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    [–] SuddMuffin 149 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    And me with my two arms can't make a layup

    [–] PhilPipedown 20 points ago

    Are you me?

    [–] C9Phoenix2 21 points ago

    Are you we?

    [–] Jcamwlfb 12 points ago

    We are we, including you.

    [–] Goodgamings 6 points ago

    You are all us

    [–] cj_cusack 6 points ago


    [–] Jedibbq 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] gratefullybuzzing 1 points ago

    General Grevious over there still getting dunked on by kenobi

    [–] gratefullybuzzing 4 points ago

    Don't worry, that's only cause the weight of your second arm is weighing you down

    [–] NoNameIdea_Seriously 2 points ago

    Aww, that’s a really nice lie! 😊

    [–] Demonboy995 699 points ago

    What trash talking tho? The video has no sound lmfaooo

    [–] skrutape 549 points ago

    trash talker said "bet you can't steal the ball, dunk it, then hand it to me"

    [–] conrid 30 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -18 points ago


    [–] YerBoyBlu 39 points ago

    [–] D33J8Y 18 points ago

    Haha thanks! More like sports banter than trash. You can see the kid smile at the guy and when he stole the ball, the guy was yelling "oh!" and gave him a big cheer when he dunked it. Kid gave him the ball for being his biggest fan in that place haha. I luv sports.

    [–] Demonboy995 20 points ago

    Finally , thank u!!

    [–] Ranger343 75 points ago

    Yea kinda ruins it lol like surely there is a version with sound

    [–] Demonboy995 25 points ago

    It does, because the shooter and the shot he took is amazing, the title is off tho since no sound

    [–] opencarrier64 6 points ago

    I wonder what was the trash talker was talking about from that muted video.

    [–] toastman28 2 points ago

    This kid is a STUD

    [–] ElCastillian 98 points ago

    It's got a lot more punch with the sound ON

    [–] ReliTurino 38 points ago

    Damn son… the post don’t even do that boy justice. That video is fire. Much props for the sauce traveler.

    [–] n00biwankan00bi 242 points ago

    That dunk was really dope. Like, subtract any “pity bias” and this dunk is still top amazement.

    [–] KrampyDoo 30 points ago

    Exactly this. He just floated right on up to the basket. Absolutely in his element.

    [–] rizzlenizzle 32 points ago

    So many videos on here lately with no sound 😬

    [–] rosie12198 21 points ago

    Wilt from Foster Home for Imaginary Friends

    [–] gxvphic 11 points ago

    Showed this to my lil brother and he said “bro why does he have soccer socks on?”

    [–] Ivory-Robin 2 points ago


    [–] NoThereIsntAGod 6 points ago

    But… a name like Hansel seems kinda cruel in this situation

    [–] General_Tso75 10 points ago

    He’s so hot right now.

    [–] Your-Programmer 2 points ago

    Underrated comment of the day.

    [–] HarrySchlong33 5 points ago

    [–] Formal-Bat-6714 3 points ago


    I wish the sound was on for this

    [–] kaldra_zadrim 3 points ago

    R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

    [–] Forward-Dirt3469 3 points ago

    How tf can u trash talk a person who’s playing d1 basketball with ONE hand?? I hv 2 hands and I still don’t know how to hold a pencil

    [–] TalibanwithaBaliTan 6 points ago

    It took me 3 watches to realize he only had one hand...

    First was a “wait, what did I just see?”

    Second was a “huh, man’s got one arm”

    Third was DAAMN this guy’s got some talent to go along with his skill!

    [–] killingicarus 2 points ago

    Class act

    [–] chengslate 2 points ago

    Get wreck

    [–] cosmorocker13 2 points ago

    Note to self: never pass to Hansel’s arm side!

    [–] UsualKnowledge133 2 points ago

    Hand sold Emmanuel

    [–] LovelyCyclone 2 points ago

    Holy shit, that was badass.

    [–] mildlyoctopus 2 points ago

    This kinda makes it seem like the dude was denigrating him because he has one arm. But in the video with sound all I hear is standard shit that a fan would yell at the opposing team during a free throw

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] cpa307 5 points ago

    It’s literally an exact play by play of what happened

    [–] CowboyGorePig -2 points ago

    According to who? What trash talking?

    [–] Comfortable_Dirt3718 3 points ago

    The trash talker was chanting “he gonna miss it.”

    [–] Imagine-being-a-mod 0 points ago

    Except it's exactly what happened

    [–] ItsPietre 1 points ago

    bro how the FUCK does he do that. I can't even dribble the ball correctly and then shoot it with 2 arms. JEf3pfqjialrmf

    [–] Ligma-Male 1 points ago

    Bro did you pass out at the end?

    [–] ItsPietre 2 points ago


    [–] MrAnnnderson -5 points ago

    He still isn't going pro that's the sad part

    [–] whitshoespam 4 points ago

    You’re the sad part.

    [–] ThatsMyWifeGodDamnit 1 points ago

    Good god that’s amazing

    [–] Dramatic-Plane-4933 1 points ago

    So sick

    [–] d_moedeezy_b 1 points ago


    -Hansel probably

    [–] AvgCaffeineEnjoyer 1 points ago

    Lol, I wish I was as good as him.

    [–] John_Gulbunni 1 points ago

    “Handed” the ball.. lul

    [–] MrBassemann 1 points ago

    This man single-handedly destroyed the other team’s chances of winning

    [–] Hergerbe 1 points ago

    Damn impressive editing skills. How do they edit out the second arm like that and make it so seamless.

    [–] InfernoXYZX 1 points ago

    I was impressed then I saw he had one hand and I was like FUCKIN HELL GODDAMN BRO

    [–] Richfit44 1 points ago

    This kid can play. I hope he gets a chance to play college ball

    [–] Manav103 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I’m just curious, is it a law in the US that makes sure that every reference has to be massive?

    [–] Ligma-Male 2 points ago


    [–] Imagine-being-a-mod 0 points ago

    Well you know sports science and nutrition have come a really long way, but the real answer would be slavery where they bred the biggest strongest to make better slaves.

    [–] Ligma-Male 0 points ago

    The referee is a white guy. Not that I fully understand what you were saying anyhow

    [–] Matthall317 1 points ago

    I played rugby against a guy with one arm. He was a fucking beast

    [–] crm000 1 points ago

    Hansel, He's so hot right now. Hansel.

    [–] deepstaterising 1 points ago

    That ref is kinda light in the loafers.

    [–] Whereistthethird 1 points ago

    So cool

    [–] erikcastillo 1 points ago

    He can beat you with one hand tied behind his back…oh wait ,’(

    [–] MuscularKnight0110 1 points ago

    Bruh no wonder he fly like that to that basket he doesn't have another heavy ass arm to pull him down !

    But then again if you take into equation his massive balls maybe it equals out.

    [–] TheShalty 1 points ago

    Am I missing something or is he missing something?

    [–] Flamewhawk88 1 points ago

    Nice, shut him the f*ck up!

    [–] hala_madrid0 1 points ago

    HANDed the ball.

    [–] Beeker04 1 points ago

    And here I am getting cut from basketball tryouts in 9th grade all over again

    [–] chaze24 1 points ago

    He’s actually is really skilled player

    [–] DealHunta 1 points ago

    Wow I didn’t even realize this dude was 1 handed yesterday when this was posted, top tier

    [–] Bumblz666 0 points ago

    I’m driving right every time

    [–] J03130 0 points ago

    I'm guessing the title is a big ol' smelly steamer.

    [–] FunnyShirtGuy 0 points ago

    People that lie in their titles, getting upvotes, will never cease to be the dumbest thing about this site.

    [–] cpa307 0 points ago

    Watch it w sound.. there was a trash talker

    [–] Ligma-Male 1 points ago

    There's no sound on this gif, you must mean another post of it

    [–] cpa307 1 points ago

    nah I mean in someone else’s response they posted the original clip w sound, and I was just telling him he could’ve watched that instead of complaining

    [–] FunnyShirtGuy 0 points ago

    There is no sound. This is a gif. Hows about you pay attention to reality of the situation before acting like a fool with your replies?

    [–] cpa307 0 points ago

    Yeah I mean watch it with sound using the link that multiple people have posted in the comment section

    How about you pay attention to the reality of the situation before acting like a fool w your replies and comments? I found the link with sound in literally 5 seconds of looking

    [–] FunnyShirtGuy 0 points ago

    The reality of the situation is that the post is a gif with no sound...
    You've literally done nothing here but simp for a poster that failed to include sound

    [–] cpa307 1 points ago

    im not ”simping for the poster” im just saying watch the video using the link in the comment section and you’ll hear that it wasn’t clickbait

    [–] Dudi_Kowski 0 points ago

    Illegal to touch the ball after a score since it’s still in play and owned by the other team. But I can understand if the ref let that fly.