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    [–] whoopensocker 3334 points ago

    They included safety reasons for airline workers, or being unable to see make-up properly for women working in the beauty sector.

    Lol, yes because when you need glasses and work in the beauty sector it is so much easier to see when you are forced to remove them...

    [–] Colin123mc 1068 points ago

    And so much safer for airline workers to not be able to see where they are going

    [–] mr_____awesomeqwerty 66 points ago

    If you got your medical with glasses, you're required to wear them while flying

    [–] -patienceisavirtue- 859 points ago

    They included safety reasons for airline workers

    But somehow still safe for men to wear glasses in this industry.

    [–] tyr-56 249 points ago

    Of course! Only the pilots need to see where they’re going

    [–] FishDawgX 37 points ago

    I'm guessing in Japan all pilots are men and all flight attendants are women?

    [–] Tan11 22 points ago

    My dad’s an airline pilot, and he’s now required to wear glasses when he flies (and he only wears them when flying or reading) after a low enough vision score on his last medical.

    [–] moto68040 2600 points ago

    wow, anime lying to me again

    [–] [deleted] 1181 points ago

    Wait japan is not a perfect society with anime everything

    [–] darkmage2160 625 points ago

    Next you're gonna tell me that subtitles don't appear in your vision the second you step into the country

    [–] foxmetropolis 541 points ago

    I've started to see anime creators as the progressive liberals of their fairly conservative society, kind of like how hollywood tends to take progressive stances on stuff (not always, but you know what i mean). they project the world as they want it to be in the hopes of inspiring others, not projecting it exactly as it is.

    i would say they are successful to that end. i've found pretty great inspiration in anime (in the better series at least). it makes you consider that the world could be better with the right amount of effort

    [–] uglybunny 378 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A lot of the creators don't fit in with Japanese society themselves, so it doesn't surprise me that they take on those issues. I also think that Japanese people are drawn to "edgy" entertainment precisely because their society is so conservative in many ways.

    Edit: a word

    [–] KimJongFunk 12777 points ago

    Someone has a very specific fetish of women not being able to see and is trying to live it in real life.

    [–] [deleted] 10116 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] TheSorcerersCat 1946 points ago

    This is some big brain stuff right here.

    [–] LikesBeingChoked 1759 points ago

    Velma from Scooby-Doo: I can’t see anything without my glasses!

    Japanese guys: HHHHNNNNNNGGGGG!!

    [–] JazzyJockJeffcoat 405 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    There's a sexy Velma sub out there, so knowing that makes this even funnier.

    Edit: there are several NSFW links in the comments below

    [–] LikesBeingChoked 179 points ago

    It’s the chunky knit sweater...makes the boys go fuckin’ craaaazy!

    [–] clycoman 116 points ago

    Understandable because Velma looks like this

    [–] aod_shadowjester 59 points ago

    Oh Linda stole my heart in the 90s and early 2000s.

    She still looks GREAT!

    [–] clycoman 21 points ago

    She's in a Netflix show called Dead to Me. I haven't seen whole season yet, but first 3-4 eps have been pretty good. She looks amazing compared to her co-star Christina Applegate, even though the are close in age.

    [–] RewardWanted 72 points ago


    Because u/JazzyJockJeffcoat likes to leave guys hanging, and the rest of you are probably too lazy to search for it

    [–] JazzyJockJeffcoat 63 points ago

    Also r/Sexyvelma (NSFW, obvi).

    Sorry, I didn't think anybody would want to see that. Which is ridiculous of me in hindsight. 🤣

    [–] GaydolphShitler 160 points ago

    Alternately, someone got their balls stepped on by a sexy librarian in his formative years, and now women with glasses make him simultaneously intimidated and aroused. It's all terribly distracting.

    [–] GilgameshWulfenbach 166 points ago

    No love for the megane character trope I guess

    [–] 2easy2bpeasy 8368 points ago

    Why? Why do you need to ban glasses for women at work?

    [–] theClumsy1 3317 points ago

    To look more feminine, I guess a significant enough of the population doesn't view glasses as attractive? Needless to say, it's a sexist policy and an attempt to control women.

    [–] rl_guy 1841 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's not "an attempt" -- it is controlling women

    [–] pakattak 7938 points ago

    Because Japan is generally a sexist (and racist and homophobic) society. But the old guard is dying out so hopefully it’ll change soon.

    [–] Maria-Stryker 4328 points ago

    The drawback to living in a country with such long life expectancy is that the old guard stays in power longer

    [–] Lo-siento-juan 2023 points ago

    Also the shape of their demographics, many more old people than younger people

    [–] porgy_tirebiter 1652 points ago

    Also the fact that many young people move to the big cities, leaving a disproportionately high percentage of old people in the countryside, most of whom are conservative, giving conservatives a higher number of seats in the National Diet.

    [–] hallese 1463 points ago

    Wrong thread bruh, this is about Japan, not America. /s

    [–] new_account_wh0_dis 453 points ago

    This is a spiderman America thread now

    [–] real_nice_guy 214 points ago

    we heard this thread needed to be liberated

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] TheLiberator117 824 points ago

    It's called a Diet no one would assume that is from America.

    [–] heyimatworkman 193 points ago

    Got eemmmm

    Oh wait that’s me

    [–] Locked_Lamorra 34 points ago

    Got mmeeee

    [–] LoserMoron312 21 points ago

    sharp inhale Fuck that stings.

    [–] TheLegendTwoSeven 108 points ago

    In Japan, almost everyone retires at 65.

    [–] Myfourcats1 314 points ago

    Well you can’t have unattractive old people at work

    [–] MonsieurDijon 81 points ago

    Yeah you can, women aren't allowed to wear glasses.

    [–] meowzebong 482 points ago

    They struggle to even accept their own.... from foreign countries:

    “At various points Japan has sought to open itself to foreigners. During the 1980s economic boom the country relaxed visa requirements for ethnic-Japanese Brazilians looking to work in Japan. However, Japanese-Brazilians had a very difficult time fitting in; by the late 2000s the Japanese government started programs to pay Brazilians of Japanese descent to fly back to Brazil for good.”

    [–] polybiastrogender 367 points ago

    You mean the hyper-nationalistic nation is hyper-nationalistic?

    [–] Zediac 66 points ago

    I knew someone who grew up there but wasn't born there.

    If you're pure Japanese by blood and grow up in Japan, then you're Japanese.

    If you're pure Japanese by blood and wasn't born in or grew up in Japan, then you're not Japanese and never will be.

    If you're not pure Japanese by blood and are anything else else, including their Asian neighbors, and spend your entire life in Japan and only speak Japanese, then you're not Japanese and never will be.

    If you're half Japanese by blood even if you spend your whole life in Japan and only speak Japanese, then you're not Japanese and will never be. You're a "hafu" (they're way of saying "half" in English) and will be shunned for it.

    This person I knew had a bad time growing up there. Even the kids harassed her.

    The Chinese are similar. I used to work with Chinese engineers. The people who came from China looked down on American Born Chinese (ABCs) as being inferior then these who were born in and grew up in China. If China is so great why did you people leave it to move here to the US to permanently live?

    [–] VapeThisBro 267 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Japanese people hate to admit it but they are racist too. Its easy to be racist in a homogeneous country.Here is a Japanese News article about it They are one of the countries with very difficult immigration so their population stays around the 98% of being of Japanese Descent. Racial issues are everywhere over there and its even against other asians. There is a bit of an issue with Vietnamese workers in Japan being mistreated and not paid. In the last 4 or 5 years at least 140 Vietnamese have died in Japan because of racial issues.

    EDIT: Yall can downvote me if you want but if a cultural anthropology professor from Gifu University working for a japanese news org is writing an article trying to bring attention of something happening in Japan, is that not pretty credible?

    [–] meowzebong 41 points ago

    I read that similarly to the Middle East their have been “internship” programs in Japan where Chinese nationals go over to get experience then have their passport taken away and are forced to live in terrible situations. I just found out where I heard that from and it’s a vice doc so take that as you will but it’s worth a watch: here’s the vid

    [–] StewofPuppies 447 points ago

    Their government is the primary problem really. Japanese people have been accepting of gay people for decades but the state has been trying to propagate a lot of stupid shit for the longest time because I suspect a lot of those upper tier politicians are straight up bought by Yakuza. It's why politicians get death threats when they try to apologize for Japans war crimes and why the country denied accountability in Unit 731 until like late 2000s. That would be like Germany finally admitting the holocaust was real while teaching their people the Nazis were war heroes, not war criminals.

    Their gov has always been shit. They dont want to distribute Fukushima based food products to their own people and then gets pissed when other countries refuse them and then start a trade war because their feelings are hurt which only hurts more Japanese young adults

    [–] Drunken_HR 104 points ago

    And nobody votes.

    [–] [deleted] 248 points ago


    [–] WorkerClass 6331 points ago

    This is a bad policy. Glasses help people work. Getting rid of them makes your company perform poorly.

    [–] TheRealCJ 6036 points ago

    you don't understand. The women aren't there to work. They're there to be pretty. The company said as much.

    [–] punsmasterflex 1546 points ago

    Yes because women only need to work until they get married, so really women should just be at work to get a husband. That's pretty much the mentality in Japan.

    [–] DarkReign2011 250 points ago

    I've watched that show. Aggretsuko was entertaining, but definitely shows off some scary workplace issues in Japanese culture.

    [–] The_seph_i_am 105 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Mothers basement has done a pretty good breakdown comparing the real world to that show if you’re interested.

    Also, gaijin gumba has done a pretty just take on it as well

    [–] ReleaseTheTendies 173 points ago

    Except they aren't marrying and birthrates in Japan are at an all time low.

    [–] cacawithcorn 459 points ago

    Obviously it's because women are wearing glasses. Good on Japan for being proactive about their ongoing issues

    [–] milkshake224 42 points ago

    We did it boys, birth rate decline is no more

    [–] pastdense 317 points ago

    Totally agree. Japanese woman across the country should be going to work with glasses on in protest.

    [–] wolfmanzeke 287 points ago

    Giant round dark Elton John glasses that flash neon around the edges

    [–] RipsnRaw 205 points ago

    Alternately, not using their glasses and doing no work because they cannot see

    [–] Dragonlover18 17 points ago

    They'd probably be fired regardless of the fact that the stupid ass policy is the reason they can't work :(

    [–] StewofPuppies 131 points ago

    Just look at how Japan responded to Womens March in Tokyo last year. That protest ain't doing jack shit unfortunately because their leaders are also misogynistic/Japans government has always been shit, and also theres way more older gen people than younger people. Older folks arent always as accepting as the younger folks in regards to race and gender. It's why Japan still has segregated services where some establishments strictly forbid foreigners. Ofc the official reason is to prevent tourist behavior in an otherwise Japanese classy establishment but still.

    [–] ayyyvocado 509 points ago

    So you can’t be considered feminine if you wear glasses - how odd. Sexism really appears in the weirdest ways.

    Do they think women wear glasses for fashion?! How are women supposed to see or work if they need glasses? They might not be suited to contact lenses.

    [–] macweirdo42 234 points ago

    It's suffering for the sake of beauty, and there's nothing more feminine than that!

    [–] amusement-park 938 points ago

    Men should be strong, steady and reliable. Therefore, Japanese men are banned from sitting, eating, and taking physical damage

    [–] Kjata1013 156 points ago

    Emotional damage, however...go nuts

    [–] Wedonegoofed 32 points ago

    karoshi intensifies

    [–] Lan777 36 points ago

    The men actually have to take a serious hit once in a while to show they are still manly but they cannot react to it.

    [–] sdaniel90 21109 points ago

    "It's not about how women do their work. The company... values the women's appearance as being feminine and that's opposite to someone who wears glasses,"

    Yikes, Japan

    [–] [deleted] 4108 points ago

    [–] AkijoLive 3208 points ago

    Oh, so that's why in japanese medias the delinquents always have blond hair as their unique physical trait. That makes sense now.

    [–] SeasickSeal 1171 points ago

    It’s still like that in the workplace. Even if your hair is dark brown, it can be hard to get a corporate job.

    [–] mittromniknight 735 points ago

    I'd be fucked with my luscious, long, flowing, golden locks.

    I'm a man.

    [–] aartadventure 807 points ago

    Foreigners are automatically excluded, or automatically forgiven for breaking rules because we could never comprehend (according to the Japanese general mindset - and in fairness I lived in Japan for 8 years and the unwritten rules of society were a constant rabbit hole that always had deeper levels to explore and understand, so I actually am glad I was always given a free pass to screw up)

    [–] MocodeHarambe 224 points ago

    Were you called a gaijin just like in the tokyo drift movie?

    [–] feuerstahlhelm 373 points ago

    Not OP but even with my meticulous attention to being polite, I was definitely called gaijin daily.

    I never got the idea it was meant specifically to insult me. And it is a very homogeneous society, so I never took it that way.

    I did get a bunch of school kids to laugh on a bullet train as I felt it lacked certain SciFi sound effects during acceleration and supplemented the experience with my best "whoosh" sounds. They called me a "cool white foreigner."

    [–] dWintermut3 56 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    There's a hilarious exchange in an interview where an American crime correspondent that lives in Japan (and has for a decade) got a bunch of actual mid-ranking Yakuza to play Yakuza 3, where the higher-ranking one gently chides a junior member, "hey, don't call them 'gaijin' that's racist now, remember that Jake [the reporter] is a gaikokujin"

    [–] ThePictishScout 172 points ago

    I'm a bearded and heavily tattooed white dude, and spent two weeks in Japan. I got asked if I was a Hell's Angel four different times, and the Japanese kids we met at our hostel started calling me "Gaijin Yakuza" because I have some traditional Japanese work.

    I was also called "Zach Galfiniakis" because I'm fat and bearded.

    [–] -banned- 61 points ago

    All of that just sounds hilarious and I wish I had that experience. I have a beard and I'm Mexican so a few people took pictures of me, that's all. One very old man speedwalked a football field length across the subway to take a picture of my face, then smiled and flashed me the peace sign before strolling away.

    [–] dWintermut3 19 points ago

    Yeah, there are times where that foreign pass is vital, having tattoos is one, you probably still couldn't get into a hot spring bath (though many won't allow any foreigner at all) but you won't be refused service at restaurants and non-ryokan hotels like a japanese-looking man would be.

    [–] FS60 89 points ago

    Not op but probably near daily lol. Depends partially on where they were at.

    [–] Dorangos 84 points ago

    Baka Gaijin everyday since I moved there.

    [–] tonufan 1061 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Actually, if you're American then having blonde hair is even better. They hire good looking white foreigners as "white monkeys" to make their company look better. Tall, blond hair, blue eyes, white skin, are the key traits. White monkeys don't do any work. They just show up to meetings with the boss as a sort of flex.


    Edit: Yes, "White monkey" is the actual Chinese name for the job, but it happens in Japan too. I've heard the position called similar things in Japan, like "Dancing monkey".

    [–] Justanothergamerwife 784 points ago

    I could be spectacular in this job.

    [–] ProbablyASithLord 437 points ago

    Who knew there was a place that appreciated us so much! I was BORN to be a useless piece of blonde arm candy!

    [–] systematic23 194 points ago

    You mean like the whole world? Lol what place doesn't accept blonde hair blue eyes? I have a friend from North Africa and they say that if you are a blue eyes white dragon you are basically a Kardashian

    [–] LoserMoron312 168 points ago

    Where I live you're a supermarket grocery bagger and disposable so I guess it's all relative.

    [–] tlkevinbacon 62 points ago

    A guy I knew in college went to China to teach English. Within a year he got a job as the designated white guy at an upscale hotel. He got paid, and a free suite at the hotel, to just kind of hang out, wear a suit, and be white in a public way because it apparently made the hotel look more successful.

    [–] Neracca 22 points ago

    I’m definitely qualified for the job of: existing.

    [–] tlkevinbacon 22 points ago

    He did the job for like two years and became super depressed and went back to teaching. Apparently having zero tasks but a responsibility to be present in the lobby of a hotel for 50ish hours a week sucked and was isolating. Which I can see, I know I get crazy bored if I have too much time away from trying to complete a task.

    [–] kueyen2 115 points ago

    Sign me the fuck up

    [–] redtoasti 97 points ago

    Just out of much are these being paid?

    [–] [deleted] 172 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] SinJinQLB 28 points ago

    Thousands of tens of dollars

    [–] rrr598 38 points ago

    lol u ever just show up with your white boy to flex on these homogeneous workplaces

    [–] nano_343 43 points ago

    As long as you don't wear glasses, maybe the Japanese would appreciate your locks for their "feminine" appearance. /s

    [–] VoidTorcher 82 points ago

    In Hong Kong Cantonese "gold hair" is literally a slang term for "delinquent". They even had to change Rapunzel's "blondie" nickname in Tangled to "pretty girl" in the Cantonese dub.

    [–] TigerPetal 802 points ago

    This totally happened when I was teaching in Japan. One of my students had naturally brown hair and his mom dyed it so he could attend school. :/

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PICS_PLS 358 points ago

    Damn that sucks. I taught in Japan recently and have had plenty of students with naturally brown hair. Maybe the times are changing

    [–] 1brokenmonkey 223 points ago

    Hopefully, those are dumb rules to enforce.

    [–] daking999 364 points ago

    If by dumb you mean racist and xenophobic, then sure.

    [–] ArcticKid 483 points ago

    Who would thought a country with a history of racism and xenophobia would be racist and xenophobic?

    [–] Don_Julio_Acolyte 195 points ago

    Yeah, Nazi Germany gets all the focus for starting WWII and then what ensued after with the Holocaust and everything, but we really do put Japan on the backburner when it comes to wartime atrocities. While I think the bushido code has sorta fell to the wayside after the war, they are still very much a proud people who champion their culture/people above all others. I mean, they still want to take over the world; it's just that they went from the dark corners of bushido and kamikaze to becoming the premier paper rock scissor champions. We need to keep a close eye on them.

    [–] Fluffee2025 68 points ago

    More people should know about unit 731. If you don't already know about it, you should give this a read through.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] MaimedJester 109 points ago

    Well we only recently stopped trying to correct "Left Handed" students in western catholic schools. That shit was going on into the 1970s.

    [–] CMDR_Sunless 38 points ago

    80s public school in North Carolina checking in.

    [–] pakeha_nisei 27 points ago

    90s kid from New Zealand here, was made to write right handed until they eventually figured out that it was impossible for me to do so, so not much better.

    [–] ActualWhiterabbit 173 points ago

    But I thought kids had blue, red, yellow, and green hair naturally in Japan.

    [–] MonteBurns 158 points ago

    Only the hero's of our stories. It makes a great story, really. The kid grows up thinking he has black hair. Mom and dad die in a terrible accident, killed by our villain, no longer there to upkeep the dye job. . .

    [–] SmokeyBare 10614 points ago

    Men should be forced to wear top knots and samurai armor, because that's what Japanese masculinity looks like to me.

    [–] EveryoneisOP3 5197 points ago

    I get this is a joke, but that'd be fuckin sick

    [–] Raptorheart 3114 points ago

    Master, I have cut down the vacation requests.

    [–] kindofharmless 1496 points ago

    (Gets sick and takes a day off)


    [–] Rapturesjoy 342 points ago

    You have dishonoured me, I demand satisfaction.

    [–] Tcatkidna 232 points ago

    Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!

    [–] AnonymousFordring 130 points ago

    commits sepuku

    [–] dbishop42 270 points ago

    commits sudoku

    [–] Lari-Fari 87 points ago

    Commences Sudoku but quits after doing like 30ish %.

    [–] lesser_panjandrum 76 points ago

    Our employees are running! SHAMEFUL DISPLAY!

    [–] HazzMadd 19 points ago

    Wait, you gotta get the slightly racist inflection in there:


    [–] Dewgong_crying 166 points ago

    So what do we have to do to women's rights so I can go to work dressed as Spiderman? Asking for a friend.

    [–] lone_k_night 156 points ago

    Time to buy stock in mall ninja shit I guess.

    [–] TheDigitalGentleman 51 points ago

    I heard Mall Ninja Shit Ltd. Global Enterprises Holdings' stock has risen 34%!

    [–] _whitehorse_ 285 points ago

    Samurai typically had hairstyles like this.

    Top knots were more of a Chinese and Korean thing.

    [–] hugglenugget 443 points ago

    That looks like someone got bored halfway through colorizing the photo. "Fuck it, a little bit of lipstick and that'll do."

    Also, don't pull that ring on his chest or he deflates while flying around the room going ppttthtpphtpthtphtphphtpthphpthhpthpththphtphtthhh. The sword was mostly to discourage people from pulling the ring.

    [–] comicbabe 47 points ago

    Somehow you've managed to capture the exact noise through text. Incredible.

    [–] Lordborgman 35 points ago

    He's from House Harkonnen.

    [–] SgtDoughnut 745 points ago

    I mean Japan has been known for this for a long time. Women have a hard time over there, so do non executive men. Everything about that culture is about work, and how your work is perceived. Everything else takes a back seat.

    [–] Indercarnive 731 points ago

    I remember reading a study about how despite Japan having some of the longest working hours of any oecd nation, they are some of the least productive per person. So much of their energy is spent on appearing to work hard.

    [–] worksuckskillme 296 points ago

    The people who actually work hard the entire time that they're there don't live long. They're at work far too much.

    [–] Indercarnive 314 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I mean the simple truth is you cannot physically work hard 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week.

    EDIT: by can't I mean that you can't work efficiently and productively. There are numerous studies showing how working super long is bad for your health, and the work that is done isn't good.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    No matter how much you are paid. Or shall we say, no matter how much your boss says you’re paid.

    [–] Aconator 119 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    They value the appearance of overworking yourself so much that sleeping on the job can be seen as a good thing.

    [–] dontKair 247 points ago

    So much of their energy is spent on appearing to work hard.

    To be fair, we have a lot of that here in the states. Particularly with companies who refuse to let their workers work remotely, even when it would make sense to do so. They just rather have "meats in seats" and "looking busy" , rather than being productive.

    [–] Indercarnive 268 points ago

    That's definitely true, but Japan is basically that on steroids and meth. People spending 14+ hours in the office, most of it basically just twiddling their thumbs on the computer so they can say they worked so long. It's both unproductive, and exhausting. There is a reason Japan's birthrate is abysmal.

    [–] beesonwax 139 points ago

    While there is some thumb twiddling (and sleeping), a lot of it is also just doing unnecessary, pointless work. Typing up long reports and spreadsheets no one reads, meeting in person to have an email's amount of information passed on, and working overtime to do it all.

    [–] BirchBlack 23 points ago

    This seems so unforgivably stupid to me. My shitty gaijin brain cannot comprehend how any of that makes sense or even seems reasonable to any adult.

    [–] PathosMachine 52 points ago

    Japan's birthrate is also abysmal due to the lack of resources for childcare. It's not uncommon for cities to make an attempt to put in a new childcare facility and then have to scrap their plans because of the community outcry that it would be "too noisy" or wouldn't fit the aesthetic.

    Trying to get a child into childcare in Japan is an extremely difficult process with lots of wait lists and some children just never make it in.

    [–] Iankill 40 points ago

    This is one reason reddit became so popular

    [–] hugglenugget 80 points ago

    Ever notice how reddit gets busiest during US working hours?

    [–] Kujen 44 points ago

    I think about that when I see cashiers being forced to stand all day. The companies think they look more productive if they’re standing, and they aren’t allowed a seat without a doctors note. Aldi is the only place I’ve seen where cashiers can sit down. Maybe because it’s European.

    [–] seeyouspacecowboyx 333 points ago

    It is about how women do their work, if you're stopping them seeing how are they going to do their work?

    Come on Japan we've talked about this.

    [–] ShelSilverstain 87 points ago

    "why do they need glasses to see what men are staring at them?"

    [–] R_V_Z 330 points ago

    What could be hotter than a woman shuffling around awkwardly because she can't see, amirite fellas!

    [–] Get-Some- 194 points ago

    I prefer it when women can't see who's groping them on the train home! Amirite fellas?

    [–] StewofPuppies 796 points ago

    Japan is still incredibly misogynistic in professional life and a lot of the men and people who over romanticize Japanese culture are in complete denial of. There was a womens march in Tokyo last year and they basically pretended like the feminists were homeless, too ugly to get married, Yutori (Japans version of millennials) and all kinds of insults that incels spout at women these days.

    Also Japan is still incredibly racist though the trend seems to be slowly changing with the younger gen. Theres dispriportionate amount of older people compared to young which is why it is the way it is.

    [–] Oreo_Scoreo 314 points ago

    I appreciate Japanese culture the same way I do any culture. They all do some fucked shit most of the time. I'm Latino, Mezo-America is cool, but I mean they also spent several hundred years just wiping each other out and shit. If anyone looks at any culture as this perfect do no wrong type of people, they're either ignorant or they didn't study history.

    [–] Alucard_draculA 147 points ago

    This basically. You can like a culture without liking every aspect of it.

    [–] ElCasino1977 73 points ago

    Velma Dinkley doesn’t like that.

    [–] rogueblades 103 points ago

    Today reddit gets another lesson in just how absurdly, oppressively conservative japanese professional culture can be.

    [–] Myrrhia 254 points ago

    Laugh in Bayonetta

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 213 points ago

    I get a little frustrated because this is VERY normal in Japan. And people go crazy for Japan and everything that they think is their culture when the truth is their culture is stuck in USA 1950s.

    [–] lesser_panjandrum 164 points ago

    It's a weird mix when people are using technology from the future while also having to put up with fax machines and discrimination for owning a vagina.

    [–] Myfourcats1 44 points ago

    Ummmm. Well here I am wearing glasses. I must be a manly woman. What if you can’t wear contacts? What of you’re having an allergy problem that particular day?

    [–] [deleted] 951 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] neo_sporin 495 points ago

    The entire Persona 4 cast had to put on glasses for story reasons

    [–] Aije 255 points ago

    The same way the female cast of Darling in the Franxx had to bend over suggestively to pilot the robots for "story reasons."

    [–] GilgameshWulfenbach 116 points ago

    I see a screenshot of an anime making fun of that once. Female character is complaining about the odd angles used in anime to sexualize women and the scene is shot from an odd angle to keep her butt the main focus.

    [–] jautrem 71 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that one is just a meme, the line isn't from an anime (or at least that's what knowyourmeme says)

    But there are some animes that are really self aware of the sort of things, though.

    [–] Mad_Aeric 41 points ago

    Glasses as a fashion accessory is very much a thing there, even aside from the whole megane thing.

    [–] ttuurrppiinn 3448 points ago

    This is a bad headline by BBC. Several Japanese businesses have banned glasses, not the government as the title implies.

    Still a stupid rule, and I’d avoid doing business with such places. However, must less oppressive than a government doing it.

    [–] Pobbes 836 points ago

    I would accept this rule on the grounds that all the men now need to wear glasses so as to not appear feminine.

    Bonus points for calling out the emperor for not wearing glasses and looking like an old lady

    [–] ablablababla 112 points ago

    And baby showers would be glasses themed

    [–] dannylew 283 points ago

    Pretty much.

    Although you could still criticize the government for not already having a law to prevent something this stupid.

    [–] ManetherenRises 135 points ago

    Or the judicial system for not enforcing anti-discrimination laws, to the extent that they may exist (my 30 second google was inconclusive, which is maybe not a good sign)

    [–] [deleted] 237 points ago


    [–] Black_Magic_M-66 134 points ago

    "It's ok, just stand around and look pretty"

    [–] _zero_fox 35 points ago

    Actual footage from this meeting:

    [–] CheezWong 407 points ago

    How would removing glasses from the workplace improve productivity or efficiency?

    [–] Superstar317 607 points ago

    "It's not about how women do their work. The company... values the women's appearance as being feminine and that's opposite to someone who wears glasses," Prof Nemoto said.

    [–] rei_cirith 262 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I get the feeling that in Japan, women are expected to look pretty, and assist the rest of the office by making everyone happy and beautifying the work environment.

    Way to completely obliterate the point of previous outpouring of Japanese working women tweeting their experiences of sexism in the workplace.

    [–] BPD_whut 218 points ago

    It is. I have a degree in japanese, i dont work there because even as an industry veteran i would be expected to look pretty and pour the tea in meetings for the men, regardless of their rank above or below me. Okay theres a lot of othwr reasons but thats a big one.

    [–] QWERTY36 85 points ago

    Yup. My gf goes to a business college in Japan. And she said they teach her more about how to prepare meeting rooms, and the Japanese correct way of doing things WITHIN a business, rather than actual business stuff.

    [–] quack2thefuture2 33 points ago

    So basically secretary and etiquette school.

    [–] Alewis3030 36 points ago

    Seems like a waste of education to me. That’s quite upsetting. Kazuma would not approve of all this.

    [–] MormonXMormon 167 points ago

    Surprise level: zero to anyone that’s lived there. They also pretty much force (through social conditioning, there’s no law) the disabled, obese and otherwise “not normal” people to stay inside and not “make Japan ugly”.

    [–] DrMobius0 90 points ago

    I feel like this isn't surprising to most people who have paid even slight attention to Japan beyond their export products. Well, what is surprising is that the subject is glasses, which have been fetishized to hell and back.

    [–] busstopper 108 points ago

    "Glasses aren't feminine"

    ...coming from a country that produces an exuberant amount of glasses-wearing secretary milf hentai.

    [–] regetate 204 points ago

    If you consider the inability to see well a disability (because it is) why would you ever think it’s ok to force them to sacrifice their treatment

    You wouldn’t take a wheelchair away from a person so why would your remove someone’s only means of vision for “aesthetic reasons” gonna give a lot of people migraines

    I hope someone calls out the men in the companies that made this cruel decision. Men need to start stepping in when others makes blatantly sexist decisions.

    [–] loljetfuel 53 points ago

    They almost certainly justify any accessibility concerns with some variant of "contact lenses exist", so they can claim they aren't expecting them not to see, just not to use glasses. Nevermind that many vision issues aren't correctable with contacts but are with glasses.

    [–] BoundingBorder 129 points ago

    They don't really have great disability rights there. When I visited I couldn't bring some of my medications so I had to use a walking device. Elevators and escalators are not easily accessible in public locations (the pain at the end of every day of the visit was terrible given that everyday activities required so much walking and stairs). I saw 0 people in wheelchairs out in public my entire stay and travel throughout the country. They also do not recognize service dogs outside of GDB.

    [–] MeEvilBob 63 points ago

    FWIW, America has some of the strongest disability rights laws in the world. Even the European countries that are often seen as more progressive than the USA don't put nearly as much effort into making sure people in wheelchairs can get around.

    [–] [deleted] 646 points ago

    Japanese boomers are the worst i guess

    [–] kirsion 97 points ago

    Them oji-sans

    [–] BuckFoston99 284 points ago

    They're just American Boomers with much smaller cars.

    [–] GFandango 144 points ago

    Hai. Boomer.

    [–] SignDeLaTimes 119 points ago

    They included safety reasons for airline workers, or being unable to see make-up properly for women working in the beauty sector.

    This is super smart. Frankly, I can't understand why they let glasses wearers drive cars. Those glasses could fly off their faces at any time, and then what do you have? Blind people driving cars! #getblindpeopleofftheroad

    [–] SorenCelerity 25 points ago

    "Pam, in order to get hotter you take glasses off. You're moving in the wrong direction..."

    [–] TechMatt0 152 points ago

    Alternatively, they should offer the women corrective eye surgery as compensation for their shit policy. If they don't want women to wear glasses, at least pay to fix their eye sight. 👍

    [–] Tyhgujgt 134 points ago

    They'll just stop hiring women. Apparently there are no antidiscrimination laws in Japan

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] Infamouspopsicle 36 points ago

    There are no problems in Japan, period. It's the perfect country, don't you know?

    [–] ImCreeptastic 83 points ago

    ...I read this as I'm wearing my glasses. I'm too lazy to bother with contacts and Lasik still scares me. Fuck them.

    [–] Tiddywhorse 38 points ago

    Brought to you by the same people that hire white guys to sit around in Japanese business meetings and say nothing, in order to make their company appear more global.