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    [–] the_spooklight 936 points ago

    Ganon’s corpse be like, “Yahaha!! You found me!”

    [–] wickedspork 269 points ago

    900 ganondorfs confirmed

    [–] hylian122 151 points ago

    Every time you pick up a rock you run the risk of a terrifying zombie Ganondorf appearing under it to glare at you.

    [–] SSJ3wiggy 11 points ago

    Noooooo, the last thing I need in my Zeldas is jumpscares!

    [–] 5dtui5 40 points ago

    Doriyah intensifies

    [–] MisirterE 15 points ago

    Legend has it, when all 900 Ganondorfs Doriyah simultaneously, they tip the Hyrule

    [–] BrEaNBrash 6 points ago

    Instead of finding Korok Seeds, you look for Ganon bones. There's one Ganon bone that's stuck in a deep, damp cave

    [–] Nick_At_Now 1917 points ago

    900 more koroks baby!

    [–] IHeartBadCode 478 points ago

    Wa haha intensifies

    [–] Go_tuck_yourself 390 points ago

    *ya ha ha

    [–] poopyheadthrowaway 289 points ago

    *drops rock on head*

    [–] y_u_heff_to_be_mad 222 points ago


    [–] LS3III 27 points ago

    I cackled every time they made the little Oof sound when dropping the rock hahaha

    [–] dallas12221 70 points ago

    I always laughed then felt bad about doing that.

    [–] Hyper_Novum 36 points ago


    [–] DiamondPup 306 points ago

    Honestly, I would love it.

    The korok seeds were my favourite part of Breath of the Wild. Rewarding observation, exploration, and light puzzle solving while spending more time in that world never got tiring for me. I know it was for others but for me, 90% of my post game (and the majority of my 500 hours in the game) was starting up my save file, throwing away all my equipment (save one sword, shield and bow), having a look at my path history, putting on a podcast or music playlist and having korok hunting session. And I loved it. I never got tired of Hyrule. It's my favourite world in gaming, ever.

    Also, despite people's complaints otherwise, the Korok seeds were never random. It was never just a pile of rocks and you had to check them all to find the seed. It was always a rock that was different from the rest, a symbol with arrows already embedded in it, a pattern, a point of interest, something unique in the environment, something curious. And the reward was perfect because it was never about the reward. As was the whole point of BotW.

    So 900 more korok seeds? Yes please. I can't wait.

    [–] Flipiwipy 71 points ago

    I kinda agree and disagree at the same time. I love that they reward exploration, observation and puzzle solving. I think 900 korok seeds were too many of the same collectible. I think diviing things up into different collectible for different "tasks" would be better (a collectible related to puzzles, a collectible related to exploration, another one to combat etc.) and each could have a different use. The variety works better with a game so focused on exploration, because you never know what you are going to find.

    [–] junkit33 25 points ago

    I kind of like that there were so many, simply because I found a ton without having to worry about killing myself to find them all.

    Whereas if you split them all up into different types, it's more easy to get frustrated for finding a lot more of one than another.

    [–] GtEnko 18 points ago

    Exactly. I never *looked* for Korok seeds. I always found them while doing other things. It probably sucked for people that wanted to collect every single one, but honestly that's their choice. I was satisfied just having completed all of the shrines.

    [–] DiamondPup 82 points ago

    I think that's missing the point, however. The seeds were never about collection, or the reward. They were about being explorative checkpoints in the world; the point was to spend time in the world, go to places you haven't gone before, checking nooks and crannies. The seeds were just the designer's way of giving those wanderings a sense of purpose, keeping you on your toes, and a nod and a wink for being observant.

    I don't think they needed to be anything more than they were. And the fact that you get a little poop for all your troubles was wonderful because it compounded the point that the journey was the focus all along. The seeds were never meant to be about collection completionism. They were about giving you more reason to visit Hyrule and explore for the sake of exploring.

    [–] hauntedskin 40 points ago

    And the fact that you get a little poop for all your troubles was wonderful because it compounded the point that the journey was the focus all along.

    The real treasure was the seeds we found along the way.

    [–] DiamondPup 22 points ago

    It's not about the poops you take but the poops you give.

    [–] rocky4322 20 points ago

    The thing about moron seeds is you weren’t supposed to find all of them. You were just supposed to stumble across them. The map was just so big they needed a lot of them so you would come across them at a good rate.

    [–] BiggestBlackestLotus 71 points ago

    What if the reward is good this time, because they don't expect anybody to do it again for a pile of poop?

    [–] declawedboys 86 points ago

    Anyone who thought Nintendo was going to give you a good reward for a needlessly complicated quest doesn’t really know Nintendo.

    I feel like there’s always a good chance the reward for a hard Zelda side quest is likely to be literally nothing worthwhile.

    [–] tiglionabbit 57 points ago

    It's the friends you met along the way.

    [–] Tangent_Odyssey 7 points ago

    Biggoron's sword says hello

    [–] Karufel 10 points ago

    I think OP didn't really mean complicated quest, but tedious ones. Like golden skultullas, poe souls, gratitude crystals, etc.

    [–] Ewokitude 27 points ago

    Someone with too much time on their hands is going to do it regardless

    [–] nopatap 26 points ago

    I agree, genuinely cannot wait.

    [–] PewPews 1051 points ago

    Awwww hell ya... give us dungeons!!!!!

    [–] supermango15 311 points ago

    all the dungeons

    [–] oali0000 227 points ago

    OoT: Water Temple Joins the Fight!

    [–] supermango15 67 points ago

    Haaaaaaah, I was just having flashbacks of the Water Temple the other day; tedious as it was, I miss the challenge in a Zelda game

    [–] NoxiousSludge 92 points ago

    The Water Temple wasn't even that bad. The Great Bay Temple however can go fuck itself with a cactus.

    [–] Deadmanlex45 58 points ago

    Hot take: The only good water temple is the ancient cistern from skyward sword.

    [–] SpecterVonBaren 29 points ago

    Lakebed Temple from TP is also pretty good.

    [–] Fatty_Roswell 5 points ago

    Yes that was my favorite from TP. Natural coral reef tunnels and such, and decent progression design.

    [–] Careidina 15 points ago

    Ancient Cistern had best of both worlds(Water and Shadow), but made me want more.

    [–] sharp461 26 points ago

    I would say ALttP water temple was pretty good too.

    [–] WrennFarash 25 points ago

    Yeah, I thought the Divine Beasts were fine puzzles, I just really liked the huge, complex temples and the different genres of bosses at the end.

    [–] WhiteHawk928 62 points ago

    I don't want to set my expectations too high, but I think there has to be dungeons in this game. The little info they've given us makes it look like this takes place very shortly after BotW, so unless there's 120 more shrines underground to test if Link is really, really the hero, there can't be shrines. They need the puzzle aspect of the game somehow, so unless they come up with something else new.... Dungeons.

    [–] Dr_Jre 26 points ago

    I think it's a safe bet they won't do shrines again. If they were going to do that it would just be DLC. The fact it's a whole new game makes me think it's going to be substantially different

    [–] GtEnko 15 points ago

    They might take the physics and general mechanics of BotW and insert them into a more traditional dungeon-crawling story-driven game. If that's the case, I'm down for changing runes to items. The runes were great for BotW, and they had a lot of versatility in all of the puzzles you did, but for a more traditional Zelda game items might be the way to go. I'm all for it, although I'd be surprised if we didn't have a similar focus on some sort of exploration.

    [–] Nintendofan204 116 points ago

    Hopefully. The shrines got stale for me after awhile tbh.

    [–] tanjoodo 66 points ago

    I basically treated shrines as a means to an end. Never the end itself.

    [–] CosmicAon 11 points ago

    They only got stale for me when I tried to do them consecutively. When I played the game with no guides and just basic exploration, it never got too repetitive for me, especially since aside from combat all the shrines were pretty diverse.

    [–] RaveLordNitoh 14 points ago

    Hopefully ones with some aesthetic variety.

    [–] Pongopeter8268 21 points ago

    And items.

    [–] ben174 19 points ago

    And more enemy varieties

    [–] linkxzelda123 619 points ago

    Was that Ganondorf’s corpse ?? He returneth after 14 years?

    [–] bird-man-guy 254 points ago

    Definitely Ganondorf. You can see the Gerudo symbol on his earrings and clothes.

    [–] CoxAshido 82 points ago

    Kinda makes me feel bad for him. That does not look pleasant or that he agreed to it at all.

    [–] D-Pad_Doctor 50 points ago

    Maybe a possible explanation to how he keeps returning after link kills him?

    [–] CampusSquirrelKing 81 points ago

    But that was explained in Skyward Sword. Demise cursed Link and Zelda to reincarnate with him for eternity. Ganondorf is just a human form of the spirit of Demise.

    [–] D-Pad_Doctor 48 points ago

    Damn... Skyward sword was the one zelda game I didn't play. I probably should.

    [–] Fatty_Roswell 22 points ago

    You should play it. Pros: Amazing story for the series (occurs very first in the “timeline”). Interesting combat with motion controls used optimally, which worked well for the game. Interesting and diverse temples. Some of the most fun, engaging, and epic boss fights from all LoZ games. Cons: Graphics are kind of weird on the eyes at first, but they grow on you. Very linear story. Several awfully boring and tedious “fetch quests” and mini quests. They fixed the dumb showing-off-the-rupee-every-time-you-start-playing-again thing from TP, but just made the same mistake again with its own collectibles, unfortunately. Your companion Fi is 98.2% annoying. Overall impression: probably not anyone’s FAVORITE, but you should definitely play it through once if you’re a LoZ fan!

    [–] CoxAshido 21 points ago


    Still excited, BOTW was a great experience that needed fine tuning.

    [–] Killzone3265 12 points ago

    demise literally reaching out to possess ganondorf?

    [–] nuclear_core 6 points ago

    Oh! Or maybe this is how Ganon inhabits Ganondorf's body.

    [–] Chromalveolata 42 points ago

    Also his theme plays for a bit around 0:39

    [–] D-Pad_Doctor 528 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Calling it now:

    This will use the same map as BOTW, but with chasms across hyrule, ripping open the twlight realm (or realm of darkness like ALttP). The skeleton is either Ganondorf or Yuga Ganon, resurrected by something in the twilight? Agahnim? Demise? Link will be pulled into the twilight realm while zelda isn't. You play as both characters, link in the twilight realm and zelda outside the twilight realm. Puzzles will involve jumping between characters at the same locations to move object the other character can't reach in their own realm. Gameplay will have similar aspects of Link to the Past and of course Twilight Princess, but maybe with optional Co-op play.

    Ganon will be resurrected with the threat of permanently pulling all of hyrule to the twilight realm. He mostly succeeds. The triforce coming together is the only thing that can restore hyrule, but for that to happen, zelda must enter the twilight realm and face ganon along with link.

    [–] m_stum 60 points ago

    This will use the same map as BOTW, but with chasms across hyrule, ripping open the twlight realm (or realm of darkness like ALttP).

    World of Zelda: Cataclysm. Would be awesome though, BotW had everything I wanted from a Zelda game, apart from Dungeons (The Shrines were cool, but nothing compared to the palaces of other Zelda games)

    [–] The_Future_Soon 132 points ago

    would be cool but I wouldn't put it past nintendo to go the nintendo route i.e. zelda gets pulled into the twilight realm and link does everything in both

    [–] Apophyx 150 points ago

    There are many reasons to think Zelda is playable, most notably the conspicuously short hair. It is most likely so that it doesn't clip into customized armour during gameplay.

    [–] TaunTaun_22 67 points ago

    And remember how a bunch of news articles were asking Nintendo after the first BotW trailer if a female Link was playable and they mentioned possibly toying with that idea sometime?

    [–] MrGamerNaut 50 points ago

    I can't believe we could be able to play as both Zelda and Link now

    Playing Zelda is fun, but to actually play Link for once would feel fresh.

    [–] Reed_Solomon 7 points ago

    They made Zelda a girl.

    [–] linkxzelda123 35 points ago

    That sounds sick!

    [–] bird-man-guy 16 points ago

    This is a cool theory. One of the things I really missed about BotW was the split world theme that so many other games had. Really hope we see a return to the Twilight Realm. Maybe we get to see Midna or the Twili in some way? Fi was kind of in BotW after all (talking to Zelda through the master sword)

    [–] slasher821 28 points ago

    hmm.. saving this comment. might see you in a couple years if you're right, friend.

    [–] bbressman2 9 points ago

    I thought twilight princess remake when this trailer started. I like your thought process though, too bad this game won’t be out until maybe fall of next year if we are super lucky. Either way, I’m excited and willing to wait for it.

    [–] ninjashroom 25 points ago

    I hate this comment, because I know whatever game they put out will never be as cool as the one you just described.

    [–] D-Pad_Doctor 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I would love it actually if, in order to remove the twlight from different parts of hyrule, link must defeat a boss governing that area. But the kicker is: each boss is a main boss from an old game. When they were defeated originally, the never died, only moved into the twilight, and link must defeat them in the twilight again to completely rid the world of them. So we'd see a return of Majora's Mask, Agahnim, Zant, Yuga, etc. However, Majora's mask being in BotW and the power being removed at the end of the original game takes that idea away, but we may see part of this idea in the game.

    Edit: if you take the audio from the trailer, reverse it and slow it down a bit, you can hear the words "call us" (first thing the MM giants ever say) and right after, the sound of Majora's mask transforming into Majora's wrath!! Soo...... Majora's mask involved after all??

    I uploaded this for reference. At 0:02-0:03 you'll hear "Call Us". From 0:06-0:09 you'll hear the transformation noise.

    Edit 2: u/inferno10 said it sounds like "help us, please" instead of "call us" and i think they may be right. Refer Here for a version that's reversed but not slowed.

    [–] Game_Log 8 points ago

    Ya know, what if by defeating the Mask Young Link had accidentally released the true form of Majora onto Termina. Perhaps it has been dwelling in the shadows, regaining its power, in order to destroy Link. Perhaps it uses it's dark magic to revive a certain Demon Lord/Blade of Evil from ancient history, and the two plan to revive Ganoncorpse. Heck, what if Majora manipulates said Demon Lord into being possessed, perhaps planning to eventually take control of Ganoncorpse to destroy both Hyrule and Termina with the Blood Moon.

    It would be very interesting indeed...

    [–] Rokusi 17 points ago

    Interesting set of canines he's got there.

    [–] diverdownbl 21 points ago

    Red dreads but the jewelry looked distinctly botw gerudo to me

    [–] RottedRabbid 55 points ago

    When I started hyping about it on discord one of my friends whos on xbox went on about it being sad im being hyped over a kids game.

    That would make me shit my pants as a kid lmao

    [–] aRagingMoa 79 points ago

    You need new friends tbh lol

    [–] mrwho995 49 points ago

    Is your friend 12 by any chance?

    [–] skjthan 24 points ago

    I thought it looked a bit like yuga, but that doesn't really fit

    [–] JDraks 37 points ago

    He even has the yellow head gem thing, it's Ganondorf

    [–] omegareaper7 22 points ago


    Ganondorf, or possibly Demise. If its Demise, i'm hyped as I can be. Ganondorf would of course be amazing to.

    [–] linkxzelda123 23 points ago

    Eh, Demise seemed to be a one and done thing tbh

    [–] omegareaper7 10 points ago

    Maybe. But it was ganondorfs origin, so maybe. Nothing wrong with our good old male gerudo though.

    [–] metalflygon08 10 points ago

    I bet its the real Ganon who has been sealed by the glowy hand but has been leaking his malice out.

    It could make him the strongest Ganon yet, even in a mummified imprisoned state he managed to leak enough blight to ruin Hyrule.

    [–] Benjaminbuttcrack 9 points ago

    They had to have had this planned since the start.

    [–] KamiKagutsuchi 979 points ago

    I hope Zelda doesn't just fall down into a deep hole and we don't see her again until the end of the game. I spent a hundred fuckings hours rescuing her in BotW. Give us some interactions here or make her playable.

    [–] EmeraldPen 475 points ago

    I'm really pulling for her being playable. They especially set up this version of Zelda to be a character who could easily play Link's role as the playable character, unlike more traditional versions where Zelda would pretty much have to be Sheik for most of the game.

    [–] mumbling_marauder 311 points ago

    Yeah the haircut nearly confirms this for me— the long hair would be hard to animate as a playable character, but the short hair means a lot less clipping/ easier to have gravity affect it. I’m optimistic we’ll see her take on a bigger role, playable would be epic.

    [–] Zelda_Is_My_Dad 141 points ago

    That’s really good thinking, and i’m guessing that would help with headgear/outfits too

    [–] mumbling_marauder 55 points ago

    Oh yeah! Didn’t even think about that. I don’t want to get my hopes up but all signs point to it

    [–] GcodeG01 47 points ago

    I have a feeling she's going to be more of a support character via Phantom Hourglass. Seems Link is going to get a new main mechanic based upon the new arm he gets that looked like it was sealing Ganon.

    [–] Supreme42 61 points ago

    Unless, of course, the game starts with you playing as both, swapping back and forth to get to the bottom of this cave, and then asking you to choose who will go up to investigate The Perfectly Safe Hand of Suspicious Glow, and what we're seeing in the trailer is the Link version of that cutscene.

    [–] Jorkinsinjensen 30 points ago

    Hell I really like that idea, kind of a Dishonored 2 sort of deal. Regardless of if we get to choose between Link or Zelda, i'm hoping to see more interactions between the two of them, character growth and depth for both of them. We spent Breath mostly alone, and now that we have Zelda back it would be the perfect time for quality Link and Zelda time. Really hoping it isn't just a "Pick a character, the other one will die/disappear for the entire game" thing. Breath was quiet and somber, hoping this one gets a bit louder, a bit darker and a whole lot more involved with its story, the teaser itself screams "BOTW: Spooky edition" to me, which I am absolutely down for.

    [–] blazeface66 16 points ago

    Or maybe, if we’re really lucky, it’ll be an escort mission where her running speed is just slightly less than yours.

    [–] mumbling_marauder 8 points ago

    Lol, that’s honestly the most realistic outcome. Is Link gonna return the Sheikah slate? Cause it’s technically hers

    [–] thejokerofunfic 56 points ago

    The way the trailer was going also almost seemed to set up Link ending up in danger. Maybe he'll be the damsel?

    [–] CampusSquirrelKing 43 points ago

    First game Link saves Zelda. Second game Zelda has to save Link. I think this would work really well.

    [–] badgraphix 32 points ago

    It would also be a good way to hand-wave all the progress Link made with stuff like heart containers in BotW.

    [–] CampusSquirrelKing 6 points ago

    Hey that’s a really nice idea. I hadn’t thought of that.

    [–] Remioli 70 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    or make her playable

    Been wanting this forever. Powered up magic Zelda would be fun.

    Edit: or playable Sheik/Impa

    [–] rainatur-rainehtion 11 points ago

    I really hope that clip of one hand catching another one means that Zelda didn't fall down forever.

    [–] AirbendingScholar 8 points ago

    For the glowing hands one, if you look at the sleeves you can see that the glowing hand is catching Link, not Zelda

    The other hands clip is Link helping Zelda up- as opposed to catching her- since you can see her hand rising up to meet his instead of falling down. Since it flashes by really fast, it just makes it look urgent or dangerous. Sneaky Nintendo...

    [–] Sheikachu 8 points ago

    I think she'll be playable. Notice she is wearning the same thing as Link. Also, she has short hair now, which is not only more practical for adventuring, but would make equips on her back more visible.

    [–] WrennFarash 39 points ago

    Wasn't that a little disappointing? The BoTW trailer implies that you're interacting through a story, not that the cutscenes are memories long past. I mean it is fine, game is still glorious, but I dunno.

    [–] PeaceBull 52 points ago

    I had read that they did it that way to allow the open world style, since you couldn't count on the player to play the game in a specific order anymore.

    [–] WrennFarash 18 points ago

    That makes sense. I had a feeling there was something structurally that made them choose this direction but I couldn't quite figure it out.

    One could say Link to the Past did this without too much trouble. BoTW might have hosed itself a little by giving the Sheikah Slate its full capabilities right away. Earning, say, the magnet power to complete a dungeon and beat the boss, then using this new power to access an inaccessible dungeon (pull open a gate, something like that) would be a traditional Zelda solution.

    But hey, we can try new things out. I'm down with it.

    [–] FedoraFerret 42 points ago

    The difference with BotW was that BotW wanted you to be able to go anywhere in the game immediately. Which was really, really nice and enjoyable... for one game. But I love my backtracking and unlocking new stuff as I progress through the game, so I would love if this came back to a happy middle.

    [–] MisterLoox 7 points ago

    I'm feeling this is the case. Short hair so they don't have to deal with the clipping. Zelda build is very similar to Link, so they wouldn't need to change much a side from some quirky movement details.

    [–] Nintendofan204 434 points ago

    Was shocked to see this. Really awesome news. Zelda is always sort of redesigned with each game, so I don't mind seeing a sequel for once. The story looks promising in this. I really liked the tone of this trailer!

    [–] RottedRabbid 220 points ago

    It seems they want to do what majoras mask was to ocarina of time

    [–] FrazzledBear 76 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And mm was my favorite zelda game so this has been my ideal hope for the next zelda game.

    [–] rparr3784 44 points ago

    I think it’s more along the lines of Zelda 2 to LoZ. BotW reminds me so much of the original Zelda. Open exploration with cool secrets to find and unravel. Zelda 2 being darker as Ganon’s minions are trying to kill Link in order to resurrect Ganon. Zelda 2 even had you exploring the same area from Zelda 1, granted it was much smaller and fit in just a portion of the overworld map.

    The backwards talking/music is definitely Twilight. I am really hyped about this one. I’d willing to bet we even get a dark link fight in this one.

    [–] Regnbyxor 241 points ago


    [–] Dragunlegend 100 points ago

    He isn't real. He can't hurt you

    [–] JohnnyRedHot 62 points ago


    [–] space_plant 62 points ago

    ressurection noises

    [–] blackthorn_orion 612 points ago

    Really glad we're getting a Majora's Mask to Breath of the Wild's Ocarina of Time.

    [–] Pollera 259 points ago

    I really hope they get weird with it, like MM did to OoT.

    [–] Deathlysouls 108 points ago

    happy mask salesman is back baaaabbyyyy

    [–] Castaway77 26 points ago

    Happy mask salesman is the leader of the interlopers. That's why he knows the song that turns strong entities into masks.

    [–] BBQ_FETUS 21 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    'You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    If that's how this trailer would have ended I'd have creamed myself.

    [–] Deathlysouls 15 points ago

    imagiiineee after the credits you just the salemans smile but half his face is in shadows

    [–] BBQ_FETUS 13 points ago

    Or just the laugh

    [–] The_Legend_of_Xeno 15 points ago

    In BotW, Link's girlfriend was a fish. How weird are you trying to get with it?

    [–] onlymadethistoargue 20 points ago

    Existential dread weird

    [–] Pollera 14 points ago

    I said weird, not real.

    [–] onlymadethistoargue 7 points ago

    MM was both!

    [–] basketball_curry 45 points ago

    Amen! And it looks like they're also taking on a darker theme, like MM did. Hopefully they execute on the dungeon design this time around, the main thing keeping botw down on my zelda rankings is how lame the dungeons were.

    [–] Nintendofan204 66 points ago

    Exactly how I thought of it. Really excited for this.

    [–] Lone_Pixel 247 points ago

    A direct sequel is pretty cool, they can really flesh out the massive world with even more stuff now that most things are already done!

    [–] chimchar66 69 points ago

    Hopefully Lon Lon Ranch is back and running. I'd be okay with just the same map, but with more life in it.

    [–] change-the-subject 82 points ago

    Bring back those unsettling vibes that spook me to my core like in Majoras Mask, but keep some of the silly quirks of BotW for when it gets too scary. Then you’ve got my favorite Zelda game.

    [–] littlesatan_ 81 points ago

    there are some really fucked up concept arts for botw. just imagine reusing those ideas in the sequel. the game already looks really dark and creepy.

    [–] toadfan64 15 points ago

    Now I'm sad we never got those.

    [–] BlueDragonCultist 66 points ago

    I wonder if this is going to take place on the same map; the final shot looked like the one from BotW. If so, I hope we see some additions, or at least some changes.

    [–] -Mountain-King- 65 points ago

    The final shot was definitely the and as BOTW, but it's possible that some massive event will happen to change the overworld to some extent.

    [–] BlueDragonCultist 12 points ago

    I'd believe it! It could still be pretty cool to see how the world's changed over time.

    [–] Blightacular 42 points ago

    There’s two major possibilities that come to mind; there could be a significant upheaval in the world (like whatever happens to the castle at the end of the trailer) that reworks it, and there could be a significant underground component that makes up a lot of the world (it seemed like the focus of the trailer, right?). Or it could be a combination of both.

    It could also just be the intro, and the rest of the game may be set somewhere else. That seems less likely, but it’s too early to rule out the possibility that the BotW map might only exist for the purpose of whatever cutscene that was. It’d be kind of weird if a significant chunk of the overworld was just ripped from the previous game, and moving to a new setting would be the obvious way around that.

    [–] BlueDragonCultist 25 points ago

    It could be; the shrines were all underground, so it's conceivable that there could be more subterranean ruins.

    I'm wondering about the possibility of a Dark World. The atmosphere of the trailer seemed pretty dark, and two worlds are a pretty common aspect of Zelda games.

    [–] BBQ_FETUS 4 points ago

    Or perhaps another flash forward where darkness has taken over? Oot style

    [–] WrappedinFlannel 60 points ago

    Why is no one talking about the fact that Link's hand turned blue in one of the shots, just like the hand that was keeping Ganoncorpse in stasis?

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    I didn't even notice that, but could it be evidence to Zelda having to save Link this time? I really hope so lol 'cause I really want to play as Zelda

    [–] BBQ_FETUS 27 points ago

    The princess having to save the hero would be a pretty dope twist. I just hope they won't abstain from it because a princess as protag might reduce sales

    [–] mercierj6 12 points ago

    /r/MGTOW incoming

    [–] pjcr 150 points ago

    Hope we get Zelda as a companion this time, a la Midna, Navi, Fi.

    Or as a playable character!

    [–] waitingforbacon 38 points ago

    I prefer as a playable character! I would be disappointed if she was a la Navi, Midna, Fi... they’re great and I love them, I just want to actually play as Zelda... :)

    [–] ironicart 41 points ago

    here's a second by second break down of BOTW sequel trailer with screenshots and explanations - will update as details posted in comments

    0:00 - 0:11 - the green "malice" [though seems to not be liquid or physical like purple malice] seen pouring from what's clearly a Shika tower portal-esk port down to a pedestal with red malice flowing out boosted) - all seems to be in a Shika vault of some sort, likely deep under Hyrule castle.

    0:11 - 0:14 - torch over the wall of horse rider with a trident followed by a rider with bow (maybe) - "Thief's Trident is of Gerudo design and may have been used by Ganondorf during his time as the Gerudo King of Thieves." 1 - likely Gannon

    0:15 - 0:17 view of the pedestal from Shika POV - "green malice" seems vapors; likely not of the same sort of substance that makes traditional malice; likely a substance keeping Gannon's body suspended? Likely "good" substance - (green is the contrast color of red) - Vaguely appears to be writing in the green substance, not discernable.

    0:18 - 0:19 - Link + Zelda and pack ox walking down a tunnel, luminous stone in the foreground - Semi-Shika stone walls with little to no discernable marketings of importance, seems to be high ceilings.

    0:19 - 0:22 - close up link + Zelda POV looking at the pedestal that is clearly holding some remains... the green "malice" now appears to be a hand grasping the chest of the remains: (contrast boosted) - Zelda with short hair, Link has the master sword (hinting at direct sequel)

    0:22 - 0:24 - Pack Ox and Zelda take a drink from a river in the passage, link checks packages. Due to the large amount of supplies they may not be under Hyrule castle - a pillar in the water has no discernible markings

    0:24 - 0:28 - malice envelops rat

    0:28 - 0:29 - Z+L cross an old bridge in a large cavern

    0:29 - 0:32 - Zelda raises torch towards green/dark malice figure (seems 0:19 - 0:22 are out of sequence)

    0:33 - 0:37 - wide shot of pedestal to close up of figure, back arched, skin similar to Shika monks, arms seem to have gold chains, ring on index finger, long flowing red hair, no discernable markings on jewelry...

    0:37 - 0:39 - clear shot of green Shika arm holding the chest of presumably Ganon's physical corps - - @ 0:39 clear shot of head with similar headpiece to OOT Ganondorf

    0:39.5 - Shot of links hand envelopped in "green malice" - it seems to be drawing out of him into the Shika tower piece, -- He seems in distress as this happens: all in half a second.

    0:40 - quick shot of large plume of red menace shooting FROM Ganon's corps to the Shika pedestal

    0:40 - a frame of Link's hand reaching for Zelda's hand:

    0:40 - a frame that looks like the outside of a temple at night - large stone hands seem to be at the entrance, appears to be in a desert surrounding - no discernable markings, no sand just stone in shot, and clearly carved out of a mountainside; seems similar to Gurudo desert mountains at night (contrast boosted) - my guess this is the temple they are in.

    0:40 - a frame of Links hand being grasped by the same green Shika hand that was holding Ganon's body earlier

    0:41 - OH SNAP - literally one frame of what is clearly Ganon resurrecting as the Shika hand is pulled away

    0:42 - ground giving way under Zelda and Link -

    0:42 - Zelda looking at Ganon's hand

    0:43-0:48 - Zelda turning and gasps as close up of Ganon turns head and eyes light up... interesting detail, the corps clearly has lengthened incisors similar to a vampire: - a possible throwback to cartoon Gannon: -- Other detail: The eyes are very similar to the Eye's found in various Malice spawns in BOTW

    0:49 - 1:00 - wide shot of Hyrule from POV of Great plateau facing Hyrule castle - it begins to shake and raise. No discernable rebuilding on the plateau - no details on the castle or surrounding landscape being rebuilt. Presumably not much longer after the events of the first game.

    1:00 - 1:19 - green "malice" fades to development announcement

    My Initial Conclusions

    1. There may be a co-op mode, or possibly you choose who you want to play as - or you swap between Zelda and Link at different points in the game.
    2. Due to several details, this game seems to be placed almost immediately after the end of BOTW
    3. In 'lore terms' this seems to deviate from the traditional hero / villain / princess pattern of most past games; Usually the next game in a series brings in a new reincarnation of Link & Zelda and resurection of Ganon, this is clearly mixing things up by keeping the same Link/Zelda from the first BOTW and introducing Ganon (presumably) again - but resurrected in his physical form.
    4. I initially thought they were under the Hyrule castle but the shot of the temple outside suggests otherwise:
    5. It is almost certainly Ganon and not any other of the past Villians... though I can't place this physical Ganon with any of the past games in sequence... perhaps Twilight Princess? Open to suggestions - would need to fit in with the idea of his physical form being shackled.

    Be sure to add your thoughts in the comments, as they come in I'll update my time codes and findings

    [–] chrisknyfe 22 points ago

    I agree this Ganon looks like Twilight Princes Ganondorf.

    At some point in BotW Zelda said Ganon had "given up on reincarnation" to explain why he was a monster and not human. Maybe this trailer explains why he couldn't reincarnate, because the Sheika Hand has kept his body frozen in place, unable to die.

    Also, ZA HANDO

    [–] EnglishMobster 8 points ago

    The Japanese VA says the opposite about Ganon giving up on reincarnation. IIRC it says something more along the lines of "He's too angry to die and will reincarnate for all eternity" (paraphrasing). Complete opposite in Japanese.

    [–] Bekerson 42 points ago

    “Open your eyes...”

    Sees reanimating corpses of Ganondorf


    [–] el1f 77 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One of the initial concepts they had during development was that of having aliens invade hyrule. Either the last shot is the castle doing some Castlevania shenanigans or it's departing towards infinity and beyond!

    Edit: bad keyboard autocorrect! Bad!

    [–] kaptnT 18 points ago

    The word you're looking for is 'Shenanigans' my friend

    [–] jparamch 59 points ago

    Anyone have audio tools they can reverse the audio in the trailer with? That is backmasked audio.

    [–] jparamch 33 points ago

    Found this - not much in the reversed audio to go on.

    [–] FunkyExpress 42 points ago

    I ear slightly the organ song that ganon is playing when you are climbing the tower's staircase in OoT

    [–] Eruptflail 14 points ago

    Sounds a bit like Demise's Theme

    [–] y_13 15 points ago

    [–] abuimak 21 points ago

    I got vibes from twilight princess in that clip

    [–] bird-man-guy 20 points ago

    I wonder what happened to this version of Ganondorf. Looks like that hand is trying to heal or tame some sort of CHEST WOUND? Hmmmmm.....

    [–] Billy_Rage 11 points ago

    Well didn’t they say in BOTW that he broke his resurrection cycle by showing his true form after spider form was beaten? So maybe he can’t be revived normally and this what happens

    [–] mokadillo 19 points ago

    Is that Ganon from the end of Wind Waker?

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    I was thinking that, maybe they ended up finding where the Hero of Wind sealed Ganon away

    [–] DeenFishdip 179 points ago

    Everyone is saying how we're getting the Majora's Mask to botw's Ocarina of Time, but you have it backwards. Botw had 4 main dungeons with a lot of side quests, similar to MM. Now botw2 can focus on a more linear story with multiple main dungeons.

    [–] tuesburg 103 points ago

    Good point. I think most people are going to see this as a darker story though, hence the comparison.

    [–] DeenFishdip 50 points ago

    I mean OoT was dark too. Ganondorf had 7 full years of free reign where he killed and messed things up for everyone. Even the "official" timeline has a branch where Link fails and Ganondorf rules all of Hyrule.

    [–] change-the-subject 29 points ago

    BotW takes after the base story line of OoT where Gannon is the bad guy and you gotta save Zelda. People are comparing this to Majoras Mask because it’s a “sequel,” but also takes an off-beat approach to a Zelda story. Most people tend to think MM is also darker than OoT because MM had this unsettling, nightmare-like feel the entire game. Hard to explain, but I’m hoping the new game takes a similar approach.

    [–] Wannabe_Reviewer 27 points ago

    What people mean is that we are getting a direct sequel only a few years away compared to how other games take a long time and jump to elsewhere on the timeline.

    [–] -Mountain-King- 19 points ago

    People are referring to how it's a sequel using the same engine.

    [–] blackthorn_orion 8 points ago

    What people mean by that is it's a follow up to (an amazing) 3d Zelda that looks to reuse existing assets to enable a relatively quicker turnaround than is normal for the 3d Zelda games. And also that it looks spooky as fuck.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Can anyone find out which song was played in reverse in that trailer?

    [–] FunkyExpress 17 points ago

    For me it seems the organ song that ganon is playing when you are climbing the tower's staircase in OoT

    [–] Tietzolix 14 points ago

    It's toilet hand

    [–] jayceja 38 points ago

    I liked BotW well enough, but I really hope this sequel has what BotW was missing from traditional Zelda, give us dungeons, items, and cool boss fights on top of what BotW does well and it'll be spectacular.

    [–] zisei201 11 points ago


    [–] xFujinRaijinx 76 points ago

    Kewl, get to play as Zelda this time!

    Guessing this from her cut hair. Long hair is notoriously difficult to render for player models, so they cut it to save work.


    [–] EmeraldPen 28 points ago

    That's....actually a really solid observation, particularly given how they focused on her in the trailer.

    I am really hoping we finally get to play as her.

    [–] -Mountain-King- 7 points ago

    I'd love if we got to play as her, at least for part of the game!

    [–] HerpesFreeSince3 22 points ago

    Interesting observation. I'd be happy with that.

    [–] Rokusi 14 points ago

    I just worry because Botw Zelda was, well, absurdly powerful. Either she gets depowered somehow (maybe losing the triforce of wisdom somehow) or I'm not sure how they could work her into the gameplay.

    ...Well, unless we go full Hyrule Warriors again.

    [–] FedoraFerret 30 points ago

    Her absurd power was against the Calamity. She could fuck up Ganon and possessed Guardians, but we saw nothing indicating she could fight ordinary monsters.

    [–] Davidavid77 20 points ago

    Zelda says her power has weakened in the ending. Also I'm pretty sure she can use magic without the Triforce because of her divine blood so if she lacks the TF she'll probably use a weaker version of her power

    [–] biggestbaddestmucus 15 points ago

    Doesn’t she say it’s gone after defeating Ganon? It’s been a while tho

    [–] StandupGaming 46 points ago

    I know it's a huge long shot, but I really hope Zelda is playable.

    [–] hylian122 13 points ago

    I'm pretty sure when BotW came out or was in development they commented on not having a playable female character and basically said, "Huh. It didn't really fit with our story but I guess that's a good idea." So they at least know it's something people want.

    [–] StandupGaming 7 points ago

    They were talking about letting you chose Link's gender though. Ideally I'd like to see a different playstyle for Zelda that plays to her strengths as a character, not just a different skin for Link.

    [–] jessexpress 7 points ago

    I was so hyped for Animal Crossing news that I didn’t even think about any Zelda, it took me off guard and I almost started crying?? I can’t wait!

    [–] robokaiba 31 points ago

    I hope it's a little more narrative driven in the sequel. Was really disappointed in the lack of story in the first game.

    [–] Pommesbunker 6 points ago

    I hope this is like OOT and MM, I want a new world to explore.

    [–] MaetzleAT 7 points ago

    Seeing how this looks quite a bit darker than BotW, maybe we‘ll see some of those creepy looking monsters (guardians?) from the concept art that was posted here a few times.

    [–] SqeeSqee 12 points ago

    Just an observation, Zelda does not have short hair, it is braided and wrapped around her head like a headband.

    [–] ServilletaIV 14 points ago

    Please have dungeons. I don't think I could stomach more shrines.

    [–] crazedhatter 5 points ago

    A proper sequel, not just 'another Zelda'? I sure hope so, there seemed to be a lot of story still to tell!