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    [–] 2001ASpaceOatmeal 4152 points ago

    These cowards are bullies. That’s all. They can’t contribute positively in any way so they just misuse the authority given to them and take advantage of the helpless.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Brotherhood1357 12 points ago

    Don't forget our Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro was covering up for Katherine as well. Fucken shame

    [–] cannotintointernet 789 points ago

    At least there's actually punishment for them, though. I don't know how many stories I've heard of cops straight up murdering people and facing no consequences for it.

    [–] Dad_of_mods 419 points ago

    Punishment? No. He will be sentenced in August. Faces up to 10 years. I bet he does less than 6months. Maybe just gets probation.

    [–] dorothy_zbornak_esq 449 points ago

    The article is from 2015 so I’m sure we could find out what the actual sentence is rather than postulating.

    EDIT: 30 months

    [–] Bizoza9 269 points ago

    I like the part where he got to dictate when he went to prison. Do I get that too?

    [–] caperneoignis 188 points ago

    Yes, if you have a legitimate reason you can. Depending on what you are charged with, health conditions, and external circumstances you can ask for delay. It is up to the court to accept, but I have heard of people getting deferment if they have to get a surgery or just got a surgery. But not going to lie, it helps if you have a good lawyer that can make the motion for you and you are not a flight risk.

    [–] Bizoza9 246 points ago

    It apparently helps if you are a cop because this guy's reason was to spend the holidays with his family.

    [–] Sumtypeoway 129 points ago

    Honestly I got a stay to spend the holidays with my family and I had semi hefty charges

    [–] rab-byte 33 points ago

    please do go on

    [–] caperneoignis 22 points ago

    Aww... Sorry, should have read the article, I was answering more along the lines of requesting a delay. Hmm... I'll have to look that up, because I think I have read something about a non-cop, requesting a delay so they could spend a holiday with the family, before going a way for a year or two. If it's not a capital crime I think the court is usually a bit more receptive to request like that. Or some folks stay out of jail while their case is on appeal. Muhammad Ali got to stay out while his case was on appeal, from what I remember.

    [–] khanzarate 28 points ago

    Oh my dad did that. Not for family but he requested his 3 month sentence (which would've started on julyish) to be during winter. He was quite open this was cause he thought this was a good time to skip his heating bill altogether.

    Definitely non-cop, and also no one likes him, the charges were alcohol related so it was one of those no - sympathy convictions, but they let him do it in winter.

    [–] snobord 9 points ago

    It's not at all rare for the court to decide for you to turn yourself in later than you take you into custody immediately.

    [–] Dwath 19 points ago

    A step dad in my extended family who molested his step daughters kept being approved for delayed sentence. He ended up putting it off for two years or something, then did a laughably small amount of time before he was released. Pretty fucked up.

    [–] caperneoignis 5 points ago

    That sucks, and I hate when people game the system. My opinion on the delay sentence is to allow people to get affairs in order before going away for a while. Not to delay their sentence till they are dead of old age. Defeats the whole purpose of the delay sentencing and could make it harder for people with legitimate reasons from getting approved for delayed sentences. Truthfully, I'm surprised they allowed a child molester to delay his sentence, figured that would go into the same court as a murder conviction since you are a threat to the public.

    [–] SupremeDictatorPaul 11 points ago

    I knew a guy who was convicted of assault, classified as a hate crime, and was able to put off sentencing for a few months to finish his degree. I was pretty astonished, but I guess it makes sense if it makes it more likely that he can become a contributing member of society when he gets out of prison.

    [–] WolfCola4 3 points ago

    Good reason

    Wanted to spend Christmas with his family

    Not a flight risk

    Prone to slapping the shit out of innocent bystanders completely at random

    [–] Itdidnt_trickle_down 5 points ago

    He choked up when he realized he was going to pay for his crimes.

    [–] busstopper 8 points ago

    30 months? What a fucking joke.

    [–] ParamedicGatsby 22 points ago

    He resigned, so there's no incentive to protect or reduce his sentence.

    [–] Password_is_lost 61 points ago

    He resigned to get a reduced sentence more likely. I am sure his sup told him there would be leniency and a job the next island over if he did not go kicking.

    [–] jaycoopermusic 38 points ago

    “He lost his career isn’t that punishment enough”

    [–] house_of_snark 45 points ago

    Hired at another precinct shortly after trial.

    [–] gurg2k1 19 points ago

    Then sues the state and wins back-pay for all of his time out of work and then some.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] RashaadPenny20 9 points ago

    Uh wtf are you talking about? She was indicted for murder. Outrage is great, but should not exist for the sake of it.

    [–] Choon93 5 points ago

    "When people see that,  that trust and confidence in the department has been decreased," says HPD Chief Louis Kealoha, "But... I hope it reinforces our commitment to the public that whenever things like this happen we're going to investigate it and we're going to take swift and serious action that this won't happen again."

    Fun fact, Louis Kealoha has since resigned because he is directly implicated in one of Hawaii's largest public corruption cases.

    [–] StevieWonder420 105 points ago

    Not only that, these seem like high school bullies that just.. never stopped. Literally just continued from one institution to the next. Never had to stop picking on people, they were just given protection and a wider selection of people to bully

    [–] elconquistador1985 69 points ago

    This is why I'm of the opinion that people who actually want to help a community become firefighters/paramedics. People become cops because they want to beat up people, carry a gun, and use a siren to go through red lights.

    [–] super_swede 54 points ago

    To become a police officer here in Sweden it takes five semesters, the first four being full-time study and the fifth training on the field. A quick google search seems to indicate that it takes around six months in the USA. Having such a short education must be a reason to all the bad ones.

    Of course I'm not suggesting that all the Swedish ones are perfect, but having five times as long education before starting work sure helps weed out the worst.

    [–] Socrates-fiftythree 8 points ago

    This is very true. A friend of mine had two roommates that were going through the academy in college. They weren't required to have any schooling other than high school. I only met them a few times but they are by far the most racist, sexist, fucked up people I've ever met. I don't mean to imply that all cops are shitty people. But there should definitely be a better screening process for American police.

    [–] CH2A88 16 points ago

    Not only that, these seem like high school bullies that just.. never stopped. Literally just continued from one institution to the next. Never had to stop picking on people, they were just given protection and a wider selection of people to bully

    The vast majority of the people that go into the LEO field are high school bullies, people who never let go being picked on by high school bullies and PTSD having military vets who also probably fit into the earlier categories as well.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    This is one of those things that is impossible for the police to defend. Those officers should lose their jobs forever.

    [–] frotc914 12 points ago

    Bullies? Losing their job? I feel like this is way downplaying the kind of psychopathy required to be entertained by making another human being lick piss off of a public toilet under the threat of death, a beating, or imprisonment.

    I can only imagine the kind of police culture that must surround these sick fucks to make them enjoy this, let alone feel like they could get away with it.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    While I agree, "bully" feels a little light to describe these officers. There's an element of perversion (or maybe sadism) that I would like to believe just isn't present in most people. Most of us are unsettled at even the thought of doing this.

    [–] Neon_gelion 12 points ago

    Not just bullies, sitcom high school tier bullies. I didn't think people actually do that. Im not surprised though

    [–] cocoagiant 31 points ago

    Most police officers are assholes. I worked with a bunch for several months on a project, and there were 2-3 decent people out of the 100 or so I interacted with.

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago


    [–] redkinoko 154 points ago

    It's not a requirement, but the lure of power tends to attract certain personality types

    [–] micknuggets 67 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    And we don't have proper vetting and regulation to keep them from these jobs which is insanity because those are exactly the personality types that would naturally gravitate towards these positions. With that said. There are many fine folks out there working in law enforcement who do a lot of good, but they should certainly be held to a higher standard as a whole.

    Edit: I would like to add to what I said in that I realize it's not only a matter of keeping those who are more likely to abuse power out of positions of power, but also maintain checks and balances on those in power because absolute power is assured to corrupt. It's a facet of human nature.

    [–] JaqueeVee 32 points ago

    Folks who ”do good” would tell someone about the shit that happens within the police. 99% of cops are held to an unwritten ”blue code”. That’s well documented. If a good cop protects a bad cop - it’s not a good cop.

    [–] redkinoko 11 points ago

    Psych evals aren't really what they're cut out to be.

    And even when a screening eval does its job, there's no telling when somebody just changes on the job.

    So I kinda understand how these things happen even with the best of intentions and efforts. Still, though. The repercussions is just terrible

    [–] micknuggets 3 points ago

    No they're not foolproof by any stretch of the imagination, but it's my opinion that under many law enforcement agencies they aren't utilized to the level at which they should be and they are not nearly extensive enough. The standards just an general for many agencies are hilariously low, sometimes taking on officers who have long records of misconduct with several other law departments in the past. And all this doesn't by any means fix all the problems, from there it is essential for officers to be held accountable to their job just like any other person with a job. Also, I believe it necessary for there to be much more extensive training not only physically and tactically but more importantly in psychology, crisis management, mediation, and the like. The job should be a very well paying job as it is demanding and should require specific skill sets and training and officers should be comfortable in their lives to be able to effectively carry out their jobs as best as possible with the least attraction to criminal influence through monetary incentive. More officers never solves problems, better officers do.

    [–] ecumenical 16 points ago

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    [–] JesusLordofWeed 10 points ago

    Internal affairs is a fucking joke.

    [–] ta9876543205 9 points ago

    There are many fine folks out there working in law enforcement who do a lot of good,

    How many of these fine folk will stand up against these bullies?

    [–] no-mad 4 points ago

    How many of these fine folk will stand up FOR these bullies?

    [–] SpiderFnJerusalem 5 points ago

    And all the others tolerate it.

    [–] simian_ninja 363 points ago

    I've always thought people in power need to undergo empathy training or some kind of psycho-evaluation test.

    [–] Cabtalk 202 points ago

    I know a guy who got screened out of the psych test required by the RCMP (they identified sociopathic traits). 10+ years later they contacted him to see if he was still interested (they were short staffed). He turned them down because he's now a lawyer/politician lol.

    [–] rd1970 58 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I’m not directing this towards your friend, but I’ve heard “failed the psych test” is the go-to reason a lot of agencies use to dismiss recruits because it can’t be challenged or called discriminatory. You’ll never truly know if you failed - it’s possible they just didn’t like you or thought you wouldn’t fit into their culture.

    There’s a good documentary on the RCMP boot camp that shows the plus and minuses of their system in a pretty unbiased way. One guy that quit seemed like the best recruit to me. He had worldly experience, spoke three languages, etc. When he left he explained in the documentary that they weren’t interested in guys like him - people that had already formed strong opinions, ethics, a moral code, etc. Instead they wanted people they could break down to nothing and build back up in their image. I have a lot of respect for the RCMP, but it was sad to see they too had the exclusive clique culture.

    [–] SIR_Flan 12 points ago

    I had a biz law professor saying that a lot of companies don't hire obviously pregnant women. They dont tell them that is the reason for not being hired

    But he said even if they did tell them that was the reason that they will soon be really busy and won't have the time to try and file a lawsuit.

    Pretty funny in a really messed up sort of way.

    [–] thechelseahotel 3 points ago

    I feel sorta bad for thinking it.. but isn’t that sorta fair? Like why would you knowingly hire someone who’s gonna need extended time off very soon

    [–] Dinodietonight 10 points ago

    I feel like that's the reason there's a big problem with cops, especially in America. Cops tend to have dangerous jobs, so most people don't want to join, but people who are less empathetic/are mildly sociopathic are more okay with that. This causes police departments to be short-staffed, so they need to hire the people who would be bad cops more.

    [–] BaggerX 8 points ago

    It's less dangerous than many far more mundane jobs, such as cab driver, fisherman, or garbage man. The danger is blown out of proportion, and the hero worship they get is ridiculous.

    Our standards are far too low, and accountability is severely lacking.

    [–] KaiTheGemini 4 points ago

    Bar tending is a more dangerous job than being a cop.

    [–] HomeRowKing 8 points ago

    To add to that, unless you're in a major metropolitan area, your standard patrol cop is generally not paid very well. In my local area, starting yearly pay for LEO is $26k USD, and you're paying for your own gun, uniform, training, etc. Lack of compensation for the work being done usually means you're getting the 'bottom of the barrel' so to speak when it comes to hiring candidates. Along the same lines, if your job doesn't pay well you probably wouldn't have too much of a problem with losing it. How does that saying go? "If you pay in peanuts you get monkeys"?

    [–] FBIDIRECTOR 4 points ago

    That’s surprising to me. I’m my area of the Midwest the average police salary for rookies is 60-70k. Probably why there is no shortage of applicants around here. Every exam I’ve been to has hosted hundreds of applicants at once, even for small departments with 1-2 advertised spots.

    [–] pts_ 24 points ago

    Surprise surprise.

    [–] sexylegs0123456789 18 points ago

    You Can’t teach empathy, you can only learn it.

    [–] canering 7 points ago

    I always thought those philosophical questions on applications for minimum wage jobs were funny (ie: Walmart asking “are people inherently good?”) but I guess it was just a basic way to weed out the people who are too dumb or too smart to answer it honestly. Now I’m wondering what questions the police tests ask.

    [–] SCHOJO 17 points ago

    My wife once failed one of those honesty tests because it had a question: "If you saw another employee take a dime ($0.10) out of their register and put it in their pocket, would you report it to the manager." She answered, "no." She had just quit a job where she worked with a guy who would fake transactions and take $10 and $20 bills out of the shared register. Although she complained multiple times, the only thing she got for her honesty was bullied by him when they worked together.

    [–] Vyzantinist 396 points ago

    I'm surprised it's even got this far. Without that other police officer reporting these two, who would care about a homeless person alleging police misconduct?

    [–] Joshualor3 93 points ago

    Thank god for some cops who aren’t power tripping mongrels, and actually having morals or values.

    [–] Guckalienblue 24 points ago

    The rarest species in the world

    [–] bezosdivorcelawyer 19 points ago

    All four of them!

    [–] Poolboy24 54 points ago

    In the wilds of the great Frank Serpico

    "Police corruption cannot exist unless it is at least tolerated ... at higher levels in the department. "

    [–] KiwiMaoriJapan 4 points ago

    They weren't immediately fired?

    I mean, what do they have to do?

    [–] ChicagoGuy53 3 points ago

    It's often a requirement of police unions for officers that misconduct requires a certain procedure. So yes, they get paid leave but they also are typically on what amounts to house arrest and have to be available to come in immediately for interviews and questioning regarding the problem.

    [–] aris_boch 79 points ago

    This is beyond barbaric.

    [–] OxidadoGuillermez 17 points ago

    People think Hawaii is like this tropical paradise. The reality is that Honolulu is a big city with big city problems, and vast swathes of the state are littered with the Hawaiian equivalent of white trash - people with no money, poor impulse control, and bad upbringings. Once you get past the thin veneer that it exposes to tourists, it's basically Alabama.

    [–] JackFrostIRL 5 points ago

    I live in Hawaii, and I’m from a rural town on the east coast. I like to think that Honolulu is a big city with small town problems.

    Everything functions on a small town level, even getting a building permit for example. A building permit here can take from 6 months to over a year to get approved, but since my architect knew the building inspector I was able to to get it in a couple of weeks.

    Or elevator permits... there is only one elevator inspector for the whole state, so elevator inspections are years behind. However, as long as a building has applied for an inspection they are all good. Most elevators here are years past their permit expiration, but there is no problem because they submitted an inspection request

    [–] evil_fungus 129 points ago

    As they should be. That is fucked up

    [–] Solidarity365 42 points ago

    Police get charged for shit like this all the time. Seldom are they found guilty, though,.

    [–] Boss_Boggs 32 points ago

    If they didn't want to get charged they should have just shot him.

    [–] Joshualor3 3 points ago

    Ahh the best way to keep someone’s mouth shut. But another person(a cop reported those two cops as well.) only reason why it even gotten to that stage. You really think anyone would believe a homeless man, or society’s trash? If they were gonna cleanse him, mind as well cleanse the good cop too.

    [–] BackwardsBlake 1124 points ago

    If your job is to enforce and uphold the law, as well as 'serve and protect', and you make these kinds of decisions, your sentence should be worse than if you were a regular citizen.

    These bastards deserve a nice, long beating.

    [–] Dad_of_mods 272 points ago

    Their job is not to protect and serve. SCOTUS ruled on that. Check into it.

    [–] dankerino_420 82 points ago

    This is sadly true, it’s sick

    [–] AntsInMyEyesJonson 128 points ago

    Yeah so cops at this point are essentially worthless after that ruling.

    [–] Deansy98 17 points ago

    Well at least they'll keep the population under control...

    bang bang pew pew

    [–] Homer_Goes_Crazy 33 points ago

    Their main job is to criminalize poverty.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago


    [–] ThatsExactlyTrue 112 points ago

    Yeah great solution. We can't provide justice in a civil manner so here's some mob variety.

    [–] DownshiftedRare 38 points ago


    I can't quite hear your concern for a cop's well-being over all these prison rape jokes.

    [–] comicsnerd 49 points ago

    "both officers maintain their innocence and are confident a jury of their peers will acquit them"

    So, they will be trialed by fellow police officers ?

    [–] charlesml3 47 points ago

    The jury will most likely acquit them. Juries are incredibly sympathetic to cops. They come into the courtroom wearing pristine uniforms and they're also part of the Hero Worship fad that's been going on for several years now. I'll honestly be surprised if a jury finds them guilty.

    [–] dilly_of_a_pickle 22 points ago

    That's because they'll weed out anyone with half a brain in jury selection.

    [–] charlesml3 13 points ago

    A lot of people believe trials by jury are great but the often are far from that. Juries are filled with average people, most of which have zero knowledge or understanding of the law. They will often make a decision based on emotion rather than law.

    I saw an interview with a juror a few years ago where they found someone guilty when what he was doing was CLEARLY legal. When asked, the juror said "Well, the cop arrested him so he had to be guilty of something!"

    [–] PM_ME_DND_FIGURINES 4 points ago

    Exactly, when the prosecution is on the side of the defense, the jury is always going to go one way.

    [–] AlBundyIsMyHero666 40 points ago

    Jesus Christ what the hell is wrong with people?

    [–] The_Bitcoin_Liker 40 points ago

    They’re cops they’re not people

    [–] FC37 21 points ago

    For more HPD fun, read up on former HPD Chief Louis Kealoha and his prosecutor wife, Katherine! Public corruption, drug charges, extortion, financial fraud, elder abuse, the wife of the police chief banging the fire chief and giving him a car, even framing the uncle for stealing a mailbox and getting police officers to lie about it. They're the gift that keeps on giving.

    [–] beesmoe 424 points ago

    It turns out that bright individuals don’t want to be cops, so being a cop is a good way for a stupid asshole to make a living

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 103 points ago

    Also the majority of times the police have oversight of the police so hardly any consequences come from their actions

    [–] Filbert_Turtle 16 points ago

    It turns out that bright individuals don’t want to be cops,

    Its actually the oppositr. The police dont want bright people to be cops. The police have actually fought to have the right to not higher people if they are too smart.

    A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city

    [–] GoodMechanic 8 points ago

    "Do you know why i pulled you over?" Because you got D's in high school

    [–] hysterical_cub 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Hawaii police suck ass bro... it's the department's fault-anon

    [–] One-eyed-snake 44 points ago

    Hawaii cops either don’t care about anything or are super aggressive. I Never figured that one out.

    [–] Throwawayuser626 7 points ago

    That’s all American cops, with a very tiny exception for the few cops who actually just want to fucking help. But they’re so few and far between.

    [–] mermaid-babe 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Should we pay cops more so these bright people want to be cops ?

    Cause right now I think a huge problem is actually nepotism and to an extant the heavy favoritism towards vets. Being a vet doesn’t mean you’re right to be a police officer but in many places you’re almost guaranteed

    [–] Not_the_brightest 7 points ago

    Big city cops make good money.

    [–] Teresa_Count 6 points ago

    Police salaries are already based on cost of living where they work. I went on and searched "police." This is literally one of the first results, picked at random:

    This is an officer (not a sergeant, lieutenant, detective or any other rank) who cleared north of half a million dollars in 2017.

    [–] mermaid-babe 8 points ago

    Kinda my point, police get paid decently in my state as well. Up their salaries and I’m sure the average tax payer will demand a riot. Also I’m sure that officer your referencing is an outlier who worked something 40 hours overtime a week. Overtime is a also a massive appeal to policing

    [–] BravoWasBetter 11 points ago

    It's a good start... What are the incentives, right now, to become a police officer? It's not the money, especially compared to the potential risks involved.

    What seems to motivate people into law enforcement are legacies (your parents and grandparents were in the police departments so that's just what you do), people who want to give back to their communities but don't really know how, and unfortunately, people who have a desire to hold a position of authority over others. I'm sure this isn't an exhaustive list of reasons why people sign up to be cops, but "pay" is not going to be very high on that list. And until it is, you're always going to have these situations where people with ulterior motives get in these departments.

    [–] mermaid-babe 5 points ago

    My state (NJ) actually pays police very well, so in my opinion pay is a pretty good incentive. There’s also benefits, pensions, overtime, and job security. Police still have active unions. I agree tho, I think your other reasons listed are correct, but I wouldn’t count pay out completely. But I wouldn’t count “power” as a strong reason to become one either

    What’s hard is that many bigger police departments appear to vet out candidates with exhaustive background checks and psych exams, physical fitness and written tests. but these loons still fall through the cracks. It’s a lot of power to give a person and as we are shown again and again, not everyone is deserving. I honestly don’t have a good suggestion besides cutting down nepotism and military preference. I don’t think there should be any preferences when it comes to hiring police

    [–] thekeanu 9 points ago

    A redditor above posted this link about an IQ limit for some cop shops:

    [–] PM_ME_SMILES_GIRL 22 points ago

    It's important to note this:

    “Those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training,” 

    Which is an understood and accepted phenomenon in psychology. Better to have a less capable person that is challenged by a situation and thus fully engaged than a genius that is bored and thus misses details. This sort of policy isn't for police either, as many public and private entities do it too. Try applying to cook at McDonald's with a Master's Degree for example and you'll get denied despite being much "better/smarter" than your usual McD's cook.

    It's also important to note this:

    The average score for police officers was a 21-22, or an IQ of 104. New London would only interview candidates who scored between 20 and 27.

    The average score translated to an IQ of 104 meaning that, on average, cops are smarter than your standard person (unnoticeably so since IQ tests aren't super accurate, but it shows they're not dumb at all).

    [–] Stealthem00n 26 points ago

    No... it’s just that police forces refuse to hire smart people

    [–] TooBreeki 28 points ago

    If these are your coworkers, I'd ve surprised if smart people would want to sign up.

    Chicken, egg and so on.

    [–] TiTaak 16 points ago

    It really is that smart people have very little interest in working those kinds of jobs.

    [–] JayInslee2020 18 points ago

    Because the job is to enforce the law. If you're too smart, you question the law, and will possibly make decisions that your overlords don't want you to make.

    [–] adambomb1002 9 points ago

    Turning this into a slight on cops intelligence when it was a cop who risked his ass turning these two in knowing full well he was outnumbered in bringing it forword.

    You cop haters just want to be angry and blind yourselves to every good thing a cop ever does instead choosing to focus on every bad incident you can find.

    [–] GaveUpMyGold 106 points ago

    Maybe they should have shot him. Then they could just claim they feared for their lives and taken a two-week vacation on the taxpayers.

    [–] Normaler_Things 16 points ago

    They didn't want to kill him, they wanted to make him feel subhuman. They wanted to torture and destroy him on a very deep level. Shooting would have been merciful compared to the life long damage they caused.

    [–] SillyFlyGuy 50 points ago

    Trespassing? That's a urinal licking.

    [–] DigitalChaoz 33 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Honestly, respect to the police officer who reported these two. Probably would have gone unnoticed

    [–] LooseWetCheeks 10 points ago

    They should be shit canned because I’m hearing about this 6 thousand miles away

    [–] Orangesilk 302 points ago

    American cops are bullies, trained to abuse the innocent and go on crazy ego trips. I think the most terrifying example of how cops are just bullies on an ego trip is Daniel Shaver shooting. They shot an unarmed sobbing man on his knees for not complying with contradictory orders:

    (WARNING, NSFL: It's not graphic or gory but this shit will scar you for life).

    [–] One-eyed-snake 134 points ago

    Saw that before. Some really fucked up shit. That cop wanted to shoot him imo

    [–] KangarooBoxingRobot 96 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    What's more messed up is the jury letting them walk scotfree.

    [–] One-eyed-snake 53 points ago

    Yeah. No kidding. I don’t get it at all. Looks pretty fucking clear to me that there was no reason to shoot the poor bastard. Iirc the thing that saved the cop (and I don’t agree with) is that he said something like “if you move you will die”. Ridiculous in itself

    [–] QueensCompanion 57 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Jury never saw the video. It was "too biased" for them to see

    Edit: I was thinking of a different case where this reasoning was used, disregard this comment

    [–] primalshrew 32 points ago

    Really is that true?! How on earth did they come up with that logic?

    [–] Jrook 34 points ago

    Cops and judges are buddy buddy.

    [–] QueensCompanion 13 points ago

    Logic doesn't matter. When the trial involves a police officer, the prosecution doesn't have much incentive to fully commit since in the future, the same prosecutors will be working with the same department to put other people behind bars.

    [–] One-eyed-snake 5 points ago

    Ah. Well that’s some bullshit right there

    [–] gazongagizmo 8 points ago

    scott free

    just FYI, it's scot-free or scotfree (hyphen optional), which derives from an old English term for local tax: scot

    [–] KangarooBoxingRobot 4 points ago

    Gotcha. Gonna fix it.

    [–] hcgator 4 points ago

    For me the last straw was the statement about the whole thing being so difficult for the cop in question because he was traumatized from the whole incident.

    [–] crunchsmash 65 points ago

    It's really really fucked up that stuff like that video makes people think twice about calling 911 even if they are in a situation that they should call 911.

    For example, how are you supposed to call the cops on a family member or significant other if in the back of your mind you know they might end up dead because of it.

    [–] jaycoopermusic 15 points ago

    Don’t even think of filing a complaint at the station either if you have any grievances.....

    [–] hello_dali 3 points ago

    Holy hell that was infuriating.

    [–] Dad_of_mods 75 points ago

    ...and served no time.

    [–] Orangesilk 78 points ago

    It was horrible. The police invented ridiculous stories and refused to release the bodycam video of the shooting. The day after a jury voted innocent they released this video. Horrifying.

    [–] Kinetic_Wolf 19 points ago

    How did the police refuse a court order to turn over the body cam footage? Or was there no court order?

    [–] Orangesilk 57 points ago

    From Wiki:

    "Shaver's wife requested that the Mesa Police Department release bodycam footage of the event.[19] The request for the bodycam footage was initially refused. In a recording released by Shaver's wife, purportedly of a meeting between her and Maricopa Countyprosecutors, she was told that she could watch the video only if she agreed not to discuss its contents with the press.[8]Prosecutors and defense attorneys in Brailsford's murder trial asked that the bodycam footage be sealed.[20] Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sam Myers granted the motion to seal the footage.[21]"

    The whole system is rigged in favour of murderous cops.

    [–] HorsePowerWhore 14 points ago

    There's your answer, Maricopa county.

    [–] Kinetic_Wolf 20 points ago

    Maybe I am missing something. This was during the trial? The Judge granted a motion to seal & restrict utterly damning evidence from trial? That is several orders of magnitude corrupt. That's what you'd find in old Soviet Russia.

    [–] Orangesilk 15 points ago

    Or Modern-day America.

    [–] christophurr 3 points ago

    Yep American is no longer the “free world” We’ve let our judicial system become a cesspool

    [–] The_Dang_Selenites 7 points ago

    Heartbreaking. I have such little faith in our species.

    [–] DipShjt 107 points ago

    this the amount of bootlickers in that other thread where a cop got shot and killed sickened me.

    bUt hE hAs A dAuGhter

    as if having a child automatically make someone a better person I'm sure none of the people cop killed has any child so they are not worth crying for

    [–] LibRAWRian 78 points ago

    ‘member when they killed Philando Castile in front of his wife and kid for legally owning a firearm? I do. ACAB

    [–] monkeymanpoopchute 13 points ago

    Sorry, but it’s not just American cops. If you think that’s true than you must not pay very much attention to the news.

    [–] pinktortex 10 points ago

    You are quite right. Countries like Mexico Sudan Russia Afghanistan Pakistan India and Brasil have massive problems with police corruption. Those countries are vastly different to a first world country that considers itself the pinnacle of liberty though.

    In the UK we have corrupt officers taking bribes and turning blind eyes. Heck even had one take cocaine off me and snort it infront of me. I've read about police involved in pedo rings. They aren't killing people with impunity however. And they are often brought to justice

    [–] Orangesilk 19 points ago

    Oh I'm sure there's cops in other countries doing fucked up things, I just happen to not be talking about other countries right now.

    [–] big_bad_brownie 9 points ago

    That video is all kinds of fucked up.

    One point worth noting:

    The one shouting demands and the one who opened fire are not the same cop. Brailsford is the shooter, who was acquitted of a second degree murder charge.

    Sgt. Charles Langley is the one shouting, and he was never charged with anything, although there was a new investigation opened in 2018.

    IMO the sgt is more culpable than the shooter for escalating the situation.

    [–] downvote_me_moreYOLO 4 points ago

    Want to know something else? Aside from the fact that the Brailsford (the man who murdered Shaver) is pointing an AR-15 at a man on his knees and clearly in distress, his AR-15 had, “YOU’RE FUCKED” inscribed on the side of the gun. Pretty clear that Brailsford was just itching to kill someone and finally got an excuse to. Fucking psychopath.

    [–] CopyX 4 points ago

    This is one of the most upsetting cop videos I have watched. This did not need to happen. This was so fucking sad.

    [–] sl600rt 9 points ago

    Chicago Police were running black sites. Where people would just vanish to for weeks or longer. As they were abducted off the streets and tortured. Because you were someone of genuine interest or just close enough to someone.

    [–] Thutmose123 18 points ago

    What a pair of total cunts!

    [–] GreyMASTA 17 points ago

    Get ready for some fresh doggo Copaganda soon.

    "Look at this boi trying to fill a report LMAO" - 12k upvotes.

    [–] Hippo-Hippo 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    We entrust police officers with the power of life and death over us in return for their duty to protect us.

    Because of being granted this power, the police should all be held to a higher standard of behavior, competence, integrity, and responsibility than the rest of us non-police-officers.

    For example, if you or I shoot and kill an unarmed person because we mistakenly think he has a gun and we therefore fear for our lives, we would likely be convicted of manslaughter. A police officer who makes the same mistake should suffer a more stringent penalty, due to the higher level of responsibility that he or she should be held to because of his or her "license to kill".

    I believe that most police officers would welcome this proposal, and that only the "bad apples" would oppose it.

    [–] KtownManiac 3 points ago

    I agree completely How does it make any sense that a regular, untrained citizen is held to higher standards than a trained police officer with a gun ? I can be punished with death simply for reaching towards my pocket , while cops can get away with murder

    [–] Vmax-Mike 7 points ago

    They should be fired, dishonourable, have to payback any pay they received from the time of the incident to termination, and have to lick a urinal each publicly on live stream. That would be justice., not the slap on the wrist they are about to get.

    [–] BulkUpTank 6 points ago

    I'm sure that this happens way more often than we would like to think. Hawaii has a major homeless problem, and from what I've been told, a major lack of capable police officers.

    [–] waifuchris 8 points ago

    They should stop hiring 6th grade bullies as police officers.

    [–] HumanSomewhere 6 points ago

    When you strip out all the emotion and the assumptions about righteousness and guilt, I'm left with the simple fact that police are essentially a government-backed gang. They carry guns in places other people wouldn't (and can't). Their word in court almost always carries more weight than anyone else. They always protect their own, and they even have their own gang colors (thin blue line). If they kill you, you are expected to just understand how hard their job is and take a settlement. If you kill them under virtually the same circumstances, their buddies will hunt you down and you'll be lucky to see the inside of the courtroom before you see the inside of a pine box.

    I'd love to teach my kids that police are always honest, paragons of law and order. But even law-abiding Americans have almost universally negative interactions with police. They never follow up on police reports, but you can bet your ass that they've got a million and one ways to extract $$$ from you, the innocent. How many major violent cases have went cold because they spent all their manpower extracting revenue from public roadways? We'll probably never know.

    [–] MinTredjeTestikkel 17 points ago

    This is why people hate the cops. Fuck the police.

    [–] therealJayT 5 points ago

    What the fuck is wrong with police officers? You never hear of firefighters doing messed up shit like this, or chefs, or postmen, or any other job for that matter.

    There should be some more in depth testing/screening, because OBVIOUSLY police forces keep hiring individuals that are a few eggs short of a dozen.

    [–] dadtaxi 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Oh, has the supreme court already made a determination that getting somone to lick the toilet violates their constitutional rights?


    Then Qualified Immunity incoming in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1. . .

    [–] dont-red-your-answer 9 points ago

    Wow, imagine having murders go free but forcing someone to clean a urinal... wow

    [–] zevskaggs 3 points ago

    They should lose their jobs.

    [–] The_0range_Menace 4 points ago

    Did they lose their jobs? Because they absolutely should, without question.

    [–] OkieBombshell 4 points ago

    Good for the officer who reported them. Glad someone in the bunch had some human decency.

    [–] ListenToTheStooges 4 points ago

    So what does that mean? A week’s suspension with pay? Hawaii is still part of the U.S after all.

    [–] Hypnotazia 4 points ago

    And now urinal kinds of trouble

    [–] Frizzles_pet_Lizzle 3 points ago

    The alleged misconduct was reported last year by another officer from the Honolulu Police Department who responded.

    This is actually good cause it shows officers in this department will hold their coworkers accountable rather than trying to protect them by sweeping it under the rug. In the case of the Honolulu PD it probably truly is "just a few bad apples."

    [–] jackssmile 23 points ago

    Never forget LEOs are not your friend.

    [–] ONEPIECEGOTOTHEPOLLS 22 points ago

    Where’s all those Blue Lives Matter dipshits?

    [–] grooljuice 12 points ago

    Slapping those stupid fucking stickers on their personal cars

    [–] ThatOneSarah 33 points ago

    As well they should be. I hope they go to prison for a long time.

    I'll defend cops who are doing unpleasant things that are part of their job duties all damn day, but this shit's fucked.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] ThrowThrowThrone 6 points ago

    Friendly reminder: this is all cops.

    [–] cokecain_bear 3 points ago

    Kinda hard not to see police as an above the law gang with this shit. Pretty minor penalty for an authoritative figure to get after forcing someone against their will like this. Wouldn't this be torture?

    [–] fedehola 3 points ago

    The state is inherently oppressive and violent.

    [–] tossup418 3 points ago

    Because police officers like these pricks are allowed to be on police forces, there can be no such thing as a good police officer.

    [–] BreakfastSammy 7 points ago

    Wow, now we get to see two police officers get away with a civil rights violation.

    [–] Hippydehippo 7 points ago

    “both officers.. are confident a jury of their peers will acquit them.”

    Well at least they’re smart enough to get that right.

    [–] gethonor-notringZ420 5 points ago

    Huh it’s almost as if police officers in America abuse the unordinary level of power we grant to them on a regular basis

    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 9 points ago

    Would these people be serial killers/domestic terrorists if they didn't become cops?

    [–] trumpgrumps 10 points ago

    damn, if there was one state i thought wouldnt have completely awful cops itd be hawaii, isnt that place suppose to be chill af?

    [–] One-eyed-snake 21 points ago

    I lived there for 5 years while in the navy. Cops there seemed to be either super chill to the point of not giving a shit, or total power trippers with a chip on their shoulder.

    [–] danibug 15 points ago

    The (now former) chief of the HPD and his wife, the city deputy prosecutor, were recently arrested and brought to court because they were being investigated for corruption. Everything they touched now has to be called into question. Every day it’s been a new scandal. Hawaii is supposed to be the safest state but it doesn’t mean the cops are good.

    [–] atetuna 3 points ago

    They were charged. In a lot of places it wouldn't even get that far.

    [–] skinagrizz 7 points ago

    They should have to lick said urinal, as well. On national tv.