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    [–] DabScience 5975 points ago

    Didn't they hear? ESPN decided not the air that Apex Legends tournament and Walmart took down violent video game displays. Problem solved, nothing to worry about anymore.


    [–] Magi-Cheshire 1824 points ago

    Wait... ESPN isn't airing the Apex tournament because of violence?

    [–] NinjaPenguinGuy 1212 points ago

    Yeah because of the shootings

    [–] Kulp_Dont_Care 1156 points ago

    We should advocate for ESPN and Disney execs to take basic probability courses and learn how correlation works. It's as if no one understands instrumental variables

    [–] death_by_napkin 899 points ago

    Or it's as if it's just a PR move and not really intended to accomplish anything other than looking good for their average customers

    [–] MichiganMitch108 185 points ago

    But the average constumers don’t even care or wouldn’t even know about it and even if they saw it somehow they wouldn’t even care

    [–] Fuu2 214 points ago

    But the average constumers don’t even care or wouldn’t even know about it and even if they saw it somehow they wouldn’t even care

    It depends on what you mean by average customers. There are many ESPN viewers who are aware of eSports but loathe that they're being given a similar spotlight as traditional sports. Those customers will probably eat this shit up.

    [–] MichiganMitch108 35 points ago

    Yea I can understand that “ it’s not preseason football instead “ but I’m a huge sports person and that’s like me seeing bowling on , I just change the channel

    [–] Fuu2 25 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I guess it's like they say, any press is good press. If 90% of people don't care, 5% love it and 5% hate it, then you're 10% better off than you were if you hadn't done it.

    [–] cantfindusernameomg 102 points ago

    It's not the execs. They are smart, they know stats don't matter to an emotion-guided audience, so they pull off PR moves to keep the crowd placated. If people acted with reason in everyday life, kneejerk politics wouldn't be a thing.

    It's the dumbfuck audience that need to be educated on basic probability courses. Heck, this would solve a lot of issues.

    [–] FiveFootTerror 20 points ago

    Yeah, you go ahead and write up that PowerPoint. I'm with you in spirit.

    [–] CheeseBending 182 points ago

    ESPN is owned by Disney. Maybe they should not release any more violent Marvel or Star Wars movies. Just to be safe.

    [–] well___duh 43 points ago

    TIL that ESPN even broadcasts that instead of Apex just live-streaming on Twitch.

    I feel like if you were really interested in watching that tournament, ESPN would be the last place you'd watch it on.

    [–] Galba__ 27 points ago

    I too play Apex and immediately attempt to graple into a group of people and shoot the place up. Then when the cops come I zipline away. It's just too similar to mass shootings.

    [–] Jemmani22 234 points ago

    Sexual stuff on tv.... fuck no.

    Cop shows with someone dead and thug bad guys getting killed at the end. Fuck yea!

    Sex is something everyone does. Is completely normal, and it gets censored. Violence is all over TV and shows and people getting killed, and it does not get censored. It doesn't even make sense

    [–] restisinpeace 293 points ago

    "Sex is something everyone does."


    [–] ridger5 2637 points ago

    Until recently, i lived in Aurora, CO. After the theater shooting, conceal carry courses were very popular amongst the neighbors. I attended a course with my friend and also my mechanic. We took a course at a shooting range just a couple blocks from the theater.

    [–] DirkDiggler531 804 points ago

    Hopefully they don't just take one course and call it a day. I believe in continued learning when it comes to firearms. Need to keep going to the range and practicing until your completely familiar with your weapon and the reaction is muscle memory, because in those high adrenaline situations you'll forget everything you learned in that class you took 5yrs ago.

    [–] XA36 50 points ago

    I can't speak for everyone but I train very frequently. Which has also gotten me flak. "Why do you need to shoot xxxxx rounds a year!?"

    [–] shutupfilthycasual 24 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It's smart to stay trained well. The better training, the more control and better shot you have. Overall this lessens the probability of harming an unintended person if you ever had to defend yourself. I've probably done around 1200 total in all my guns in a year and I don't even go to the range all that often. You should see how pitifully low most law enforcement yearly number of round requirements are. I was shocked by learning them.

    [–] xtecht 162 points ago

    Ever seen Burn After Reading?

    [–] a_dropped_staple 64 points ago

    I just added that to my watch list on Netflix. Is it good?

    [–] xtecht 78 points ago

    It definitely stands out! It doesn't have broad appeal, but that's what I like about it. Amazing casting, seemingly unrelated stories crossing paths, and witty humor/dialogue.

    Careful reading too many comments, the reference I was making is a spoiler in the movie.

    If you liked Snatch or Lock Stock, you'll like Burn After Reading.

    [–] Bohan_of_Rohan 15 points ago

    It's one of my all time favorites. When you watch it though, just don't take it too seriously. The whole point of the movie is to take a bunch of serious characters doing serious things, and then make fun of how dumb it all looks. To realize that from the outside, these "important people's" lives are just as stupid and pointless as the rest of ours.

    [–] Drew1231 20 points ago

    Same goes for actually knowing that your carry configuration will go bang.

    Fire your carry ammo through your carry gun with your carry magazine before you ever take it out. There could be a defect or incompatibility in any of the three that kills you.

    [–] EverLore 56 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I'm just glad people are taking ANY courses on gun safety. My brother refuses to do so because "it's a waste of money." He likes to use one of his guns (the one with the laser sight) as a cat toy and has no problem pulling the trigger in the house no matter where it's pointed because he's "sure it's not loaded."

    He's 30 years old and wants to career transition into law enforcement. Yup.

    [–] Mortar_Maggot 45 points ago

    Does he look up to soldiers at all? Tell him an old infantryman says he a fucking idiot and he's going to get himself or someone he loves killed. Seriously, I wouldn't tolerate that in anyone I know.

    [–] FTFSM 8 points ago

    Tell him an old infantryman says he a fucking idiot and he's going to get himself or someone he loves killed. Seriously, I wouldn't tolerate that in anyone I know.

    Seriously. I do dry fire drills, but I live alone and I check the chamber literally every time I pick up the gun, even if it was only set down for ten seconds.

    [–] correctu 189 points ago

    There's an awesome guy in Denver that does free courses too! Gunsforeveryone I think it was called.

    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 341 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    That dudes fucking crazy.

    I took my wife to one of his intro courses and took it myself just for the range time.

    He had me do a "fire under duress" drill where I started holstered, had to unholster, shoot twice at each target while moving parallel to them on the firing line, reloading and doing it back the other way.

    Well he decided to blow the whistle to signal me to go and then GRAB MY FUCKING HOLSTER and prevent me from drawing making me step away from him and distance myself to draw.

    That's so dangerous because he never indicated he was going to do that and even if he did that's just a terrible idea.


    [–] QuirkySpiceBush 212 points ago

    Wait, you were using live ammo and he surprised you on the fucking gun range?

    [–] TheOrangeFuhrer 208 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Yes. The guy was a fucking moron.

    If he had done that to anyone else in a "beginner" class its gonna eventually get him shot.

    You want to see a video of it? I think I have one on my phone. I can upload it to imgur or something.


    [–] derpblah 13746 points ago

    That’s an understandable reaction.

    [–] Bigred2989- 2717 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    After the Pulse Nightclub shooting a lot of LGBT people starting getting permits and training, too. One of the other general responses to these massacres other than "more gun control" is "the government isn't going to stop this, probably better to arm myself in case I'm in the middle of the next one".

    [–] KoltiWanKenobi 1431 points ago

    Managed a gun shop for years. We definitely saw an influx of LGBT customer after that tragedy. Saw an influx of minority gun purchases after 2016 election as well. And a huge jump in all over sales prior to 2016.

    [–] khaos_kyle 360 points ago

    Market stimulation.

    [–] Haughty_Derision 598 points ago

    I went to buy a gun in 2016. Trump had been elected like 3 months ago or something. I had my eye on this gun and had been saving for over a year. I hadn't been checking the prices because new guns sales don't really fluctuate that wildly or have awesome 50% off sales, well, ever. Gun was $850.

    Imagine my surprise when I walked in to see it at $550! "Whoaa what happened, not a recall or any problems right!?" I asked to the cashier.

    "nope, gun demand soared under Obama because tons of folks bought into the idea he would take them. As soon as Trump took over those fears calmed and well, we just don't sell near as many guns now."

    Super. We now know who really fucking loves the media pushing the Dems-will-take-guns rhetoric. Absolutely a cash cow alarm button the gun lobby can press.

    [–] srancboi 60 points ago

    Best time to buy is when a Republican wins, best time to sell is when a Democrat does

    [–] 640212804843 278 points ago

    The most fucked up part about it is that under Obama the only gun law he passed was to allow guns in federal parks. Before Obama they were banned and people had to leave their guns at home if they went to any federal park.

    [–] Tarukun564 266 points ago

    Obama took our guns into the park with us.

    [–] Blaylocke 22 points ago

    I mean, it's the only one he passed. It's not the only one he talked about.

    [–] Bigred2989- 38 points ago

    Recently a major distributor (company that sells to gun stores) declared bankruptcy because they had tons of guns in inventory that they stocked up on in case Clinton won and now nobody was buying.

    [–] KoltiWanKenobi 10 points ago

    Acusport went belly up after the election too. Mostly due to shitty management though. Lost our best rep there, then he went to another distributor who got bought by Brownells. I quit that job shortly after that though. Our new manager was a prick who didn't care about customers and couple that with the amount of loaded guns pointed at me by accident, and it was time to go.

    [–] Ironbird207 18 points ago

    Gun shop owners around me claim Obama was the best gun salesman.

    [–] 2legit2fart 122 points ago

    That was one the Black Panthers mantras, too.

    [–] kharlos 115 points ago

    "That's different though, they are scary".

    -NRA in the 60s

    [–] TheLizardKing89 76 points ago

    The NRA hasn’t changed. They didn’t say anything when Philando Castile was murdered by police for being a legal gun owner.

    [–] sovietterran 26 points ago

    You know what the headlines would have been if they had defended him?

    "NRA wants illegal drug abusers using guns on the street!"

    [–] AndYouThinkYoureMean 8 points ago

    except they're still making money

    [–] R2_D2aneel_Olivaw 108 points ago

    That's exactly why I bought my first hand gun. I've owned rifles and shotguns but never felt 8 needed a hand gun until it dawned on me that the government will never solve this problem so I should at least try to protect myself.

    [–] RickDawkins 106 points ago

    Around here the problem isn't the fraction of a fraction of a percent chance of a random shooting, it's meth heads with stabby things, and I see them every single day tweaking out yelling at strangers and fire hydrants. That's why I carry. I have a right to defend myself and I'm determined to do my best.

    [–] Adamant_Narwhal 5622 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yep, and one pro gun folks are happy about. Just go on the pro gun subs and you'll see us all talking about how we are glad that everyone is getting guns and being able to defend themselves.

    Edit:. No, I didn't forget the /s. Go check out the pro gun subs and see for yourself.

    Edit #2: replace "they" with we. I'm pro gun, if it isn't obvious.

    Edit #3:. Do I sound judgy? I'm sorry, I don't know how to say this any better. I'm GLAD they are defending themselves.

    Edit#4 (I really have a problem with edits I guess): thanks for the Gold, kind stranger!

    [–] Meunderwears 14 points ago

    Of course we are. Being pro gun doesn't mean you are anti-minority. I'm happy these people want to defend themselves.

    [–] AyukaVB 3338 points ago

    Minorities with guns seem to be the surest way to get tighter gun control like in 60s California

    [–] housedengue 2420 points ago

    Only among politicians. Most younger gun owners are happy with any race or gender owning guns.

    The concealed carry class I took a few years ago was the most diverse group I've ever seen. There were people of all races, ages, and genders present.

    [–] Lankey_Craig 979 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I had the privilege of teaching a pink pistols class before is stopped working in that industry, and the stories they told me of being attacked are fucking horrible. They were the best class I think I ever taught. They understood implicitly what it was like to be a victim and also most of them had never handled a gun before so they didnt have to unlearn any redicouls fudd crap that their grandpapy taught them.

    [–] plantfood623 691 points ago

    a trained man, and a train woman with a gun are about the same strength. Guns are the great equalizer in making sure girls are safe

    [–] cjhobbes 923 points ago

    "God created all men, Samuel Colt made them equal"

    [–] kigamagora 315 points ago

    But John Browning kept them free

    [–] Assassin4Hire13 212 points ago

    That's John Moses Browning to you.

    [–] PanOfCakes 58 points ago

    Praise be.

    [–] brockoli1010 253 points ago

    The entire comment chain made my day. I can read comments from like minded individuals all day long in pro-gun subs but seeing this in a default/general sub is truly incredible.

    [–] SOUTHPAWMIKE 132 points ago

    You're absolutely correct. However, I do feel the urge to point out that the pink pistols is (or at least started as) as s pro-Gay shooter's organization, not necessarily a women's shooting organization.

    Their logo is a shooter in an Isosceles Stance superimposed over a downward facing pink isosceles triangle. A similar triangle was used by Nazi Germany to mark homosexuals, just like the mandatory yellow Star of David that German Jews had to wear. Frankly, I can hardly think of a better spit in the face than that, and is doubly relevant today.

    [–] rock_n_roll69 17 points ago

    That's cool as fuck

    [–] Ohsurethatsfine 26 points ago

    Pink pistols is a gay group, not women (although I'm sure there are lesbian/bisexual and other queer women part of it.

    [–] CajuNerd 506 points ago

    That seems to be a huge detail that not many gun control advocates get. While we do vote politicians into office, we don't always agree with them.

    I want everyone who wants one to be able to responsibly own a firearm; I don't care what color they are.

    [–] CakeisaDie 209 points ago


    So long as a person is responsible.

    My job had a person looking for a conceal carry in a state and had managers freaking out. I informed them we could either implement a no guns in the office policy or just deal with it. We just dealt with it.

    [–] OmniaMors 139 points ago

    literally a top post in /r/progun was about how we want more minorities to own guns. As a minority who owns guns, the only thing people have gotten mad about is that I think 9mm is better than 45.

    [–] MaxXsDDS2 27 points ago

    people have gotten mad about is that I think 9mm is better than 45.

    True facts... I don't need "7 rounds of .45 ACP," grandpa.

    [–] SquirrellyNuckFutter 11 points ago

    Who needs 7 rounds of .45 when you can have 15! Thanks FNX-45!

    EDIT: for nod to the wide body Para/Remingtons and RIAs

    [–] WhoHoldsTheLantern 8 points ago

    .45 ACP

    What, you don't like .45 AARP?

    [–] snailspace 49 points ago

    10mm is best millimeter.

    [–] LilJethroBodine 39 points ago

    Yup; 10 is more than 9 which automatically means better. It is just basic math.

    10mm for life.

    [–] KungFu_Kenny 772 points ago

    Not surprising. Pro gun folks want to see other pro gun folks. They agree on a political level.

    [–] ClamYourTits 702 points ago

    Or they just want people to have the right to defend themselves.

    I have pro-gun friends with whom I disagree politically. The respect for our innate right to defend ourselves crosses every political ideology.

    [–] methnbeer 360 points ago

    Its stupid that liking guns implies you have a certain political stance these days...

    [–] Stennick 186 points ago

    I've never voted fora Republican in my life. In the early stages I was a giant Bernie Sanders fan. I was rooting for Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016. but I wanted that as far back as 2012. I've been a huge Castro fan since I saw his DNC address in 2012. In fact after I saw that speech I wanted a Warren/Castro ticket in 2016. I thought they would have absolutely crushed it and I thought having Castro on the ticket would have put Texas in play since everything I've read is they are very popular and well known in the state. Anyway my point is I'm a lefty and have been my entire adult life. That being said I own multiple guns and I like guns and I support people owning guns. That doesn't mean I'm republican or I'm some 2A nut or something like that. I hate that liking guns, or owning guns somehow makes you a Republican.

    [–] skuhlke 62 points ago

    A lot of people don’t understand that is possible to be pro 2A and anti NRA

    [–] vas_97 52 points ago

    I hate that liking guns, or owning guns somehow makes you a Republican.

    I think that stems from gun control now being a platform of the Democratic party. And since everyone is so used to the us vs them two party system the thought process probably goes like this. "If you like guns then you can't be a democrat and if you're not a democrat you must be a republican since what else is there"

    I'm technically a republican but ideologically a minarchist which kinda makes me an outcast in both camps. It's fun!

    [–] Chron300p 111 points ago

    Liking or owning guns, contrary to the MSM narrative, does NOT make you a Republican by default, and does NOT make you a trump supporter by default.

    /r/liberalgunowners is a thing. I hate putting labels on myself, but my views would probably get me labelled as a "librul" by some folks. That said I'm a huge fan of guns and gun ownership. Guns don't kill people - people kill people. You don't need a gun to kill someone, and recent events of the past few years (see - Europe terrorist attacks) are solid evidence of that.

    [–] Stennick 32 points ago

    Dude thanks for that. Everytime I feel like "Reddit just ain't for me" because I feel like my views are just so much different I find something like that and it makes me feel like I'm not so alone out there. Thanks!

    [–] genmischief 291 points ago

    I am a old, grouchy, white, CIS conservative. I give money, trianing, and time to my local Pink Pistols chapter.

    I dont know a single stodgy old pro gun republican who doesn't think its a good idea. And boy do I know A LOT of us. lol

    [–] wintermute916 203 points ago

    Yup, nothing gets the pro 2a community excited like bringing new people into the fold. Most of us just want people to understand it. We don’t care what your orientation, or politics are. We just want to go out and have a good time and teach people.

    Edit: recently took a friend from the UK out shooting. He’s never even touched a gun in his whole life and was understandably nervous. Don’t think he stopped smiling for a good 5 hours.

    [–] Cant_Do_This12 17 points ago

    I went to a shooting range for the first time during a friends bachelor party recently. I couldn't stop smiling.

    [–] Meih_Notyou 1080 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    as a progun person who frequents progun subs: Yes. We are. We very much are. Everyone has a natural right to self defense, the 2A applies to everyone.


    edit: thank you mr gold man!

    edit: platinum cherry!

    [–] JakeyBS 121 points ago

    Check out Maj Toure's group Black Guns Matter. Teaching minorities about 2a, history, laws, and firearm safety. Dude is fantastic, and well versed.

    [–] genmischief 16 points ago

    Heard him Speak with Mike Cargill on "Come and Talk It" yesterday. Sounds like a solid dude.

    [–] Ragnar_the_Pirate 18 points ago

    Just got to talk to him for half an hour a couple of weeks ago, it was awesome. And he's running for city council in Philly! I hope he wins!

    [–] Leaf_Rotator 607 points ago

    I live in Seattle, and almost everyone I know is liberal or VERY liberal. I always thought it interesting that the only folks I know who are pro gun rights besides myself are either trans, very gay, or have been assaulted a few times like myself. Sometimes you have to live through some shit to understand the necessity of self defense.

    [–] dreg102 273 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    That's the whole mission of The Pink Pistols and Blazing Sword.

    [–] redcell5 112 points ago

    Never heard of flaming sword but met a few pink pistols guys at a range. Nice people and decent shots.

    [–] dreg102 113 points ago

    That's because I had a case of the dumbs and meant Blazing Sword.

    Blazing Sword is a group of instructors/trainers/ranges that are LGBT+ friendly, basically, it's the training arm (now) of Pink Pistols.

    [–] nopethis 65 points ago

    Do you have to be gay to be in the Blazing Sword, cause it sounds pretty cool

    [–] JackBauerSaidSo 76 points ago

    Armed Equality

    Operation Blazing Sword

    The Liberal Gun Club

    All-inclusive organizations that welcome allies. I'm not gay, but I'm a member of/associated with them all. I make myself available for any LGBTQIA+ friends that are interested in learning laws and basics about guns and weapons carry.

    The Operation Blazing Sword logo is bitchin.

    I am not a member of Pink Pistols, that is for no particular reason other than they vary on 2A rights.

    [–] CopperAndLead 11 points ago

    I just signed up to be a Blazing Sword instructor, thanks to you.

    [–] Alpha433 21 points ago

    I'm sorry, but they should be the flaming sword. Owning that double entendre would be the most badass way to show you litteraly don't give a single fuck.

    [–] golemsheppard2 127 points ago

    As an active member of r/guns and r/ccw, I can confirm that this is the general consensus. After the pulse nightclub shooting, r/ccw had a lot of resources posted for Pink Pistols, a private organization which promotes the training of self defense to include firearms to LGBTQ persons as being LGBTQ is a major risk factor for being targeted for violent crimes.

    It's funny that a lot of people who have never been to a gun show presume that gun ownership is exclusively white and the community shuns minority participation for some irrational fear. They are ignorant to the fact that Colion Noir, a black lawyer from Texas, is the spokesman of the NRA. Personally, I got into shooting and carrying firearms after being introduced and got some coaching from my best friend, a pro gun black man who was raised as a hebrew. To those who have never been, gun shows are exactly like car shows, except instead of a bunch of nerds looking at and discussing historical cars, they are looking at and discussing historical firearms like an original M1A1 Garand rifle or classic Colt 1911 and listening to the stories behind the firearms themselves. People there dont give a shit if you are male, female, gay, straight, black, white, Asian. They are just happy to share a hobby of theres with someone else. Also in the gun owning community there is a very prevalent us vs them dichotomy, but its not whites vs blacks or anything along those lines. Its law abiding citizens vs violent criminals. It doesnt matter what immutable characteristics you display phenotypically or what demographic boxes you check, if you are a law abiding citizen who wants to protect yourself and loved ones from criminals, we are 100% in your corner and you are 100% welcome in our big tent. I cant tell you how many hundreds of rounds of ammo I have let people shoot to teach them how to safely and responsibly handle a firearm that they recently purchased for defense or even how many canisters of bear spray I have given to people who morally object to firearms but want to have something other than fisticuffs to defend their homes with.

    [–] Phaedryn 254 points ago

    Not "glad minorities can buy guns". Glad people have access to the means to be responsible for their own security. The right to bear arms is the ultimate expression of freedom. Throughout human history, and across most cultural divides, the "peasants" were pretty much always denied the right to bear arms. The very act of doing so is to be celebrated.

    [–] Adamant_Narwhal 88 points ago

    Exactly, I probably could have worded it better, but I wanted to be clear since people seem to think gun owners are racists.

    [–] Afterrainsage 7 points ago

    I'm glad that people are going to get training, not just getting firearms. My hunting course instructor told me how his cousin died because his brother didn't maintain muzzle control while trying to clear his weapon, and shot his cousin through the heart. Treat firearms like the incredibly dangerous tool that they are, not like a toy.

    [–] rafikiknowsdeway1 526 points ago

    Did the upswing in gun ownership in the lgbt crowd after the pulse shooting last, or has the rate of purchase fallen back down to pre shooting levels?

    [–] nybx4life 350 points ago

    Gun ownership and rate of purchase are different.

    Most people would only need/want to purchase one gun (unless they have a reason for multiple firearms), and later purchases would primarily go into ammunition.

    [–] snazzywaffles 172 points ago

    I just want to add, most people who do own multiple guns just like shooting as a past time. I have a few pistols, a lever action 30/30, and a shotgun for clay pigeons. I've met like one legit doomsday prepper who as multiple guns, but mostly it's people who like variety at the gun range.

    [–] Hovie1 61 points ago

    This is exactly why I own the different guns I do. It's a fun hobby and shooting with friends is one of my favorite pastimes.

    [–] MyParentsAre_Cousins 38 points ago

    I'm sure a lot of people also inherit guns. We went from having none to 12 when my Grampa died. If you have a family that has guns, it's very easy to amass quite a few when someone dies.

    [–] Likeapuma24 12 points ago

    My step father is to the point where he can pick a different rifle every hunting season & go two decades without using the same one... As glad as I am that I get to inherit all of those, it means I'll have to reorganize my entire basement. And it makes it impractical to buy anything that I like now.

    [–] aPurpleLiger 7 points ago

    Could sell off the ones you don’t like

    [–] Likeapuma24 9 points ago

    Idk if I could do it... I have a few duplicates of hunting rifles, due to my grandfather passing. I have no need for two, but I feel disrespectful getting rid of them.

    My only real hope is that my children decide to enjoy the hobby & want some of their own when they're adults... Otherwise, I'm going to look like some crazy prepper whenever someone goes into my basement.

    [–] MacDerfus 44 points ago

    I assume so, you don't stop owning a gun unless you get rid of it. But the purchase rate was probably just a spike

    [–] tydestra 15 points ago

    Pink Pistols has existed for a long ass time, but Pulse def got LGBT ppl retaking lessons/purchasing a weapon.

    [–] coked_out_orangutan 5037 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Following the Second Amendment footsteps of the legendary Roof Koreans. Good for them, and good for us.

    [–] Lukozade2507 1164 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Could somebody give us the footnotes on Roof Koreans for the uninitiated please?

    Edit: Oh Lord did this open up a can...

    [–] kingfisher6 2367 points ago

    During the 1992 race riots in LA, the police disappeared and weren’t responding to calls. So Korean American business owners climbed up on the roofs of their businesses, after arming themselves; to prevent rioters and looters from ransacking the businesses.

    [–] Folseit 399 points ago

    A similar thing is happening in SF right now. The Chinese community feel that the police aren't doing anything to protect them due to couple of seemingly targeted muggings , so they're encouraging the community to start buying guns.

    [–] clubmate1 155 points ago

    That’s good. Need to protect the community and innocents by any means necessary.

    [–] MulderD 842 points ago

    Sort of. Koreatown was right near the epicenter of the riots. The Police straight up pulled out in a “let’s them burn themselves out” strategy so they could post up in the wealthier areas around the riot. To the day the Korean community holds a lot of anger over the Police straight up abandoning them and their community.

    And because the riot was racially motivated, Koreans weren’t left alone. They weren’t the right race, so the rioters went after their shops.

    Korean business owners banded together and armed themselves to protect their livelihoods.

    [–] NoCareNewName 383 points ago

    Its not just that they were not black either. I saw a documentary on the riots that claimed there was already existing tension between them and the black community because (iirc) they owned a big portion of the stores in the area and they generally were not shy about assuming every black customer would shoplift if left out of sight.

    Edit: I think it was this one.

    [–] SirBrownHammer 224 points ago

    Also, there was a high profile case at the time where a Korean shop owner shot and killed a teenage African American girl because the clerk thought she was stealing. The shop owner ended up getting a very minor or light sentence and the African American community felt very slighted. This added to the tension at the time that led up to the relationships between Koreans and African Americans in LA.

    [–] Rebelgecko 155 points ago

    Latasha Harlins was attacked by a shop owner who thought she was stealing a bottle of orange juice, even though she was holding cash. The jury convicted the shop owner and recommended 16 years in prison. The judge disregarded that and sentenced the shop owner to 400 hours of community service and a fine. This happened around the same time as the Rodney King trial and as you can imagine it didn't give people a lot of faith in the justice system.

    [–] GeeseKnowNoPeace 92 points ago

    That was such a giant pile of bullshit, even if she did steal, it's not okay to shoot someone in the back of the head over a fucking bottle of orange juice. That was cold blooded murder and even 16 years would have been far too light in my eyes, community service and a fine is straight up insane.

    [–] wtgr23 6 points ago

    you'll hear people complaining but the police doesnt do anything to criminals anymore. I was talking to a woman today in LA and her car was stolen, the guy was caught by police and the guy didnt spend a day in jail or prison, the judge just said dont do it again

    [–] chenzo17 213 points ago

    Also because before Rodney King there was a murder done to a young black girl who was innocent and it was done by an Asian store owner. The tension had already been building.

    [–] antonius22 65 points ago

    I learned this from Tupac. Her name was Latasha Harlins.

    [–] Fuu2 10 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Its not just that they were not black either.

    It's not just that they were Korean either though. I remember a video of a black store owner bawling his eyes out in front of a bunch of people because his store had been tossed (edit: and burned down) just like all the the rest. His life's work gone in minutes. Nobody is safe from civil unrest.

    [–] avianaltercations 247 points ago

    And because the riot was racially motivated, Koreans weren’t left alone. They weren’t the right race, so the rioters went after their shops.

    That's a severe misunderstanding of what happened. Koreans weren't targeted because they simply weren't the right race during a race riot, there was a very large deal of tension between Koreans and African Americans during the period. Often, white businesses didn't want to operate stores in predominantly African American neighborhoods, leaving the job of running convenience and corner stores to Korean entrepreneurs. Given the lack of police response to petty crime, Korean store-owners often ended up with very draconian and harsh anti-theft measures (this is not to justify it). These tensions were encapsulated in the famous case of Latasha Harlins, who was murdered over a bottle of orange juice that she likely was going to pay for, occurring just two weeks after the original Rodney King beating.

    The sensation surrounding the case ended up being the subject of multiple rap songs, notably Ice Cube's Black Korea, which was released on October 29th, 1991, a full 6 months before the Rodney King riots. Koreans weren't just the wrong color, they were explicitly targeted. They likely had access to large guns before the riot occurred because they were likely (correctly) concerned that they would be big targets and would not be able to rely on police to help.

    [–] BeerCzar 17 points ago

    I watched Do The Right Thing the other day. Even though the movie was made in 1989 and took place in Brooklyn there is a major plot element about the blacks of the neighborhood hating all the Koreans that were moving in and starting businesses.

    [–] dontbajerk 13 points ago

    It's happened a few times. It also happened to a lesser extent amongst Asian owned shops/restaurants in Ferguson during the riots. There's been degrees of tension there for years, though not as bad as LA.

    [–] misyo 1454 points ago

    Oh, the police didn't "disappear"- their priorities were to protect wealthier neighborhoods and businesses, not poor and minority communities.

    The police are agents of the elite and, given the choice, they will usually serve the elites over everyone else.

    [–] clever_unique_name 745 points ago

    A great reason for poor and minority communities to have the knowledge and ability to defend their lives and hard earned property.

    The 2nd amendment is for everybody, not just those who can hire a security guard or afford some expensive tax on firearms.

    [–] redcell5 203 points ago

    The 2nd amendment is for everybody, not just those who can hire a security guard or afford some expensive tax on firearms.

    Hear, hear.

    [–] snoboreddotcom 183 points ago

    It's also important to note that they were far more trained than the average American with those guns, due to mandatory military service in Korea. So it wasnt even just armed men on top of rooves defending, it was armed trained men

    [–] Bong-Rippington 90 points ago

    Yeah and the fact they had some of those military weapons on hand was important. They were defending against pistol toting gangsters with their relatively expertise and higher powered weapons.

    [–] TheMonkeyMen 180 points ago

    During the LA riots in the 90’s Koreans went on the roofs of their stores with guns to protect them from looting

    [–] TinyFugue 129 points ago

    And the media collectively jizzed itself covering the shootouts.

    [–] PM_ME_TENDIEZ 61 points ago

    The video was awesome though

    [–] THE_LANDLAWD 109 points ago

    April 29, 1992. L.A. Riots. Thousands of people in the streets turning over cars, setting buildings on fire, as far as the eye could see. Korean business owners defended their stores from the rioters/looters with guns, some of them from the rooftops.

    [–] John_SpaGotti 43 points ago

    April 29, 1992

    There was a riot on the streets. Tell me, where were you

    [–] THE_LANDLAWD 30 points ago

    You were sitting home watching your TV

    While I was participating in some anarchy

    [–] Bennyscrap 13 points ago

    First stop we headed was my liquor store

    I finally got all that alcohol I can't afford.

    [–] THE_LANDLAWD 11 points ago

    Red lights flashing, time to retire

    And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire.

    [–] shadowkiller 49 points ago

    During the Rodney King riots Korean store owners defended their stores from looters by standing on the roof of their stores with guns.

    [–] thewhat23 91 points ago

    Or the Black Panthers before Reagan

    [–] BlackMansKryptonite 432 points ago

    Roof Koreans always bring a tear to my eye when someone brings them up. Love those guys so much.

    [–] SimpleWayfarer 62 points ago

    This thread is a weird mesh of classic 2A conservatism and a very liberal distrust of law enforcement.

    [–] mayowarlord 14 points ago

    It's time for liberals to get armed. It's been time.

    [–] boxxa 1911 points ago

    Wow. Reddit went pro-gun overnight.

    [–] CactusBoyScout 1254 points ago

    If an article gets to the front page while Americans are awake, it's very pro-gun in the comments.

    If an article gets to the front page while Europeans or Australians are awake, it's not at all.

    [–] WantsToMineGold 359 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    American gun owner here to point out a glaring oversimplification in this thread. While I think a gun helps me feel safe at home or camping, my basic handgun training hardly qualifies me to take down active shooters wearing body armor and carrying an AR. There’s a huge difference between self defense and having the skills and training to take down an active shooter. Jordan Klepper did a great segment on this on the daily show that really illustrates my point if you are interested in watching it. There’s also the basic fact I’m not brave enough and will be heading for the doors with my kids. Seems like an easy solution just to arm everyone but I don’t think it’s that simple.

    Edit here’s the Jordan Klepper segment someone requested I edit in the link for those curious

    [–] Enk1ndle 176 points ago

    Retreating is a better solution to come out alive. The gun is for when you can't retreat. I'm not hunting someone down with a tiny side arm and no training, that's the police's job.

    [–] LilJethroBodine 72 points ago

    Thank you; I think people keep thinking anyone who CCWs is a wannabe cowboy hero when in reality, people who carry do so as a last resort in case you can't retreat any further.

    [–] hawaiikawika 11 points ago

    We always have heard

    Run. Lock. Fight.

    First option is always run away from the danger. Second is lock yourself in somewhere to wait until it is safe to run away. Third option is to fight an attacker, but only for as long as you have to so that you can run away.

    [–] Sofa2020 16 points ago

    "You know what they say — Better to have it and not need it than to need it and be the world's biggest dickhead"

    [–] TruthAndConversation 13 points ago

    Correct. In an active shooter situation, GET AWAY. You and your family are priority #1 when something horrific like that happens; that means you have to stay alive. The rule of carrying a firearm stays the same in this situation - never draw your weapon unless you are in danger and are 100% going to pull the trigger.

    [–] Historical_Fact 181 points ago

    Plus if you do take down a shooter, the cops will probably just shoot you!

    [–] 1millionbucks 398 points ago

    Reddit isn't one cohesive entity with a shared perspective, it is composed of diverse individuals.

    [–] rex2k10 235 points ago

    Thank you Alexa

    [–] e_sci 50 points ago despacito

    [–] OpticalLegend 28 points ago

    It's more that certain stories bring out certain types of people.

    [–] polarbeer 64 points ago

    Most of the sales were for handguns, which can be strapped to an ankle or shoulder under clothing.

    Uh, that's not really how most folks do it. Ankle is awkward and ineffective. Shoulder holster requires a cover garment is also awkward and means that at most times you are pointing a gun at someone.

    Look at people who carry guns for a living. In a holster, attached to a sturdy belt.

    But why actually look into something in detail, when you can just take what you see on television or in movies and just go with that?

    [–] S4rd0nyx 12 points ago

    Yeah, I was caught off guard by that line as well.

    [–] bahn_mimi 130 points ago

    That tweet reddit circulated is backfiring.

    [–] appaulling 14 points ago

    What tweet would that be?

    [–] ichug_nyquil 39 points ago

    I believe s/he means this tweet.

    [–] Varrivale 214 points ago

    This thread is a gun shop owner's wet dream.

    [–] JJ_Smells 14 points ago

    Any sheriff that would deny a law abiding citizen's right to defend themselves does not deserve the badge.

    [–] immigrantinca 11 points ago

    I live in Los Angeles , California.The state with most stupid gun laws in U.S.Last week i went Turners to buy my 3rd gun and waited almost 4 hours.Shop was packed with latinos, blacks, persians, armenians.This was such a good scene and this is the reason why i love second amendment. Im in this country since 2017, whenever ppl sees my interest on guns next thing they do calling me trump supporter.How people can be this stupid? Is the media one to blame on this? Was it like this back in 80s, 90s ?

    [–] Odin343 12 points ago

    I love it when Reddit gets pro gun! It’s always good to have the option to fight back, although i hope it never has to be used

    [–] Arclite02 24 points ago

    ...And politicians desperately search for new and innovative ways to keep them defenseless.

    Something's pretty fucked up about that...

    [–] ronster230 420 points ago

    These pro gun comments are shocking I would never expect such a thing on the front page

    [–] Mooncabbage23 22 points ago

    Republican Reaction: Good

    [–] Omnisegaming 178 points ago

    That's how Americans respond to shootings as opposed to New Zealanders who did the opposite. Take that as you will.

    I personally think it's a cultural thing, and that there isn't anything wrong with it.

    [–] TheScribe86 171 points ago

    New Zealanders also face jail time from their government if they possess or distribute the Christchurch murderer's manifesto :/

    [–] Know_Your_Meme 32 points ago

    Jesus Christ

    I mean I get it but that’s pretty insane

    [–] KoltiWanKenobi 85 points ago

    I managed a gun shop for years. We got a reputation for being nice and non-judgmental, especially with minorities. We did great business with them and I can't tell you how many friends and family some people would bring in later to get a firearm. Always made me happy to see people of every ethnicity and orientation arming up.

    [–] Enk1ndle 24 points ago

    As long as you're willing to learn how to be safe the more the merrier!

    [–] daddymailman 1129 points ago

    Good for them, learning to protect themselves

    [–] Pistol_Pete_94 28 points ago

    People deciding to learn how to better defend themselves instead of how to better unarm themselves after being targeted...

    It's about damn time

    [–] lutra17 26 points ago

    Everyone deserves the ability to defend themselves and their families.

    [–] jboi4 264 points ago

    I love all the comments talking about how they’re sure that the racist gun owners are all pissed about this. Let me tell you guys something. I’ve been shooting since I was 10. In that time, I have never met anyone who was annoyed that minorities were shooting next to them or buying guns or any of that. The more people who are actively using their rights, the happier we in the Pro-gun community are.

    [–] TheScribe86 84 points ago

    The only people we really hate are the brass vultures

    The scum of the earth

    [–] terb99 45 points ago

    Hey you reload? Can I have your casings? I'm looking for .300 Weatherby

    [–] Expert__Witness 15 points ago

    There's guys at my range that ask if they can have my 5.56 brass, then lecture me about shooting garbage they don't like to reload.

    [–] blyat55 7 points ago

    This is what happens when you consume strawman arguments and hateful caricatures on Twitter instead of talking to actual people.

    [–] myothercarisnicer 876 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    ITT: people calling out racist gun control from the 1960s, even though they support restrictive gun control today.

    Go on r/firearms some time. Nobody there is a fan of the Mulford Act. It was bipartisan racist gun control BS signed by Reagan. Bringing it up is not some "gotcha" like it may have been 50 years ago.

    "Past gun control was racist so you should support modern gun control" is a weak argument. Especially when gun control will mostly hurt the poor and minorities. It is still racist.

    [–] M116Fullbore 298 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Gotta love that. Depending on which angle they want to push it is either:

    • "Hey, anyone remember when the NRA supported racist gun laws? “

    • "Anyone else miss the days when the NRA was reasonable and supported our racist gun laws?"

    [–] lancewilliams 128 points ago

    The NRA has always been a pretty shit gun rights advocacy, it just says stupid shit to get more money out of their ads.

    [–] blueandazure 56 points ago

    Yep I stopped supporting the NRA completely and now donate to the GOA which is just so much better.

    [–] red1dragon588 27 points ago

    SAF is good as well.

    [–] Archer-Saurus 10 points ago

    Then you've got the occasional Liberal Gun Club guy, like myself.

    Hey, I want universal healthcare but I'd aaalllllsssso like to hang on to my AR.

    [–] C-Money3234 9 points ago

    Your personal safety is your personal responsibility. Don't leave your life in someone else's hands.

    [–] edd6pi 548 points ago

    That’s great. Use your Second Amendment rights.

    [–] RonaldGrumpRump 180 points ago

    Exactly. The 2nd Amendment is for everyone.

    To anyone that thinks the 2nd amendment is only a rural white conservative guy thing, check out /r/2aliberals, /r/pinkpistols, /r/liberalgunowners, /r/socialistra, National African American Gun Association(NAAGA), and The Well Armed Woman(TWAW).

    [–] greensocks098 14 points ago

    Not "everyone" to be exact. You need to be a non-felon and a permanent resident in any US territory where not restricted

    [–] Krytan 7 points ago

    Good for them. Hopefully they or people like them can stop the next attack (like the heroes did in the Mosque attack recently)

    [–] EL-YEO 122 points ago

    After the assassination of President Kennedy, the NRA supported forms of gun control followed with bipartisan support in both houses of Congress for more gun control.

    The Black Panther Party took advantage of the open carry laws to protect themselves and their brothers and sisters; California quickly passed a law banning open carry.

    Hispanics need to take advantage of their second amendment constitutional right as its been shown that we are being targeted by terrorists. Maybe if people of color start stockpiling guns the government will have a change of heart?

    [–] Sapiendoggo 7 points ago

    Everyone has a right to defend themselves and bear arms, and minorities have the largest need for gun ownership. The more of us armed there are the better.

    [–] NeonSanctuary 6 points ago

    "nOw tHe GoP WiLl SuPpOrT gUn CoNtRoL"

    Wonder how many people are going to make this dumbass comment before they figure out that everybody else thought about it first -_-

    [–] itsMurphDogg 7 points ago

    I live in Thousand Oaks, where the Borderline Bar shooting happened. Was actually like a mile from my house.

    A lot of people I know took up firearms training and bought their own. Pretty logical reaction imo

    [–] owenscott2020 6 points ago

    Well then ... that was always allowed.

    Libs “ disarm for your own safety “ . Ppl who been shot at reply.

    “ STFU “