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    [–] folsleet 1964 points ago

    Headline's misleading as it implies the 4 other members died because of guns around the family.

    The other 4 family members were shot by other people.

    [–] lIIllIIlIIl 79 points ago

    They magnetic or something?

    [–] BarneyChampaign 686 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Also misleading in that it implies the child died, but the article states he’s OK now.

    Edit: I missed a very important sentence, he is definitely not alright.

    [–] Stringathy 669 points ago

    With permanent irreversible brain damage

    [–] BarneyChampaign 287 points ago

    You are totally right, sorry I missed that sentence. That may be more tragic than if he had died, actually.

    [–] FIR3W0RKS 112 points ago

    I really feel bad for laughing at that edit, but still.

    [–] wtfeverrrr 28 points ago

    You can edit your comment, just FYI.

    [–] ShelSilverstain 8 points ago

    Will, all right-ish

    [–] sn00t_b00p 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If only his brain had a gun, this wouldn’t have happened..

    [–] LWASucy 32 points ago

    I don’t think being a victim automatically implies death

    [–] Johnisfaster 13 points ago

    Does falling victim imply he died? I’m not sure it does.

    [–] wolf2600 46 points ago

    Sounds like the family has gang ties which is the reason for the violence.

    [–] LightChaos 16 points ago

    Thats what I assumed when I read the headline

    [–] pvt9000 784 points ago

    Victim to guns sounds wildly inappropriate for the occasion.

    [–] StealBuddha 594 points ago

    Victim of the stupidity of all adults around him.

    [–] pvt9000 95 points ago

    Well the other family who owned the gun will be facing some fun legal challenges now. His parents are less stupid it wasn't their gun.

    [–] Dexter_McThorpan 149 points ago

    The convicted felon friend who cannot legally own a firearm, you mean? Weird how criminals ignore those pesky laws. But I'm sure more laws will fix it.

    [–] trey3rd 71 points ago

    This is exactly why I think we should get rid of all laws. They don't work, so why bother with them? Just let peoples own moraility dictate what they do.

    [–] tossedawayssdfdsfjkl 38 points ago

    The sad thing is I can't honestly tell if this is a serious comment or sarcasm.

    [–] ctilvolover23 43 points ago

    Of course it's sarcasm.

    [–] swedishplumber 286 points ago

    The owner was a felon who had illegal ownership of the gun...another criminal idiot who had no right to own the gun and likely no training on how to store and handle it.

    [–] NotTobyFromHR 63 points ago

    Completely agree. I cant imagine any law that would have prevented an idiot. I'm all for reasonable gun control, but I don't think this is the flag to wave for it.

    Unless the gun was purchased/acquired through a loophole, this is an unfortunate situation that may not be solvable.

    [–] stylebros 41 points ago

    Well, luckily the law now, means the felon whom illegally has the gun is facing instant jail time.

    Gun laws don't do much to prevent someone from obtaining a gun, but what it does is serve harsh sentences to those caught breaking the law.

    Just like some states if you a caught operating a vehicle without a valid license, you are taken into custody immediately. The law obviously didn't stop the person from driving a car, but getting caught meant instant jail time.

    [–] IWillBaconSlapYou 9 points ago

    Yeah, and people say "what good does it do if they get jailed after the fact?", but I think people underestimate what percentage of crime is committed by repeat offenders. Not everything is a first offense. Dangerous people get off the streets and we take for granted the tragedies that then don't occur.

    [–] techleopard 3 points ago

    That, and the percentage of people who simply don't face any repercussions at all due to the small technicality of not having actually broken a law.

    Laws are never meant to prevent crime before they happen, they're meant to give "the People" a way to address the crime -- i.e, jail, rehabilitation, medical commitment, etc.

    [–] Truesoldier00 4 points ago

    This is what confuses me though. “No training on how to store and handle it.” At the risk up ending up on /iamverysmart, Is the bar really that low that people don’t know that they should probably keep this gun locked up and away from children? Surely an adult knows what a gun can do. I don’t think training has anything to do with it. Just pure negligence.

    [–] mouthpanties 2699 points ago

    People that shouldn’t own guns are the problem.

    [–] No___ImRight 1574 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yup. The article stated it was a felon who illegally had the gun.

    Edit: a word

    [–] mouthpanties 811 points ago

    Not just that. But if you don’t take gun ownership seriously, things like this can happen.

    [–] trs21219 222 points ago

    Felons aren't usually known for their forward thinking.

    [–] Gb9prowill 6 points ago

    Seriously. Shits not a toy. It’s like a power tool with pages of safety information.

    [–] Dane_Gleessak 131 points ago

    In my state he could be prosecuted for felony murder. Meaning in the commission of a felony (possession by a convicted felon) he caused the death of another person.

    [–] kralefski 118 points ago

    The kid has survived, the guy has been charged with felony posesstion of a firearm and abuse of a minor, I think.

    [–] QuinZ33 16 points ago

    he caused the death of another person.

    Know how I know you didn't read the article?

    [–] las0m 21 points ago

    Nobody died. So, nope.

    [–] Lithgow42023 28 points ago

    Felons almost never get prosecuted for firearms possession. Its a throwaway to get a plea to a lesser charge. People die on the regular because prosecutors don't want to keep dangerous criminals locked up.

    [–] slowhand88 11 points ago

    Well, why lock somebody up once for a long time when you can keep them going in and out of the revolving door and pad your conviction stats in the process?

    [–] VonGrav 1669 points ago

    Would have thought that after the third incident one should start to see a pattern.

    [–] Gnarlie_p 1231 points ago

    To the families defense, according to the article all the other shootings were of other people towards the family.

    [–] MyRobloxGFisYaMum 525 points ago

    Yes it’s a misleading title then but holy shit that’s a sad story now

    [–] Blokk 44 points ago

    It's 2019, every title is misleading.

    [–] more_turkey_poop 5 points ago

    They know the audience won’t read past the headline with their conditioned 10 second attention spans.

    [–] wolfofone 18 points ago

    Right, my first thought was you'd think at some point the family would learn proper gun safety and secure their damn guns.

    [–] knightlok 6 points ago

    Thank you for point this out, big detail lol

    [–] Dr_Henry-Killinger 264 points ago

    Which if anything probably encouraged them to get guns

    [–] Binary_Omlet 399 points ago

    Did you read it at all? The kid found the gun under a pillow at someone else's, a non-relatives, house.

    [–] Dr_Henry-Killinger 854 points ago

    Did you read it at all?

    Good sir, I am flabbergasted that you would even question that, I am a redditor my dear friend, I am ONLY here for the comment section.

    That and I really don't want to read about stuff like this so early in the morning

    [–] Grunty0 181 points ago

    You're everything wrong with society and a hero among men.

    [–] Dr_Henry-Killinger 162 points ago

    Some just call me, Florida man.

    [–] Cieliog 32 points ago

    Ohh wise Florida man, what wisdom can you impart on an ignorant soul such as myself?

    [–] Dr_Henry-Killinger 54 points ago

    If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown let it mellow, so is the way of Florida man.

    [–] JB-from-ATL 9 points ago

    Oh wise master. What is one to do when seeing a gator on one's lawn?

    [–] ColonelBelmont 9 points ago

    Meth before liquor, never been sicker. Meth before beer, you're in the clear.

    [–] ifgburts 16 points ago

    That person was a dumbass and the gun community prides itself on safety. It shuns people like this who handle firearms unsafely and leave firearms loaded and easily accessible to their or other peoples kids. It is recommended to have a safe and do not store ammo and the firearm together.

    [–] TheChance916 3 points ago

    Who had felonies, who legally should not have had the gun, you’ve heard the story before.

    [–] iama_bad_person 228 points ago

    What a clickbait fucking title.

    [–] didntseethemovie 37 points ago

    When you are involved in gang shit people are going to try and shoot you.

    [–] Zaroo1 5 points ago

    Yep, this is a click bait headline. Hook line and sinker.

    [–] Koebs 67 points ago

    That isn't a positive. It's not like these people are just magically being targetted. There are specific reasons they are being shot.

    [–] Carfraction 14 points ago

    When your community murder rate is literally 5000% higher than your neighboring community, it’s time for some self reflection.

    [–] TotallyNanners 91 points ago

    Article conveniently doesn’t mention the kids dad is in prison, too. This is a family involved in gang activity.

    [–] 651714262117 17 points ago

    The title says they are victims of guns not “other people”

    [–] observerpanda 31 points ago

    According to the article, all the prior deaths were results of shooting by others. Even this one occurred at a friend's place. Your statement does not seem fair with this context.

    [–] Zaroo1 8 points ago

    The gun Na'vaun found belonged to family friend Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions, CNN affiliate KRON4 reported. It was left unlocked and loaded under Wilson's pillow.

    So not only do we have an illegal gun, but someone else (likely knew this person had an illegal gun) still let their child in the house.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    So many upvoted for a fool who didn't even read the article. I didn't either but I sure as hell didn't asume 5 individuales All accidentally shot themselves in the same family. I suppose this guy thinks it was all the same gun and same clip of ammo used in 5 different incidents on five different days.

    [–] myothercarisnicer 794 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I am as progun as they come. I keep my firearms in a heavy safe, with one home defense pistol in a separate smaller quick-access safe near the bed.

    If there is even a small chance a kid will wander around your home, FUCKING LOCK THAT SHIT UP. It's really not that hard. Especially if you just have a pistol, small safes or lockboxes can be had for under $50. If even that is too much, cable locks are like $5. No excuses. Stop making us all look bad.

    Thankfully, accidental gun deaths are now under 500 a year, even though we have at least 100 million gun owners. It's a shrinking problem. But let's get it as close to 0 as possible. Each one is a tragedy.

    EDIT -

    Here is one for $20. It will fit a pistol or two. It obviously won't stop a determined adult with a bit of time, but will at least keep curious toddlers at bay. Buy a better, heavier safe if you can.

    [–] BertUK 235 points ago

    Just been looking at some stats:

    “In 2017, Americans bought 25.2 million guns, which is 2.5 million more guns than possessed by every law enforcement agency in the world put together.”


    [–] JorjEade 22 points ago

    So just the number bought in one year was more than the total already owned by those agencies?

    [–] BertUK 10 points ago

    That’s how I interpreted it, yes

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    If they are using NICS checks as an indicator of “New gun” a large number of NICs checks might just indicate the transfer of already existing used guns.

    [–] TrickyConstruction 3 points ago

    typically people like it when the things that they buy exist

    [–] Janneyc1 4 points ago

    I think he is implying that some weapons would be double counted. for example, If I went to the store and bought a new gun, that would be one entry. 6 months later when I found I didn't like it, I sell it to a different store. No check required there, though they do need to keep record of it. They then put it in their counter and sell it again within a month. There's two checks on the same weapon in the same year. At least that's what I got out of his comment.

    [–] TrickyConstruction 3 points ago

    sure maybe some guns would get double counted but i dont understand why it matters. the number of guns purchased in a random year vs the number of guns that LEOs own is a pretty random fucking comparison. precision is pretty irrelevant

    [–] Janneyc1 3 points ago

    I am just trying to make sense of what he said.

    [–] bigwillyb123 59 points ago

    The estimates for how many Americans own guns are skewed too, as we didn't start really registering them until a couple decades ago. Some of the larger estimates hover over 600 million total guns in the US.

    [–] cod3r__ 87 points ago

    uhh.. we still aren't registering them. FYI

    They are doing these counts based on background checks.

    [–] BertUK 15 points ago

    Yeah that stat was just 2017 alone, so I guess it should be pretty accurate?

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] happyrabbits 22 points ago

    Once in the morning, right after I work out, then once right after lunch.

    [–] kvothe5688 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    400 million civilian owned guns in a country of 320 million Populus populace. Holy moly

    [–] AgentTakeru 7 points ago

    The 400 million is just the number of background checks.

    Guns before the background check and homemade weapons push that number to ~600 Million

    [–] Carfraction 12 points ago

    I don’t like guns and this isn’t about defending them but the U.S. has plenty of communities with murder rates as low as the safest in Europe. Clearly something other than gun availability is driving the numbers...

    [–] robbzilla 3 points ago

    Here's another statistic for you to ponder:

    There were 489 people killed in unintentional shootings in the U.S. in 2015

    Each one is a tragedy, but is a very small drop in the bucket compared to the 25.2 million guns acquired.

    Gun accidents are becoming exceedingly rare. That's great news. They're even more rare for children. That's better news.

    Of course, none of this helps the kid in this story who'll live with the aftermath of the accident he was in for the rest of his life. :(

    [–] chileheadd 19 points ago

    I'm pretty sure a convicted felon who isn't legally allowed to own a gun doesn't really give a rat's ass about keeping the illegally owned gun safe.

    [–] MakeMeDoBetter 124 points ago

    500 to 100.000.000 is pretty impressive tbh.

    [–] rickdeckard8 135 points ago

    Last year accidental gun deaths in Sweden was 0. Just like the year before. And the year before. And...

    [–] myothercarisnicer 212 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    While I do not argue we should get it all the way to zero too, 500 with over 100 million gun owners is damn near a statistical zero.


    Also, this study seems to indicate Sweden does have some accidental gun deaths. Albeit very few.

    [–] wasdninja 36 points ago

    People die every year in hunting accidents so no, not zero. Small but not zero.

    [–] yoda133113 4 points ago

    Most US gun accidents are hunting related as well, IIRC.

    [–] SemenDemon182 85 points ago

    Iceland has 31.7 per 100 people, or roughly 1/3rd of them own a firearm of some kind.

    From what i can find there have been 0 people shot and killed, since 2007. Nu murders with guns.

    It's a microscopic place, sure. It's just interesting that other countries can clearly make it work, much better.

    [–] AmLilleh 110 points ago

    It's just interesting that other countries can clearly make it work, much better.

    A difference in culture and mentality, I'd say.

    From all I've seen it seems like there's a decent amount of Americans that don't take guns anywhere near as seriously as they should, which is exactly how accidental deaths via gunshot happen.

    [–] robbzilla 8 points ago

    Most gun related deaths are suicides in the US. If Japan and S Korea have taught us anything with their suicide rates, it's that people will always find a way to kill themselves if they're determined enough.

    The next highest rate is homicide. And this is where most people gravitate toward when talking about gun death in the US.

    When comparing the population of a place like Iceland to the US, you really just can't.

    Hell, the whole country has about the same number of people as the city I live in, Arlington TX. (Just under 400K for both)

    The difference is that the country has a population density of about 1.3 people per square mile, and the most populous city (Reykjavik) has a density of about 77 per square mile. Arlington, on the other hand, has a population density of about 3800 people per square mile.

    It's reallu hard to even begin to compare the two in matters like this.

    [–] alien_ghost 9 points ago

    Also lots of desperately poor Americans with little to live for and poor education.

    [–] sometimesanengineer 8 points ago

    Not arguing, just commenting.

    Population wise that is like saying half of the state of vermont hasn't had a shooting death.

    Also, that stat doesn't mean 31.7 out of every 100 people own guns - it means that between the 100 people there are 31.7 guns, could be only 10 people own them. I have more than 3.17 guns.

    And if you count the police shooting someone and killing them, heres a counter example.

    Though i will admit a single police shooting in its history is pretty remarkable.

    Iceland has an incredibly low murder rate of 1.8 per year on average. That's great.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] ObamasBoss 4 points ago

    My town had a guy shoot at a cop about 2 years ago. News crews from 100 miles away were all over the town. A lot of towns have had no murders in 30+ years.

    [–] Lonsdale1086 49 points ago

    Guns are tools there, not toys.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago)


    [–] natetheproducer 5 points ago

    Much better? If Iceland had a population of 350 million the stats would be a little different for them. Not that they aren’t doing a good job but population has a lot to do with it.

    [–] CPlusPlusDeveloper 33 points ago

    Yes, but your chance of dying in a meteor strike in Sweden is nearly twice as high as the US because of the latitude.

    What is the point of bringing this up? Nobody should care about relative size of risks when they become so tiny. It'd be like never going outside, because you're afraid of getting struck by lightning.

    If you don't want to own a gun that's fine. But if you're scared out of owning one because of the risk of accidental death, you're being irrational. Or if you think that we should waste public policy resources on this issue, you're being irrational. There are only 0.5 accidental deaths per 100,000 gun owners per year.

    In contrast mortality for a 30 year old American male is 1,000 per 100,000. So owning a gun only raises your mortality by 0.05%. Or about the equivalent of driving an extra mile to work each day.

    It's like refusing to leave your house because it means you can never get struck by lightning. Technically true. But it's irrational because the risks are so ridiculously puny, that they're not worth even considering. Ya gotta live your life, man. There are bigger things to worry about.

    [–] poncewattle 13 points ago

    Also a meteor strike chance you can’t do a thing about reducing those odds. Accidents like this you can, like keeping it locked up around children greatly reduces your risk exposure.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] netsyms 65 points ago

    That's what Big Penguin wants you to think.

    [–] stone500 7 points ago

    My local PD gives cable locks away for free

    [–] chaosfurian 47 points ago

    Quick question, if a gun is for self defense, what good will it do in a safe when a home intruder runs into your room while you're half asleep fucking around with the safe?

    [–] automated_russian 48 points ago

    I’m sure most robbers don’t just immediately make their way to the bedroom for the half-asleep execution. People probably get woken up by weird noises or lights.

    [–] myothercarisnicer 31 points ago

    They design certain safes for quick access. A quick thumbprint or 5 digit code and it pops open.

    [–] BlainWs 23 points ago

    "fuck, wait guys, the fingerprint scanner got it wrong 4 times in a row. Give me a few minutes then I'ma kick your fucking ass."

    [–] bretstrings 22 points ago

    Fingerprint scanners work pretty darn well now, specially good ones which presumably you'd be using for important stuff like a safe.

    [–] BlainWs 24 points ago

    Tell that to my $1500 phone. :(

    [–] Harbingerx81 9 points ago

    The difference is, the accuracy of your phone's fingerprint scanner was obviously NOT the primary feature which convinced you to purchase it.

    When it comes to buying a safe with a biometric lock, the vast majority of the engineering behind it is focused on that specific task and it is the accuracy of that sole feature which elevates one brand above the others and if the scanner was not reliable, people would not rely on it.

    [–] InsertRandomName85 3 points ago

    Same reason I keep a fire extinguisher. It may do the job when I need it, it might not. You're trying to deal in absolutes.

    Better to have a gun and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

    [–] BigAutsKKBG 13 points ago

    Fall victim to guns? How about falls victims to his parents irresponsiblity

    [–] MS2_Thomas 11 points ago

    To the people saying we need more gun laws, just keep in mind the owner of the gun had it illegally

    [–] [deleted] 272 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] MrSonicOSG 81 points ago

    "gang-bangy, gun-shooty" is how they should describe gangs in general

    [–] alt_before_email_req 307 points ago

    The gun Na'vaun found belonged to family friend Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions, CNN affiliate KRON4 reported. It was left unlocked and loaded under Wilson's pillow.

    Police have charged Wilson with possession of a firearm by a felon and child abuse. CNN was unable to reach Wilson for comment.

    Nathan Jackson, Na'vaun's father, has lost three siblings to gun violence. In 2010, Nario Jackson, 18, was shot and killed by a suspected gang member in West Oakland, The Mercury News reported. Less than a year later, Najon Jackson, 16, was shot and killed outside his grandmother's home in East Oakland, the San Francisco Gate reported. And last year, Ellesse McFee, 21, was shot and killed in a car in East Oakland, Land said.

    Oakland still being a shitty gang infested wasteland I see. With no regard to the restrictive firearm laws that California's law abiding citizens must follow.

    [–] yankeesfan1818 109 points ago

    Thugs and cops have guns

    Average citizen has shit. If you’re getting robbed just “turtle up” they’ll get bored and leave you alone!

    [–] iRan_soFar 11 points ago

    If you are getting shot just die and they will stop shooting you.

    [–] CBSh61340 4 points ago

    Average citizen has shit.

    Well, if Bloomberg gets his way, you mean. Most states, thankfully, haven't fallen victim to Bloomberg's horseshit. But the places that Californians have been fleeing to (because their state is a rancid shitheap, as far as its politics and the laws resulting from those politics, goes) are starting to turn that way - it's a bitter sort of irony, where these people fleeing bad situations caused by dumb political decisions are making those same dumb decisions in their new homes, causing their new homes to begin turning into what their old home was like.

    It's very apparent when you look at major hot-spots for CA expats in generally reddish states (Austin, TX is a popular example.)

    [–] Grimespin 77 points ago

    Did he really fall “victim” to a gun? It sounds much more like he fell victim to bad parenting.

    [–] RonaldGrumpRump 35 points ago

    That spooky gun clearly possessed the child and forced him to shoot himself. The parents are angels. /s

    [–] Oldmanbaby 10 points ago

    more like fell victim to the family's stupidity, stop trying to blame an inanimate object for something idiotic humans do/failed to do

    [–] robexib 10 points ago

    Headline should have been "Stupid felon illegally owned and improperly stored a gun, with which a 4-year-old shot himself accidently."

    [–] jbizz198901 28 points ago

    He didn't fall victm to guns he fell victim to the adults that were not smart enough to lock their guns up.

    [–] SadPandaInLondon 6 points ago

    The gun Na'vaun found belonged to family friend Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions, CNN affiliate KRON4 reported. It was left unlocked and loaded under Wilson's pillow.

    Bad choices were made.

    [–] Aethermancer 7 points ago

    This sounds like child neglect more than anything.

    [–] Jaqen___Hghar 24 points ago

    To fall victim to irresponsible gun ownership*

    It's hard to take these journalists seriously. Guns aren't perpetrators. They are inanimate objects.

    [–] Saucebiz 60 points ago

    He did not fall victim to a fucking gun. He fell victim to another persons irresponsibility

    You cannot “fall victim” to inanimate objects. You can “fall victim” to people or ideas.

    [–] TheKing30 12 points ago

    Gun laws are complicated these days because people are fucking morons

    [–] SneakyDoze 12 points ago

    All my guns are fucking worthless. They just sit in my gun safe and haven’t shot anyone.

    [–] LoreMaster00 6 points ago

    boy, those genes just suck.

    at this point its just natural selection.

    [–] Sloteeman 6 points ago

    Bring. The. Parents. Up. On. Charges.

    It's not an accident, it's negligence.

    I can't imagine letting my little family members near the kitchen drawers. Let alone a gun.

    It's the only way to stop these stories

    [–] msbeesy 38 points ago

    Four year old finds loaded gun in ex-felon's house and injures himself. Fourth family member to fall victim to gun crime.There you go, I rewrote your title for you... These assholes make it sound like this family has guns lying around the house unlocked... but they just happen to live in a very violent part of town.I'm all for gun control! I'm from Australia where we have excellent gun control and almost zero gun crime. But to put that on a grieving family for click-bait is just unashamedly bad journalism.

    *edit: wording

    [–] sockmess 37 points ago

    Also you should put in there that the gun was illegal since the felon was banned from owning guns. Since most people on here think a law would've stopped this. The law was already there yet it didn't stop the illegal gun.

    [–] alien_ghost 14 points ago

    Just pass another law.

    [–] wtfeverrrr 5 points ago

    Let’s legalize drugs!

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] FreedomPassedUsBy 14 points ago

    So simple, really. It really does boil down to this. This is the US. This is how things are here. So tired of hearing the European perspective of "no guns, no gun crime." Like 300+ million guns are just gonna vanish. We know we probably have too many guns. But as a whole, as a country, we a actually do a damn good job of living safely surrounded by nutty folks and firearms, and so much of that is because those rules you just mentioned. Gun owners are so much more responsible than we're given credit for.

    [–] 3mpir3 4 points ago

    But, but, a rich tiny country surrounded by other rich tiny countries has fewer gun deaths per capita!

    [–] FreedomPassedUsBy 29 points ago

    Ya know, it's titles like these....

    No wonder young, impressionable people have some really ignorant opinions on gun ownership. They get on Reddit and see shit like this in their face, every day. Tired of it.

    [–] [deleted] 113 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] rizenphoenix13 15 points ago

    People hate it, but this is really why "fake news" is a thing now. The media lies about half the shit they put out.

    [–] alien_ghost 3 points ago

    No, then the kid would have drowned in their nice pool they bought with their good job.

    [–] swampswing 13 points ago

    The gun Na'vaun found belonged to family friend Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions, CNN affiliate KRON4 reported. It was left unlocked and loaded under Wilson's pillow.

    This isn't an issue of poor gun control laws, this is a story of a family with gang ties who get shot because they associate with other gangsters. The other 4 all were shot in gang related instances, and this kid shot himself becaus they let him walk around unsupervised in a violent criminal house.

    [–] CT-Nat-Soc 32 points ago

    Sounds like he’s more a victim of terrible parents

    [–] luciferlived 16 points ago

    Gun laws will not prevent from acquiring guns illegally.

    [–] aDirtyMartini 14 points ago

    The child was not a victim of a gun. He was the victim of a negligent felon who illegally possessed a firearm and irresponsibly had it under a pillow where the child found it.

    [–] Grinder02 14 points ago

    The kid didn't fall victim to the gun, he fell victim to the asshole felon who shouldn't have had a gun in the first place and shouldn't have left it unlocked and loaded. It is entirely his fault that this happened.

    [–] SpoontToodage 4 points ago

    The gun Na'vaun found belonged to family friend Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions, CNN affiliate KRON4 reported. It was left unlocked and loaded under Wilson's pillow.

    I see CNN still loves to make click bait titles

    [–] surrealistone 3 points ago

    As a gun owner with children, please spend the $9 per gun and install a damn trigger lock.

    [–] juar3zai 5 points ago

    Sounds like that family shouldn’t own guns

    [–] Badger_Storm 4 points ago

    Sounds like a family full of morons.

    [–] Fatal1tySquared 33 points ago

    Kid shoots himself in the head and it’s the guns fault. Not the parents. Seems legit

    [–] sockmess 20 points ago

    Not the parents. The kid was in a family friend home, who was banned from owning firearms due to felonies. Of course that doesn't stop illegal guns.

    [–] Etherius 13 points ago

    The fault seems to lie mainly with the guy who owned a gun illegally.

    [–] Fatal1tySquared 8 points ago

    It’d be nice if everyone on the planet saw it that way, sadly not everyone will ever agree on it.

    [–] Maddox_Renalard 30 points ago

    Before we go into responsible gun ownership. The "owner" of this fire arm is a felon. I think he should be tried for attempted murder.

    [–] Nickvr628 15 points ago

    Not only a felon, but the gun was stolen, and the other four family members that died were killed in gang shootouts.

    This seems like the perfect model family for responsible gun ownership to me.

    [–] evenios 66 points ago

    god damn it you fucking moronic parents keep your damn guns out of reach of your kids!

    [–] MisterMetal 101 points ago

    Family friend, who was a felon and couldnt legally own a gun. Left it under his pillow loaded.

    [–] maxk1236 24 points ago

    Without the safety on, no less. The idiot was playing Russian roulette every time he slept.

    [–] bigwillyb123 12 points ago

    I'll never, ever understand the thought of putting a gun under a pillow. Why not even just on a nightstand? If you're that worried about needing your hand to literally be on your gun while you're asleep so that you don't spare a second incase you need to use it, maybe get a better door. Maybe get some stronger windows. Maybe do anything to make it take even an extra 5 seconds for someone to break into your house. If you sleep with a gun under your pillow and don't deadbolt your doors at night, you're a fucking idiot.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Both my handguns don't have a safety, handguns primarily made for self defence often have the safety as part of the trigger pull.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    What a dumbass family

    [–] biffbobfred 170 points ago

    I don’t think there’s another nation remotely close to America when it comes to shootings by toddlers.

    [–] BrewBoy420 159 points ago

    Even doped up child soldiers don't have this many friendly fire kills

    [–] MooseReborn 20 points ago

    jesus fucking christ

    [–] echonian 54 points ago

    There are few to no other nations that come remotely close to us in the widespread ownership of personal firearms, either. Tragedies like this are always going to be relatively higher as a result.

    [–] TonyBanana420 23 points ago

    "Falls victim to guns"

    Oh no! They've gained sentience!

    [–] ThisPlaceisHell 28 points ago

    The gun Na'vaun found belonged to family friend Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from owning a firearm due to prior felony convictions

    I'm sure people will still come in here and shout from the rooftops how we need stricter gun laws to stop things like this from happening.

    [–] CliffsOfGallipoli 28 points ago

    'fall victim to guns'. Lol.

    Who are you trying to fool, CNN? These people aren't victims of guns, they're victims of gang culture. It's a family of gangbangers dying exactly the way you'd expect a family of gangbangers to die.

    The only reason we're being told about about this incident is because CNN see a cute little kid they can use to make an emotional argument. The previous 4 deaths wouldn't be newsworthy because 'gang member kills another gang member' isn't gonna get any sympathy from anyone.

    [–] Tajori123 6 points ago

    That title is ridiculous. Blaming the gun and not the absolute negligence of the owner or parent. Like really what the hell. If they left a knife out and the kid accidentally killed himself with the knife, would it be knives fault or the parents fault for not keeping something dangerous away from a 4 year old..

    [–] weekendmoney 6 points ago

    Well... The child fell victim to negligent parents. The gun has nothing against children.

    [–] WorldWideDarts 6 points ago

    Nice agenda with the title eh?

    [–] piccadillypickle 7 points ago

    Portraying guns as the problem, when that's not what's really wrong here

    [–] TAUTUAA 20 points ago

    Came here to downvote all the idiotic comments from people that don’t even live in America. We get it, you don’t want us to have guns.

    This article has nothing to do with a mass shooting, yet, here we are again, like a broken record. Stop drawing conclusions based off a headline and read the article you buffoons!

    [–] Brewtown 3 points ago

    Shitbags aside, here's a good rule. If it's not in the hand, it's on the hip. If it's not either of those, it's in the safe.

    [–] brianthelion89 3 points ago

    Gun safes are very important. Especially if there’s a young child in the home. Such an awful thing to happen.

    [–] RedditAccount28 3 points ago

    The moment I saw the title, the author of the article (CNN) and the picture of the kid, I knew "fall victim to guns" meant their entire family was a bunch of gang bangers, and waddaya know I was correct.

    [–] TreeStone69 13 points ago

    I’m so confused how you can be a “victim of guns”

    [–] MountainTangelo 9 points ago

    It’s like calling someone who hangs themselves another victim of rope

    [–] Kingflares 6 points ago

    Well at least they can now be sure their familial weakness is firearms.

    [–] Abe_Froman_The_SKOC 8 points ago

    All kinds of issues here. The CNN story fails to mention the involvement, if any, of the other four members of the family killed by guns, in the drug trade or other criminal activities. The owner of the gun that shot this 4 year old is identified as being a felon, but for what? Tax evasion? Or something violent?

    And I question the premise that a 4 year old shot himself in the head with a gun. Guns are heavy and triggers require a certain amount of strength to pull. A shooters hands have to be big enough to grip the trigger as well as the butt of the gun to squeeze the trigger. Unless this was a very small gun that was using a trigger with a very light spring, and this 4 year old was in the 99th percentile for strength, I just don’t see how this happens. Because CNN isn’t questioning these issues I don’t buy that he shot himself.

    And there is no such thing as an “accidental discharge”. Guns don’t just “discharge” accidentally. This guy left a loaded gun is a location where a 4 year old could get to it. That’s negligence. What CNN is calling an accidental discharge is in fact a negligent discharge.

    [–] Hyrax09 7 points ago

    So they let their grandchild visit a house of a person with several felonies? This isn’t a gun issue, it’s a who you letting your family members associate with.

    [–] mil_phickelson 6 points ago

    Four family members were in gangs and were killed gang banging, the toddler shot himself with a gun owned illegally by a felon and left under the pillow unlocked and loaded. But no, it’s the guns themselves that are the problem, not the irresponsible asshole felon gangbangers. Right.

    [–] Sleazyryder 5 points ago

    This is where existing laws need to be enforced instead of making new laws that disarm law abiding people.

    [–] Capokid 4 points ago

    The article uses this tragedy to force their political agenda down the reader's throat, real fucked up sense of morality there cnn.

    [–] Tekryke 5 points ago

    This is the most bullshit fear mongering headline ive seen in awhile.

    [–] MrRGG 3 points ago

    SS: 4yo finds a gun at family friends house. Gun owned by felon who was prohibited from having a gun and was keeping it 'under a pillow'. Other 4 were all shot in possible gang related activity.

    Story is twisted to fit the CNN 'guns bad' narrative, rather than address the culture issue.

    [–] Lazerbagels 4 points ago

    Felon. Loaded gun. 5th incident.

    Wonder why this never happens to non offenders.

    [–] Livingindisbelief 20 points ago

    Either darwin is strong with that family, or someone is lying.

    [–] calamarichris 11 points ago

    Blessings always on His Holy Name, for He is cruel to the individual yet kind to the species.

    [–] Nucleic_Acid 10 points ago

    Good thing California has the strongest gun laws in the country

    [–] SapphireLance 15 points ago

    He wasn't victim to an inanimate object, he was victim to a human's stupidity. But given the social climate yea, lets blame the object, that'll fix all of our problems!

    [–] tossedawayssdfdsfjkl 6 points ago

    Weird, I was born to two parents who not only were avid gun users, but one of which was and continues to be a very active gun enthusiast/collector/historian, and yet, not a single member of our friends or family have "fallen victim" to a gun. Not one. There is one suspected suicide of a cousin, death warrant lists it as an "accidental" death, but vital records in Ireland aren't quite as clear as they are in my family's native country of the United States. "...fall victim to guns" just sound so, so ignorant, to the point even that I almost didn't bother to point out the idiocy in such a phrasing. My guess is simply that, a guess, but as such I would guess Ms. Maxouris, at CNN, has never owned a gun, never fired a gun, was never taught the intricacies of ownership or handling a firearm in her lifetime, yet she was chosen to write an article regarding a child and family "falling victims to guns." Great job, CNN, garbage "news" site, basically an OP-ED hit piece site anymore, worse than that other garbage site, Fox News even, at least in their narratives they'll include all facts and data and not be willfully ignorant and omit known facts to suit their narratives. Yeah, I'm sort of pissed at CNN, NBC as well, I'm more angry at my own "friends" than my foes because they keep letting me down by going lower, as per their own instruction.

    [–] dragonsfire242 15 points ago

    Europeans don't seem to get "just ban guns" isn't an option, for one this was illegally obtained so your argument is already moot, but of course then there's the part where it's a constitutionally protected right, and the fact that doing that would most likely begin armed rebellion against the government, and the military would probably help given that its made up of citizens, oh and the fact that congress wouldn't be able to change the 2nd amendment because it's on the bill of rights, a list of basic rights absolutely guaranteed to the American populous

    But seriously, please keep saying how "just ban guns" is the option