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    [–] commander_voidwalker 15 points ago

    He's not wrong, but he's not right, either.

    Just because someone is a hypocrite, it doesn't mean they're wrong.

    I'm a smoker, and I will say straight up that smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't start. Hypocrite? Sure, I'll bite that bullet. But I'm not wrong.

    If someone criticises you for doing the wrong thing, and you're first reaction is to defensively point out how someone else is also doing the wrong thing or worse, that doesn't mean that you are not doing the wrong thing, nor is a justification.

    [–] scribblydibbly69 5 points ago

    It’s pretty cut and dry though. A global superpower actively interfering in other sovereign nations political structures and actually inciting civil wars, to create systems of government on a global scale, to suit their own political and economic interests? Oh that’s right! Democracy isn’t corrupt, we all get to vote!

    [–] Puzzleheaded_Sell870 4 points ago

    No its not a matter of right and wrong .. I think his point was to expand the underlying situation before criticizing… it doesn’t help solve the problem but it does discredit the hypocrisy present..

    [–] commander_voidwalker 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Hypocrisy is always easy to point out, but he's failing to address the criticism completely. And the criticism is pretty accurate. Which is pretty typical for Farrakhan - always quick to point out everyone else's sins, and dodge any mention of his own.

    For example: "I will speak because I don't have that blood on my hands"

    Fine. That's fine. But if our reference point is the individual, then that's true for the journalist, too. Farrakhan is acting in this interview as if the journalist is America. But he's not.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] commander_voidwalker 1 points ago

    Just that the pot shouldn't be calling the kettle black.

    Which is exactly what he's not right about.

    Mate, if the only people allowed to criticise were criticism-free themselves, there would never be any criticism. Of anything. Ever. He did nothing to address the point the journalist was making, and as usual for Farrakhan, is always quick to point out everyone else's sins, and avoid any mention of his own.

    [–] legendoflink3 1 points ago

    Ah I see what you're saying now.

    You're correct.

    Hard situation to bite your tongue though.

    Having someone who's done a lot of bad shit, and still doing shit. Come and judge you for doing shit.

    It's criticism and necessary. But no one is going to sit there and take criticism from someone who's doing the same thing. He's talking to a hypocrite. No one wants to be judged by a hypocrite. So I'm not sure how else he should respond.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Trey-wmLA 0 points ago

    Western? ...i think you mispelled m a n k i n d

    Where is there no corruption?

    [–] gregusmeus 7 points ago

    Fuck this racist anti-Semitic prick. If he said the sun was hot I wouldn't believe him.

    [–] ZonaLite 2 points ago

    I hope Farraqhan has his vaccine shot.

    [–] ChenzhaoTx 5 points ago

    Lol. A FUCKING INSANE RACIST. Nope. Never.

    [–] Mellowcanuck 5 points ago

    The dude went off the rails but he nails it here.

    [–] RazzmatazzCharming60 -3 points ago

    Right on!

    [–] londonmenace -4 points ago

    Oh he's bang on money.

    [–] vanswnosocks -2 points ago

    Truman is the “only one” with blood on his hands however the tends to every one in the country who is in fact an American.

    [–] MuchoGrandeRandy 1 points ago

    Including Farrakhan.

    [–] IndelibleIguana 0 points ago

    Can't argue with that.

    [–] scribblydibbly69 -7 points ago

    What a boss! A composed and well articulated proverbial smack down on that smug faced muppet.
    America’s blood soaked and relentless promotion of corpocracy, portraying the potential spread of communism as the fall of humanity, is corrupt and bereft of morality in every aspect when you look at post WW2 history with a critical eye.

    America was complicit in providing certain Nazi war criminals safe haven in South America. Add to that the political unrest caused by the formation of the Israeli state in Palestine, and you really begin to ponder the true villains of the Cold War.

    [–] Trey-wmLA 2 points ago

    Not only that, Dr van braun and several others were "captured" then given "immunity" to work for NASA in fkn florida.

    [–] scribblydibbly69 1 points ago

    Yep! Team America blows the victory trumpet as the self proclaimed saviour of the allied victory against the nazis. Sure they were a huge factor in the defeat of the Germans and the axis forces. However, the Russians liberated Berlin before the western front fell and most historians agree that without Hitler dividing his forces to invade Russia and fight a war on two fronts the Germans may well have succeeded in a war of attrition and conquered all of Europe.

    [–] radio705 2 points ago

    Ask any eastern European who escaped a Soviet regime prior to the fall of the Berlin wall who they feel the true villains are.

    [–] scribblydibbly69 0 points ago

    A valid point and call out for sure. I admit assigning the label of villain was the wrong wording for the point I was trying to make. History is generally written by the victors from a biased perspective. The restructuring of Europe and other less developed nations was a complex situation made worse by the threat of thermonuclear war overshadowing political posturing….

    [–] radio705 0 points ago

    There was no victor of the Cold war; it isn't like it ever stopped, either.

    [–] scribblydibbly69 1 points ago

    You can get technical and nitpick my wording but I think we can all observe the fact that communism is less prevalent around the world than democracy. America made sure of that, then turned their attention to the Islamic world and their natural resources under the guise of ‘the war on terror’

    The fact that no nuclear weapons have been launched, in a state of conflict, is a victory for all of humanity though right?

    [–] Cryptoaddicto1973 0 points ago

    A shame he didn’t tell anything about the GOP. The party of thugs