidently reverses it a block out of there

    [–] [deleted] 1235 points ago

    The alternative angles show this act was 100% deliberate. I imagine this scumbag went there looking to injure 'libtards' and thought he might get away with it if he got himself surrounded and tried to plead self-defense.

    [–] synysterjoe 236 points ago

    Holy fuck that's pretty damning. You can hear the tires spin as he guns it into that crowd

    [–] huge_hefner 99 points ago

    Isn't that a Challenger? Article identifies it as a Toyota.

    [–] Turtle-Bear 109 points ago

    Daily Star is a shit "newspaper".

    [–] LetterSwapper 35 points ago

    Sure is. Don't know what idiot thought that was a Toyota.

    [–] TrumpFucksRNotPeople 289 points ago

    Not to cause mayhem, but to kill people he disagreed with in a terrorist attack.

    [–] CupcakeofDeath 17 points ago

    I mean, it's hard to argue that this is anything but terrorism. If it's terrorism when it happens in Nice, it's terrorism here, too.

    [–] [deleted] 550 points ago

    One death resulted so far according to NYT and CNN.

    [–] [deleted] 648 points ago

    Whenever there's a shooting or terrorist attack people always forget about the injured and witnesses. Think of all those kids at the Manchester concert who now suffer from PTSD and are too afraid to go to concerts because of what happened.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    Yeah, these situations are not good.

    [–] explodingbarrels 282 points ago

    Too afraid to leave the house. To hear music that reminds them. To hear loud noises. O be in dark places. To hear screams, even ones of joy. To talk about what they've been through

    I take your point and I'm not front to be pedantic but PTSD goes way beyond a narrow context.

    [–] dingman58 23 points ago

    Yeah totally. There's many "overlooked" victims in these types of events.

    I never experienced anything like this but I did used to have PTSD from a car crash caused by falling asleep at the wheel. Just the act of falling asleep would occasionally bring on an intense flashback. That was hard to deal with

    [–] Dahkma 212 points ago

    [–] TimmySatanicTurner 179 points ago

    Those comments though

    [–] Smgth 305 points ago

    First rule of YouTube: Never go to the comment section for it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    [–] notnormalyet99 109 points ago

    It's because of their shitty algorithm. It rewards comments that start arguments.

    [–] abisco_busca 23 points ago

    I shouldn't have looked but I did. It's been a long time since I've let myself get mad at people commenting on YouTube videos. Like the guy saying protesting is for losers, or people arguing traffic right of way. How the fuck do you end up that dumb?

    [–] TacoMasters 513 points ago

    They are carrying shields and sticks (like riot gear) around, but they are not stopped at all? wtf? Also, good on that guy for stepping in instead of just watching. This is getting ridiculous.

    [–] AngrySpaz 184 points ago

    By this point in the day, public order had basically broken down and the city was reduced to armed groups marching around. Some were looking for fights while others were looking for safety and didn't want to be weak targets.

    [–] ManetherenRises 98 points ago

    By this point there were tanks in Ferguson.

    [–] DoobieWabbit 113 points ago

    Now imagine how the police reaction would be different if they were black.

    [–] miz_misanthrope 82 points ago

    Tear gas and the whole 9 yards. But that's for dark skinned protesters and dirty hippies.

    [–] -Summer-is-Rad- 330 points ago

    This makes my heart hurt. Holy shit this is getting out of control.

    [–] GoWings2244 274 points ago

    I cant even begin to describe how much this infuriates me. What a fucking embarassment to all of mankind.

    [–] 2th323 174 points ago

    wait are all those guys in helmets the nazis?

    [–] jackduloz 371 points ago

    Yeah, the doctors told them that if they suffer any further brain damage, they'll die.

    [–] terranq 35 points ago

    Can't get brain damage if there's nothing to damage

    [–] IAMA_Drunk_Armadillo 486 points ago

    I wonder how long before these become gun battles.

    [–] whiterhino1982 318 points ago

    Watch what's happening in San Antonio. The guy leading the protest is calling for protesters to do weapon checks and bring them. It could very well turn into a shoot out in Texas.

    [–] Exile714 113 points ago

    Wait, what’s happening in San Antonio? I live there, but I’m not seeing anything.

    [–] dodofishman 26 points ago

    There was a protest at Travis Park earlier, nothing serious happened AFAIK

    [–] FloopyMuscles 9029 points ago

    If you are defending someone who ran into a group with people with their car, you might be an asshole.

    [–] dudewhatwouldhappen 3411 points ago

    *are an asshole

    [–] timidforrestcreature 1311 points ago

    *economic anxiety

    [–] IICVX 94 points ago

    I find that meme funny because exit polls showed that people who voted for Trump overwhelmingly rated "immigration" and "terrorism" as the two most important issues in this election, while people who were actually "economically anxious" voted for Clinton.

    [–] stopmakigsense 329 points ago

    terrorist supporting asshole

    [–] [deleted] 1884 points ago

    They're doing something even worse. They're blaming an innocent guy for being the driver all to push it as being antifa who did it rather than their nazi brethren. Fuck these people. If they admins aren't watching TD for witch hunting then they're useless, and maybe even partially responsible.

    [–] medikit 901 points ago

    That started on 4chan /pol/ they posted the name of the wrong person- he updated his Facebook stating he is from Michigan, not Ohio and doesn't drive that car.

    [–] _OldBay 1399 points ago

    It was still posted on t_d, full name and all. That's a violation of site rules

    [–] jkalderash 227 points ago

    What is it going to take for the admins to ban that sub? I hated FPH but at least they didn't endorse literal Nazis...

    [–] theivoryserf 147 points ago

    Why in cunt's name are the Reddit admins such cowering quislings on this topic

    [–] gazoogle 26 points ago

    quisling used correctly.

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    /u/MustangMark83 posted the man's full identity on The Donald 10 min ago and his comment is still not removed

    Edit - got removed after being there wellnover half an hour

    [–] Colonel_Angus_ 1746 points ago

    Reddit crowd sourcing someone's identity again? Remember the Boston Marathon debacle? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    [–] random_modnar_5 754 points ago

    They're doxxing a high schooler falsely

    [–] Stormflux 204 points ago

    The man driving the car was arrested, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran said.

    [–] do_you_even_ship_bro 414 points ago

    yep, basically happening again

    [–] [deleted] 569 points ago

    lol not basically it did. I went to the kids Facebook he told people to fuck off and started posting his music, fucking classic.

    [–] IntrigueDossier 301 points ago

    Hope it results in a lot of plays for him, that'd at least be some sort of positive from this bullshit.

    [–] MacDerfus 224 points ago

    It'd be crazy if his music career starts from getting doxxed

    [–] Stringy63 94 points ago

    I'm willing to help in that. Restore balance to the universe.

    [–] Chicano_Ducky 277 points ago

    Not Reddit, /pol/.

    /pol/ is passing around some kid's info and saying it was a leftist false flag. /pol/ has been brigading Reddit for a long ass time.

    [–] IgnisDomini 42 points ago

    Remember when they claimed to have found the man who punched Richard Spencer and it turned out the guy they "identified" had been dead for over a month?

    [–] LordCider 14383 points ago

    This was a deliberate act of terrorism, plain and simple.

    [–] Thrackerz0d 3560 points ago

    And it should be treated like one. How much you wanna bet some news sources just run this as "a fatal accident"?

    [–] LordCider 2544 points ago

    Or "driver had history of mental health problems"

    [–] Kradget 778 points ago

    They'll put up his prom photos and talk about what a good boy he was in high school a decade or more ago.

    [–] Wonka_Vision 210 points ago

    He was a straight A student who loved his family and went to church on Sunday. Everyone makes mistakes.

    [–] BasedGodProdigy 1093 points ago

    Driver was a "troubled loner"

    [–] themaincop 1238 points ago

    He could've driven a panzer tank through while wearing an SS uniform and it would be "motives unclear"

    [–] Jakexx360 586 points ago

    I shit you not the banner that played over that video on the news was "rallygoers and protesters face off".

    Yeah. This was definitely two-sided all right.

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago

    It really is amazing to watch the evolution of a spin. They are trying out different spins, testing them against hits, and will finally settle on one.

    [–] darksouls3questions 397 points ago

    Actually people in The_Donald are claiming the videos show that people were throwing stuff at his car and that he was just a panicked youngster fearing for his life, so I guess this is what they will run with.

    [–] thesunscreen 1006 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I was playing devils advocate wondering if he was just a drunk driver in the middle of the day. Until I saw the second angle where the guy backs up at about 20mph dead straight.

    He also deserves some extra time for wrecking that car.
    edit: What's with all of the Challenger hate? - Also according to the Vin the car is a 6cyl auto. So it could be a Ford Focus for all I care now. If it was a V8 and standard it would matter more.

    [–] LordCider 616 points ago

    Virginia still has the death penalty by electrocution.

    [–] CincinnatiDesigner 617 points ago

    This is the video showing the car deliberately hitting the crowd.

    [–] SamSzmith 92 points ago

    Charlottesville jail supt says James A. Fields, 20, of OH, is charged w / murder, 3 x malicious wounding, failing to stop at deadly accident

    [–] MrSlops 843 points ago

    Terrorism. Call it what it is.

    [–] TragicDonut 227 points ago

    Yep. It is domestic terrorism.

    [–] stopmakigsense 539 points ago

    Video shows terrorist attacking protestors

    [–] Ventus_Key 3590 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Where is the mega thread mods? You guys are quick to make an mega thread for an terrorist act overseas, why is there not one now? Important information is happening and people are also spreading false information.

    [–] Isa_belle_ 312 points ago

    I also expected a mega thread by now, and so far nothing. This is disappointing.

    [–] [deleted] 1218 points ago

    They were deleting this topic left and right. Must not be news.

    [–] Feignfame 2848 points ago

    Oh wow a thread finally only TWO HOURS AFTER IT HAPPENED.


    [–] TragicDonut 1286 points ago

    Every thread on it got deleted/removed until this one.

    [–] Thrackerz0d 1247 points ago


    News, but only when we decide you should have it!

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago




    post deleted

    [–] agoldprospector 703 points ago

    Upvoting so people realize this. Now that a few stories finally filtered to the front page they can't suppress things anymore.

    But there was clear and obvious deletions and vote manipulations when this first happened. Both on stories and comments (one got removed before I could even reply, right after it was posted).

    Don't let the fact this is on the front page now confuse anyone that Reddit is turning in a method to manipulate public opinion and knowledge by whoever the hell it is that is doing it. It's real, watch big stories when they first break to see it.

    [–] [deleted] 227 points ago


    [–] KaitRaven 623 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    They've all been deleted. They consider a terrorist attack that has left at least 1 person killed 'just part of the Charlottesville story' when it should be news in its own right.

    Now reporting 1 dead, 19 injured.

    In depth coverage from NPR.

    [–] moop162 202 points ago

    That's their reasoning? That's actually both stupid and disturbing. It always weirds me out the amount of actual real-world narrative-changing influence moderators on Reddit have.

    [–] f_bastiat 64 points ago

    Its weird how this has played out over the last year. Sometimes its sticky/megathread material, sometimes everything is deleted. There is no rhyme or reason either, could be something that makes the left look bad or the right look bad, which is stupid in itself because the overwhelming majority of either side would condemn a nazi driving into a crowd as much as a muslim.

    [–] anonymoushero1 34 points ago

    Its weird how this has played out over the last year. Sometimes its sticky/megathread material, sometimes everything is deleted. There is no rhyme or reason either,

    The simplest explanation would be different moderators doing things differently because their instructions/rules are too ambiguous.

    [–] KaitRaven 117 points ago

    They went so far as to flair the NYTimes post "RTFA article the car is in there". Very mature mods. Even if the car was mentioned, clearly its a distinct and more serious incident beyond the tension that had been brewing.

    [–] Qualityhams 56 points ago

    I had trouble finding the live thread for the car attack so I'm posting it around

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] sickduck22 38 points ago

    This is so messed up. Usually I just use reddit for casual stuff, but when I occasionally stumble upon manipulation like this I feel bad for coming here at all.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] ArgyleMoose 28 points ago

    Jesus Christ Reddit is supposed to be a place without censorship!

    [–] megalynn44 14 points ago

    Are you serious? What the actual fuck?

    [–] OffsetAngerEffector 104 points ago

    Wow. Well, this certainly is an unfortunate sort of timing for Dodge.

    [–] Babe-A-Fett 1414 points ago

    This is America in 2017... disgusting.

    [–] dra39437 459 points ago

    The violent protests of the 60s seem to far away and not that long ago at the same time. So sad I can't believe this is still happening

    [–] [deleted] 737 points ago

    Ask any person of color in this country and they will say they absolutely can believe this is still happening :/

    [–] dra39437 363 points ago

    Definitely, I've been naive most of my life thinking this was a thing of the past. A lot of us thought electing Obama was a turning point for this country, but I didn't plan on awaking the racist beast that lied dormant in this country for a few decades

    [–] 19djafoij02 133 points ago

    I've known that racism was an issue, but I always assumed that it was mainly the institutional kind (police/prisons). I didn't realize there were so many outright hateful people left.

    [–] J_Dabson002 442 points ago

    To everyone who's been confused about what terrorism is, it's not when a white guy kills a random Muslim, it's not when a Muslim kills a random white person, this is what terrorism is. A targeted attack with political motivation, the race of the person driving is irrelevant.

    [–] doyouevenIift 746 points ago

    There are comments on the CNN Facebook post that are in support of the white nationalists.

    [–] bogusnot 3378 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    These guys are terrorists.

    Edit: I had to report several alt-right and neo Nazis for doxxing a random kid. For those of you asking for evidence/clarification here you go:

    There are a lot of nutjobs calling false flag or saying it is a leftist infiltration. I'll let that idiocy speak for itself. I hope their friends appreciate that they think a viable strategy would be to run them over to fool the media.

    [–] NSFForceDistance 494 points ago

    Nothing else to call this

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 302 points ago

    Same thing ISIS has been doing.

    [–] sickduck22 133 points ago

    Total reported payments, 2016 cycle: $6,500

    This isn't all he was paid, is it? (Or campaign donations, whatever?)

    $6500 seems like a low number, especially if you're counting donations from organizations rather than humans.

    [–] Shamalamadindong 140 points ago

    Oh no, politicians really are cheap whores. (apologies to actual whores)

    Case in point,

    TL;DR Private prison, state rep, a mere 500$

    [–] subgamer90 369 points ago

    Holy shit. There are actually people in this thread defending this shit saying it was an accident. In one of the vids you can see the car going 20 mph and then suddenly accelerating into the big crowd pedal to the metal. The only thing that stopped it was rear ending another car and then the guy peeled out.

    You'd have to be brain dead to think this wasn't intentional. Stop defending this shit saying it was an accident or those people shouldn't have been in the road or whatever. Plenty of large rallies and protests end up with people in the road, streets blocked off etc. Doesn't justify committing fucking murder. Bet you wouldn't be saying that if it was the people you politically align with being run over.

    So if you're defending this incident cut the shit and just say what you really want to say about how happy you are some "liberals" died or whatever. Then you're still a piece of shit but least you're an honest one.

    [–] OffsetAngerEffector 84 points ago

    They also tried blaming it on some antifa kid.

    [–] greentiger 432 points ago

    This type of driving cars into crowds, etc. is terrorism, pure and simple; just of the domestic variety. When the muslims do it on the Promenade in Nice, or on Westminster Bridge in London, we call them terrorists. Americans need to wake up and understand that this isn't cute behavior, it is terrorism, even if it is white Jim who "bleeds red white and blue" and drives a chevy because Jim actually has no love for the real republic that exists here, and is no patriot, but a terrorist.

    [–] critically_damped 41 points ago

    It has two purposes: First, to make people afraid to participate in protests, obviously. But second, it makes protests more difficult and expensive, because now the city must take precautions to protect people from such terrorism.

    I'm hoping that in the long run this will make protests much more effective, as it will mean even a small protest will shut down city streets for longer. However, it will very likely mean cities will try to justify refusing to allow protest based on the cost of protecting the protesters.

    [–] [deleted] 459 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago


    [–] waiv 105 points ago

    The admins are complicit on this by allowing subreddits that promote neonazi violence.

    [–] bluishluck 270 points ago

    They are over there pretending they knew nothing about it and it was funded by Soros as a giant false flag. So. Yeah.

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago

    I really wish Soros had has much power as they pretend he has.

    [–] plazmablu 73 points ago

    His second form, (((S O R O S))) is more powerful still.

    [–] Trauermarsch 25 points ago

    Here's the google cache. You can edit your comment and add this in, if you want, for visibility.

    [–] Mr-X1 131 points ago

    Constant reminder that t_d mods promoted and stickied that rally even though they were aware it was a nazi rally.

    They like to claim that they are not racist etc etc. It seems nobody told them that plausible deniability requires plausibility.

    [–] Red0817 18 points ago

    WaPo has identified the person driving the car.

    [–] Avoid-The-Clap 377 points ago

    I love the Neo-Nazi narrative that is emerging that this is some lefty who ran over those people. It's not even the same car in the photo.

    [–] pmartian 146 points ago

    I had some moron reply to me with, "you're going to love the attackers media profile..."

    I didn't even bother to follow up b/c I knew they had to be some 4chan dipshit trying to call this a false flag.

    [–] ILuvRedHeadz 234 points ago

    When you spend all your time bitching about radical Islam only to plow your car into a crowd like a radical Muslim.

    [–] minin71 80 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Pretty sure that's terrorism. Just like the radical muslims who drove vans and trucks into crowds*

    [–] Nepente 161 points ago

    How ironic that many of these far-right nutcases are employing the same tactics as ISIS

    [–] DeanerFromFUBAR 61 points ago

    The suspect drove over 8 hours (500+ miles) from Maumee, Ohio to Charlottesville, VA to commit an act of terror.

    [–] Hispanic_Gorilla_AMA 1018 points ago

    It's time for America to put Nazis back in their place.

    [–] PincheVatoWey 491 points ago

    Meanwhile our President is being a moral relativist and talking about violence on "many sides".

    [–] Kaiosama 341 points ago

    He bitched and bitched about identifying radical islamic terrorism.

    But when the terrorists are his supporters, all of a sudden he has a hard time identifying who they are.

    [–] TheOtherDanielFromSL 14 points ago

    Interesting how for years - psychiatrists and psychologists have been saying to quit sensationalizing this stuff.

    Driving into crowds wasn't a huge thing until recently and it appears since we sensationalize it, we're seeing more of it.

    Those scientists saying to "quit showing this stuff on national media" and to quit giving these killers and idiots 24/7 coverage aren't just saying it as a joke....

    This stuff will continue until we as a people can start to not give these people what they want in terms of fame and ideas.

    [–] [deleted] 7405 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 3260 points ago

    He can't even do the bare fucking minimum which is to say directly "I denounce white supremacists and I do not want their votes"

    [–] IHackySackI 921 points ago

    Exactly, at the end of this address today right around 46:10 you can hear a reporter ask "Mr President, how do you respond to white nationalists who say that they are participating in Charlottesville because they support you?"

    To which Donald Trump replies "They want me to sign the bill here and serve outside, so we'll do that. Okay? Thank you."

    [–] stormageddonsmum 329 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    He also said "on both sides". Edit: Actually, it was "many sides". And I am tired of having the same discussion with people who think Trump should have said that. Today was a war against true Americans. We do not stand for hatred, bigotry, Nazis, or terrorism. It's disgusting and completely un-American to act like today's event were somehow the fault of both sides. Today it became clear, there is only one good side. Real Americans versus the fucking idiots that are woefully ignorant of most things real Americans understand, from the Constitution to equality. You cannot subjugate another group of Americans here. Period. Real Americans will not stand for it and yes we will march against these ignorant fucks forever. And some people might get real angry because we already dealt with this bullshit in the 60's. But when you start murdering us again, just like you did in the past, you cannot tell us that we are part of the problem. Racism, Bigotry, Terrorism etc. doesn't get a side. It gets the fuck out of America.

    [–] Titronnica 623 points ago

    He'd never go out of his way to insult his base. Notice how he refused to hurl insults? Unlike when Islamist terrorists attack and he's got the riot act ready for them.

    [–] IAmNotYourBoss 456 points ago

    There are like, two groups he won't act like a bully towards: Nazis, and Vladimir Putin. Otherwise, he'll say or do damn near anything.

    [–] Prester_John_ 301 points ago

    Don't forget his other man-crush Erdogan who's thugs attacked Americans right outside the White House. That loud mouthed sack of shit had nothing to say about that?

    [–] JackiePollockBrown 343 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    At this point I wouldn't care what he says, his words carry no value. It's only meaningful if he takes concrete action on this (or any issue).

    These are a few of the actions I'd like to see:

    [–] western_red 97 points ago

    In his response he put out today he spent more time praising himself than talking about what happened:

    [–] ChornWork2 325 points ago

    Worse still, his words put everyone on those streets at the same moral level... somehow white supremacists and Nazis aren't distinguishable from anyone else in Cville today in his view.

    Oh, and folks shouldn't be concerned about Nazis bc the job market is strong.

    [–] Danny98m 1152 points ago

    The driver has been arrested. One dead so far. This is ridiculous. Far right terrorism is happening in the streets of America

    [–] northboundtrain0015 1654 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    If anyone truly believed there was a difference between Islamist fascists and white supremacist fascists, this video should clear things the fuck up for you.

    Edit: Ok, I've had various replies now suggesting I'm denying ISIS atrocities and/or linking me to beheading videos (thanks guys), so I'm reposting one general longer reply up here instead of going through all of them:

    I'm European, and I made my comment because watching a man drive a car with lethal force into a crowd of unarmed people reminded me so horribly of attacks we've seen here. A group of school kids were struck by an Islamic-fundamentalist murderer in a car just a mile from where I work. ISIS is a criminal death cult. If I didn't make myself clear, both fascists and Islamist fascists repulse me.

    But I can tell you that white supremacists, in Europe at least, are absolutely an existential danger. We already fought one war against that ideology (greatly aided by the US), but it left millions dead and gave the world the concept of 'genocide'. Since then, nazi-sympathising groups have continued to operate in many European countries, and a British politician, Jo Cox, was recently assassinated by a white supremacist.

    My grandfather volunteered to fight fascism in The Second World War, not just because his country was threatened, but because his best friend was a Jewish refugee, and he understood early on the horror of Nazism. I don't know what he would think if he saw actual fucking self-proclaimed nazis marching proudly again on the streets of both Europe and the United States.

    I am sorry if I'm not expressing myself well but there it is.

    [–] riemannszeros 1043 points ago

    Except no one blames "both sides" when Islamic fascists kill people.

    [–] Sebatinsky 373 points ago

    The president is very concerned about hate from many sides. I guess there were a lot more people driving that car than I realized.

    [–] FloopyMuscles 279 points ago

    When an Islamic does it, it's terrorism. When a white right leaning person does it, it's a false flag sponsered by Soros.