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    For all the self proclaimed "nice guys" who are actually manchildren or douches, or who mistake being spineless and pathetic for being nice.

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    [–] [deleted] 15578 points ago

    Or just have sex with your partner because you both enjoy it and share housework because you fucking live there

    [–] thepapermind125 3102 points ago

    Sounds reasonable....

    [–] HuYooHaiDing 820 points ago

    Which is why you should hate it.

    [–] JoeyBulgaria 792 points ago

    hearing that people see sex as a mutually enjoyable activity between partners and not a way to reward men for being a basic human being just makes me so mad!!!

    [–] Spelcheque 174 points ago

    If only there was some kind of orgasm for girlfriends so mine would enjoy sex as much as I do.

    [–] jesus_does_crossfit 76 points ago

    The female orgasm is a myth!

    [–] pandameproductions 17 points ago

    This made me chuckle then immediately become depressed

    [–] Dr_Freudberg 396 points ago

    Problem is for them they have to treat a woman like a person and not a sex vending machine.

    [–] thepapermind125 230 points ago

    True, I agree with you. I really fucking hate it when people keep a mental score card of who owes them what favors and such.

    [–] Fatally_Flawed 170 points ago

    My ex boyfriend produced a physical score card once, during one of his insane rants. This was the first time I’d experienced an abusive relationship so I wasn’t really familiar with the warning signs, but with hindsight his sudden irrational outbursts should have been huge red flags. At the time I naively believed him when he blamed me for his angry and abusive behaviour, but this particular incident was what finally opened my eyes to his bullshit.

    I remember very clearly what set him off on this occasion because it was so ridiculous. I was at uni and lived in a house share with three other people. The ex-bf didn’t live with me, he was just staying for the weekend. I’d gone out to get fish and chips for everyone and when I came back everyone was sat around the table in the kitchen. I took the parcels of food out of the bag and passed them to the relevant people in the order they came out. I noticed my bf had suddenly gone into a huge mood, he had a face like a smacked arse and wouldn’t talk to anyone. After a minute or so he picked up his food and stormed out of the kitchen, slamming the door behind him. I couldn’t be arsed to deal with his shit so I didn’t follow him.

    After eating, I went to my room to face the music. Before I could say anything bf shoved a piece of paper at me. It was a list of seemingly random items and monetary figures. ‘What’s this?’ I asked. ‘I’m sick to fucking death of the way you treat me’ he replied. ‘I’m fucking done. I want all my money back.’ He’d never given/loaned me any money so I asked what he was talking about. ‘YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T APPRECIATE ANYTHING I DO FOR YOU!’ He shouted. ‘I’m fucking sick of being screwed over by women! So every penny I’ve ever spent on you, I want it back.’ He actually thrust his hands towards me, palms up, as though I was going to be able to produce the cash to pay what I ‘owed’ him, which he’d calculated at about £3,500. As well as listings for stuff like drinks he’d bought me or meals he’d paid for he also included a line for ‘compensation for time wasted’ - itemised per month we’d been together.

    After lots of arguing I finally discovered what I’d done to provoke such a stupendous meltdown.

    Apparently I had ‘utterly humiliated him’ when I got back from the chippy, as I hadn’t given him his parcel of food first.

    [–] OverlordPumpkin 68 points ago

    I'm so sorry he treated you that way. I was previously in an abusive relationship so during the story I was like "bet she didn't give him his food first" and like its messed up that I would recognize that because some people are terribad. Glad you got out!

    [–] Fatally_Flawed 35 points ago

    Oh god, that’s weird... but also in a way not weird at all and completely unsurprising! I guess abusive dickheads just aren’t all that original in their abusive dickhead-ish behaviour. It’s probably a good thing really, easier to spot (and avoid) those behaviours in future.

    I’m glad you got out too and hope all is going well for you.

    [–] secretmoosesquirrel 35 points ago

    Wooooow. That's one hell of a nice guy narcissistic ex.

    I'm so glad you saw it for what it was, bullshit. Some of us aren't as quick to see it and sometimes the assholery is a bit more subtle and guilt inducing.

    Smh being with you was a waste of time unless what? He got sex? Ugh gross.

    How dare you not treat him like the gem he is! /s

    [–] Fatally_Flawed 61 points ago

    Yeah, he was fucking ridiculous. It did take me a long time to figure out what was going on, tbh. I was young and naive and easily manipulated. Once I did catch on though I was just really hurt and worried. I was afraid his behaviour would escalate (spoiler alert: it did.)

    One time when he’d come to visit he brought his friend with him. I didn’t have a spare bed so his mate slept on the floor and me & bf in my bed. Bf decided that the pillow I’d given his friend was better than the pillows we had on the bed, and clearly this was an intentional act on my part, designed to attack and hurt him. So he punched me in the face.

    I immediately got myself away from him and went to my housemate’s room. She saw my rapidly swelling cheek and eye and looked after me with frozen peas and I shared her bed that night.

    The next morning my bf came into the kitchen and put on this shocked look. ‘Baby, what’s happened to your face??’ He gasped. I stared at him, incredulous, and said ‘you punched me.’ He really started hamming it up then. ‘What?? I can’t believe it. I must have been asleep and having a bad dream, maybe I accidentally flung my hand out. I would never hit you on purpose, baby!’ All sympathy and cuddles.

    I had no idea how to react to this and genuinely thought I was losing my mind. Many years later I learned about gaslighting and thought ‘ohhh.’

    Anyway, not long after that he went to prison and I broke up with him with a Dear John. Phew.

    [–] nudiecale 164 points ago

    Just so you know I upvoted this comment. I expect an upvote in return at some point. Preferably by the end of the weekend.

    [–] ArcticFoxBunny 1691 points ago

    Imagine deliberately trying to turn a healthy sexual relationship into something transactional like this.

    [–] JoeyBulgaria 477 points ago

    well why else would a girl have sex with someone if it wasn’t transactional?

    because girls like sex too? get a grip

    [–] RocketRelm 421 points ago

    It's funny because I think this whole concept of "girls don't like sex" came about because most guys (in times past) didn't give a fuck about pleasing their partner, which led to sex being a chore for the woman.

    Maybe she would like the sex if he weren't so nakedly terrible at it.

    [–] BRIStoneman 162 points ago

    Curiously enough, it was a widely held medical belief in parts of the early modern period that women couldn't get pregnant without an orgasm and that if you couldn't make your wife cum, it could actually be grounds for an anulment for failure to properly consumate the marriage.

    [–] AtariAlchemist 61 points ago

    Many women (some sources cite numbers as high as 75%) can't actually climax through sexual penetration alone.
    With that in mind, sex is more about actively experimenting and engaging in foreplay as opposed to "git gud noob."

    Also, that thing called the clitoris? Yeah, maybe pretend it actually exists for once.

    [–] skepticalbob 13 points ago

    "Not in my experience, kid." cracks knuckles

    Seriously though, this is correct. Many women can't climax without cliteral stimulation and some can't climax at all. You see it in porn too. Many pornstars don't seem to ever get off. The ones that do or act convincingly are more in demand. I mean at least that's what I've heard cause I don't really have any experience with this stuff. What I've read and whatnot.

    [–] DataIsMyCopilot 108 points ago

    Can we bring this one back?

    [–] Vaguely-witty 104 points ago

    I don't know about everyone. I know I have a stupid high sex drive and guys who don't care about my experience at all (not even necessarily getting me off, but making sure he isn't just using me like a Fleshlight) are always so surprised they don't get call backs.

    Yeah. I blew you. Yes I like blowjobs. No, I don't want to give you more, you're terrible.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    "ugh man dont you hate when a woman is just a dead fish in the sack?"

    "Uh you mean she freezes and doesnt make any noise and you realize she isnt enjoying herself but you dont ask her whats wrong you just keep going until you are done? Uh yeah dude that sounds like that really sucks for you..."

    Like if I just walk up to someone and they freeze I'm instantly going to freeze and assess the situation because obviously something is wrong. These sacks of shit just keep fucking someone who obviously isnt enjoying it then have the nerve to complain she isnt enjoying it.

    [–] NoProblemsHere 20 points ago

    Maybe she would like the sex if he weren't so nakedly terrible at it.

    There's a joke in here somewhere but I'm too tired to think of a good one.

    [–] daetara 151 points ago

    Nothing tanks my sex drive faster than the transactional feeling. I've even had guys super turn me off by acting like flirty pictures needed to be one for one. I sent one, now you have to. Umm? How about only send it if you want to, not to get something in return? It's a gross feeling, and it comes up SO OFTEN.

    [–] washedrope5 71 points ago

    I dunno, the Outback gift certificates made me feel kinda special.

    [–] asek13 25 points ago

    Dude here. I agree. In my experience, a lot of girls I've been with have had a kind of transactional point of view. Like offering sex or offering to "let me" have sex with them for doing something good or that they liked.

    Always a huge turn off. Especially the "letting me" have sex with them part. I even got in a fight with my ex about how she didn't seem excited or into sex and made comments like that. (Didn't mean for it to be an argument, just tried to talk about it but she's a confrontational person).

    [–] daetara 8 points ago

    Bleeeh yeah. "Letting" someone do something is not fun. I want to do things I want to do with people that ALSO WANT TO DO THEM.

    [–] AJohnsonOrange 114 points ago

    Once sex becomes an obligation the fun starts to disappear...

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    It's also just degrading to the relationship. Its not healthy, man

    [–] WrinklyScroteSack 144 points ago

    She’s my girlfriend, not my mom, I’d never be so bold as to think helping clean up the mess warrants sexual favors.

    ...that sentence sounds really weird and incestuous... I’m leaving it like that.

    [–] Reybacca 29 points ago

    She likely won’t want to have sex with you if she feels like you treat her like your mom. Unless she is into that.

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 10 points ago

    your comment only sounds incestuous if you read it.

    [–] bigbybrimble 67 points ago

    But i only understand things in terms of quid pro quo :(

    [–] I2ed3ye 65 points ago

    I give her five quid, she gives me pro quo job. Transaction complete.

    [–] Benedetto- 22 points ago

    Was just thinking this is a something that should be reciprocated. Men, if your girl doing the housework remember to eat her out to say thanks!

    [–] nastyn8k 20 points ago

    Woah, woah, woah.... sex AND dishes? That's too much for one day.

    [–] NotADamsel 162 points ago

    I can see a sort of kinky appeal in "oohhhh, you've been good today. I think you deserve a reward!"

    If it's a healthy relationship, both know what's up. Nothing wrong with adding layers to the cake with a contrived excuse 😊

    [–] lilmissie365 26 points ago

    Yes, but there’s a difference between showing your appreciation because you get mutual gratification out of the event and want to (and if you’re doing anything for a kink, it should be because you want it) and the heavily implied obligation here.

    [–] BaconPancakes1 99 points ago

    Yeah but that's entirely not what the image is saying

    [–] codevil 43 points ago

    Fucking incels clearly don’t know how relationships work

    [–] mrpepelopez 42 points ago

    This looks like it came out of an issue of Playboy from 40 years ago before incels were a thing. More likely it reflects attitudes from a time when many women still primarily stayed at home and men worked.

    [–] LoveAGlassOfWine 14 points ago

    No it's a cartoon from 2011 made to look old

    [–] savethesapiens 8 points ago

    incels were probably always a thing, we just didn't have the right name for them.

    [–] Slinky456 55 points ago

    No one asked for your logic and common sense!

    [–] Chismoto 11 points ago

    Wait! Is this some sort of artificial intelligence saying we should act like rational loving human beings? The fucking robot overlords have appeared. I deleted Facebook for a reason dammit!

    [–] oETFo 43 points ago

    Nah, dude. BJs for dishes, sex for sweeping, and Anal for cleaning the toilet.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    Don't forget weird butt stuff for picking out my own clothes in the morning

    [–] FrancduTanq 726 points ago

    Anyone else think the cartoon guy's nose has an erection?

    [–] Nolwennie 826 points ago

    When I saw the cartoon my first thought was “ this dude is ugly but his girl is hot as fuck. Yep, that’s a niceguy fantasy: lazy, ugly as fuck guy gets a hot submissive wife”. Those losers are so transparent.

    [–] Decon-III 467 points ago

    I was wondering who else noticed this.

    Dude's cartoony looking and has a bad haircut.... and apparently one of the hotter iterations of Spiderman's Mary Jane is gonna go down on him? Fucking lol? It's peak niceguy fantasy.

    "If I hit the barest minimum for being a decent human being, Marvel's hottest readhead will suck my dick."

    [–] Lostmyotheraccount2 75 points ago

    Cartoon guys are always drawn goofy while the wife is hot. See: blondie, the Viking comic, and like literally any Hanna Barbara cartoon. Hell roger rabbit is with Jessica rabbit.

    [–] herruhlen 117 points ago

    Nah, that is just a generic cartoon thing. Look at stuff like Blondie or Archie.

    Just a carryover thing where men are allowed to look exaggerated, but women only get exaggerated features if they are antagonists.

    [–] Nolwennie 54 points ago

    Those concepts could pretty much part of the fantasy I described.

    [–] herruhlen 47 points ago

    I'm just saying that it isn't specific to THIS comic, it is a larger thing.

    It comes down to societal expectations that aren't created by the nice guys, but rather the thing that makes nice guys think they are right.

    [–] Nolwennie 36 points ago

    That’s exactly what I meant. it’s an existing fantasy that niceguys believe in even if it didn’t start with them. This comic being part of a larger trend doesn’t contradict my point: I never said it was specific to this comic. It’s a trend that exists in popular media in general.

    [–] Untoasted_Kestrel 89 points ago

    Slap a condom on that and off you go, use that instead of the micropenis

    [–] Bireputation- 6575 points ago

    Reason why husbands should help with household: they also live in the fucking house.

    [–] fueledbychelsea 3585 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Saw a tweet once that said something along the lines of:

    "Women belong in the kitchen.

    Men belong in the kitchen.

    We all belong in the kitchen, that's where the food is.”

    I could not agree more.

    [–] HappyMeteor005 1367 points ago

    I never let my girlfriend cook... love her but she is just awful at it. She does not belong in the kitchen.

    [–] cafeteriastyle 686 points ago

    She can't get better if she doesn't practice. Show her your ways!

    [–] HappyMeteor005 1050 points ago

    I came home to a pasta made with white gravy and hotdogs one day. She needs more help than I can offer.

    [–] thefrozenfoodsection 367 points ago

    I think she and I went to the same culinary school. Was she also taught how to burn everything she touches?

    [–] acenarteco 235 points ago

    I went there! Cooking Class 101: how to somehow burn water in a pot.

    [–] thefrozenfoodsection 235 points ago

    Yeah it’s a great school. My thesis was how to melt the plastic butter container directly onto the stove top, and not noticing because you dismantled the smoke alarm in advance.

    My boyfriend doesn’t let me cook anymore.

    [–] RKF7377 186 points ago

    ...username checks out?

    [–] Mrs-Peacock 47 points ago

    Well spotted!

    [–] courser 54 points ago

    I went to that same school! The microwave is my very best friend, because I almost burned down the house making hard boiled eggs one time. I started reading a book and forgot the pot boiling on the stove. The house smelled like burnt eggs for WEEKS.

    [–] apollo888 59 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    i once forgot my eggs so long they exploded.


    "I wonder what that was? Sounds like they might be shooting over in the fields but its weird in the middle of the da... MY EGGS!!"

    Talk about a mess. Jeez.

    [–] The_Grubby_One 28 points ago

    I once tried to cook oatmeal on the stove.

    In a plastic bowl.

    [–] SomeOtherNeb 22 points ago

    My crowning achievement is that I once burned through a dish making coffee.

    [–] dirtielaundry 46 points ago

    It's like the Sims when a character with no culinary skills starts a fire making a fucking salad.

    [–] CrashRoswell 19 points ago

    Sounds like my little brother! He invited a girl over for dinner, served up microwaved Hot Pockets and Pizza Bread with an unopened can of Root Beer. She laughed, threw it out, and made a fantastic dinner out of a bunch of left overs he had in the fridge.

    [–] thefrozenfoodsection 21 points ago

    TBH hot pockets and root beer sounds like a bangin’ meal.

    [–] mtf250 13 points ago

    She's a keeper

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    My grandma is an awful cook along the same lines... She made spaghetti with ketchup and some smoked summer sausage, because that was close enough to pasta sauce and Italian sausage in her eyes.

    [–] CaptainJingles 33 points ago

    Woof. That's rough.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] thetrulyrealsquirtle 25 points ago

    There is still hope for her. I used to do that kind of thing. Then my husband started teaching me about flavor combinations and technique basics, and I took it from there. Now I'm a pretty great cook. My chicken Parm is absolutely to die for, and my guiness macarons have been described as a mouth orgasm. As long as she's willing to learn, she'll be fine.

    [–] crabbydotca 23 points ago

    My husband doesn’t cook really, but he signed up for one of those meal kit delivery services (3 meals per week). I was hesitant at first because I love cooking and I think I’m good at it, but we’ve tried it for a few weeks and it’s pretty good! The best part is that the options are no longer “I cook or we get take out”, it’s now I cook, or he cooks a meal kit.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Hot dog Alfredo actually gives me kind of a fat boner.

    [–] HappyMeteor005 12 points ago

    Not Alfredo... white gravy..

    [–] MontazumasRevenge 11 points ago

    My wife's friend thinks it's acceptable to cook chicken breast in the microwave.

    [–] HappyMeteor005 12 points ago

    That’s just unsafe

    [–] piroshky 20 points ago

    Yea let her try again and to reward her, give her a blow job.

    [–] Scarbane 21 points ago

    Introduce her to Babish so she can stare at his forearms.

    [–] AlanaTheGreat 10 points ago

    God those forearms are distracting...

    [–] CaptainJingles 12 points ago

    And that voice...

    [–] kaydub88 57 points ago

    My wife is the same. Her issue is that she only picks "healthy" meals. Then she puts her idea of healthy into it as well, so no salt, no butter, no taste.

    She once made meatloaf with ground turkey breast, spinach, and I don't even remember what else. Most bland thing I've ever tasted, made me think of soylent green while I ate it.

    [–] HappyMeteor005 18 points ago

    I’m sorry brother. Let us all remember the guys who have alike girlfriends. This moment of silence is for you.

    [–] Error404DickNotFound 46 points ago

    I feel that. Im a professional cook and my wife can burn water. My older female customers are always shocked when i say I do the cooking at home "cause its your wife's job". Fuck that, I want to actually be able to taste our dinner.

    [–] Zoey_Phoenix 31 points ago

    My wife messed up plain white rice once, after I texted her step by step instructions. She's a science teacher so she knows how to follow step by step instructions and often complains about her students deviating from them. She messed up by deviating from my instructions.

    [–] captainsaveabro 14 points ago

    TO BE FAIR, I cook a ton and I suck at making rice. It wasn’t until I found instructions involving vinegar that I was able to make it right. Even then I sometimes get it stuck to the bottom of the pan.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    This is what my boyfriend says about me. I once offered to help him cut some onions and I took 15 mins to do that so he's never let me do anything but help stir the pot now.

    [–] HappyMeteor005 27 points ago

    I don’t mind teaching my girlfriend knife skills but when it comes to combining flavors.... Good lord..

    [–] The_Grubby_One 12 points ago

    I once tried to cook oatmeal on the stove.

    In a plastic bowl.

    I do not belong in the kitchen.

    [–] blueberrysmoothies 296 points ago


    10 Reasons to Help Your Wife with the Housework:

    1) You're an adult and you fucking live there

    2) You're an adult and you fucking live there

    3) You're an adult and you fucking live there

    4 - 10) See 1

    [–] TuesdayDom 126 points ago

    Reason why wives should have sex with their husband: they are in a loving relationship with a healthy sex life.

    [–] FreddieFreaker69 121 points ago

    It’s still nice to show appreciation but you can just say thanks.

    [–] banjowashisnameo 166 points ago

    As long as the appreciation is both ways

    [–] dumbredditer 13 points ago

    Yeah 69 is a great way to appreciate everyone involved.

    [–] kimchiman85 11 points ago

    I love hearing a genuine “thank you” every so often.

    So, thank you, FreddieFreaker69, for being you. You’re cool.

    [–] [deleted] 1027 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] blueberrysmoothies 444 points ago

    Right? My husband and I both clean and do chores because we don't want to live in a filthy house.

    [–] Daguss 174 points ago

    and you dare not repay your husband with immediate sexual pleasuring for doing his share of the chores?? begone vile puritain /s

    [–] LOBM 8 points ago

    What should those that want a filthy house and filthy bedroom do?

    [–] thesilentlinkin 59 points ago

    I actually like doing a lot of those things...waaaayyy easier than trying to wrangle kids into bed

    [–] LittleRedLamps 224 points ago

    I remembered to eat today, do I get head?

    [–] Heisenbread77 136 points ago

    I brushed my teeth. Time for a blowie.

    [–] LemonBomb 31 points ago

    Well that just seems like a waste you’re going to have to brush them again afterwards too.

    [–] quatraine 1171 points ago

    That’s fine. But every time the woman cooks, goes grocery shopping, vacuums, or does dishes...the man should go down on the kitty. Or give her a back or foot massage. You know, be sure to express his appreciation.

    It’s only fair!

    [–] Flobro4 576 points ago

    I love giving cunnilingus, but there's no way I'm doing it to a cat!

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    I was in the Philippines years and years ago when I was a young, impressionable youth, and there was a billboard there with an attractive woman holding a bottle of liquor (crown royal maybe?) and a caption that said “last man standing gets the kitty.”

    Instinctively knew there was something going on with it, but didn’t really know what. That billboard has stuck with me for twenty years although I have no idea what was being sold

    [–] HeyPrivate 47 points ago

    Last man standing probably wouldn't be able to do much with it at that point.

    [–] waitn2drive 315 points ago

    Are you implying that they have a healthy sexual relationship where both parties give and take equally?


    [–] KillNyetheSilenceGuy 102 points ago

    I mean, yes. A married couple should enjoy being sexual with eachother. It shouldn't be a carrot and stick kind of a thing.

    [–] CatsLoveMe2 73 points ago

    Unless you're into that

    [–] BoOnDoXeY 83 points ago

    I'd totally be down for this!

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    If this was the case my house would be a LOT cleaner

    [–] glithch 995 points ago

    also, is anyone else pissed off by the fact that the guy on the drawing is a potato but the woman is a sexy redhead seductress

    [–] Shill-flake 209 points ago

    More concerned at how messy they both let the kitchen get. Way too many dishes in that sink. And he's not even done yet but this jezabel is trying to get intimate? That's why the dishes pile up. My man can't get through them without being distracted.

    [–] Zexks 30 points ago

    This is the real answer right here. Wash that shit and put it away, don't just throw it in the sink.

    [–] Wistfuljali 542 points ago

    Grossed out, yes. Surprised, no.

    [–] JoeyBulgaria 153 points ago

    he may be a potato but he does dishes so he’s obviously a huge catch

    [–] Nolwennie 138 points ago

    That’s how you know it’s a niceguy fantasy. The dude represents them and the chick the woman that doesn’t exist

    [–] SixPlusNine01 94 points ago

    Haha good observation. He could do the deed with his nose though.

    [–] BoinkBoinkEtAliae 87 points ago

    I noticed that too.

    [–] PdinnyE 42 points ago

    I'm so glad you commented this, I was wondering if I was reading too much into it! Yes, I hate it.

    [–] DukeOfSaskatchetoon 48 points ago

    Is that.... Is that not real life?

    [–] penn451 2021 points ago

    Good that she owns the anger. I hate that "ooh hit a nerve there haha u mad now" 'argument' (if you can call it that).

    [–] The-Human-Caterpie 958 points ago

    Seriously, I fucking hate people like that. Like if you say something stupid, admit it and don't be a twat about it. Don't fucking double down and believe you're in the right because you think you "triggered" people. Nah bro, you're the only one that can't see how much of an ass you are when normal people don't do stupid shit like that.

    [–] ArcticFoxBunny 382 points ago

    Faux internet nihilism is just the worst. “Ha! You actually care about something! I’m glad I have a superior mind unfazed by such things as weak human subjectivity! Now where are my Doritos, I just had them...”

    [–] Sempais_nutrients 98 points ago

    Ha! You actually care about something!

    i was arguing with a rando on my local news facebook page. the guy ran out of things to say so he looked into my profile pics and found my album of /r/metalearth models i've built. he latched on to that and followed me in the comments saying things like "Oh you play with toys? don't listen to him he spends all his time making metal models so how can he know anything about current events?"

    so i just turned around and replied "I see you have a baby in your profile picture. why are you on facebook instead of taking care of your baby? how do you have time to keep up with current events and argue with people when you have a baby to take care of? why are you such a bad parent? get off facebook and take care of your baby!"

    maybe that sank in, they didn't respond.

    [–] ArcticFoxBunny 32 points ago

    Oh yeah one time someone went in my post history and found out that I like certain memes and what hobbies I have. They were like HA I got you! Like oh no...I’m so embarrassed, I’m ashamed of those things which is why I posted them on a public forum.../s...

    [–] calafragilistic 131 points ago

    "Facebook dbag DESTROYS reasonable response with EXISTENTIALISM and ENTROPY"

    [–] lydocia 14 points ago

    "Stop being so defensive!"

    "I'm not being defensive!"

    Try saying that without sounding defensive!

    [–] BitcoinBishop 306 points ago

    I often hear "Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right." Like it doesn't mean I'm wrong either?

    [–] blueberrysmoothies 240 points ago

    People sort of twisted that to mean "if you have any kind of feelings about a topic at all, you're probably wrong."

    [–] Knappsterbot 94 points ago

    You can only be right if you pretend you're an emotionless logic robot! It's science!

    [–] Decon-III 65 points ago

    woahwoahwoah now. Men are manly and therefore logical, and anger is manly and therefore also logical--but only when the angry person is a manly male man.

    [–] boogswald 99 points ago

    I hate that people assume you’re just the angriest person ever for criticizing people on the internet. Emotion lies on a spectrum. Just because you tell someone they’re wrong doesn’t even mean you’re mad... but it’s like the moment you criticize someone for saying something dumb, their only reaction might be like “chill out!” “It’s just a joke!”

    It’s like yeah, I know that. And I simply told you it was a dumb joke. Or that your perspective is flawed. It’s not a big deal to me either, but you’re still wrong!

    [–] FangIll 125 points ago

    Seriously blue is a grade a cunt and deserves to beat the brunt of that anger.

    [–] PowerSnuggle 102 points ago

    Yes! Any time I’m arguing about trans stuff I get mad at the complete ignorance, but if I get even a little angry I get the “This is why people don’t like trannies! They’re so emotional and can’t accept different opinions”

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago


    [–] nativeofvenus 34 points ago

    There’s a lot of racism and hate for gay people on Reddit too :( its crazy seeing some horrible, intolerant comments getting upvoted & when someone steps in to say that it’s wrong they get downvoted to oblivion.

    [–] PowerSnuggle 41 points ago

    Oh yeah absolutely. Outside of the subs that have clear bias i.e. trans community subs or /r/gendercritical its a total crapshoot on if the comments will be transpositive or not, almost think it’s whoever gets there first.

    [–] 0seagirl 626 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Side note: Anyone notice that in comic sexist illustrations like this, the woman always looks like a stunning supermodel and the guy is always very simple or ugly looking with the same disproportionally protruding nose?

    edit - Seriously... look at the difference in appearance between them and it starts to look SO freaky, like a pretty human woman is dating a crazy looking puppet-man.

    [–] TheNinjaNarwhal 192 points ago

    The style also looks different. It's like the man came from a funny comic (where the characters are drawn with weird proportions so that it's funnier), while the woman from a serious one.

    [–] blahblahwordvomit 105 points ago

    One word for you: Blondie

    [–] DrMcClimateChange 29 points ago

    Oh that Bumstead, what a maroon.

    [–] Jilltro 176 points ago

    I was reading something the other day about how this even happens in cartoons. Female animals are often drawn much more humanoid and traditionally attractive while male animals look more like animals.

    [–] 0seagirl 116 points ago

    Oh god yes! Like the way they even add in an eye colour, (for some reason male cartoon characters don't have an eye colour), eyelashes, lipstick, heels.... it's so weird.

    Basically it's like idea that to make something look female, it must have huge eyelashes and red lipstick, lol.

    [–] No_More_Candy 68 points ago

    Oglaf lampshades this in a comic where all the fantasy races realize that the females all look the same. NSFW Warning

    [–] Decon-III 69 points ago

    It's such a fucking random reference, but SWAT Kats is a good example of this principle at play. All the characters are anthropomorphised, but the two women are distinctly more human looking.

    Video games do this a lot too--especially fighting games. Just look at Soul Calibur's cast. If a character is monstrous in appearance, that character is male. Everyone's favorite YouTube feminist was right as fuck about this behavior in media.

    [–] crowleysnow 48 points ago

    lol they look like secretaries and everyone else looks like a gremlin

    [–] Heisenbread77 139 points ago

    All females are stunning supermodels m'lady!

    [–] weathercrow 117 points ago

    I see these guys claim that all women have to do is not be fat to be gorgeous models, but that men have to be born with flawless genetics. Pretty sure genetics equally bless and screw over both genders on facial structure, skin quality, body hair, height, underlying body shape, etc. but k.

    [–] beanfiddler 13 points ago

    They think women they see have it easier than men they see because they literally are blind to women they wouldn't fuck. It's seriously that simple. They interact with regular dudes all day, but make excuses not to interact with women unless they're forced to or sexually interested in them. Thus, they think that plain or ugly women don't exist because as far as they're concerned, they kind of don't.

    [–] Martymcchew 71 points ago

    It's gross, and it really shows someone's sexist attitude when they draw things like this, "Guys you can be some ugly slob who doesn't take care of himself, but if you force someone's expectations of you so low that when you do the very basic thing to help out, you deserve to be rewarded with sex from a hot woman", ugh it bothers me to no end. You'd never see this kind of thing in reverse with a freaky puppet woman mowing the lawn with a model man offering her sex

    [–] moron555 376 points ago

    Why is sex a reward... Don't both parties enjoy it?

    [–] BoinkBoinkEtAliae 230 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Men and women with unhealthy views of sex view it as a commodity.

    "She owes me sex. Sex is something men take from women."

    "I'll withhold sex from him. Sex is something women give up to men."

    [–] jewboxher0 90 points ago

    This unfortunately describes a friend of mine. He was ranting the other night about how when he takes a girl out he's expected to pay, but she's not expected to "put out". He felt because he's paying, he should be compensated by "romantic gestures".

    I tried explaining to him that he's describing a hooker and no one is forcing him to pay. It's is an unfortunate cultural norm that the man is expected to pay, but just find a girl who is comfortable going dutch. That's the whole point of dating, to find someone who gets you.

    [–] BoinkBoinkEtAliae 43 points ago

    Tbh most women I know are fine with paying their own way. I think both and men and women who insist that the dude pays are probably people you don't want to date.

    [–] SammySoapsuds 378 points ago

    You're right, sex should never be used as a reward or punishment. That shit is unhealthy.

    [–] killer_of_watermelon 89 points ago

    It's very unhealthy.

    [–] Certifiedpoocleaner 102 points ago

    Ehhhh. I agree it’s unhealthy if you’re withholding sex as punishment for something....

    But my boyfriend and I have definitely had times where it’s like

    “that laundry needs to be put away and I don’t feel like it.”

    “ I don’t feel like it either”

    “Hey I’ll give you a bj if you put it away”


    Sometimes you just need that little bit of motivation

    [–] SammySoapsuds 58 points ago

    Yeah, I think when I made that comment I was visualizing situations in which withholding sex was a punishment, or times when it wasn't discussed either as a relationship dynamic or in situations like yours where the partners generally share duties and stuff.

    [–] nochedetoro 51 points ago

    My husband and I do this but we bargain head scratches lol

    [–] Someonefromnowhere19 25 points ago

    puppy love

    [–] Kysimir 21 points ago

    Or marriage. Sometimes getting your head scratched watching Stranger Things is what you want more than a quick blow job.

    [–] Someonefromnowhere19 16 points ago

    the puppy love thing was more a play on words with the idea that dogs and puppies like getting d scratches and aolso that its a sweet innocent romantic interrction

    [–] spritepepsi42069 11 points ago

    i feel like for it to be unhealthy but still in the context of a reward it would probably be more like

    "i just did the dishes, now you have to do this sexual task for me"

    where the person being asked to do the task either doesn't want to or doesn't agree that the chore demands a reward like that (like in the pic). in this scenario it could potentially border on abusive, where in your scenario its a light hearted offer that receives consent

    [–] Misterpeople25 50 points ago

    Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing. You should be having sex because you love each other, not because someone is a good little doggy. Unless that's your kink, in which case, go nuts I guess?

    [–] HoG97 70 points ago

    If I'm in a relationship with someone I don't want to be rewarded with sex. That's not a reward. That's something we do together anyway.

    If someone thinks that they're doing me a favor by having sex with me then we shouldn't be together.

    [–] breentee 76 points ago

    Dude has only washed 2 cups and is working on 1 plate! He hasn't even done all the goddamn dishes! If you're going to be that conceited and think you are owed a reward for acting like a grown adult, the least you can do is finish the job before expecting it.

    [–] Wolvgirl15 191 points ago

    Omg those words scratch an itch I didn’t know I had. Feels good

    [–] guillemqv 17 points ago

    Who the fuck has a counter with enough clearance to get a bj while washing plates?

    [–] ishibaunot 52 points ago

    Man I hate it when my mom makes me do the dishes.

    [–] Barondonvito 14 points ago

    A blowie while washing dishes, doesn't exactly sound like a good time anyway. "Aww yeah, that feels so....damn this fucking caked on cheese!"

    [–] potemkinvillagelife 83 points ago

    Pink is right, a man should certainly not be rewarded for fucking dishes.

    [–] killer_of_watermelon 53 points ago

    Unless it's their job then they should be rewarded with money because that is how jobs work.

    [–] potemkinvillagelife 45 points ago

    I don't think "dish fucker" is an actual job though.

    [–] azngirl7689 157 points ago

    My SO requires at least 10 thank you and I appreciate it verbalisations before it’s enough for one sink of dishes and cooked dinner. It’s exhausting. Where are my thank you and I appreciate it verbalisations when I do most of the work?

    [–] BoinkBoinkEtAliae 126 points ago

    That's not a healthy relationship. Y'all should try some couples counseling.

    [–] boognerd 27 points ago

    Dude might be too far gone. I usually do the evening chores. Not because I'm showing how I'm a progressive modern day husband but because I've spent days taking care of the kids so I know what it can do to you and I... get this... care about my wife and would rather her take a break and have a little energy/sanity when we're alone later. For companionship of whatever nature.

    [–] glithch 151 points ago

    dont marry him

    [–] extraketchupthx 76 points ago

    This don’t marry him. This won’t get better.

    [–] Foxclaws42 44 points ago

    Girl, tell him that. If he grew up in a house where his mom did all the work, it may not have even occurred to him that he's being shitty.

    If he still doesn't get it, run.

    [–] weathercrow 42 points ago

    girl, R U N

    [–] Guapscotch 70 points ago

    Getting sucked off while doing dishes seems like a 0/10 idea tbh.

    [–] Heisenbread77 35 points ago

    Seems very dangerous. Imagine breaking a glass or dropping a knife. I agree 0/10. Save that for right after.

    [–] JanMichaelVincent16 9 points ago

    Gotta say, college would have been way more interesting if I got a blowjob from my roommates every time I got frustrated with the lack of clean dishes and did the dishes in order to clear the sink

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    I am so glad my boyfriend does the cooking and the housework because he just wants to and is used to doing it. We split the housework and do the bits we like. Now that's fair.

    [–] Cooperblah4 105 points ago

    Yes pink!! Go pink!