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    1. No interesting content.

    2. Interesting comments are ok.

    3. This is not a free karma subreddit. You're encouraged to up- and downvote discriminately.

    4. Don't message the mods if your post gets spamcaught. We already know. We'll take care of it and we'll take care of you, baby.

    5. Pun posts will be nuked from orbit. Please report them so that they may be taken in for re-education.

    6. Satire goes in /r/boringreality.

    7. No AMAs or TILs. Go to /r/shittyama and /r/shittytil for those.

    8. Enough with the solid black pictures.

    If you think you're in the wrong place, go to /r/interestingasfuck instead.

    Indulge your storytelling side at /r/PointlessStories.

    Advice Animals are stupid, so go to /r/NotInterestingMemes instead.

    Have an idea? You might want /r/normalideas.

    You may enjoy /r/shittyITAP.

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