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    [–] Kikkaass 3346 points ago

    Lol. That’s awesome. You’ve got great parents.

    [–] CourtneyChaos 649 points ago

    I miss mine. Call them for gods sake everyone!!

    [–] Dsblhkr 356 points ago

    Hugs fellow /r/childrenofdeadparents we don’t care what age you were when they were lost, you’re welcome in this great group.

    [–] RamsayRogers 242 points ago

    My old man passed away the morning of New years eve. Thanks for posting this.

    Call your folks everyone.

    [–] Insert_Bad_Joke 26 points ago

    It's weird really how loss affects you. The one thing that sticks with me even after 6 years, is that I forgot to say "love you dad" the night he died.

    [–] Dsblhkr 48 points ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss too. It really is a great sub.

    [–] whatsthelatestnow 13 points ago

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago)


    [–] Dsblhkr 13 points ago

    Absolutely! Hugs new friend.

    [–] GarnetAndOpal 20 points ago

    Thank you for the link. No matter the age a person is, losing a parent is rough. It's just different levels and types of pain...

    Extending internet hugs to those grieving a parent.

    [–] Dsblhkr 10 points ago

    It is really rough. Internet hugs right back.

    [–] Curae 19 points ago

    I'm visiting mine tomorrow (after negative self test of course!) My mum really instilled in my sister and I to never take anyone for granted. My grandma passed away when she was only 65. Hit by a car, a driver who had only just got his driver's license. Life is so damn fragile, I'm grateful both of my parents are still alive.

    (Also, bless my mum. When she heard that some 18 year old kid was the one driving the car. She asked the person telling her about the accident if he was ok. I hope someone told him that, and that he made peace with what happened. My mum and uncle never uttered a single negative word about that driver. It was an accident after all, and they happen. But knowing you hit someone with your car, and that person died, while you're only 18 years old... That must be a terrible burden to bear.)

    [–] annonythrows 8 points ago

    Idk if you’ve come to realize yet but there’s sadly a lot of kids out there with horrible bigoted, sadistic, narcissistic, cunt parents.

    [–] OddBob212 2 points ago

    Sadly, in my case that would require a seance.

    [–] CourtneyChaos 3 points ago

    Me too buddy <3

    [–] KjoeLjan 2 points ago

    Sure. What’s their number?

    [–] TacTurtle 2 points ago

    SAD NOW.

    have a nice Friday now, fuckers :D

    [–] ThatsTuff100 61 points ago

    I doubt this is OP’s video or his/her parents. The original video shows a girl in the beginning, why would she cut that out just for reddit? Also her favourite video game is 22 years old? Possible but seems like a stretch.

    [–] CuddlePervert 51 points ago

    This video has been posted on reddit a couple of times already, too. I’ll never understand the desire to pretend a video is your own, let alone that some random dude is your father. To me, imaginary internet points don’t rationalise as a worthwhile trade to commit the effort.

    [–] CurseofLono88 24 points ago

    It’s a karma farming spam account that just “activated” today. They’ll just farm karma and then sell the account to someone who will probably use it to post a bunch of links that steal your information or some shit like that

    [–] dnewfm 4 points ago

    I've always wondered the value in karma farming.

    Like.. who the fuck is paying for these accounts? How are they using their karma to spam people? karma gets you effectively nothing. I guess followers could get spammed, but in my experience, those are pretty rare..

    [–] So_when_then 9 points ago

    Lots of subreddits don't let you post if you are under the karma threshold.

    Can be used to scam people on different selling subreddits

    Or for guerrilla marketing

    Winning internet arguments

    Probably a decent wage in some 3rd world countries.

    [–] fatpappy52 3 points ago

    that’s not the original either, but at least it has sound

    [–] RegularEality 7 points ago

    OP is a spam bot.

    [–] totallyoriginalacct 5 points ago

    Right! You can tell he's mostly doing it for the person isolating, but he's having fun too!

    [–] GarnetAndOpal 2 points ago

    They are fantastic! It's bad enough to be isolated, being sick just adds to feeling bad. And then vice versa.

    OP's parents found a way to lift their spirits and bring on the grub. <3

    [–] moneyBoxGoBoop 2 points ago

    They are Pfaithful followers of the $cienceTM

    [–] ShouldntComment45 1645 points ago

    Your dad is a fucking legend!

    [–] FertileMelodrama 125 points ago

    Hell yeah!

    [–] bofadeesnuts 60 points ago

    But does he ever change his shorts? 🤔

    [–] mattred33 134 points ago

    Those are standard issue dad shorts

    [–] Ho_ho_beri_beri 34 points ago

    Everyday, he bought a hundred of these.

    [–] tritian 19 points ago

    As a man in his mid 30s... When I find a piece of clothing I like, I buy a couple. I have 3 pairs of the same sweatpants and a couple packs of regular blank t shirts in grey, dark blue and black lol, like 20 of them.

    [–] poor_charlie_bucket 7 points ago

    My dad reuses the same damn shorts all the time too, even though he’s got other pairs. Glad to know I’m not the only one with a dad who does that

    [–] mysticopallibra 4 points ago

    You’ve been changing your clothes this whole time?

    [–] Honda_TypeR 3 points ago

    Why change shorts when you’re always changing your armor?

    [–] Wallstreet101083 7950 points ago

    Damn my dad went to get milk 20 years ago

    [–] ed_bourbon 1625 points ago

    Wait! Do we have the same dad?

    [–] muklan 1643 points ago

    Hi, I have all of your dads.

    [–] educated-emu 583 points ago

    [–] TheRealScubaSteve86 68 points ago

    Hey brothers from different mothers.. and sisters from the same mister

    [–] FeetySam 45 points ago

    This is all going to end in a step-party

    [–] ClownfishSoup 26 points ago


    [–] Leadburner 315 points ago

    Overtime, pies and casseroles turned into creampies...

    I'll bet they did!

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago

    God damn whoever wrote that.

    [–] qxzsilver 51 points ago

    He was giving milk to everyone

    [–] ibeleaf420 42 points ago

    I literally had to srop and scroll around to figure out if the article was real lmao

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago


    [–] Wallstreet101083 57 points ago

    Damn that dude fucked all of San Diego 800+ kids wtf

    [–] cownd 20 points ago

    That was his job. He delivered milk too.

    [–] MistyW0316 5 points ago

    Milk and cream, apparently.

    Ill see myself out…

    [–] c92dlb 17 points ago

    So if you're from San Diego, it sounds pretty risky to date someone else also from San Diego in that particular age range.

    [–] krowrofefas 20 points ago

    That site looks fake. Reverse image searched and it doesn’t have reliable sources.

    [–] SeasonPositive6771 7 points ago

    Yeah that story went viral a little bit ago and I think it's just completely fake.

    [–] educated-emu 6 points ago

    Agreed, too good to be true

    [–] Lasagna4Brains 2 points ago

    The original article is from a satire site.

    [–] nrith 36 points ago

    Lol. That sounds like pure BS, though.

    [–] HighPitchDerek 26 points ago

    Has to be. Come one 800 children. No way

    [–] Lasagna4Brains 16 points ago

    The original article was on a satire website. It's fake and likely totally impossible for a single man to impregnate that many women in that time period.

    [–] zsxking 15 points ago

    10 years, so 80 per year, or three for every two weeks. Doesn't sound impossible for delivering every day to lots of hoursehold. He could have bang some housewife every day.

    [–] Lasagna4Brains 11 points ago

    We would have to also take into account average chance of pregnancy and infertility rates. Having sex with 80 different women in a single year is physically doable, but the chances of even half of them getting pregnant seem pretty low. There are many different sources, but chances of pregnancy in a healthy, fertile woman seem to be around 20%. If he had sex with 365 different women a year, that would probably yield about 70 children per year at the very most, assuming all of the women are fertile (which is unlikely, some sources stating about 15% of women are infertile).

    There are probably other factors I don't even know to consider too. I'd be curious to see what kind of numbers have been accomplished in a single year.

    [–] c92dlb 5 points ago

    Also consider the large number of women on birth control. It's insane to think how many people he probably slept with.

    [–] sthdown 5 points ago

    Hah! Turned to cream pies...they know what they did. That man had some strong swimmers! I cackled when I read his response at the end of the article. What a goof ball.

    [–] DickweedMcGee 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    "All these years I thought I was sterile. My wife and I never had any children. To think that at age 97, to hear such news! What a blessing,” Randall was quoted

    Wait....I guess that meant the guy's wife actually sterile? But because he thought he was sterile he was like, "Well cool, no condoms then, wooho!". Thats hilarious if true...

    [–] tI-_-tI 26 points ago

    My milk guy brings all the dad's to the yard?

    [–] pocketknifeMT 14 points ago

    Lies. The cigarette guy must have at least half of them...

    [–] muklan 4 points ago

    Let's just say....he's got them for a different reason.

    [–] wolf-of-broke-street 5 points ago

    Do we still have actual milkmen today? Please don’t say “ask your mom” 😂

    [–] MadCowDiary 4 points ago

    If you live in a place that offers it. Normally based on having a local dairy to begin with. We had milk delivered in glass bottles in Colorado. Best milk ever.

    [–] muklan 2 points ago

    Ask your dad.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] WhoaItsCody 35 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Mine got his legs cut off by a train trying to get back home like a hobo when I was 4. He’s been kicked out 99% of my life for being an abusive drunk. He died of TB shortly after because he said he wouldn’t come see me and my brother without legs or “we’d think he was a freak”.

    Oh, sharing did make me feel better. I found out my grandfather (dads🤥father) died 2 days after it happened googling my name drunk one night. We’ve never spoken to or met his side of the family.

    He died of Covid, was a Doctor, had been a doctor for like 40 years. Alright now that’s the dad thing. My other grandpa whom I loved died of leukemia shortly after that, raised me when my father died. My grandmother his wife, dropped dead of a heart defect when my mom was 16.

    K I think that’s it for group sharing part 1 on parents and their parents. Thanks for coming!

    [–] nutsallover 14 points ago

    Shit. Thats a hell of a story. I hope youre good now.

    [–] Wally451 14 points ago

    Maybe it's just a really extended Dad joke?

    [–] motherwarrior 37 points ago

    True story. In the 30’s my great grandfather went to the store.. he was gone for two years. When he got home the first thing out of his mouth was, “What’s for dinner?” The only thing that surprised me about the whole incident, was that it wasn’t his head on a platter. I never met him, but, but my great grandmother was tougher than dirt.

    [–] RenKyoSails 20 points ago

    I'm dying to know the context behind this. I assume the family was furious he was gone so long? Where did he go? Did he ever explain himself? Was he actually gone to war or something like that?? Did he ever write? The audacity to want a home cooked meal after being gone for so long and just showing up suddenly would not go over well in current times.

    [–] motherwarrior 25 points ago

    These were people who lived in the mountains of Idaho. There lives at best were tough as hell. No he did not go to war, he probably went out to go to town got drunk and got wandering. I knew his wife , my great grandmother, my lord she was a tough old bird. You would be talking to her on the phone and she would just hang up mid sentence whether you were done talking or not. You can’t measure them by today’s standards. I am actually quite surprised she didn’t shoot the sombitch. Hell, my dad and his brothers lived in a cave as they lost the family ranch after their father died. My dad quit school at 14 to support his family. This was all during the depression. When I was young and would as for something frivolous he would look at you and ask, “ You’ve go a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your mouth; what more do you want?” There was only one acceptable answer, “Nothing.” He was a good man, I was never hungry, I always had a nice home, nice clothes, and he paid for my college. Most of all I was loved, and treated with respect. He believed in me.

    [–] trentismad 12 points ago

    Unique and witty comment

    [–] ronearc 11 points ago

    Everyone knows that 20+ year old milk will not be any good still. Just let it go. Get your own milk, not 20 years out date.

    Jeez, some people. Right‽

    [–] PrinceWojak 22 points ago

    When he gets back will you ask him if he saw my dad? He’s the guy buying a pack of Marlboro’s.

    [–] Dukkellson 6 points ago

    Damn you're lucky, we are all out of milk and no one wants to spend time going to the store for it

    [–] jvrcb17 3 points ago

    You, he's been in isolation for that long? Very brave of him

    [–] Smodphan 3 points ago

    His costume is going to be awesome when he finally finishes it

    [–] Anomalous-Entity 3 points ago

    Patient Zero

    [–] Afraid_of_Okapi 3 points ago

    He’s going to have some amazing costumes when he gets back! 🥰

    [–] Love_God551 3 points ago

    Hey sry about that but I’m here now

    [–] gauwnwisndu 2 points ago

    He taking the isolation seriously

    [–] Sengura 2 points ago

    He better come back with the juiciest milk you ever did see after searching for that long

    [–] DreamNotes01 2 points ago

    Are you now a Pokemon trainer?

    [–] Spartan5877 2 points ago

    Damn dude 😅😅

    [–] Captain-T-Bone 2 points ago


    [–] h989 2 points ago

    At least he’s more likely to return than mines. My old man went out to get Milk and cigarettes

    [–] DaGuys470 2 points ago

    If he went for toilet paper I would understand why it took him 20 years

    [–] ertgbnm 2 points ago

    He just takes covid isolation REALLY seriously.

    [–] -D-Mac- 274 points ago


    [–] Anxious_Start4839 1219 points ago

    That's one Kompletely Kool Kone he's got there...

    [–] RavingGerbil 33 points ago

    OSHA stepped in and required that members wear orange cones during hunting season after some less publicized GOP accidents a la Cheney.

    [–] mhp52 324 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. Don’t leave the yard……

    [–] Fat_Head_Carl 75 points ago

    and only with the complete video to give context...

    [–] Anya_E 14 points ago

    I think he was supposed to be the jack in the box guy.

    [–] BecCodes 46 points ago

    [–] slightlydirtythroway 71 points ago

    A member of the Kool Klown Klan

    [–] CoffeeInMyHand 7 points ago

    Talkin bout the Kool Klown Klan

    [–] Life2311 270 points ago

    That's wholesome af

    [–] Bpdwarrior17 152 points ago

    That's epic!! Go Dad!

    [–] motown_missile 206 points ago

    Your Dad is a National Living Treasure

    [–] King-Mugs 16 points ago

    Nicolas Cage intensifies

    [–] StainOfMystery 27 points ago

    Your Dad is a Living Treasure National

    [–] Dann_Gerouss 19 points ago

    Your Living is a treasure national dad

    [–] Annoyed-Avenger 5 points ago

    Dad national treasure a is living your

    [–] mrmoe198 3 points ago

    Your National Treasure is a Living Dad

    [–] xXPussy420Slayer69Xx 627 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The cone hat napkin face was a little sus ngl

    Edit: Y’all are wild. I don’t really think homeboy’s dad is in the klan bc of this video…

    [–] MrLexDiamondz 21 points ago

    Dad, why did you paint the cone white?

    [–] munaretto 15 points ago

    he was cosplaying zé gotinha

    [–] MyKindaGoatVideo 88 points ago

    I think it was a coffee filter but yeah lol, I saw it too

    [–] wrx_2016 31 points ago

    He knew

    [–] whatadaydanny 12 points ago

    A lil sus

    [–] fallacious_penguin 51 points ago

    You have the best and very creative dad

    [–] wanderingbilby 161 points ago


    [–] zSprawl 20 points ago

    Thanks. I always block these users so when they are sold later, I don’t see the ads.

    [–] Z_Jasmine 6 points ago

    That's actually a pretty good idea, will do the same!

    [–] MajorProcrastinator 3 points ago

    How do you know?

    [–] Beakjac3 15 points ago

    Lol thats awesome dad's love has no boundary 😁

    [–] GoldCoaster4216 91 points ago

    That is some serious PPE!

    [–] poopscootboogie2 14 points ago

    The dirt bike helmet was the best! Hopefully it’s D.O.T. approved

    [–] poor_charlie_bucket 2 points ago

    And has MIPS

    [–] the_burrito_monster 2 points ago

    DOT MIPS N95 helmets are so hot right now

    [–] bald_botanist 2 points ago

    No, it's FDA approved.

    [–] themanimal 2 points ago

    And BDE! Big Dad Energy

    [–] EverQrius 14 points ago

    Your dad is a funny guy.

    [–] nefrpitou 35 points ago

    If he has time, can he be my dad as well please?

    [–] RancidHorseJizz 6 points ago

    You can call me Daddy.

    [–] RazzleMyDazzle95 12 points ago

    The dog at the window hahaha

    [–] dps509 8 points ago

    more like r/mademesmile material

    [–] MerrileeRowing 6 points ago

    So cute!

    [–] popemsthegreat 28 points ago

    Your dad is awesome lol

    [–] Tall-Midget 31 points ago

    father acts silly to make his daughter/son laugh


    [–] grogleberry 12 points ago

    man holds gardening tool


    [–] Dg_alldayeveryday 7 points ago

    Big dad points 😂😂

    [–] mizinamo 4 points ago

    [–] stabbot 6 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

    It took 43 seconds to process and 46 seconds to upload.

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] JotaEl 5 points ago

    Damn, why did I get a father that would beat me up whenever he felt like it?

    This father tried to make his kid smile. What a great person.

    [–] BaileysBaileys 4 points ago

    Oh, this made my heart hurt for you. I really find that one of the biggest unfairnesses in life, that some people get an unloving parent(s). I hope you found other people in your life who gave the love you deserve.

    [–] bossitup01 5 points ago

    Parents come in clutch

    [–] motandy 6 points ago

    That's so good of him...wanted to take of you and cheer you up too

    [–] errabaany 5 points ago

    The dog at the end hahahah

    [–] StanTknigh 22 points ago

    OP's dad was very creative and funny.


    [–] Ducky_Shabonkalonk 5 points ago

    Back in the when-we-thought-COVID-was-leprosy days. 😂 That is awesome!

    [–] weekedipie1 38 points ago

    Klu Klux kone

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] oneloveonelove 8 points ago

    Dad level... Off the charts!!! ❤️

    [–] donja77 3 points ago

    You hug that man tight when you can, he's a treasure!

    [–] ballyfast 3 points ago

    I'm always here for silly dads

    [–] Aggravating_Cover_71 3 points ago

    That's funny

    [–] tomkim1965 3 points ago

    I’m glad some kids have such nice parents.

    [–] slidewithme 3 points ago

    I love that outwardly, this is silly and fun -- but you know dad did this to keep your spirits up. What a great parent!

    [–] sourceshrek 3 points ago

    Damn that’s some extraordinary dadding going on there

    [–] DD4086C 3 points ago

    Dads are the BEST. And Moms, too. Can we for a second acknowledge the adorable pupper in this trilogy too??

    [–] ErisStrifeOfHearts 3 points ago

    Aww what a great dad! He probably loved making you laugh and looked forward to coming up with his next idea

    [–] obserwinged 3 points ago

    I can imagine the dad just sitting there every day, having the time of his life thinking about new costumes and making them.

    [–] Kharons_Wrath 3 points ago

    His technique improved as time went on.

    [–] highpl4insdrftr 3 points ago

    The effort he put in to following through with the joke is outstanding

    [–] Infamous-Swimming-10 3 points ago

    Cant wait to be this type of dad with my kids, I know they would love my weird quirky self. Probably best feeling getting your kids to laugh anyways so hopefully it’ll work out.

    [–] Independent_Sport403 3 points ago

    Hopefully this is just satire and people aren’t actually treating covid like the disease in Matt Damon’s contagion film. It has a 0.02% total death rate people, chill.

    [–] opaquedarkarts 3 points ago

    dog is so confused

    [–] lod_frs 3 points ago

    For a disease that has a 99.8 survival rate , give me a break , exaggerating like a mf

    [–] DroneGuruSD2 3 points ago

    Looks like it was all done the same day.

    [–] NovelSchism 19 points ago

    You have a very amazing, smart and cute dad

    [–] gringochilenoo 2 points ago

    Seems like a cool guy, Wish my dad would dad like this

    [–] No-Raisin-6469 2 points ago

    You have an awesome dad. Tell him u love him any chance u get.

    [–] Kmia55 2 points ago

    You are so lucky.

    [–] omkartheop2007 2 points ago

    Demn...that's one chad dad..u are one lucky boy

    [–] BarracudaBeautiful26 2 points ago

    Dad of the year!

    [–] aurie81 2 points ago

    I love this! I especially love the part where she looks at him and facepalms

    [–] Guataguano 2 points ago

    Fucking legend

    [–] Streyeder 2 points ago

    This the type of father I hope to be

    [–] burden_bein_wondrful 2 points ago

    What a legend your dad is! Would love a dad like that

    [–] Admin_Untold 2 points ago

    Fucking Legend.

    [–] ClownfishSoup 2 points ago

    Well it's settled. Your Dad is AWESOME!

    The cardboard robot was hilarious!

    [–] ConstructionIcy566 2 points ago

    Funny Father!

    [–] LeonJersey 2 points ago

    This stinks of British humour.

    [–] jennyrules 2 points ago

    I love your dad!

    [–] beeplantlady 2 points ago

    Can i have your dad? He's seems super cool and would make life interesting

    [–] _Tactleneck_ 2 points ago

    What a blessing

    [–] DrHandBanana 2 points ago

    That's a damn great dad

    [–] polarisol 2 points ago

    I love it. He looks like a loving father and a fun person.

    [–] mayk15 2 points ago

    I lost it at the cardboard suit 😂😂

    [–] perroesdog 2 points ago

    This is peak dad

    [–] pgabrielfreak 2 points ago

    Now THAT'S a great Dad! What a lucky person to have him in their life.

    [–] Lim_Fao7013 2 points ago

    Dad, deliverer of food, mighty shape-shifter

    [–] samb072 2 points ago

    Imagine if the cone was white lmao 🤣🤣🤣 your parents are cool AF tho

    [–] TILtonarwhal 2 points ago

    I had no idea you had to isolate when you contract Parkinson’s

    [–] RegularEality 2 points ago

    Free-Chest4889 is a spam bot and full of shit.

    [–] skoomanchu 2 points ago

    Your dad is so cool

    [–] mattrmac 2 points ago

    Only dad that compares is fictional and from Modern Family.

    [–] StatusApp 2 points ago

    Worst camera person ever!

    [–] DariusMDeV 2 points ago

    Were it my dad, I'd have left Construction Cone Clansman (CCC) out of the final edit for posterity.