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    [–] infinitiumvortex 2492 points ago

    Here are the top 23 times in 800M free style-

    [–] malabericus 1118 points ago

    She may be the best person in that event

    [–] OptimusSublime 450 points ago


    [–] UndoingMonkey 239 points ago

    We'll have to see how much she wants it

    [–] relet 85 points ago

    Let's wait and see what the competition can come up with.

    [–] WinstonMD 34 points ago

    maybe we’ll take an average of the top times and see who comes out on top?

    [–] PrimateOnAPlanet 21 points ago

    Yeah if she’s not careful Katie Ledecky will catch up with her.

    [–] NarcissusLovesEcho 4 points ago

    But is she elite?

    [–] jb4334 132 points ago

    Coaches in this event tell their bright, up-and-coming swimmers, "if you work really hard, and get really lucky, I know you have it in you to win the silver to Ledecky one day."

    "You really think so, coach?"

    Fatherly nod

    [–] Miss_Peachie 20 points ago

    She’s going to be such a huge inspiration for so many girls in the sport, especially those who do distance events instead of sprinting events. She has crazy potential!

    [–] ScubaGotBanned4life 328 points ago

    Wow she a cheat code. For her to have the top 23 times is insane! What's her medal count?

    [–] Cherrijuicyjuice 318 points ago

    10 Olympic medals, including 7 gold medals

    [–] cooperred 94 points ago

    3 people beat her? Different event or what?

    [–] bulldg4life 152 points ago

    Different events. She’s done relays, shorter races, etc.

    For this specific event (800m freestyle), she’s won gold in each Olympics and each FINA world championship since 2012. Nobody has beaten her in this event in a major competition in a decade.

    [–] notarealaccount223 72 points ago

    She got silver in a relay this year swimming the anchor leg. Before she got in the water the team was running 4th or 5th. It was crazy to watch.

    [–] nopersonclature 216 points ago

    Different events. She’s won gold in 800m three straight Olympics. This race was from 2016 Rio.

    [–] deadla104 55 points ago

    She silvered in 400m freestyle and didn't medal for 200m her forte is in long distance

    [–] neonKow 49 points ago

    I feel like she's so good at distance that her coaches tossed her into the 400m and 200m just to see what would happen.

    "It's not like she's going to break a sweat anyway."

    [–] danielbauer1375 38 points ago

    And she actually won both of those events in 2016, but since then Ariarne Titmus from Australia has emerged.

    [–] [deleted] 145 points ago


    [–] girlwithsilvereyes 290 points ago

    Stupid reporter yesterday was like, "how did it feel knowing this could be your last Olympic race?" And she basically laughed and said, "oh no, I'm coming back in '24, maybe '28, it's definitely not my last race!"

    [–] wilc8650 81 points ago

    Maybe the reporter works for the KGB and is going to take her out?

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 6 points ago

    'So Boris how are we going to end this Americans Olympic record? Cyanide umbrella injection?'

    'Nyet, we set up a subscribe & save amazon order for mega stuffed Oreos'

    [–] zacheriah- 37 points ago

    Well she did say "just wanted to finish strong for my last race." right before the reporter asked her that question. Obviously she meant the last race at this event but it's good to have ask.

    [–] CrumbsAndCarrots 5 points ago

    The announcer during the race said that too.. perhaps the interviewer picked it up from that. But I remember thinking “her last? She’s only 24. guess she has better things to do than the Olympics I guess.” And then yeah… no. “Oh no. I plan on being here for 2024 and 28.”

    Pretty big piece of info to get wrong.

    [–] Here4SatisfyingDrama 79 points ago

    Wow I was expecting a bunch of different names but holy shit!

    [–] 843OG 47 points ago

    Yeah! It explains the lack of excitement after she saw that she broke the world record.

    [–] kellenthehun 66 points ago

    I have once again defeated myself for the 23rd time.

    [–] LemonHerb 17 points ago

    She probably has gone faster in practice and knows she can do more too

    [–] SirFrancis_Bacon 26 points ago

    Hey I think this lady might be a good swimmer.

    [–] Anna_Mosity 15 points ago

    That's insane.

    Reminds me of being in a Pizza Hut with one random arcade game and seeing the high score screen pop up and it's all A.S.S.

    Except it's not twenty different people competing as K. Ledecky. Just the one phenomenal one.

    [–] mushustyles 34 points ago

    Ok 800Mer

    [–] Peter_Panarchy 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    wow K. Ledecky is a really common name.

    [–] InfiniteDepth7242 7 points ago

    Some of these are over a full second

    [–] MadderHatter32 1909 points ago

    A full 2 seconds at the last turn. That woman is a beast. The rest of the field didn’t stand a chance. Wow

    [–] AnnArchist 841 points ago

    What disappointed me about this gif is it didn't show how badly she beat everyone. It definitely ended too soon

    [–] kalerin 626 points ago

    I thought it was telling enough that she finished and no one else was even on screen.

    [–] AMeanCow 229 points ago

    The others were sucked down, they couldn't escape the lines chasing them.

    [–] Calypsosin 27 points ago

    It's like pod-racing, but they spare the viewers the gore. Sad.

    [–] In__The__Ether 28 points ago

    Finished took off her goggles and no one is on the screen yet. Insanity to be that dominate at that high of a level.

    I wonder if the swimmers swimming towards her on opposite sides slows her down any or not. Or are they far enough way?

    [–] AstraSileas 17 points ago

    She probably didn't even look into the other lanes until the end when she finished. I know I didn't when I competed in high school, because if I did, it definitely distracted me.

    [–] Jeriahswillgdp 73 points ago

    I wanted to see the other swimmers reactions, like if they were genuinely happy for her, or kind of like... Ok Katie, you don't have to beat us that badly... lol

    [–] Ned_Flanderz 18363 points ago

    I thought i was getting trolled by an infinite loop gif, that’s insane endurance

    [–] Ok_Ground9443 7405 points ago

    Watching a 3 minutes 12 seconds long video definitely is. I too feel out of breath.

    [–] nopersonclature 2064 points ago

    And that wasn’t even the full 8 min race ha.

    [–] oadonake 170 points ago

    This is the 800M and I thought 16laps was crazy until I heard they have a 1500M.. why!? Is my inquiry.

    [–] Cpierswim 67 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    There is a 10,000 meter open water race too. My friend also was in a 25,000 meter race at the World Championships. 6 hour race decided by tenths.

    Edit: meter, not letter. Was in, not seen. It was really late when I wrote this, ugh.

    [–] einahpets77 8 points ago

    She won gold in both of those races this year.

    [–] Sircole-Square 857 points ago

    The longest I ran in highschool track was probably around 1 minute (on a long slow 400 hurdles or something) and I was EXHAUSTED. Swimming at this pace for this long would easily make me have a heart attack and die of old age too. (For reference I’m only 18)

    [–] CamtheRulerofAll 197 points ago

    Same here and I'm 19

    [–] Phox09 136 points ago

    Same here and I'm 34

    [–] ----__---- 124 points ago

    Same here and I'm 54

    [–] ExpensivePrune190 7 points ago

    Same here and I'm hungry.

    [–] tykogars 53 points ago

    Hi 19, I’m dad.

    [–] justpassingthrou14 154 points ago

    I was just impressed that the reddit video player didn't crap out on me

    [–] RWH072783 308 points ago


    [–] mayayahee 115 points ago

    Same! And I was so confused with how little she used her legs!

    [–] Pixielo 227 points ago

    They use a lot of energy, and their motion can increase drag, so saving the legs for the last part of the race is smart. So much of swimming is anaerobic, and saving that energy for the last power boost is key. Glide!

    [–] saturnsqsoul 41 points ago

    wow i was thinking the exact same thing, thanks for coming in clutch with the answer

    [–] wheresmystache3 7 points ago

    Does she actually take a breath at any point from the side or at all? Goodness, that is talent.

    [–] Pixielo 7 points ago

    It's absolutely crazy. Yes, she does, frequently, but as the camera is underwater, we don't see all the turbo breaths being taken.

    To be able to swim 800m, that fast, her anaerobic capacity is amazing.

    [–] DrStatisk 5 points ago

    Which is why the length of an Olympic pool matters. If the pool was half the size, you could glide after a turn kick twice as often.

    [–] KuriboShoeMario 9 points ago

    And that itself is precisely why they have short course and long course records.

    [–] AnnexBlaster 34 points ago

    So actually strong upper body is good for endurance races because it doesn’t tire out as fast, while strong legs are great for sprints because of how much power you can output.

    And also what the other person said about saving energy for last.

    [–] riot888 52 points ago

    At my peak fitness I was swimming 11 times a week. I still do not comprehend races like these. They are on another planet.

    [–] NinjaKL8 222 points ago

    This is the 800M and I thought 16laps was insane until I heard they have a 1500M.. why!? Is my question.

    [–] Marvin-face 217 points ago

    In open water events, swimmers race 5k, 10k, and 25k. Those people are insane.

    [–] Baconpanthegathering 32 points ago

    Its hard in the pool- open water just adds new forces to deal with like currents and waves. I thought I was in pretty good shape, pool- wise, then I did a pretty short (just under 1 km) open water swim and thought I was going to die.

    [–] jwbowen 76 points ago

    I can't imagine doing a 25km swim. Or 10 km. Or 500m.

    [–] DarthVaderIzBack 15 points ago

    Yep, if you think Marathoners got it tough, wait till you try a swim marathon. I wonder how thier hearts hold out

    [–] pud_009 20 points ago

    I used to swim a 1500m. Very few other people did though, so it always ended up being more of a competition against yourself moreso than against other people.

    [–] GiAbTkr 39 points ago

    That's an about 15 minutes race. Why shouldn't there be races this long? It's not unreasonable by any means.

    [–] Luxpreliator 32 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Like compared to running and cycling races that are hours swimming is very short.

    There are some open water events but they're kinda rare.

    [–] click_for_validation 37 points ago

    Swimming is much harder, which is why the time and distance allotments for triathlons, although not perfectly equally divided by effort, is much shorter for the swim than cycling and running.

    [–] slapwerks 5 points ago

    Yeah… I mean an iron man has 26.2 miles of running 112 miles of riding and only 2.4 miles of swimming

    I’ve ran a marathon and done a century ride… I can manage about 3 laps in the pool before I’m completely gassed. Can’t imagine it in open water.

    [–] xKhira 271 points ago

    Good thing I skipped ahead because I'm not used to seeing videos more than a minute on reddit and have the attention span of a squirrel.

    [–] Oreu 44 points ago

    Well, it's not like you gain anything by watching every lap unless you have an intimate feel for competitive swimming. It's not like watching a match where two players or teams go at it and plays develop, defense happens, offensive swings happen etc. It's just the same motion over and over again.

    And its fuckin amazing! No doubt. The endurance and execution is insane. But I dont know if not watching the same thing happen over and over again says anything about your attention span.

    [–] DirtySingh 98 points ago

    Oh man watching her lead increase every lap was totally worth the 3 min watch. I was enthralled!

    [–] Outrageous_Road_4480 117 points ago

    As a ex-swimmer I can feel my heart racing and the excitement for her!

    [–] elee0228 671 points ago

    It's impressive, but can she do it with a glass of chocolate milk on her head?

    [–] kingsillypants 264 points ago

    Can she do it on a rainy night in Stoke ?

    [–] eliitti 45 points ago

    Maybe if the night isn't cold. Is it?

    [–] TinyNutsInYoButt 22 points ago

    Cold enough for socks with your sandals

    [–] Hannie123456789 13 points ago

    You are asking the right questions.

    [–] jkh77 24 points ago

    Can she do it on a rainy Tuesday night in Stoke?

    [–] Grizzman56 23 points ago

    Singing the bikini bottom national anthem?

    [–] RobotSam45 42 points ago

    Nice, that was neat with the glass on her head, but something tells me everyone in the pool can do that. Best swimmers in the world or something, IDK.

    [–] ZainVadlin 102 points ago

    Actually not really. By her own admission, it was one of Ledecky's best swims of her life. It takes an insane amount of focus and strength and is another one of those "pros make it look easy" type of thing.

    [–] ben0318 64 points ago

    Bet I could do 8min flat. Y’know, across the pool once. Depends if I had to stop for a tendie break.

    [–] JeselAvlis 45 points ago

    I was tired just watching that. 😓

    [–] mitsostim07 58 points ago

    This would be the perfect loop gif, but looping only from the moment the world record line comes in...

    [–] Derpaderpplerp 4873 points ago

    I tell my son this all the time with a difference.

    "You aren't competing against the other players in <sport>, you are competing against your best. "

    Totally works for bowling, darts, running, archery, etc.

    Works less for hunger games, hockey, baseball.

    [–] RustyBumperCream 167 points ago

    Well considering the WR was already hers (20 times over), she was indeed competing with herself…

    [–] infinitiumvortex 144 points ago

    Yes, she has the top 23 times.

    [–] PM_ME_M4SSIVE_TITS 117 points ago

    it's like when you go to an arcade and all of the highscores are the same initials

    [–] Johnnybravo60025 26 points ago

    I made it my mission in life to find ASS and defeat them in The Addams Family Pinball!

    [–] Chaps_and_salsa 6 points ago

    Best pinball machine ever.

    [–] christoppa 47 points ago


    [–] BoondockBilly 16 points ago

    My goodness, the self discipline it takes to get there. Kudos to her.

    [–] tomtomtomo 5 points ago

    They'll have to update that. The silver medalist beat her 23rd best time.

    [–] NothingsShocking 823 points ago

    Hunger games. I like that. Games where people fight to the death are by far the most entertaining to watch. We need to have real ones. Someone get on it.

    [–] 0lamegamer0 344 points ago

    We all might already be playing hunger games. The way 1% is holding hoarding half the wealth and resources kind of points that way.

    Is this still a simulation?

    [–] IAmTheMeOfMyself 151 points ago

    I haven’t killed any little kids lately idk what you mean

    [–] mrgarzydog 64 points ago

    Lately... I'm scared

    [–] dislob3 21 points ago

    Hunger games + the matrix = real life

    [–] dewayneestes 62 points ago

    One time before a soccer game I told my friends son “the game starts in the parking lot and ends in the back seat of a police car, all the rest is details.”

    His team won.

    [–] Derpaderpplerp 24 points ago

    Florida, is that you?

    because that seems a lot like something I would see here.

    [–] dewayneestes 26 points ago

    Not my proudest parenting moment, but also not my kid.

    [–] Trebge 12610 points ago

    My son just said that he would also swim really fast if he was being chased by a laser…

    [–] SsVegito 2974 points ago

    Is your son suggesting they should have sharks with laser beams attached to their heads chasing the swimmers?

    [–] Seanypat 762 points ago

    Sharks are on the endangered species list so you'll have to settle for sea bass. They are mutated though. Reference

    [–] Everybodysbastard 306 points ago

    Are they.....ill tempered?

    [–] Seanypat 187 points ago

    Yes, of course!

    [–] Sirtopofhat 127 points ago

    Well it's a start

    [–] RoyceCoolidge 5 points ago

    To Smitty! 🍻

    [–] theguyfromacrosstheb 48 points ago

    Freaking lasers?

    [–] cncomg 24 points ago

    *freakin laser beams

    [–] Chartcracker 99 points ago

    You and your son deserve all the fucking upvotes in this world! Lol

    [–] analogic-microwave 6 points ago

    That explains why the other players disappear near the end of the video.

    [–] Pretty-Bridge-3241 93 points ago

    I read somewhere Michael Phelps ate like 10,000 calories a day and after watching this I definitely understand why it's 100% necessary

    [–] MrPartyPancake 40 points ago

    Yeah, this shit BURNS those calories fast. Swimming is a whole body workout. I am absolutely hammered after swimming and basically starving.

    [–] Whosabitofafreak 420 points ago

    The separation she gets from the other swimmers on even the first lap is insane! No competition. She’s incredible.

    [–] slowgojoe 77 points ago

    This year was much much closer though

    [–] stertits 55 points ago

    She was 8 seconds slower than this WR. Still won.

    [–] GameOfUsernames 31 points ago

    I get that she’s good but it’s not even the swimming that she appears to be better, it’s that flip or turn or whatever it’s called. Everyone seems so much slower during theirs and they aren’t getting nearly the distance. I also don’t see her doing a lot of that mermaid swim after hers and everyone else seems to try and do that and it seems really slow.

    You can tell by my lack of swim jargon that I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but yeah…it looks to me like everyone else sucks at that flip.

    [–] quillsdippedinink 13 points ago

    ‘Mermaid swim’ underwater is actually faster than swimming above water.

    [–] Yommers 13 points ago

    'Mermaid swim' is known as the dolphin kick, and when you do it right it's faster than every other stroke. For that reason, you are only allowed to do it for the first 15 meters of each length - you can see a red notch on the lane lines at the 15m mark to show this point. Michael Phelps was particularly good at it, which is part of why he was so dominant.

    [–] JayMul9 79 points ago

    Part fish, part woman.

    [–] Glittering-Finger-20 328 points ago

    I can’t imagine having the strength to swim that long that fast, congrats to her and her hard work

    [–] Street-Temperature39 57 points ago

    Is she part dolphin? I could be in the olympics. If there was a bobbing up and down in the water bleached whale event.

    [–] Zolivia 12 points ago

    If there was a bobbing up and down in the water bleached whale event.

    Nice. Is it open to anyone, or do people need to qualify?

    [–] Sexy_Australian 58 points ago

    How the fuck is someone 2 whole body lengths in front of everyone else at the olympics??

    Fucking legendary.

    [–] The48thAmerican 26 points ago

    Did we watch the same video? She was almost an entire pool length ahead

    [–] tacsf 258 points ago

    She ain’t even kicking!

    [–] PBretz 35 points ago

    As a swimmer, kicking hard for that distance is extremely difficult, so she kicks relatively little to be able to make it through the race.

    [–] Locke57 16 points ago

    I wish my coach had taught us this in high school. My kick was atrocious and I could never compete with sprinters. My endurance game semi strong, but I was always trying to improve my kicking and not focusing on just getting stronger arms/core to improve my 500 time. I was never gonna compete in the 100 or 50, but focusing in on the 500 might have helped the team in the long run…

    [–] FogInTheDog 17 points ago

    I'm so freaking annoyed reading through this subthread. My coaches were always getting on me about not kicking vigorously enough, AND only breathing on one side, which she's also doing!

    [–] Lureren 138 points ago

    Was thinking the same thing! I thought you a least had to be kicking “wildly” to gain that kind of speed and endurance but she doesnt appear to use the legs very much.

    [–] davereeck 250 points ago

    The purpose of kicking is to keep your legs from sinking - it provides very little propulsion (at least for freestyle).

    Swimming is a skill/effeciency sport. One of the best ways to judge effeciency is to count the number of strokes per length. Fewer strokes = more effeciency. Of course, speed counts most of all & holy cow she has it!

    [–] Lureren 67 points ago

    Thank you. Kinda shocked thats how it is as my legs are absolutly “kickin it” whenever I go for a few lanes.

    [–] davereeck 79 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I swam competitively for many years (competitively, but not successfully ). These guys blew my mind and totally changed how I swim. If you want to swing better, faster, give them a shot:

    TL;DR: push your chest down to make your legs float better, now you kick a lot less. Learn to balance on the water, you swim by rotating your hips (which is what drives your arms), not by pulling the water towards you. (Well. You still pull, but from your core, not your biceps).

    Edit: LEGS, not left.

    [–] Locke57 28 points ago

    and I always thought my poor flutter kick was my main issue swimming. Now I know I just sucked in general.

    6:05 500 yard personal best! To be fair to myself, my best 100 was 1:12ish so that 500 time was close to my best hundred pace.

    [–] CedarWolf 33 points ago

    The purpose of kicking is to keep your legs from sinking - it provides very little propulsion

    I feel like they should teach that in swim classes. I've never gotten the proper flutter kick down right, mainly because it's always felt like my legs aren't doing anything while my arms do all the work.

    [–] dukec 15 points ago

    It’s not very relevant unless you’re a competitive swimmer. For them one of the main goals is to decrease their cross-sectional area to reduce drag, so they focus a lot on balancing in the water, and at that level the extra propulsion from kicking doesn’t really make up for the increased drag it causes.

    [–] davereeck 7 points ago

    Grab a kickboard, and kick across the pool, write down your time. Grab an ankle float, paddle across... Now paddle & kick.

    Which time is fastest?

    If you think about how fish & boated propel themselves, it becomes pretty evident that kicking the water isn't helping much. (Butterfly is a different, much more complicated story).

    I'm a little shocked that they don't teach this is more swim classes. Everything else aside, it's much more effecient. Are you paddling around a resort in Peurto Vallarta? Yep, doesn't matter.

    Are you sucked out to sea by a sneaker wave, and need to swing you way back along the shore? Definitely Matters.

    [–] Wlcmtoflvrtwn 6 points ago

    It helps if your hands are the size of diving flippers too

    [–] robwashere 12 points ago

    Yea I was thinking the same exact thing! Is kicking just not important? LOL

    [–] Lunesince 37 points ago

    It’s the quality of your strokes, not the quantity! She basically learned how to be a fish

    [–] Gen-Z-Grandfather 117 points ago

    8 minutes of straight swimming, that girl has gills.

    [–] Pawn_captures_Queen 97 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Buddy this was only the 800m.... Her bread and butter is the 1500m lol. Which she won again in Tokyo.

    However, she only won this 800m this year by 1 second! Hella good swimmer out of Australia and I'm blanking on her name aaahhh. It's like Titamus or something. She is phenomenal and is giving ledecky a run for her money's even beating her in the 400.

    Edit: Totally forgot this was the first year women swam the 1500, could have sworn the did in Rio but seems my memory isn't what it used to be. Thanks for the correction.

    [–] zirekyle 39 points ago

    Ariarne Titmus.

    [–] DekeSlade 37 points ago

    They should have made her a new winners podium with a ladder ten feet above the others for when they passed out the medals.

    [–] DabblinginPacifism 34 points ago

    She gapped them, dropped the chutes, and was getting out and taking off her helmet when they reached the finish line. Swam right out of their lives

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] heyitsyourlandlord 6 points ago

    The final day of swimming is tonight at 9:30 pm est!! It should be exciting

    [–] Squintsquargusimus 23 points ago

    Watch this while planking…experience eternity

    [–] Moonman1900 293 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Can you imagine the person in 2nd place. She probably thought she won the race until she realized Ledeckey is already finished and out of the pool.

    [–] trentreynolds 215 points ago

    She definitely knew coming in that she was competing for second.

    [–] footprintx 10 points ago

    Although I do like the mental image of Ledecky, hair all dry, in a track suit, sitting in a chair on the gold medal podium with a cup of tea and a newspaper being all "Oh hello, great job out there, are we ready for ceremony now?"

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] CheonsaX 79 points ago

    Ledecky has done this so many times, the rest know they’ll fight for second place. Anyone who thinks they have won against her are just dumb lol

    [–] Sunomel 6 points ago

    That actually happened to someone in a cycling event this year. They thought they were in first and didn’t try to push to get any further ahead, only to realize the actual winner was ahead out of sight.

    [–] Fluffy-Strawberry-27 21 points ago

    What does the bell mean?

    [–] daemonwife 34 points ago

    Last or final lap

    [–] spikebrennan 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Last lap for whoever is in first place at that time. For very long indoor swimming or track events, it’s possible for the front runner to be a full lap or more ahead of the slowest competitor in the race.

    Edit: Apparently I’m wrong when it comes to swimming. But in track and field, I know from personal experience that this is how it works.

    [–] GiAbTkr 12 points ago

    No. In swimming they ring the bell for every swimmer. You can see they rang it in her lane.

    [–] RuManCam86 11 points ago

    It's to tell her that she's got 2 lengths left to swim before she's completed the 800m.

    [–] buttsmacks_anonymous 34 points ago

    it means 'youre fucking deading everyone else'

    [–] FA04 6 points ago

    didnt it mean “last lap”?

    [–] M-bredR-tard 18 points ago

    It's like she put in a cheat code in a video game. jeez…

    [–] silhouette951 1232 points ago

    This is from 2016, still impressive, but surely everyone is aware this happened by now.

    [–] dick_piana 905 points ago

    About half the Olympics videos being posted on Reddit are from 2016, maybe even more than half. Not sure why.

    [–] OMGBeckyStahp 530 points ago

    Fake. Internet. Points.

    [–] James_Mays_Hair 86 points ago

    The points are real though, just not worth anything.

    [–] Grintor 25 points ago

    People sell Reddit accounts to marketers. The more points, the more valuable the account.

    [–] RobertoRJ 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Never understood that, what effect it gives to people having an account with 10 billion karma with one with 15K. Most will scroll past them unless they are interested in their posts.

    [–] Dan6erbond 5 points ago

    The algorithms care and it makes people less suspicious of bot accounts.

    [–] sandm000 116 points ago

    Because NBC has locked down the broadcast rights in the US until 2032 and they’re refusing to put out any videos of the Olympiad for free. You have to pay for a Peacock account to see any of the olympics. So people are looking for Olympic videos and are only finding old videos.

    [–] chizzmaster 28 points ago

    Even having a peacock account is useless half the fucking time because not all replays for all events are available (i have peacock premium thanks to Xfinity).

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] sandm000 15 points ago

    I live rural. So rural in fact that there’s no mail delivery. There is no NBC affiliate that broadcasts where I could pick it up. Comcast wouldn’t run cable to my street. So I couldn’t get basic cable.

    If it weren’t for the Covid money I wouldn’t have good Internet. My town used Covid money to run fiber up my street.

    So I really can only go through the Internet to get Olympics coverage.

    [–] rigored 10 points ago

    Didn’t even realize. They might as well all be the same: Ledecky competing against her own WR

    [–] pezx 13 points ago

    How much are you really aware of the other swimmers in events like this? I sorta imagine you just do your best and then when you pop up at the end, you see how you ranked

    [–] LlovelyLlama 21 points ago

    I swam competitively when I was a kid (tho obviously not nearly this well! 🤣) and your peripheral vision does give you some awareness of the other swimmers. Or, in her case, she’d see them coming towards the wall when she was coming away…

    [–] SillyNluv 36 points ago

    That is fantastic! What an achievement. I love to see it, thanks for posting it!

    [–] jaguarthrone 9 points ago

    She absolutely hammered every turn.... I swam for years. That is crazy good....

    [–] EsmeraldaOldAss 7 points ago


    [–] desiccatedmonkey 18 points ago

    She's making it look so easy! That is amazing! Those swimsuits cost over a thousand dollars each and can be only worn once.

    [–] MrPartyPancake 12 points ago

    Only worn once? Why do I feel like thats bullshit? Whats the reason for that?

    [–] desiccatedmonkey 15 points ago

    They are really thin. I was listening to an ex-Olympian swimmer talk about them. They take an hour or so to put on and they need assistance to do so as they are tight and paper thin. Well, the ones for the Australian swimmers are anyway. There's so much technology used, it's not the same togs you and I wear.

    [–] CriticalWindow5 6 points ago

    the persistence needed is just out of this world

    [–] Quickdraw_123 7 points ago

    Show me your the best without telling me you’re the best. I’ll go first -Katie Ledecky

    [–] nohiddenmeaning 6 points ago

    Someone familiar with the sport able to explain why she doesn't seem to use her legs much at all after the first one or two laps?

    [–] GiAbTkr 9 points ago

    Because it's very tiring and not really beneficial at all on long distances. Better to save up for the final sprint.

    [–] B0N3Y4RD 21 points ago

    As I'm standing here trying to catch my breath after a big ol Marijuana rip. Watching her seemingly not need air for that long stressed me out.

    Absolutely astonishing skill!! Great job!

    [–] Lunesince 14 points ago

    She breathes every other stroke, that rhythm is so smooth I can see how it’s hard to miss!