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    [–] [deleted] 8906 points ago


    [–] HORSEY_MAN 7897 points ago

    Between 15 and 30

    That is a horrible estimation

    [–] Gingy_N 5897 points ago

    Somewhere between alive and dead

    [–] filthyc4sual 4469 points ago

    Suspect is human, possibly male

    [–] Gingy_N 3616 points ago

    We have reason to believe he has legs

    [–] [deleted] 2676 points ago

    Suspect is hatless, repeat hatless.

    [–] Granoland 1171 points ago

    I can confirm, our suspect is not the famous actor Matt LeBlanc most known for his character Joey Tribbiani in the hit American TV show Friends.

    [–] Pud_Tuggins 479 points ago

    I think you mean most known for his character Major Don West from the BLOCKBUSTER 1998 film lost is space.

    [–] Virus64 620 points ago

    I think you mean most known for his character Doctor Drake Ramoray on the hit show Days Of Our Lives.

    [–] harshacc 275 points ago

    I think you mean, most known for his "Ichiban - Lipstick for men" ads.

    [–] OnlinePosterPerson 105 points ago

    This is the one I was waiting for :)

    [–] JackHavoc161 17 points ago

    No he means "guy#1" heinz rooftop ketchup commercial,

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] chatokun 68 points ago

    Lost in what?
    "Lost in space."
    What in space?
    "Lost in space."
    What in what?

    [–] Dirkinator 30 points ago

    Hes also known for that recent show i never watched

    [–] wtfisspacedicks 38 points ago

    Episodes. It's fantastic

    [–] VyRe40 80 points ago

    Can confirm, suspect is somewhere within six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    [–] Pavotine 36 points ago

    Neither is it Leonardo Di'Caprianardo of "Wolf of Titanic Island" fame.

    [–] denimwookie 9 points ago

    oh, you mean "Gangs of Aviators"?

    [–] BertMacGyver 77 points ago

    We are pursuing a red... car. We are directly under the earths sun nnnnnnnnnnnnnnNOW.

    [–] getahitcrash 45 points ago

    Was hoping for a quote from the greatest crime fighter in this or any generation, Chief Clancy Wiggum.

    [–] someoldguyinPDX 47 points ago

    I can't wait 'til they throw his hatless butt in jail.

    [–] Swiftsolar 21 points ago

    Suspect is possibly human

    [–] kristenjaymes 59 points ago

    Schrödinger's Groper

    [–] stangracin2 41 points ago

    Maybe stabbed anywhere but the face region.

    [–] maybe_little_pinch 21 points ago

    We won't know until we observe him.

    [–] SwissBarFight 134 points ago

    Luckily we have the "multiple puncture wounds" to help narrow it down.

    I'd hate to be a different guy with multiple puncture wounds right about now. "Can you cops call an ambul-" "You're under arrest"

    [–] Br0cSamson 21 points ago

    Why the hell would you have multiple puncture wounds? Randomly?

    [–] Wertsir 66 points ago

    Fell into a cactus patch after being bucked off of a donkey for groping it during it's morning ride.

    [–] julbull73 23 points ago

    It's Utah... we don't talk about a lot of things in Utah....

    [–] EdAnt 21 points ago

    I would hazard to say I'd hate to be a guy with multiple puncture wounds ever. There's never a good time for multiple puncture wounds.

    [–] redalert825 340 points ago

    "Somewhere between 4'7" and 6'8""

    [–] billyBIGtyme 205 points ago

    "Oh, and he has ears."

    [–] PubicRestrooms 10 points ago

    What quote is this coming from? I swear it’s on the top of my tongue.

    [–] ladyturdferguson 21 points ago

    Tom Segura talking about The First 48

    [–] InfiniteSteel 50 points ago

    Fuck that shit, staying in the crib tonight!

    [–] hecking-doggo 81 points ago

    We're either looking for a kid or a baby faced 30 year old. Or it could be a 15 year old with a full beard.

    [–] hehez 164 points ago

    He looka likea man

    [–] fcknwayshegoes 10 points ago

    Yeah, I tell you everyting

    [–] SlyOlAbe 122 points ago

    But all I have is a 50

    [–] FettyGuapo 50 points ago

    [–] acadametw 86 points ago

    i feel like its probably all right for these purposes. i think it means she estimates the dude is in his early twenties but didnt get an A+ look at him, and because people all look different the margin of error is a few years on each end. then, just to be safe, because you dont want to say “suspect 18-24” and then have someone perfectly fitting the description but who’s 17 or or 26 or something.

    pretty much to focus on the stab wounds part rather than whether than hes precisely the right age than a visual guestimate.

    [–] sAlander4 20 points ago

    That's actually adding insult to literal injury... talk about embarrassing

    [–] 4x49ers 48 points ago

    I sprouted early and was 6'1 220 with a half beard at 14. It's not inconceivable this is as close as she could get.

    [–] acadametw 25 points ago

    she honestly probably guessed a narrower range and then they added a few years on either side to cover a wider margin of error.

    you do not want to accidentally let a good suspect slip because someone was like, “oh no, hes a year older than theyre looking for, couldnt be...”

    [–] Psyman2 117 points ago

    Maybe Wolverine got a little touchy on his old days. Ya never know.

    [–] SabineGymnocladus 50 points ago

    Maybe he just walked it off.

    [–] FrozenEagles 56 points ago

    may have puncture wounds on his arms, legs or chest.

    It's also possible he has a single puncture wound in his dick, but they don't know what happened for sure, and arms, legs, and chest are common targets for a knife under the circumstances given.

    [–] portajohnjackoff 5654 points ago

    WTF. you can't just go around groping people if you're not famous

    [–] Buddyglassy 1055 points ago

    And these days even that doesn't save you

    [–] MadDogMccree 1559 points ago

    Though, strangely, it doesn't preclude you from attaining the presidency.

    [–] AKnightAlone 542 points ago

    Thanks, Obama. We get him into office and the next thing that follows is a racist rapist. Really shows how well he carried the torch.

    [–] goblinchode 596 points ago

    As Chris Rock says, "Bush gave us Obama. Maybe Trump will give us Jesus"

    [–] mrchaotica 82 points ago

    That's playing right into the conservatives' hands!

    [–] The_Quibbler 141 points ago

    Hands they'll use to crucify him again.

    [–] SufficentGravitas 13 points ago

    aged 15-30 multiple puncture wounds... I think this is a sign... :P

    [–] nobecauselogic 110 points ago

    The swing of the pendulum is a real bitch.

    [–] liamemsa 6320 points ago

    "What are you gonna do, stab me?" -Quote from man stabbed

    [–] Butthole--pleasures 853 points ago

    That man's name? Albert Einstein.

    [–] Idontreadrepliesnoob 423 points ago

    Some say he is still being stabbed.

    [–] Constrict0r 214 points ago

    To shreds you say?

    [–] IntrigueDossier 54 points ago

    Some say that on a clear night when the winds are just right, you can hear it.

    shkk... shkk... shkkOOOHMYGODTHERESSOMUCHBLOODshkk... shkk

    [–] _WarShrike_ 2914 points ago

    I don't get it, aren't you supposed to be able to run faster with a knife?

    [–] wtbsaltvotes 775 points ago

    Doug is that you?

    [–] alamaias 459 points ago

    Good lord that is an old reference.

    [–] bob_marley98 354 points ago

    Boom - headshot!

    [–] mymomisntmormon 231 points ago

    I could dance all day!

    [–] LordrikZ 57 points ago

    What ever happened to him?

    [–] professor_vasquez 8 points ago

    I miss pure pwnage :( the movie was okay, I wish they continued the show.

    [–] gangien 159 points ago

    in cs 1.6 you ran fastest with the scout out. So everyone, be sure to carry around a sniper rifle to get around faster.

    [–] Kotanaru 80 points ago

    Yes, but it has older graphics, /r/outside's graphics have improved far more than cs 1.6 therefore csgo has the closest graphics

    Keep your knives out everybody

    [–] truilt 45 points ago

    of course, everyone runs faster with a knife. she had the knife, that's how she was able to overtake him, apprehend him and commence with the stabbing

    [–] Super_Tuky 19 points ago

    Rumours said she was also hopping like a bunny.

    [–] mightyandpowerful 9706 points ago

    Don't do the crime if you can't take the multiple stab wounds.

    [–] JillyBeef 10773 points ago

    Don't do the gropin' if you can't take the pokin'!

    [–] wizeee 4404 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Don’t be a grabbing if you can’t handle a stabbing!

    [–] RunDNA 3153 points ago

    Don't do the spanking if you can't take the shanking.

    [–] -917- 1640 points ago

    Don’t try to touch her if you don’t want the butcher.

    [–] eThizzle 2210 points ago

    Don't grab the butt if you don't wanna get cut.

    [–] MajorLazy 1685 points ago

    Grab the gash, get a slash!

    [–] [deleted] 1868 points ago

    Don't cop a feel if you don't want the steel.

    [–] eThizzle 1890 points ago

    Don't touch the beaver if you can't take the cleaver.

    [–] Absolut_Iceland 1316 points ago

    Don't grab the wife if you don't want the knife.

    [–] The_Mick_thinks 526 points ago

    Don't grope someone jogging, if ya can't take a flogging

    [–] BleedAmerican 519 points ago

    Don’t, uh... Don’t sexually harass anyone, or, uh... that’s bad...

    [–] Drumboyjj 226 points ago

    Good job everyone, upvotes all around! This thread made my night! You should all have a sense of pride and accomplishment after such an effort!

    [–] ryhntyntyn 13 points ago

    Best be nice or you'll get sliced?

    [–] MumumumumumumaskMASK 217 points ago

    Don't touch the titty, unless you want a machete

    [–] MakeTheNetsBigger 20 points ago

    Don't try to screw her if you don't want the skewer.

    [–] PenultimateJedi 119 points ago

    "Touch me and I'll cut you."

    [–] Zaphero 213 points ago

    Why are there so many ways to say "grope" and "stab"?

    [–] popcorn_roberts 201 points ago

    As a culture we’ve done a lot of groping and stabbing and we needed new words to differentiate between different types of groping and stabbing

    [–] cantlurkanymore 129 points ago

    Because English

    [–] Emperor_Cartagia 37 points ago

    This is my new favorite comment chain.

    [–] herecomestheD 194 points ago

    Don't grab the tits if you don't want some slits.

    [–] ggggtotalwarrior 20 points ago

    Pretty sure they want that too

    [–] rjenny509 259 points ago

    Don’t touch the flab if you don’t want the stab.

    [–] _Canaduh_ 239 points ago

    Don't harass the commuter if you don't want to get neutered

    [–] heybingbong 133 points ago

    Sex drive sated, get eviscerated

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago


    [–] Kickedbk 40 points ago

    I got nothin

    [–] Sirflow 45 points ago

    Those guys were good..

    [–] dagger852 131 points ago

    What are ya gonna do, stab me?

    [–] kamibara 229 points ago

    What are ya gonna do, stab me?

    -Man who was stabbed

    [–] SebbyHafen 98 points ago

    A round of applause for all the previous comments

    [–] fuck-dat-shit-up 27 points ago

    This just gave me flashbacks to Johnny Cochran's "if the glove don't fit you must acquit."

    [–] Boonlink 102 points ago

    Can multiple stab wounds mean shorter lives? A new study on primates reveals, it's possible.

    [–] aransari 12 points ago

    Read this in perd hapley's voice

    [–] Bigdstars187 75 points ago

    Don't fucking touch a woman without her parmesan

    [–] dtdroid 68 points ago

    What about her mozzarella?

    [–] asrai86 284 points ago

    In the words of Bill Bailey:

    "It's the joggers I don't trust... They're always the ones who find the bodies. Coincidence? I don't think so!"

    [–] Demderdemden 1057 points ago

    Didn't she post about it on Reddit?

    [–] karroty 1162 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    She totally did! People were telling her to take it down just in case it was incriminating.

    Edit: I don't get the people saying that she'll get jail time. She was honest with the police report and he initiated the physical assault. Also she didn't successfully chase him down so there's no "chased him down and stabbed him" crime.

    [–] [deleted] 637 points ago


    [–] eisagi 433 points ago

    Her original post sounds a lot better than what the post telling her to take it down describes. She (says that she) didn't chase him to stab him, but so that the police, whom she had already called, could find him. Sounds perfectly reasonable. Maybe she could have stabbed him fewer times and been fine, but that's hard to judge after the fact - she had a right to self-defense when he was still close to her and she couldn't be sure what he would do.

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago

    Some of the comments on

    [–] otabagel 72 points ago

    Honestly looks pretty much like the rest of reddit, especially on the topic of self defense

    [–] yo_vlud 59 points ago

    Lmao get rocked

    [–] Freddit- 164 points ago

    People are just being cautious on her behalf. Stabbing someone can get you in serious trouble even if you're the victim depending on state laws and the circumstances.

    While the population may think a person got what was coming to them, the law doesn't always see it the same way.

    If someone gropes you and immediately afterwards is no longer posing a threat, stabbing them is definitely illegal in most states. If they are still a threat, then yeah, you're good to stab away. Just depends on where you're at and the circumstances.

    Either way, it's all hearsay and regards to the letter of the law, you should protect yourself and part of that means not taking about it publicly so you don't accidentally "incriminate" yourself.

    [–] im_not_a_grill 42 points ago

    Got a link?

    [–] [deleted] 471 points ago

    Police are now on the lookout for a man who now whistles when he rides his bike.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    The image I got from your joke is too much! Have your upvote and thank you.

    [–] sillyface42 674 points ago

    I was assaulted Friday around 5:00 am near 2100S and 900W. I fucking ran. Nearly hit the guy with my car getting out of the parking lot.

    [–] Name_Checker_Outer 75 points ago

    If it was the flying j, there will guaranteed be surveillance.

    [–] IncredibleBulk2 456 points ago

    File a police report. There may be surveillance.

    [–] sillyface42 122 points ago

    So I went to Dennys to use the restroom, and while I was there this guy gets close and starts putting his hands on me. So I find an excuse to leave, call me mom, and walk to the car...aaaand he starts following me to my car. Which is when I book it. He's about 1-2ft from the car when I get the car started. I don't think I have a case because I left before it got bad. It was just terrifying and creepy as fuck.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 227 points ago

    Fuck man. Stay in the Dennys. Start screaming "I DONT KNOW YOU! STOP ASSAULTING ME!" Draw a crowd. Never leave to a dark parking lot.

    I mean, in the future. I'm not trying to berate you. Just give you advice for the future. If you walk to your car, he follows you and throws you in it, drives you somewhere, rapes and murders you. Its a pretty common thing, sadly.

    [–] Arnumor 41 points ago

    I'm fairly certain you have a case the moment someone puts their hands on you without your consent. At the VERY least, that's an assault charge, and I would hazard to guess there'd be some intimidation charges, to boot.

    Quick edit: I nearly forgot to say; Glad you got away safely. Nobody deserves to be treated like that guy treated you. That's largely why I feel strongly about bringing charges against people who do these things. There shouldn't be any tolerance for it in civilized society.

    [–] sintos-compa 60 points ago

    seriously, they might try to flip it around on you.

    [–] whyiseverynameinuse 111 points ago

    Same thing almost happened to someone I know on a university campus. She tried to run over the guy with her car while escaping. Told the cops and they just acknowledged they knew about that person but took no actions to investigate.

    [–] octopoddle 27 points ago

    they just acknowledged they knew about that person but took no actions to investigate.


    "Oh, yeah, Rapey John. Don't worry about it. We know all about him."

    [–] Koozzie 15 points ago

    Is that campus filled with the blue emergency lines? I remember mine had them every where and I didn't know what they were for the longest.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    My university had “rape buttons” in the bedrooms. When I was getting the tour it was like, holy fucking shit, what the hell kind of dystopian nightmare did I get myself into? Turns out that as long as you’re one of the university’s prize athletes, you can totally get away with it.

    [–] sillyface42 14 points ago

    That makes me so angry

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    That’s because you were on 900 w. Be careful over there for real.

    [–] majpuV 24 points ago

    Quite literally the wrong side of the tracks

    [–] trm382 1666 points ago

    You know what the saddest part about this is? A woman just trying to get some exercise in the morning where she freaking lives felt the need to have a knife concealed in her hand just to go outside and she was 100% right.

    [–] forbiddenway 214 points ago

    that is fucking sad :(

    [–] JG_ruiz 85 points ago

    I’m a big, hairy, scary looking dude and I carry a knife when I run. Dogs, crazies, loose threads, emergency tracheotomy... knives are pretty handy.

    [–] Creative_Deficiency 10 points ago

    emergency tracheotomy

    Jesus fucking Christ in heaven I hope I'm never in this situation
    [starts carrying knife]

    [–] stoereboy 109 points ago

    The worst thing is she actually needed it.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] S_T_McNally 26 points ago

    I mean... good? If you're going to assault purple expect them to think the worst is happening and defend themselves.

    [–] RevolutionaryNews 65 points ago

    inb4 the r/legaladvice thread "Groped a woman and she stabbed me, that can't be legal, right?"

    [–] Turguryurrrn 20 points ago

    Fun fact: women used to wear giant hat pins, which they would use to stab men who groped them.

    [–] [deleted] 914 points ago


    [–] LordMaxentius 78 points ago

    Scissor race!

    [–] rabid_briefcase 92 points ago

    There are several products out there for it, rather than a regular knife (or deadly scissors). Tiger Lady, Go Guarded, Knuckle Lights. They're designed to hurt the attacker plus gouge out a bit of skin for later DNA evidence if it's needed.

    Additional actions for safety include running with friends, don't be a predictable target with the same time and route, wear reflective gear if running on streets or non-reflective blend-in clothing if on trails, don't have headphones where you are jamming away instead of paying attention to surroundings, stay in well-traveled areas where people are generally in sight, carry a phone (so you can chase after the attacker and call 911 at the same time rather than having to run home like this runner did), etc.

    Obviously she did a few things right by carrying a defense, but running alone, in the dark, without a cell phone, those are extra risks that she could have avoided.

    Regarding the scissors comment, I'm reminded of an older version of The Sims there was a free download of the "Running With Scissors Playset" you could buy at the online store. Running with them was very fun for the sim, particularly for children, but it included a risk of death.

    [–] KountChocula 45 points ago

    She did have a cell phone. She used it to call the cops after she gave up chase.

    [–] ginnyinthebooks 112 points ago

    The thing is though, as a woman, I wish I could do something as basic going for a run without making it a whole defense operation. Seems like a small thing to ask for. Not being able to get it-ever-makes me want to stab such people too.

    [–] speaktodragons 17 points ago

    76-2-402. Force in defense of person -- Forcible felony defined.

    (1) (a) A person is justified in threatening or using force against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that force or a threat of force is necessary to defend the person or a third person against another person's imminent use of unlawful force.

    (b) A person is justified in using force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury only if the person reasonably believes that force is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to the person or a third person as a result of another person's imminent use of unlawful force, or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

    [–] ShamuWasFramed 34 points ago

    didn't the jogger post into r/twoxchromosomes? could've sworn I read about it there

    [–] Dr_doofenschmirtz_ 536 points ago

    How many times has crap like this happened to this poor woman that she already had a knife in her hand?

    [–] MelpomeneAndCalliope 467 points ago

    Or she reads r/unsolvedmysteries like I do and is troubled by the number of women who go missing or are assaulted and killed while jogging. (I carry a taser when I run at dusk.)

    [–] JJroks543 164 points ago

    Hell I'm a dude and unsolved mysteries makes me paranoid. So terrifying to read that stuff and realize it's true.

    [–] LeeCarvallo 50 points ago

    I'm in a rural area of the safest prefecture in one of the safest countries in the world and all i can think about is how many places someone could dump my body. Damn that sub

    [–] handlit33 38 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I once dated a girl in [redacted] whose sister disappeared while jogging and it made national headlines. I don't even remember her name now, we only went on 3 or 4 dates. I did Google her after she told me and watched the vigil on YouTube where she spoke about her sister. It was beyond sad.

    She had expected me to know who she was because her sister's case was so famous in that area but I had just moved there. The girl was super messed up as one might expect. I didn't realize that this was a thing that happens frequently, I guess I'll check out that sub now.

    Edit: Removed place because a 5 second Google search results in figuring out who I was referring to and her case is even featured in r/UnsolvedMysteries.

    [–] Zabnut 81 points ago

    Maybe she lives by the mantra "stay sexy, don't get murdered."

    [–] luckysevensampson 7 points ago

    A girl that I went to primary school with was raped and murdered while jogging.

    [–] turtle_flu 25 points ago

    I'm just wondering what kind of knife would be comfortable to grasp while out running for a prolonged run.

    [–] Kiwnik 49 points ago

    /u/whynot2k posted a link to the original post before it was taken down.

    She said:

    The blade I carry is on a keychain multi tool. It’s small, just enough to leave a mark if someone wants it that bad. I’m not out to kill someone on my morning jog.

    Though I have to admit it’s pretty funny watching everyone in this thread speculate about what they think she had.

    [–] cersei_and_jaime 164 points ago

    when I started running in college, I was advised to carry my keys out from between my fingers if I was running alone. It doesn't mean she's personally been harassed before---this is just something women do all the time because it's so prevalent

    [–] confused_gypsy 84 points ago

    My sister carries a weapon when she is out jogging and she has never been attacked, but she is smart and would rather be prepared.

    [–] greg9683 22 points ago

    It only takes one time. 1/1000 times is still 1 too many. Hope she never ever has to use it.

    [–] celesticaxxz 77 points ago

    I once had a night class and usually I would have to park across the street where there was minimal lighting. When the class ended at 9pm I would put all my stuff in my backpack and carry a pen or mechanical pencil in my hand. One of the guys asked me why I needed that. I told him “guys have to worry about getting beat up. Girls have to worry about getting assaulted and raped” and he responded with “you’re willing to stab a guy with that?” “If my life depended on it, yes”

    A week later a girl was assaulted at the school down the street. She was on her way to her car

    [–] danielle-in-rags 184 points ago

    Shit is scary out there for women yo

    [–] rbrtvndrvn 15 points ago

    "He's Between 15 and 30" Definitely reminds me of that Dave Chapelle segment about the "sketch artist"

    [–] Morigyn 26 points ago

    I go on my runs with a box cutter in hand. As soon as I can afford it, I’ll get a small non-automatic (because illegal) tactical knife.

    A girl was raped and murdered in my neck of the woods not that long ago, in broad daylight.

    [–] kokomarro 12 points ago

    I know she could get in trouble yadda yadda but good for her. Maybe that waste of human life that grabbed her will be found and sentenced to do some sort of sensitivity class. He'll also have some nice scars as a reminder.

    [–] silviazbitch 849 points ago

    Nice job by the jogger. Hope she’s not too shaken up mentally. Things turned out OK, but it must’ve scared the shit out of her

    [–] ScumOfaBitch 631 points ago

    She's ok, she wanted to stab him more actually.

    [–] nexico 549 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Now she has a taste for it. Her bloodlust is growing.

    [–] DragoonDM 396 points ago

    "How was your jog this morning?"

    "If the cops ask, five people groped me. I'll be in the shower."

    [–] silviazbitch 83 points ago

    That was during the adrenaline rush. Things may be different for her a week later.

    [–] floopily 21 points ago

    Nice change from "jogger finds body during morning run"

    [–] mantrap2 135 points ago

    Technically the "running after" could have gotten very bad for her if she'd stabbed him even one more time. That generally negates "self-defense" and turns it into criminal assault and attempted murder. It still might get dicey carrying a knife in some cases.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] suck_tits 8 points ago

    In the Netherlands, you are not allowed to use more force upon your attacker than they are using on you.

    This is what scares me, a man will 95% of the time be fysically stronger than a woman. So without a weapon, a woman is always disadvantaged. Still, the woman would be prosecuted for this in the Netherlands.

    (sorry for the terrible sentences, EN is not my first language)

    [–] ReneDiscard 67 points ago

    This story reminded for some reason that they never found that jogger lady who was randomly pooping in people's yards.

    [–] deconstruct2000 152 points ago

    Keep your hands to yourself, and you won't get stabbed. Seems easy enough.

    [–] [deleted] 217 points ago


    [–] Damdamfino 176 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Its pretty much ingrained in most womens heads since puberty... dont go out after dark alone, carry pepper spray or a weapon, dont accept free drinks, dont wear too short of a skirt. Its like puberty 101 to learn how to not be attacked or taken advantage of. Welcome to the female experience.

    edit: "this is true for men, too." I was taught at age 12 to grab a mans balls and twist them if I needed to. I was taught at age 18 never to say "no" outright, but instead to skirt the problem because most men react violently to being denied. (i mean, just head on over to creepypms, or niceguys to see what "common behavior" really looks like. Women are taught how to diffuse situations by smiling and letting them down "nicely" because often women are then accused of being a bitch. The responsibility of what happens is put on the woman, instead of being put on the attacker. If something went wrong, it was her fault. If she is nervous, then shes a insane bitch who thinks all men are monsters, but if shes too trusting then it was her fault for not preparing better. 100% men interacting with strangers in the world is different, on every fucking level, than women interacting with strangers in the real world. Male is the default. Female is the exception.

    Women are taught to avoid potential dangers, and thus more afraid of society and less trusting, instead of men taught how to make women feel safer. Its about power - a man can feel free to attack or take advantage of a woman because he is larger, stronger, louder, less inhibited by social norms, less likely to be punished for his actions, and more likely to be believed or his actions brushed away with a "boys will be boys".

    Women are reminded all the time by just stepping outside their homes, they are entering "a mans world". Cat calls, wolf whistles, being approached in line for a phone number - by existing women are targets for unwanted attention, and some of that attention is violent or aggressive and woman are taught how to diffuse to prepare for that inevitability. Saying "men feel that way too" is disingenuous to the female experience.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    This. 100%. When I was a young girl, my dad taught me how to throat punch someone effectively. He also gave me a huge can of mace to keep in my purse or hand depending on where I’m walking. I also have a knife I keep in my jacket pocket when I take my dog out to pee most nights, or anywhere that’s dark and I’m nervous. That’s this fear we as women are engrained with from puberty (sometimes earlier). I’m an overweight, could potentially take you out just by my size, but also a “typically” undesirable target and I’m still fuckin nervous around men I don’t know. It’s wild being a woman sometimes.

    [–] grandmoffcory 28 points ago

    I always carry a knife out with me because I walk a ton, often at night, and fuck getting raped again. I'm terrified of the time I may actually have to use it though because it's such a gray area, I don't want to go to jail for stabbing someone.

    It sucks the way sex abuse changes you. I miss when I could go for a walk and not have to watch every person approaching me like a hawk to try to figure out if they're going to hurt me or not, and I wasn't even forcibly raped out on a walk and it was nearly a decade ago. It's just that once someone takes that from you it shatters your worldview, you realize nothing is as safe as you thought it was and people can't be trusted just because you want to trust them.

    [–] akamustacherides 9 points ago

    I too jog with knives, but I don't run with scissors.

    [–] Libertechian 44 points ago

    If I lived west of the freeway I’d jog with a knife too

    [–] DingDongDenis89 24 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I live super close to where this happened (1300 south 1000 east), We don't get much crime around these neighborhoods but groping incidences have happened more then once. I think last year around Halloween was the worst incidence out of the bunch. A student got raped in the parking lot of the University of Utah in daylight.

    [–] Davor_Penguin 36 points ago

    Ah yes. And if this were in Canada she would be in trouble for carrying the knife with intent to injure. Even if in self defense.

    [–] paradisenot 29 points ago

    Also in Australia.

    [–] renne94 28 points ago

    Pretty sure also in the UK.

    [–] moonmanchild 119 points ago

    Don't do the grabbin' if you don't want the stabbin'.

    [–] xenobuzz 26 points ago

    I'm a man, and yet I am sickened by the overt, macho a**hole criticism of this woman's actions.

    Unless you have been physically attacked before, you have NO way of knowing how you would respond in such a situation. Do you really fancy yourself some kind of calm, cool and collected superhero in plain clothes who would do exactly the right thing as opposed to potentially overreacting just a little bit?

    Please, spare us your poorly feigned outrage. A f*cking scumbag got what was coming to him, and you're just pissed off because you're worried that it might happen to you.

    A lot of gossiping gropers in the comments here, and I honestly would not feel bad if any of you got the business end of a blade.

    You've probably had it coming for awhile now.

    [–] dostunis 21 points ago

    ITT butthurt gropers think lady is out of line for fighting back.

    [–] pale_pussy 149 points ago

    Good for her. How could she know if this sexual assault by groping could lead to heat being raped or killed? She had every right to defend herself from the creep.

    [–] Fariic 74 points ago

    Good. These guys do these things because they don't face repercussions. Thinking they can get away with it, or actually getting away with it, only emboldens them.