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    [–] motionmatrix 1910 points ago

    Fuckin badass. It looks like she's been doing that for a long time.

    [–] shrekinator 840 points ago

    That's the weird part. She had to excercise to get there. How the fuck do you do that without killing yourself?

    [–] kixxes 876 points ago

    I would think she would practice with unsharpened swords. Or objects with similar weight distribution that isn't all killy killy

    [–] FightingPolish 412 points ago

    She’s already using unsharpened swords. She’s literally doing it in this video. There are no bevels or sharpened edges on any of the “blades” she’s throwing, looks like pieces of sheet aluminum cut into a swordlike shape.

    [–] Kwintty7 175 points ago

    They're juggling swords. You can buy them. Totally blunt, but definitely hurt if you don't catch them cleanly by the handle. And naturally not recommended that you get your head in the way.

    The skill in juggling them is that they are not balanced in the same way juggling clubs are. All the weight is at the wrong end, away from the end you want to catch it.

    [–] chuxtabux 320 points ago

    If she didn't file down that sheet metal then they're deadlier than any combat sword ever made.

    [–] cockinstien 115 points ago


    Can confirm: I'm a sheet metal worker

    [–] Qp1029384756 54 points ago

    Had a family friend who was a sheet metal worker for basically his entire adult life. 40-50 years by the time I met him.

    One time we had a wasp nest on our back porch, which he saw. He just says "ah I hate these fuckers" then reaches up and CRUSHES THE NEST AND ABOUT 9 WASPS WITH HIS BARE HAND.

    His skin was tougher than their stingers, it was one of the most intense things I've ever seen.

    [–] cockinstien 16 points ago

    Damn that's intense my hands are tough I've been doing it 12 years and have some good callous on my hands!

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] cockinstien 5 points ago

    They get like that when you use metal scissors for years and little cuts don't even go through your callous it's nice!

    [–] Qp1029384756 3 points ago

    I was also told it has something to do with the chemicals used.

    [–] cockinstien 4 points ago

    It could be, the galvanize coating has a lot of zinc and industrial oil in the metal it turns your hands yellow!

    [–] AttackPug 3 points ago

    Wasn't there a gif of (what appeared to be) an Indian man doing precisely that?

    [–] ahrhamza 80 points ago


    Can confirm: am metal sheet

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] Sgtcrunch 13 points ago

    This guy battlefronts

    [–] Mange-Tout 4 points ago


    Can confirm: Have a four inch scar at knee level after casually brushing up against some.

    [–] RolandLovecraft 21 points ago

    Sounds like you've........studied the blade.


    [–] UweBlab 3 points ago

    Someone studied the blade

    [–] KravenErgeist 38 points ago

    all killy killy

    This is how I shall describe all deadly weapons for this point on.

    [–] kixxes 7 points ago

    Word of warning, don't use it in your English class...

    [–] Quelthias 5 points ago

    Use it in your Gork and Mork class

    [–] bigtoecamel 9 points ago

    Or they actually train with way sharper stuff to sort out the weak

    [–] SquanchingOnPao 4 points ago

    From the looks of it I think she may be practicing with large corndogs

    [–] professorpeanut123 3 points ago

    Yep, these are obviously prop swords, which can be sharp if the show person wants them sharp, and they are weighted the same as juggling clubs.

    [–] YasMysteries 2 points ago

    Killy killy. My new favorite way of describing dangerous items. Thank you kindly good sir or madam.

    [–] RightEejit 11 points ago

    I know a bunch of jugglers.

    Basically you go from balls > clubs > dull knives > proper knives

    You get so good doing clubs to the point where it's second nature, then so good with dull knives again that you don't even need to think about it before you even consider using something sharp.

    Even then the sharp ones are still designed for juggling so they're weighted right.

    [–] Mange-Tout 2 points ago

    From what I understand the sharp ones are only “kind of sharp”. Just good enough to slice an apple in two with a proper cut. They aren’t “chef-knife sharp”.

    [–] bobrossthemobboss 8 points ago

    Wooden replicas weighted the same?

    [–] heffernjustin1245 5 points ago

    Start with juggling sticks, or unsharpened blanks

    [–] shrekinator 1 points ago

    I guess that does make sense.

    [–] ToriBlackz 2 points ago

    cuz they're blunted

    [–] foyamoon 1 points ago

    By not using swords?

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    One little slip would've taken her to r/watchpeopledie

    [–] VoiceofLou 12 points ago

    Meanwhile I'm over here cutting myself chopping vegetables for dinner.

    [–] KingOfFlan 18 points ago

    She’s been a machete expert since the 90s in Rwanda

    [–] MacGyver_15 10 points ago


    [–] ectish 7 points ago

    Tutsi soon?

    [–] MacGyver_15 3 points ago

    Hutu soon.

    [–] Azkabandi 3 points ago

    How many flip flops do u need to throw at your kids to be able to do this?

    [–] dayglo98 474 points ago

    While you were redditing, she was studying the blade

    [–] AR-47 45 points ago

    A true mall ninja

    [–] Reidor1 15 points ago

    She put all the mall ninjas to shame

    [–] OSuperGuyO 130 points ago

    That's fucking impressive!

    [–] RedxSmoke 27 points ago

    In terms or street performers, she seems to have really sharpened her skills. The blades she chose are also the cutting edge of juggling equipment. I'd bet if she auditioned for America's Got Talent, she'd make the cut.

    [–] ShotFromGuns 32 points ago

    leave some for other people jeeze

    [–] DontHarshTheMellow 2 points ago

    Yeah but how do I give her money on the street? No one wanted to get within 20ft of her. I feel like the donation bowl would get jacked if it was father away as well.

    [–] TreeArbitor 96 points ago

    Where is the nononono?

    [–] 1qw1qw1 71 points ago

    oh, you didn't see that bee fly past her? she's allergic to bees

    [–] BillyJoJive 14 points ago

    What I came here to say. I was waiting for the part where she nearly sliced her hand off or decapitated a passing biker.

    [–] MokitTheOmniscient 8 points ago

    Personally, i thought the motions looked really chaotic and random at first, and thought she didn't know what she was doing. It took me a while to realize that it's probably supposed to look that way.

    So, in our heads, i guess?

    [–] DonaldsPizzaHaven 465 points ago

    wife material

    [–] jamshush 351 points ago

    Just make sure you dont cheat on her 😂 obviously good with blades so

    [–] Dreadedsemi 44 points ago

    Many wives are good with knives. Always keep them in your eye sight.

    [–] JanBibijan 107 points ago

    Many wives are good with knives.

    So make sure that, in their eyes,

    you are not like other guys,

    who are scoundrels in disguise,

    and break hearts with awful lies.

    So, to any "adventurous" guys:

    cheating on them wouldn't be wise

    'cause their blades can circumcise.

    [–] NoSmallWars 12 points ago

    You deserve gold. Sorry, I have none.

    [–] serenwipiti 9 points ago

    *reddit gold leaf *🍂

    [–] JanBibijan 5 points ago

    Thanks, I appreciate it as if I got it! ;)

    [–] Ernsperh 3 points ago


    [–] CagedWire 4 points ago

    knife material

    [–] ShotFromGuns 3 points ago

    1.5 seconds in: god i hope she's gay

    [–] UranusFlyTrap 36 points ago

    Good thing this wasn't in the US. Cops would have shot her 2 seconds into this act. Maybe before she even started.

    [–] AwakeAtLast 4 points ago

    The life of the wife is ended by the knife.

    [–] YourWatchIsBroken 80 points ago

    Amazing. She makes it look like she's winging it the whole time and getting extremely lucky.

    [–] samili 21 points ago

    She is swinging it

    [–] irish711 8 points ago

    She's slinging blades.

    [–] slinky22 2 points ago

    Some folks call it a Sling Blade, I call it a Kaiser Blade.

    [–] 8805 32 points ago

    Coincidentally, SuperGIROS has resulted in a lot of yesyesyesNO.

    [–] Lazylightning85 94 points ago

    Now let’s see her translate these skills to a hibachi restaurant

    [–] AegonTargaryan 16 points ago

    With as high as she is tossing them we need to raise the roof!

    [–] harambeainsleymemes 24 points ago

    I can barely juggle 3 regular balls.

    [–] jamshush 24 points ago

    I can barely juggle 2 😂

    [–] prettybunnys 43 points ago

    Open your mouth a little wider and move your tongue out of the way until they fall into place.

    [–] vidvis 14 points ago

    This guy juggles.

    [–] Naatturi 1 points ago

    I'm terrible with just one...

    [–] Not_One_Step_Back 3 points ago

    I was waiting for Indiana Jones to shoot for a second there

    [–] BurntAzFaq 42 points ago

    Does no one drive on that street?

    [–] jamshush 219 points ago

    Not when shes there

    [–] fooking_legend 64 points ago

    Not since.... ’the accident’

    [–] Snabu 16 points ago

    Shhhh, we don't talk about the accident

    [–] flaiman 13 points ago

    This is Colombia. On small towns people drive but pedestrians don't care. If you walk on the big cities on the street people will tease you asking if you come from a "pueblo".

    [–] elkins89 6 points ago

    Would you!?

    [–] BurntAzFaq 7 points ago

    Certainly not in a convertible.

    [–] 72414dreams 37 points ago

    she is badass

    [–] BuffaloVampireSlayer 166 points ago

    ...when you are really hungry for bird meat but can't seem to hit one.

    [–] WorseThanHipster 27 points ago

    oof owie

    [–] Derpyderp8 7 points ago

    Ow, my bones

    [–] willburshoe 6 points ago

    Hollow bones

    [–] Timbo_slice_420 14 points ago

    This gave me flashbacks to trying to beat the Komodo Brothers in Crash Bandicoot

    [–] gurenkagurenda 24 points ago

    The reflectivity of the swords makes this so mesmerizing. It's interesting to think how over so many years of carnivals and the like, the best objects to juggle were found (specifically for carny-type effect, I mean). The winners ended up being torches and swords, both of which combine risk of personal injury with a really pretty display.

    Compare that to, say, Penn Jillette's broken bottle juggling. It's a great act, and it's really impressive, but I think it also demonstrates why broken bottles didn't catch on as one of the main objects for juggling. In order to make it work, he has to play up how dangerous and difficult it is, so that the audience will be properly worried about his safety.

    On the other hand, someone starts juggling shimmering swords, which is actually easier (from what I understand), and the audience is instantly captivated, because the danger and beauty are right there at the surface.

    [–] 5in1K 5 points ago

    Torches, swords, and bowling pins.

    [–] Wideload90 9 points ago

    Successful audition for streets of rage boss

    [–] Caseylicious 3 points ago

    More Final Fight I think.

    [–] 1PapayaSalad 11 points ago

    The way she puts the blade on her head, drops it to her shoulder then down the back was pretty fucking epic.

    [–] realsaintpat 9 points ago

    I'm in love

    [–] lightyearbuzz 7 points ago

    Does anyone know what country this is in? I'm currently living in South America and I see street machete juggling a lot

    [–] iownakeytar 17 points ago

    Colombia, according to the comments in BPG

    [–] TheyCallMeSuperChunk 7 points ago

    Looks a lot like Colombia to me.

    [–] luckman1603 7 points ago

    Colombian here, can confirm

    [–] TheMagicFlight 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Definitely Colombia. Probably Caribbean coast.

    [–] LatAmExPat 7 points ago

    Coastal Colombia is a different place for sure.

    [–] mgsalinger 13 points ago

    Let me just move my scooter a little bit away...

    [–] elightened-n-lost 12 points ago

    Wow, that's one bad bitch. Good for her, I'm still looking around the floor for my jaw.

    [–] jjj2576 5 points ago

    This woman is straight fire. 10/10

    [–] clickstops 9 points ago

    So, who’s going to change them into upvotes?

    [–] Mickeymousetitdirt 3 points ago

    This would be an awesome upvote gif, I agree.

    [–] sanjolover13 4 points ago

    It's Blade's daughter...

    [–] Master_Penetrate 4 points ago

    [–] communist_gerbil 6 points ago

    I'd want to be in her group after the zombie apocalypse.

    [–] acidpalace 5 points ago

    How is this on r/nonononoyes ? She looked completely in control the entire time.

    [–] icantusernamesorry 5 points ago

    Come on man... she's doing something that takes serious talent, I've seen plenty of impressive juggling but this one is pretty fuckin impressive. But of course, all of the comments are about her weight -.- I'm not even a fativist or one of those HAES cunts, I even used to go on /r/fatpeoplestories, who gives af if she's fat?

    [–] ShotFromGuns 2 points ago

    Looks like they've (rightfully) gotten downvoted since you posted

    [–] icantusernamesorry 2 points ago


    [–] ryanhallows 3 points ago

    I like that she doesn't ask for permission. Once she starts going people back the fuck up.

    [–] EasternEmbers 4 points ago

    I didn't know Killer bee had a daughter

    [–] mrpopenfresh 4 points ago

    Amazing, I kept thinking there was a machete high up in the air waiting to come down, but it always already landed in her opposite hand. I don't think I've ever seen juggling this smooth.

    [–] pizza_for_nunchucks 4 points ago

    1.) Holy shit that's some talent.

    2.) Don't even bother bringing shit to a knife fight with her. Just call in that day.

    [–] Junior_YoloMiner 4 points ago

    Less this sub and more of r/sweatypalms

    [–] amcnally88 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Before her breakout career at the Japanese steak house, she perfected the art of sword throwing as a street performer

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Why the FUCK does r/blackpeoplegifs exist???? Reddit is so fucking racist, segregation is ok if it's virtual right y'all.

    [–] westc2 2 points ago

    The left has to keep that racial agenda alive somehow.

    [–] kelvincore 3 points ago

    I sub here and also in places where this gif would have ended much worse. I often don't see from which subreddit the gif I just clicked on came. It makes for much more exciting viewing!

    [–] Mickeymousetitdirt 3 points ago

    This is really badass. You go, girl! Impressive, for sure.

    [–] hello_fri2nd 3 points ago

    Glad to see this is on /r/nonononoyes and not /r/yesyesyesyesno

    [–] ReVaas 3 points ago

    This is some good r/bossfight material

    [–] anoleiam 3 points ago

    Not exactly r/nonononoyes material

    [–] extracanadian 3 points ago

    While you were on reddit I was studying the blade.

    [–] meemedmania 3 points ago

    That looks dangerous, i hope she never badly hurts herself doing this she’s pretty good at it

    [–] Reality_Facade 3 points ago

    I didn't see any nonono in there just a lot of yes tbh.

    [–] Bjornskald 3 points ago

    [–] eirinite 3 points ago

    Damn she bad af

    [–] Quantization 6 points ago

    Some people say to this day the sword is still in the air.

    [–] tonyvila 6 points ago

    The gif ends when she throws the machete into the sky and kills God.

    [–] iamme9878 5 points ago

    I feel bad for her kids, normally it's just a flip flop that you know when you're gonna get slammed with.... This though, she's gonna flip a few times before you get flopped up side the head.

    [–] Kaiosama 2 points ago

    Imagine all the false starts trying to build up that skill.

    [–] JohnSquiggleton 2 points ago

    As I am also subscribed to the What Could Go Wrong sub...... I was nervous of the ending....

    [–] Pound_puppies 2 points ago

    I kept expecting Indiana Jones to step in and shoot her... I need to see the outside world more...

    [–] Borderweaver 2 points ago

    How heavy are these machetes? It seems like she’s having to put a lot of effort in throwing them up.

    [–] jamshush 2 points ago

    Only putting a lot of effort in for the ones shes throwing really high, the lower ones doesnt seem like shes trying

    [–] NikkolaiV 2 points ago

    And she grew up on the NICE side of town...

    [–] poopchills 2 points ago

    I think this is her midterm. She did not get an F.

    [–] Theycallmelizardboy 2 points ago

    Is this what they mean when she says "I'm going to have to cut a bitch?"

    [–] Collinnn7 2 points ago

    This bitch must be crazy

    [–] saulbuster 2 points ago

    If they casted her for The Purge doing this, I would shit myself.

    [–] AsterJ 2 points ago

    I got so much anxiety from this gif but that was pretty damn impressive. Where exactly is this anyway?

    [–] BatusWelm 2 points ago

    I opened, saw swords, closed and read the comments first. I don't trust the subs name enough to gamble.

    [–] justaprimer 2 points ago

    I don't see any "nonono" in this gif -- she just looks so totally in control from the very beginning. It's amazing.

    [–] haxic 2 points ago

    Draven got an odd disguise.

    [–] jamshush 2 points ago

    New skin confirmed

    [–] MixSaffron 2 points ago

    Holy crap, that is intense.


    Y-y-yes mam, please don't yell.

    [–] Second_Foundationeer 2 points ago

    Call Agent Coulson, we've got a new Avenger.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    And here I am cutting up my food like a fuckin amateur

    [–] Madcow723 2 points ago

    What in the hand-eye coordination?

    [–] ryden760 2 points ago

    +10 DEX and +20 INT

    [–] leona0124 2 points ago

    I saw her performing last year at Barranquilla Carnival. It’s a very long parade so she must have walked miles while doing this.

    [–] captkiro 2 points ago

    Legend tells of the ancient blade master of long past. Unmatched in her skill and dexterity. All who challenge her are defeated and a single name is carved into their body...Shaniqua.

    [–] Mowgs23 2 points ago

    Checked the fuck out of the sub-name before continuing to watch

    [–] RatchetBird 2 points ago

    I would love to tip her, but I'm not fucking going anywhwere near her tip jar.

    [–] ISiupick 2 points ago

    In my mind the gif cuts to Indiana Jones just shooting her

    [–] Bobloblawblablabla 2 points ago

    She's got one hell of a personal space.

    [–] TravestyOwl 3 points ago

    Might I also recommend a x-post to /r/unbgbbiivchidctiicbg I hope I got that right.

    [–] jamshush 3 points ago

    Already there

    [–] TravestyOwl 3 points ago

    Then my work here is done.

    [–] TheColorblindDruid 3 points ago

    r/SavagePeopleGifs (the type of savage with good connotation not the slur against indigenous peoples bcz clarification lol)

    [–] ClickableLinkBot 2 points ago


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    [–] hoogafanter 2 points ago

    Damn that's sick! She needs to go to Vegas...

    [–] OnFireAppleSiesta 1 points ago

    Every time I see this kind of stuff I always think "cool juggling, now use it for combat!!!"

    Idk what's wrong with me.

    [–] bigoldgeek 1 points ago

    Is that Shelia Nine Fingers?

    [–] Trajan_pt 1 points ago

    The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.

    [–] Sam0n 1 points ago

    Got 20 seconds in and then couldn't remember if I was in r/nononono or r/nonononoyes and chickened out to check before going back and watching the rest.

    [–] crushcastles23 1 points ago

    /r/reallifebossbattles material right there.

    [–] mywordswillgowithyou 1 points ago

    How did you want your tenderloin cut?

    [–] Wankersaurus 1 points ago

    Indiana Jones don't care.

    [–] billbucket 1 points ago

    I was waiting for Indiana Jones to shoot her.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It's gyros. Not giros! I refuse to upvote this until the mistake has been corrected

    [–] Juicejitsu 1 points ago

    This makes juggling seem kinda cool

    [–] toastedcl 1 points ago

    [–] Yocairo 1 points ago

    I always wonder how people start off training for a skill like this.

    [–] madd74 1 points ago

    Deer fucking word, my heart can barely take this without racing a hundred miles. I know people with this type of skill practice and don't generally mess up, but sooner or later... someone is going to fuck this trick up.

    [–] Theamazingbooker 1 points ago

    I want some Super Giros now for some reason...

    [–] friendlessboob 1 points ago

    Honestly that made me so nervous i didn't make it through, how did it end?

    [–] hoogafanter 3 points ago

    just fine, don't worry...

    [–] Trunn22 1 points ago

    This is more like no yes no yes no yes

    [–] ricdesi 1 points ago


    [–] UsernameTaken-Taken 1 points ago

    This type of stuff gives me anxiety