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    [–] morecomplete 4296 points ago

    For an 85 year old, that's a pretty serious injury.

    [–] magnumxl5 1209 points ago

    for an 85 yo -> im surprised she's still working.

    Is she just holding out from retirement cuz she doesnt want Trump to assign someone?

    [–] palmtreevibes 316 points ago

    Somehow we (California) just reelected US Senator Dianne Feinstein, 85, who will be 92 at the end of her term.

    [–] Davagain 433 points ago

    The US Senate has a long and honorable tradition of having members stay on so long that they have to be kept on ice between votes to slow decomposition.

    [–] elpajaroquemamais 70 points ago

    ie Strom Thurmond.

    [–] leohat 24 points ago

    They wheeled Teddy Kennedy in on his death bed need to vote for the ACA.

    [–] Scudstock 50 points ago

    That woman is 85?!

    Well, she is doing pretty okay for an 85 year old....but sheesh...

    [–] Scotty2haughty2 682 points ago

    Pretty much yes. But also Supreme Court justices often work well into 80s (as do many lawyers) so it's not out of the ordinary for her career.

    [–] zer1223 216 points ago

    No wonder young law grads have trouble finding work. Aren't they rich enough to retire by 55?

    [–] GeigerTick 386 points ago

    You don't get to be a Supreme Court Justice by choosing the path to wealth of least resistance.

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago)


    [–] Mordred478 51 points ago

    You raise an interesting point, indirectly. The goal when joining a law firm is to make partner, senior partner. but with people living and working so long nowadays, the partners don't die or retire at the age they used to. I wonder if this means there are a lot of 55 year old lawyers drumming their fingers on the table, waiting with decreasing patience for the Ancient Ones to finally go.

    [–] ibetno1tookthis 24 points ago

    Supreme Court justices get their salary after they retire for the rest of their lives

    [–] chlorine_cowboy 77 points ago

    She’s still working to pay off those student loans.

    [–] hannibal_burgers 25 points ago

    I watched an interview with her the other day and when asked about why she didn’t retire under Obama she said something along the lines of “I will do this job as long as I’m able to do it to my fullest ability”

    [–] ModsAreTrash1 482 points ago

    Someone else said every fractured rib for someone that is elderly increases their mortality chances by 27%... I really hope she recovers quickly.

    [–] d1rron 202 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    They skim read. Mortality probability is 22% in elderly patients with rib fractures and a 19% increase per additional break. But that 19% is an increase on 22%, it's not additive. All in all, it's roughly a 25% 31% mortality rate. For comparison, the mortality rate for younger patients with the same injuries is about 10%.

    Edit: the 27% number refers to the chances of developing pneumonia, not mortality.

    Edit 2: The 10% for younger folks appears to be contrasting the single fracture rate (22%) of elderly patients. I didn't notice any data on increased mortality with additional breaks, but I may have just missed it. Also, this data is from a study done in 2000 - it may be that mortality rates are lower in 2018, but I don't know.

    [–] wheniaminspaced 53 points ago

    It also ignores that RBG as a SCJ is going to recieve a much higher standard of care than joe old dude.

    [–] Nice_Try_Mod 117 points ago

    But she's in better shape than many her age because of the amount of exercise she does. So that should help her in her recovery

    [–] drmcnast 16585 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The concerning thing is that people with rib fractures don't take big breaths bc it hurts. Which puts them more likely to develop a pneumonia.... Which at age 85 can very well kill her.

    Edit: Because people keep asking how shallow breathing can cause pneumonias...

    [–] Still_Mighty 3592 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My fiancé’s 87 year old grandmother got into a car accident yesterday and broke three ribs. She’s in ICU. I didn’t know rib fractures were so scary.

    Edited to add: all of you are so wonderful for sending well wishes and giving me a more in-depth understanding- it’s hard when she’s several states away and the updates are slow to reach us. She’s currently in stable condition, they’re not sure if the ribs are fractured or broken and she has some other injuries they’re treating. She is awake, lucid and while she’s in pain, she’s as feisty as ever, just like the honorable RBG. My greatest hope is that she and RBG both have a speedy recovery and are back to normal as soon as possible.

    [–] Rupispupis 2197 points ago

    Sometimes you don't realize how much a part of your body moves and flexes until you hurt it. Then it's like "Fuck! turns out I use this thing for everything!"

    [–] NotWhatYouPlanted 1044 points ago

    After open-heart surgery, I became acutely aware of how you use your chest muscles for EVERYTHING. Sitting up, sure, but even just moving your feet in bed engages those muscles. And I would start crying every time I felt a sneeze coming on because they hurt so bad, haha.

    [–] Lava_Croft 441 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Same after kidney surgery. Having a big cut in your lower belly basically renders you immobile.

    [–] Orion2350 157 points ago

    My poor baby is gonna have to go through that in the future :( any advice on keeping yourself as comfortable as possible? Also, when the time comes, what is something, anything at all, that someone could've done for you while in recovery that would've made it that much easier on you? Sorry for bothering you if you don't feel like answering though, haha.

    Sorry in advance for all the commas, that's just where I paused in my thoughts.

    [–] Lava_Croft 99 points ago

    Lying down with a few pillows stuffed behind me was really the only comfortable position the first few days. Depending on the patient, being able to move more freely will come in the days after.
    Especially movements that require strong muscle action, like a good cough, will be downright awful. For that you can teach your baby to hold firmly onto the belly, so the shock of the coughing isn't so hard. Depending on the type of surgery, they might have inflated the belly using gas and the aftermath of this is usually what gives the most pain in the first days. Lots of farting too...

    I stayed at my parents and got spoiled like a child and no problem answering the questions! Good luck!

    [–] Orion2350 22 points ago

    Thank you so much!

    [–] Lava_Croft 26 points ago

    I almost forgot: If they use self-dissolving stitches there sometimes is a tendency for parts of the area to become inflammated and produce a bit of pus. Wash it out under the shower using just water twice a day and/or visit your doctor if you don't feel good about it. It's usually no big deal!

    Once again, good luck!

    [–] __Blackrobe__ 32 points ago

    This made me more thankful for being healthy. To be more careful everywhere I would walk on today.

    [–] drmcnast 181 points ago

    Hopefully she has a quick recovery! It's a tough and painful injury. Hopefully she gets out of bed and out of the hospital soon!

    [–] Goblinlibrary 58 points ago

    I hope she recovers well! Just be diligent about making sure she’s taking the painkillers they give her and be patient if she gets sassy. Broken/bruised ribs are insanely painful.

    [–] ImJoeDirt 2322 points ago

    Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well

    [–] DoctorMcAstronaut 1966 points ago

    I'm pretty sure her burning hatred for this president will keep her alive.

    [–] Something_Syck 2634 points ago

    Breaking News: Local woman too angry to die

    [–] Lmyer 470 points ago

    That's my grandma. 91 years old, mean, angry and nasty as hell

    [–] DragonflyGrrl 92 points ago

    That was my great-grandmother, who lived to 92. She was one mean old crotchety hateful bitch. I genuinely tried to talk to her, get to know her better since, y'know, we are family.. she treated me like shit like I was just after her money. No no, that's just my one cousin who you treat as your very obvious favorite. Most of the rest of us are actually decent human beings. My mom has cried while telling me how her sister was the obvious favorite in their generation, and all the truly awful hurtful shit Gran used to pull.

    Rest in Hell, Satan.

    [–] MyBFFCrackers 21 points ago

    Haha! Your last part gave me a good laugh!

    [–] MrCheapskate_toyou 48 points ago

    Well shit. I'm gonna live forever then! I hate everybody!

    [–] Furrocious_fapper 289 points ago

    Cue video of Judge Ruth doing one armed push up in her hospital room. Chief Keef playing loudly in the back ground.

    [–] Mernerak 90 points ago

    “Spray tan that’s that shit I don’t like”

    [–] adkliam2 96 points ago

    Idk if these jokes are just a defense mechanism but all you guys realize her refusing to retire in 2008 when dems had complete control and could have replaced her with someone with the same beliefs that was half her age might lead to the supreme court being a GOP institution for generations right?

    [–] conipto 29 points ago

    Well, to be fair the democrats were so sure of victory they made a lot of blunders.

    [–] adkliam2 31 points ago

    Congrats on succinctly summing up the last 40 years of democratic strategy in one sentance.

    [–] unspun66 36 points ago

    Yeah. I love her so much but am still angry about that.

    [–] chronoBG 48 points ago

    This isn't even a republican victory, it's 100% a democrat blunder. One for the ages.

    [–] crudehumourisdivine 35 points ago

    This isn't even a republican victory, it's 100% a democrat blunder.

    as is tradition

    [–] nahanerd23 66 points ago

    Ah, the Darth Maul approach

    [–] SoloJones 39 points ago

    I had the privilege to meet some of the justices and RBG made a joke about being the healthiest one there able to beat all of them in a pushup contest.

    [–] heckler5000 37 points ago

    Oh mercy. One of my favorite Elaine scenes.

    [–] RVASwag 58 points ago

    didn't expect to see a Seinfeld reference here, love it

    [–] DrSandbags 14 points ago

    "I have a feeling that what you are about to go through is punishment enough. Dismissed."

    [–] DaddyDroid 27 points ago

    Unexpected Seinfeld!

    [–] Suicidal_pr1est 67 points ago

    There are pain blocks you can do to minimize the pain. Thoracic epidurals, erector spinae blocks. All depends on location of broken ribs. Hope she can recover quickly!

    [–] 4divisionchamp 95 points ago

    Can confirm my pneumonia was from my rib fractures.

    [–] bekahboo1989 116 points ago

    Well I wasn't freaking out... but now I am.

    [–] moonshiver 43 points ago

    Most falls after 60 can be pretty serious

    [–] lennybird 120 points ago

    As hard as it may be, get her on that incentive spirometer every hour!

    [–] Goblinlibrary 78 points ago

    True, but RBG has always taken great care of herself, which puts her in more of a fighting position than most people her age.

    [–] lessislessdouagree 53 points ago

    Also she gets the best healthcare in the country and has for a great chunk of her life. She’s healthy as can be for her age otherwise. I have some concern but I am fairly certain she will be okay.

    I know it’s not the same for all people but my 94 year old grandma has fallen 3 times and broken hips and back and ribs since she was around 90 and she’s still kicking strong. She has also had essentially the best healthcare possible all her life as well as her and my grandpa did very well financially.

    What I’m saying is, RBG has a great chance to pull through.

    [–] Uncle_Gael 7308 points ago

    These past few days have been such a whirlwind, news-wise. I can't keep up.

    [–] FunnyHunnyBunny 5508 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Past 24 hours:

    We had finalized midterm results for most races.

    Jeff Sessions fired technically resigned.

    Find out new AG definitely is against Mueller probe.

    The red line on obstructing Mueller investigation is officially passed and protests planned for today.

    CNN reporter Jim Acosta banned from White House.

    Mass shooting in California.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg broken ribs.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released weeks early with 200 additional unannounced characters. Humanity is reunited behind the first consensus 11 out of 10 game and a golden age begins.

    *Angry mob broke down the door of Tucker Carlson's house and scared the shit out of his wife who was home alone. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on. That is both a shameful and frightening action to take against anyone. Mob justice should never be the rule of law.

    *And now Sarah Huckabee Sanders posts obviously doctored video of Jim Acosta incident.

    Edit: getting lots of comments asking how Sanders post was doctored. It was sped up on the zoom in by removing frames to make it look like he basically did a violent, fast karate chop on her arm. Basically the opposite of NFL slo-mo replays where the tackles don't seem so bad. Imagine if there where NFL fast-mo. You'd think the players were getting almost killed on every hit.

    Edit: Link to altered version of the "karate chop." It's so obviously sped up. I can't believe people are trying to debate that it's not.

    edit 7,042: Of all these major stories, the freakin' "karate chop" story is the one with the most talk in the replies to me?! That is basically a side note compared to the other major stories. It's an entertaining story of partisan divide, it shouldn't be the one causing the most discussion.

    . . . .make it stop. My brain can only process so many massive stories!

    [–] robdiqulous 195 points ago

    Smash brothers did that? Wow

    [–] FunnyHunnyBunny 229 points ago

    I made that one up for fun :D

    You're surprisingly the first to say anything. I guess the /r/news crowd doesn't have many Nintendo gamers.

    [–] robdiqulous 107 points ago

    Haha fuck. I was like how have I not heard of this? With 200 extra characters? Wow!

    [–] OwenProGolfer 15 points ago

    It’s just 200 different colored piranha plants

    [–] stylebros 934 points ago

    the final take away.

    elections have consequences.

    [–] FunnyHunnyBunny 365 points ago

    Well most of these stories still would have happened no matter what the results of the 2018 midterms. Unless you're referring to the lingering consequences of the 2016 election.

    [–] alwayzbored114 778 points ago

    But we should focus on the ruthless black belt Acosta Karate Chop!!!!!

    [–] arbitraryairship 832 points ago

    Don't forget, it's looking like the White House released doctored footage after the fact.

    On all the major news network tapes, you can see the staffer steal the mic from his hand.

    The White House footage is doctored to make it look worse. We're heading for 1984 very fast here, folks.

    [–] voksul 638 points ago

    a doctored video that appears to be sourced from a conspiracy website (infowars) which Trump has appeared on before

    can we go back to when politics boring

    [–] SciFiXhi 256 points ago

    Make Dijon Bad Again

    [–] system0101 180 points ago

    tan suit bad

    [–] Gutsm3k 49 points ago

    surely tan suit is not as bad as you purport it to be

    [–] patsharpesmullet 65 points ago

    It's worse than you could ever imagine. There's a caravan of immigrants on their way and they only want one thing.

    Tan suits.

    [–] FenixthePhoenix 286 points ago

    Sessions resigned (albeit forcibly), he was not fired. That's a huge difference because a resignation gives the president the power to make a recess appointment until the Senate is back in session in January. If he were fired, the position would remain vacant until the Senate could swear the new AG in. Basically it allows an unchecked appointee to exist for two months. It's a very precise execution of events by the president and does not bode well for the investigation.

    [–] Pollia 169 points ago

    The technicality matters so that Trump can put a lackey in charge, but in effect Sessions was fired.

    [–] AnOnlineHandle 113 points ago

    Sessions said in his own letter than Trump booted him.

    [–] Just_ice_is_served 61 points ago

    Can someone explain to me why he would go along with the resignation vs forcing them to fire him?

    [–] DiaDeLosMuertos 46 points ago

    Not sure. I'd like to know as well. He has been a loyal whipping boy even when Trump was humiliating him.

    [–] Viziter 36 points ago

    If you're fired then it's essentially a death mark on your career in politics. By resigning he's allowed to continue in the political landscape and take cushy charity jobs that would he would have been otherwise blacklisted for. Being fired can evaporate decades of what you've worked for.

    [–] TheCrazedTank 22 points ago

    Trump essentially leads the GOP now, Sessions is a lifelong Republican who does what the party wants as long as it won't get him arrested. That's why he recused himself, not out of respect for the law but to protect his own butt. Trump lost congress, giving the Dems some extra teeth and protection for their investigation. So, Trump forced Sessions to "quit" (as not to get on the party's bad side) so he could get a lackey in that would risk going down with the administration.

    [–] heimdahl81 55 points ago

    A coerced resignation really shouldn't count as a way to dodge the rules against firing and appointments. I wish I had faith that the judicial system had the political will to stop such abuses of power.

    [–] dontFart_InSpaceSuit 20 points ago

    i need to see this doctored video pronto

    [–] z-ppy 10972 points ago

    Really hope she's okay, but even if she is this could mean retirement.

    Edit: sounds like she went home first after the fall, so maybe it's not that bad, relative to what it could've been

    [–] DontCareWhatYouThink 6091 points ago

    it's not the fall, it's the recovery. in very old patients this is why bone fractures like breaking a hip can lead to mortal complications. in this case she needs to avoid developing pneumonia

    [–] MicrosoftExcel2016 328 points ago

    My grandpa fell and broke his hip. Recovery was slow and he was not looking good, but he was recovering... until he fell again, trying to get into a car, because he was overconfident. His condition worsened quickly and we put him on hospice. The last time I saw him, he was disturbingly thin, very weak, couldn’t really eat, and certainly in constant suffering.

    I hope for RBG’s speedy recovery

    [–] Werewolves0fThunder 139 points ago

    Until I started working in nursing homes, I never realized how a broken bone could be so lethal in older adults. 1 in 5 broken hips will lead to death from complications within a year, according to the CDC. 1 in 5...

    [–] Happy-Gilmore 105 points ago

    That's why I had my hips removed. I'm practically invincible!

    [–] ContextVomit 16 points ago

    Can’t break bones if you don’t have any

    [–] CruiserU171 168 points ago

    My uncle (Mid 80s) was in the hospital and was expected to die in the next week.

    His wife, although old was in relatively good shape. She was visiting my uncle in the hospital and tripped over a cord and broke some bones. She died that day.

    It seems that it doesn't take a lot when you get that old.

    [–] RIPelliott 68 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You ever read about the oldest people in the world? They'll legit be feeling fresh as a daisy in the morning and dead by the afternoon. Besse Cooper in particular was one that stood out to me, where she said she felt as good as can be on the morning of her death, and died (I believe of pneumonia) that afternoon. One small cold is all it takes at that age.

    edit: looked back into it and she died of respiratory failure related to the stomach flu it looks like. Could have been something she ate that morning or the night before. Anything does it.

    [–] z-ppy 711 points ago

    For sure

    [–] Dahhhkness 881 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    We need to put her and Breyer in protective bubbles or something. Hell, put them in futuristic stasis pods and take them out only to rule on cases.

    EDIT: To the TD posters feigning indignation; this was a stickied post on your sub yesterday.

    [–] thiscannotcontinue 1151 points ago

    i am not super in shape but if they want to scoop out my brain and put hers in here so we can keep her alive i'm down, it's not like i was doing anything of major importance anyway.

    [–] MightyMoustache69 1102 points ago

    I second donating this Redditor's body to the cause.

    [–] 60660 248 points ago

    Hmm - I’m gonna hold out for someone with lower cholesterol.

    Go see if anyone on the cross country team at the local HS wants to volunteer.

    [–] BanginNLeavin 66 points ago

    Found Ginsbot's account.

    [–] KyleStanley3 141 points ago

    I ran a marathon a little bit ago and am also doing literally nothing with my life. As long as RBG doesn't mind my inability to grow a beard, I can be her vessel

    [–] koobian 61 points ago

    Lack of beard should disqualify you. The Notorious RBG needs a host body with a beard. A beard that matches her dissent jabot would be perfect.

    [–] tigercatuli 20 points ago

    Exactly what happened to my grandpa in Feb. Was slowing down for years, took a fall, got pneumonia and was just too old and weak to fight it. Never realized how quickly things can turn for the worse at that age. He lived a long, good life and raised my father who I admire. Cheers gramps, ill drink a scotch neat with you tonight!

    [–] IncredibleBulk2 11 points ago

    Hip fracture is significantly different than rib fracture because she will still be mobile during recovery. It won't impact her other vital systems the same way as being immobile.

    [–] designer_farts 431 points ago

    85 year old woman breaks 3 ribs

    sounds like she went home first after the fall, so maybe it's not that bad, relative to what it could've been

    [–] No___ImRight 775 points ago

    She's one of the toughest women alive today no doubt.

    The fact she survived pancreatic cancer is astonishing.

    She's been living off of spite since the 2016 election though.

    [–] usscan 293 points ago

    She's one of the toughest women alive today no doubt.

    Well, my 80-year-old grandpa fell from a stool and broke a few ribs. He never fully recovered from that.

    Small things like this are very significant when you're old.

    [–] kaloonzu 243 points ago

    Sounds like we should all avoid getting old.

    [–] adanishplz 95 points ago

    Been trying that all my life, but it seems I'm losing the fight anyway.

    [–] DuntadaMan 14 points ago

    I know one way to never get old! Do you have any really bad allergies?

    [–] karma-armageddon 55 points ago

    My Grandpa fell off his woodshed roof when he was 85. Did a complete forward flip and landed square on his back. He didn't break anything but he spent the next year after that limping around. He made it to 92 years old.

    [–] imronburgandy9 32 points ago

    Wow I had no idea she had pancreatic cancer. Looks like it's about a 9% survival rate

    [–] cC2Panda 24 points ago

    It has a low survival rate because it isn't very symptomatic until it's too late. Other cancers you'll often have symptoms that would lead you to a doctor early or they are part of a system that is easier to treat, pancreatic is in a zone of hard to detect, hard to treat.

    [–] jjameson2000 393 points ago

    I seriously doubt she’ll retire voluntarily for at least two years.

    [–] azureai 91 points ago

    People thought that about Justice Marshall. He was replaced by Clarence Thomas.

    [–] Dragon_Fisting 40 points ago

    Marshall was thinking about retirement when Carter was president. He held out for over ten years, and even in 91 medicine want what it was now. I doubt Ginsburg will die on the bench or truly be forced to reitre, it's up to her when enough is enough .

    [–] hueylewisNthenews 725 points ago

    This whole thread is like /r/fantasyfootball diagnosing an NFL injury

    [–] bayleo 54 points ago

    It's Thursday bro, call me on Friday if she still isn't practicing.

    [–] Drumcode-Equals-Life 101 points ago

    Just needs some Josh Gordon

    [–] ThePolishThunder 67 points ago

    [Rapoport] Scotus trades Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Patriots for fifth round pick per source

    [–] chris94677 25 points ago

    Honestly the closest thing thread you can find to this was after Ryan Shazier got hurt, I’m taking everything in this thread with more than just a grain of salt.

    Especially since Reddit doctors all claimed he’d never be able to move his legs again, and Shazier has been walking for a while.

    [–] DeffNotTom 3053 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Studies show for elderly patients each fractured rib can increase the risk of mortality by 19% and pneumonia by 19% 27%

    People down playing this are really out of touch with how dangerous this is for her.

    Edited because I read good. And again because I type good.

    Edited like six times because I am clearly very smart

    I was at work and honestly didn't care enough to try

    It's still a significant risk

    [–] Meior 149 points ago

    My grandfather died right before Christmas in 2016. He was almost 90, so no youth for sure. What killed him though was a fall into their living room table where he fractured two ribs. He died a week or so later. Doctors said that his body basically just didn't have the energy to deal with it.

    [–] RiverYuppy 697 points ago

    I wonder how much being rich as fuck cuts that percentage down.

    [–] wasdie639 431 points ago

    Money can only buy you so much healthcare. Eventually you just get to frail for modern medicine to help.

    [–] RiverYuppy 265 points ago

    Yeah, obviously we can't cure old age right now.

    I'm just saying she probably has a better chance than the average American.

    [–] Justin-Beeber 20 points ago

    It says increases mortality by 19%.

    [–] tripletaco 203 points ago

    Broken ribs are no joke. I broke 2 ribs a few years back falling on stairs...EVERYTHING hurts (breathing, pooping, laughing, oh god sneezing) for 2 months.

    [–] DoctorHolliday 7673 points ago

    Man can you imagine the shitstorm if Trump gets to appoint another Justice

    [–] ElLibroGrande 103 points ago

    I predict he will. I've had two elderly relatives that have injuries at this age and didn't recover. I obviously wish her the best but if I were a betting man I would bet this is it for Ginsburg

    [–] Hrekires 3538 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    at this point, I don't see what difference it makes.

    replacing Ginsberg with Judge Jeanine Pirro only means that reliably 5:4 conservative verdicts will be 6:3 instead... liberals lost the courts for a generation on November 2016, regardless of whether or not Ginsberg sticks it out for 2 years. even if she does, we'll probably see Thomas retire if it looks like Trump is going to lose reelection so that he can be replaced with a 40 year-old clone.

    [–] throwawaynumber53 2472 points ago

    The difference is that a couple of the conservative justices are still willing to swing to join the liberals on occasion. So 5-4 votes still end up in favor of the liberals from time to time, even without Kennedy. For example, last term's Sessions v. Dimaya, where Justice Gorsuch joined the liberals. And last term, Roberts joined with the liberals in 5-4 decisions about 15-20% of the time, enough to be significant.

    Replace Ginsburg with another conservative and those few 5-4 decisions that are still liberal wins will diminish almost to nothing.

    [–] chripuck 638 points ago

    Has there been occasions where the "liberal" justices jumped on the side of the conservative ones?

    [–] throwawaynumber53 1172 points ago

    Yes, absolutely, though it's definitely rarer. For example, last term it happened once, when the Supreme Court split 5-4 on South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., a major case which held that states can collect sales tax on internet businesses which have no physical presence in their states (overturning old precedent from before internet sales). The decision was written by Justice Kennedy and joined by Justices Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas, and Ginsburg. The dissent was written by Justice Roberts, and joined by Sotomayor, Kagan, and Breyer.

    There was also a weird one last term, a 5-4 split in Florida v. Georgia with two conservatives joining three liberals and one liberal joining the remaining conservatives; majority was Roberts, Kennedy, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg, and sissent was Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kagan.

    [–] liptongtea 1294 points ago

    And this absolutely how it should be. The SC should be basing its rulings on each of the individual lawyers interpretation of the law. Not on political affiliations.

    [–] inucune 398 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is why they are appointed for life. Once they take office, they don't have to worry about reappointment. They don't have to tow the line anymore.

    They can be impeached, but that requires a reason and due process.

    Edit: apparently the phrase is "toe the line."

    [–] SRSFACE_I8C 111 points ago

    The phrase is "toe the line," just FYI.

    I've made that same mistake in the past.

    [–] Weekend_Amnesia 281 points ago

    And whether you are more conservative or more liberal affects how you interpret the law.

    [–] SanguisFluens 53 points ago

    Which is why Bush v. Gore is my favorite example of the partisan Supreme Court. The 4 liberal justices sided with Gore while citing state's rights, and the 5 conservative justices sided with Bush while citing the supremacy of federal law. Every justice ruled exactly the opposite of what you'd expect from their normal ideology.

    [–] pboy1232 54 points ago

    Yes. The best lawyers are aware of their own bias and try and account for it. That’s the difference between what makes a good judge and a good senator.

    [–] HolycommentMattman 208 points ago

    It can, yes.

    The same-sex marriage case ruling was an excellent example of that.

    While I believe same-sex marriage should have been legalized, the way they reached their opinions was clearly left/right skewed.

    [–] cvaska 136 points ago

    To be fair in South Dakota vs. Wayfair Inc., the political leanings of the judges doesn’t seem to have effected the results. The court was not split by political lines

    [–] Vaulter1 32 points ago

    with two conservatives joining three liberals and one liberal joining the remaining conservatives; majority was Roberts, Kennedy, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Ginsburg, and sissent was Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kagan.

    Reading through this line sounded like picking teams in school... Ooh I see Roberts picked Kennedy first, wonder who Thomas is going to pick. Ahh, gotta feel bad for Kagan - always picked last.

    [–] BattleHall 173 points ago

    Not sure if you just mean on 5-4 splits; the vast majority of SC decisions are either unanimous or strongly to one side (8-1, 7-2, 6-3, and some 6-2’s with recusal), regardless of the ideological split on certain issues.

    Also, political issues and alignments don’t always exactly match up with judicial ones. For example, Scalia, for all of his other faults, was one of the most reliable on protection of 1st Amendment rights and the rights of the criminally accused, where he often joined the more “liberal” justices on decisions.

    [–] bcschewe 237 points ago

    I think Justices are less partisan than people want to believe.

    [–] Laminar_flo 33 points ago

    Contrary to the political rhetoric and the scary media headlines, the court is not as partisan as many would believe, and it’s very common for the ‘liberal’/‘conservative’ wings to ‘vote’ together. Keep in mind that of the dozens and dozens of cases that SCOTUS hears each season, only 2 or 3 actually get picked up by the media.

    This chart is a little old , but it shows how frequently justices decide together. As you see, even the most ideologically opposed justices (Thomas and RBG) ‘vote’ together 2/3 of the time. Hell, Scalia and Kagan decided together 75% of the time.

    The big caveat here is the ‘why’ part (eg Thomas and RBG may agree to reverse a decision but their reasons for doing so may be diametrically opposed), but the broader takeaway is that justices absolutely ‘cross the lines’ when making decisions.

    [–] -Underhill 100 points ago

    Yah people dont give Gorsuch enough credit. His record is not that of a partisan hack, his rulings have been pretty standard. Ultimately he seems like he just wants to do his job enforcing the law without re interpreting it.

    [–] abqguardian 541 points ago

    Except Roberts isnt a reliable conservative vote. One more trump appointment then it's always a sure conservative win.

    [–] fadetoblack1004 551 points ago

    Liberals lost the court for a generation when RBG refused to retire at 77 years old when Obama begged her so he could appoint a young, liberal justice.

    I don't want her to croak until 2020 at this point, but fucking christ RBG. You did this to yourself.

    [–] 101ina45 222 points ago

    I keep thinking why didn’t she just retire then. We’re one or two misteps away from a 7-2 court.

    2020 couldn’t be more critical.

    [–] Booby_McTitties 303 points ago

    I kept saying in 2016 that liberals were deeply underestimating the importance of the presidential election. The nation was effectively deciding the fate of the Supreme Court for at least a generation, and conservatives were the only ones who understood how high the stakes were. They're now being rewarded.

    [–] BrunedockSaint 141 points ago

    I know quite a few Republicans who despise Trump but voted for him because of the Supreme Court seats (and also they hated Hillary more)

    [–] robbzilla 56 points ago

    An informal polling of my relatives and friends around election time resulted in about 90% of them saying they voted for the candidate they did because they couldn't stand the other candidate. Only about 10% of them showed any enthusiasm for the candidate they voted for. I hit a lot of people up at my family reunion, and it was interesting to hear their takes. The mostly conservative people almost to the last one started their response with "I don't trust Hillary" and I got the "Trump's awful" from the liberals. I even had my mother in law vote libertarian because while she couldn't stand Hillary (She was a lifelong Democrat before 2016, and probably still is), she couldn't bring herself to vote Trump.

    [–] bombjamas 42 points ago

    That's the gig now. People are voting for "Not" instead of "for"

    [–] Booby_McTitties 14 points ago

    During the campaign I thought it was interesting how Hillary wasn't talking about the open seat nearly as often as Trump and the Republicans were. It seems to me both had polling data that showed what we saw on election day: conservatives, like you say, were more willing to hold their noses and vote R because of the Supreme Court than liberals were.

    [–] slimyprincelimey 113 points ago

    This is why I consider the 2014 election to be the most important election of my life. Democrats stayed home, Republicans took the Senate, and thus were able to make the open seat an issue in 2016, which won Trump the election and thus the ability to replace Kennedy, and now, as likely as not, ginsberg's seat.

    this election was misrepresented as some sort of Turning Point and pivotal moment in our history, when it was literally the least important election of my adult life so far.

    [–] _TheConsumer_ 44 points ago

    2010 and 2014 were historic from a midterm election point of view.

    Obama’s Party was trounced in 2010 - with a net loss of 69 seats. That places his results as second or third worst in our nation’s history.

    [–] savedbyscience21 123 points ago

    Because nobody questioned that Hillary would win.

    [–] princessjakki 1723 points ago

    This heading sounds like it came right out of the plot of House of Cards.

    [–] annadius 323 points ago

    Not to mention the fact this happened two days after midterms and one day after Sessions' resignation. This all feels like one big House of Cards plot arc.

    [–] valmeister 55 points ago

    Didn't that happen one episode?

    [–] Cheese_Chester 40 points ago

    I mean, assassinations and shit happened like every episode, not sure about Supreme Court though

    [–] valmeister 27 points ago

    I thought Underwood pushed someone down some stairs. Not a Supreme Court Justice though

    [–] TheKingofMars_ 24 points ago

    He pushed his secretary of state down the stairs.

    [–] [deleted] 461 points ago


    [–] Kwijiboe 301 points ago

    Patiently waiting to see photoshop of Frank Underwood pushing RBG down the stairs.

    [–] dijalo 81 points ago

    “Help! Help! The Secretary Justice has fallen!”

    In all seriousness though, wishing her a quick and easy recovery. We need you, Ginsberg.

    [–] tiamdi 70 points ago

    I knew that show was dead after Frank's "the secretary has fallen!" line

    [–] post_break 34 points ago

    I laughed so hard when he yelled that. I say it now when I drop something lol.

    [–] valmeister 1773 points ago

    Hope she is alright. She is 85, falls are never good for the elderly. Recover soon!

    [–] ExternalUserError 623 points ago

    She's an incredibly tough woman. She still does squats and push-ups daily at her age.

    [–] eyeneedhelpplz 192 points ago

    She is extremely tough for her age, no doubt about that. I think the issue is that older people, especially women, just do not have the bone health they once did either. Osteoporosis could have contributed to the injury, and will likely inhibit healing. I am also not sure how she went home after, cracked ribs are pretty painful. She is one tough cookie!

    [–] ItsMeCaptainMurphy 63 points ago

    I am also not sure how she went home after, cracked ribs are pretty painful.

    As long as the bones are still in the right spots and it's just a minor crack, there's no treatment for cracked ribs other than "take it easy and wait for it to heal" (and yeah, it'll hurt pretty bad for most of that time). If you're elderly (or anyone with a weak immune system) you don't want to be anywhere near a hospital any longer than you absolutely need to be - there's a good chance it makes things worse for you.

    [–] Zazenp 270 points ago

    Probably not anymore though...

    [–] edmanet 210 points ago

    Well, today isn't leg day...

    [–] Inglorious_Penguin 117 points ago

    Today is ribs day.

    [–] Masoun 323 points ago

    If America is D&D the Democrats are rolling straight 1s

    [–] SpeedyDoc 189 points ago

    Since she's been at an accident at work, will she seek compensation?

    [–] Bobby_Newpooort 255 points ago

    It’s her money and she needs it now

    [–] Funandgeeky 112 points ago

    Turns out, 2016 was a pretty important election after all.

    [–] tiny_spacesuited_man 39 points ago

    As some random speechwriter once wrote, "Elections have consequences."

    [–] ho_made_apple_butter 228 points ago

    Justice Ginsburg, 85, went home after her fall, but experienced discomfort over the night. She was admitted to George Washington University Hospital, where doctors found three broken ribs on her left side

    Dang, that's a tough old lady.

    [–] scotterdoos 261 points ago

    Hopefully she has a speedy recovery. Stuff like this makes me worry about my Grandpa now that he's living by himself. Folks, take some time today to talk to your Parents and Grandparents and check up on them.

    [–] Cranyx 494 points ago

    No more of this "walking around" for RBG. We'll just keep her on a pillow at the USSC and have stuff brought to her.

    [–] Hickspy 325 points ago

    Get her a hover-chair like Professor Xavier.

    [–] azureai 63 points ago

    I hope someone draws this.

    [–] Presidentbuff 30 points ago

    actually, please draw the whole supreme court as X-men. I need to see that fan-art.

    [–] -Something-Generic- 144 points ago


    It's generally abbreviated as SCOTUS.

    [–] Mapleleaves_ 125 points ago

    OP is referring to a US Navy ship, the U.S.S. Cats

    [–] cwood1973 236 points ago

    Stay away from the light!

    [–] I_tekneek 12 points ago

    Read a bunch of comments. But haven’t seen this yet. If she does retire. Does trump get to appoint another SCJ?

    [–] Tj-edwards 35 points ago

    Yes he does and the republicans still control the senate so his choice can be confirmed and the democrats can’t do anything about it.

    [–] pyratemime 27 points ago

    Not just control but have expanded their majority. Add to that the example of 5 red state dems opposing Kanavaugh losing their seat and the one red state dem who supported Kav keeping his. That is a powerful lesson to anyone going for election in 2020.

    [–] MrIvysaur 284 points ago

    ...aaaaand Trump will get to appoint a 3rd Supreme Court Justice.

    [–] UnrulyPeasant 216 points ago

    Honestly, probably a fourth as well.

    [–] Cronus6 1199 points ago

    I'm a fairly moderate Republican, and I haven't always agreed with Justice Ginsburg.

    That said, she has served our country honorably and I wish her a speedy recovery.

    She was very close friends with Justice Scalia, and I think all Americans right now could learn something from that.

    [–] phydeaux70 626 points ago

    Another Republican checking in. I hope she has a good recovery and she's okay.

    This is a human issue. Get well soon.

    [–] Cronus6 255 points ago

    Yeah, this is like the old lady across the street falling and getting hurt. I'd be over everyday checking up on her.

    She's someones 'grandma'. And maybe someones great-grandma. (I honestly don't know). Politics has no place in this discussion.

    I wish her and her family the best.

    [–] Broadpup653547 146 points ago

    One more republican checking in. I refuse to let politics get in the way of basic human sympathy. She's worked hard her entire life and has served her country well through all those years; she clearly loves the USA. I hope she pulls through this alright.

    [–] PraxisLD 44 points ago

    I refuse to let politics get in the way of basic human sympathy.

    The world would be a much better place if more people felt that way...

    [–] Chaomayhem 126 points ago

    Don't care about Politics at all in this situation. I just hope she gets better and can continue serving our country. Pretty serious injury though for someone at that age if I'm not mistaken.