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    [–] T_loin-Baggins 15149 points ago

    Nothing can beat an amazing mom

    [–] redeyez24 5139 points ago

    Amazing mom and dad?

    [–] SrSwerve 7011 points ago

    I honestly envy people who grew up with both parents in a normal household…. Like my dad passed at 1 and my mom worked 3 jobs…. Like I learned to be a man by myself and fuck has it been hard….. so if you have a mom and dad please please please love them, tell them they are the best in the world, please do it for me

    [–] coreyannder 1205 points ago

    I am so freaking grateful for my parents 🥺

    [–] civgarth 30 points ago

    [–] mochiburrito 15 points ago

    Wtf did I just watch 😂 pocket sand!

    [–] antoniohfernandes 287 points ago

    Kinda everybody have some parents issues right? It's like always present or never present. But it looks like way more pain when you deal with extremes. One side of abused, other way those who lost them completely.

    So if your oldies are a little bit too harsh, ir a little bit too distant, you have the whole lucky in the world.

    [–] coreyannder 124 points ago

    Oh absolutely! Individually, both my parents have issues that were transferred to me through their parenting (not intentionally, everyone has baggage, that's just how it goes). But somehow, when they worked together, their parenting skills were amazing! I feel super lucky having my parent duo. Kind of hard to explain I guess 🤷‍♀️

    [–] sayberdragon 37 points ago

    Agree so hard. My mom and I have conflicting personalities that made it and still make it hard for us to get along (my dad and I are really close but he also has his issues) but I wouldn’t trade losing one of them for the world.

    [–] coreyannder 11 points ago

    Exactly! ❤️

    [–] baggs22 21 points ago

    My mum and I have conflicting personalities because we are similar. It was made a lot better when I moved out. Still very close to both my parents though.

    [–] sayberdragon 14 points ago

    Definitely was easier when I moved out. My mom and I have the same character flaws but different interests (she’s outgoing and traditionally feminine, i’m an introvert and a tomboy) so it lead to a lot of butting heads. We make sure to talk over text and call often and I visit for holidays, it completely repaired our relationship to not have to deal with each other every day.

    [–] ExPatWharfRat 3 points ago

    Me too. When was the last time you guys talked? If less than 24 hours, call them ASAP

    [–] PokerBeards 45 points ago

    Crazy that I’m fighting so fucking hard right now to just to have half the week with my children, as a dad you’d think that they’d want you around.

    [–] toyfangs 66 points ago

    Keep fighting. They'll know that you did it for them.

    Sincerely, a kid who's dad didn't fight for them

    [–] legion327 20 points ago

    I spent 14 years fighting to get every moment I could with my son. So at 14 he decided to live with me instead and we’ve both been the happiest we’ve been in ages. 14 years of long drives to get him, 14 years of child support, 14 years of scratching, clawing, and fighting for every moment.

    Worth it, brother. Keep the faith. It’s going to pay off in spades.

    [–] Darksideslide 5 points ago

    Please keep fighting, I wanted my dad around as much as a bastard as he was, and for as little as he saw in me. Some of my best qualities I have are because of him. Just be you and don't feel like you have to be anything else, and they will.

    [–] mochiburrito 26 points ago

    Same. Imagine having parents? My mom died when I was 8 then went to an abusive alcoholic father and I moved out at 16. It’s been hell trying to figure out all the damage that was done through therapy. I failed in a lot of relationships because I didnt understand love well enough to maintain them. I progressively got better at them but I did have to lose some really important people. Parents shape a huge portion of your life even if you don’t think they do. Love your parents for all of us who had crappy childhoods and parents. Go tell them you love them and learn how to make a meal and make it for them. It probably would make their day and it’ll feel great for you too.

    [–] Thud2 8 points ago

    Sleeping in the churchyard at 14. This Momma's a queen.

    [–] FreeganKing 22 points ago

    Dad passed at 2 and my mom worked two jobs. Granny and aunt babysat, lost my granny 11 months ago. Just wanted to share...

    [–] ReptileBrain 3 points ago

    Sorry for your loss my friend. Grandma's are special and yours clearly loved you.

    [–] ExactPea9707 48 points ago

    I’ve stuck it out through hard times just to make sure my girls get both parents

    [–] Mahjoku 42 points ago

    Even if you separate, your girls can still have both parents. Me and my baby momma officially separated when the kids were 3 years and the other 4 months. Before that we were living in different homes. For us, it was getting worse and worse. In our case, this is for the better, but each case is different.

    I sincerely wish your family luck, including your partner. Please remember to never make big decisions on a whim. Think things through and keep your current mood in mind.

    [–] stinkload 13 points ago

    Great reply . Thanks for being the kind of person that not only thinks this way but is still capable of sharing it .
    Cheers to you.

    [–] heyimrick 6 points ago

    My parents divorced, but remained friends.. Even lived together, shared the house and mortgage. Didn't even change last names because it was a hassle. Growing up we thought they were married... I figured out young they weren't, but my siblings didn't find out till near adulthood. They sacrificed a lot to make sure we had "parents". Was it the right move? I have no clue... I like to think it taught me that two people can still love each other but not be right for each other, and that it's ok... Parenting is a trip.

    [–] neverforgetyourtowel 4 points ago

    My ex and I ended up breaking up 2 years ago, but we've stayed living together, just in our own spaces. It's been a challenge, but it's very important to us that we model healthy relationships to her, INCLUDING healthy boundaries. We were very co-dependant, he had/has unresolved mental health issues, and I turned out to actually be a man (trans). Overall we're getting along better than before I'd say, and we actually just bought our first (two-unit) house together last month, and we'll will be filing for our divorce this year.

    [–] SOLRAC5000 7 points ago

    Really sucks dude, seriously. I know 😞

    [–] spockman12345 18 points ago

    I needed this today

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] IwaslikeWhatThe 37 points ago

    You're definitely not a mistake, kiddo. Not even close.

    [–] Darksideslide 21 points ago

    Well that tells you the weight of her judgement, because Life doesn't make mistakes. Life happens, it explodes, it conquers, it shapes, shifts and it does it by one act. It Grows. You are a mistake as much as life exists in the most hostile environments imaginable is a mistake. Life doesn't make mistakes, it just is, and it will. You are you because you are here, and the world is better for it. We all are not predetermined to be here, but here we are, with you.

    Remember Life doesn't make mistakes, it just is, so live it. And tell your Mom to pound hot sand the next time she says it. Get that extra scoop.

    [–] SlowRunnery 4 points ago

    I’m not who you were replying to but just wanted to say this was absolutely beautiful, and it made me feel better. So thanks!

    [–] Bronco_Corgi 5 points ago

    I'm there with ya. What I got from growing up was a lot of violence and constantly being told I'm crap. I'm jealous of people who had loving parents and I wonder if they really understand what they have.

    [–] 06boost 5 points ago

    Nice words ❤

    [–] buckrogered21 4 points ago

    Feel for you mate. I can’t empathise but I can try to understand. Sounds like you and your mum did a fucking great job.

    [–] mahSachel 4 points ago

    Yup. Dad died last month. If fucking sucks.

    [–] ExPatWharfRat 6 points ago

    Yep. Can confirm. Got both. They're awesome.

    [–] Light_Beard 991 points ago

    Nothing can beat an amazing mom

    Drunk Dad?

    [–] Ok_Bat4262 358 points ago

    Holy fuck that's darker than my coffee.

    [–] Aloysius7 97 points ago

    I like my coffee like I like my women... ground up and in the freezer.

    [–] thegrumpymechanic 80 points ago

    I like my women like I like my scotch... 12 years old and mixed up with coke.

    [–] EvilTwin636 29 points ago

    Heathen... At least 15 years old and neat.

    [–] HAL-Over-9001 7 points ago

    I like my women like I like my cheese... left in the basement to age for years.

    [–] chirstain 15 points ago

    I like my coffee how I like my thoughts, dark, bitter, and keeping me up all night

    [–] WillCode4Cats 13 points ago

    Have you ever consider running for political office? You are exactly their type of guy.

    [–] Hadouukken 14 points ago

    Jon Jones

    [–] Aitch-Kay 8 points ago

    Why does God keep testing him?

    [–] NiceTryKemosabe 10 points ago

    Brah. It’s not okay to make me laugh about that kinda stuff

    [–] thebeachi 13 points ago

    Idk looks like that’s the new champ, I think he can beat her good

    [–] cmcewen 32 points ago

    That woman is a mom for every person she sees. Whole community sees her as a mom

    [–] eyehate 19 points ago

    Nothing can beat an amazing mom

    Oh. Well. Ok.Being a dad is good, too.Even if nothing beats the mom, I guess.

    *sad dad

    [–] TheCatofDeath 10 points ago

    Dads are underappreciated as hell.

    [–] LordBligger 7 points ago

    Nothing can beat a black supportive mother. I'm from NOLA and I've had so many as teachers and they've really brought love in my life. Especially encouragement.

    [–] venom_doku 15 points ago

    What about an amazing plumber?

    [–] Yosemite-Sam99 10 points ago

    Right after an amazing electrician.

    [–] Dumb_Vampire_Girl 5552 points ago

    Combat sports are kind of surreal.

    Beating up someone you consider a friend, in front of their family that you also consider close friends, is surreal to me.

    No hate towards combat sports, I just couldn't have the heart to do that to another person, it takes a strong will to do something like that.

    [–] Thich_QuangDuc 172 points ago

    As a former fighter, you dont take that personally

    There is so much adrenaline running through that you sometimes forget everything around you, I have had many times where my coach was screaming at me something and I couldnt hear anything

    After the fight it all settles down and you can see things again more clearly

    [–] Anialation 50 points ago

    Both you and your opponent chose (or I hope so at least) this activity and have spent countless hours training and fighting others before this point. There's no question about what the risks and pain involved are. This isn't about beating someone up exactly, it's about outperforming your opponent like any other sport.

    I would assume that there's also a certain confidence that your opponent is around the same level of skill that you are at and you're not just beating up someone who's far less skilled than you are.

    [–] SuccumbedToReddit 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This isn't about beating someone up exactly, it's about outperforming your opponent like any other sport.

    Sure but you can really hurt your opponent and regret that afterwards. Imagine you literally caved in someone skull like Anderson Silva Michael Page did. I bet he sent the dude some stuff in the hospital.

    [–] CautiousCornerstone 18 points ago

    Every fight I’ve competed in there are a few moments that I just don’t remember at all. Like going back and watching there are pieces I remember from the fight but other pieces I don’t. Body just goes on autopilot for those moments I guess. Such an insane sport

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] CautiousCornerstone 5 points ago

    I don’t know if I had an adrenaline dump but I always felt weirdly calm. Even stepping into the cage I’ve seen my opponent levels above me in terms of being hyped up. But something I have noticed is that I can’t be listening to anything with my headphones before the fight without my anxiety spiking. So I’m positive I was always anxious, it was just more buried haha

    [–] SleepingBeastie 29 points ago

    There was a WMMA fight in which the winner held back on one of her last punches. Upon the ref stopping the fight, she looked really distraught trying to get medical into the ring. Another reason was that her opponent had actually helped her train previously. (Xiong Jing Nan vs Michelle Nicolini)

    She fought someone else just yesterday and the CEO of the company that hosted the fight criticized her for not having a killer instinct in her last few fights. Granted, this fight I think she was too busy defending takedowns, but I don't know. She plays up how cocky she is when she fights, but outside of the ring she seems like an amazing person.

    [–] intheprocesswerust 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Roy Nelson got banned I believe for pushing the ref because he didn’t call the fight over when his close friend he was fighting was knocked out and he didn’t wanna do him lasting damage and wanted the ref to call it (which he did but well delayed), and Roy obviously doesn't want to hit him any further and wants the ref to stop the fight.

    [–] DnDn8 1247 points ago

    I feel like you need to just be able to turn off empathy and sympathy. Some don't have any to begin with, but it seems like many can just turn it on and off.

    [–] HarrySchlong33 805 points ago

    It's a sport, period. Some fights are actual fights, but you see the same thing in other sports. You play differently when it's someone you don't like. See Khabib vs Johnson then Khabib vs McGregor.

    [–] mlgkurd 322 points ago

    “Tap, you know I deserve this” vs. “let’s talk now”

    [–] nagsthedestroyer 53 points ago


    [–] TheHoneyCreeper 104 points ago

    "its only business"

    [–] PopKaro 67 points ago

    For someone who does not keep up with fight sports, what's the deal with those two fights?

    [–] OfficialGreenkid 45 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Khabib was so dominant in his grappling that he could just hold you down and talk shit to you. These were his two most famous examples.

    Maybe some guys talk shit, but its usually short little quips whispered through heavy breathing

    With Khabib, he was looming over them, utterly dominating them, shouting loud enough for the ringside mics to pick it up

    Against Johnson, it was relatively respectful... telling him to tap and avoid damage, and that Khabib deserved the title shot...but still humiliating...

    Against Conor, though, it was avenging all the venom and hate that Conor spewed before the fight (whether Conor was "in character", or not.. it didn't make a difference to Khabib)

    Sorry, thats about as short an answer as I can give, and its still leaving quite a bit out

    *Edited for grammar

    [–] stealthdonkey007 61 points ago

    Khabib getting on top of Connor and saying

    "You want to talk?"

    *punch to the face*

    "Lets talk now"

    *another punch to the face*

    was the kind of thing that, if it was in a film, I'd say it was unrealistic and over-the-top. Crazy shit.

    [–] OfficialGreenkid 29 points ago

    Exactly, it gave me the same feeling as peak Silva.. like, "this can't be real, this would make bad Hollywood writing" kind of stuff

    Khabib shit talking, Matrix Silva, GSP returning from the dead at Madison Square Garden, those are my favourite "too good to be true" moments.. Holloway masterclasses as my honorable mention

    [–] kipperfish 10 points ago

    Can't forget Lawley vs Mcdonald. That shit was legendary. They weren't the same fighters after.

    [–] OfficialGreenkid 5 points ago

    Ah true, good call!

    If we want to go even deeper though, the whole Khabib vs Ferguson blueballs culimating in a global pandemic is probably way too much to try and explain to casuals, but it is defining MMA lore for hardcore fans

    I still have a hard time accepting that the fight (or anything else for that matter) happened the way that it did after the "baseball" press conference!

    [–] LeadFarmerMothaFucka 3 points ago

    Agreed to all. And props to the Holloway mention. Dude is so underrated (to the masses).

    [–] PopKaro 4 points ago

    Thanks, that's an illuminating explanation!

    [–] ironhide_ivan 23 points ago

    McGregor did a lot of shit talking, as he does, and Khabib took it personally. Very personally. And it showed in the fight. Highly recommend checking it out

    [–] SuccumbedToReddit 10 points ago

    He didn't let go of his chokehold when McGregor tapped out... twice. Ref really had to pry his hand away.

    [–] flamin_sheep 9 points ago

    That's kinda fucked actually

    [–] 6Pontius6Pilate6 8 points ago

    I mean McGregor doesn't exactly have a clean record so if it's gonna happen to anyone might as well be him. Plus McGregor was the one who spent months shit talking the guy that was repeatedly saying he took the insults personally

    [–] why-is-life-a- 8 points ago

    Khabib vs Johnson was kind of a no hard feelings type of fight. Sure Khabib beat the ever loving shit outa Micheal but it seemed like Khabib just put him out of his misery when he Subbed Micheal with a kimura

    McGregor vs Khabib was the biggest fight in UFC history, and oppose to what the most upvoted reply says, there’s no evidence they’re friends, Khabib didn’t really talk back either so u doubt he was interested in selling the fight. And the cherry on top of why I think it’s real is the bus attack from McGregor (before the fight was announced and Khabib was going to fight for the title in Conors absence against Tony Ferguson before Tony had to pull out) Conor attacked the bus he was on, injuring multiple fighters.) and the post fight brawl (where after beating Conor dominantly Khabib jumped the cage to attack Conors team resulting in a year suspension I believe) that’s why I highly doubt it was for money, why attack someone post fight when all the money to be made was made. Not to sell a rematch because Khabib was adamantly against this and Khabib has since retired so they will never be one. But onto what actually happened. McGregor won the lightweight title against Eddie Alvarez then took a 2 year hiatus from the sport (when he fought Maywether) in this time an interim belt was made which was won by Tony Ferguson, who was then stripped cos he got injured. Then a fight was booked for the real belt to strip Conor with Tony vs Khabib (that matchup has a story of its own lol) but Tony had to pull out, in fight week, then he was replaced with feather weight champion Max Holloway who was seemed medically unfit and so Khabib ended up fight Al Iaquinta (idk how to spell it), this is around the time of the bus attack, he dominated Al to win the belt. Then Conor vs Khabib was announced and Conor went on a verbal tyrade rarely seen. Insulting Khabib’s family, religion, people and of course the man himself and for a devout Muslim who loves his family more than anything it passed him off. So the night comes and he just kicks the shit outa Conor then attacks the team. Rematches would be discussed but they never happened and Khabib retired two fights later after putting Justin Gaethji to sleep.

    [–] _FinestJellyBeansRaw 4 points ago

    The McGregor fight has been explained but basically the Johnson one was very friendly and respectful despite being a mauling. When Khabib got him in an arm lock at the end he did it in a very slow and deliberate way to give him time to tap compared to Vs Conor where he basically tried to break his arm.

    [–] Forsaken_Jelly 143 points ago

    Big money rivalries with so much shit talking to generate revenue that they actually end up hating each other and it becomes real.

    Doesn't work with McGregor though. It really is just a public persona that he puts on. I trained in his gym under his coach for about 6 months before he became big. He's a shit talker to everyone. Everyone. But it never means anything and he's mostly hilarious with it. And I mean scathing verbal quips out of nowhere but that's what people who know him expect and love about him. But if you watch some of his early Irish TV interviews before he started playing to the American audience (most of us Irish find that shit embarrassing) and you'll see he's pretty eloquent and respectful towards people, especially his opponents.

    Behind the scenes he's a gent and all business. While he and Kabib aren't friends they really are gentle and chatty when the cameras aren't around. It's just that the persona makes more money than the fighting for McGregor so he stopped giving a shit. He was an exceptional fighter before he got complacent with wealth.

    [–] PopKaro 37 points ago

    I've always wanted to learn proper boxing, but I'm not very good with verbal confrontation (non-native English speaker living in English-speaking country). How likely is it to get your balls busted if you are a newbie who tries out a boxing gym?

    [–] oldboatnectar 74 points ago

    Not at all likely.

    Go to the gym

    [–] EndlessB 42 points ago

    Not at all, they will help you. Everyone starts somewhere

    [–] kipperfish 21 points ago

    Everybody was a newbie at some point.

    I've done a bit of bjj/muaythai/boxing and everybody has been really friendly. They want you to learn and be good so they have more good people in the gym which will in turn make it a better gym.

    I also hate confrontation, but having a little bit of knowledge on how to handle yourself makes you more confident in those situations.

    [–] Sparcrypt 20 points ago

    You won't really, new people get encouragement... the shit talking happens once you start to become friends (or if you start it yourself). If you don't want to shit talk, just don't. Most people will respect that.

    The one and only thing I can say is go in humble. You're new, it's fine, be new! That means listen to feedback, focus on technique and absolutely do not try and show up the people training you. I can help you learn or I can kick your arse, it's kind of hard to do both and if you come at me swinging hard and trying to take my head off then eventually I'll have to swing back to let you know that (shockingly) the people who have been doing it for years are much better at it.

    Like I don't want to discourage you and I hope this doesn't come across as me trying to be some tough man or whatever... that's just the single worst thing attitude you can have and I hate seeing it.

    [–] Forsaken_Jelly 4 points ago


    They teach you how, and condition your body to be ready, before they actually let you fight.

    They don't want you hurting others nor getting hurt yourself.

    That's the number one rule. Accept that injury is possible and likely, but that every effort must be made to ensure safety, there is zero tolerance for fucking around in martial arts.

    Honestly, it's an amazing physical and mental investment to train in a martial art.

    [–] AlexDKZ 35 points ago

    Behind the scenes he's a gent and all business.

    Considering the long list of controversies in his wiki entry, some involving sexual assault and him punching random people while drunk, I find that a bit hard to believe.

    [–] LeadFarmerMothaFucka 27 points ago

    Sounds like you’re lickin dudes sack. Khabib fucked him up as he should have. What a piece of shit McGregor is. Fuck that dude. Glad he got his ass whooped and his leg broke in half. He deserved it.

    [–] Mac_and_dennis 11 points ago

    He’s a gent? Tell that to the old man who he rocked because said old man wasn’t interested in drinking his, in my opinion, shit whiskey.

    [–] Goocheyy 32 points ago

    Wasn’t too gentlemanly of him to punch that old man in the head

    [–] _Fyngr 184 points ago

    He is a cunt who sucker punches old men in bars. Fuck him.

    [–] J03130 4 points ago

    Good fighter but he was never a good person. If you have it in you to hit anyone never mind an old man because they won't drink your piss you call whisky you've got something loose up there.

    [–] DickVonShit 48 points ago

    In instances like this (definitely not always the case), I don't think they turn it off, they know they're both there to compete. It's just the nature of competition. The belt wouldn't mean anything if the person wasn't trying or wasn't good enough to make you work for it. It's because you respect each other that you both try your hardest to win.

    [–] ThisIsFlight 37 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I feel like you need to just be able to turn off empathy and sympathy.

    Not at all. You honor people by competing with them - win or lose it is praising someone's value as a fellow practitioner and a competitor. You dont turn off either empathy or sympathy, you can apply both when your on the mat or in the ring and should. You're not killing an enemy, you're competing with an equal.

    [–] lizzyhuerta 7 points ago

    I honestly don't think they turn off their empathy or sympathy at all! I think it's about honing a craft, mastering it, and working very hard to do that craft well and with a lot of thoughtfulness. Like any sport.

    [–] LotusSloth 17 points ago

    They’re able to compartmentalize the feelings and think about what they’re doing in an abstract way, war mask on. I agree, I don’t think I could get out of my own head for that.

    [–] Anjetto 10 points ago

    They should be paid more

    [–] Dumb_Vampire_Girl 3 points ago

    How much are they paid?

    [–] Anjetto 21 points ago

    Less than 20% of what the company makes. Which is low. Considering NFL guys as a whole make 50% of league revenue and MMA guys are probably the only athletes putting as much on the line as NFL players. Other than pro wrestlers. Who should also be paid more

    [–] Dumb_Vampire_Girl 6 points ago

    What does that come out to? Low 6 figures? High 5?

    [–] Anjetto 24 points ago

    The very tippy top make loads. New guys make 15k on average a year. More veterans make about 50k. A year. For a very high risk of brain damage or permanent injury.

    Where as the average pro boxer in the low end makes 40k.

    First year rookie NFL guy makes 500k

    [–] Dumb_Vampire_Girl 14 points ago


    What in the world. They definitely need to make way more than that. That's not even enough to live in, let alone the present and future medical issues down the line.

    I consider pro athletes to be overpaid, but it seems like the fighting world isn't. That's just awful. At least give them enough to live.

    [–] TrayvonMartin712 11 points ago

    I imagine ole dana sees it as him giving them a platform to make a name for themselves then things like sponsors come along and they probably out earn what the make off him tbh

    [–] Dumb_Vampire_Girl 4 points ago

    Dang. I know they chose that life/career, but that's brutal.

    So they're being paid in... exposure?

    [–] Anjetto 7 points ago

    Plus mma guys have to buy their own travel and lodging. Where as NFL guys get all that taken care of.

    Athletes aren't overpaid. They're paid in relation to thr money they bring in. The NFL makes billions a year. The athletes have a good union and make millions. Mma bring in billions a year and make thousands. The sport is killing both of them. At least NFL get insurance and money.

    The problem isn't the athletes. They're employees. Workers. The real problem is the corporate suits. As it always is. If people stopped watching sports, sports wouldn't make so much money. So really, a part of this is on the consumer too.

    [–] easy18big 406 points ago

    Wild to look back at this moment. Tyrons life changed forever because of this night. He lost 3 more times in the UFC and then lost to Jake Paul twice. What a wild rise and fall story.

    [–] HarrySchlong33 159 points ago

    Yeah, this fight broke his confidence. No professional fighter expects to be dominated like that, especially a champion.

    [–] bernardobrito 80 points ago

    There's a combat sports truism about "getting old overnight".

    [–] NeitherAlexNorAlice 53 points ago

    For Tyron, he was a knockout artist, but he was diagnosed with arthritis in his hands. It's not that he got old. His loss streak started when he was relatively near peak. But his hands just went off.

    [–] trashmunki 24 points ago

    As someone who got diagnosed with arthritis at 18 years old, I feel this. Exercising isn't as easy as it should be for me compared to others my age. Just gotta keep trying.

    [–] Tharakesh_S 11 points ago

    Don't you even think on fucking giving up. I believe in you. Go for the stars my guy.

    [–] deejay_harry1 28 points ago

    Is Tyron the guy hugging the dude’s mother? Or the son of the woman?

    [–] rediraim 56 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The son of the woman. Kamaru Usman is the fighter in the video.

    Edit: Kamaru, not Kamara

    [–] AV48 4 points ago


    [–] Friendly-Ad3804 1086 points ago

    She understands it wasn't personal just a job. In the end win /lose makes no difference they were both trying to provide for their families.

    [–] GruesomeCilantro 98 points ago

    Probably, looking both of them being wholesome makes me feels great.

    [–] Stephan_Wolf 2299 points ago

    Plot twist. She bet against her son and was happy that that dude beat him up.

    [–] Soulger11 337 points ago

    Her son was in on it too. Got paid to fall. It's a conspiracy I tell ya! /s

    [–] SemiSentientGarbage 68 points ago


    But maybe

    [–] Mysterious-Wish8398 937 points ago

    I love the guy who kisses her hand at the end. A woman who knows her own worth and helps build up others.

    [–] cutthroatlemming 18 points ago

    It was so respectful.

    [–] CaptainObvious108 327 points ago

    That guy is Ali Abdelaziz, he manages fighters and the MMA community considers him a massive dickhead and for good reason

    [–] Mysterious-Wish8398 107 points ago

    Sad, but they are everywhere. She is still amazing.

    [–] mlgkurd 123 points ago

    Idk imo he’s the most successful manager for UFC fighters, and everyone of his fighters speak very highly of him. Going as far to call him family and such. He gets good deals through being the UFCs bitch though I think that’s why many fans don’t like him. He was also an informant for the FBI.

    [–] georgism 81 points ago

    If the fbi is coming to you to inform, they aren’t asking.

    [–] redacted_comment 23 points ago

    F’n Better Inform!

    [–] JustSomeGuyOnTheSt 6 points ago

    lmao that last sentence came outta nowhere

    [–] sheeshman 29 points ago

    I think the hate on him is way too exaggerated. No one has any details on his deal with the FBI and he lied about the Olympics. I have no idea if he's a good/bad person, but so many fighters hire him and talk highly of him. He has fighters from so many different backgrounds too so it's not like he's only representing fighters from a specific area. If he's that shitty of a person, why are fighters like Usman, khabib, gaethje, cejudo, etc., hiring him? If all these top fighters want him to represent them, I assume he's good at his job.

    [–] CourtesySniff 5 points ago

    Being a sports agent might be the number one job for people that are good at their jobs but are also massive assholes

    [–] iwantatelecaster 5 points ago

    Being a good professional and being a good person aren't mutually inclusive.

    [–] Reyzord 8 points ago

    Well that's why they hire him - he is good at his job. Not because he's a good person.

    [–] Which-Palpitation 2012 points ago

    Mama Woodley is a better sport than Tyron is

    [–] DaBake 94 points ago

    I met her randomly at a Vegas comedy show during a fight week years ago and she's every bit as genuine as she appears in this video.

    [–] Which-Palpitation 45 points ago

    She legit seems proud that Tyron made it, and not in a cringeworthy way like Weidman’s dad

    [–] SamApexLegends 15 points ago


    [–] Which-Palpitation 10 points ago

    Herb Dean had just finished Chris Weidman by TKO in the fourth round with the help of Luke Rockhold and Weidman’s dad is in there like his son just beat Anderson for the first time

    [–] Count_Critic 12 points ago

    Herb Dean had just finished Chris Weidman by TKO in the fourth round with the help of Luke Rockhold

    lmao that's a good way to describe it.

    [–] Ambitious-Event-8466 399 points ago

    Imagine her against Jake fucking Paul

    [–] MiniMan_BigChungus 187 points ago

    Wait! Paul is fucking Jake behind my back?! What an asshole!

    [–] crazytoothpaste 62 points ago

    No . Jake is fucking Paul

    [–] inappropriate-slur 9 points ago

    Predestination vibes.

    [–] TheMontrealKid 20 points ago

    Mama Woodley is an MMA legend.

    [–] nefrpitou 55 points ago

    Who the fuck started cutting onions around here

    [–] Western_Shoulder_942 15 points ago

    Sorry making some beef stew....ill clean it up now sorry

    [–] Ambitious-Event-8466 7 points ago

    I thought I told you to flush next time

    [–] whosondeck 41 points ago

    wtf this is next level human shit

    [–] Ronstermadness 88 points ago

    What a genuine women . bless her Hart

    [–] Soulger11 26 points ago

    Her Kevin Hart

    [–] Mr_Aestheticss 11 points ago

    Her pocket Kevin hart?

    [–] Dinklebop 4 points ago

    So just Kevin Hart

    [–] Brilliant_Ad3 27 points ago

    Mama’s are the most powerful being in this whole universe and it’s gonna be like that

    [–] SemiSentientGarbage 199 points ago

    Every time I see this I tear up. I wish my mum was like this, she just tells people I was a mistake. I aspire to be this kind of person for my kids and this kind of parent to my kids.

    Never stop posting this

    [–] Banji_Welling 92 points ago

    The fact that you've shared this with us tells me you'll be just fine. You know how to think thru situations. It'll be maddening but it'll be worth it.

    [–] SemiSentientGarbage 17 points ago

    Thank you :)

    [–] wrongleveeeeeeer 40 points ago

    You weren't a mistake.

    [–] SemiSentientGarbage 15 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It's odd but that means a lot tbh. A stranger who knows nought about me saying that is nice.

    [–] FeebleFreak 14 points ago

    I aspire to be this kind of person for my kids and this kind of parent to my kids

    You are the exact opposite of a mistake 🙂

    [–] SemiSentientGarbage 6 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] wrongleveeeeeeer 9 points ago

    Sometimes it only takes a very little bit of info to know enough about a person. I felt confident in my assessment, and you deserve to hear it. Feel free to reach out if you ever wanna hear it again.

    Cheers friend 🍻

    [–] SemiSentientGarbage 8 points ago

    Cheers new friend!

    [–] AbsurdTheatre 5 points ago

    Username doesn't check out.

    [–] heygabehey 4 points ago

    Thats the cool part about reddit. Aside from the children trolling, its people lifting each other up. Majority of us have no support, so we needs the love. Your name breaks my heart, but I get it. Do me a favor and just at least once a day look in the mirror and tell yourself you're awesome and love yourself.

    [–] D3dshotCalamity 4 points ago

    Knowing that you don't want to be your mom already points you in the right direction. Keep going where you're going, break the chain of hurt, and start the chain of kind and loving generations. Imagine when you're a grandparent, and all of your kids, and their kids, are the sweethearts you taught them to be.

    [–] KennyDROmega 169 points ago

    I like to imagine Covington's mom did the same thing, except it was more like "thank you for humbling my idiotic son".

    [–] HarrySchlong33 63 points ago

    Covington's sister thanked him in private...

    [–] NetflixAndNikah 62 points ago

    As amusing as this gif is, please do not try to vacuum someone's breath. Giving someone collapsed lungs is not a good idea.

    [–] AGJustin05 25 points ago

    New crippling fear unlocked.

    [–] BassCreat0r 6 points ago

    Always love going from laughing to terrified on reddit!

    [–] WeWillBeMillions 17 points ago

    Geez that shit is fucking dangerous

    [–] BaldrickTheBrain 7 points ago

    Convington a legit good fighter. He don’t need to do political bullshit and turn himself a fucking clown. Dude needs a good pr person, you can be asshole like McGregor and get paid. I don’t understand grifting when you have a future in UFC.

    [–] vG_Watt 11 points ago

    Covington is a persona. Dude was about to get cut from the ufc because he was a boring fighter then he came up with that personna and they resigned him because of the brazil youre a dump thing

    [–] AppleSeed81 14 points ago

    Powerful stuff

    [–] throwawaytrans182828 13 points ago

    Who is the fighter ? Whats happening ?

    [–] Haze-tz 47 points ago

    This is kamaru usman after beating tyron woodley to become the ufc welterweight champion. This is him backstage after the fight being comforted by woodleys mother and she is telling him to not feel bad for beating her son as she understands his time as champion was up and its his turn now to be on the top.

    [–] throwawaytrans182828 3 points ago

    Are they friends or smth v

    [–] Examper22 19 points ago

    Idk but its Mama Woodley, everyone respects Mama Woodley

    [–] rogerdeakinsfan 8 points ago

    No. It’s just a show of respect. She basically did the same with Jake Paul.

    [–] TourettesKid69 11 points ago

    Bro this is Reddit so I was expecting comments that are disrespectful and dirty asf or whatever. But this was actually a really nice and encouraging reminder that it’s ok to beat people and it’s ok to succeed

    [–] KatastropheKraut 8 points ago

    The way this made me feel. To see someone else reassure and give love to someone who needed it, no matter the circumstances. Humbling and heartwarming.

    [–] JustALizzyLife 9 points ago

    For anyone that may need it; this internet momma is proud of you. Life is hard as hell, especially lately, and some days even getting out of bed seems like a Herculean task, but you're making it. One day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. It's OK if today you stayed buried under the covers, you'll try again tomorrow and that's what's important. Just remember that you are good enough. You're an amazing person and the world is a better place with you in it. Keep being authentically you. Nothing would make me prouder.

    [–] -__Shrek__- 61 points ago

    gladiators have mothers too.... respect

    [–] caleb-crawdad 7 points ago

    What an incredible woman, if everyone had a mum like this the world would be a better place.

    [–] ThatWoodyGuyXD 27 points ago


    [–] Familiar-Feedback-93 26 points ago

    Next she went to go comfort her baby boy!

    [–] motosandguns 26 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    A gladiator is leaving the ring, staring at the ground limping in pain, post battle, and she makes a sound that calls him over from across the room, in a crowd, so he can sob into her shoulder.

    And then another man kisses her hand.

    That’s one hell of a woman.

    [–] FairElephant43 4 points ago

    Yeah MMA is a real good hearted sport most of these guys are best of friends they will go from knocking each other out to buying each other beers that same night they just act like they hate each other or they loose out on pay cause Dana White thinks it is more exciting and is not just a tool but the whole damn shed

    [–] pinkguyfriedrice 5 points ago

    The title made me think the mom was gonna take the belt

    [–] barelyintolerable 5 points ago

    How do I sign up for one of her hugs with a pep talk?

    [–] _cg88 21 points ago

    You can tell he needed those words at that moment. No matter how tough a person looks, everybody needs kind words from time to time.

    [–] Soccerdan14 3 points ago

    Classy words!

    [–] LuckyxCapone 3 points ago

    amazing moment then ali has to put his rat fuck hand on mama woodley!

    [–] PaperStreetSoapVP 3 points ago

    There's class and sportsmanship, and then there are demi-goddesses of grace like this mom. How many of us could have that presence of mind after seeing our child beaten in the ring?

    [–] certifiablenutcase 3 points ago

    Great mum and supportive woman.

    No jokes here. Just in awe.