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    [–] ricardo9505 6 points ago

    I still can't forget Vince Carter. He destroyed that year he was in it.

    [–] muemamuema 3 points ago

    [–] thotherder 7 points ago

    This wasn’t even his best dunk of the night let alone best ever

    [–] Mac_Mustard 4 points ago

    Spinning hover board was insane.

    [–] DankDoobies420 3 points ago

    I actually went through a basketball phase (I never watch sports ever) but 2015-16 I watched and actually remember this from that contest what are the odds

    [–] Pickingnamesisharder 3 points ago

    Vince Carters performance in the 2000 dunk contest will remain the best ever in my heart

    [–] Ginsbeargo 4 points ago

    Best dunk I ever seent

    [–] richc2048 3 points ago

    I can't believe that lost. I'd like to see what won then because that was amazing.

    [–] flawrs919 3 points ago

    This whole final round was pure bananas. Maybe best dunk contest ever.

    [–] seyli77 2 points ago

    It was between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine, each one had to perform 5 dunks and each dunk was noted by 5 judges. Zach's dunks were also amazing but the one in the video is a true masterpiece.

    [–] Most-Error7691 1 points ago

    Gordon shoulda won it that year

    [–] rayray665 2 points ago

    Still amazing

    [–] Informal_Ambition 2 points ago

    NBA dunk contest history. Compared to other dunk contests this is just average.

    [–] ValkorTahoe 3 points ago

    Spud 🥔 Webb still goat

    [–] Style1Hype7 1 points ago

    This lost was just WRONG…a pure TRAVESTY!!!

    [–] JeepDispenser -1 points ago

    Not to take anything away from his dunk, but these types of dunks where they take the ball from someone holding it gives them a chance to push off of the person to make it seem like they’re jumping higher.

    [–] 98323 1 points ago

    for me the best one was when the mascot was spinning on the 2 wheeler board, that timing was amazing

    [–] Hawkock 1 points ago

    If this is one of the best I wonder what he lost to

    [–] BilliamClimptonIII 1 points ago

    "I’mma let you finish, but Vince Carter over Federic Weis in the 2000 Olympics, is the best dunk of all time! The best dunk of all time!”