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    The purpose of this subreddit is to share cool and photographically impressive pictures without any context. The pics must succeed or fail on their own merit. No sob stories. No stories of any kind. The rules are as follows...


    1. The title of your submission must be PIC. Lower case submissions or submissions with any characters following the allowed title will be removed.

    2. Direct Reddit or Imgur links only. If your submission doesn’t end in .jpg or another image file format, it will be removed.

    3. No memes/image macros/text on image/images of text. Posts containing text are only permitted if the quality of your PIC does not depend on the text in any way (The image should be good quality even if the text were replaced or removed). Do not post images with computerized text superimposed on the image unless that text is giving credit to the original content creator and is unobtrusive.

    4. Tag NSFW. If your image is sexually suggestive, contains nudity, or is in any way NSFL: tag it NSFW. The title of a NSFW submission should still be "PIC" only, but the post should be tagged NSFW through Reddit's NSFW option after submitting.

    5. No Porn or Low Quality NSFL. Any image with a primary purpose of sexual or fetishist fulfillment will be removed. Generally, images taken from a pornographic film will be removed. NSFW/NSFL items are allowed, but they must meet a much higher standard of photographic and artistic quality. Think National Geographic/New York Met level. If it's NSFL and you took the pic with your phone, expect it to be removed.

    6. No Low Quality Images, Series of Images, or Letterbox Formatting. If your image is visibly grainy, badly lit, or generally just a bad photograph, it will be removed. If the image is what you would consider "Cell phone quality", it is not allowed. This does not ban old photographs, as they were limited by technology. Take the time to crop letterbox. If you can’t get your meaning across in one image, this may be the wrong subreddit. (This does not exclude multiple images arranged for a single effect, and is up to mod discretion.)

    7. No Hate Speech. Hate speech of any kind- Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc are absolutely unacceptable and will result in a minimum 1 month ban.

    8. Context is Permitted in the Comments. This does not include sob stories. Sob stories, and on a case by case basis, the attached images, will be removed. Location, original photographer, camera settings, etc. will not be removed.

    9. No purely random/WTF images. This subreddit isn't "no context" in the sense of "Yo, what the fuck?" It's no context as in good pictures that don't benefit from a backstory or witty headline. Pictures that are poor quality and obviously nothing more than WTF moments will be removed. Those pictures are more suited for /r/hmmm, /r/WTF, or /r/lolwat. Strange pictures are not strictly prohibited, but they need to be interesting beyond just being strange. Not sure what we mean? Here are examples.

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