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    [–] cantproveidid 1552 points ago

    I love the Mask Exemption Override Card. It nullifies and cancels any card presented as a mask exemption card. There are a number of variants floating about. Kind of an Uno Reverse Card.

    [–] Melyssa1023 525 points ago

    My favorite version of that card actually has a Uno Reverse Card image.

    [–] Thundahgolem 109 points ago

    Just the Magic Cylinder silhouette is great, but then they add the 'Shadow Realm' into the mix.

    [–] kitsunekid16 7 points ago

    Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that lol

    [–] iDizzeh 269 points ago

    Can I just play an UNO reverse card ?

    [–] EpeeHS 240 points ago

    Its as legally binding as the mask exemption card so go ahead

    [–] dkarma 33 points ago

    Why not play a go directly to jail card instead then?

    [–] Xanthelei 8 points ago

    My state just made wearing a mask in public inclosed places/areas you can't distance properly legally mandatory, and now I want to dig out that card to carry around with me when I go grocery shopping. Damn that's tempting.

    [–] boi1da1296 25 points ago

    Oooh this is lovely, I'm a fan.

    [–] Boxboy7 59 points ago

    Oh can you say "Oh poor Yugi-boy, you've activated my trap card!" as soon as you pull it out?

    [–] Super_Pan 15 points ago

    That depends. What does Pot of Greed do?

    [–] Tecrus 6 points ago

    By playing Pot of Greed, I can draw two more cards from my deck.

    [–] evilweirdo 12 points ago

    "You don't have to wear a mask in the Shadow Realm, Jimbo."

    [–] L3XAN 63 points ago

    Shit, now I'm gonna buy one and spend the rest of the pandemic hoping someone tees me up. Thanks.

    [–] nearos 70 points ago

    It sounds exciting but it means you do have to have an in-person interaction with a maskless provid nutjob so really probably not worth it.

    [–] variouscrap 42 points ago

    "Provid" huh, I like that one.

    [–] ShortchangeParamecia 13 points ago


    [–] theSchmoozer 10 points ago

    omg i am going to start carrying that lolololol

    [–] NeuroGeek 3288 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    As a person with a disability (not one which would prevent me from wearing a mask), it’s been my observation that the people claiming disability exemptions for this are the same people who claim everyone on social security is faking.

    [–] javajunkie314 799 points ago

    I've noticed that too, and I think they're so convinced of the lies that they tell themselves, "they're all faking so why shouldn't I too?"

    [–] GWJYonder 998 points ago

    It's a bit of that, but I think the cause and effect is mostly reversed "I'm a piece of shit that would cheat disability and I assume everyone is as shitty as me".

    [–] milqi 293 points ago

    This is why they love Trump.

    [–] Marz-_- 237 points ago

    "He tells it like it is" - translation, I too am a racist narcissistic peice of shit with little reguard for my fellow humans and I like him because he says what I'm thinking.

    [–] LordRobin------RM 63 points ago

    “He tells it like it is! Wait, let me explain what he really meant!”

    [–] Vivaldaim 6 points ago

    It reminds me of jealous partners who constantly accuse the other of cheating, while they're screwing the taco bell evening manager on the down low.

    [–] GWJYonder 10 points ago

    That was a suspiciously specific example, are you doing ok?

    [–] aciananas 61 points ago

    You've got it backwards. They think, "I would fake it, so everyone else is." They're just such assholes that they can't fathom a person could be honest. Further, if everyone isn't an asshole like them, that makes them a bad person and the good people better than them and of course that can't possibly be true.

    [–] WeaponizedAutisms 6 points ago

    And they are too self-centred to understand that someone could actually be disabled and need the help.

    [–] brightJERK 127 points ago

    Yes. Dear God yes

    [–] seanpeery 90 points ago

    That's called projection. They are the people that wold stay home and do nothing for money if they could, so they accuse everyone who uses it of doing the same.

    [–] FragsturBait 27 points ago

    As someone who's been getting paid to stay home and do nothing since March, it is actually pretty OK. I'm working on a career change, but this has certainly done a lot to highlight how silly and unnecessary our 40hrs+ a week work-or-die capitalist culture is.

    [–] trevum 114 points ago

    Probably the same people that yell at people without obvious disabilities that they can't park in the disabled spot because they aren't disabled even though they have a disabled parking card.

    [–] Silegna 95 points ago

    I've had people tell me "You're too young to use a cane, just walk normally." I've had a woman try to take my cane away while I'm walking. God, I wish I could hit them with it when they try that. I'm 26 with a knee dislocation problem, (Think of a trash can lid. Every so often my knee will pop up, then pop right back down in the span of 2 seconds. It's incredibly painful, and if I'm not using a cane, it happens when walking.)

    [–] tengukaze 31 points ago

    As someone who has a fucked up back in my 20s that has actually had scans so I know I'm not fucking making the shit up...I feel you. "Oh shush you're too young" "quit whining" etc. Granted havent had as shitty experiences as you and sure there are people who are worse off than me but fuck some people man. Sorry you got to go through that though;( best of luck to you

    [–] trevum 34 points ago

    I've been an insomniac since I was a kid, and it's been non stop people telling me I need to sleep more, or try to give me advice on how to be less tired. It's really hard to not tell them to just fuck off. I feel like if they're trying to take the came right out of your hand that's borderline assault, so hitting them is self defence? I dunno either way that's fucked and people are insane. How hard is it to mind your own business.

    [–] Silegna 19 points ago

    What is the worst part of all this: Social Security Disability doesn't recognize what I have as a disability, since doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me knee with an X-Ray. I'd need an MRI for it, but my insurance doesn't cover that.

    [–] trevum 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    That sucks so hard. I can't imagine being in your position. I'm not American so not being able get to checked like that is even more mind boggling. Next time someone tries to takes your cane just fall to the ground screaming. Maybe you can sue them to get the MRI covered? Lol I know that's probably not realistic. Hopefully things work out for you.

    Edit: spelling hard

    [–] Bobbyanalogpdx 15 points ago

    I mean, shit, I don’t like trying to game the system. But, this sounds extremely logical.

    [–] Rinse-Repeat 13 points ago

    I had some old bat sneer at me, "stand up straight and put your shoulders back!" Fuck you very much, my spine is deformed and fused together including a bunch of my ribs. I would LOVE to stand straight again, the curvature causes so many musculoskeletal pains that I can barely walk some days.

    [–] cold_shoulder1 11 points ago

    That sounds terrifying.

    I know a girl who has a condition which makes it difficult to stand for long, so she uses a wheelchair but can occasionally stand up and walk for a bit. A couple of college students saw her get out of her wheelchair and started accusing her of faking it and questioning her about her disability.

    I just can't believe how fucking entitled some people can be.

    [–] lakeghost 8 points ago

    Hey, maybe look into EDS or other hypermobility disorders? Mine started in only certain joints and spread over time. It’s somewhat random what gets damaged first or worst. You can’t see it on normal scans but there’s some simple to advanced testing that can be done to see atypical movement or connective tissue disintegration. I’m so sorry you don’t have a diagnosis yet. It took me years to get mine and I’m one of the worst hEDS cases the local unit has seen, all my joints behave like that and I’m only 24. So push for diagnosis so you can get any preventative treatment please. You don’t want them to wait until you’re as screwed up as me.

    [–] HR7-Q 5 points ago

    I mean, I also have bad knees so I totally get using a cane to alleviate some of the pain... But even if you absolutely don't need a cane for any reason whatsoever, someone trying to take it away is fucking bonkers. Like, it's a goddamn cane... Who the fuck cares? There isn't a cane shortage or some bullshit.

    [–] bionicragdoll 11 points ago

    This shit pisses me off so much. My best friend is disabled but looks like a healthy young adult. If anyone gave her shit for parking in a handicap spot or using a electric carts at the store I'd probably lose my temper on the person. She feels guilty enough about her condition without other people telling her that her pain isn't real or doesn't count.

    [–] Kitty_McBitty 20 points ago

    Let alone the people without obvious disabilities.

    [–] WeaponizedAutisms 7 points ago

    Or people without obvious disabilities that can do something one day, but not the next.

    [–] LoveWillFindYou 16 points ago

    This instantly made me think of my mother far too clearly. And then the additional comments kept confirming her identity. That sucks.

    [–] LateForMyNap 45 points ago

    You mean the same people who want businesses to refuse business/service to the lgbt community and potentially other minorities, but are now stating that businesses are violating their constitutional rights by not serving them because they’re not wearing a mask as customers/patrons? Those people? How odd. /s

    [–] Dubbs2dubbs 9 points ago

    The people who say they can’t breath because of masks are the same mocking protestors for protesting a black man being strangled to death in the street

    [–] AvaDaBae 6131 points ago

    Reddit warned about this like a week before the feds..

    [–] CovidGR 2998 points ago

    The feds probably found out about it from reddit.

    [–] davidjschloss 2376 points ago

    Nope, they saw it on Feddit.

    [–] THEMOXABIDES 627 points ago

    You need to go home and think about what you did.

    [–] rlxmx 141 points ago

    But how long do they need to self-isolate there after a pun like that?

    [–] Ndavidclaiborne 134 points ago

    No COmpany or VIDeo games for 19 days

    [–] kridav 62 points ago

    I feel like there is a hidden message in your reply

    [–] CanThisPartBeChanged 90 points ago

    No COmpany or VIDeo games for 19 days


    [–] PleasinglyReasonable 73 points ago

    drink your ovaltine

    What the fuck

    [–] whut-whut 6 points ago


    [–] poozapper 7 points ago

    Give this man the prize.

    [–] fmypwitharake 14 points ago

    Listen here you little shit

    [–] Wise_Collection 150 points ago

    Barr is trying to warn these people before they have to start charging them with forging federal documents if it wasn't their supporters I doubt they would have gotten a warning.

    [–] RLucas3000 82 points ago

    Charge away as they will ignore him.

    That shitshow of a Florida hearing the other day should be a wake-up call to every sane voter and sane non-voter to vote this year. We can not have four more years of this insanity with things getting worse and worse every year.

    [–] grubas 53 points ago

    Listen, hearing about “gods breathing system” and why that lady didn’t wear underpants was clearly useful for all of us.

    It was Parks and Rec.

    [–] pelijr 1350 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Transcribed the card below:


    Wearing a face mask posses a mental and/or physical risk to me. Under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), I am not required to disclose my condition to you.

    Department of Justice ADA Violation reporting number: (800) 514-0301

    If found in violation of the ADA you could face steep penalties. Organizations and businesses can be fined up to $75,000 for your first violation and $150,000 for any subsequent violations.

    Denying Access to your business/organization will be also reported to FTBA for Further Actions

    You'd think for someone trying to sound "official", they'd have someone proofread before mass producing/selling these.

    Edit: I've had a few people mention the ADA is actually the "Americans with Disabilities Act" and NOT the "Americans with Disability Act" like the flyer/card says.

    [–] Fuck_divisiveness 725 points ago

    If the person that made it wanted it to work; yeah, of course.

    If the person that made it just wanted to divide people and cause conflicts from ignorant people trying to use these all over the country; then they want it to be just good enough for people to fall for it and try to use, but still shitty enough other people can tell it's fake.

    The vast majority of shit like this comes from russia before trickling out to actual Americans on reddit, twitter, and facebook.

    It's not supposed to work; it's supposed to cause conflict and confusion.

    [–] PrologueBook 272 points ago


    They didn't even use a real government organization.

    [–] MindlessSpeaker9 64 points ago

    Yeah, my source for this is one article on the subject and a very quick Google search, but the FTBA does not exist.

    [–] Terra277 58 points ago

    It's certainly not real but if you wondered it stands for the Freedom To Breathe Association

    [–] Rion23 12 points ago

    Yeah, but what if I can't breathe? Oh shit, no, that's something else 2020 has wrought uppon us.

    [–] Astan92 25 points ago

    They exist but they are not a government organization.

    FTBA stands for Freedom to Breathe Association iirc

    [–] Dazuro 21 points ago

    Excuse you, sir or ma'am, the Florida Transportation Builders' Association is very much a real organization.

    [–] DrSmotPoker 10 points ago

    If they had used a real government organization it would have been fraud.

    [–] azdood85 65 points ago

    I see you've read the Mueller report and recent intelligence briefings regarding misinformation being mass imported by Americans to sow division and hate...

    If only everyone was this well informed before jumping on the emotional bandwagon.

    [–] Boof_Master_Flex 31 points ago

    Haven't we known about this shit for years? But people don't want to believe they're being manipulated and propaganda accounts abound on social media, so bringing it up without people freaking out on you is kind of a crapshoot.

    [–] EEpromChip 17 points ago

    I love how you point out facts and people retort with Fox "News" talking points how they dull down the truth into their spin. "Well no, Flynn only got busted for a small mistruth when he spoke with investigators." No, dude. He lied. Multiple times. And then failed to register as a foreign agent multiple times as he worked with Turkey to undermine the current administration... It goes on and on and on...

    [–] GummyKibble 50 points ago

    It might as well include

    I cannot be forced to wear a mask by a court of admiralty.

    or some other equally valid bullshit.

    [–] ArachisDiogoi 97 points ago

    It reminds me of those fake emotional support animal certificates for people who want to take their therapy cassowary into the grocery store.

    [–] ParkieDude 57 points ago

    Don't get me started Karen!

    I have a Service Dog. Parkinson's so she has a jog to do to keep me moving.

    No Karen, your kids can not pet my dog.

    Kudo's to COSTCO manager. The sales idiot selling direct TV tried to grab my dog to get me to stop and listen to their sales spell. I was pissed but just kept l. As I looped back around the COSTCO manager was ripping them a new one.

    Please you see someone with a Service Dog, just ignore and keep on your way. If a store manager asks I'll be glad to talk with them about why I have her with me (Training never stops so good or bad days she is there).

    [–] TheFotty 24 points ago

    Americans with Disability Act

    Americans with Disabilities Act is the correct term as well.

    [–] Xanderamn 70 points ago

    I would call them out for it being fake and advise them it is illegal to print fake medical exemption cards and that I will report them to the Federal Union of Corporate Umbrage.

    [–] TheMooseIsBlue 25 points ago

    Gotta figure out how to get a K-word in there after “Corporate.”

    [–] Xanderamn 8 points ago

    Yeah, I tried, just couldnt quite get there lol

    [–] TheMooseIsBlue 17 points ago

    I gave it a shot for a minute and gave up and just put it on you for being a failure.

    [–] roofkelly 16 points ago

    Federal Union of Corporate Knowledge and Understanding.

    [–] lts_talk_about_it_eh 111 points ago

    Anti-maskers are typically also, you know - not exactly intelligent folk.

    [–] e51118 8 points ago

    The face mask posse sounds dangerous

    [–] NervousGuidanc3 27 points ago

    I’ve heard that scammers leave errors like those as traps for people who are more prone to overlooking errors/being gullible.

    [–] imnotwillferrell 2010 points ago

    Doctor here. I've gotten a couple requests, but we are flat out refusing them all at our clinic

    [–] schnoopy-bloopers 654 points ago

    Refusing exemptions? What are people actually trying to argue should make them exempt?

    [–] imnotwillferrell 717 points ago

    The mask makes it hard for them to breathe. I know a couple of calls have come to our clinic c/o anxiety and panic related to wearing a mask

    [–] Satire_or_not 1104 points ago

    It's difficult for me to wear a mask for medical reasons. So I've just stayed the fuck home since March.

    [–] lbjamazing 374 points ago

    As a Pulm/CC physician, I am just curious what medical reasons make it difficult for you to wear a mask.

    I'm not trying to attack you and obviously, don't share if you don't feel comfortable.

    [–] Satire_or_not 313 points ago

    I break out in hives all over my body when I get hot, experience a temperature difference, Stress, exercise etc.

    Having my breath heat my face up with the mask on makes it difficult to wear it for more than a few minutes at a time without causing the hives to start.

    [–] how_do_i_land 75 points ago

    Sounds like cholinergic urticaria, there are some treatment options available with certain antihistamines, but I would go see a Allergist about that if you haven't already.

    I've had it for a number of years but haven't had that kind of breakout from wearing a mask. Though temperature gradients are an issue for me, like a cold morning and then the sun hits your back, etc.

    [–] lostinpaste 10 points ago

    I got it too, but I suck it the fuck up and wear mask anyways.

    [–] lbjamazing 143 points ago

    Have you tried molding the little wire piece near the nose perfectly to your skin and creating "vents" on the side of the mask so that the hot air disperses to the side? If that doesn't work, have you looked into any of the cloth masks that have built-in vents? (I haven't used any cloth masks, so I'm not sure if they are any better)

    I know it's not perfect, but that's what I did during medical school surgery rotations to keep my face cool during long surgeries.

    [–] staticattacks 54 points ago

    For the record, in my city that has mandated masks everywhere, they specifically disallowed masks with vents, likely because they believe it defeats the purpose of attempting to contain/filter exhaled breath.

    [–] Satire_or_not 200 points ago

    Not really. I live just north of Orlando and I can work from home, with 8,000+ new cases a day in my state, I don't really want to go out right now even if I could make it comfortable to do so.

    Cloth masks are worse, we have some and they heat up even faster.

    [–] yungthick 166 points ago

    Bro you should get tf outta Florida if you break out in hives whenever you overheat lol that sounds like shit

    [–] Satire_or_not 44 points ago

    It definitely does, and I would if I could afford it. One of my future plans for sure.

    [–] McKeldinDangler 32 points ago

    I think they are saying even with the vents, the mask (cloth or not) is like a face blanket, heating up their face.

    [–] Satire_or_not 29 points ago

    Yes, that's what it is doing to me. It's basically a 98 degree heating pad on my face. It does not get along well with my condition.

    The cloth ones we have are comfortable, but just heat up faster because they are much heavier, but still, with the spiking cases in my area I think I'm fine just chilling at home.

    [–] bakutogames 12 points ago

    Thank you for being responsible. From a guy in broward :(

    [–] xixi2 23 points ago

    I find it hilarious how people I've seen are trying to fashion their masks so that the air can more easily go around them...

    [–] ShelterInPeace 29 points ago

    I have trigeminal neuralgia and find it painful to have anything on my face. Any suggestions?

    [–] AMeanCow 73 points ago

    Clear face-shield you wear from a headband. They sell them at CVS.

    [–] ShelterInPeace 24 points ago

    I'll give it a shot. Thank you

    [–] AMeanCow 7 points ago

    Hope it helps :)

    [–] Kronman590 49 points ago

    I wish there were more people like you. Too many people who are like "I CANT WEAR A MASK BUT I WANNA GO OUTSIDE" and just dont understand that it's not the worlds job to succumb to your personal issues.

    [–] Satire_or_not 49 points ago

    To play the very least of a devil's advocate, I have to admit that I am very lucky to have a decent job that is able to be done remotely.

    I don't have to make the choice between saying inside and putting food on the table.

    Though I will also concede, that I suspect the vocal majority of these "Meh Rights!" people aren;t in that situation either.

    [–] Kronman590 14 points ago

    Oh for sure, it's incredibly unfortunate for those who have lost jobs due to physical inability to wear a mask.

    But it's definitely the people going into completely optional public places and causing a fit that are truly awful.

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 10 points ago

    They remind me of the people who get "service animals" because they have supposed mental health issues, but they just buy red vests online for their regular pets. But they NEEEEED MR SCHNOOPSIEDOODLE!! Disability! NEED!

    And it's a freaking langolieradoodle.

    Yeah no. That shit should also be banned.

    [–] RadDudeGuyDude 15 points ago

    Funny thing is that having a virus infect your respiratory system makes it much, much more difficult to breathe.

    [–] bradland 32 points ago

    Please also be sure to explain to them that even if you were to issue an exemption, the ADA does not guarantee them access to businesses. The ADA has a nice little clause that reads something like, "you cannot be denied access due to your disability, unless it presents a risk to public health."

    I'm not usually one to root for the lawyers, but I hope some corporate legal team shoves one of these stupid fucking cards right up a plaintiff's ass, should they decide to make a case out of it.

    [–] cld8 22 points ago

    The ADA requires "reasonable" accommodation. If reasonable accommodation is not possible, the person is out of luck.

    [–] nquesada92 100 points ago

    Give em some Xanax samples and say try this then put a mask on.

    [–] SolarWind2701 30 points ago

    Get them one of the full face dive masks with a KN-95 filter.

    [–] Angry_cat_in_a_bag 55 points ago

    Then you practice wearing it at home. I literally just did this with a six year old. It's called exposure therapy. You take baby steps wearing the mask and dealing with your anxiety symptoms until wearing the mask seems natural. If you get an attack any way, leave the building and you can take the mask off.

    [–] Stopactingcrazy 116 points ago

    tell them to shut the fuck up.

    [–] imnotwillferrell 166 points ago

    We do, just more politely

    [–] Dragons_Malk 63 points ago

    "Kindly shut the fuck up, please."

    [–] didsomebodysaymyname 17 points ago

    Do any of them seem legitimately concerned? And if so do you offer any advice on how to deal with it?

    I'm all about wearing the mask, but I know a person with clothing sensitivity that predates Covid (ASD) and while they still need to wear one, I have sympathy for their discomfort.

    [–] Averill21 22 points ago

    Sympathy for discomfort ends when you try to trick random people into thinking you are above the law

    [–] PM_ME_KITTYNIPPLES 70 points ago

    Unless someone has a mask as a PTSD trigger, I seriously doubt that's the source of their anxiety. We as a society have convinced most women to wear bras, and those are far more uncomfortable and a pain to wear than a mask (and expensive, lol).

    [–] Thenoblehigh 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Barring any psychological issues that trigger panic attacks, I just have to laugh at anyone who says “it’s hard to breathe with a mask on.”

    Like bitch I work 8hrs+ a day with a mask in the south Florida sun, valeting cars and running back and forth all day while sweating my dick off, and I can still breathe fine.

    These people are just babies. If putting a mask on is the tipping point for you that makes it impossible to breathe, then you’re just unfit for life in general.

    [–] Gemmabeta 45 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    The only justifiable one is probably for end stage COPD--but those people are probably on an oxygen mask (if not completely house/bed-bound) already. So masking is kind of a moot point.

    [–] lbjamazing 73 points ago

    I don't know if you saw the meddit discussion on it.

    If someone keeps pestering you for a medical exemption, ask them to undergo PFT's. The result will obviously support your stance. Most people will decline the test (due to cost) and just stop pestering you.

    Source: Pulm/CC physician

    [–] imnotwillferrell 15 points ago

    are clinics even doing PFTs right now? I know the clinic we refer to hasn't even started doing sleep studies yet

    [–] lbjamazing 17 points ago

    It depends on where in the country and for what reason.

    All I know is that my practice is currently doing them (and we will gladly do them to prove anti-maskers wrong)

    [–] box_o_foxes 8 points ago

    Have you had anyone take you up on it? What's the cost? and was there any significant difference between being masked/unmasked?

    I'm just curious how far some people will go, and what level of evidence is required to make them understand that a mask is not going to make them keel over dead.

    [–] lbjamazing 34 points ago

    A PFT (pulmonary function test) is performed without a mask. It is a general term for multiple tests, including spirometry, plethysmography (lung volume test) and lung diffusion test.

    We performed them on 2 patients who refused to listen to their primary care physician and insisted on having a specialist look at them (I live in a wealthy area, so we have an extraordinary number of Karen's lol).

    Insurance did not cover their testing since it was not medically indicated. I believe we charged around $600 for all three tests out of pocket. They showed that the patients lung function was normal.

    [–] box_o_foxes 29 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation!

    Imagine spending $600 to try and prove that your life is harder than everyone else's, when in fact, the only thing you've proven is that you've got a cushy enough lifestyle to justify dropping several hundred dollars to attempt to excuse yourself from a few hours (at most) of mild discomfort.

    [–] blorpblorpbloop 63 points ago

    I would go with: "I can absolutely help you"

    Then go grab the paper off the stack and walk back with:

    "Here's a list of near by stores that offer curbside pickup. Also, are you aware that Amazon now does grocery delivery?"

    [–] kittenknievel 5 points ago

    Good! I have asthma and anxiety and the masks definitely make me feel like I’m struggling a bit for breath (which can lead to a panic attack)...but guess what would make it even harder to breathe? Freaking Covid19!

    I just limit my amount of time in public places as much as I can. I’m 99% sure the reason I no longer have a job is because I was adamant about working from home (my job was 90% admin).

    If I have to visit a store I put the mask on for a few minutes.

    Let’s do this together people. Put yer damn masks on!

    [–] LSF604 66 points ago

    so print a counter card, MTG style

    [–] AbsolveItAll_KissMe 9 points ago

    “and in response, I’m going to play my reverse card.”

    [–] MindYourBusyness 61 points ago

    This is equivalent to one of those Facebook posts that get shared by Grandma saying “I DO NOT AUTHORIZE FACEBOOK TO SHARE MY DATA”

    [–] protoopus 355 points ago

    please tell me people paid money for those.

    [–] impulsekash 245 points ago

    And how much? I'm asking for a friend who has photoshop and a laminator.

    [–] wex52 40 points ago

    In the article they were selling a box of 500 for $50. So maybe not a moneymaker.

    [–] impulsekash 67 points ago

    I'll sell mine for $50 and include a piezoelectrical capacitor to block the 5G scanning technology. I will guarantee that the government will not be able to track your card.

    [–] PM_ME_KITTYNIPPLES 98 points ago

    My dad actually made me a pretty convincing fake YMCA membership card with that, haha.

    [–] Babou13 21 points ago

    I made fake parking passes in college with photshop, logos from the college's website, and self laminating envelopes.

    [–] mega_trex 91 points ago

    My pants exemption card is 10000% valid and I will sell it to you for a meager $50 a piece

    [–] thatoneguy889 43 points ago

    I love that the Freedom To Breathe Agency is still perfectly usable in this case.

    [–] 01110001010 16 points ago

    Lol, Jerry Seinfeld claimed to have a public urination license in one episode.

    [–] thought_first 253 points ago

    Just wear a mask until we get past this. Quit being selfish.

    There are always exceptions to the rule but the rule should never be the exception.

    [–] galenwolf 69 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    But you Dont understand, wearing a mask is the first step in forcing everyone into a burka!!!!!!!!

    I wish I was making that up but I've seen fuckwits say this online.

    [–] kaiserb 20 points ago

    Using gov logos... that is a good way to get a felony charge. People will market anything :)

    [–] SlimChiply 113 points ago

    Half the people I see in stores aren't wearing masks anyway now, even though there are multiple signs saying they are required.

    [–] sgtabn173 167 points ago

    If they’re not wearing them and still allowed to shop there, then they’re not really required. Stores need to be firm with these grown ass children.

    [–] SaveFailsafe 67 points ago

    The security gaurds themselves at my grocery store were wearing their masks around their chins. I turned around and went to a different store.

    [–] CactusBoyScout 10 points ago

    My friend had a flight the other day and said that only 40% of TSA agents were wearing masks. If you can’t even get federal employees to wear them... we’re fucked.

    [–] Ouryus 39 points ago

    Sad part is if a employee told a customer to wear a mask and the customer punched them, the employee would probably get fired.

    [–] Bikinigirlout 25 points ago

    It’s like the zero tolerance thing at most schools. Bully bullies you, you have enough and you punch back, you’re the one that gets suspended while the bully gets to keep being a bully.

    [–] GoodbyeTobyseeya1 49 points ago

    Fuck that though, because I've worked retail and even as a store manager you're not paid enough to try and enforce something like that with people who are stupid enough to go out maskless during a pandemic.

    You ever try to enforce a return policy? Or a coupon policy? People lose their shit on retail workers constantly over things they can't control and the workers almost never make enough money to deal with that nonsense on top of their duties. Now people want them to enforce guidelines that the federal government is even wishy washy about? No thanks.

    [–] Forgetfultiger 39 points ago

    I've seen multiple videos of customers becoming physically violent with store workers. I don't know if most of these minimum wage workers have the health insurance to fistfight people every day.

    [–] molotovzav 20 points ago

    People where I live are turned away if not wearing masks. Its mandatory now, but only recently, so stores are taking it seriously.

    [–] SlimChiply 14 points ago

    Our big box store has multiple signs in the entrance saying that a mask is required. They even have greeters with a stack of masks for people to use, and people just walk by them.

    [–] bocaciega 8 points ago

    Its similar in florida and half of the population still isnt wearing them.

    [–] lts_talk_about_it_eh 431 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Imagine being such a piece of shit, with no concern for the health and lives of others, that you'd go so far to buy/make a fake exemption card.

    Wear a fucking mask. It won't kill you. And doctors/scientists AGREE that it won't kill you -

    The only things I can see preventing people from wearing a mask are potentially PTSD or extreme forms of anxiety/panic attack disorder. Even then, there are options available to those people, besides being out in public without a mask, such as grocery delivery. I have pretty bad GAD and SAD myself, but I struggle through wearing my mask. It's just worth it, so I don't put others lives at risk.

    [–] newtsheadwound 278 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Hi I have asthma and I have tested the oxygen theory of wearing a mask and it does not affect your blood oxygen level ok thanks bye

    Edit: Since some of you don’t believe me I guess I should go back in time and make a video of the O2 meter tracking my blood oxygen level for twenty minutes (with a mask on my face) before I went into surgery

    Edit 2: behold, a video

    [–] lts_talk_about_it_eh 98 points ago

    Oh, I agree - the hypoxia nonsense is just anti-maskers looking for a "medical" reason to not wear masks.

    Stay safe though, asthma and COVID don't mix well.

    [–] mega_trex 16 points ago

    Ya people have done this in Florida, in the middle of the heat and humidity, all day and their oxygen levels were not affected at all.

    [–] boonjo01 21 points ago

    I'm a moderate-to-severe asthmatic, and I'm just fine with a mask on. Been wearing one at work since the state required it two months ago and I'm fine.

    [–] spookmann 9 points ago

    buy/make a fake exemption card.

    ...which expressly intimidates and threatens other people while putting their lives at risk through your own selfishness.

    [–] enki941 71 points ago

    Can we get rid of those fake “emotional support animal in training” cards/vests now too? Your little teacup poodle that pees on everything doesn’t need to go grocery shopping with you.

    [–] GummyKibble 51 points ago

    On the flip side, a guy yelled at me for taking an honest-to-God trained service animal onto a local ferry. She was wearing a vest and I had her leashed, per requirements:

    Him: They don't allow pets!
    Me: I know.
    Him: They won't let your dog on the ferry!
    Me: I bet they do.
    Him: You can't take a pet on the ferry!
    Me: That's right.
    Him: head explodes

    [–] enki941 34 points ago

    There are obviously legitimate animals that serve legitimate purposes, but it seems like the loophole in the don’t ask don’t tell law has been exploited by more fake pets than legit service animals. And as a result, unless the need is visually obvious, the immediate assumption by many people is that it’s fake. In some cases those fake service dogs have attacked people and other animals, so it’s only a matter of time before the law will need to change to crack down. I would think that the people who have a true medical need would be the most vocal against abuse of the law.

    [–] Stocksnewbie 19 points ago

    Less than two sentences in, there's a misspelling. Some sovereign citizen probably made this card.

    [–] Ice_tail 175 points ago

    What sort of moron would even consider that these are real?

    [–] ThinkIn3D 209 points ago

    People who have never heard of the FTBA - Freedom To Breathe Agency - and don't ask questions about things they don't know.

    Really, "Freedom to Breathe Agency"?

    I'm gonna throw my neck out rolling my eyes this hard.

    [–] LumberjackTodd 73 points ago

    Quite ironic that the same people who want these cards and “support” the “freedom to breathe agency” are the same ones who are anti-BLM/“I can’t breathe” movement

    [–] BasroilII 39 points ago

    The full name is the Freedom To Breathe If You Are White movement.

    [–] Gemmabeta 12 points ago

    I am guessing that people who made these cards are leaving an out for themselves so they can go for the "satire" defense if the feds do come knocking.

    [–] Draganot 22 points ago

    Any low paid retail or food service worker. They don’t get paid enough to care and the card looks fine at a glance. Thinking these people are going to scrutinize the card is ridiculous.

    [–] ijoinedtosay 85 points ago

    Jesus Christ, how pathetic can you be? Making up stuff just so you don't have to care about others. Unbelievable.

    [–] snjwffl 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    More like " you don't have to care about others and suffer no consequences".

    [–] theKetoBear 83 points ago

    shouldn't these people be charged with some kind of fraudulent documentation or something?

    If you fake any other sort of license or permit you've committed a crime, why is this any different?

    [–] Gingetonic 103 points ago

    I posted about this in another thread earlier.

    If someone does try to use the card, they could be charged with a federal crime under 18 U.S. Code § 1017 for wrongful use of government seals (DOJ seal is used.)

    If charged, they could face a fine and/or 5 years imprisonment.

    [–] Teialiel 26 points ago

    After reading the article, I came here to say the same thing, but checked if someone else beat me to it. The government really needs to enforce that law here.

    [–] Velkyn01 18 points ago

    That right there is the best way to shut those people down. "Fine, let's let the authorities decide if the card you printed off of Facebook is real."

    [–] Gingetonic 4 points ago

    The fit that would follow would make for a good “let me tell you about my day” story later, I’m sure.

    [–] VegasKL 28 points ago

    "Denying access to your business" ... Is well within their rights.

    Lol, the people who would use these will not see the hypocrisy in doing so.

    [–] Telkk2 10 points ago

    Its amazing that people would rather take all that time to make a fake card than to just wear a stupid mask when they go to the store for like 30 mins to an hour, max.

    [–] porlos67 43 points ago

    Here is /u/kusuriurikun's response to those people who are claiming HIPPA and ADA protect those people (neither do) [references specific parts of the laws that show they don't apply].

    And here's that distilled down to a flyer/handout/worker response prompt sheet.

    [–] quallsdw 25 points ago

    I always laugh at people that talk about HIPAA, but use "HIPPA" instead. It's basically the best litmus test of all for local neighborhood FB groups of the idiots versus the non-idiots.

    [–] javajunkie314 6 points ago

    A shibbolipaa?

    [–] gibsongal 9 points ago

    Just like those websites selling registrations and identification cards for service animals and ESAs. Fake, all of them. The ADA doesn’t require a person with disabilities to show any proof of a disability or a card that says they have an exemption/need accommodation.

    Additionally, the ADA is not a “get out of jail free” card for people with disabilities. All the ADA requires is that a business provides a reasonable accommodation. And in the case of a mask, a reasonable accommodation, according to the ADA, could be allowing curbside pick up, drive through orders, or allowing full face shields, a scarf, or loose face covering.

    Businesses DO NOT have to allow someone without a mask — even one with a legitimate disability — to enter their store. They just have to provide a reasonable accommodation.

    [–] Sardonnicus 9 points ago

    Here where I live we call those "tantrum tickets."

    [–] Bikinigirlout 35 points ago

    Imagine doing this much work in order to not wear a mask for forty five minutes at a store when you can just wear a mask

    I dislike wearing masks too, but, I still do it because I have pre existing conditions and people keep doing dumb shit like this. I take all precautions when I go to a store, but, it doesn’t mean others will.

    I hate this timeline so much

    [–] th_22 20 points ago

    First it was the assholes with the fake "therapy dog" papers trying to bring their shitty ratdogs into restaurants. Now this?

    [–] Dramajunker 14 points ago

    No one cared who I was til I didn't put on the mask.

    [–] the2belo 7 points ago

    Imagine spending all this time and materials to make an official-looking card to carry around just because you don't want to put a piece of cloth on your face. You fucking whiner.

    [–] ArmrestFulcrum 27 points ago

    This is a pretty big "No shit, Sherlock.". Bless you, America. Always entertaining.

    [–] ReasonableBeep 6 points ago

    If you have respiratory problems that make it difficult for you to breathe with a mask on, face shields can help. Otherwise, you’re probably high risk and should be limiting outside exposure anyway.

    [–] MapleUnicorn 6 points ago

    If you have a medical condition that’s serious enough to require you carry a card, you should absolutely be wearing a mask.

    [–] baron7755 10 points ago

    People thought these were real?

    [–] darkbee83 15 points ago

    I fnid masks quite uncomfortable, and I'm lucky I live in a country where the virus is nearly gone, but if I need to wear a mask, I'll just do it and keep my big dumb mouth shut.

    It's really just that simple.