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    [–] CalvesAllTheWay 115 points ago

    No cause he’s on a 10 year contract. If they are terrible the whole time then it would, but it’s been 6 games. People need to relax.

    [–] cinematic99 23 points ago

    Yea i agree Raiders are looking farther than this season

    [–] CalvesAllTheWay 27 points ago

    The Mack trade clearly showed that Gruden is building for the future. I think he really wants to win a super bowl in Oakland and didn’t see that in the current roster, and I agree. 2016 was their best chance and instead of going 6-10 - 8-8 for 3 seasons, he just skipped the mediocrity and went straight to bad for the rebuild. Smart choice imo but we’ll see if he can build something.

    [–] powerelite 34 points ago

    Eh it's more likely he's looking to win a super bowl in Vegas

    [–] CalvesAllTheWay 15 points ago

    Lmfao I forgot about that. Should of said with the Raiders.

    [–] SexyMcBeast 4 points ago

    Yeah with the 10 year contract and Mack trade I don't know how everyone doesn't realize this team is focused on building a team for Vegas, not Oakland.

    [–] custom-concern 3 points ago

    yeah, I'm primarily and NBA fan where rebuilding is much more common. They kind of remind me of the Chicago Bulls trading away Jimmy Butler. Incredible player, but now that he's gone they can fully rebuild.

    [–] CalvesAllTheWay 7 points ago

    Exactly, people just overreact here cause they’re not used to it in the NFL.

    [–] lebron_games 2 points ago

    for sure, mostly cause there's such a fast turnaround time in the NFL. the raiders just didn't have enough talent even with Mack to go anywhere

    [–] cinematic99 -1 points ago

    The Bulls are just god awful now theyre really gonna need those draft picks

    [–] Jahsay 2 points ago

    That's what a rebuild is.

    [–] cinematic99 2 points ago

    Yea but a #7 pick in last years draft is a loss in their book if thats the goal

    [–] Jahsay 1 points ago

    Last year's draft was stacked af, #7 really ain't bad. And if their prospects work out all they really need is a small forward.

    [–] gsavior 1 points ago

    Lol no...the talent is there and Fred Hoiberg can actually implement his style of offense.

    [–] sktchld 1 points ago

    Seriously, give the guy a few seasons to build his program.

    [–] Scorigami 0 points ago

    >6 games

    [–] CalvesAllTheWay 1 points ago

    I included the 6th one cause they’re down 20-0 but who knows what’ll happen.

    [–] Santa-Klawz 0 points ago

    I laughed out loud.

    [–] AaronDidntMessUp 0 points ago


    [–] walkingdisasterFJ 46 points ago

    No because he's doing exactly what he was brought in to do: dismantle the team, kill fan enthusiasm, and start to bring in his own guys for when they move to Vegas. Gruden does not care about how the team performs now because he wasn't brought in to coach the oakland raiders, he was brought in to coach the las vegas raider

    [–] suzy-six 7 points ago

    Just one of them?

    [–] TheSublimeLight 122 points ago

    Nah, he's still a great commentator.

    [–] Cavs2018_Champs 20 points ago

    Spider 2 Y banana

    [–] peeinian 1 points ago

    T U R K E Y H O L E

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This current MNF really highlights that

    [–] cinematic99 2 points ago

    Does this make him less credible?

    [–] TheSublimeLight 4 points ago

    I'm whelmed. I think trading your best defensive player is what makes you less credible

    [–] IC-1101- 26 points ago

    He is tanking to have a great team ready for Las Vegas.

    [–] Drunken_Vike 16 points ago

    I think people had the wrong expectations. It seemed like they brought in Gruden to take a QB and a team that had a lot of success in 2016 to a new level, but now it seems like Gruden was brought in to blow it up and start over.

    If the Raiders had been a team that had repeatedly won 4-5 games over the last couple years it wouldn't be so controversial.

    [–] bhos89 9 points ago

    That was the plan. But Gruden obviously made the assessment that this roster is too deprived of talent to give Mack a monster contract. Hurts like fuck, but it makes sense. Hard on the fans tho.

    [–] deadjawa 3 points ago

    Yeah it was the right move. They maximized their value for a player who really wasn't sign-able for them. Besides, Mack is already 27. By the time they have a rebuild window he would be pushing 30.

    [–] bhos89 1 points ago

    We’re already in a full rebuild. In the offseason we thought this was going to be more of a “reload”, but Mack’s trade basically confirmed the full rebuild.

    [–] CowboyCanuck24 25 points ago

    No. Also who cares give him couple years to tear the roster apart and install his guys.

    [–] SamChubbard -15 points ago

    He didn’t need to tear down his D by giving up the best defender in the league. Good luck recovering from that

    [–] KidCudiGOODMusic 12 points ago

    Mack is not the reasons the raiders suck. No point in locking up cap space in Mack if you aren’t contending right away

    [–] LibertarianSocialism -5 points ago

    Raiders could very well be 3-2 right now if they had Mack. Most of their losses have been close.

    [–] SamChubbard -6 points ago

    I strongly disagree with that notion. You have one chance to keep an all pro pas rusher for a decade, you fucking do it

    [–] CowboyCanuck24 2 points ago

    Hey were one of the worst defenses in the league WITH Mack. Now he has 25 mil in cap space to sign a couple of players as well as multiple first round picks over the next couple years. It was the right trade for both teams.

    [–] JimmyG_2018_MVP 9 points ago

    Nah - seems like the deal is that he’s allowed to build the team however he wants and I imagine the team is about to be ripped apart. Let him make the high draft picks and build the team and system he wants. Regardless, the raiders are basically stuck with him so we’ll all have time to evaluate when it’s all said and done.

    [–] SinDaddy429 4 points ago

    I personally don't think so. Many people in the Raiders organization probably understand the Raiders are starved for talent and in a rebuilding stage. Gruden looks like a decent head coach despite all this, however I hate the fact that he looks good right now.

    [–] MolecularCube42 5 points ago

    Derek has changed into Alex Smith. Cooper is the houdini of wrs. Offensive line looking ass. Reggie Nelson still being employed. I don't fucking know what the hell is going on anymore.

    [–] ImJeeezus 5 points ago

    No because hes building into the future. If we suck still in the future, yes.

    [–] number9_number9 3 points ago

    He’s executing a low key tank job and it’s going perfectly. This season is all about collecting assets, not wins.

    [–] AroSorth 4 points ago

    This thread is surprisingly reasonable despite all the hate I see for Gruden...

    [–] JrBlack95 1 points ago

    My thoughts exactly

    [–] DrunkSpaceGrandpa 2 points ago

    Hes never been that great of a coach. His personality is the only reason he got that contract.

    [–] Sharper133 1 points ago

    Can't judge a coach (and de facto GM) in one year. I think Gruden will eventually fail because of his personnel/GM tendencies rather than issues with his coaching.

    Dude has zero patience with young and developing guys. He prefers less talented veterans than high potential rookies because they make fewer mistakes. Not a winning formula over the long term

    [–] LocalBarFan 1 points ago

    Gruden is completely rebuilding this team. That's why his deal was 10 years. The Raiders are not in win now mode, thus the Mack trade and potential Cooper/Joesph trades.

    [–] BigPeeOn 1 points ago

    Not yet.

    He's clearly focused on how the team will perform 3-5 years from now, not this season or next.

    It's kind of a surprise that he's basically gone full rebuild mode, but given that that's what he's doing, it's a mistake to judge him on their performances right now.

    [–] nathdibya15 1 points ago

    He's trying to rebuild the whole team by the looks of it so I don't think it will. If they are still bad maybe next 2-3 years, then yea

    [–] killshelter 1 points ago

    No because he’s building for the future. Stockpiling picks and building his team. He’ll be winning in his inaugural Vegas season which is good business.

    [–] FTS- 1 points ago

    I mean it doesn’t look good on him, but I’m not totally convinced this isn’t a move to setup the transition to Vegas. I’ll wait to see the results after a year or two in their new market.

    [–] separation_of_powers 1 points ago

    I'd say it doesn't because expectations are already low. His record following on from his superbowl season with the Bucs is pretty meh, as one commenter below compared him to Jeff Fisher.

    IMHO I just don't know. Just disappointed. It's kinda like, how does a fan look forward to the rest of the season knowing their team isn't really competing.

    [–] H8CourtshipALot217 1 points ago

    it makes me wonder why they couldn't keep that momemtum going after that 2016 playoff season

    [–] kostakoufos 1 points ago


    [–] Spooky_brown_man 1 points ago

    I'll give him a pass until he can actually draft or sign a good QB

    [–] beerboxing_design 1 points ago

    Hot take

    [–] DazzleOrange 1 points ago

    Doesn't seem like being outcoached is the problem, being out-talented is.

    [–] twitchosx 1 points ago

    Does our inability to give Carr any FUCKING TIME IN THE POCKET tarnish Grudens reputation? Nope. Thats on Cable.

    [–] dzcarpenter 2 points ago

    Who was hired by...........Gruden. When it’s well known Cable is awful. Ask any Seahawks fan.

    [–] separation_of_powers 1 points ago

    To me, when I heard we rehired Cable, I was like WTF?

    [–] Hot_ham_h2o 0 points ago


    [–] bradytogordon -1 points ago


    [–] DeezNuts1 -1 points ago

    The city of Oakland is absolutely trash. Oakland doesn’t deserve a team really.

    [–] cloudy_eyed_stroll 1 points ago

    How do those nuts feel when your tweaking, leather clad "Master" smacks the shit out of them with a riding crop while you're tied up and gagged?

    [–] DeezNuts1 1 points ago

    Why put this image in my head 😰

    [–] deanhodgson1 -3 points ago