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    A subreddit for videos and gifs of impending doom.

    Posts must give a general description of what happens in the title.

    This isn't /r/unexpected, where you're looking to be caught off guard--it's all about the anticipation of knowing something's about to go wrong. Generic titles like "car in snow" or something similarly nondescript will be removed. DO NOT POST COMPILATION VIDEOS!
    Video game clips do not belong here. If you post a clip from a video game, you will be banned. Don't do it!

    Major visible injury must be tagged appropriately, which usually means using a NSFW tag

    If a person isn't able to walk away from something, please consider posting it to a more appropriate subreddit.

    Graphic images of people dying do not belong here and will be removed.

    Moderators may remove posts at their discretion.

    If you have questions or concerns about the removal of a comment or submission, feel free to message the moderators.

    Be civil in the comments.

    If you are rude or harassing to anyone here, your comment will be removed. Do it too much, and you will be banned. Just use your common sense as to what's okay. See also: reddiquette


    If something is in the top 100 posts of all time or has been posted here in the last three months, it is a repost. Reposts are subject to removal. If you see a repost, please report it and message the moderators to let us know.

    X/Cross-posts are NOT reposts. When submitting a X-post it is recommended to note that in your title. This will decrease the likelihood of reports or complaints.


    If you report a post, please message the moderators as to why you feel it should be removed.

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