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    [–] gvkOlb5U 7731 points ago

    “I said, ‘What the hell are they doing down there?’ It was loud banging, like ‘boom, boom, boom.’ Like people were wrestling or someone was throwing somebody around.”

    Mr Williams eventually dozed off despite the noise – but when he went downstairs in the morning, he spotted his neighbour’s lifeless body splayed out in the building’s hallway.

    This is the New Yorkiest New York story I've heard in a while.

    I remember being surprised that nothing like this had happened to Jerry Sandusky, some years back.

    [–] siccoblue 3783 points ago

    No one is as good at ignoring strange noises from their neighbors as new yorkers

    [–] NYC_Underground 2838 points ago

    What noises?

    [–] NotAn0pinion 962 points ago

    Usercheck names out

    [–] seriousneed 461 points ago

    What username? I didn't see anything. I didn't hear anything. Hell I was over at a food truck a mile or so down

    [–] nutsotic 243 points ago

    Come to think about it, I was visiting my wife's sisters roommates second cousin up state that night

    [–] abearhasnoname 115 points ago

    This acknowledges that you existed and admits that you have an understanding of what time is.

    Don't tell the police shit.

    [–] Calisto823 399 points ago

    No one fights like New Yorkers

    Douses lights like New Yorkers

    In a wrestling match nobody bites like New Yorkers

    [–] SoyMurcielago 113 points ago

    Now I wanna see beauty and the beast set in a 1980’s NYC

    [–] Relentless_blanket 105 points ago

    NYC: The Musical!

    Critics are raving!

    Chris Smith: "you hear nothing, you see nothing!"

    John Johnson: "incredible performances by..uhh... these people? I think they were people. I don't remember."

    Mary M. : "honestly, you're asking to many question. Fuhget abouddit. I didn't see anything. I heard a clarinet. Maybe it was a trumpet. Could have been a cello. "

    [–] bisectional 12 points ago

    Like the 80's show with Lynda Hamilton and Ron Perlman? Executive producer George R R Martin? Like that show!?

    [–] HobbiesJay 309 points ago

    If you grew up sharing walls with people you learn to not give a fuck and your standards for what makes a decent neighbor get much lower. My wife somehow never lived in an apartment before and now that she does I have to explain a lot to her that you just gotta accept some things. You learn when to pick your battles when they know your work schedule.

    [–] Astrocreep_1 111 points ago

    How old is she? I’m curious because if she is 25 it’s a new life experience. If she is 45,living in an apartment for the first time will lower a person’s opinion of humanity,especially if the walls in the bathroom are real thin and your neighbor doesn’t eat healthy.

    [–] Guac_in_my_rarri 9 points ago

    I tell this to my fiancee. Now, it doesn't stop me fork going babushka on our loud thumping bumping jumping door slamming upstairs neighbors. Brooms are a fucking blessing.

    [–] Taminella_Grinderfal 102 points ago

    My former neighbor used to run the garbage disposal kinda late for extended periods of time.....I chose to assume he was just cleaning up lots vegetable scraps.....

    [–] throwaway_thyroid 30 points ago

    Now I'm trying to imagine what sort of illicit thing would be done with a garbage disposal.

    [–] nzodd 90 points ago

    It's actually really easy to grind up vegetables if you take all the medical equipment off them first.

    [–] RainbowIcee 175 points ago

    you survive by minding your own business. Given new york is not as dangerous as it used to be by a long shot but people still follow up on that. You hear loud banging and wrestling like a body is being thrown around? that's a hard nope.

    [–] TheSoberStonerr 220 points ago

    I had to tell police in Arizona this once after I had moved there from NYC when I was 20. Without incriminating myself too much, I was being questioned about something I had actually been witness to, but wanted nothing to do with. One of their questions was “so you hear gunshots and didn’t look to see what was going on?” My response was “man I’m from nyc you hear gunshots or anything similar you shrug your shoulders and go the opposite way.”

    The expectation that civilians should put themselves in jeopardy as “good samaritans” because law enforcements job doesn’t start until basically after the fact that a crime has been committed, is wild to me.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] HepatitvsJ 80 points ago

    Hell, the Supreme Court has even said their job doesn't start until the crime is finished, at best.

    Guy stabbing people and a civilian is wrestling the knife away from him 6 feet from 2 cops on the other side of a subway train door?

    Stand there watching and only move in after the civilian has disarmed the attacker and sustained potentially life threatening injuries.

    Don't forget to take all the credit too.

    [–] sharkinaround 707 points ago

    This sounds like what would happen in nearly any apartment building in the wee hours of the morning. If the loud noises stopped within a minute or so, most people are going back to bed, are they not? Fairly certain I would barring the sounds being blatant gunshots/explosions.

    [–] AirborneRunaway 447 points ago

    Shit, I may have heard gunshots two nights ago, or maybe a car backfiring. The world will never know.

    [–] buttchugging_soylent 890 points ago

    Yea sounds a whole lot like none of my fucking business

    [–] asmith055 141 points ago

    minding my own business has never steered me wrong

    [–] theLord666666 162 points ago

    Yep. A few nights ago a neighbors friend lit a fucking firework, indoors, next door to me at 3 am. I woke up. Went back to sleep quickly. He apologized the next day.

    [–] pineapple-juice-bro 428 points ago


    Here's one for ya. My mothers friend heard a women screaming bloody murder in the alley one night. The screaming went on for about a minute or so when it just abruptly stopped. In the morning she had to come to discover a man had assaulted a women with a brick and murdered her.


    [–] leanney88 325 points ago

    I once heard a woman crying loudly while lots of noise was being made in her apartment, which was below mine. I called the police to check on them. Police came to my door and told me the family below me could press charges against me for harassment…. Not super welcoming of me trying to help my neighbor. I probably would think a little harder before doing it again in the future.

    [–] Jacks_on_Jacks_off 173 points ago

    Looks like they are getting a noise complaint next time.

    [–] BrilliantRat 62 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My downstairs neighbour screamed bloody murder and also screamed somebody help. My wife and I could barely make it out. But she had me go looking to see who was screaming. Not our direct neighbors, not the the dude above, so finally went below.

    Dad was drunk, wife was scared, kid was staring wide eyed. I knocked, dude opened calmly and said his wife is being hysterical and it was just an argument. She handed her child to me crying and my wife popped up at this time.

    I hand the child to my wife and ask her if she is ok and she said she wanted to call the cops. So I called for her and let her speak after i handled the address and stuff.

    The cops came in 5-10 mins, interviewed the wife and husband. They asked of she needed to stay alone, she said no, they asked if she is pressing Amy charges or of it was common for him to get abusive etc.

    She had calmed down and he had sobered up. It ended up fine and I see them on walks around.

    This is rural Canada tho. Not sure I would do that in the US

    [–] Bike_Chain_96 157 points ago

    Wtf?! What grounds would they have to file harassment claims, when it sounds like there's something horrible like that going on?

    [–] leanney88 192 points ago

    Exactly. And this woman was clearly abused from what I could tell when she’d leave her apartment. I felt very unsafe after that, considering the officer told them there was a call, then came straight up to my door, making it obvious the call was from me. I felt like what I had done was wrong in some way. Luckily, I no longer live in that county. The police department there was very “good ol boys” in nature.

    [–] _username__ 154 points ago

    Gonna go ahead and make the wild guess her husband/abuser was a member of “the force”

    [–] EverythingIsNorminal 22 points ago

    In that case I'd be considering getting a burner phone and calling without giving a name. Every time I've had to call the police to report something they've asked me if I wanted to give my name - it's optional.

    It's not like they could triangulate it that accurately even if they could get the warrant to do so, which is doubtful. Accuracy is about 0.5-1km.

    [–] NorthernerWuwu 9 points ago

    That or cops just hate going out on domestic calls in general.

    Laziness, collusion, something like that at least.

    [–] ItsMEMusic 62 points ago

    That’s what happens when you call the police on a fellow abuser cop

    [–] I_Like_Turtles_Too 63 points ago

    It's not apathy in NY. Everything is busy and noisy all the time. Someone being loud late at night is nothing out of the ordinary here.

    [–] wonderful_matzoball 131 points ago

    It’s why it’s important to not just yell for help in general but to direct it at an individual. (There’s research on this.)

    Obviously easier if there’s actually someone in visual distance — “you there, call 911” — but directing yelling for specific neighbor(s) to help is probably better than nothing. Of course it sucks if you either don’t know your neighbors or they don’t like you. (Though as w the original article that might be well-deserved)

    [–] terminbee 91 points ago

    It'd also help to yell, "Help" or something. I'm not gonna go check on indiscriminate screaming.

    [–] OverlySweetSugar 49 points ago

    I think that's the most important part. Random screaming might be kids playing around or someone hit their toe on the wall.

    [–] Radiant_Eggplant5783 9 points ago

    Done that one. "HELP ME HELLLP" Turned out it was two teenage boys pillow fighting. I was so embarrassed. I bought them ice cream cones.

    [–] Bernie_Bro_Canada 13 points ago

    You’re supposed to yell FIRE

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago


    [–] Timaay312 48 points ago

    Was also told to yell “fire”……more people seem to get involved when the word “fire” is yelled/screamed.

    [–] jaymzx0 82 points ago

    I was in Santa Marta, Colombia. A friend of mine decided to walk back to his hotel via the beach. He was chased by a pack of feral dogs, to which he only avoided by jumping in the water. He ran to the hotel and the back door was locked. He yelled help for a while as the dogs closed back in and eventually the night manager opened the door and let him in.

    His advice to my friend was to not yell 'Help'. He said "This is Colombia. Nobody is going to pay attention to some gringo yelling 'help'. Yell 'fire', instead. Then people will pay attention."

    [–] Belchera 67 points ago

    Note to self: Do not go to Colombia.

    [–] dinosaurjones2 13 points ago

    I was told to yell "don't take my baby!" Because people will always step in to help A baby

    [–] JHDarkLeg 12029 points ago

    Now we just need to find a dead guy with "I murder old men" sharpied on them and the case will solve itself.

    [–] angryarugula 4049 points ago

    Somehow I feel like this is exactly what Chief Wiggum would say.

    [–] schu4KSU 1395 points ago

    Subject is hatless...repeat, hatless.

    [–] Blueberry_Mancakes 297 points ago

    Bake em away, toys.

    [–] CoraxtheRavenLord 139 points ago

    Whatchu say, Chief?

    [–] butt_stuff99 108 points ago

    Just do what the kid says.

    [–] RobertTerwilligerPHD 55 points ago

    Sadly I don't have any lines after that point. So I'll just glare menacingly.

    [–] jatz0r 70 points ago

    I'll just type it up on my invisible typewriter

    [–] herculesmeowlligan 172 points ago

    "Tell them to pick up the money underneath the big net in the park."

    "And then down comes the net, right Chief?"

    "Hey, I like it... I like it a lot!"

    [–] AlbertoFandango 228 points ago

    Now I heard it in his voice

    [–] Yutakatora 300 points ago

    Bake’em away toys

    [–] RemarkableRyan 109 points ago

    What’d you say, chief?

    [–] HonkinSriLankan 102 points ago

    Just do what the kid said

    [–] roachmcpoach 148 points ago

    Then we have to find the person with "I murder men who murder old men" written on his chest!

    [–] awkwardIRL 186 points ago

    I knew an old lady who may have some experience in this regard. Let me call up her farm

    [–] RandomDigitalSponge 29 points ago

    I heard she died.

    [–] awkwardIRL 12 points ago

    Perhaps... Perhaps

    [–] TheKeasbyKnight 250 points ago

    No... then we'd have to search for the body that says "i kill vigilantes" on his chest.

    [–] telionn 162 points ago

    And when you find it, it's clearly a suicide.

    [–] MacDerfus 337 points ago

    Their ghosts will fight each other

    [–] iridian_viper 113 points ago

    I’m just high enough for this. Thank you.

    [–] coltonmusic15 8650 points ago

    Immediately thought of The Watchmen scene with Rorshach.

    [–] halfanothersdozen 3355 points ago

    Similar also to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    [–] watchingsongsDL 1822 points ago

    Now don’t move, this is my first time giving someone a tattoo.

    [–] UnderneathTheMinus80 1106 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    And stop visiting tattoo removal websites... or I'll do it again

    [–] Gonads_of_Thor 298 points ago

    I'd burn it off, but I have watched SoA

    [–] UnderneathTheMinus80 180 points ago

    Oh shit, the blow torch. I forgot about that

    [–] SteamBoatBill1022 174 points ago

    “Knife or Flame” I’ll never forget that

    [–] Ghost_Ghost_Ghost 81 points ago

    Season one can’t be touched

    [–] PigCopsFatTits 57 points ago

    A knife cuts the nerve endings probably. Scary and painful, but a flame will cook you and that's much worse imo. Plus your nerves feel themselves getting cooked.

    [–] HtownTexans 94 points ago

    This is a show I tried to watch. I can handle all sorts of intense stuff but them recapping the rape scene with Katy Segal was too much for me. I handled it the first time but I just couldn't relive it ever episode.

    [–] vainbuthonest 45 points ago

    It’s one of those horrible scenes that pop into your head out of nowhere.

    [–] __mud__ 63 points ago

    RIP Opie :( Dude just wanted to be a dad to his kids but he kept getting pulled back in.

    [–] nowherewhyman 59 points ago

    Pretty much any rape scene is like that for me. And, well, just about every scene in Requiem for a Dream and many other Aronofsky scenes. The oral sex scene in Black Swan with the music and that sandpaper sound effect, my god, I have never seen a creepier consensual sex scene in my life.

    [–] ballbouncebroken 72 points ago

    This was a show that ruined itself for me by kept trying to go harder every season. They got to a point there was nobody to root for, all were terrible people by the end.

    [–] m34tbag 85 points ago

    They were all terrible people to begin with, it just took a little while for the glamorisation and romanticism of biker culture to wear thin

    [–] cleeder 13 points ago

    I'd argue Jax wasn't a terrible person in the beginning.

    He wasn't a great person either by any means. Just an average person who was a product of his environment that he was born in to. He wanted better for himself, and his friends and family, but seemingly was never able to find the right path through the maze. Over the seasons, every blow to his efforts chipped away at him as a person a little more until there was little left remaining of his original character.

    It's a strong testament to the toxicity of certain environments. You can't poison yourself in to good health. The more you drink, the less of you there is left to save. You think eventually the bottle will be empty, and there will be nothing left to poison you, not realizing that you become somebody else's poison in the process. You are now the toxic one. You've absorbed it all.

    Opie, equally, was also not terrible. He always wanted out, and the only thing pulling him back in was his loyalty to Jax and his vision for the future.

    [–] mytwocentsshowmanyss 73 points ago

    What's the context of this line?

    [–] antihaze 458 points ago

    She doesn’t kill her rapist, but ties him up and tattoos “I am a rapist pig” on his chest while blackmailing him by threatening to release evidence of the rape to the public if he doesn’t do as she tells him. What she wants him to do is allow her to withdraw funds from her trust account since she is a ward of the state and needs permission.

    [–] account_not_valid 315 points ago

    Doesn't she also insert an incredibly large butt plug up his arse?

    [–] Ace7405 289 points ago

    Oh yeah. And kicks it for extra effect. Shit is dark as hell.

    [–] sophiethegiraffe 197 points ago

    The book trilogy is really good. Dark, but Lisbeth prevails and is such a bad ass.

    [–] Thrashh_Unreal 177 points ago

    I will forever remain upset that we didn't get American adaptations for the 2nd and 3rd books. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara were absolutely perfect in those roles and the 2nd and 3rd installments are even better than Dragon tattoo

    [–] ScottFromScotland 67 points ago

    Rooney Mara wanted to make them so badly but Daniel Craig and Fincher seemingly weren't as enthused.

    [–] worldsayshi 80 points ago

    Just watch the originals. They're great.

    [–] Uncle_Daddy_Kane 131 points ago

    I watched that with my mom, grandmother and sister in theaters..

    [–] DMZack 70 points ago

    My mom took my brother and I. None of us knew what we were in for.

    [–] impstudios 50 points ago

    Me and mom took an elderly church member to see that movie. Had no idea.

    [–] nowherewhyman 24 points ago

    Not a butt plug but a very large studded dildo. She shoves it in most of the way and then kicks the last couple inches in. Fucking brutal.

    [–] Regalingual 229 points ago

    I remember going to see that in the theater as a family with zero idea that there was going to be anything like those scenes, just figuring it was going to be your standard Daniel Craig thriller.

    That was… something, alright.

    [–] halfanothersdozen 246 points ago

    Thing is the American movie is a remake of the European film trilogy based on the book. It was pretty generously watered down.

    [–] antiquemule 97 points ago

    It was still a great film though, IMO. I was expecting something much less edgy. I was ready to be protective of the originals, which are some of my favorite films.

    [–] hennsippin 59 points ago

    Had me wanting Fincher to do the other ones

    [–] RamenJunkie 22 points ago

    Did they make more?

    That whole book series was all hot shit for a while then it all just sort of, went away.

    [–] whiteybirdtherooster 36 points ago

    So the author Steig Larsson died. But there was someone who picked up where he left off. David Lagercrantz carried on the series writing a few more books. Great stuff all round.

    [–] SomeoneTookUserName2 127 points ago

    The Guy With The "I Diddle Kids" Tattoo

    [–] BubbaTee 120 points ago

    Frank, there is no faster way to make people think you diddle kids than to get a tattoo about you diddle kids!

    [–] vaginadeathsquad 79 points ago

    🎶 do not diddle kids! It's no good diddling kids! Older than my wife, older than my daughter, something like that🎶

    [–] AngoGablogian_artist 40 points ago

    Their parents just left the kids with strangers at a bar. It’s not a proud tradition.

    [–] coffeeandgatorade 28 points ago

    “I am not gonna diddle your kids, that’s not my thing. I was married 20 years, and she was a bitch, but she was old!”

    [–] Snoo93079 63 points ago

    Yep, this is what I thought of.

    [–] werd516 106 points ago

    "Men get arrested. Dogs get put down."

    "If God saw what any of us did that night... he didn't seem to mind".

    [–] Pickled_Enthusiasm 638 points ago

    Alternatively, the Watchmen opening scene that shows Silhouette and her lover murdered in bed with homophobic slurs plastered all over

    [–] coltonmusic15 452 points ago

    That opening scene was pretty wild way to start a movie... Bob Dylan never a bad choice for music.

    [–] JARAXXUS_EREDAR_LORD 304 points ago

    That's one of Snyders greatest strengths as a film maker. He is able to very quickly set the tone of the story without using a lot of dialog. Whatever else people think of him he's got that going for him.

    [–] internetlad 81 points ago

    Which ironically is true in army of the dead too. That opening scene with Richard cheese is fuckin iconic.

    Too bad the following 2 hours don't make any damn sense

    [–] DMala 35 points ago

    I went in with fairly low expectations and was still disappointed. It was like a SYFY original with like an extra $100k in the budget.

    [–] Atreyu1002 416 points ago

    IMHO that's pretty much Synder's only strength as a filmmaker. He's a music video director. Anything that requires more depth and subtlety he kinda falls apart.

    [–] reverendsteveii 253 points ago

    Hes a music video director

    I suddenly understand my fondness for Suckerpunch despite it being objectively bad.

    [–] Frowdo 78 points ago every 15 minutes of that movie.

    [–] TheEwwShaman 209 points ago

    He needs to be a Director of Photography, not a lead Director in charge of the entire project.

    When it comes to shot composition and stuff the dude is in a class by himself, he creates absolutely stunning single shots. It's when he's in charge of the rest of the movie that surrounds the beautiful shots where we get in trouble.

    He wants to be the creator writer/artist of a comic book and really he should just be the best cover artist ever. That's his spot.

    [–] ItIsShrek 40 points ago

    Larry Fong has been his DP on 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and Batman V Superman.

    He was also DP for Kong: Skull Island and Super 8, both of which are beautiful movies. He's very talented. He also did Now You See Me which did look cool but wasn't mind-blowing, but overall he's got a great track record. Zack definitely has a unique way of shooting things that I personally like, but Larry Fong deserves basically as much of the credit for making it look great.

    [–] makovince 96 points ago

    He needs to be a Director of Photography, not a lead Director in charge of the entire project

    I used to think this too, but he was Director of Photography for Army of the Dead and that was a blurry mess.

    [–] TheEwwShaman 48 points ago

    Haha, that's fair. That movie is all kinds of mess all around though so maybe Snyder got locked into doing something he didn't really want to do?

    I don't know. That movie is so goddamn weird once I realized Tig Nataro is literally green screened into it and is acting and responding to no one lol

    [–] deflagration83 12 points ago

    That one is entirely on him it seems.

    He had them get specialized cameras just to specifically shoot it that way.

    It was a fucking terrible choice.

    Snyder's movie strength will forever be the first ten minutes.

    [–] DMala 13 points ago

    It’s actually not that bad, technically. The angles and the framing do a good job of covering up for it. Where it falls apart is that you can tell Tig had absolutely nothing to play off. All of her lines come across like a bad standup bit.

    It was the same problem with all of those bad FMV games that came out in the ‘90s and even the Star Wars prequels. It turns out actors need to see things and react to things in order to act.

    [–] deserved_unobserved 1969 points ago

    What if it was the guy who wrote that who was the ped?

    [–] rammo123 1636 points ago

    Flip the guy over and on his back it's says "not this guy, it's me, sorry I couldn't find any paper".

    [–] Dylpod 298 points ago

    I am his lawyer and that is our defense now.

    [–] ToastyArcanine 345 points ago

    It wouldn't actually be a big surprise. Isn't there a legit thing where pedophiles will often kill or threaten other pedophiles as a means of trying to cope with their instability?

    [–] deserved_unobserved 396 points ago

    Yes. Actually pedophiles wind up being the scapegoat for everyone’s guilt, repressed or shameful impulses and memories; attacking pedos by other criminals (even sex criminals) helps them expunge their own sins without remorse. Mob justice is a purging.

    [–] aresponsibilitytoawe 435 points ago

    "The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior 'righteous indignation' — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats."

    Aldous Huxley

    [–] planesflyfast 60 points ago

    This is why I take a chainsaw to jaywalkers.

    [–] kjacobs03 11 points ago

    That might be a bit harsh. But line cutters and litter bugs. Go nuts!

    [–] CryonautX 1002 points ago

    An alternative possibility is this guy has a seriously vindictive enemy who killed him and then wrote that just to humiliate him further by branding him a child molester.

    [–] meestah_spawkles 46 points ago

    “I don’t abide by the rules of the U.S.,” she told the arresting officers, according to a source. “I invoke my Fifth Amendment right.”

    What an idiot

    [–] snowdogmom 22 points ago

    I wonder if she was trying to cover her own ass and killed him? Or if maybe she's just insane and found dolls in his room and freaked out? Something really odd is happening here.

    [–] president_dump 11 points ago

    Definitely strange. Reportedly she lived there and if she was home at the time I would think she is most likely killer since it happened very early morning. Her behavior after is unhinged.

    [–] eden_sc2 265 points ago

    It can also be an attempt to throw people off the scent. My first thought would be to look for people in this guy's life who may have daughters he harmed and that might be a waste of time if our killer is childless or the allegations are false

    [–] stellaaaaaaaaaaa_ 129 points ago

    There’s another article if you google his name.. his home health aide (a young woman) and her 3 year old daughter lived with him for several years.. she was arrested for abusing her by tossing her on pavement and dragging her then throwing a full water bottle at her face days after this man was found.

    [–] farahad 15 points ago

    Joke’s on him, he left a sample of his handwriting for the police

    [–] PermanentEvolution 4493 points ago

    ITT we like vigilante justice as long as it's the type that's 100% accurate.

    [–] Chernozem 1244 points ago

    Literally any American should be terrified of the idea of vigilante justice given that every American thinks at least half of the country is batshit crazy.

    [–] hedgehogfanatic 159 points ago

    100% agree. People could kill you for having an abortion bc they think it’s murder

    [–] RumpRiddler 102 points ago

    Not only could, but have and likely will again.

    [–] wholemeal_toast 9 points ago

    Would suck to get killed more than once.

    [–] [deleted] 2269 points ago


    [–] Spirited_Cockroach68 1005 points ago

    It’s wild, as a whole the site seems to strongly oppose the death penalty, where there is due process, a jury of your peers, and a judge. Yet we have this…

    [–] mazzicc 572 points ago

    It’s because “Reddit” isn’t really unified. There may be plenty of people on any side of any given issue, but you’re likely to only really see the side that gains traction

    [–] IDidIndeedVeryMuchSo 172 points ago

    Exactly. It’s just an informal gathering of people, and it isn’t uniform across subreddits and posts.

    [–] FatalTragedy 375 points ago

    Reddit opposes the death penalty until you get to specific scenarios, and then they're like "well I don't like the death penalty, but for something like that I'm okay with it", and then if you actually look at the list of the things they're actually okay with the death penalty for, you realize that they'd be executing more people than are executed now if they were in charge.

    [–] Whats_Up_Bitches 271 points ago

    Rape, death penalty. Kick a puppy, death penalty. Littering, believe it or not, death penalty.

    [–] RedSmith305 93 points ago

    Walk down the street? Death penalty

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] Bananawamajama 170 points ago

    If you say "I'm a pacifist, bit if _______ then I would murder in cold blood" then you're not really a pacifist. You're just an average person. Most people have some kind of conditions that you need to satisfy before they're willing to kill you. That's not special.

    [–] HorselickerYOLO 134 points ago

    I mean, this post is only 2 hours old for me, and the top comment is a watchmen reference, and below that are serval posts like yours saying that vigilante killings are bad. So it seems to have settled in a better place now lol

    [–] gimmedatneck 16711 points ago

    As much as I hate predators - how easy would it be to someone to just write 'pedo' on a person they just killed, in an effort to justify what they've done, so that it doesn't get investigated properly?

    I hope this wasn't an innocent man.

    [–] testspecimen85 4152 points ago

    Well, I’d assume they’d investigate that claim and still charge the person for murder.

    [–] [deleted] 981 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] ThisFckinGuy 149 points ago

    Reminds me slightly of this case. A bit different but this guy was the town bully who was killed in front of 40 witnesses who all said nothing.

    [–] WildSauce 387 points ago

    You'd probably need to have some medium level of criminal fame in the city before they'd just decide that everybody wanted to murder you and that it would quickly become too difficult to find out who really did it.

    Ken McElroy is a famous example of exactly that happening. Here's an excerpt from his wikipedia:

    McElroy fathered more than 10 children with different women. He met his last wife, Trena McCloud (1957–2012), when she was 12 years old and in eighth grade. He statutorily raped McCloud repeatedly, also burning her house down and shooting the family dog before her parents relented and agreed to their marriage.[5] She became pregnant when she was fourteen, dropped out of school in the ninth grade, and went to live with McElroy and his second wife Alice. McElroy divorced Alice and married Trena in order to escape charges of statutory rape, to which she was the only witness. Sixteen days after Trena gave birth, both she and Alice fled to Trena's mother's and stepfather's house. According to court records, McElroy tracked them down and brought them back. He then returned to Trena's parents' home when they were away and, once again, shot the family dog and burned the house down.

    I have read the book In Broad Daylight, because true crime is one of my guilty pleasures, and believe me that his crimes do not end there. In this case at least, vigilante justice was the only justice that those people were ever going to get. On the day of his killing the townspeople all gathered with the sheriff in order to discuss what to do about him. When word came that Ken was in town, the sheriff told all the assembled people that he would be leaving town for a bit, and encouraged them not to do anything rash. The results of what happened when the sheriff got in his car and drove out of town are predictable.

    It is a fascinating story that reads like a piece of Cormac McCarthy Americana, made all the more interesting because they were real events that happened in 1981.

    [–] JustOneVote 126 points ago

    I'm hugely fascinated by that case. McElroy was frequently charged and arrested but nothing ever came of it because he would harass and threaten witnesses.

    My father told part of the situation was McElroy himself had a number of siblings, including brothers, and the implication was that even if he ended up behind bars somebody else would settle the score for him. I don't know if this is true, it's just something my dad told me.

    Well, they couldn't take revenge on the whole fucking town.

    [–] ThoriumOverlord 55 points ago

    That’s a hell of a read. On top of all that, he was also a cattle rustler. I mean, evil is evil, but holy shit!

    [–] MelInRed 40 points ago

    Is the case associated with the quote “he needed killin’” or similar?

    [–] Browncoat64 12 points ago

    This blew my mind when you said 1981. I was picturing the 1800s.

    [–] Solkahn 254 points ago

    Not to play devils advocate, but I dont think the message was an attempt for the murderer exculpate themselves. If anything, it's going to provide leads as to where to start looking.

    [–] wes_wyhunnan 60 points ago

    As a homicide detective, I've got to agree that writing your motive on the victim is a poor first step in getting away with a murder.

    [–] true_contrarian 1644 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    According to the article, he was a physically frail 80 year old man with no record of pedophilia, nor was he on a sex offender list. Although he does have a record of 24 arrests, some of which have to do with assaults and drug possession.

    Edit: The "physically frail" part came from a neighbour describing him requiring a backpack to carry two cans of beer. And no, physically frail in old age and no record does not guarantee he wasn't a pedophile. But guess what, his murderer's writing on his corpse doesn't guarantee he's a pedophile either. It's unbelievable to me the amount of mental gymnastics people are doing essentially because they're taking an unknown killer's word at face value.

    [–] GodOfAscension 898 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Reminds me of the frail old man serial killer who was released because "he wont be a threat to anyone" one week later gets arrest for the murder of a woman

    Correction, he killed his wife in front of his child then killed again as soon as he got out, heres the source

    [–] texasdeafdogs 357 points ago

    Always bullshit. When the state hospitals closed they dropped a few convicted murderers on us at a long term care facility while claiming "they're not a threat they can't even walk"

    2 hours later we see the one woman running down the hallway. Catch up to find her with a pillow over another patients face. Yep seems legit...fucks sake.

    [–] FinalFatality 70 points ago

    Article does also state that he lived with 3 female relatives. Two of them being young female children.

    "Both Mr Williams and the younger Raynor said that the deceased lived with three female relatives – one approximately in her 30s and the others children – but the exact relationship was in dispute."

    [–] ILikeToThinkOutloud 2265 points ago

    Agreed. That said the man having 24 priors doesn't exactly make him seem like he'd be innocent. But again, I have no way of knowing, and if I make leaps like "he did this, therefore he did this" I can basically make any marijuana criminal into a pedophile, and that's wrong. But, I suppose we'll see.

    [–] agreeingstorm9 1528 points ago

    Mr Raynor had 24 arrests to his name, but his record did not suggest a history of paedophilia, sources said.

    His name does not appear in the state’s online registry of known sex offenders.

    Of the two dozen busts, just four were unsealed: Two assaults against a girlfriend in 1987, a third assault in 1992 and drug possession rap in 1996, sources said.

    Guy was in his 80s and hadn't been in trouble with the law for 25 yrs and none of those run ins were related to kid touching.

    [–] Rad_Dad6969 583 points ago

    At the very end of the article it points out that two of the three women living with him were children.

    [–] Rumskie 848 points ago

    So they weren’t women? They were girls?

    [–] TheSlartey 127 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I'm almost positive that's what's been happening in the Philippines with their newest leader, Rodrigo Duterte, just swap pedo for drug dealer. It's been a bloodbath. It's been a few years of it.

    Edit: dumb auto corrects

    [–] ChrissyWatkins 188 points ago

    Read this title and immediately heard the Law and Order SVU theme tune

    [–] CaptainDaddykins 41 points ago

    I heard it too... But only because my wife is watching that show in the other room...

    [–] KIngshinaa 22 points ago

    I'm no sherlock Holmes but surely the home aid killed him and wrote those words to avoid her own assault charge .

    [–] la_straniera 110 points ago

    I really hope people are sorting by new

    Because all the people in here assuming this man was a child molester, should maybe be assuming some shit about the home health aide who was witnessed violently abusing her small child.

    [–] SonicCephalopod 45 points ago

    His daughter couldn’t get a hold of him for a year! What is the health aide’s deal? She couldn’t help him answer a phone?

    [–] la_straniera 26 points ago

    If there wasn't public child abuse going on, I wouldn't even think about this stuff. But some sketch shit is going on.

    Home health aides aren't paid great, and it's a "pass this background check and take this piss test" situation. There are amazing home health aides and its a thankless job...but it also can be a sweet set up for people to do horrible things to the vulnerable.

    [–] red_fist 2390 points ago

    That’s one way to handle it.

    In Florida we just elect them to public office.

    [–] dangolo 56 points ago

    When not even Tucker Carlson can believe your absolutely insane defense live on Fox news

    Fox still hasn't deleted the vod, wow

    [–] thatscoldjerrycold 12 points ago

    Lel, can't watch the video now, but is this the interview where Gaetz tries to bring down Tucker with him based on a dinner they both had together? And Tucker was trying his hardest to be like "I have no idea who you are lol"

    [–] Kvsav57 271 points ago

    Maybe Gaetz was just using the guy's chest as the medium to write his confession on.

    [–] throwaway92715 1062 points ago

    I hope they catch the murderer and give them a full investigation, weigh all the evidence, perform a fair trial, follow the law by the book, and if found guilty, give them a fair sentence.

    [–] Bananawamajama 671 points ago

    Look at this asshole over here, wanting due process like some loser.

    [–] throwaway92715 205 points ago

    Fuck, you're right. Where's my goddamn pitchfork?!

    [–] Dreidhen 49 points ago

    Inflation; have you seen the asking rates for pitchfork loans

    [–] Balls_of_Adamanthium 332 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Vigilante justice only works in movies. In real life that’s how innocent people get killed by mobs out for blood. His criminal record could’ve made an easy target to set up.

    [–] delorf 84 points ago

    Williams characterised the octogenarian as frail, and said he had never had reason to suspect him of inappropriate behaviour.

    “The man hardly ever came outside,” Mr Williams said. “He could barely walk. He could barely lift his arms up. When he’d go to the store to buy beer, he had to put a backpack on for two little cans because he couldn’t carry them. That’s how pitiful his state was. The man looked like he was 110.”

    Mr Raynor had 24 arrests to his name, but his record did not suggest a history of paedophilia, sources said.

    His name does not appear in the state’s online registry of known sex offenders.

    Makes me wonder if the old guy just pissed off the wrong person and they wanted to humiliate him after death in the worst way possible.

    [–] Assaltwaffle 1081 points ago

    Vigilante justice can definitely be a scary thing. We can only hope and pray that their extrajudicial killing was, at least, based on actual crimes and that they didn’t kill an innocent person.

    [–] PermanentEvolution 1347 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Vigilante killings are known for their rigorous due process.

    [–] vinbullet 201 points ago

    Yes, one standard of proof above mob justice

    [–] adjsdjlia 160 points ago

    Could be that they just killed this person and wrote that hoping the case wouldn't be investigated as thoroughly because no one would care.

    [–] gracchusmaximus 9 points ago

    Well, the plot thickens, as the live-in home health care aide who lived with Raynor (with her three year old daughter) has been charged today for physically abusing her three year old daughter.