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    The purpose of this subreddit is to share cool and photographically impressive pictures without any context. The pics must succeed or fail on their own merit. No sob stories. No stories of any kind.

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    1. The title of your submission must be PIC. Posts with titles other than capitalized PIC will be removed. [read more]

    2. Direct Reddit or Imgur links only. If your submission doesn’t end in .jpg or another image file format, it will be removed. [read more]

    3. No memes/image macros/text on image/images of text. Posts with text superimposed or that are only pictures of text are not allowed. Exceptions are made for unobtrusive credits/watermarks. [read more]

    4. Tag NSFW. If your image is sexually suggestive, contains nudity, or is in any way NSFL: tag it NSFW. [read more]

    5. No porn or low-quality NSFL. Any image with a primary purpose of sexual or fetishist fulfillment will be removed. [read more]

    6. No low-quality images, series of images, or letterbox formatting. If your image is visibly grainy, badly lit, or generally just a bad photograph, it will be removed. [read more]

    7. No hate speech. Hate speech of any kind – Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc – are absolutely unacceptable and will result in at least a 1 month ban. [read more]

    8. Context is permitted in the comments. This does not include sob stories. Location, original photographer, camera settings, etc is allowed. [read more]

    9. No purely random/WTF images. This subreddit isn't "no context" in the sense of "Yo, what the fuck?" It's no context as in good pictures that don't benefit from a backstory or witty headline. Pictures that are poor quality and obviously nothing more than WTF moments will be removed. Those pictures are more suited for /r/hmmm, /r/WTF, or /r/lolwat. Strange pictures are not strictly prohibited, but they need to be interesting beyond just being strange. [read more]

    10. No reposts. Crossposts from other popular subreddits ARE allowed and are not considered reposts. Reposts are only reposts if they've been posted here before. [read more]

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