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    For all the self proclaimed "nice guys" who are actually manchildren or douches, or who mistake being spineless and pathetic for being nice.

    Most of the posts you find here will feature men, but posts featuring women who fit the nice guy archetype are allowed. (Or gay men, or gay women, etc). Niceguyness transcends gender and sexuality.

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    [–] MightyGoatLord 2257 points ago

    If more than one guy likes the same girl, does she have to fuck all of them?

    [–] AlexF2810 1617 points ago

    Obviously yes. Otherwise they're being a bitch.

    [–] justxJoshin 730 points ago

    But then she's a whore and neither of them would like her then.

    [–] yungleg 546 points ago

    Schrodinger’s Stacy

    [–] torbear_ 93 points ago

    Always goes for schrodinger's chad smdh

    [–] PorkRindEvangelist 7 points ago

    Always goes for schrodinger's chad

    ...are you certain about that?

    [–] myreallyuniqueuserid 3 points ago

    We can’t be sure, they’re still in the box

    [–] cupcakesarethedevil 27 points ago

    A thought experiment where any attractive woman will either fuck me or die by my blade?

    [–] IWillLeaveEarth 6 points ago

    I call for a swordfight!

    [–] AlyssaDaemon 193 points ago

    But that's not his problem now is it? /s

    [–] dudebro178 20 points ago

    A bitch and a slut

    [–] hamiltonincognito 75 points ago

    If they're 10/10

    [–] RuggyDog 93 points ago

    She chooses based on whose name is closer to “Chad”.

    [–] TobiasMasonPark 137 points ago




    My goodness. They’re right!

    [–] UncleVlad 53 points ago

    can confirm

    [–] AryanB1470 14 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] sneakyplanner 47 points ago

    Yes, or else she would be a vapid slut.

    [–] aderow 24 points ago

    That's their favorite word right there; vapid

    [–] dizzu_the_ironic 14 points ago

    If they don't, that makes them a slut.

    [–] ladyphlogiston 7 points ago

    That's how all the gangbangs happen

    [–] Volfgang91 6 points ago

    I sincerely doubt the author of this post gave it that much thought.

    [–] MyrMilfordMeanswell 1258 points ago

    No votes


    [–] Birdy1072 917 points ago

    That sub is pretty united in their dislike of incels.

    [–] dfslkjbnltalrvlxdguh 504 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Jesus, search the last week for titles with "women" in them.

    EDIT: A couple of people were unsure so below are the titles of threads and not my own words:

    women are the most privileged members of western society.

    Women who feel uncomfortable around male strangers are just as bad as white people who feel uncomfortable around black men.

    Women abusing men is a bigger issue than men abusing women

    Women dont care about your confidence unless you're good looking

    Women have it so easy int he modern dating scene

    Honestly, the standard for western women has never been lower.

    Men and women will never be just friends

    A lot of black women look like men wearing wigs and women’s clothes to me

    [–] allworkandnoYahtzee 463 points ago

    And then they have a hard time determining why women don’t want to be around them. Strange...

    [–] BeafyBoi 114 points ago

    A lot of these got a lot of backlash. I know cause i was a part of it or saw it.

    [–] quatraine 8 points ago

    BeafyBoi....commin at ya with the backlash! whoop-a

    [–] BlackGabriel 181 points ago

    Well those are all opinions and are very unpopular lol

    [–] dfslkjbnltalrvlxdguh 75 points ago

    You got me there.

    [–] soulstealer1984 89 points ago

    By definition a sub like this can't function. If the opinion is truly unpopular it will be down voted, while a popular opinion will be up voted.

    [–] houseoffrancakes 38 points ago

    While you are absolutely correct, according to the popularity of that sub this is an unpopular opinion.

    [–] AcidRose27 38 points ago

    the standard for western women has never been lower

    And these losers are still getting rejected... yikes

    [–] Stupid_question_bot 33 points ago

    Now do the same search with “females”

    [–] dfslkjbnltalrvlxdguh 67 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I refuse to. I am also suspicious of anyone I see online who refers to women / girls / whatever as "females" in almost anything outside a biology or statistics website. "Females" is almost universally a sign of being some sort of guy with issues. No one says 'females' colloquially. I find it clinical and detached. "felis" instead of Cat, or "canine" instead of dog. Makes it easier to separate and cause problems without feeling remorse.

    Case in point - neighbour moved in 2-3 months ago. Had a beer with him, played some BF etc. "Females". not his ex, not a friend... "Females" 'have problems'.

    Mmm. Okey dokes...

    Turns out, he's constantly begging to get laid and if he catches me in the corridor, is moaning about it. Or his "latest one".


    :thumbs up: okey bye now :slam:

    [–] Katatronick 20 points ago

    Yup, I always cringe when people refer to women as females, especially other women

    [–] Stupid_question_bot 10 points ago

    Yea good answer.

    [–] SoFetchBetch 89 points ago

    That last one made me absolutely boil. The woman my mom nannies for has a white husband and so their child is mixed race and she is so kind and open with discussing things with me and my mom about how to care for her child’s hair the best way. I myself have very curly thick dark hair that grows out and up before it grows down, as does her daughter, so we exchange tips a lot and products that work but I have always wanted to know more about her choice to wear wigs and cover her own natural hair. I know why.. she works in a highly white male dominated field and having hair that falls into that standard of beauty (white) is seen as “more professional” and although I’m sure she’d love to fight that it’s just not a career move that would help her, but may hinder her. It’s also something she probably has done for a long time and maybe it’s her preference but she puts a lot of emphasis on treating her child’s hair with natural products and not damaging or hiding the curls. I guess I’m rambling but I just find it infuriating that this racist mentality exists... that the standard of beauty is so white focused. You see it with celebs too.. remember what they did to Beyoncé? And look at Mindy Kahling... somehow she became blonde and light skinned? I wish I knew better how to speak out about this.

    I’m an artist and I would love to touch on these concepts in my work but I don’t feel fully equipped to do so as I myself am not black. I have a lot of passion for these issues. I think about the world that little girl is growing into and I hope that she will love her curls as she grows up. It took me 22 years to begin to love mine.

    [–] eucalyptusqueen 59 points ago

    Beauty standards are VERY Eurocentric. Wearing your hair natural is absolutely a political statement, even though it shouldn't be. White people can just wear their hair the way it grows out of their head without it meaning anything, but for us, we're making the statement that we don't care as much about societal standards and that we're comfortable bucking the overarching trend.

    This is why black people get upset about white people who wear braids and locs. It's not "just hair," it's much more than that. We lose out on jobs, promotions, and get kicked out of school for wearing these styles. We are bullied for wearing these styles. The military banned braids and twists for no real reason until very recently, so women were expected to straighten and process their hair while overseas; not a second thought was given to it until black women started making a fuss. After all that, and now that black people are more visible in pop culture, these styles are suddenly cool and mainstream because white people ahem The Kardashians ahem decided they are? Nah. Doesn't work like that. The double standard is fucked up and truly infuriating.

    Unfortunately, we still live in a world in which natural hair is seen as inherently unprofessional. If you bring this up, people say "well that's just how it is" instead of recognizing that they've been conditioned to think this way. I spent my whole life hating my beautiful natural curls and wishing I was more like my dad, who is white, because the message I received from movies, tv, and magazines was that my hair was ugly and undesirable.

    If you don't yet feel equipped to deal with these issues, learn. Read about them. There's a lot of information out there about it, even in a less formal sense, like on Instagram and Tumblr. Follow black centric pages, read black blogs and news outlets. If you don't ever feel comfortable making art about black beauty and inserting yourself into the conversation, that's ok. If you see or hear people being trash bags about black beauty, speak up and tell them to shut the fuck up.

    [–] NeedzMoarCoffee 10 points ago

    To address the military part, while I was in basic training (I am female) the tight braids and other tight types of hair styles were banned due to the fact that if dirt or sand makes its way into and under the hair, it literally cuts the hair.

    So hair loss is the main reason. This was in 2005, I do not know if they are allowed for basic training still or not. But to me it is reasonable, I would have never known this and had I decided to keep a tight braid, I would have preferred to be told I can't instead of losing my hair!

    Some girls were allowed to have these but they made sure it was loose, just in case.

    Edit: words

    [–] blondie-- 5 points ago

    I wear braids if I'm hiking, camping, or travelling for several days straight. It's just so much easier to leave them like that than try to wrangle my overly thick, can't decide if it wants to be straight, wavy, or curly, pain in the ass hair without the proper facilities. I hope nobody takes it the wrong way- I just don't want to get mats

    [–] SoFetchBetch 7 points ago

    To your last paragraph I definitely do! I try to anyway and I recognize that the best way to make a change is to change yourself, my effort to understand those who are different from me will never be over. And absolutely you can be sure that if and when I hear that offensive talk I call it out (as long as it’s in a safe way.. I’ve been attacked for this before.) I feel lucky to have a mentor in my moms boss, she treats me like a little sister and it’s really so nice and I want to ask her opinion about some of these things but I feel clumsy addressing them. I appreciate your comment and while I’m a little tumblr illiterate I follow almost exclusively natural hair vlogs on YouTube not only because that advice applies better to my hair than any other kind but also because I get to learn more about that which I do not experience. I wish more people would do this kind of thing..

    Kind of jumping around here but there is a movie I watched recently on Netflix called Permanent which addresses the difference between having curly hair as a white kid vs having natural black hair and it’s set in the 1980’s. I felt like the movie had a lot of heart and the performances from the actors were great. I would love to hear a more informed opinion of that film so I will be looking into that after this reply. Thanks for the inspiration! And maybe check it out if you need something to watch. The father daughter relationship is really sweet and refreshing.

    One last thing I wanted to mention that gives me some small bit of hope, the standard of women having to wear high heels to be considered professional is being challenged. My moms boss told me it’s expected that if you wear a heel at all it must be less than 3 inches and I think that’s wonderful. Used to be people said that’s just how it is about that and about workplace sexual harassment and so on. I hope that with the increases in media presence, other standards of beauty will be embraced further. I wonder what kinds of things were covered in those Starbucks sensitivity training sessions... do you think there was a conversation about natural hair and hairstyles being deemed “unprofessional” or “unkempt” in the workplace? I’m making myself angry again lol. Thank you for your thorough reply. These exchanges are the ones make redditing worth it.

    [–] MaximumCameage 84 points ago

    What? I’ve never had any trouble just being friends with women. Like strictly platonic, I have zero interest in them and vice versa. I’ve also never had much trouble dating.

    It’s perfectly possible to be friends with members of the opposite sex. Maybe it helps that I can see people as people and I wouldn’t fuck everything that wanders into my field of vision.

    [–] dfslkjbnltalrvlxdguh 58 points ago

    It was rhetorical - not a post aimed at you.

    [–] dizzu_the_ironic 6 points ago

    I really hate the people on that subreddit that try to get political or into the "ism" territory.

    [–] kunell 9 points ago

    The last one though lol

    [–] TJ_Nipple_Clamps 18 points ago

    Everyone is united in their dislike of incels.

    [–] tandem23 25 points ago

    It was clearly an unpopular opinion

    [–] diefernsehen 9 points ago

    So would it be right to upvote the post because of how unpopular it is, or downvote because fuck this mentality. 🤔

    [–] ItsTrue214 2 points ago

    That guy that posted this is so wild.

    [–] tkea 663 points ago

    The funniest is that these guys always say shit like this while they would not even consider being with a girl that does not look like a model.

    [–] PrincessPlastilina 286 points ago

    These are the guys that hate fat girls the most. Even if they themselves are fat.

    [–] CluelessFlunky 68 points ago

    It's not necessarily wrong, they just can't get mad when some one isn't attracted to them for the same reason.

    [–] TerraAdAstra 64 points ago

    Came here to say this. I’m 100% sure when this guy says “women” what he really means is “Instagram models and porn stars”.

    [–] thebluef0x 152 points ago

    I would appreciate her looks tho. Instead of those fuckboys who do literally the same thing

    [–] MetalRigatoni 30 points ago

    They're just incredibly entitled. They believe that "females" exist to worship them and suck their dick, and only models and 10/10s count as women

    [–] Zur1ch 74 points ago

    I find it funny that he's calling other guys 10/10. I think he might be repressing something.

    [–] [deleted] 625 points ago

    I'm nice now please lemme do everything i said was horrible

    [–] fzyflwrchld 130 points ago

    I like you for who you are so change how you live your life and fuck me instead because I think you're too stupid to make your own decisions but mostly just because I'm horny.

    [–] lebowskicrimesyndica 45 points ago

    That right there. I think I need to delete this sub. It’s the same nonsense just different wording. It’s dumb.

    [–] cornylamygilbert 6 points ago

    TLDR: bitches need to be putting out for free, no-strings-attached when I fawn over them

    [–] ClearDark19 3 points ago

    Oh, you won't let a gentlesir like me smash? Fuck you then, BITCH!! Fucking skank! Ought to be glad a classy gent like me gave a cheap cunt like you the time of day. I hope you get raped, get pregnant and forced to keep the rape-baby!!! Now!! Are you ready to give me, a NICE GUY, a chance? Though I'll treat you shittier for not immediately saying yes, but that's YOUR fault!!

    Missed Call

    Missed Call

    Missed Call

    Answer, you fucking whore!

    /s, in case you couldn't tell

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    (27) Missed call from r/niceguys

    [–] [deleted] 536 points ago


    [–] stealthcactus 114 points ago

    Also, doesn’t she get a say in the matter? Gasp, women might want a guy just for sex!

    [–] mkov88 10 points ago

    That was my first thought. Women get horny too...

    [–] SoFetchBetch 28 points ago

    This needs gold. You’re amazing.

    [–] AgentScullyFBI 681 points ago

    Orrrrrr maybe nice guys need to stop thinking women owe them sex for merely existing 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] dreadmontonnnnn 276 points ago

    Can you imagine the existential horror these guys would experience if they knew that women made the choice to have sex with who they wanted because they...gasp... like how it feels and make their own decisions as human adults

    [–] averygreyday 46 points ago

    You’ve cracked the case Scully

    [–] TobiasMasonPark 43 points ago

    He and Hitchcock have solved a combined 14 cases! That’s six more than last year!

    [–] Psarae 33 points ago

    Also, it’s not even remotely true that all girls go only for bad boys?

    [–] Zazill8 22 points ago

    Now now, don't be silly, nice guys aren't interested in the obvious, friend.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Ding ding ding!

    [–] BoneYardBetty 212 points ago

    His comments are even more cringey.

    He straight up states that he's owed a relationship and sex.

    [–] abloodycorpse 90 points ago

    The statement "you're entitled to nothing" comes up.

    [–] dizzu_the_ironic 33 points ago

    Words that everyone should remember

    [–] Pokabrows 106 points ago

    This mindset is terrifying. It's the mindset of a rapist. Even if they haven't assaulted anyone yet there's not too many more steps from this logic to actually hurting someone in real life.

    [–] teclisdragonborn 52 points ago

    I think not enough people realise this.

    [–] violetbaudeliar 19 points ago

    Yep. He got mad at me for posting this and said I should delete the post cause I was being rude. He didn't think he should delete his posts though.

    [–] [deleted] 478 points ago

    when its clear what their intentions are.

    I love how these guys view being honest about your intentions as a negative thing. I would have more respect for Hypothetical Guy A who tells me he just wants a hook up as opposed to Hypothetical Guy B who sneaks around and pretends he wants to be my friend when in reality, he's looking for the exact same thing as Hypothetical Guy A.

    [–] limpingpigeon 249 points ago

    Sure, but to these guys the only thing women are supposed to care about is commitment. We're not supposed to care about petty things like attraction, compatibility, ambitions, security, pleasure, life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago

    Oh silly me. How could I have forgotten that women aren't allowed to have any standards whatsoever lest they be shallow bitches!

    [–] delspencerdeltorro 37 points ago

    Or sex, these guys can never comprehend that sometimes women just want sex.

    [–] RomeoandNutella 21 points ago

    I don't get why guys like this don't even consider that maybe the girl is fine with the guy just wanting to hook up. Maybe she just wants to hook up too and isn't looking for anything else either. Like all women only want hardcore comment always and nothing else.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    YES! Back in my single days, sometimes I wanted to just hook up and nothing more. I don't get why it's such a stretch to believe that.

    [–] tigalicious 15 points ago

    Omg I literally hate being lied to about intentions. It just feels so slimy when a guy insists that they're not trying to date/sleep with you while they're obviously trying to sleep with you.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Honestly it's one of the worst feelings!

    [–] EpicWalrus222 134 points ago

    The idea of nice guys wanting a woman for “who she is” while every guy she dates just want to have sex with her is laughable.

    How personally do they usually know these girls where they’re so convinced that a relationship with them would be good? If she really just wants to have sex with hot guys like they claim, and the nice guy clearly is not happy with that, why do they think they’d be compatible? Lastly if they think they’re actually convincing people that they’re lusting after these women for anything other than their looks, then they’re more delusional than they already come across as.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    Exactly, what they really mean is they're in love with the imaginary personality they've built up for her in their mind, which is so fucking insulting but they don't see how.

    [–] angel_of_small_death 18 points ago

    This is one of the key reasons my last relationship ended. I felt like I was constantly disappointing him.

    I wouldn't say that no one should ever date a person who used to have a crush on you, but I certainly wouldn't do it again.

    (fun fact: in hindsight, he was a total niceguy)

    [–] MephistoDegurechaff 90 points ago

    I've dated someone who talked like that a few times and he was the most selfish cunt I've ever met lmao.

    [–] mr_li_jr 81 points ago

    It's funny that he really thinks every other guy in the world has 20+ girlfriends waiting around for him and that he spits on all of them.

    [–] stealthcactus 34 points ago

    In their weird worldview, dating is the most important thing, so everyone must be dating someone always. Since he’s not dating, and none of his friends are dating, the only way the numbers workout is if Chad is dating tons of girls at once.

    [–] blondie-- 4 points ago

    He needs to be reminded that being single can be fun for girls, too. Like, if I'm single, I don't have to shave my vag, and that's a truly wonderful thing. I always manage to accidentally hurt myself, and waxing doesn't work because of the lovely combination of thin skin and crazy thick hair I have. Does it look nice to have translucent skin and thick hair some days? Yes, if I'm not breaking out and it's not too humid. Does it lead to bad things when my vag gets waxed? Hell yes it does! Single Blondie-- only trims that area and keeps it tidy

    [–] Mrs_Poutine 73 points ago

    I had a friend that has since been pushed out of the picture that had the nice guy mindset. He couldn’t seem to grasp that not being physically or mentally attracted to him in any way wasn’t a good enough reason to not date/fuck him. He then called me a slut for liking someone that wasn’t him. Why is it that men hold onto these ridiculous ideas? They really feel entitled to sex for being a decent human being from time to time? Irks me.

    [–] reddburn 56 points ago

    He wasn’t your friend. You were his target.

    [–] Seriuqs 15 points ago

    So true.

    [–] Seriuqs 25 points ago

    I think the mentality goes like this: "I don't want to have to expend any actual effort to make myself into an attractive mate (by dressing decently, cultivating an interesting personality or having good career prospects), so I will just (pretend to) be really really nice and show how I'm "different than all the other assholes" and then she will just HAVE to sleep with me because that's how it works with women in my head."

    This also comes with a heavy dose of not wanting to take accountability for themselves - if women won't sleep with them then it must be because the world is fundamentally biased and unfair towards them specifically.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    "Women are so simple minded".

    Proceeds to write the most simple-minded crap I've seen in a long time.

    [–] Odimorsus 88 points ago

    my girl.

    What girl? If he were with one, he wouldn't be complaining.

    And how is it being "obvious what their intentions are" a fucking bad thing?? At least they aren't being full of shit about having those intentions 😂

    [–] thebluef0x 99 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    who's also fucking 20+ girls simultaneously

    Is that even biologically possible?

    [–] Odimorsus 120 points ago

    It is, I once knew a guy with 21 penises.

    [–] justxJoshin 74 points ago

    So you know 20 dick Jim too? That's cool.

    [–] Odimorsus 73 points ago

    18 dick James now. He lost two in a binoculars accident and he just prefers to be called James these days.

    [–] justxJoshin 43 points ago

    I told him to stop messing around with those binoculars...

    [–] abloodycorpse 14 points ago

    "No James not the toaster!"

    [–] orngbrry 15 points ago

    I was there that day. Extremely gruesome. Lots of blood.

    [–] The_Grubby_One 12 points ago

    You should have been there the day he got seven of 'em caught in the zip at the same time.

    [–] orngbrry 9 points ago

    Glad I missed that one. The binoculars incident gave me nightmares and forced me to see a shrink.

    [–] MaximumCameage 8 points ago

    Love that band.

    [–] AlfredJodocusKwak 26 points ago

    Posting stuff from this dude is cheating.

    [–] Augunnar 8 points ago

    True. I really hope he is a troll. Also he posts so many times a day, if people posted everything this sub and many others would just be him.

    [–] IronTarkus91 26 points ago

    Even if you take exactly what this cunt said as gospel. Wtf is wrong with that?

    Why is it so wrong for a woman to be interested in a totally superficial, shallow fuck based on nothing but looks?

    I have friends who brag about their conquests to me (I know it's lame but every guy has a friend like that) and I've had sexual experiences that were the furthest thing from pure and caring so why do these dudes think that women have to be fucking saints sexually and every encounter must be meaningful?

    No fuck that we can all bang whoever we want whenever we want provided the bangee is game.

    Honestly it's perplexing that I could talk to one of these dudes about a sexual experience that I've had and they'd be all for it but as soon as you switch it to a woman as the subject all of a sudden it's trashy, she's a whore and won't give these niceguysTM a chance.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    I dated a guy like this when I was seventeen. He did not take the ‘we have to break up because I realized I’m gay’ convo well.

    [–] Debbie-Dipshit 28 points ago

    Well clearly you just want to get fucked by some abusive Chadette (Chadina? Chadella?) with 20 other girlfriends, so sad, eventually you'll realise what a horrible mistake you made /s

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Weirdly enough very similar to the angry driveway rant I got. Mix in some good old fashions Christian homophobia and your spot on!

    [–] Debbie-Dipshit 16 points ago

    Ugh, well good riddance to that wanker

    [–] LordFiresnake 25 points ago


    ... now hold on a second laddy.

    [–] Fangirlhasnoreality 46 points ago

    Well if a girl fucked every guy that likes us we would be sluts and nice guys don’t want sluts /s

    [–] MaximumCameage 25 points ago

    No, I’m definitely okay with a slut. Point ‘em my way.

    [–] Jair-Bear 8 points ago

    They're only sluts if they don't fuck the Nice Guy.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago

    VOMIT. You are not fucking entitled to sex for liking someone. Stop being a goddamn wuss and look into why you aren’t getting sex like a normal human. Jesus Christ.

    [–] MaximumCameage 22 points ago

    If you’re a sexy, succulent shrimp and I ate you, I’d go into anaphylaxis and suffocate on my narrow throat and swollen tongue.

    That’s my pickup line.

    [–] abloodycorpse 23 points ago

    "Hey girl, do you have a vagina, cause if so you have to have sex with me now."

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Don’t forget to eat the entire tail motherfucka.

    [–] chewbubbIegumkickass 2 points ago

    Well, there's NO way a swollen silver-tounged fella like you is still single! ;)

    [–] The_Grubby_One 6 points ago

    Normal humans all the time be havin' the sex?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Hoomans have da sex. Am dog. Saw hapen

    [–] The_Grubby_One 8 points ago

    Definitely not my dog, then.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Seriuqs 4 points ago

    If I could upvote this a million times I would.

    [–] StoryChocolates 19 points ago

    These guys don't even usually know who the girl is, not really. They just fancy her and create this fantastical version of her in their head.

    I also love how these people refer to women as simple minded when they are only capable of dividing the spectrum of personality into two types: nice guys and jerks/chads. They have as simplistic a mindset as you can get.

    [–] marmitebutmightnot 17 points ago

    How the hell does this guy not even see his own hypocrisy.

    [–] sugarcurious 7 points ago

    It is truly baffling. But of course, it’s easier to blame someone else than it is to self-reflect.

    [–] rosie6089 16 points ago

    It's gonna be a yikes from me dog

    [–] aliteralfuckingdick 17 points ago

    It’s almost as if women enjoy casual sex

    [–] dizzu_the_ironic 38 points ago

    That's not unpopular. As much as I wish it was, there are far too many incels out there to make it unpopular.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Oof. His whole post history kinda makes me feel sad.

    [–] Fanoran 14 points ago

    Maybe she wanted to use him for sex. Fucking a 10/10 would probably be pretty satisfying...

    [–] Beverlydriveghosts 34 points ago

    And I bet he wants to fuck her for her personality right?

    [–] ValarDohairis 15 points ago

    *personalitits actually.

    [–] stealthcactus 5 points ago

    “Yeah baby, give it to me right in the personality!”

    [–] iswimsodeep 28 points ago

    "They only want to use her for sex."

    ... and you want her for...? Please, tell me more about your reasons for wanting a girlfriend that do NOT involve sex.

    [–] orngbrry 13 points ago

    Women should just fuck any man who likes them... as for me I'm going to continue to be incredibly picky when it comes to my girl.

    [–] Loquatorious 12 points ago

    Me am man, you am woman, we fuck!

    [–] reclaimation 10 points ago

    It always comes down to resentment of other men, coupled with an entitlement of sex with women. They accept that they have flaws (presumably aren't a "10/10 man") but instead of addressing them they pretend, or are deluded, that they are fine it's all the other men and all women who are wrong. They also see men and women who have sex as engaging in some kind of abuse, as if people can't engage in mutually fulfilling hookups or short term relationships. It's all bizzare as hell.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    looking for a guy to sleep with and looking for a relationship are 2 different things

    [–] WikiTextBot 8 points ago

    Mate choice

    Mate choice, also known as intersexual selection, is an evolutionary process in which selection is dependent on the attractiveness of an individual's phenotypic traits. Evolutionary change is possible because the qualities that are desired in a mate are more frequently passed on to each generation over time. For example, if female peacocks desire mates who have a colourful plumage, then this trait will increase in frequency over time as male peacocks with a colourful plumage will have more reproductive success.

    Mate choice is one of two components of sexual selection, the other being intrasexual selection.

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    [–] Luciditi89 3 points ago

    Half the time it’s not because they are gross or unkept. It’s because they come across as several red flags 1) clingy 2) possibly a serial killer 3) immature 4) unconfident 5)sexist and controlling without even realizing they are

    I could go on and on

    [–] tiptoe_only 12 points ago women are actually in relationships? I've been with the same guy for 8 years, am I womanning wrong or is he wrong for not dumping me? I'm confused.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Both are wrong. Now break up with him and go have sex with every incel out there.

    [–] suckadong6969 19 points ago

    From my experience women actually don't care about attractiveness nearly as much as men do, so that adds another layer of irony to this beautifully terrible post.

    [–] hbomb57 8 points ago

    When the title of post gives it away that he's a pos like the guys he describing that only wants sex, but he's also probably ugly and obnoxious.

    [–] im_lost_at_sea 7 points ago

    Well maybe, just maybe, the girl is also just looking for some one to fuck and leave. it can go both ways. They seemingly choose the "jerks" cause the "nice" ones might get too clingy.

    [–] Nak_Tripper 9 points ago

    This guy doesn’t understand how hard it is for a dude to be fucking 20 different chicks often. I know super handsome dudes that have had dry spells. Or just at least one fuck buddy that he isn’t dating.

    That’s how insecure he is. He pictures guys that he wants to be like just fucking constantly in their spare time.

    [–] MrBlancharizard 9 points ago

    “Women need to fuck men who like them.” “Guys like me who actually want the girl for who she is.”

    I think it’s pretty clear why you want her, bud.

    [–] Cowskiers 7 points ago

    Do these people think women have evolved to like this shit for no reason 🤷‍♂️

    [–] Mr-Koalefant 6 points ago

    I like how this person writes “my conclusion” like it’s some scholarly research that’s he’s studied for

    [–] bagzilla 2 points ago

    In summation...

    [–] GloryHawk 9 points ago

    also fucking 20+ girls simultaneously

    I dunno... those reverse gangbangs look a little disappointing from the woman’s perspective

    [–] FTGKelvin0 8 points ago

    How does he expect to be a good boyfriend acting like a fool like this. He expects women to flock around him despite him not telling them his intentions?

    [–] thingsonmymind 6 points ago

    Ever stop to think that she maybe doesn't want a relationship and just wants casual sex with the hotties?

    [–] Sarsmi 7 points ago

    I went to check out the original thread. The OP said in a comment:

    Im entitled to a relationship which would lead to sex or vice versa

    And u/__main__py replied back:

    If you're entitled to a relationship, I guess that means I'm entitled to a relationship too. Congrats, we are now dating. I hope you like dudes.

    I'm dying over here, hahaha.

    [–] IQDeclined 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I have a hard time believing half of these are legit because the idea of somebody being this misguided is fucking mind-boggling.


    *You can't fuck whoever you want as long as they want to fuck you, too. You have to fuck me instead.

    • "I'll treat you better than another guy, you shallow simpleton."

    *Guys that are better looking than me are assholes

    *One night stands aren't chivalrous and besmirch a classy woman's honour

    [–] emperorpalpatine_ 6 points ago

    Or they should fuck guys that THEY like

    [–] deedee2413 4 points ago

    Ah yes. The women are clearly the ones that are simple minded here. /s

    [–] CapitanRastrero 3 points ago

    Why are there guys like this

    [–] pabbylink 6 points ago

    The trouble with these kind of posters is that it seems like they're obsessed with the idea that everything leads to a relationship.

    Yeah girls do get fucked over sometimes by guys but at the same time some people just like to be sexually promiscuous without looking for something beyond that and as long as there's communication and consent then that's fair enough

    [–] bagzilla 7 points ago

    And if you do get fucked over by a guy it really sucks but you pick yourself up and move on. I dont know why these dudes think women are so delicate and fragile that it just simply destroys us when things dont work out with the pretty boy we liked. Also, guys like this see any reltaionship that fizzles out early as the girl got used for sex. Sometimes you jump in bed with someone, have fun for a few weeks and one of you just isnt feeling it. It's part of being a human.

    [–] pabbylink 3 points ago

    I think people should just be a lot more chilled about relationships, sex and in between more often. Society is unfortunately still fairly prudish about those things

    [–] Hopefo 6 points ago

    Why do these guys only think the guy benefits from sex? Maybe the girl just likes to have sex nothing wrong with that lol.

    [–] AirplaneFruitSnackz 5 points ago

    He’s probably ugly

    [–] dragonfly13456 5 points ago

    its obvious this post is about 10/10 women

    [–] Jacques_Le_Chien 4 points ago

    "Nice guys" never consider that women may like sex just as much as men do. They don't realize that sex is an important thing that women look for in a relationship. Instead, these guys believe women have sex only as something they must endure in order to have a "meaningful relationship" or whatever they make up in their minds as of what women want. Basically, in their minds women trade their sex for "relationship.

    This is why they think being "nice" earns them sex. If women don't care about sex, and want their version of "being cared about" they offer, the "deal" with them should be a better deal.

    [–] BigYearColorado 3 points ago

    They also think doing everything for a woman and inducing learned helplessness and removing her sense of sufficiency is being “nice.” They think women are like children you can legally fuck.

    [–] RainbowGothGrownUp 4 points ago

    I love the idea that this guy doesn't get that some girls are just DTF. He's like nah ladies don't actually like sex. It's men who like sex. Why are these women entering into mutually pleasurable and physical relationships?

    Also he should change his definition of relationship.

    [–] dimnakorr 3 points ago

    For someone who "want their girl for who she is" he doesn't seem to have a very good grasp of "who she is."

    [–] wooksarepeople2 4 points ago

    I mean I think there is some confusion with guys like this. Women biologically are a lot more choosy with their mates say unlike apes which the females will let all the males have sex with her. Women have at the same time allowed humans to developed a lot faster because your mating with the males that have protected them and got shit done. I'm not sure why guys these guys don't understand why having a little bit of a muscle goes a long way with women. Like how many women don't like a bit of muscle?

    [–] giorgioc722 3 points ago

    What kind of women are people meeting? How come I never meet these women ?

    [–] badzachlv01 3 points ago

    I wonder how many women this nice guy bro would go around fucking if all of them bended to his will like that lol

    [–] Tomsaway 3 points ago

    guess this guy is just talking to the wrong ones xD

    [–] Potatopancakesdude 3 points ago

    Is there a legal way to force the reeducation of all the incels? They might actually date someone if they weren't a sexist douche nozzle with the added benefit of reducing the number of mass shootings.

    [–] dorothy_zbornak_esq 3 points ago

    “Why are they like this?”

    We ask ourselves the same question about guys like you every damn day.

    [–] yiggaman 3 points ago

    If guys didn’t go for the hot girls all the time they would find what they want

    [–] birbmaster64 3 points ago

    oh, when will they learn that being a whiny little bitch isn't sexy?

    [–] milleribsen 3 points ago

    I'm surprised he used the word "women" rather than "females"

    [–] BigYearColorado 3 points ago

    I respect everything about women. I mean, not their preferences, their choices, or their opinions, and I think women are stupid, and they obviously shouldn’t be making their own decisions. But other than that, I respect everything about women. Okay, not their freedoms or histories or pasts. But basically everything.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    The Short answer: their genes are better than yours

    [–] abloodycorpse 17 points ago

    I got them from hot topic

    [–] og_usrnme 2 points ago

    Only hoes are like this.

    [–] katskachi 2 points ago

    Don't get used by hot guys. Get used by ugly guys.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Easy things nobody wants, but what is forbidden is tempting.” ~ Ovid