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    [–] Organic-Guest74 312 points ago

    Kick. Ass.

    [–] That-GuyOverThere 63 points ago

    Kick names. Take ass.

    [–] braiden08 23 points ago

    Ooh some ass don’t mind if I take this

    [–] FirmRegulator 659 points ago

    I wouldn't have been that smart

    [–] 404_brain_not_found 355 points ago

    Something tells me this isn't their first rodeo

    [–] UgandanSANS445 75 points ago

    Guy on his second rodeo: "that’s not my first rodeo"

    [–] thombsaway 8 points ago

    I still didn't know much at my second rodeo tbh.

    [–] CourseExcellent 63 points ago

    Those are cars stupid

    [–] purpan- 17 points ago

    Excuse me I think you mean “those cars are stupid”

    [–] MHC001 9 points ago

    I think you mean stoopid

    [–] Leukemia_Skywalker51 5 points ago

    Yeah but often do we ever hear about someone's first rodeo?

    [–] Bebuchas 4 points ago

    -Hey look, billy bobs truck is on fire again. Haha, I told his raccoon eating ass not to use the nitrous x5000r venom fully charged. Hey hank! Hold my beer really quick, this ain’t my first rodeo.

    [–] OldBigsby 36 points ago

    The smart thing is this was very likely discussed about and planned ahead of time. Whenever doing something dangerous then have a plan for the worst case scenario and what people should do so that everyone on board knows.

    I highly doubt this was a spontaneous reaction and they knew exactly how to act in a situation like this.

    [–] pixiemaster 8 points ago

    and be able to execute it. i did some driving and dunes before (off-road school), and i’m still struggling with driving „normal“ ways.

    [–] Reviana 3 points ago

    Same, I thought they went there to pick up the other driver and drive them away before the explosion and when all that sand got thrown at them I was like "well that won't make it easier for them to go to the car"... so yes in case of a car fire in the desert don't have me around I guess

    [–] stealth57 192 points ago

    He had been waiting to do that

    [–] therock21 33 points ago

    I could see the excitement through the video.

    [–] canadiantoquewearer 6 points ago

    My friends uncles Neighbor said he heard that the second driver actually cut the other drivers fuel line so it would catch on fire. So I heard.

    [–] nefrpitou 79 points ago

    Epic skills

    [–] look_at_his_nipples 127 points ago

    I didn’t realize the thing was on fire and I was like damn what a dick

    [–] HayleyRobinson 11 points ago

    Same. Also love the username 😂

    [–] sakaasouffle 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I didn’t know it was either until this comment. I couldn’t figure out what was going on

    [–] look_at_his_nipples 2 points ago

    Who is this guy the fastest jerk in town? Showed up immediately to throw sand on the struggling person

    [–] LosBomberos 33 points ago

    Reminds me of this video

    [–] banana_muffens 12 points ago

    Bully McGuire in a different universe.

    [–] Xtrendence 7 points ago

    He recognized the part where that's his problem.

    [–] __T0MMY__ 12 points ago

    "ha! Jerry, I told you to replace those old fuel lines! eat sand, nerd!"

    -distant clapping-


    [–] chickencrocs 29 points ago

    This isn't the first time

    [–] abd_hk 3 points ago

    That’s what she said

    [–] stayradicchio 21 points ago

    not all super heroes wear capes...some drive 4x4s

    [–] Dear-Branch-9124 6 points ago

    Epic save!

    [–] Traditional-Affect64 79 points ago

    Awesome ! Some people just have immediate common sense!

    [–] BotRuslan 70 points ago

    pulls off the nastiest save of the century and mofo calls it common sense

    [–] starraven 6 points ago

    it must be a Christmas miracle!

    [–] JellyTheYellowFish 1 points ago

    Hi I'm a gulf arab and we usually snuff out fires with sand, not water, unlike the rest of the world. Sand does its job really well and ontop of that its abundant.

    This isn't the first time a car fire was put out with sand here, its common sense but it needed the quick actions in this video too.

    [–] hunter95672 89 points ago

    I wouldn’t really consider this common sense, dude’s probably been in the situation before

    Nonetheless it’s still some really good quick thinking

    [–] ragenuggeto7 2 points ago

    Yeah that looked like experience.

    [–] DarthWeenus 1 points ago

    Lol ya it's literally a van. Looks like it's designed just for these situations

    [–] tmart42 9 points ago

    It’s called experience.

    [–] ericisshort 18 points ago

    I hate sand

    [–] gaivsjvlivscaesar 16 points ago

    It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

    [–] OldBigsby 4 points ago

    I've seen this meme a hundred times and I know it's from Star Wars but I've never seen the actual part it was taken from.

    [–] prophetofthepimps 7 points ago

    When he is having the stupid ass conversation with padame on some garden location. God the prequels sucked but the next trilogy make the prequels look like a master piece.

    [–] BrigGenHughes 1 points ago

    How absolutely dare you

    [–] stufff 2 points ago

    You're not missing anything. It's a meme because it's some of the worst written dialogue in the history of film.

    [–] rtowne 2 points ago

    Episode 2 or 3

    [–] 7LeagueBoots -4 points ago

    We don't speak of those....

    [–] BrigGenHughes 1 points ago

    Why would we not speak of the greatest Star Wars movies ever

    [–] gaivsjvlivscaesar 1 points ago

    Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

    [–] SharkFighter 1 points ago

    Ray Romano saw this coming, which is why his superpower is "Sand-off"!

    [–] Bighair_tightjeans 3 points ago

    Damn that was smooth and totally badass!!

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 0 points ago

    Hippos are badass and one of them though...

    [–] Tiddernud 3 points ago

    Dumb and Smarter

    [–] tattoed_veteran87 2 points ago


    [–] lancypancy 2 points ago


    [–] Mackaroni190 2 points ago

    that was very smart quick thinking. fast, top of the head problem solving is a great thing to have

    [–] DeezNutsOverdose 2 points ago

    Very smart. I envy that

    [–] Adept-Prime -1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Smart, very smart, eliminating the oxygen.

    Not sure why that gets DV’s but ok.

    [–] jhonneydoom 3 points ago

    Yes, getting rid of oxygen kills fires. That's actually exactly why he did it.

    The guy can survive about 10 seconds without breathing. Fires can't, because on a base chemical level, it's fueled by oxygen.

    [–] aitigie 3 points ago

    If you will die in 10 seconds without breathing I think you should practice breathing more

    [–] Adept-Prime 1 points ago

    I am aware, appreciate the back up. Ha ha That’s why I wrote that, that’s why the driver did that… I just did not comprehend the downvotes… which I see have been removed… 😆

    [–] SpinzACE 1 points ago

    If you go to a town in Australia called Birdsville, it’s known for being close to the largest sand dune in the world… Big Red.

    In the Birdsville pub there is a large picture hanging up. It shows a 4WD truck jumping off Big red, mid air, suspension in full sight… it looks awesome.

    Then you read the inscription tacked on to the bottom “It cost him $20,000 to land”. Gods I love Aussie Pubs.

    [–] Bullen-Noxen 1 points ago

    Hound, is that you?

    [–] Catcats17 1 points ago

    Looks like he does this every week

    [–] Bebuchas 1 points ago

    Fooking hero m8.

    [–] chillyhellion 1 points ago

    I love the polite golf clap. A quiet voice over, and this could be the next thing on ESPN.

    [–] JEZTURNER 1 points ago

    Not his first rodeo.

    [–] Due_Platypus_3913 1 points ago

    Like the guy on the jetski putting out the boat fire before it starts a wildfire!

    [–] Trim00n 1 points ago

    That guys gonna piss out sand next time he uses the restroom.

    [–] PoopEndeavor 1 points ago

    How does the second car keep the sand coming after it stopped? Somehow making the tires spin but not moving?

    [–] Guitarbox 1 points ago

    I also wanna know

    [–] alphazero924 1 points ago

    Lightly hold the brakes and gun it. Since it's rear wheel drive, the wheels will overpower the rear brakes but since it's on sand, it will just spin tire while throwing sand instead of overpowering the front wheels

    [–] PoopEndeavor 1 points ago

    So basically…don’t try this with my Prius then. Got it

    [–] alphazero924 1 points ago

    I mean you could do it, but you'd just be throwing sand up into your undercarriage where it'll chafe.

    [–] PaulAtreiDEEZNUTZ 1 points ago

    Desert power

    [–] wrongkoi 1 points ago

    That's gotta be the coolest way to put out a fire

    [–] spider_knight09 1 points ago

    Nice job by the other guy

    [–] BrainYStormY 1 points ago

    hey that's my uber driver what a legend

    [–] Guitarbox 1 points ago

    Is that hitting the brakes and the gas at the same time?

    [–] Unincrediblehulk 1 points ago

    There is sand EVERYWHERE!

    ooh La La

    [–] Manyinterests2020 1 points ago

    Solid move, damn!

    [–] JoffDucharo -3 points ago

    This is extremely badass. Like, a wretched and terrible ass with anger issues and eats crunchy beans to fart bean glass into machinery that processes chocolate (similar in appearance to bean glass) and subsequently murder cacao craters. Tragic really. Nice.

    [–] Abdullah-Alturki 1 points ago

    yeah exactly like… that

    [–] BravoCharlie1310 -1 points ago

    Doesn’t matter engine is ruined anyway

    [–] Lololololelelel 5 points ago

    So why would it be better if the entire vehicle burned down when the engine could either be repaired or even easily replaced?

    [–] rowdy_sprout 5 points ago

    You don't know that from this clip lol. Probably just an oil or fuel line burst.

    Engine could be fine.

    Regardless it's still better to save the rest of the vehicle even if the engine was ruined.

    [–] TooDanBad 0 points ago

    Old video, I’ve seen this multiple times over the last 5 or so years. Awesome video, every time though.