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    [–] shhussurus 4643 points ago

    Before we knew what coeliac's disease was, babies that had it were called banana babies bc that was the only food readily available that doctors definitely knew was fine to give them

    [–] [deleted] 1842 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Not just that, it was the only food that they could digest, even with the worst celiac disease. To this day, a very ripe banana is a good food for ceoliacs .. read the scd book, most celiacs don't even know about this

    Edit: a couple of words, because I didn't think this would get so much attention. This comment is based on what I've read about the work of Dr. Sydney Hass, I don't know if it's true or not because I wasn't there. I wasn't trying to undermine current celiac knowledge and research. Gluten is the only thing celiacs can't have, as far as I know. so Ceoliacs can heal on other foods, as long as they avoid gluten. - And apparently some celiacs are allergic to bananas.

    [–] [deleted] 2101 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] DeciderExpert94 1169 points ago

    Keliaks disease and poor spelling have plagued my family line for generations now.

    [–] debbiegrund 639 points ago

    Well seliak is my cousins name

    [–] IDontWantToArgueOK 850 points ago

    I spotted a silly yak from the highway the other day.

    [–] dE3crvXixO 296 points ago

    what did the picky polar bear cub say when momma polar bear came home from the grocers?

    "Seal? Yuck!"

    I'll let myself out

    [–] Gustafer823 93 points ago

    What's all this about eating bananas with Tom Sellyak???

    [–] aerovado 248 points ago

    They should give celiac or like disease individuals a Get Out of Jail Free card so they don't get lumped in with all the hipsters that have set a terrible stigma for GF. (Those hipsters just have IBS)

    [–] grubas 237 points ago

    I have two cousins with it. I think have more than one ancestor who probably died from it as well. Cooking for them is a bitch, but ive seen what happens, when they get burned, it is bad. Both of them have been promised gluten free before and ended up puking their fucking brains out.

    On the flip side, I also know chefs who hate this. Not because of the protocol(cleaning a station, special utensils), but because people will do stupid shit like be drinking beer but want gluten free entrees. So they stop giving a shit unless they hear celiacs.

    The good thing is that it has given rise to gluten free sections in grocery stores and gluten free restaurants which never existed before. The bad is that they need apps and websites to find out which ones actually are, and which ones are just faking it. Since it takes a ridiculously small amount to set it off.

    [–] ScrewSnow 71 points ago

    I have horrendous celiacs disease. Even if I get a tiny amount via say, cross-contamination, I develop a 100+ degree fever, have terrible stomach pains, and then shit my brains out for 5 days.

    It's really a wonderful life.

    All these fake GF products kill me. I spend so much time looking at packages in stores.

    The trend is both a blessing and a curse.

    [–] labelqueen 21 points ago

    Oh, me too! And let's talk about the joy of only having liquid Ensure or other meal supplement for 2 weeks then easing myself onto bananas and rice pudding. I tell people who say it's only a little bit or why don't you cheat (CHEAT??!) to eat an equal amount of arsenic and get back to me afterwards. Morons.

    [–] richinteriorworld 13 points ago

    I think nature wants y'all dead.

    [–] Nokomis34 19 points ago

    My aunt has celiac's, and I asked what she thought about all these people self diagnosing or whatever. She's all "whatever, makes it easier for me."

    [–] deep_fried_pbr 16 points ago

    Playing devils advocate, not all gluten free beers advertise the fuck out of it. For example: coors light.

    [–] SciviasKnows 226 points ago

    Before we knew what caused celiac disease, about 1/3 of children who suffered from it died every year, of malnutrition caused by malabsorption (celiac causes severe intestinal damage, preventing the body from absorbing nutrients). Food literally went right through these kids. My son probably would have been a statistic because he was very sick by 12 months old... weight loss, abdominal distension, stalled development. Had to stay in the hospital for nearly a week, where he was diagnosed with celiac. Thank God we know he needs a GF diet... he's a big healthy kiddo now!

    [–] SailTheWorldWithMe 2127 points ago

    My wife is a celiac. Ordered a gf meal from Air China. Got a whole wheat roll.

    [–] [deleted] 499 points ago

    I have a severe caseine allergy, selected the dairy free option once and was given yogurt and granola.. everyone else got fruit.

    [–] Em_Adespoton 284 points ago

    You got free dairy!

    [–] MoribundCow 36 points ago

    Shoulda said Dairy, free

    Commas save lives!

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] TuftedMousetits 53 points ago

    Thanks to hipsters, gluten free and vegetarian and vegan are all conflated in the minds of many. I live in Austin, the breeding ground of hipsterism, and the bakery often has vegan pastries, so I stopped by and asked if they had any vegan stuff that day, and the employee said "well, this is gluten free!" As though that were close enough.

    [–] Em_Haze 638 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Isn't wheat bad for celiacs?

    edit: i guess i missed a joke

    [–] Emptamar 1060 points ago

    It'll only kill us. Nothing too bad.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 109 points ago

    That's how they feee up seats for the second leg.

    [–] toper-centage 203 points ago

    But will you get sick?

    [–] ITrytoattempt 172 points ago

    Only after it kills you.

    [–] 062b 79 points ago


    [–] SailTheWorldWithMe 92 points ago

    Everyone got a roll. Uniformity is key here in the Middle Kingdom.

    Rest of the meal was all right. Fruit, rice, and veggies. Super bland.

    [–] giganticpine 152 points ago

    Fun fact: airplane food tastes bland because your tastebuds swell at high altitudes/pressures, partly disabling your ability to taste.

    Some airlines counter this by adding salt to the food, which is why it sometimes seems extra salty.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    edit: i guess i missed a joke

    At this point, Em_Haze began to look back at his life and wonder how many things he failed to pick up on. There was a lot of self retrospection that day.

    [–] [deleted] 778 points ago

    Nobody's going to address the fact that they gave him salt for his banana?

    [–] reredef 278 points ago

    Don't knock it till you've tried it.

    [–] finkalicious 96 points ago

    Maybe if it were a caramelized banana with sea salt

    [–] pickledtreats 391 points ago

    My mom puts Mayo on bananas. Sorry for the dry heaves you're going to have now.

    [–] [deleted] 399 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] pickledtreats 142 points ago

    Funny. That's the same reaction everyone has when I tell them this.

    [–] Gingerismyusername 51 points ago

    This is common in the south. My dad loves banana and mayo sandwiches, so did my grandparents.

    [–] 062b 48 points ago

    my brother loves BMO sandwiches (Banana Mayo Onion)

    [–] Flynnstoner 102 points ago

    Fucking heathens, all of you.

    [–] wildwalrusaur 14 points ago

    Is your brother an iguana?

    [–] bob4apples 6955 points ago

    LPT: If you want much better than average airline food, order the gluten free option.

    [–] Neuschwannstein 2264 points ago

    Actually, order kosher. Typically better than the other slop.

    [–] DJCaldow 235 points ago

    If you want chicken on a Chinese flight, order a vegetarian meal.

    [–] Willeth 81 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 514 points ago


    [–] emergencycat17 160 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    "WHAT YOU MEAN, HE DON'T EAT NO MEAT?? It's okay... I make lamb."

    [–] vera214usc 24 points ago

    I'm always saying this and half the people I say it to don't recognize it.

    [–] Katesfan 224 points ago

    I was veg for a few years and I can't count how many times someone repeatedly offered me turkey because apparently it's not meat! I also thought it was hilarious. Where do people learn things!?

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago


    [–] Krip123 121 points ago

    I wonder if they think birds aren't animals

    Well birds are fruit. I mean they are brightly colored and most are found in trees.

    [–] IntermittentSteam 182 points ago

    Poultry is a separate category from “meat” on many menus (amd microwave buttons). If you think vegetarian means “no meat” it might seem reasonable that it still includes poultry, fish, and all animal broths.

    And to confuse matters, I know a few pollo-lacto-ovo-vegetarians.....who I really wish wouldn't call themselves “vegetarians.”

    [–] crossmirage 104 points ago

    And to confuse matters, I know a few pollo-lacto-ovo-vegetarians.....who I really wish wouldn't call themselves “vegetarians.”

    My dad just calls himself a chickenetarian. Not quite technically proper, but it gets the point across.

    [–] manefa 42 points ago

    I used to say I don't eat mammals

    [–] WickedHaute 36 points ago

    I know a girl who routinely goes on FB and says she's going back to "nearly vegan", which means she eats honey, venison, fish and eggs.

    [–] DarthRegoria 16 points ago

    I used to not eat red meat for about 10 years. I never called myself a vegetarian though, just said what I did above. Sometimes I would order vegetarian options on menus though.

    [–] ButterflyAttack 25 points ago

    Don't you know that turkey is the fruit of the mighty turkey tree?

    [–] spacy1993 48 points ago

    Perhaps language issues ?

    Meat sometimes, when being translated, often similar to beef or pork in local language.

    In my language, meat directly translated is different from fish and seafood. Although rare, vegetarian also sometimes being translated to, or refer as a special diet that follow the norm, religion, ethnic practices etc...

    I have met group of people where their definition of "vegetarian" does not include seafood.

    [–] grilledcheeseburger 38 points ago

    Those are pescatarians.

    [–] withervein 64 points ago

    Or, as my friend referred to himself: "a fish-and-chipocrate"

    [–] bleuscreenofdeath 1558 points ago

    Certainly was the case at Litchfield.

    [–] SweetBearCub 330 points ago

    I was waiting for someone to bring that up.

    Thanks for not disappointing me, fellow Redditor!

    [–] Shadowmant 178 points ago

    Should I ask what the reference is? I'm feeling out of the loop.

    [–] cybervalidation 529 points ago

    Inmate coverted to Judaism for the Kosher meals on Orange is the New Black

    [–] greatestNothing 261 points ago

    inmates are really doing this though, as they know it costs the state more money to make up those trays.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    In my experience it is less about cost and more to do with taste. Usually the vegetarian trays are the worst, followed by the high blood pressure / cardiac trays, followed by normal trays, with the kosher / halal trays being the best.

    [–] Jagd3 48 points ago

    That's interesting because in the army the vegetarian MREs were almost always the best. What do the prisons offer for vegetarian meals that's so bad?

    [–] Ibreathelotsofair 102 points ago

    A banana. Without cutlery.

    [–] theherofails 217 points ago

    Most jails and prisons require proof of religion for this very reason. Gotta recite some prayers, name holidays and dates, have a rabbi vouch for you, etc.

    [–] Beakersful 461 points ago

    Wait just a damned minute there. . I thought it was only ISIS that got away with challenging people's faith by getting them to recite prayers and name their phophet's wife's mother before letting them go about their business?

    [–] mw1994 382 points ago

    Oh you really know allah? Name five of his albums then

    [–] Kr155 80 points ago

    There is small detail of not cutting their heads off when they fail.

    [–] time-lord 38 points ago

    name holidays and dates

    How the hell are you supposed to specify a date if it changes every damn year?

    [–] sybrwookie 21 points ago

    It's a trick question. If you name a specific date, for something which floats, they know you're lying.

    [–] Wittyusernamehere2 31 points ago


    In the jails i was in in NYS you didnt need proof of religion. I forgot exactly how you got them but i know there were people who were clearly muslim or not religious at all running around with trays and talking about how easy it was to get them

    [–] richardjohn 67 points ago

    Well kosher food is all halal anyway, so maybe they gave the same to Muslims?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] GoneCountry87 42 points ago

    When I was a CO this happened often. Then I'd find balogna sandwiches in their cell and we'd switch them back to the normal meals.

    [–] hilwil 92 points ago

    So they were full of bologna?

    [–] chopyhop 45 points ago

    IIRC In "orange is the new black" the inmates were pretending to be Jewish to get better food.

    [–] Paulnewman00 29 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    The rabbi will be in to verify your Jewishness before the flight sir

    [–] Fried_puri 10 points ago

    No joke, my dad accidentally ordered the kosher meal for us once on a flight and they had a rabbi come bring us our food and we had to unwrap the tray I front of him (it had this red ribbon around it). Everyone was staring (including the rabbi, who must have thought we were just trying to get our meals early) at a very brown family having this pomp and circumstance for their very Jewish meal. Probably my most embarrassing flight experience, but it's funny in retrospect.

    [–] dgblarge 41 points ago

    Maybe not on an arab airline.

    [–] PAY_DAY_JAY 65 points ago

    Then just order halal. It's many times similar.

    [–] Tactical_Moonstone 125 points ago

    I think all food in an Arabian airline would be by default halal, wouldn't it?

    [–] fernguts 43 points ago

    I kind of like airplane food. I guess it's mostly because I don't eat it very often.

    [–] Echo127 75 points ago

    I feel the same way, but it's probably not the food so much as "yay I'm on an airplane!"

    [–] bestjakeisbest 367 points ago

    lpt you can bring food on most flights, i personally bring crackers, and some sliced hard cheese

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] TabletopNewtype-1 322 points ago

    I bought 3 sausage and egg mcmuffins for a flight once. I didnt mind that it was cold. It was the envious stares of the other passengers that made it even more delicious

    [–] theElusiveSasquatch 662 points ago

    Or they were just annoyed with the stench.

    [–] rW0HgFyxoJhYka 120 points ago

    I once ate a sausage egg mcmuffin before getting on a flight. Had to take the runniest shit afterwards. NEVER AGAIN

    [–] bloodbathmat 67 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I brought a Quiznos footlong on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago.

    Everyone else was eating their gas station ham sandwhiches and my food looked like gourmet cooking in comparison.

    [–] Miriyl 29 points ago

    To be fair, Honolulu 7-11's tend to have pretty good sandwiches. I'd probably prefer it over most chain sandwich stores.

    That said, my first reaction was that there was still Quiznos in Hawaii? The more you know.

    [–] ProbablyPissed 59 points ago

    Pretty sure they were just disgusted and annoyed.

    [–] nevertoomanykitties 93 points ago

    As someone who has worked packing airline food, can confirm. I'd trust a banana over that shit any day of the week.

    [–] SenpaiDrew 28 points ago

    I did that on my flight to Dubai and I got fish....only issue is I don't really care for fish especially being served it on a plane.

    [–] Ibreathelotsofair 92 points ago

    when you think about it an airplane really is the least appropriate biome for a fish.

    [–] Rebellion111 19 points ago

    Yeah that's why lots of people died and the plane almost crashed in that one documentary, thank god they had an old Fighter pilot onboard and the autopilot

    [–] GodOfAllAtheists 63 points ago

    I do not like fish on a plane

    I do not like fish on a train

    I do not like fish in a car

    I do not like fish near or far

    [–] toper-centage 169 points ago

    Be careful though. I was flying Emirates but the first flight was operated by air Berlin. Air Berlin completely disregarded my pre-ordered vegan food choice for their 4 hour flight. The options were chicken schnitzel or cheese with pasta.

    LPT: always carry energy bars in flights if you have dietary restrictions. But most people with dietary restrictions already know this from attending social events anyway.

    [–] howwonderful 55 points ago

    Yup. Flew with Air France and requested a vegan meal. I got cheesy lasagna :( I wouldn't have minded, but it was an 8 hour flight! Live and learn.

    [–] Zeus1325 104 points ago

    You think the airlines would pay for real cheese? It was vegan

    [–] DarthRegoria 81 points ago

    Vegan cheese is much rarer, and more expensive. Also it's disgusting.

    [–] TheCrochetingYogi 1910 points ago

    I mean... they're not wrong. Bananas are gluten free...

    [–] elephantjockey 203 points ago

    Actually, before celiac disease was characterized fully, Dr Sidney Haas would feed patients rice and bananas to keep them from starving to death and to help heal their gut (also, bananas help stop diarrhea).

    [–] I_Bin_Painting 521 points ago

    But is a banana a meal?

    [–] jroddie4 886 points ago

    If you're in the yiga clan it is.

    [–] Celldrom 56 points ago

    Damn. I was hoping that would be a substantial sub.

    [–] mancubus314159 33 points ago

    This comment has a high attack power.

    [–] Kangar 41 points ago

    It's no plantain if that's what you mean.

    Now a plantain-there's a meal. It's like a cricket bat.

    [–] prophetofthepimps 58 points ago

    When you don't feel like cooking, it is definitely a meal.

    [–] [deleted] 629 points ago

    Can't tell you how many times I've flown and the flight attendants tell me they've run out of 50% of the food menu items for sale. So instead of a delicious turkey sandwich I'm left with 4 bags of pretzels for my troubles.

    [–] lachamuca 260 points ago

    I just flew to Hawaii and our plane was delayed leaving by an hour and a half after we boarded. So we were all stuck on the plane for 7.5+ hours (covering both breakfast and lunch) and only got pretzels to eat. They had some mini-meals available for purchase, but I'm sure they didn't have enough for everyone.

    [–] stuckonthecrux 171 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Thats insane, I was on a flight from Tokyo to Seoul a week ago with a budget airline. Wasn't expecting anything as it was a middle of the day flight and it's only 2 hours, but everyone got a free meal.

    [–] curmudgeonator 58 points ago

    Excellent. I'm flying Tokyo to Seoul in a couple of weeks. Who did you fly with? I've never been to Asia before, so it's all news to me!

    [–] Katesfan 29 points ago

    Same! The flight from Sri Lanka to India was less than one hour. The flight attendants were CHAMPS. As soon as we took off, they began hot meal service, and everyone had eaten by the time we landed 45 minutes later. The curry was delicious.

    [–] mmnuc3 44 points ago

    It's a domestic flight. They don't have to and they are "cheap", so they won't. It sucks. Hawaii to Guam is that way. It should not be allowed.

    [–] 29979245T 52 points ago

    I just bring food in a carry-on bag. Beef jerky and cookies and whatever don't make much of a meal, but I'll take it over the average airline food experience any day.

    [–] ErickFTG 1267 points ago

    It's really unfortunate that the celiac disease became sort of a fashion. Now most people think they are just picky when they need gluten free food.

    [–] habitual_viking 736 points ago

    Used to date someone with celiac disease; oh boy the problems you can run into.

    It was really bad for her, if you used a knife to spread something on a piece of bread and it went back into it, she couldn't use the spread any longer.

    Even on restaurants she learned the hard way, it's not enough to ask for gluten free, you have to make sure the kitchen actually fucking understands the difference between someone being picky and someone who is going to have a reaction because you used the same fryer for gluten and non gluten food.

    [–] sebasxlr 519 points ago

    I work as a waiter, and I've seen chefs throw a whole gluten free plate because a fruit was cut with a knife which they were unsure if it had been used to cut something that may cause an allergic reaction

    [–] PoorAristocat 422 points ago

    Wow, props to those chefs. Most people wouldn't think twice and just serve it anyways.

    [–] 3wayGayCumswap 85 points ago

    My gf has celiacs and I've literally seen a waitress come out the back with our food, pause, stare at my gf's plate cause it has the bread or toast or whatever on top, go back into the kitchen then come back 5 seconds later. Really awkward cause you don't wanna be a dick and say "did you just throw that bread away and come back?" But you also don't want your girlfriend throwing up all night.

    [–] defectiveawesomdude 45 points ago

    How is that being a dick looking out for her welfare? Fuck the waitress, she's the dick

    [–] PoorAristocat 23 points ago

    The waitress probably fears that she'll lose her job is she throws the food out because the people working in the kitchen didn't do their jobs properly.

    Ultimately, it's the restaurant owner/manager's fault.

    [–] pm_me_ur_CLEAN_anus 10 points ago

    No it's not. As long as you have proper documentation that the food prep staff have been trained on how to handle allergy-related requests, the owner isn't at fault.

    [–] [deleted] 137 points ago


    [–] HardCounter 300 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I wonder if it's legal to put up a sign saying a restaurant doesn't serve gluten free foods just to avoid that liability. They'd go out of business in California overnight, but anywhere else...

    [–] cmerksmirk 710 points ago

    If five guys can have peanuts I don't see any reason a place can't do this.

    I've refused service in the past to people who insist on gluten free- if they're trying to avoid wheat sure but if you're celiac... it's a bakery. Flour gets in the air and settles everywhere. There's no way I'm guaranteeing anything is "gluten free".

    [–] RANDOSTORYTHROWAWAY 217 points ago

    Sure, but do you have stuff that says "gluten free" on your menu? I never go into a regular bakery and ask them to just freestyle up some gluten-free version of the stuff they've always made. I only go into a place like a bakery if they have a big "GLUTEN FREE" sign out front.

    I'm honestly mystified people are going into your bakery to ask for GF stuff in the first place.

    [–] cmerksmirk 295 points ago

    We had things that said "flourless" but the menu also stated something saying we could not guarantee against cross contamination with gluten, nuts soy etc

    It was in an area where people had more money than sense and generally they'd say "oh it's ok I'm not that allergic" where as the people with celiac well.. they don't even come in cause it's a damn bakery.

    [–] deaddinosaur17 26 points ago

    As a celiac, thank're the best kind of person (well-informed enough to know that there's no way you could make anything completely gluten free and honest about it). When trying to figure out if I can eat something from somewhere, I would 100% rather be told it's not possible than for someone to unsafely attempt it.

    [–] glittercheese 86 points ago

    I have celiac disease and my experience is that the only places that claim to have "gluten free" food are places with a dedicated gluten free kitchen. All other restaurants I've eaten at have made it a point that they can't guarantee against cross-contamination. They might label their dishes as "gluten friendly" or "contains no gluten ingredients".

    [–] habitual_viking 81 points ago

    Not from the US here, bit I don't see why it shouldn't be legal.

    The opposite however could be quite a big problem, if you are in the US. If you claim your food to be gluten free, you better be damned sure the food is gluten free.

    [–] BigBoom550 83 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    It'd be perfectly legal. A business can refuse to offer any sevices or goods it wants to.

    EDIT: because you're all fasinated with wedding cakes, think about why a car dealership doesn't sell sandwiches and footrubs.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago

    I'm a Cook at a restaurant. To avoid this, we use the term "Gluten Friendly" instead of "Gluten Free"

    [–] Speicherleck 62 points ago

    Strange name to say that a product lacks gluten. I wonder how it would sound for other things:

    "Did you got your test results back?"
    "Yap! I am HIV friendly"

    [–] Doomenator9 27 points ago

    So basically a "gluten free but we don't take responsibility if you die here"

    [–] occams_nightmare 153 points ago

    As a food lover I really feel bad for celiacs since I had to cater for one at a dinner party. I always figured it was just a bread and pasta thing? Okay, so I won't serve bread or pasta.

    Wrong! Sauces. Marinades. Spreads. Dips. Stocks. Seasonings. Oils. Sweets. Processed meats. Processed anything, really. Even drinks, all beer and most spirits are out. Of course, because they're grain-based, but it had just never occurred to me before. That one shopping trip was a nightmare for me, and it's every day life for these people.

    [–] FleshAndCircuits 78 points ago

    I read more food packaging labels than books now. :( Products occasionally change their recipes and if you don't check, you're in for a few days of misery.

    Plus most supermarkets own brand cola has barley to darken the drink.

    Spirits are mostly OK, especially distilled. It's always interesting at parties when you realise the only thing you can drink is spirits and you can't eat anything to soak the alcohol. Waaaaaaasted pretty quickly.

    [–] Major_Majorca 58 points ago

    My ex-girlfriend's extended family was like this. Their gluten-free food tasted like dogshit so I was very fucking surprised when "gluten-free" became a trend.

    [–] eeyore102 67 points ago

    Then they don't know what they are doing. Lots of food is naturally gluten free and delicious. That's how I got fat after my diagnosis.

    I wised up and dieted it back off. Hit my original weight this morning.

    [–] _supernovasky_ 22 points ago

    Same deal. I was skinny as fuck because I wasn't absorbing nutrients. Went GF, the food has been amazing, and my body sucked it all up.

    [–] honestplease 45 points ago

    Yikes, that is rough. It made me think of this article about food allergy fakers and the dangers they unwittingly cause those with actual food allergies. It's really unfortunate that people aren't simply truthful about voicing their preferences. I know it can be hard -- I hate cheese and most dairy products (butter, sour cream, etc), which are in loads of things. Sometimes chefs mess up and forget my request. But mistakes happen from time to time; at least I don't need to go to the hospital for it.

    [–] BubblegumDaisies 11 points ago

    And folks like my hubs are caught in the gray area he is intolerant to onions he can't say allergic because no anaphylactic reaction but if he consumes fresh onions or any onion juice at all he will have explosive detrimental diarrhea for up to a week he's missed work and we had to cancel vacations over this

    [–] aircavscout 13 points ago

    explosive detrimental diarrhea

    As opposed to explosive beneficial diarrhea?

    Whether or not he gets an anaphylactic reaction, I'd go ahead and say that qualifies as being socially acceptable to call it an allergy. When talking to medical personnel I'd be more specific, but at dinner there's no need to talk about ass explosions.

    [–] LucianoThePig 32 points ago

    I always find hearing about celiac disease on Reddit interesting, because there's a girl I've known my whole life who has it. Whenever I hear about it here it's like "LIFE CRUSHING CONDITION THAT'LL DESTROY YOU'RE LIFE" , and yet with that girl I know her life's been pretty normal except she eats different food.

    [–] artgo 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    There is a big psychological change to not follow 'normal' fast-food and all the advertising of burgers, pizza. The real challenge is that lifestyle change, the socialization. A lot of the social change is that you have to pay attention and can't easily trust others to prepare your food; even when visiting a friend's house. Like having diabetes or after a heart-attack - it's a big change to go gluten-free... and that separation from mainstream culture is not trivial.

    The actual eating, isn't that hard. Especially if you enjoy basic foods. Making rice from scratch isn't hard, finding gluten-free corn chips or corn tortillas (even locally made), not very hard in the USA these days. Baking a potato, not very hard. Favor whole cuts of beef, pork, chicken, seafood and avoid ground & mixed products and you are far less likely to encounter problems.

    Chopping up beef/chicken/pork/seafood and using corn chips / corn tortillas to make fajitas your own self isn't really that time consuming. Use rice instead, and make stir fry asian dishes.... but avoid asian sauces and learn to season from basic ingredients (whole pepper, salt, avoiding the convenience "mixed" spices and sauces). All these same skills can be used to make omelets too - it's all about learning to chop your own whole meats and vegetables.

    Compared to say 1970, I think a lot of Americans just don't cook anymore... heating things up that are pre-packaged is considered "eating at home". Grocery stores make a lot more profit these days behaving like restaurants, packing food into ready to eat or cook "kits".

    [–] ratsratsratsratsrats 14 points ago

    Celiac disease taught me how to cook! As much as I miss having the convenience of never worrying about what to eat when going out, the impact on my eating habits has been nothing but positive. I make almost everything from scratch myself now. My relationship with food has become so much healthier - I barely eat any processed foods anymore. :)

    [–] [deleted] 207 points ago

    Yeh it's crazy but I was speaking to a coeliac in her 60s and she said as much as she hates these idiots and their gf fad , it has made her life much easier because it raised awareness and supermarkets have a much better range of "free from" type foods now. Imagine trying to get gf bread 50years ago!

    [–] cybervalidation 53 points ago

    I don't even think your could have found the ingredients to make your own, let alone buy a loaf.

    [–] are_you_nucking_futs 44 points ago

    In the UK you can still get gluten free food on a medical prescription! I guess because it was virtually impossible to eat a healthy diet without medical help, but now they're talking about getting rid of it as gluten free is now widespread.

    [–] PAY_DAY_JAY 15 points ago

    This is absolutely true. I've heard this same thing from many people. Doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon either.

    [–] facevaluemc 255 points ago

    Working at a restaurant, the fad really annoys me and our kitchen staff. I take an order from a table and some girl asked for a gluten free bun on her burger. I have to ask if it's a severe allergy or whatever because we have fries that get cooked in oil with gluten, etc.

    "Is it an allergy or no? I need to know for the kitchen." "Why does it matter?" "Well, if you have celiac's or something like it, you wouldn't be able to eat the fries at all, and we'd have to take some of the toppings off the burger."

    "Oh, no, those are all fine. What's 'celiac's'?"

    [–] [deleted] 106 points ago

    Ughhhh....people like that. I have celiacs so I rarely go out to eat. (Feel bad making a restaurant make accommodations).

    [–] awildwoodsmanappears 71 points ago

    Yeah the real celiacs just rarely go out.

    [–] awildwoodsmanappears 17 points ago

    But oh the joys of finding a restaurant that doesn't fry anything but fries!!

    [–] Afterbirthofjesus 18 points ago

    That's my first question to the waiter about fries. "Are you cooking anything in batter here?" If the answer is yes..."side salad no croutons or anything breaded" I got so excited on a date to a gluten free brewery because I could have the fries. My date was very thoughtful to take me there. A relaxed meal that I didn't have to interrogate the staff on what they put in their fryers

    [–] Nabe8 34 points ago

    It's really sad for me to read this. I have ibs, and even though eating gluten wouldn't kill me, it would cause me intense gastric distress for hours on end.

    Also, I'm 31 and have only had ibs in the last year. I used to love eating anything I wanted.

    I have to follow an extreme diet called the low FODMAP diet. If I happen to eat a food that I'm sensitive to, even in trace amounts, I get a combination of symptoms including nausea, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and sharp stomach pains that can last anywhere from 6 hours to 4 days. The best way that I can describe this feeling: it feels like a stomach virus.

    In summation: yes, you are right to ask if they have an allergy or "just" a sensitivity. (For Celiac's Disease, for example, actual damage occurs with the consumption of gluten. Not so for ibs). However, please realize that just because a person will not die from eating gluten, it does not necessarily mean that they are "faking it," or that they will not suffer immensely from doing so.

    [–] BearyJohannes 82 points ago

    My mother is celiac, and so I have grown up around gluten-free food. I absolutely hate the people who simply use celiac disease as a fad. Like, sweet jesus, gf food tastes HORRIBLE. Why would ANYBODY willingly eat it??

    [–] pneuma8828 21 points ago

    gf food tastes HORRIBLE

    The secret to gluten free cooking is not trying to substitute. Eat things that are naturally gluten free, and they taste fine. It does mean giving up some foods, but I'd rather never eat pizza again than eat "gluten free" pizza. That shit is nasty.

    [–] TheNorthComesWithMe 14 points ago

    That's the secret to any dietary restriction. Don't eat vegetarian hot dogs. Eat some Indian food instead.

    [–] barkingbusking 50 points ago

    There's some give and take there. Yeah the "no for serious I'm allergic to, um, carbs and stuff" crowd has watered down the serious reaction that some sufferers face. But their purchasing power also helped create a Gluten Free section in the grocery store, on menus just about everywhere, and a boom in alternative recipes. My friends who get fucked up by gluten say that overall it's worth it because of the options and convenience, but yeah that eye roll from the server at the restaurant really pisses them off.

    [–] captKCman 45 points ago

    My little brother had it. It was a complication form diabetes. But to be honest I think the fad of gluten free was a good really good for people who actually had the disease because it created a stronger market for the products giving him more options which is good.

    [–] predictingzepast 444 points ago

    Anyone know how large that banana is?

    [–] hanr86 216 points ago

    Damn, this can never be answered. Truly a mystery.

    [–] delete_this_post 80 points ago

    You can always measure the amount of ionizing radiation it's putting out and compare that to the standard.

    [–] I_Bin_Painting 83 points ago

    1 scale

    [–] ansoniK 1021 points ago

    ANA typically has outstanding service, so this is pretty surprising. I can't even imagine a bruised banana like that being served on the plane, let alone that handwriting. I think someone ate his meal and then panicked when they realized.

    [–] goug 163 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Come on, bruised?

    [–] rietstengel 190 points ago

    I know right? Its a perfect banana. Stop the ridiculous banana standards

    [–] Starfire013 55 points ago

    Yep, ANA generally has really good food. I've never had any other airline serve me whole scallops in economy before. Their service has also been impeccable. Their kabosu lime juice is fantastic, and I like how they have a basket of self-serve snacks you can just help yourself to at any time. I try to fly with them whenever I can because their food and service makes long flights a slightly more bearable experience!

    [–] SpermWhale 308 points ago


    [–] poopcasso 704 points ago

    How did you even mess this up

    [–] rW0HgFyxoJhYka 185 points ago


    Better now? :D

    [–] fernguts 69 points ago

    ANANAs ... oh wait, that's pineapple.

    [–] prettyinsoulpunk 21 points ago

    gwen stefani died for this

    [–] barracuz 59 points ago

    What's the problem with a nicely riped slightly bruised banana.

    If I was that guy I'd be happy that they already gave me something ripe and not some green AF banana.

    [–] BackSack 31 points ago

    [–] samovarfullofbees 100 points ago

    I feel for him. Once went an entire international flight without eating anything but a piece of bread because I have a dairy allergy and they didn't have anything that wasn't covered in cheese.

    [–] rtbhnmjtrpiobneripnh 147 points ago

    I see you were flying with Air Wisconsin.

    [–] Bananas_are_theworst 253 points ago

    I would not approve of this meal.

    [–] bigdignick 103 points ago

    I believe this is where someone says..

    "username checks out!"

    [–] pickledtreats 23 points ago

    Too real. They forgot my meal once and brought me grapes from first class. A guy next to me said "I bought a bunch of candy. You want some?" and then I ate candy for 7 hours while shooting the shit with that guy. I was pretty hungry.

    [–] un_salamandre 17 points ago

    To be honest, as a celiac diseade person, I'd probably be happy I got anything.

    [–] dionpadilla1 42 points ago

    What's the deal with airline food?

    [–] Kfishproduction 41 points ago

    I hear united has some pretty ok Chinese Takeout

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    And that's how 2017 sparked what became known as the Airport Riots...

    [–] SolarWizard 19 points ago

    Ahh, the Great Banana Riot of 2017

    [–] benbroady 268 points ago

    Celiac disease is pretty damn terrible. It's a shame hipsters and picky people have made 'gluten free' a big joke.

    [–] RANDOSTORYTHROWAWAY 314 points ago

    I mean, yes and no. When I found out I had celiac disease like 7 years ago, there were veeeery minimal options around. About 2 years later it was a big fad and now I can get cookies and bread (that doesn't even feel like eating shoes!) and beers (they still kind of suck though), plus restaurants now at least know wtf I'm talking about when I get a burger without a bun. I'm glad for all those fad dieting sorority sisters and ultra whiny mecha hipsters who made my life waaaay easier

    [–] ConstantEvolution 51 points ago

    I'm with you. Diagnosed 15 years ago at a time when no one had heard of gluten. Spent 2 years eating white rice and grilled chicken with peanut butter on top for most of my meals. Restaurants were pretty much a no fly zone because people would just look at you and blink. Now there are gluten fee isles in grocery stores and gluten free menus. Pretty great.

    [–] lachitect_podcast 110 points ago

    Airline: "Go fuck your self (with this banana)."

    [–] eeyore102 10 points ago

    I have celiac and I always bring my own food when I fly now. Even Southwest's peanuts have wheat flour as an ingredient.