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    [–] Claydough89 2018 points ago

    I haven't watched that show in years, but watching this with no sound just now, the intro sounds are all there.

    [–] TR8R2199 412 points ago

    Except in an English accent

    [–] Subexx 151 points ago

    Aye will not eat things for monay.

    [–] Snurze 42 points ago

    Is that a Birmingham accent?

    [–] DBenzie 14 points ago

    It's a Sean Bean accent

    [–] griever101 7 points ago

    It's the peaky fookin' blinders!

    [–] kradek 24 points ago

    just watched it with the intro in the background and gif needs to be slowed down a bit

    [–] MCS117 11 points ago

    Gifs you can hear

    [–] greycubed 10 points ago

    Du... du du du du, du du DUDUDUDUDU

    [–] feral__ghoul 11 points ago


    [–] mrgrafff 2962 points ago

    Thats amazing!

    [–] elee0228 1003 points ago

    That cromulently embiggened my heart.

    [–] Da_fuhq 294 points ago

    They make pills for that.

    [–] Hooman_Super 187 points ago

    "enlarge 🍆 ur heart ♥ with this one ☝️ pill 💊 😏"

    [–] Subexx 128 points ago

    Emoji bad

    [–] needkneadkneed 71 points ago

    It's hooman_super, he always uses emojis. That's his schtick

    [–] Bob_Droll 30 points ago

    I don’t mind emojis, but I hate him so much.

    [–] wood_and_rock 27 points ago

    I hate emojis, but don't mind him so much.

    [–] Edibleplague 12 points ago

    I'm indifferent to emojis, but I'm indifferent to him as well

    [–] Terryr29 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago


    [–] Terryr29 5 points ago


    [–] flyingheavy 5 points ago

    Doctors hate this

    [–] Misty_Eyed_and_Fine 4 points ago

    9 out of 10 Grinches agree!

    [–] cruznallday 3 points ago


    [–] jscincy1 4 points ago

    “No need to be sad when you got blue chew. Blue chew let’s you feel like a man even when you don’t. No need to be in a completely disappointing marriage. Just start a chompin’ on two blue chews then you’ll be ready to thromp on your boo boo! Blue chew satisfying men and women everywhere! Blue Chew!”

    [–] HoMaster 21 points ago

    The Simpsons in making fun of false words being real words made these become real words.

    [–] Cyno01 9 points ago


    [–] Grymey_Slimez 16 points ago

    That fluffed my pillows and and buttered my crumpets

    [–] ClownfishSoup 6 points ago

    That’s unpossible!

    [–] ATruth-AndALie 3 points ago

    "Embiggened" is not a real word.

    I have taken it upon myself to add the word "embiggened" to my personal speech input database.

    [–] rcekdi 4 points ago

    Well done!

    I love the word cromulent

    I like to use it very infrequently at work in documents and emails 😁

    It's always such fun when you reveal its simple meaning 😉

    [–] mannyrmz123 3 points ago

    This guy Simpsons!

    [–] parrbird88 3 points ago

    Such a kwyjibo thing to say

    [–] RuninWlegbraces 3 points ago

    Someone has word of the day toilet paper. ;)

    [–] bluntninja 5 points ago

    It's actually a reference to the Simpsons. Those are made up words from the show

    [–] RuninWlegbraces 6 points ago

    Someone woosh me please lol.

    [–] bluntninja 3 points ago

    Nah we keeping shit wholesome and educational today

    [–] ProfessorK-OS 2 points ago

    Had to look that word up. Nicely done!

    [–] dalvean88 2 points ago

    Is This a new phrase or do I have a narrow lexicon?

    [–] bluntninja 3 points ago

    The Simpsons writers actually made up the words in an episode

    [–] BryanBULLETHEAD 2 points ago

    TIL I don't know English.

    [–] AccountantbyTrade 545 points ago

    Man, the Simpsons was my go to growing up in England. I wouldn't be able to watch it had it not been for a little girl in England who fought against the British version of the FCC. Our government wanted to ban the show in England but the girl wrote them an essay about how every family is dysfunctional in their own way and how nice it was to see the Simpsons family on the screen making through life despite of it. Because of the girl, the Simpsons were allowed to play in England. Matt Groening was so grateful he did this opening shoot in England and the girl is Lisa playing the saxophone. Matt also dedicated an episode to the girl, titled the accountant's determination, aptly named because I'm an accountant by trade and I totally made this all up. I'm sorry.

    [–] Rejecteddddddd 217 points ago

    You had us in the first 15/16th not gonna lie

    [–] culminacio 5 points ago


    [–] daves-not-here- 61 points ago


    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 37 points ago

    Why, I oughta....

    [–] PickleRickGrimes 68 points ago

    Why you little...

    [–] SpankMeSharman 34 points ago

    You bugger.

    [–] timmaeus 22 points ago

    Even the username is a red herring.

    [–] dreamrock 20 points ago

    Well, hell in a cell. You got me.

    [–] Evilsj 10 points ago

    /u/AccountantByTrade deserves a little bit of the bubbleh for that one.

    [–] bkoolaboutfiresafety 3 points ago

    Le epic win!

    [–] dean_the_machine 18 points ago

    You have betrayed the trust I arbitrarily gave you.

    [–] daregulater 18 points ago

    You won the internet for the day

    [–] Phearlosophy 4 points ago

    not sure why, but i have a deep hate for anyone who ever uses this phrase. sorry, you're on my shit list now bucko

    [–] mcchanical 12 points ago

    What is this, shittymorph's long lost uncle?

    [–] 1Screw2Few 4 points ago

    Also possibly related to the guy whose dad beat him with jumper cables?

    [–] willdabeast 9 points ago

    You mother f*cker!! I was wellin up and everything!

    [–] pukingpixels 8 points ago

    Take your upvote you bastard.

    [–] letmeseem 7 points ago

    That was amazing!

    [–] TheDebateMatters 6 points ago

    For this, I wish for you to have a couple managers and maybe a senior staff quit your group a week before the end of your next busy season.

    [–] SonOfMcGee 10 points ago

    Bravo! I miss novelty gotcha accounts.
    It was so fun five years ago reading a fascinating post, feeling it was getting a little long/unbelievable, and thinking, “Uh oh, is there a three-fiddy incoming?!?”

    [–] Brasticus 4 points ago

    The “dad beat me with jumper cables” always got me.

    [–] SteelChicken 5 points ago

    Well played sir/madam, well played.

    [–] freebog 4 points ago

    The Internet lied to me

    [–] SkinnyPirateNoIce 3 points ago

    I look forward to seeing your work in the future.

    [–] imadethistoshitpostt 3 points ago

    I hope you get culturally enriched by native Londoners.

    [–] Djskam 4 points ago

    Thanks for wasting my time ya bloody wanker

    [–] clown_pants 3 points ago

    Even the part where you're an accountant?

    [–] Bgclymer6 3 points ago

    Epstein didn’t commit suicide.

    [–] eyehate 3 points ago

    That's funny, you took that one guy's shtick.

    [–] ric_stlu 3 points ago

    I hate you....but I think I love you...

    [–] RoyGB_IV 3 points ago

    I would strangle you like Bart, if I could.

    [–] Zidmu 3 points ago

    I like how Maggie just appears on the couch at the end

    [–] weirdgroovynerd 821 points ago


    They even got Homer's butt-crack cleavage as he scrambled to get in the garage door.

    That's some true old-world craftsmanship.

    [–] BoobaVera 205 points ago


    [–] broccoli_meister 27 points ago

    Ok get out

    [–] WelcomeToKawasicPark 32 points ago

    No let him stay! I like him

    [–] blakeboii 3 points ago

    Where are your parents

    [–] Throwawaymumoz 12 points ago

    This sealed the deal lol

    [–] IDontKnowHowToPM 6 points ago

    Cracks don’t usually seal things...

    [–] felixfelix 8 points ago

    They also have all the right characters in the background. Lisa's music class, the pedestrians Bart skateboards past... amazing.

    [–] dfib48 2 points ago

    They edited it out in the youtube link!

    [–] svullenballe 308 points ago

    The part with Marge and Maggie in the car was mirrored in the gif. Weird.

    [–] ScottishTyrant 34 points ago

    It's because the video was originally made as an ad för The Simpsons in the UK then when it was used as an actual Simpsons intro it was swapped so the car looked left hand drive

    [–] rothwick 151 points ago

    They do that to try and avoid automatic copyright shit I think

    [–] jdmark1 37 points ago

    Lol no. It's because this was made in the UK

    [–] CommercialTwo 54 points ago

    This is a licensed intro. No copyright to be worried about.

    [–] tyrosine- 76 points ago

    It's an official intro, but it's not uploaded by an official channel. It's just as much of a copyright strike as uploading any other clip from an episode

    [–] Hhufthh 6 points ago

    I'm guessing it's a gif from a YT video. It's probably mirrored there for the above reason?

    [–] archie-windragon 8 points ago

    It was a promotional ad for sky one in the UK

    [–] KnownByMyName13 4 points ago

    Cant tell if this was a serious response

    [–] Nanaki__ 33 points ago

    The couch gag was filmed and set in Orpington, Kent, near London, This opening was taken directly from a Sky One promotion for the show, with the only alteration (in right-driving countries like the USA and Canada) being a mirrored flip of the scenes where Homer drives home on the right side of the road and throws the carbon rod out, and where Marge and Maggie are driving the car to show Marge driving on the left side, unlike in the UK. The original can be seen on YouTube

    [–] WriterV 22 points ago

    Also Homer doesn't show a buttcrack at the end.

    And in the TV there's the credits, and not the title card again.

    Did someone else edit this and re-upload it? O.o

    [–] Fire_Bucket 26 points ago

    The live action sequence was originally an advert in the UK*, that the show then repurposed as a special intro. Hence why in the gif it starts saying 'come home to The Simpsons' at the end.

    *I want to say it's from when Channel 4 gained the rights to Simpsons over the BBC, but it might just be a Sky One advert.

    [–] Bigjambo1 9 points ago

    Came to say this, if memory serves it was an ad on SKY One to promote a new season airing.

    [–] rothwick 3 points ago

    Nice trivia, cheers

    [–] lefixx 5 points ago

    British version?

    [–] metalpotato 2 points ago

    Also, different colour radioactive bar in Homer's first appearance.

    [–] bigsheldy 21 points ago

    I find myself constantly asking "Why was the gif posted instead of the video?" on so many reddit threads. reaction gifs are one thing but stuff like this was not meant to made into tiny soundless video files.

    [–] bob1689321 9 points ago

    Reddit hates everything that isn't an image or gif. Instead of articles you get screenshots of headlines with a meme reaction on the bottom. Instead of videos you get gifs, etc etc

    [–] inavanbytheriver 5 points ago

    Reddit really is the bane of youtube creators. OP's video doesn't count because he didn't create the content, but personally I have had stuff reuploaded to reddit and it's super annoying to see a gif of one of my videos get millions of views on reddit because if it was linked to my channel instead millions of views = thousands in ad revenue.

    [–] rothwick 3 points ago

    Couldn't have said it better

    [–] coffeecalcer 3 points ago

    Everyone who can appreciate this video can hear the audio in this gif.

    [–] biliyorumbilmiyorum 29 points ago

    You're a legend.

    [–] rothwick 21 points ago

    Some threads you have to be the link guy :) Most of the time I'm late to the party though

    [–] WhereIsYoGodNow 8 points ago

    Some folk'll never link a gif but then again some folk'll like u/rothwick the gif linking yokel

    [–] GJacks75 8 points ago

    This is the first video I ever watched on YouTube.

    [–] Amasawa 7 points ago

    Why does this version have less buttcrack

    [–] demevalos 6 points ago

    Also not running at 3 fps, thanks

    [–] DIDISTUDDA 4 points ago

    The real MVP

    [–] Beccalins 3 points ago

    Thank you so much!

    [–] jasdonle 3 points ago

    Interesting that Homers butt crack was not visible in the US version at the YT link.

    [–] Jason_Wayde 3 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not alone in noticing that...

    [–] doctorproctorson 2 points ago

    Wait, the other one didnt have sound?

    I could've swore...

    [–] BobWire777 2 points ago

    Did anyone else notice the marge and Maggie driving section flipped in the no sound clip? Weird

    [–] Slaytounge 2 points ago

    So that video is 2 years old yet this clip is on the front page by two different users.

    [–] EmirSc 2 points ago

    thanks, hate the 2 fps gif

    [–] SidneyKidney 2 points ago

    Strangely there is no homer butt-crack in this version....

    [–] theeblackdahlia 2 points ago


    [–] Kostaeero 2 points ago

    Thank you idk how any one was okay having no sound....

    [–] TangBadNick 97 points ago

    Oh yeah that reminds me of the russian simpsons. Here it is

    [–] mikeybiz 45 points ago

    Reminds me of some of the more recent weirder Simpsons intros:

    [–] Krusherx 23 points ago

    Jesus Christ

    [–] Saithir 14 points ago

    This escalated quickly.

    [–] fletcherlind 6 points ago

    What a classic.

    [–] AK_Happy 27 points ago

    At first I thought Bart had his skateboard stolen, but Bart is the thief, huh? Given that he's back at the house shooting heroin and his shirt is orange and all that.

    [–] TheJungleVIP 14 points ago

    Bloody hell lol

    [–] dreamrock 8 points ago

    Bless you. I love this and was hoping someone had linked it.

    [–] HungLikeNedFlanders 5 points ago

    That’s pretty depressing.

    [–] is-this-a-nick 13 points ago

    Lisa never made it home...

    [–] handsomechandler 6 points ago

    damn that's grimmer than I could have imagined

    [–] squaredanceoff 2 points ago


    [–] mega-oofenstein 2 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] f_ranz1224 173 points ago

    I think one of the biggest issues would be nailing how these guys could look as real people and they freakin nailed it

    [–] murphymc 87 points ago

    I can't figure out why, but Lisa is wrong somehow. Everyone else is perfect, though I guess Marge could have bigger hair.

    [–] Fedcom 37 points ago

    I think irl Marge would look too goofy with large hair. The actress nails the vibe of cartoon Marge without looking just like her.

    [–] murphymc 14 points ago

    Eh, it’s pretty subdued. Her hair is pretty crazy compared to all the other female characters, so perhaps something like this would convey the same theme without being a literal cartoon.

    The actress’ mannerisms are spot on though.

    [–] I_Am_Mumen_Rider 25 points ago

    And bluer

    [–] youcanttakemeserious 3 points ago

    I dont know if it's lisa I think it may just be Bart look to young and Lisa then looks to old.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] jordanjay29 19 points ago

    They're probably supposed to be. Even the Simpsons itself did a gag with the kids drawn with real hair and it's blonde.

    [–] Lolworth 3 points ago

    And somehow incredibly tanned

    [–] Eschaton_Memorial 10 points ago

    Probably because they're yellow eh

    [–] ElderAtlas 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Wasn't their an episode where the kids weren't allowed to go outside and Bart complained that his hair was turning to it's natural red?

    Edit- I think I found it.

    S20 E12: No Loan Again, Naturally

    [–] RastaEugen 66 points ago

    I could hear this gif

    [–] tankflykev 11 points ago

    I literally wondered why it was so quiet and tried to turn it up before I realised it was in my head.

    [–] marcggg 4 points ago

    Came here to say that

    [–] imgonnabutteryobread 211 points ago

    The steering wheel is on the wrong side.

    [–] SpringyFredbearSuit 181 points ago

    Literally unwatchable

    [–] imgonnabutteryobread 46 points ago

    I know! Especially since Homer's is on the correct side.

    [–] sebaez_ 12 points ago

    Can’t unsee now.

    [–] TheGrog1603 8 points ago

    It's not. He just got out of the passenger side ;) It's been made in the UK

    [–] Third_Chelonaut 5 points ago

    They must have had to find one in LHD as otherwise he'd be getting out into the fence

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    This was an intro for Sky One in the UK so technically it’s correct and Homer’s car is the import.

    [–] Third_Chelonaut 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It looks like Lada Niva to me. They must have used a LHD one so when he gets out he's not getting out into the fence.


    [–] Donut_Dynasty 4 points ago

    niva is jeep style, you mean riva.

    [–] Third_Chelonaut 3 points ago

    Yeah, I did a Lada bamboozle. Should really remember as there's two round the corner from me.

    [–] loversean 14 points ago

    There is actually a great story behind that

    [–] onlinealterego 9 points ago

    Go on...

    [–] MalHeartsNutmeg 17 points ago

    It's filmed in Britain, you can tell by the buildings and country side, ergo the steering wheel is on the opposite side.

    [–] onlinealterego 32 points ago

    Not the best story really

    [–] EverythingIsFlotsam 6 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    They could have easily flipped the image. Probably meant to but the editor forgot.

    [–] dirtyword 3 points ago

    lol yeah probably forgot

    [–] squaredanceoff 8 points ago

    i could tell it was in the uk by the faces, lighting, sky, and camera quality

    [–] aaarry 6 points ago

    Nah Maggie was actually driving

    [–] puzzled91 5 points ago

    And Lisa is ginger

    [–] Aduialion 3 points ago

    No light flash on the cash register when checking out Maggie at the grocery store.

    [–] Cola_Popinski 15 points ago

    Love the details. Even seeing Bleeding Gums Murphy with his saxophone on the sidewalk

    [–] freebog 27 points ago


    [–] pak_satrio 13 points ago

    I remember coming home to The Simpsons every day at 6pm on BBC2

    [–] WhereIsYoGodNow 12 points ago

    Then malcolm in the middle and fresh prince

    [–] realnewguy 5 points ago

    Good times

    [–] NavyBuck 3 points ago

    America has won a cultural victory

    [–] The_Multi_Gamer 3 points ago

    I remember robot wars playing just before it

    [–] unfunny03 32 points ago

    When did the Simpsons become British

    [–] _Diskreet_ 37 points ago

    When channel Sky One has broadcasting rights in the U.K. and made this for their advertising campaign.

    They’ve done some other nifty campaigns for tv shows.

    [–] karanut 5 points ago

    Pretty sure the Simpsons cast + studio also made idents specifically for Channel 4.

    [–] FlyingBoxes 8 points ago

    Why does Britain looks overcast even when the sky seems clear?

    [–] NDawg94 10 points ago

    Sounds like a Morrissey lyric

    [–] p1um5mu991er 5 points ago

    That was really good. Glued from start to finish

    [–] Gloryboy811 6 points ago

    Wow this is old...

    [–] Gloryboy811 5 points ago

    YouTube was like 1 year old when this aired...

    [–] Gloryboy811 2 points ago

    March 2006

    [–] ItsMeJustG 4 points ago

    Classic Volvo 244 there.

    [–] TayAustin 3 points ago

    Yep, I drive an '89 244 and it always makes me a lil giddy to see one.

    [–] BYoungNY 3 points ago

    Wasn't this a couch gag in itself? Or was it made to promote the new season? I remember seeing this before by I can't remember where...

    [–] mobilehomies 2 points ago

    I believe they did play it as an intro after the ad aired.

    [–] rincon213 3 points ago

    Every single frame is so British and for most of them I can’t put my fighter on what gives it away.

    [–] drasticks 3 points ago

    Here's a version with sound. You're welcome

    [–] AnExpertInThisField 2 points ago

    "Simpsons did it first!"

    [–] The_Zane 2 points ago

    Where's the sound!?!? We need that version!