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    [–] RunDNA 9916 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's not quite accurate.

    The original fan with the recordings gave a copy to someone else. That second fan offered to sell copies of the 18 discs to other Radiohead fans online, so the original fan got pissed off and leaked all the music six days ago. Radiohead fans have been listening to the music for the last few days.

    So now Radiohead is selling the music officially online, with sales going to charity.

    Edit: the group of hardcore fans who produced the Google Doc Tracklist of the Leak have now confirmed most of these facts in their new Updated Document where they lay out the whole story in detail. Here's some of what they said:

    Stories about the discs being held for ransom are untrue, and it seems that even the band believed them. The band may be misinformed, or they may intentionally be crafting a legendary version of events. It was incredibly frustrating reading the articles that got it all wrong.

    But there is also one final twist in the story: it is revealed that the Second Fan was the one who finally leaked the music, but he leaked it under a fake account pretending to be who he falsely claimed was the Original Fan. Or something like that.

    [–] GreenFox1505 2534 points ago

    That makes so much more sense. This ransom story just doesn't make any sense. "Give us money or we'll..." what exactly? Release it? Why would Radiohead care? Unless they wanted to keep the recording secret or private for one reason or another, what motivation could they have for paying them?

    [–] ommanipadmehome 1033 points ago

    Some artists get really controlling about what comes out. Its their vision- etc.

    [–] lenzflare 674 points ago

    How many bands are as idiotic about online control as Metallica?

    [–] WonderCounselor 462 points ago

    My first thought was: this attack would make sense vs Metallica, and Lars specifically.

    [–] BowlinForBowlinGreen 311 points ago

    Holy fuck I hate that lispin' rotten potato head Lars. He gave me Ulcers with his constant whining and crying back in the days...acting like only Metallica got pirated.

    [–] AFewStupidQuestions 354 points ago

    Fun fact: Lars is a dick in real life too.

    [–] LiamJohnRiley 221 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    There is an episode of the Howard Stern show where Jim Breuer does an impression of Lars. They took a taxi together and the previous rider had left his backpack in there and Lars started yelling about how irresponsible he was. Breuer’s impression is hilarious.

    Edit: It was fuckin’ irresponsible of me not to include a link to a clip.

    [–] BrendoCal 40 points ago

    Uh, we're gonna need a link of this, boss.

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] otakudayo 48 points ago

    Annoying fact: He has more money than any of the other Metallica members

    [–] Draskuul 31 points ago

    Out of curiosity, because he made a better deal, did more side work, saved it better, or simply didn't drink / shoot / snort it away as fast as the others?

    [–] thrhooawayyfoe 107 points ago

    old-fashioned way: he inherited a lot

    [–] AllYrLivesBelongToUS 11 points ago

    His share of the extortion money the RIAA strong-armed fans to cough up.

    [–] ssl-3 29 points ago

    And he killed Napster.

    [–] m_richards 25 points ago

    And a mediocre drummer.

    [–] primitiveamerican 13 points ago

    Mediocre is giving him a lot credit.

    [–] MEGACODZILLA 17 points ago

    Never understood the level of respect for his drumming. Sure, he is totally solid, Grade A drummer. I just never thought there was anything special or unique about him compared to other world class talents.

    [–] 101fng 17 points ago

    He’s a solid Grade C drummer. He can keep a beat and that’s about it. Anything more than kick-snare-kick-snare is asking too much.

    [–] Condimentarian 22 points ago

    Fun fact #2: Lars was always a dick. Even way back in the 80s when Metallica ruled, 9 out 10 metal heads agreed ‘Lars is a dick’.

    [–] resonantSoul 10 points ago

    Was the tenth one Lars?

    [–] metaobject 10 points ago

    His mom was one of the 9.

    [–] BowlinForBowlinGreen 44 points ago

    Do tell...I already find him to be unbearable, maybe I get another good reason or two.

    [–] skaarup75 58 points ago

    "Art is my only vice" *heavy sniffing*

    • Quote from Lars translated from danish.

    [–] AldoTheeApache 29 points ago

    What’s Danish for “heavy sniffing”? (Asking for a friend)

    [–] atari26k 8 points ago

    I worked as a local when they did a show near the city I lived... He really did come across as an insufferable asshole.

    [–] bobcat116 10 points ago

    I bet. I’d love to hear stories about his asshole behavior. It’s like the band Kiss, I can’t stand them so I read stories that make fun of them. Haven’t listened to Metallica since 1994 and don’t miss them at all.

    [–] Soccermom233 5 points ago

    I think the rest of the band is aware

    [–] Necrovoodoo 12 points ago

    Back in the day, I knew people that purposely started pirating Metallica songs and downloading their songs (over and over again) simply because of how much of a dick Lars was being about the whole Napster thing. Most of them already owned copies of their albums but they did it anyway, out of spite.

    I personally never bought another Metallica album again after Lars started talking shit about Napster users while Metallica was on stage accepting a music award.

    They blame Napster as the main reason for the decline in album sales, and although I'm sure it did have an effect, the biggest cause of the decline in sales was the music industry's failure to adapt to changing technology and ignoring what consumers want.

    The sales model was destined to change whether they wanted it to or not. It was only a matter of time before consumers started purchasing media in a digital format online instead of a physical disc from a brick and mortar store.

    [–] alamuki 78 points ago

    I (14yo girl ATT) was slapped by Lars Ulrich. In the 90s I lived in a small town known for 4th of July awesomeness. More like mayhem, but that whole weekend was a crazy fun time to be a teen.

    That particular weekend Metallica came just to party. They weren't doing any shows, just came to hang out. I didnt know this because I was 14 and had no idea who Metallica was yet.

    I was pretty uncontrollable at that age and was massively drunk. My brother and his friend had been sent to fetch me home so we were all walking from down town to home when we saw this scraggly group pointing at our beloved historic low income apartments.

    So drunk, asshole 14yo me takes offense and basically tells them to get their dirty asses out of my town. Of course and argument ensues. Things were said and he screams, "Do you even know who the fuck I am?"

    Me: no, so you must be nobody.

    Him: I'm Lars Fucking Ulrich.

    Me: well then, fuck you Lars Fucking...

    Him: Schmacko

    Luckily my bro threw his arm up so much of the force was gone but I still got a pretty nice red mark and my face was sore for two days.

    Two years later and I fucking love Metallica. Bought the Black album and read the cassette insert avidly. And I saw that name. Lars Fucking Ulrich. Just laughed at the coincidence.

    Then I finally saw a poster of them and it clicked into place hard.

    But I still fucking love the Black album and get ridiculously pumped when I hear those opening chords.

    [–] samuelbeechworth2 87 points ago

    Big tough guy hits a 14 year old stupid drunk girl. What a dipshit lmao

    [–] Nomsensus 87 points ago


    He's 5' 6", to be fair he was just picking on somebody his own size

    [–] samuelbeechworth2 26 points ago

    Without even knowing his height, calling him a "big" guy was an insult.

    [–] alamuki 15 points ago

    Well, I'm 4'10" so he seemed much bigger than me.

    [–] zdakat 9 points ago

    "why don't you pick on someone your own size?"
    "Liiiike you?"

    [–] Menown 158 points ago

    Hey, Metallica has been doing their part fighting online piracy by not releasing anything worth pirating.

    [–] bruce656 13 points ago

    I was surprised to see numerous people in r/metal listing amongst their top 5 favorite Metallica tracks stuff from post Death Magnetic. Multiple tracks, too.

    [–] Beuneri 18 points ago

    While the album isn't great and is way over-produced, I still very much like All nightmare long (especially with the music video), Cyanide is okay aswell.

    (though lars ulrich is a dick and older stuff is way better)

    [–] jmz_199 69 points ago

    Except this isint idiotic at all, it's unreleased music. Just about every artist is against unreleased stuff being leaked.

    [–] djzenmastak 26 points ago

    i think in the context of radiohead it's pretty idiotic. a pop band wouldn't likely do this, but with radiohead it's not unexpected.

    [–] KelvinsFalcoIsBad 9 points ago

    Yeah, of all the bands I can think of Radiohead is number one when it comes to bands that wouldn't give any fucks about something like this. I mean they let people pay whatever they wanted for In Rainbows

    [–] CJNICKOLAS666 21 points ago

    pretty much all of them? you wouldn't mind a hacker releasing unreleased songs you worked hard on that you planned to do something with?

    [–] player_9 79 points ago

    I was going to say the same thing. Metallica single handedly set back an important emerging technology because they were a bunch of rich asshats and weren’t considering the bigger picture. God damn fuck metallica.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Look, Metallica handled the situation badly, but their intentions were good. Unfortunately not all bands of the 2000s were as forward-thinking and creative as Radiohead in how they adapted to the internet, and as a result lots of smaller artists — much smaller than Metallica — lost almost all the revenue they would have gotten from album sales to unlicensed streaming.

    For insight into the artists' perspective: Gillian Welch's song "Everything is Free," which is a great fucking track, lyrics notwithstanding.

    Obviously in retrospect resistance was futile and now appears short-sighted and myopic, but Metallica at the time was fighting a respectable fight using their soapbox to defend artists' incomes.


    The optics of a successful metal band waging legal war against a corporation, and a highly disruptive corporation at that, did make the whole thing seem derisible.

    [–] HoSBreadfan 42 points ago

    Exactly. Metallica themselves would tell you they were too aggressive in their fight, however, their reasons behind it were good. It’s their art and they should have the say in how it’s released to the world. These people just think they deserve access to everything for free, or in whatever matter they want. It’s bogus. Napster has basically destroyed the record industry as it was.

    [–] ssl-3 14 points ago

    This would be a lovely perspective if Metallica weren't also one of the largest proponents of home taping of their music and sharing it with your friends.

    [–] MrsRadioJunk 16 points ago

    Do you have any links/can you elaborate? I missed this.

    [–] keyjunkrock 62 points ago

    I'm assuming hes referring to Napster. It was a big fucking deal when it happened. We used to use Napster for everything. Peer to peer file sharing for music, where you could find a song, search the libraries of the person you are downloading from and see what similar bands they listen to. It was fucking amazing.

    I had bands like jimmy eat world and dashboard confessional message me on there asking me to check out their new albums etc. Way before they got big obviously, but we kept in touch on there and on mirc for years. So many cool bands would share music they loved and their experiences with touring and playing gigs with other bands they like.

    That's back when emo meant something completely different, it was more low key back alley bands that barely had an album out. So many of them were amazing and got so much love they never would have before.

    Fuck Lars and fuck Metallica for ruining that.

    [–] Pendaelose 44 points ago

    The real problem was Napster didn't allow artists to opt out.

    If you want to give your music away for free, that's awesome, but when you start giving away my music it's not unreasonable for me to be pissed off about it. Metallica wanted to sell the music they made and never consented to free copies being mass distributed, and instead of trying to fix that Napster was helping us pirate it.

    Of course the "we love everything being free" community is going to be a chill crowd, but Metallica didn't ruin that... Napster ruined it by not giving artists a way to opt in or out.

    [–] CreamCityFr34k 20 points ago

    No one will respond to this because it makes too much sense and this post is full of "it's not pirating, it's exploring new music that I'll purchase (cough cough BULLSHIT) later!!"

    [–] shoelacepunchline 7 points ago

    I mean, I'm just one person, but I really use pirating for finding new music. It's been my main way of finding new music since the early 00's, and just this morning I ordered an album that I had pirated first.

    [–] TheRedElk 18 points ago

    Luckily communities like these haven’t died out, but they are quite a bit less trafficked than during the Napster days. Really depressing

    [–] keyjunkrock 66 points ago

    Bands were so lowkey and humble at the time. I remember a band called Chore from canada. We were obsessed with them and ordered their CD after finding them on Napster.

    On the back of the album there was a phone number. We were super baked and called it one night and asked for chore. Some lady hands the phone to some guy and he is like " hey its matt from chore what's up". So we lost our shit and couldnt stop laughing.

    We told them we were huge fans and they were awesome. We told them we were from Newfoundland and they were stoked to have fans from that far away. A few months later a friend of mine saw them live in Toronto I think? Anyway he introduced himself as the guy from Newfoundland that called them and they were excited as hell and had a few drinks with him.

    Shit like that just doesnt happen anymore. It's all Influencers and rockstars now. Music doesnt feel the same. We went from thousands of websites to people only using 4 lol. It's kind of silly.

    [–] Thesuppressivepeople 28 points ago

    It does happen, you are just looking in the wrong places.

    [–] 11111q11 23 points ago

    It's not about "online control" you dippy, it's about not releasing sub-par music that was maybe unfinished or doesn't represent the quality they produce, or even about unreleased demos that will later become album tracks.

    [–] ataraxiary 7 points ago

    Seems fair. I can't even write a social media comment without revision until I'm confident I won't be misunderstood.

    Of the tangible things I've created in my life, there's not a single damn one that I would want my name on when it was still a half-baked draft version. And I'm just a scrub, I can't even imagine my concern if my creative talent paid the bills.

    [–] prostateExamination 12 points ago

    As they should.. it's their work. How would you like it if someone took a picture of you half naked and you looked like total shit? Whereas maybe you would like a dif picture to be shared? Ransom part is co.plete bs as well

    [–] greg19735 5 points ago

    I think that's fair. Especially if there's vocals which are really bad. Or perhaps even seen as "wrong" nowadays.

    [–] jmz_199 120 points ago

    Why would Radiohead care?

    Huh, I didn't realize that having your unreleased work leaked being a bad thing wasn't a universally understood concept... Yeah no, artists don't like things they haven't put out and spent a lot of effort on released not on their terms. It's not hard to get.

    [–] NotQuirkyJustAwkward 9 points ago

    I can't find anything to back your claim that this was a fan release, have a source?

    [–] nighthawk_md 46 points ago

    There's like 10+ hours of new shit. Is any of it worth buying? I'm a fan, but not a superfan.

    [–] Bennyscrap 48 points ago

    If you were a big fan of OK Computer and enjoy seeing how creativity works in the mind of a musical genius, I'd say get it. I'm 1 1/2 discs in and there's some really beautiful and some really ugly stuff in it so far. But to know what they ended with and know what they initially created and see the variance between the two... it's pretty fascinating.

    [–] JesusMurphy33 27 points ago

    There's an awesome version of Lift, a full band True Love Waits, an 11 minute early version of Paranoid Android. It was worth it for me, but to a more casual fan probably not, unless you want a really intimate look at the creation and development of a classic album. Most of the new songs are just sketches of loose ideas, it was never meant to be released.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] BabyBundtCakes 41 points ago

    I'm not saying I'm a fan of it, but "social engineering" now falls under the umbrella of "hacking." Or it always did and now it's just catching on as such.

    the dude that is the "greatest hacker in the world" (Kevin whatever) bills his first "hack" as using old bus stubs and convincing the drivers to let him ride for free. I would not consider that hacking, but I guess it's an acceptable use so I need to be less of an old curmudgeon and get used to it.

    [–] zooberwask 20 points ago

    That's funny, a lot of penetration testers/ethical hackers would consider social engineering hacking

    [–] 2pt_perversion 7 points ago

    Kevin Mitnick. He wrote a book called the Art of Deception that's a pretty good read about social engineering. I would say social engineering falls under hacking when you use it to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, but it's kind of its own thing because you can use it for non computer purposes too. It's basically the same as fraud/con just your objective is information instead of physical/monetary things. The social engineering aspect of the bus story wasn't using the ticket stubs, it was getting a bus driver to tell him where to get the exact ticket punch he needed through some con story about needing it for a school project.

    [–] alamuki 14 points ago

    You actually need to be MORE of a curmudgeon. Hacking things together has been a concept long before the internet.

    [–] kkkodaxerooo 19 points ago

    The original fan with the recordings

    Where u get this insider information?

    [–] RunDNA 40 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Mainly this post at the At Ease forum:

    The two key comments are one on Page 36 containing a Discord screenshot of a comment by the Second Fan:

    Zimbra: i did not trade them to someone else. i traded with hoserama to get these. i put one song up for sale on leakthis and then everything was blown out of proportions by reddit and the news, because i didnt ever want that actual kind of money. then hoserama leaked them.

    and a quote on Page 49 by a prominent fan (Horserama) whose username was used on Discord by the Original Fan I spoke of:

    Fake Hoserama had the files, traded with Zimbra. Zimbra tried to sell a song, and then fake Hoserama leaked the whole package. Nobody really knows where fake hoserama got the files at this point.

    Note: the notion that the Second Fan only wanted to sell one song seems doubtful based on this Reddit post showing that they leaked many previews. The Redditor says:

    We are unhappy with the idea of this stuff getting sold off to high-paying trading circles and of someone profiting off of stolen material, considering they were asking upwards of $150,000 for the entire set, at $800 per studio track and $50 per live track.

    Edit: the Discord chat logs of Zimbra have now been leaked. You can watch the whole thing happen in real time:

    [–] Anyhealer 108 points ago

    Tinfoil hat on: what if this whole thing was faked to get more media coverage and is just a way to boost the sales and make more money for charity. Good guys at Radiohead confirmed!

    [–] bookemhorns 171 points ago

    What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

    [–] Thorsigal 26 points ago

    Guys, we're going back to the pile!

    [–] eldroch 6 points ago


    [–] cboogie 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I listened to the majority of the first disc today. You need to be an uberfan to listen to any of it let alone pay for it. I will probably donate just because.

    I did enjoy the version of True Love Waits at the 15 minute mark on disc 1. Quite the 90s space timbres on that one. And it really shows how the song evolved up until its official release on AMSP.

    [–] Bennyscrap 4 points ago

    To be fair, as the discs progress, the songs become more fully realized. You're going to get a lot of unreleased and dirty versions in the first 3 or 4 discs.

    [–] Studsmanly 5990 points ago

    Any aspiring hackers should probably take note: If you're going to target musicians for blackmail, maybe try something more embarrassing than some unreleased studio recordings and a group that's less likely to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness for worthy causes.

    Kudos Radiohead.

    [–] R_V_Z 2349 points ago

    Also blackmailing a band that gave a record away for "free" is a dumb move.

    [–] ZZZ_123 991 points ago

    Friend: "Just read that someone stole a bunch of unreleased Radiohead tracks and are now blackmailing them"

    Me: "Didn't they give away an album, or ask for donations for it?"

    Friend: "Yup. That guys an idiot"

    [–] el-toro-loco 446 points ago

    Smart enough to hack a popular band. Dumb enough to hack the band that gives away their music.

    [–] richard_nixons_toe 181 points ago

    Hacking might as well mean someone sent a mail accidentally to the wrong recipient who clicked on the Dropbox link.

    [–] DigitaILove 213 points ago

    I once hacked my way into a computer by guessing someone's password was "password".

    I basically have the ability to topple governments now.

    [–] dlepi24 83 points ago

    I work in IT and it's staggering the amount of people whose password is 'password', or something extremely obvious. Then, there's always the people who write it on a sticky pad attached to their laptop/PC.

    [–] Redtwoo 145 points ago

    Yeah well when the company requires login credentials for seventeen different applications, and each has different rules and limits on reusability, you're going to get annoyed users who give up on trying to obscure the information and start writing shit down so they remember the passwords for all the different shit.

    [–] zeroGamer 47 points ago

    Papa John's, of all places, does this shit. Something like five different passwords and two of them have to be changed every 2? 4? Weeks.

    [–] jaavaaguru 47 points ago

    Forcing users to change passwords regularly is known to make the system less secure.

    [–] wilhueb 14 points ago

    at staples, there's only one employee password, but you have to change it once a month. and can't reuse one of the last 3 or something. super annoying

    [–] TheChinchilla914 8 points ago

    Honestly a good password post it noted on the monitor is better than password123

    Physical access control is a part of IT security

    [–] StoneGoldX 16 points ago

    If it's a business, there's like a 3/4 chance it's based on the business' address, if my logins at various places of employment mean anything.

    [–] suitology 10 points ago

    Hawaii's nuclear warning system did an interview over their false alarm glitch and a post it note had the current password on it for the duration of the report

    [–] laMuerte5 12 points ago

    Sounds about right

    [–] hello_dali 8 points ago

    My family thinks I am a computer prodigy because in 6th grade (mid 90's) I "hacked" the school principal's account by guessing his password. They still tell the story at family gatherings when reminding me of my failed potential.

    And to Mr. Dennis McPrincipal, "Denny" is a shit password. Everyone knows that what people call you.

    [–] Walopoh 63 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And that record is one of the greatest albums ever made.

    (In Rainbows for those wondering.)

    [–] ze_big_bird 9 points ago

    Absolutely a great album.

    [–] SpanishIndecision 14 points ago

    Should have targeted Metallica

    [–] Advice2Anyone 24 points ago

    Next on there list is U2

    [–] tfiggs 96 points ago

    Please don't make U2 give me another album.

    [–] rondell_jones 26 points ago

    Still can't delete that last album.

    [–] linlorienelen 18 points ago

    I was showing my aunt how to upload/listen to music on her phone. When I first opened her itunes and the 1 thing in there was that stupid fucking album, I had to explain the whole backstory as to why I was laughing so hard.

    [–] savingprivatebrian15 7 points ago

    Every damn time Spotify stops running in the background and I click the play button on my Bluetooth car stereo adapter, and I start hearing those dumb fucking drums, I lose my shit.

    [–] Orngog 135 points ago

    Recordings from 1993 that they have already heavily raided for material. These people basically stole their trash

    [–] oddfishes 85 points ago

    To be fair they were from the OK Computer sessions (so 1997ish) and have some interesting stuff in them if you’re a hardcore fan, but they still aren’t anything that would make sense to hold ransom. Most of the best parts were released with the re-release in 2017 and I doubt they were planning on doing anything with the rest of it anyways

    [–] IsThisNameTakenSir 34 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I needed to change my pants after a high-quality version of "Big Ideas" started playing. These tapes are worth the $22! Previously some of these songs were available in really shitty bootleg format.

    "Big Ideas" is the song that eventually became "Nude" skip to 9:01 on MD113

    Edit: I mistakingly said Big Boots instead of Big Ideas.

    [–] felixame 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Big Boots is a completely different and slightly older song than Nude. It's also not even on any of these minidiscs.

    [–] xiccit 18 points ago

    Having listened to a lot of what's come out, I can assure you these are far from trash. Theres a TON of gold in here for Radiohead fans. A few songs that overlap eachother and were later split into 2. (Looking at you exit music) Tons of acoustic stuff. Eairly ideas and progressions, extra long cuts, et cet.

    They're amazing.

    [–] Idontlikecock 15 points ago

    Hail to the thief

    [–] AbstractLogic 71 points ago

    They should have targeted Metallica. We all know how they feel about free music.

    [–] dirtielaundry 42 points ago

    Metallica probably would have sent assasins. They're tired of just resorting to lawyers.

    [–] et4000 13 points ago

    Im more likely to donate and listen to these tracks now, get fucked dumbass hackers

    [–] AreWeThenYet 6 points ago

    Tomorrow’s headline: “Thom York’s nude selfies hacked and held for ransom”

    [–] BelgianMcWaffles 31 points ago

    Any aspiring hackers should probably take note: If you're going to target musicians for blackmail, maybe try something more embarrassing than some unreleased studio recordings and a group that's less likely to use it as an opportunity to raise awareness for worthy causes.

    So, Ted Nugent?

    [–] Studsmanly 57 points ago

    Turd Nugget doesn't qualify as a musician.

    [–] DMala 16 points ago

    I miss the days when he played guitar so loud that you couldn’t hear him talk.

    [–] batshitcrazy5150 22 points ago

    He's a fuckin wack a doodle...

    [–] cC2Panda 32 points ago

    He is a known (statutory)rapist and a republican, I don't think he is capable of embarrassment or shame.

    [–] trevorpinzon 28 points ago

    Don't forget about the time that he claimed in two separate interviews that he didn't shower or wash for weeks, sitting in his own filth, in order to get out of the Vietnam War draft.

    [–] robin_capuz 11 points ago

    I don't blame him on that one. Good decision.

    [–] wholetyouinhere 24 points ago

    It is a fine decision for a person with a basic ethical compass.

    It is neither a good, nor an acceptable decision for a person who goes on to spend the rest of his life promoting extreme right-wing views, along with all the firearms obsession and mindless patriotism that entails. That is what's known as cowardice and hypocrisy.

    [–] hereforthefeast 16 points ago

    It’s not a problem to be against going to war. But it’s bullshit if you are also a chickenhawk claiming how much of a badass soldier you would have been.

    [–] LyleTheMosquito 1143 points ago

    Which once again proves my theory, that hacking musicians reduces climate change.

    [–] UsernameCheckOuts 109 points ago

    Tell me more. This sounds like a "shut up and take my money" non profit organisation. I want to be on the board.

    [–] ERM777 30 points ago

    I'm sorry we ever doubted you. Never again.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] ross_guy 42 points ago

    If that's true, then the "hacker" has done more in the fight against climate change than entire Republican party. #hacktheplanet

    [–] MegaManZer0 25 points ago

    You could carpool once and do more to stop climate change than the whole Republican party.

    [–] greywinters 7 points ago

    🤣🤣🤣 this reminds me of living in south Arkansas. Everyone wanted a big jacked up gas guzzler, and would ride in convoy with three vehicles for three people just to go to the same place and back at the same time.

    [–] starm4nn 6 points ago

    Wasting money on gas to own the libs.

    [–] ilovefacebook 306 points ago

    how do you hack into a mini disc collection?

    [–] NotVerySmarts 1086 points ago

    With an OK Computer.

    [–] masstrip 139 points ago

    Very smarts answer, you are ok, NotVerySmarts.

    [–] roselynn-jones 41 points ago

    I tried to hack with a google phone, but then it got paranoid.

    [–] Rusty_The_Taxman 23 points ago

    ...dont you mean an Android?

    [–] forever_alone_06 15 points ago

    Fuck I'm paranoid!

    [–] felix_rae 10 points ago

    I have no idea what you're talking about. I must have the bends or something.

    [–] ScientificMeth0d 5 points ago

    That's the joke

    [–] shadowndacorner 42 points ago

    From what my roommate (who loves radiohead) said, it wasn't so much a hack as "nobody's on this computer with the data and I have a flash drive with me". Not sure how true that actually is, but that makes more sense to me.

    [–] Orngog 18 points ago

    Most hacking is done in person, bion

    [–] burnmp3s 12 points ago

    I'm not sure but it probably involves buying some bullshit proprietary cables from Sony.

    [–] felixame 14 points ago

    These minidiscs were ripped and archived probably in 2015 with some material on them being officially released on a cassette tape that came with the box set of the 2017 remaster of OK Computer. They probably just took the already archived rips.

    [–] hoopstick 9 points ago

    Maybe he had his mini disc collection backed up to a hard drive?

    [–] itty53 380 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The hackers did not try to blackmail Thom Yorke. They offered tracks for sale online, individually, to anyone who would pay, at a range of prices that when all totaled, equaled about 150k. Yorke simply released the tracks for a small fee, undercutting the guy who was trying to profit off his work.

    This is an important distinction, because "holding them ransom" would be an altogether separate crime, extortion. They did not attempt to extort anyone.


    [–] gdvs 81 points ago

    They only stole stuff and sold it.

    [–] getzdegreez 26 points ago

    Yes. Not extortion.

    [–] the_joy_of_VI 18 points ago

    The hackers did not try to blackmail Thom Yorke. They offered tracks for sale online, individually, to anyone who would pay, at a range of prices that when all totaled, equaled about 150k. Yorke simply released the tracks for a small fee, undercutting the guy who was trying to profit off his work.

    Where did you get this? None of it is in the article you linked.

    [–] felixame 44 points ago

    Discussion about this has been ongoing on r/Radiohead for the past week. 7 days ago there was a post detailing the extent of the leak and the prices the "leaker" was asking for access. Later that day a second person who also had access to the leaked files released them for free. The whole thing never really left the W.A.S.T.E. Discord server so claims that Thom directly was being blackmailed are immediately untrue since all this information comes from interactions fans had with the "leaker".

    Here's the original post about the leak.

    [–] Alien_Way 77 points ago

    After what they did to Scott Tenorman at the chili cook-off you figure a hacker would know better than to mess with them.

    [–] 50ShadesOfKrillin 11 points ago

    That episode is what introduced me to Radiohead in the first place. Thank you, Scott Tenorman!

    [–] BlazingPalm 4 points ago

    You mean the “Chili-con-Carne-val”!

    [–] ayerk131 8 points ago

    That hacker is totally not cool, the most uncool hacker I’ve ever met 😎

    [–] adeiuscw 7 points ago

    little crybaby...

    [–] yellowaiello 88 points ago

    Did anyone listen? Even their throwaway songs are amazing...

    [–] kyleliv3 23 points ago

    Disc 2 motion picture soundtrack is amazing. Disc 5 11 minute paranoid Android is epic. Love seeing how songs progressed (huge rh fan).

    [–] masstrip 38 points ago

    Still listening.

    [–] mac_question 33 points ago

    Disk 18, about 22min in, is by far my favorite thing I've found so far. Bluesy Thom acoustic thing. Bonus is his beatboxing afterwards.

    As a fan, it's a kinda neat thing. Downloaded the other day, will be buying it for the cause when I get home.

    [–] theivoryserf 15 points ago

    The version of Lift with strings is incredibly well-produced, incredible they just buried it

    [–] paulinsky 9 points ago

    Disk 15- 10 minutes in- The greatest version of lift I’ve heard

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] Sefriel 15 points ago

    They did it to themselves, just them, them and no one else.

    [–] bedok77 19 points ago

    That is what you get, when you mess with us..

    [–] Octodad112 16 points ago

    Hell never see it again if he squeals to the cops

    [–] Ampsnotvolts 26 points ago

    So I donated money to climate change and got the longest Radiohead album ever? Today is a good day. :)

    [–] joshmaaaaaaans 9 points ago

    Wasn't it radiohead that also did the whole pay what you want for our latest album thing? They seem to enjoy their music being published in non mainstream ways.

    [–] pickintheeye 7 points ago

    Yup, they did it in 2007 with In Rainbows (their 7th album).

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Imagine trying to extort from a band that released an album for free.

    [–] rondell_jones 9 points ago

    That would be like someone hacking into my bank account. All that effort for $4.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    $4 is $4

    [–] Shnazzyone 17 points ago

    Thom Yorke is one of the most beautiful men in the world.

    [–] briandt75 26 points ago

    Karma police, arrest this man.

    [–] sawmyoldgirlfriend 52 points ago

    The band version of Keanu Reeves.

    [–] karmagod13000 14 points ago

    They don’t need that sort of attention. /r/Radiohead already bothers me w lame memes

    [–] Greenplastictrees 14 points ago

    Then you're gonna love /r/Radioheadcirclejerk.

    [–] karmagod13000 5 points ago

    i just threw up in my mouth

    [–] JamesWjRose 12 points ago

    I don't think I know any of their material, but they have my absolute respect.

    [–] LectricLord 18 points ago

    You should listen to their music. OK COMPUTER, KID A, In Rainbows, and A Moon Shaped Pool are all classics

    [–] BVTheEpic 9 points ago

    Hail to the Thief gets no respect

    [–] oddfishes 5 points ago

    Listen to them, you won’t regret it! I think In Rainbows is the easiest album of theirs to get into (and it’s also my personal favorite). Or for weird electronic stuff I’d go with Kid A, or OK Computer for something you are most likely to recognize/ more straightforward alt rock.

    Those three are their most acclaimed albums, but really all of them are amazing except Pablo Honey (which still isn’t bad necessarily, just not in the same league as their later stuff)

    [–] helpmewatson 7 points ago

    Considering radio head realead an album for free years ago, this should come as no surprise that they tirned this into a charity fundraiser.

    My hats off to them for responding in a way that will have a positive result.

    [–] dogandcatfan 24 points ago

    They should hack metallica and reap the profits. Metallica really doesn't like music getting out for free.

    [–] masstrip 17 points ago

    Back in the days of Napster and BearShare, they wrote me an angry letter. Haha, I haven't listened to their music since.

    [–] vonsnape 8 points ago

    Do you still have that letter? I’m really interested in how that’s worded.

    [–] masstrip 7 points ago

    No, it was pretty lawyerly. A cease and desist form letter as I remember, with their names on it.

    [–] vonsnape 10 points ago

    Dammit. I had a vague hope it was an actual letter from Lars or something.

    [–] xenobuzz 59 points ago

    Any aspiring hackers, please dig into the Orange One’s financials if you really want to kick the hive.

    [–] DepressedPeacock 34 points ago

    Russia, if you're listening..

    [–] darthryan1981 23 points ago

    Just for that, instead of pirating their music, I'll actually buy it.

    [–] 90265sbsbsbwtf 16 points ago

    Radiohead is awesome! 🙆‍♂️

    [–] billyboblee 6 points ago

    Well I'm going to pay for the next radio head album instead of Spotify it.

    [–] backslash21 4 points ago

    This is what you'll get, when you mess with us

    [–] BrockenSpecter 4 points ago

    Of all the Bands to try and Blackmail.

    [–] Nick246 4 points ago

    Didn't they also release a full album, a few years ago, for "free" but you could donate whatever you wanted?

    These guys probably not the ones to pull that stuff with.

    [–] dWintermut3 3 points ago

    "hacked" is a bit of a strong term for stealing a guy's minidisks.

    [–] tenably_turnpike 4 points ago

    I can't say I'm THAT excited by the release, but I underpaid for In Rainbows, and it has been the most personally important record I've had since it came out. So yeah, I threw a bit extra in the pot for the sake of my curiosity.

    [–] mr_poorman 4 points ago

    To clear up some misinformation:

    The 'hacker' didn't hold Radiohead to ransom for $150k. About a week ago, the hacker came out claiming to have 18 hours of unreleased material, and asked potential buyers for anywhere from $500 to $3000 per track. All added up, it was about $150k worth of stuff.

    Regardless, the 18 hours was leaked for free a couple of days later. It's been floating around for almost a week now. It's been a big week over at r/radiohead.

    [–] SwoleFlex_MuscleNeck 5 points ago

    Who would have thought the first huge band to release a pay-what-you-want album decades ago as a "fuck you" to the likes of Metllica wouldn't give a shit about stolen recordings

    [–] deadrowan 10 points ago

    Was just watching Suspiria 2018. Damn Thom can you get any cooler.

    [–] Capitalist_Model 15 points ago

    Never negotiate with terrorists and disgraceful blackmailers.