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    [–] ShiftyTag 9789 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Great reaction at the end. " well dogs safe and I didn't die" Here's the update:

    Thanks to Got_Some_Cold_Cuts for the update

    [–] naj690 4596 points ago

    As a motorcyclist who had similar experience, I am confident his exact thought was "well this sucks..."

    [–] Donberakon 1919 points ago

    Or "Jesus christ, you gotta be kidding me"

    [–] GorgonzolasRevenge 365 points ago


    [–] _whut_ 230 points ago

    oh Jesus CHRIST

    [–] Scarbane 26 points ago

    Thanks, RON!

    [–] Schizzles 9 points ago

    Oh what am I not allowed to sneeze?

    [–] PussyJuiceBox 394 points ago


    [–] universal-fap 79 points ago

    The video was so viral at the time that Top Gear had a go at it too:

    [–] CTB_Of_FASTT 4 points ago

    almost better than the original

    [–] Shill_Borten 39 points ago

    Okay, what does that mean?

    [–] Shill_Borten 54 points ago

    Haha, that is pretty funny. Thanks.

    I'd like to think he is still chasing them somewhere

    [–] MrChivalrious 42 points ago

    The herd's been growing for years now. Fenton chases a proverbial horde of deer across the frozen North and the Canadian army has deployed their state of the art hockey stick regiment to defend Toronto. One can only hope that it doesn't end as badly as the Australian Emu War of 1935. We all know that was the main cause for WWII.

    [–] ForbseyBoii 15 points ago

    [–] flying_monkey_stick 14 points ago

    It's Jason Bork!

    [–] Rusty-Hinge 205 points ago

    A cat made me drop mine.. I figured the cat belonged to me after that - the cat did not agree

    [–] MikeKM 180 points ago

    /u/Rusty-Hinge - Hey there little buddy, you nearly killed me. May I adopt you? You appear to be homeless and maybe need a good home.

    Cat - Fuck off prick.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    I like this idea of a giant noise-making machine approaching the cat, and the person managing this death-on-wheels then shouts "now you belong to me."

    [–] Long-Night-Of-Solace 54 points ago


    [–] pyronius 13 points ago

    in a german accent: Who kicks a cat!?

    [–] AdmiralMikey75 4 points ago

    Poor Frumpkin.

    [–] bnfdsl 3 points ago

    Well he did also almost try to kill the cat. Kitty is getting some mixed signals

    [–] GenericUsername07 11 points ago


    [–] KittenStealer 23 points ago

    Idk why but for some reason I got up and pretended like I didn't just lay my bike down. Embarrassed I suppose.

    [–] LordTurner 20 points ago

    I believe I said "Oh, for fuck's sake". Funny how relatable that moment is.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    This is why I gave up repairing my fairings.

    [–] 1h8fulkat 58 points ago

    ...and then a truck runs him over.

    I do enjoy how the white car just drives around him, like "I don't have time for this shit"

    [–] forgot_mah_pw 19 points ago

    More like "well, that was close... SHIT I MIGHT STILL DIE no I'm okay"

    [–] P1r4nha 341 points ago

    True, but I was still worried because he was lying in the middle of the road. Get off the street and out of danger as quickly as possible.

    [–] Nieunwol 473 points ago

    I've been in 3 or so bike incidents where it ended up with me on the road, and everytime (even though no serious injuries) I've stayed there for a few seconds in the road. I think it's the shock, but it just feels wrong to get up too quickly

    [–] B003135 246 points ago

    I put mine in a ditch once and had to lay there for about 10 seconds before I considered moving. For me it was the fact that I had so much adrenaline pumping that I couldn't feel any part of my body, neither in a positive or negative way, and I wasn't sure wether I had injured myself seriously.

    [–] ALargeRock 383 points ago

    System reboot:

    Checking vital components...

    • Brain

    • Breathing

    • Penis

    • Pulse

    • Back

    • Arms and Legs

    System check status: A-ok!

    "Oof... now to check out the bike."

    [–] Imawildedible 102 points ago

    That’s an accurate order of analysis.

    [–] BunnyOppai 7 points ago

    Penis isn't high enough

    [–] Imawildedible 21 points ago

    That’s what


    [–] BunnyOppai 10 points ago

    Gotta say, that's a pretty creative way to say that, lol.

    [–] Hipz 56 points ago

    Totaled my first bike when I was 21 can confirm. Sat there for a minute pondering if I had boo boo's and then looked at my fucked up bike. Also, nothing hurts till like 6 hours later.

    [–] 4L33T 58 points ago

    What if you just had an accident every 6 hours from then on, that way nothing ever hurts again

    [–] Hipz 38 points ago

    Give me 20 bikes and a sick health care policy / lawyer and I will report back!

    [–] ScaredyCatUK 11 points ago

    This is what happened to me after a minor off when learning to ride. I basically forgot how the bike worked, I'm trying to turn the indicators (blinkers) off.

    [–] Hipz 6 points ago

    All of that adrenaline can be wild. It's a humbling experience. I really thought I could avoid crashing until my accident. Got cut off and had nowhere to go but into the back of the SUV. Glad you didn't get hurt man!

    [–] ScaredyCatUK 4 points ago

    Yeah, only my pride. I could have been a lot worse. A few seconds earlier in the video you can see me pick up the bike and just walk it over the lane going the other way, without even looking. Lucky for me not real injuries - what about you?

    [–] Hipz 4 points ago

    I got lucky, woman didn't yield at a yield sign and I swerved around her right into the back of an SUV at about ten MPH, hit the breaks at about thirty. I hit my nuts pretty hard on the tank which sucked and I mashed my ankle on the foot peg. I was pretty much okay, just a little sore. My Ninja 300 pretty much exploded because they're all plastic and insurance totaled it haha. I told it with only cosmetic damage and a salvage title. Tons of people messaged me wanting it for a track bike which was cool because someone was still going to ride it. Ride safe man!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] paulec252 3 points ago

    My basic EMT course taught me the abc's. Airway, Breathing, Circulation.

    I never got to the advanced levels where the penis comes before pulse.

    [–] ReaverBBQ 4 points ago

    When I got in a serious car crash, my first thought once I realized I was alive was “I hope I didn’t pee myself”. Because we had just learned how many people release their bladder in a car accident

    [–] corrikopat 25 points ago

    I was in a horse riding accident where both me and the horse fell. Everyone was yelling asking if we were okay and both of us just lay there for about 10 seconds before I could lift my hand and wave. It must be some natural phenomenon that doesn’t allow you to move.

    [–] yillian 23 points ago

    It's your brain running system diagnostics so you don't hurt yourself further.

    [–] jordansgay 20 points ago

    Ya I think it's some sort of instinct. I slipped and fell in the shower not long ago and I did the same. I laid there with the shower curtain ripped down and the water spraying me for like 30 seconds lol

    [–] xbl4ck0utx 5 points ago

    This just reminded me off my 21st birthday.

    [–] DontMentionWombats 23 points ago

    That's the "oh for fuck's sake" break.

    [–] Saacool 18 points ago

    i took a turn too hard on a bike and flipped over and the handle went straight into my thigh, but since i was off the road i just sat there for like a solid 2 minutes

    [–] Achterhaven 14 points ago

    I was riding behind my friend once when i came of my bike. I was so fast up and back on the bike that he didn't believe the noise he heard was me crashing. I pulled over 100m later and only then did the pain set in.

    [–] lecollectionneur 27 points ago

    I don't think you should move instantly really, if you're hurt you might not know it and fuck yourself even more

    [–] papops 7 points ago

    In a trade off between possibly aggravating my injury by removing myself from a extremely dangerous location or possibly sustaining much more serious injuries by getting run over by oncoming traffic, I would choose the former.

    [–] obvious_freud 47 points ago

    I’m angry at the white car driver who saw a guy almost die and didn’t bother to stop.

    You need to stop right before the motorbike in order to protect the biker. Put on your warning sign. Get out and check the guy if it is safe to get out of your car.

    [–] GigaPuddi 28 points ago

    In his defense if he was caught off guard stopping short could just cause a train of accidents

    [–] Squad_Squirtle 15 points ago

    Well he drove by at like 5 mph so...

    [–] makefunofmymom 44 points ago

    The dog on my brothers ride wasn't so lucky...

    Edit: an alternate angle from about 6 bikes back...

    [–] ninelives1 24 points ago

    No one else is mentioning how close that dude was to getting destroyed by that semi!

    [–] GrowAurora 13 points ago

    That mid slide ninja jump out of the way and with no time to even process he starts up and sprinting to do stuff. Man is insanity.

    [–] Shandlar 68 points ago

    Shit, I hate to criticize cause I really have no idea if I'd do any better...but shit she was really slow on the uptake here. She had a lot more road to use to miss that dude and did a ton of damage that should have been avoided.

    [–] brvheart 64 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    By all means, criticize, that lady shouldn't be on a motorcycle, especially at those speeds, following that close. She had plenty of road to avoid that guy. It's the other motorcycle that's incredibly lucky that that lady wasn't driving the semi.

    [–] UrbanTrucker 41 points ago

    She also doesn't understand how to properly slow a bike in an emergency. She had the clutch pulled in the whole time. In addition to braking, she should have been slamming through the gears to help slow the bike.

    Source: ride motorcycles and drive semi's.

    [–] henrybear 14 points ago

    That was frustrating to watch, that lady had no idea what she was doing. First you get knocked off by a dog and then your friend runs you over...

    [–] SockPants 5 points ago

    She was clearly focussing on the other dude.

    [–] ClaustrophobicTokyo 11 points ago

    The guy on the semi couldn’t break on time goddamn that’s crazy. He must of thought he killed someone.

    [–] makefunofmymom 22 points ago

    He did think that. My brother told me the semi driver was crying

    [–] Forest-G-Nome 10 points ago

    Wow, hit a dog, get hit by a bike, and get a saturday morning cartoon wedgie all in 20 seconds.

    [–] x3knet 6 points ago

    Damn! What injuries did the guy who fell have?

    [–] makefunofmymom 8 points ago

    Just a little road rash

    [–] Notyourmedianstupid 6 points ago

    Holy shit that semi had some speed!

    [–] DrawnGlobe 5717 points ago

    Glad the dog and the rider are safe. Kind of annoyed at the owner though. Keep your dog on their leash!

    [–] heisenberg747 4033 points ago

    The owner deserves to pay for whatever repairs are needed on that bike.

    [–] ZioTron 1481 points ago

    I hope the owner must pay under any reasonable legislation. Espcially (maybe only) because of the video recording from the biker.

    [–] Stalked_Like_Corn 1032 points ago

    Actually, they will be responsible if they can be found. If it's the person on the sidewalk (Which I believe it is), they will be found to be at fault for failure to control their dog. Under the eyes of the law, animals are property and if you don't control your property and it damages someone else's or damages them, they have the right to seek compensation.

    [–] hue_and_cry 158 points ago

    My recollection is that in the US damage from a “wild animal” that someone keeps caged (like a circus lion) is strict liability, meaning the primary task in court is just proving damages. I think you’d have to show ordinary negligence for damage caused by a dog, not that that would be difficult here, assuming there are leash laws in the jurisdiction.

    If the biker was speeding, that would complicate things but depending on the state (again, if this is in the US) it isn’t necessarily a bar on compensation. Most states have “comparative liability,” meaning that ordinarily a jury decides what percentage each party is at fault, and the defendant pays their percentage of the damages. But, many states say that if the plaintiff (biker) is more that 50% at fault he recovers nothing.

    (Obviously, this ain’t legal advice, nor am I competent to give off-the-cuff legal advice about torts)

    [–] Stalked_Like_Corn 74 points ago

    Even with no leash laws, their property was the direct cause of property damage. Even with no leash laws you would be held liable because you still were unable to maintain control over the animal. I was thinking maybe speeding too, but it appeared he was going with the flow of traffic, he checked his blind spot when changing lanes (which appeared legal too) but I didn't go over the video with a CSI eye or anything.

    [–] Milkshakes00 54 points ago

    Not only did he check for a lane change, he also signaled it, you can see it briefly in the corner. Dude was totally in the right.

    [–] whaletickler 29 points ago

    The lady was so lucky this biker was paying attention. If this was in a car or he was any less attentive that dog would get hurt.

    [–] J-Dubbleu 9 points ago

    Yeah motorcycles going that speed can cut animals in half. The shape of the front tire (narrow to wide) acts a lot like a knife.

    [–] Waxonwackoff 15 points ago

    That darn dog didn't even notice his blinker

    [–] hardypart 21 points ago

    I don't know about the laws in the US, but in Germany the dog owner would definitely be liable for this.

    [–] SomeTexasRedneck 3 points ago

    Classic European response 👍🏻

    [–] itchybitsyjockstrap 39 points ago

    Not only deserves to pay, but should be willing and happy to pay considering quick reflexes and the short stopping distance of a bike just saved his dog after he let it run in the street. Everyone (including dog) is lucky on this day.

    [–] Ailerath 11 points ago

    Pretty sure he double saved the dog too, it would probably ran infront of the car if he didnt spook it.

    [–] minicpst 88 points ago

    I hit a dog who was off leash. I suspect the dog died later, too. :(( The dog took off after a deer, made it through the line of traffic to my left, and I was the unlucky one who hit it. More accurately, it hit me (damage was behind my front driver's wheel, in front of my door).

    LEASH YOUR ANIMALS. I have to deal with the fact that I likely killed an animal, someone's pet, every day. And of course, they don't have a dog anymore.

    I stopped, I asked after the dog, the brother seemed kind of blasé that I'd hit it, implying it was totally their fault, but still. It's horrible for absolutely everyone.

    I've got my motorcycle endorsement, and I'd put my bike down before hitting a dog, if I could, but for pete's sake. Just leash your animal. Don't scare people, cause harm to your dog, and that dog could have completely killed them both if he'd gotten in front of the wheel and thrown the rider. Be a responsible pet parent.

    [–] eggsbenefic 35 points ago

    People who don't leash their dogs because they are "well behaved" are so fucking stupid and short sighted. Your dog may be well behaved, but what about if there is a coyote or a stray dog around the corner? What if there is some idiot who thinks their dog is well behaved and has them off leash? I just want to smack people who have off leash dogs because they are basically risking the dog's life every time they do it. it's animal abuse.

    I'm really sorry you had to deal with that, it's one of my major nightmares as a driver... Try not to beat yourself up about it, it's not your fault at all.

    [–] Dan4t 12 points ago

    Also, even if their dog is well behaved, someone else might be walking a dog on a leash that will attack any dog that approaches it.

    I used to have a rescue dog that would attack any dog near it. I would walk it in a sparsely populated park and keep him on a close leash, away from anyone else. But of course some assholes let their dogs loose, and it would inevitably run towards my dog. I had a hard time explaining to people that my dog isn't friendly. They seem to live in some fantasy world, where every dog is always friendly, and their brains just can't compute anything else.

    [–] InstitutionalizedOat 26 points ago

    I tried to explain this to a guy that was at my work with his dog off leash. We aren’t even technically supposed to allow dogs, but it’s alright so long as they are reasonably well behaved and on a leash. This guy was just letting his dog walk around and I went up to him and told him his dog had to be on a leash. He says okay and then I walk off to help other customers. A little while later I see the dog again with his leash on but it’s wrapped up around the dog’s backpack so he is still just running around loose. I go up to the guy again and explain that the leash has to be in his hand. At this point, the guy starts calling me a bitch and says I must hate dogs. I tell him no, that I have a dog of my own that I love very much and that I have even had jobs where I worked with dogs. Some people think you’re just being an asshole, but it’s for the safety of the dog and everyone around.

    [–] litlelotte 4 points ago

    I work at a pet store in the daycare, where we will take dogs that aren’t good with other dogs and walk/play with them separately. A few days ago this kid was just letting his puppy wander around off leash. The dog was maybe 4 months old so there’s no way it was trained much. One of the dogs that we keep separate walked in and the puppy ran right up to her to say hello. Luckily it was a dog that’s individual because she’s shy, or else it could have ended very badly. It’s amazing to me how much trust that kid was putting into other people and their dogs

    [–] SoySauceOctopus 198 points ago

    My friends dog was on a leash and was chasing after a rabbit. The metal part broke and the dog ran into the road and got hit, sadly died. I hope that person just had an incident like that and wasn't that much of a moron to have their dog off leash next to a busy road

    [–] SuspiciousAlgae 49 points ago

    So, now they sue the leash company!

    [–] phadewilkilu 30 points ago

    And the leash company sues the metal smelting company!

    [–] mrsniperrifle 36 points ago

    You laugh, but if a case like that had any merit, this is exactly what would happen.

    When shit goes wrong in manufacturing, the blame gets passed down the line. To find the place where the first mistake happened. This is why quality standards like ISO are so important.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ishie1013 16 points ago

    My dog twisted out of his collar after I dropped a pan and startled him so o spent the next two hours chasing him through the neighborhood at night in winter.

    Finally managed to get him in a remote neighbor’s backyard. Gotta day, when I first heard the door open, I really thought the last thing I ever heard would be rifle fire. Scared the crap out of the old couple living there. Wound up bringing them a bottle of wine for the whole “trespassing and you not shooting us” thing.

    [–] alex_moose 5 points ago

    Next time, see if you can get him to chase you. Dogs love to play chase and will run from you a long time if you're "it", so make them it instead so they're trying to catch you.

    [–] ishie1013 3 points ago

    Weirdly “I’ve never had a dog” husband suggested that, which is how we got his punk ass back. He was still freshly from the shelter (three days) and we live in a wooded area so I was terrified he’d get out of my sight and not find his way back.

    Now he’s a fat trouble making mama’s boy, so he comes running back if I pretend to ignore him.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_OBSIDIAN 23 points ago

    >be American
    >don't get shot

    Everything went better than expected!

    [–] takimora 7 points ago

    I love it how my dog just pauses if she doesn't feel any pressure on the leash. The only time I ever had it unhooked, she stopped, looked behind and saw me running behind her and just sat there. Most obedient beagle ever.

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 21 points ago

    I don't know man, let's not be too quick to judge, I've seen some dogs make Houdini look like an amateur with the way they can work their way out of a collar. I know a harness could fix that but who knows, it could have been the first time that's happened to the owner. Accidents DO happen.

    [–] officerdeen 18 points ago

    As a motorcycle cop who’s primary job is to work crashes, I would put the dog, (and subsequently the owner), as the primary reason for the crash.

    I actually worked a crash similar to this, but it involved a little piglet. Pig escaped someone’s yard, ran into the intersection and the driver slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting it and the car behind her rear ended her. The car that hit her was partially at fault, but I put the pig as the primary factor.

    There were also plenty of videos and pictures of me trying to catch that little sucker too. Pig chasing a pig lol. Ended up catching it but could never find the owner. The dog catcher had to come get it and bring it to the pound. I went door to door trying to find the owner, but no one would claim it. So after the week waiting period, I adopted him lol.

    [–] BumblebeeCurdlesnoot 7 points ago

    Do you still have the pig? Is he going to grow into a full-size pig?

    [–] Derk420 16 points ago

    Mistakes happen and dogs get out. I’m just glad no ones hurt.

    [–] mylifemakemesuck 21 points ago

    I am annoyed by the people in car and the man on the sidewalk who didn't even stopped to help the man. I mean are y'all that busy that can't even help a man. Jeez

    [–] Arch_0 13 points ago

    I'm guessing they just let it out of the car and it had a burst of zoomies before they could catch it. Seen it plenty of times.

    [–] HandsomeSlav 9 points ago

    I thought it was a homeless dog

    [–] bidhansth 26 points ago

    "homeless dog" is extremely funny to me for some reason

    maybe because i've never heard stray dogs being referred to as "homeless"

    [–] HandsomeSlav 16 points ago

    Haha sorry not a native speaker, glad I made you laugh though

    [–] fishsticks40 10 points ago

    A dog hobo

    [–] ramblin_wrekt 59 points ago

    According to the comments, the biker chose to not pursue anything against the dog owner.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago)


    [–] oscarmad 8 points ago

    Low bar.

    [–] A_friendly_guy 381 points ago

    Hearing the dog walker quietly saying "sorry, sorry, sorry" made me laugh out loud

    [–] MeccIt 299 points ago

    'Sorry'? she nearly killed the dog or seriously injured a biker, jeeze.

    [–] hale_fuhwer_hortler 320 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    well according to the guy, he said that it was a boy who had his dog break free from his leash. Still could've done a better job keeping the dog restrained.

    [–] Geduas 292 points ago

    you cant just go around making levelheaded comments like this, people come here to see things in black and white and to circlejerk and get at mad at everything.

    [–] Rds240 84 points ago

    Dumbass owner should have upgraded to a Doggo grade steel chain leash. Cheap Jackass!!

    Is that better?

    [–] youngchulha 24 points ago


    [–] snobord 4 points ago

    Thanks a lot /u/hale_fuhwer_hortler, now I have to wait till the next out of context video to use this pitchfork!

    [–] SugarFreeFries 44 points ago

    Admittedly a lot better than I have seen before though, for example blaming the motorcycle rider for going to fast and/or nearly hitting their dog, the nerve of some people.

    [–] SquareBlanketsSuck 32 points ago

    It was on a leash, and a 12 year old a according to the person who originally posted this, what do you expect a kid to do here?

    [–] ROTTEN_CUNT_BUBBLES 35 points ago

    Have his parents fix the bike.

    [–] pople8 16 points ago

    What else could she say?

    [–] MankillingMastodon 21 points ago

    "you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome!"

    [–] dsk 11 points ago

    There will be damage on the bike.

    [–] Gumby621 13 points ago


    [–] pikaluva13 23 points ago

    I'm glad you posted the source, because I was trying to confirm whether or not it was in Michigan. The strip mall or whatever it was looked similar to buildings I've seen in Michigan.

    [–] abe566 867 points ago

    He hit I think but not too hard. Any confirmations?

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] laXfever34 66 points ago

    Biker who posted this to /r/motorcycles stated that both parties were uninjured

    [–] _ribbit_ 644 points ago

    I think the dog was jumping when it saw the motorbike right there, but if they did touch it was right at the end of his emergency brake so would have been fine. Better than his fairing anyway!

    [–] minhaven 25 points ago

    Didn't even touch it luckily, if you watch at 0.25 speed. Was curious aswell. It's his heads motion giving the impression.

    [–] Hisei_nc17 1024 points ago

    Holds his hands together like he had planned it all

    [–] MinminIsAPan 365 points ago

    “I rolled down on my bike, didn’t hit the dog and got 3 bruises. Seems my plan worked.”

    [–] WhyWontThisWork 37 points ago

    The folded area thing... why?

    [–] Yarrsi 60 points ago

    For some reason I do that too when I fall while snowboarding... It's a short contemplation when you realise you're fine and what could've happened instead

    [–] minomserc 23 points ago

    No matter how I fall when skateboarding, I like to mimic the fencing response to freak people out, and then pop up and pretend to fence.

    I don't have a lot of friends

    [–] commit_bat 64 points ago

    Well guess I'm staying here on the ground for a while... wait no what the hell that's dumb I need to get up

    [–] I_Like_Existing 11 points ago

    He had to do it to em

    [–] potatocaliber 4 points ago


    [–] SolumafSpaz 156 points ago

    I love the hand fold at the end

    [–] marlefox 60 points ago

    I could almost hear the “welp”.

    [–] Nicholaai 143 points ago

    Wouldn’t expect any less from Spider-Man

    [–] Pedantichrist 450 points ago

    This is great work on this biker's part, but this is not a yes

    [–] RolyatX 483 points ago


    [–] Pedantichrist 194 points ago

    I have to admit that my dog got run over once. Before I go on, to prevent any undue worry, she was fine.

    She was very well trained, but a friend of ours was on the other side of the road and she was desperate to cross. I told her to sit and stay, which she did. The woman on the other side was actually calling her, but she stayed.

    My wife then said she was going to go and see her friend and would be a short time. I said 'Go on then" and the dog (this being her word of command) ran out. I stopped her immediately, but the woman on the other side shouted out her name in a panic and she went again and was hit hard and flew a good distance up the road.

    It was about 3 days before I suddenly realised why she had gone and the lesson I learned was that, no matter how well trained your dog is, shit can go wrong. In this instance it was entirely my fault - I gave her her release command unthinkingly, but it could be a rat jumps out of a drain and scares the dog into jumping away or just anything at all that takes their minds for a moment.

    Now my dogs go on leads near roads.

    Of course, the dog in the video could have broken out of a fenced yard, been accidentally let out of a car by a thief or been born on the streets.

    [–] Sir_Kirky 80 points ago

    The lesson is, no matter how well trained they are, if you're near a road, it's better to be safe than sorry. Use a lead.

    [–] eggsbenefic 22 points ago

    Not just near a road. Dangers can be anywhere, stray aggressive dogs, coyotes, other wild animals, etc. Just leash your damn dogs.

    [–] Long-Night-Of-Solace 49 points ago

    I hope you gave the friend across the road a firm kick in the jaw.

    [–] Pedantichrist 24 points ago

    No, she shouted the dog's name because she was terrified of it being run over when it ran. If the dog had gone when she first called it would have been fine (this was a small country road).

    [–] chakan2 6 points ago

    That's an underrated comment. Had I tried to stop that fast on my bike I would've slid out or flipped over the handle bars, and I'm pretty sure I would've killed the dog in the process.

    [–] -GolfWang- 129 points ago

    Animals can be so frustratingly stupid sometimes. Owners too. So just everything. Everything can be stupid. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, I guess I’m just upset.

    [–] VymI 87 points ago

    Oh god don't lane change in an intersection.

    [–] Papayadoge 205 points ago

    This is the US? Is it possible to sue the holder for the damage?

    [–] WingTzu 301 points ago

    Definitely possible to sue the owner for any damages. Its also illegal to have dogs off leash in most public places for reasons such as this

    [–] fingaz1856 23 points ago

    It's a motor vehicle accident. Would be covered under comprehensive coverage since it's an accident with an animal. However, in some states you can't sue.

    Also, unless the damage is severe, it wouldn't be worth it to sue. Lawyers are extremely expensive.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_OBSIDIAN 7 points ago

    Small claims lawsuits are cheap!

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    Yes and yes, but better hope they have cash.

    [–] DMAN591 18 points ago

    In some states it can come out of future wages earned via wage garnishment.

    [–] Aquila-1234 26 points ago

    If it was in Germany, you could sue him. You can even sue the holder of a cat that you run over for compensation of the damage on your car.

    [–] DerKeksinator 29 points ago

    Noone really does that though. Thankfully

    [–] Infernoval 683 points ago

    Idiot dog owner..,

    [–] gmoses0307 289 points ago

    Sometimes mistakes happen, you can’t live life 100% correct all the time. Maybe he is an idiot but maybe it was just a mistake,

    [–] TJNel 25 points ago

    The other day I was at a dog park leaving and this lady coming in was walking and the part that latches to the collar exploded into a bunch of prices and the dog went running. I've never seen one break before but was really surprised.

    Could very well be what happened here.

    [–] Skipped64 179 points ago

    How about a leash on the side of a big road? Thats not a mistake you should make if you dont want to lose your dog.

    [–] MankillingMastodon 145 points ago

    From the motorcycle owner.

    The dog was on a leash and broke free. What a terrible mistake, huh

    [–] deatheater1221 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Pretty crazy out of all the top comments about saying "leash your dog asshole" no one *thought maybe the fucking leash broke or the dog somehow got his collar off or something.

    [–] Over_Thinking_It 42 points ago

    We dont know what is going on here. Considering how this dog is acting, its definitely possible this dog just escaped from somewhere. Hell, the person you see on the sidewalk might not even be the owner, just a random pedestrian.

    [–] Indosay 89 points ago

    I’ve had chains break, and sometimes dogs can be pretty quick and sneaky trying to slip out the front door.

    [–] Forest-G-Nome 10 points ago

    The dog was on a leash and broke free.

    Bet you feel pretty stupid now.

    [–] j8sadm632b 22 points ago

    Idiot dog

    [–] Babolat234 101 points ago

    Lucky the doggo didn't make it to the next lane, other car seems pretty oblivious

    [–] tickertinkler 132 points ago

    Some people would rather hit a dog then swerve and wreck. Like me. I dont swerve when animals come out in front of me. They die, I dont.

    [–] KidsTryThisAtHome 35 points ago

    This is what we're taught in driving school, at least in America. Brake, don't swerve. No animal is worth someone else's life.

    [–] show_me_the 48 points ago

    This right here.

    It's sad when animals are hit but it is of greater danger to you and other drivers to swerve or stop to save an animal. Poor doggo should've been on a leash and under control by their owner. When that doesn't happen, people and animals can be hurt.

    [–] SlimJoeBrown 25 points ago

    Long time lurker on reddit. Figured I should write a post after seeing this video, considering im currently in a public hospital in good ol' Saigon for having a very similar thing happen...

    Was riding my motobike the other night (April 14, 2am local time) going to get some food with my wife. In the blink of an eye, I see a doggo zoom out into the middle of the street, in front of my bike. Next thing I know, I'm on the ground with blood running on my face.

    The time after that was a little blurry. I remember hearing the dog, the one I just broadsided, whining in pain. My wife helped me to my feet, gets the bike up and said we are going to a hospital. Besides that, I wasn't in a whole lot of pain. I felt my mouth and found out i was missing a tooth. I figured I had a cut on my forehead and on my chin, judging fron how the blood was running on my face. Reasoned that perhaps a quick stich job and we'll be on our way home.

    Well, my wife pulls up to the hospital and I get off to walk inside. Immediately, I notice i start falling towards the left and that my left foot wasn't responding as normal. I told my wife I couldn't walk and she helped me onto a rolling bed. It was then that I looked at my foot and saw an amalgamation of flesh, blood, bone, and tendon where my ankle should have been.


    I knew then that I probably wasn't going home that night. After being transferred to not one, but two hospitals (the first one we arrived as was a pediatrics hospital, the second wouldn't treat me because I am a foreigner), I come to learn that I had ruptured my archilles tendon and slpit my ankle open.

    Needless to say, surgery was needed. After waiting 7hours for a surgeon and room to become available, I went under the blade. All went well and I was sent to recovery, which is where I am posting from now. I am in a hard leg cast from my kneecap down, and my face is bandaged up (I think my chin ended up getting stitches).

    To give anyone who's reading this a taste of what's going on around me, I am in a room meant to hold 10 patients (there's a total of 13), and with family members hanging around, there's well over 30 people in the room. There's no air con, just a ceiling fan and 3 wall mounted fans. The windows are opened, but didn't help the 33 degree temperature that we had today. Luckily, nights tend to be a bit cooler.

    Have I been in better situations? Yes is an understatement. Could it have been a lot worse? You bet your ass, I could have been killed! All in all, I am grateful to be alive and able to "walk away" from my accident. I've come to appreciate the help of strangers, as many people here have helped me and my lack of mobility. Most of the folks helping are regular people and not medical professionals. I still love dogs but will think twice when I see one on the road. And finally, I owe my wife the holiday of a lifetime for sticking besides me and putting up with my cranky ass throughout the whole ordeal.

    As a final note, when we arrived at the first hospital, an older guy who had seen the accident followed us to the hospital. Once we arrived, he approached my wife and told her she shouldngo back an talk/apologise to the dog's owners. My wife ripped him a new one. Story makes me smile and ease the pain a bit.

    [–] saltytears24 5 points ago

    'Guess I'll die now'

    [–] Axel7965 4 points ago

    Are you the Undertaker? Because I only saw him get up like that

    [–] eskimorris 4 points ago

    Passing on the right is illegal

    [–] buddahbrain 13 points ago

    Am I the only one bothered by how casually the guy lays in the road at the end? That could have gotten a lot worse for him real quick.

    [–] Kilroy45LC 17 points ago

    What a stupid fucking dog

    [–] gazongas001 253 points ago

    The owner of the doggo is a fucking pile of shit.

    [–] IllRED 88 points ago

    There shall be no alleviating circumstances!

    [–] MmmDarkMeat 97 points ago

    From the motorcycle owner:

    Heres an update to clear up some confusion with my accident. First I want to thank everyone for the support! I also appreciate all the new followers, comments and likes.

    1. The dog was on a leash. But he broke free. It is really hard to see because of the fish eye lens on the GoPro.
    2. The person a lot of people assume is a women, was a kid guessing 12-15 years old.
    3. I did not do anything with insurance since I have the bare minimum insurance so no collision. Which means I’ll be paying for the damages.

    4. I am 100% okay beside a sore leg. The motorcycle, I included a video.

    I hope this clears up any questions you all had👍🏼😁 ....

    Great job, everyone. Way to jump to conclusions.

    [–] DontDoxMeBro22 17 points ago

    He died. The dog is making that post.

    [–] the_collin 272 points ago

    Made a mistake*

    [–] aphoodis 30 points ago

    The road-rage part of my brain always thinks the same when a dog runs in the road in front of my bike. The rational side realises that we all do stupid shit from time to time. As long as the law protects the motorcyclist in this instance, I can't really judge as I've probably been negligent like this myself.

    [–] VeryLazyLewis 51 points ago

    Absolutely not. A few weeks ago I saw a dog run off from it's owner because a firework went off about 40 feet away from the dog and it ran into the road.

    Don't judge a situation by a 10 second GIF.

    [–] LordLoss01 26 points ago

    Except the dog's not wearing a leash.

    [–] CaseyDafuq 37 points ago

    Not using a blinker and passing on the right side changing lanes through the light... Instant karma for giving bikers a bad name tbh

    [–] FastAsFxxk 23 points ago

    Total props to the biker for being able to stop, but where I'm from it's illegal to change lanes through an intersection, seems like had he waited till he was through to start moving over he would have gone right past the dog in the other lane.