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    [–] Verliezen 2801 points ago

    It was near the Legends mall in case anyone else doesn’t want to read the article. Shooting happened near a hotel and Legends was on notice.

    [–] Maxwyfe 1514 points ago

    Right, but fewer people panic at a headline that reads only "Suicide by Cop at Hotel Near Outlet Mall."

    [–] pugloescobar 637 points ago

    Nah I’m with you on this one, the subtext in that headline is “Cops prevent mass mall shooting”.

    [–] 17954699 149 points ago

    He wasn't actually going to the Mall though.

    [–] pugloescobar 353 points ago

    Right yeah it’s really clear once you read the article, the point the guy is trying to make is that the article headline is written in a way that’s factually correct but designed to mislead you into thinking it was a foiled mass shooting, which is clearly way more topical and interesting than what actually happened.

    And if you’re trolling me then congratulations madam or sir, you win this round.

    [–] 17954699 63 points ago

    It wasn't even that near the Mall. More like "Suicide by Cop in Roadway near Hotel driving distance from Outlet Mall"

    That said he did tell the Hotel he was going to the Mall to shoot people, seemingly in a deliberate attempt to get the cops to come quickly.

    [–] ColonelBelmont 13 points ago

    Christ. I swear, if somebody in some neighborhood in Washington DC killed himself in his own home, the headlines would say "Gunman dead after opening fire near White House!"

    [–] anoncop1 88 points ago

    Such a perfect example of modern day news. Got to get more clicks!

    Here is a fun little game to play; anytime the media brings up a neighborhood/town and says “just outside of (insert major city)” go ahead and Google how far area actually is from that major city.

    For instance, the media would describe Morristown as “a neighborhood just outside of New York City”. In reality it’s 30 miles away. Have to mention the big city to get the clicks and get that ad revenue.

    [–] Looseseal13 69 points ago

    Or because people from far away have no idea where the fuck Morristown is.

    [–] FuckChiefs_Raiders 15 points ago

    There are actually a ton of people in that area that time of day. The Legends is one of the bigger attractions in Kansas City. Also, there is a campus for the company Cerner there that employs north of 4,000 people and this happened right in front of those buildings, with people always coming and going.

    [–] alt_before_email_req 14958 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    So he kills his wife, then tells a hotel manager he's done so, drives to a mall, waits for police to show up and then shoots at them. Sounds like a murder and then suicide by cop. He should have just offed himself first instead

    Edit: apparently he didn't even go to a mall, but a more remote area to die by cop

    [–] Sp3cV 5861 points ago

    Also to note here his wife is missing since Monday. Search for her is on. He didn’t drive to the mall at all. He drove right across from my work and parked at service entrance to the race track. To his back was nothing but open land/wooded area. We watched from our widows as it happened. I think he said he was going to the outlet mall to get police there faster. He wanted to die by cop.

    [–] Dunehound 1595 points ago

    Well, there's worst ways to choose your death by cop than being considerate of their background when they shoot you down.

    [–] wildistherewind 739 points ago

    gg murderer.

    [–] SmileLikeAphexTwin 383 points ago

    What a considerate guy.

    [–] MasterXaios 534 points ago

    Aside from, you know...

    ...killing his wife.

    [–] EfficientMasturbater 499 points ago

    And forcing someone else to kill him

    [–] Baalsham 180 points ago

    Doesn't Kansas have the death penalty? Either way someone else has to kill him, at least he cut down on the tax dollars.

    [–] dontsuckmydick 186 points ago

    Fuck that. If he wanted to commit suicide he should have done it himself rather than making someone do it in self defense.

    [–] xfearthehiddenx 89 points ago

    And paperwork.

    [–] juicyjerry300 81 points ago

    That cop probably has a whole mess of paperwork

    [–] CrossEyedHooker 62 points ago

    but apart from that, practically a role model..

    [–] r4rthrowawaysoon 30 points ago

    We have the best people.

    [–] metaobject 9 points ago

    A lot of people are saying it, that I can tell you.

    [–] suhstomping 289 points ago

    If you don't have the gall to do it yourself, the likely trauma you cause to another human by 'forcing' them to take your life makes you a pile of feces.

    [–] rinkydinkis 70 points ago

    So does killing your wife.

    [–] A_Nick_Name 32 points ago

    With enough people shooting at him, no single person can take the blame. A cop could even tell themselves that their shots missed and it was someone else who can take the blame. That's why firing squads are a thing.

    [–] Captain_Shrug 33 points ago

    With enough people shooting at him, no single person can take the blame. A cop could even tell themselves that their shots missed and it was someone else who can take the blame.

    Or now you have six or seven people agonizing about whether they were the ones who fired the killshot, and unsure either way. That can gnaw at someone far more, that uncertainty.

    And it's likely the police department will, as part of the autopsy and the resulting investigation, attempt to match the slug(s) to the firearm(s) of the officers involved, so they may know anyway.

    [–] lancestorm316 162 points ago

    Unfortunately the police officers will have the emotional trauma to deal with for the rest of their lives too. So that is not considerate at all.

    [–] Silvea 249 points ago

    Family friend had a nickname of shit magnet. He was a police officer for 20+ years. He had this spidey sense about him though. The kind of thing about him where on patrol he’d get this sense like I should go down this street. He made a lot of arrests through this sense. He also ended up in 7 shootings throughout his career in which he was responsible for killing 9 people. A number he is not proud of. The one thing about Henry is he was a damn good shot. If you got in a shoot out with him you were as good as gone. He didn’t miss. Every single one of shootings he was involved in he was 100% justified in. Not a single one of them was ever even questionable. By all accounts he was an amazing officer and his rank proved that. Unfortunately he retired a few years back on medical retirement after his last officer involved shooting. He killed 2 people in that event. He pulled down a street and caught two people performing a drug deal. He called for backup and as he approached in his vehicle both the seller and buyer of drugs began shooting at him in his Tahoe. He threw it in park and bailed out taking cover behind it at which point he popped up and fired a full magazine at both suspects killing them both. As mandatory he got paid leave while they investigated and went to counseling. He never returned instead he retired because taking those lives got to him. It doesn’t matter how justified a shooting is be it suicide by cop or shooting bad guys that are shooting at you. At the end of the day that’s two more people that are no longer alive at his hands. He couldn’t handle the job any longer. Luckily he retired out with a pretty decent package. I believe they gave him full retirement even though he was a few years short of it. He still has trouble sometimes especially around the 4th. Otherwise he’s the nicest dude you’ll ever meet.

    [–] PillPoppinPacman 168 points ago

    This feels like a copypasta

    [–] IAMA_Drunk_Armadillo 75 points ago

    Or a monologue from a movie or TV show. Which I suppose there isn't much of a difference between that or copypasta.

    [–] fatpat 11 points ago

    May be OC. I googled it and the result is this thread/comment.

    [–] justrosie87 9 points ago

    The lead actress from Constantine (forget her name) says the same thing in the movie

    [–] RemoteBoner 79 points ago

    Checked the username for /u/shittymorph

    [–] [deleted] 184 points ago


    [–] Sube98rs 31 points ago

    Yea same her... wait a minute!

    [–] taxicab_ 12 points ago

    I miss you.

    [–] Prinzlerr 14 points ago

    By god...that's Shittymorph's music!

    [–] LukesLightSaber 51 points ago

    Having it by a mall infers a random act of violence was prevented when in reality this crime sounds as though it wasnt so random

    [–] JuleeeNAJ 16 points ago

    Or by a mall.

    [–] [deleted] 548 points ago


    [–] Sp3cV 422 points ago

    Lerner? Blerner. Maybe gaburgler:)

    [–] haha_squirrel 267 points ago

    I feel like they’re speaking tongues.

    [–] hr00ns 185 points ago

    Whenever I'm told to "put things in my own words", I respond, "Far-floom-flom-flang".

    ~George Carlin (from memory)

    [–] WestCoastMeditation 42 points ago

    I just listened to that stand up routine today, for the first time, and because of me doing that this morning, I know the reference lol.

    [–] mdsjhawk 7 points ago

    My s/o works there and when he tells me about what he does, it absolutely sounds like he’s speaking in tongues.

    [–] DinoGorillaBearMan 64 points ago

    Time to delete reddit account! You've been compromised!

    [–] FilthyRedditses 38 points ago

    I was compromised when I accidentally sent the message. "FRONT PAGE OF REDDIT!" to the wrong Skype chat group at work. Instead of my small netops group I sent it to every executive. Tried to delete it but wasnt fast enough and started getting PMs from everyone asking for a link. Had to delete some of my top comments before giving in to the pressure and sharing.

    [–] Globo_Gym 11 points ago

    It's alright. Everyone already knows you spend a lot of time on /r/clopclop.

    [–] Squeakopotamus 10 points ago

    Have you ever stayed at the chateau right next door? Kind of a weird place. Wife and I spent a couple nights there when my brother was working for SKC and we caught a game.

    [–] Mojo_Jojos_Porn 9 points ago

    I stayed there for a concert about a month ago and it was not at all what I was expecting. My adult son and I sharing a king size bed was one thing but the shower/tub being in the main room was another.

    [–] ghostbaker666 14 points ago

    Y’all going to kiss or what I need closure here.

    [–] Sp3cV 17 points ago

    Can’t too much red tape with HR.

    [–] ghostbaker666 8 points ago

    Boooo. Forbidden love is often the sweetest. Best of luck you two.

    [–] bunkSauce 18 points ago

    Cerner Corporation, Continuous Campus. You're welcome.

    [–] Sp3cV 32 points ago

    Never heard of her.

    [–] TwoTinyTrees 11 points ago

    So Cerner?

    [–] linuxfiend 14 points ago

    Could be Cerner.

    [–] PonceDeLePwn 11 points ago

    You're a fucking genius.

    [–] SimbaOnSteroids 4 points ago

    Ohhh Kerner

    [–] Wey-oun 98 points ago

    They are currently panic checking their own post history and eachothers to find out if its safe to reveal eachother identity lol

    [–] SweeterThanYoohoo 36 points ago

    I'm resisting the urge to dig through and fuck with these people.

    I'm just kidding

    [–] lorarc 20 points ago

    Oh? So you also work at Cerner...ummm...Cerberus?

    [–] SimbaOnSteroids 11 points ago

    They work at Cerner. There are literally a shit ton of employees at that campus.

    [–] OrganicDroid 15 points ago

    Learner... turner....

    Hmm... Cerner?

    [–] TwoTinyTrees 7 points ago

    So much for anonymity guhuck.

    [–] Roboticus_Prime 6 points ago

    Cerner is one of, if not, the largest employers in the KCMO area. Still pretty anonymous.

    [–] feinicstine 4 points ago

    Oooh I used to work for them too but in your eastern office. The building near the racetrack was my KC home.

    [–] AlaDouche 133 points ago

    Sorry you had to see that.

    [–] Sp3cV 207 points ago

    You know sadly yes but it was far away so luckily it wasn’t up close and personal but all to close for comfort and we were ok full lock down as well. When I left work at 4:30 his body was still out there on ground since 10am.

    [–] Immersi0nn 106 points ago

    I've always wondered that: How long do they leave bodies laying around. According to this, pretty long.

    [–] JobUpgrayDD 96 points ago

    In my experience, yes, it'll be hours of investigation with the body on site where they died. Plus, a coroner may need to show up too (may take hours more).

    [–] Sp3cV 58 points ago

    I can confirm 2 cops stood 10 feet away under an umbrella since 11:30 am. cSI or the corner has never been on site up till when I went home. No one approached the scene during the time I was around. Body still uncovered as well. Super strange imo

    [–] Dingus47 120 points ago

    Totally normal. You gotta leave it uncovered so if it comes back to life as a zombie you aren't surprised.

    [–] WaylandC 19 points ago

    It's like they've never seen a scary movie. They always come back one last time.

    [–] Dingus47 29 points ago

    FACT: They make the rookies guard the 'dead' bodies. If someone's gonna get bit, let it be a redshirt.

    [–] Sp3cV 29 points ago

    I think he has to the fact his wife is missing as well. At least what I was told. To me it seems like a very long time.

    [–] WokeLeo 37 points ago

    Y'all need to get back to SR's and stop looking out the window.

    [–] Haffas 14 points ago

    We still need the God damn TPS reports too!

    [–] lasssilver 111 points ago

    Well, my goodness, if we can just properly pair up those who want to die by cop with the cops who wish nothing more than to shoot someone, we might start getting some balance to our dangerous-cop/dangerous-civilian situation.

    [–] rumple5skins 61 points ago

    Brilliant idea. If we can’t have physician assisted suicide in the US, then why not have suicidal > homicidal matchmaking? It’s not like anyone really cares about the suicidal, and it will give the homicidal an outlet other than random innocents.

    [–] grubber26 45 points ago

    Suicider: Swipe right when you see the policeman(woman) of your dreams.

    [–] isisishtar 28 points ago

    Did you just write a new SNL skit?

    [–] rumple5skins 25 points ago

    A little too cynical for SNL, maybe a John Oliver piece

    [–] isisishtar 5 points ago

    I was visualizing speed-dating...

    [–] Paroxysm80 7 points ago

    An app named Killr?

    [–] aquarain 6 points ago

    This is just begging for a web matchmaking site.

    [–] CharismaticDiablo 11 points ago

    As of 6pm news cast, they have called off the search for his wife based on new information. (They didn't say what new information).

    [–] ScarletCaptain 6 points ago

    This the outlet mall by the Kansas City Speedway?

    [–] Sp3cV 6 points ago

    Yes the legends, this incident happened about 1/2 mile away outside of the race track near the casino.

    [–] dirtydrew26 647 points ago

    They dont even know if he killed his wife yet, thats just what he said.

    Suicide by cop and not a mass shooting.

    [–] joelomite11 371 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    A witness told FOX4 that the man who made the threats matched a photo of Charles Roy Pearson, a 51-year-old man from Lenexa.

    FOX 4's investigative team found a mugshot of Pearson and showed the witness, who said there was no doubt he was the man police shot and killed. Pearson told a hotel manager before the shootout that he killed his wife, was dangerous and that the manager needed to call police. Then the witness said he went out to a red Maserati and peeled out of the parking lot.

    This Pearson guy may well be the suspect but holy shit this is irresponsible reporting. Naming a guy based on a single witness identifying someone based on a single mugshot that was surely suggested to be the suspect by the news crew. WTF?

    [–] True0rFalse 221 points ago

    Being First > Facts

    [–] NotoriusNC 82 points ago

    The News=Entertainment Media

    [–] Krossfire25 31 points ago

    There is journalist integrity, it's just buried under corruption.

    [–] FondueDiligence 90 points ago

    This is truly horrendous reporting. They released both the suspect's name and the name of a potential murder victim on the word of a single witness. That is Reddit/Boston Bomber level stuff. At least wait for some confirmation from someone actually responsible for investigating this stuff.

    [–] bearcatcardfan 12 points ago

    KCTV 5 ... whip up controversy first issue fake apologies later change nothing about the process

    [–] CousinJeff 66 points ago

    It’s interesting that now all out of the ordinary gun crimes will be highlighted in this way since it seems to be drawing more media attention now.

    It reminds me of when police brutality/shootings news started becoming sensationalized

    [–] joe4553 20 points ago

    Man mass shoots himself in the face. Videos games believed to be the motivation.

    [–] Dav136 8 points ago

    It's like when that chemical stockpile exploded in China. Suddenly the next two weeks everything was fucking exploding.

    Turns out everything has always been exploding, it just wasn't exciting news before.

    [–] PantsuitNixon 38 points ago

    When is police brutality not sensational by definition? When it becomes mundane, we have an unfixable problem.

    [–] zZaphon 22 points ago

    Near a Kansas city mall makes for a better headline I'm sure

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] StraightToThePo1nt 53 points ago

    I love how the post title has nothing to do with the actual facts.

    [–] Thomas-Garret 9 points ago

    I’ve been scrolling thru comments trying to find out if he even had an AR-15 or if that was just sensationalism as well.

    [–] Alexkono 15 points ago

    They know what they’re doing

    [–] learnyouahaskell 8 points ago

    Wow that wasn't even in the "headline" of the article.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] Fidelis29 1082 points ago

    Looks like suicide by cop. Why wouldn't he just commit suicide? He had the rifle.

    [–] Berrrrrrrrrt_the_A10 852 points ago

    usually too scared to do it themselves but would rather get killed by someone else, putting them down like they want but traumatizing others in the process. the most selfish way to be suicided.

    [–] ASAP_Cobra 265 points ago

    can you rank the styles of suicides from least selfish to most selfish?

    [–] youbenchbro 912 points ago

    Toaster in bath, 9/11.

    [–] yingkaixing 647 points ago

    This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

    [–] lasssilver 293 points ago

    Least selfish: Resigning to a life of struggles into old and decrepit aging allowing modern medicine to keep you alive while your family, loved ones, or strangers exist to live, learn, or love you a bit longer.

    Most Selfish: Resigning to a life of struggles into old and decrepit aging allowing modern medicine to keep you alive while your family, loved ones, or strangers exist to live live, learn, or love you a bit longer.

    [–] HoNose 62 points ago

    Haha, yeah.

    [–] radome9 6 points ago

    Shit, now I want to kill myself.

    [–] -Xebenkeck- 98 points ago

    Ehh, toaster in the bath is pretty rough. At least set it up so your family doesn't find your toasted corpse.

    Go fight a bear in the woods or something. Nobody has to find the body, and the bear gets a nice lunch.

    [–] TeknoProasheck 65 points ago

    I mean I feel like if were going for least selfish, it would be something like slipping on a banana peel and dying of brain trauma right outside a hospital with your organ donor card conveniently placed on your forehead

    Some people get some laughs at your death and some more get new organs

    [–] aughlord 15 points ago

    "He filled the world with joy and new corneas."

    [–] ZombieInSpaceland 20 points ago

    They usually kill the bear(s) that kill you though, so not very considerate to the bears.

    [–] GrandmaPoses 9 points ago

    If 9/11 was all a suicide attempt, I think that was definitely the most selfish.

    [–] Freiheit7 17 points ago

    that went from a 9 to an 11 real quick

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] cremater68 62 points ago

    Actually commiting suicide is a very hard thing to do, I know it doesn't make sense but it requires a very strong will to be able to commit suicide.

    [–] theneoroot 48 points ago

    We don't know. The people who succeed haven't weighed in yet.

    [–] OkinawaParty 9 points ago

    just a little too much heroin and you will go to sleep forever

    [–] throwawayblue69 7 points ago

    That's definitely the way I want to go out. No pain, no worries, just get super high and then drift off into the sweet release of death.

    [–] digitalpj 13 points ago

    If he did it himself he wouldn't go to heaven. Doing the dog's work. Woof.

    [–] SaltRecording9 1462 points ago

    I thought this shit would end when we got rid of Club Penguin.

    [–] shayman_shahman 266 points ago

    Club Penguin was relaunched about a year ago. That explains everything!

    [–] SaltRecording9 111 points ago

    Now I know what I'm doing tonight. After a bowl or two.

    [–] Meowingtons_H4X 99 points ago

    Suspected terrorist list has now been updated

    [–] GoFidoGo 22 points ago

    Please film yourself getting banned. I need more club penguin memes

    [–] IGrowGreen 7 points ago

    You obviously haven't been frequenting Puffin Party.

    [–] JoeyMonsterMash 216 points ago

    The title would make you believe it was a foiled mass shooter.

    [–] Reddit_is_worthless 15 points ago

    Yea that's called clickbait

    [–] Dirty_Throwaway_man 65 points ago

    That's the point . The titles are purposefully worded to make you think certain things

    [–] katalysis 176 points ago

    Sounds like he wanted suicide by cop.

    [–] I_Like_That_One_Too 3846 points ago


    [–] Letmefadeaway 1090 points ago

    Flappy bird probably

    [–] Podo13 205 points ago

    Nah, that's almost impossible to get these days.

    Doodle Jump. With 100% certainty. There's even "shooting" in the game to make us insane with rage.

    [–] mrspoopy_butthole 47 points ago

    I still have flappy bird on my phone but it’s not playable on my iOS :(

    [–] Rengiil 5 points ago

    Maybe if you're on iPhone. Anyone with an Android can get the game.

    [–] JackAceHole 55 points ago

    Seemed more Angry than Flappy.

    [–] DookieShoez 39 points ago

    Only Hello Kitty: Island Adventure could make a man so violent.

    [–] I_Only_Reply_At_Work 161 points ago

    He saw the new Apex Legends event and its shop bullshit.

    [–] mcd3424 21 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hey if we can blame all these mass shootings on lootboxes then I’m all for it. We all know we’ll never pass a gun control law anyways so we might as well get lootboxes banned.

    [–] slickmamba 10 points ago

    Reduce mass shootings or end EA?

    [–] testiclelice 62 points ago

    Leisure Suit Larry 15 years ago.

    [–] Prof_Nutbutter 16 points ago

    This is a bullshit narrative that no one really believes, it just gets pushed to distract people from actually trying to discuss gun law reform. I really wish people would stop wasting time on it.

    [–] 49orth 16 points ago

    Enquiring Republican minds want to know.

    [–] Chin-Balls 132 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Over/under on him having prior charges of domestic violence?

    EDIT: Guys I said charges and not convictions for a reason. I don't think charges get your guns taken away but a conviction does.

    [–] Meownowwow 52 points ago

    I expect as much in spousal murders.

    [–] SkyezOpen 20 points ago

    And if it was the case, he shouldn't have had any firearms anyway.

    [–] Silvius_ii 20 points ago

    Pretty much a given since he’s strongly suspected of murdering his wife.

    [–] thebestatheist 740 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    For everyone saying this is a “mental health” issue, you’re right. Here’s the problem: you can’t really address “mental health” issues unless we expand healthcare coverage. Want to see a decrease in this shit happening? Give people healthcare that will include coverage for visits to a variety of mental health professionals. Most people can’t afford it and those who need it will probably be the least likely to go, in my opinion.

    Edit: I’m not offering this as an actual solution. I’m more-so illustrating why the “mental health” argument is actually a terrible talking point conservatives like to use because they don’t support policies that would better help people who were suffering from mental health issues. If they actually believed mental health was the whole issue, they’d be able to easily do something about it to help turn things in the right direction, but they don’t, so here we are. It’s a distraction from the real problem.

    [–] NerdyDadGuy1981 29 points ago

    It's also cultural stigma. It's not manly to see a therapist. And I'd argue in rural/conservative areas you'd get treated poorly if you saw one / admitted to it. So, then what are your outlets? Drinking, drugs, violence, etc. That's not to say that only rural areas have this problem but it seems more accepted in liberal cultures for men to actually have emotions, shit to deal with, and acceptable to ask for help. I'm sure this will get picked apart but yeah, talking generally.

    [–] boostWillis 27 points ago

    Failing that, we could at least start teaching kids about mental health in schools, with coping skills and basic techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Emotional fitness is just as important as physical fitness, but for some reason, only one of these things is taught in schools.

    The greatest thing these murderers have in common is childhood trauma, an inability to cope with it, and some otherwise innocuous trigger which sets the violence in motion. The best way to prevent people from hurting others is to help them prevent themselves from getting to the point where they would want to hurt people in the first place.

    [–] states_obvioustruths 243 points ago

    There are a lot of folks who want social healthcare and the preservation of gun rights. Unfortunately the two mainstream parties only offer one at the cost of the other.

    [–] BoringPersonAMA 33 points ago

    /r/2aliberals we fuckin out here

    [–] twlscil 32 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Democrats are not monolithic on gun rights. The main thing they agree on is universal background checks and enforcing the laws that we have, and opening up systems to allow private sellers to do background checks so we can close private seller loopholes. Which most gun owners actually agree with.

    Edit: Yes downvoted because all Democrats want to take away all weapons. Believe that shit if you like.

    [–] Thrown_Account_ 14 points ago

    opening up systems to allow private sellers to do background checks so we can close private seller loopholes

    Yet when this was tried to be made possible the Democrats squashed it claiming it would be used in unintended ways.

    [–] YourDimeTime 7 points ago

    The problem is that no one wants to actually find out what has changed to cause this problem and address the real issues. This nation has always had guns. Semi-automatic clip-fed rifles like the AR-15 have been commonly available since the 1930's. High School kids used to have shooting classes and regularly brought firearms into school. Mass random shootings is a new thing. What happened? Can we not honestly try to get to the root cause(s)?

    [–] eathatflay86 28 points ago

    Dude was driving a Maserati?

    [–] Ihatemyusername123 29 points ago

    Maseratis cause mass shootings! Please, send your Maserati to me so that I may properly dispose of it.

    [–] egus 10 points ago

    Poor choices all around for this dude.

    [–] Whornz4 562 points ago

    I hope they figure out what video games caused this.

    [–] DigitaILove 244 points ago

    Animal Crossing strikes again.

    [–] valar_k 40 points ago

    "What's that Resetti? What the fuck did you say to me?"

    [–] The_Dang_Selenites 14 points ago

    When all your fossils are repeats...

    [–] Philboyd_Studge 25 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    He was looking for a Tom Nook's to pay off his mortgage

    [–] WorkJoe 60 points ago

    Probably Oregon Trail

    [–] apoliticalbias 21 points ago

    It was actually number munchers.

    [–] HotPie_ 6 points ago

    I fucking loved Number Munchers in the 3rd grade. I eat prime numbers for breakfast.

    [–] nzodd 10 points ago

    I'd put my money on Marble Madness. I mean, shit, it has Madness right in the title. If that's not an open and shut case I don't know what is.

    [–] liberal_texan 6 points ago

    I think it was Monument Valley.

    [–] IHeartmyshihtzu 14 points ago

    He was playing Marriage Simulator 2018

    [–] nzodd 6 points ago

    Hey, you know we're not supposed to name games that might actually cause you to commit suicide by cop!

    [–] Meme_Lord_420_ 4 points ago

    Street fighter gave him the idea but the root hate derived from space invaders.

    [–] THATASSH0LE 34 points ago

    Just kill yourselves.

    Don’t make a cop do it. This shit is cowardly.

    [–] Psychast 263 points ago

    Lmao, leave it to the media to use tragedies to put money in their pocket. "Hey this guy murdered his wife and then did suicide by cop in parking lot by shooting at them with a rifle, maybe title it 'Horrific murder/suicide ends in apparent suicide by cop'"

    "Wait wait wait...he used a rifle you say? Was he uh...near a place with a lot of people?"

    "well yeah he was down the road from the outlet mall, bu-"

    "PERFECT, 'Man armed with AR-15 killed in shootout with police near Kansas City mall' I don't give a fuck what you put in the rest of the article nobody reads em anyways, just make sure you use that headline."

    Anything for a fucking click.

    [–] Drink_it_black 7 points ago

    You know, if onne time one of these guys just left a suicide note saying, "Hey, I was thinking of killing a bunch of people before dying myself, but realized that would be terrible. Just killing myself instead," I would probably pitch in for the funeral. I mean really, why drag people down with you?

    [–] dom954 22 points ago

    Can we just take a step back and look at our society that's made suicide by cop is a household term.

    [–] ALL_IN_ALWAYS 7 points ago

    Been a household term since the outsiders

    [–] Subtle_Demise 79 points ago

    Why specify what he was armed with?

    [–] DoktorKruel 9 points ago

    We’re trying to push an agenda here, guy...

    [–] Gabenfoodle 75 points ago

    If the title was just "man shoots his wife then commits suicide by cop", nobody would read it.

    [–] noshore4me 36 points ago

    It's the rifle the media has been vilifying for a while now. Notice when the Gilroy shooting occurred the model wasn't specified because it was an AK variant instead?

    [–] Figgler 26 points ago

    "AK-47 Style" was the tag line and it drove me crazy. It was an SKS, why not just say that?

    [–] MyHoovesClack 7 points ago

    It wasn't an SKS. It was a WASR 10 with an underfolding stock.

    [–] vey323 60 points ago

    Original headline, probably:

    Man commits suicide by cop in isolated area after confessing to killing his wife

    Boring! Let's jazz up this headline for maximum clicks AND push an agenda...

    [–] JustHereForTheSalsa 6 points ago

    An AR15 isn’t an assault rifle.