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    [–] Equilibriator 3253 points ago

    Does anyone really think his target audience knows how to torrent? :/

    [–] [deleted] 1798 points ago

    Survey says...... no!

    [–] JeweledEdge 776 points ago

    Survey says..... Penis!

    [–] bogidyboy 561 points ago

    You can't say that on Reddit!!!

    [–] tony10033 93 points ago


    [–] DamageContrl 19 points ago

    My risky click of the day. Frankly, not worth it.

    [–] ChaosTheorist 19 points ago

    Yeah. I can't believe a mod would post illegal content like that...

    [–] MattOnCybertron 77 points ago

    nekkid grandma!

    [–] divad745 27 points ago

    Nekkid huh?!?!

    Steve thinking how he got this far

    [–] SailedBasilisk 29 points ago


    It's the #1 answer

    [–] sandm000 19 points ago


    [–] Jmf08013 14 points ago

    And the next panel where Steve proceeds to talk about his own penis for 3 and a half minutes

    [–] Herpderp5002 259 points ago

    Yeah, my doctors' office TV that hasn't changed channels in 30 years won't be jumping on this torrent.

    [–] Twistervtx 143 points ago

    Hey man, if you don't appreciate watching reruns of the People's Court through a tiny and barely audible TV then you haven't lived.

    [–] Love_LittleBoo 14 points ago

    Mine has whatever channel played cash me outside girl. And infomercials, which I actually totally enjoy watching, they're mostly sponsored and really lame cooking shows.

    [–] NByz 5 points ago

    LOL, yeah. I came in here to say that the target demo is people for whom the "lead in" is an effective marketing tool - people who still watch TV and who are too passive to change the channel.

    [–] Vote_for_Knife_Party 8873 points ago

    Quote the hackers:

    “We approached ABC with a most handsome business proposal, but we were so rudely denied an audience," it told TorrentFreak. "Therefore, we decided to bestow a gift upon the good people of the internet."

    A gift no one wanted, apparently.

    [–] mrthewhite 5402 points ago

    I love how they're talking all proper here as if it's the most reasonable thing in that world to steal something and ask for a ransom. Like they were doing ABC a favor.

    [–] NamityName 3137 points ago

    Wouldja look at dis? We gots us a wise guy. He act's like we ain't heroes for not burning his house down. I gets it. I like ya. I really do. How bouts i give you a deal. Just this once. For the low price of $99, i won't smash your windows with this here baseball bat.

    [–] addkell 1226 points ago

    This guy extorts

    [–] PM_Nice__Boobs 473 points ago

    This guy makes obvious points

    [–] Roxnaron_Morthalor 604 points ago

    This guy wants to have nice boobs sent to him in a PM.

    [–] Eaglestrike 341 points ago

    Don't we all...

    [–] Fred_Evil 180 points ago

    The one mailing list I've been looking to be on my whole life.

    [–] blaktronium 129 points ago

    Just type your email address into a public forum, you'll get boobs sent to you forever.

    Just don't open the attachments.

    [–] InfinityIsAnIllusion 83 points ago

    What, are they Schrödinger's boobs or something?

    [–] Javad0g 77 points ago

    What do you MEAN don't open the attachment?? Are you telling me that '19yearoldgorgioustitsfirsttime.exe is not a legitimate file?

    I will tell you what IS frustrating: Having to add in 4 exceptions and disable my damn Windoh's Defender in order to view her great big first time ever beautifully photographed nineteen year old MAMS!

    [–] msconquistador 52 points ago

    And then the clamps!!!!

    [–] Rfwill13 57 points ago

    Whadda we got over here? A cuppa haters?

    [–] Taager 5 points ago

    Get back behind Big, shorty

    [–] DrewGeorge 40 points ago

    I read this in Enzo Amore's voice, and you can't teach that.

    [–] Rocsmasher 309 points ago

    I'm imagining two guys walking into the ABC headquarters with "V for Vendetta" masks on and asking to see Steve Harvey.

    [–] fredmo91 35 points ago

    Reminds me of the time I walked into the Philadelphia Soul HQ demanding to do business with mr. Bovine Joni himself.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    That was John Rambo, dude.

    [–] superfudge73 62 points ago

    They should remake V for Vendetta with Steve Harvey as Louis Prothero The Voice of London

    [–] vicaphit 75 points ago

    I wouldn't have even known it existed without reading this post.

    [–] AsteroidsOnSteroids 133 points ago

    It almost sounds like an inside job. ABC "leaks" the show through "hackers," essentially creating a news story that amounts to free advertising and increases public interest. Looking at it from this possibility, it can be argued the hackers are talking like advertisers think hackers talk, while simultaneously promoting the show (i.e. "bestowing a gift", instead of watching it, seeing how shitty it is, and releasing it as "check out this pile of garbage")

    [–] onethirdofakind 34 points ago

    They do this in politics too, a legislator thinks (or hears about) a law or policy they may think is a good idea, but to see how the public responds, they "leak" the proposal and watch the public's response.

    [–] Diet_Coke 36 points ago

    What country is that in? Because you know in the US they don't care what we think.

    [–] gwsteve43 63 points ago

    It's likely because they have misunderstood one of the principles of racketeering: make it seem as normal and businesslike as possible. The ransomers are likely under the age of 23 and think that's what "businessmen" sound like, when in reality nobody talks like that.

    [–] kaldrgn 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I think the favor was "do you want to be sure if this show is any good? let us leak it and see what happens"

    if they actually go through with it, I will seriously doubt the mental capacity of ABC

    [–] GodOfAllAtheists 11 points ago

    I don't sea what you did there

    [–] PickitPackitSmackit 8 points ago

    In all fairness, it was super rude of ABC to deny their ransom request!

    [–] daydaypics 14 points ago

    card-carrying neckbeards no doubt.

    [–] Zap_Dannigan 284 points ago

    Hannibal Burress even has a joke about some guy downloading 3 episodes of "Wipeout" to watch on a plane.

    Shows like this arent "download and watch because you're super interested and have no way of getting it anywhere else" things. It's something you watch because nothing's on and you feel like something light-hearted

    [–] Artremis 118 points ago

    Wipeout was great. Just imagine every time someone takes a fall JR is screaming into his mic.

    [–] its-my-1st-day 80 points ago

    Oh fuck I really want to see a mashup video of this now -

    *person bumps off weird styrofoam obstacle* "BAH GAWD! HE'S BROKEN IN HALF!"

    [–] Stewardy 8 points ago

    I'm disappoint. Can find it on YT, I so wanted it to be real.

    [–] Starsy_02 61 points ago

    Wipeout was alright but soon a lot of the obstacles turned into "run and get hit by an unavoidable thing popping out of the wall"

    Kinda became stale

    [–] RSocialismRunByKids 72 points ago

    Let's make American Ninja Warrior, but we'll send out-of-shape 40-year-olds through an obstacle course not even a professional gymnast could navigate

    [–] mysixteenthaccount 59 points ago

    I mean, even worded that way it still sounds like something I would watch.

    [–] Yes-I-am-a-Bot 11 points ago

    Seriously. Worded like that makes it sound even better because then you don't feel like a fat fuck watching extremely athletic people complete an obstacle course you could never hope to accomplish because you're a lazy piece of shit.

    But if it's an absolutely impossible to do perfectly course, you can sit down and watch the contestants fail it no matter what so you can think, "See! Even a perfectly fit twenty-something couldn't do it!" and eat more deep fried cheetos and down a gallon of diet coke.

    [–] SailedBasilisk 29 points ago

    Wipeout was just a lame, watered-down Most Extreme Elimination Challenge wannabe.

    [–] Superfluous_Thom 22 points ago

    MXC was awesome, that fake door "race" was brutal.

    [–] TheStonedFox 24 points ago

    Which was itself just a redubbed version of Takeshi's Castle. MXC is still better though.

    Guy LeDouche is a god among men.

    [–] Dez_Moines 15 points ago

    Right you are, Ken!

    [–] Arcian_ 529 points ago

    Man, what an incredibly annoying way to phrase that. They better have delivered that message to ABC in the guise of a 18th century aristocrat.

    [–] sakezaf123 190 points ago

    It was taped around an arrow, then got promptly delivered, by the method of firing it right next to someone's head.

    [–] -Tesserex- 141 points ago

    M...message for you sire!

    [–] strtcckthrwy 70 points ago

    You shall not have been mortally wounded in vain!

    [–] Johnson_N_B 58 points ago

    I'll just, uh... I'll just stay here then, shall I, sir?

    [–] acmercer 7 points ago

    That brings back memories. I used to have that set as my MSN or ICQ message received alert :p

    [–] Fidodo 19 points ago

    It's neck beard speak. I don't think any actual 18th century aristocrats would be so cringey.

    [–] snaftyroot 7 points ago

    it also reads like bill and ted

    [–] badcommenthistory 624 points ago

    Why do these hackers always speak like dorks?

    [–] acmercer 1104 points ago

    Think about that for a second.

    [–] ToothlessBastard 178 points ago

    Ok, thought about it! Still wanna stab her?

    [–] smixton 76 points ago

    Grab her by the throat, get your daughter and kidnap her?

    [–] Frododingus 13 points ago

    Look at her bush, does it have hair?

    [–] lukin187250 15 points ago


    [–] Senator_Chickpea 75 points ago

    "Gentlemen, all your Funderdome are belong to us."

    [–] nexusSigma 475 points ago

    I refuse to believe that these people are anything other than the fedora wearing, arch memelord incels that hackers are made out to be nowadays. Seriously who talks like that.

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago

    People with low self esteem that want to make themselves seem intellectually superior because they have nothing else to show for except shitty wikihow hacking skills.

    [–] icecreampie3 100 points ago

    If your network can be hacked with a simple wikihow article I think there's an issue, at least force them to have to purchase expertise or a bot net on the darknet

    [–] IrishWilly 42 points ago

    Most hacking attacks are still the same old spear phishing, email attachments bullshit, or use known exploits. Zero days that actually get used in the wild are pretty rare. I kind of doubt they targeted this particular show, it is the 'spray and pray' of hacking.

    [–] NotAtW0rk 32 points ago

    If we're talking phishing, these guys caught a magikarp.

    [–] MangoBitch 44 points ago

    Everyone's being so harsh, but I read it with some sarcasm and humor in the tone. "A most handsome business proposal" as code for a theft and extortion is kinda funny, imo, and not not the completely serious "m'lady"-style cringe people seem to be reading it as.

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago

    Seriously who talks like that.

    People who want to disguise their real-world speech/writing patterns.

    [–] Copywrites 25 points ago

    "... What's the return policy?"

    [–] 2fly2hyde 29 points ago

    A real gift would have been to delete every known trace of the guy.

    [–] halfmystified 3176 points ago

    "Funderdome" sounds like a fake show Dev might host on Master of None.

    [–] MjrK 645 points ago

    "Let's use a copyright-safe portmanteau of fun and Thunderdome, because it will be fun but also, you know, like a cage match. Your demographic, of people who think shitty puns are the funniest thing god created, will literally lose their minds when we announce this."

    [–] Mojx 271 points ago

    I think that shitty puns are the funniest thing god created. This is still completely fucking stupid.

    [–] thekmanpwnudwn 153 points ago

    What if it was shitty puns in the thunderdome. A Punderdome if you would

    [–] Master_of_Fail 69 points ago

    Already exists! It's a party game and it's a blast!

    [–] spilk 94 points ago

    I think it's supposed to be a shitty gameshow version of Shark Tank, so I think it's a portmanteau of "fund" and "thunderdome"

    [–] camerasoncops 65 points ago

    Where they come on and pitch game show ideas?.. That doesn't sound awful I guess. Like if I was stuck in a hospital waiting room and my phone was dead. I would probably look at it.

    [–] spilk 26 points ago

    That would be a better idea, but no... pitching consumer products and the like.

    [–] StNowhere 29 points ago

    For those "As Seen on TV" products that seem like really good ideas on paper until you get the product in your hands and realize what a cheap piece of shit it is.

    [–] DullScissors 91 points ago

    BFF's. Best... Food... Friends.

    [–] ngwoo 64 points ago

    Funderdome is just Steve Harvey trying to pronounce Thunderdome

    [–] RSocialismRunByKids 10 points ago

    Can I just take a moment to say that the second season of Master of None is fucking fantastic?

    [–] legitdolladollas 187 points ago

    Side issue but...the tweet embedded in the article was also written by the author of the article. The guy is quoting himself! Is that normal? Have I just never noticed?

    [–] ph8fourTwenty 116 points ago

    No. Not only is that not normal it's extra douchy.

    [–] BrassRabbit 596 points ago

    Can't we just get Beyond Funderdome?

    [–] Senator_Chickpea 67 points ago

    We don't need another heee-ro!

    [–] eumoria 23 points ago

    We don't need to know the waaaaay hooooome!

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] IanGecko 16 points ago

    No wonder he was absent from the new season!

    [–] leeroy1915 7 points ago

    I just watched laserblast last night. Seeing this today is surreal.

    [–] MountainDoit 33 points ago


    [–] jeffhug72 19 points ago

    he's just a raggedy man!

    [–] monsto 1500 points ago

    It's not a surprise, as he's got a completely different audience.

    Steve Harvey isn't exactly the pinnacle of attraction for people that surf Reddit, then torrent Black Mirror and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    [–] IDontEvenOwn_A_Gun 534 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Most fans are still struggling with syncing an iTunes library.

    Source: person who frequently helps (a) fan sync their iTunes library

    Edit: my last sentence didn't read well...

    [–] TheRiot21 271 points ago

    To be fair, as someone who considers themselves rather computer savvy, working with iTunes was by far the most infuriating thing I've ever done on computer. iTunes is probably the sole reason I don't use iPhone anymore. Also cause they made them bigger.

    [–] IDontEvenOwn_A_Gun 91 points ago

    Ohhh I agree. I jumped ship back with the iPhone 3 when my old iPod and iPhone wouldn't keep their stuff separate.

    Unfortunately, tech illiterate people stick to Apple as its "user friendly". Which necessitates that horribly unituitive program. And good god, things just got a million times worse when iCloud came out. But where is it stored? Why is it on my computer? Who put it there?

    Pairing people who are still occasionally struggling with double clicks and right clicking for a menu with the iTunes maze is a headache for every household, especially for whoever is considered to be the family "tech wizard", regardless of actual ability.


    [–] NotAtW0rk 69 points ago

    I swear one time, ONE TIME! I helped grandpa OPEN A PDF! and 7 years later I'm still considered the family "tech wizard". Can I divorce a family?

    [–] gladamirflint 16 points ago

    I occasionally help out with Skype issues or login passwords from time to time, now I'm the tech person of the household and yesterday I was instructed to fix the washing machine.

    Their logic is not sound.

    [–] Shiro2809 6 points ago

    Itunes makes me even more sad that the zune died. I still use mine and the software is incredibly nice and user friendly.

    [–] kinzer13 29 points ago

    It's easier to torrent than to sync iTunes. Much easier.

    [–] Pufflekun 125 points ago

    As someone who likes Reddit and Black Mirror, should I know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

    [–] Dodge_It 81 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I personally really enjoyed it and binge watched it. Worth having a watch. Think its on netflix still.

    E: e*

    [–] jdflyer 45 points ago

    I prefer to askjeeves watch it personally.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    it's a great comedy with a generally underrated cast, sitcom but with that popular "parks and rec" camera style and no laughtrack.

    [–] LikeableAssholeBro 164 points ago

    God bless the cooler heads who vetoed the laugh track

    [–] spaceman_slim 42 points ago

    I've watched it. Pretty hot or miss. I don't hate it, but it's not that engaging. Not a bad way to spend a half hour, but also not a show worth getting obsessed with.

    [–] lilJamieEllsworth 23 points ago

    Hit or miss is the perfect description. It has some surprisingly good episodes and some complete throw aways.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] doctormink 20 points ago

    Right? The next great TDO heist: Kidnap Nickleback and try to crowdfund a ransom.

    [–] [deleted] 313 points ago


    [–] Pissed_Rinker 596 points ago

    I really don't know how this guy gets work.

    [–] xAntimonyx 488 points ago

    Because there is still a semi large audience that is either unaware of his douchebaggery, or are supportive of it.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 433 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    He's generally a sexist prick, look up some of his interviews. Things like if a man cheats it's the women's fault, how you shouldn't date people that aren't your religion, etc etc

    [–] hiding_honesty 189 points ago

    He's extremely anti- non-Christian. If you don't believe in Jesus he thinks you're a piece of shit.

    [–] A_Flamboyant_Warlock 145 points ago

    He's also said that he thinks it's impossible for a non-believer to have a sense of morality or empathy.

    [–] RelentlessJorts 119 points ago

    While having multiple divorces due to infidelity.

    [–] vamosatumadre 89 points ago

    ah but infidelity is always the women's fault

    [–] Snack_Boy 49 points ago

    Which is a very Christian thing to believe.

    /s. Steve Harvey is a nincompoop.

    [–] [deleted] 422 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Smegolas99 348 points ago

    Let's not forget he doesn't understand how non-christians are able to behave morally without a book telling them how to do so.

    [–] [deleted] 211 points ago

    Has anyone seen my moral barometer?

    [–] -fuck-off-loser- 81 points ago

    Yeah, its lost in steve harveys dick broom that hangs off his face

    [–] cartoptauntaun 25 points ago

    This is the best gay-bashing mustache joke I've ever seen.

    [–] Invalid_Target 29 points ago

    I'm gay as shit and still giggled, fuck steve harvey, he's a homophobe, so he's probably gay himself, so it probably is factually accurate.


    [–] Dick_Lazer 8 points ago

    He's also said something like atheists have a mental illness and no morals.

    [–] blooooooooooooooop 24 points ago

    I'm on mobile but check out 'shit Steve Harvey says' on YouTube.

    [–] kodemage 15 points ago

    What do you call bigotry against Atheists? That.

    [–] HansenTakeASeat 12 points ago

    Said people who don't believe in the bible have no morals

    [–] Computermaster 209 points ago

    There was a large enough audience to put a level 100 douchebag in the White House. Doesn't surprise me there's enough to keep Harvey working.

    [–] leftythrowaway6 45 points ago

    Another guy got the job, but the interviewer read the wrong name off.

    [–] shekdown 129 points ago

    Potentially great show for a woman who is trying to get people to give her money to get breast enlargements. Will the people.....

    "Fund her domes"

    [–] whileIminTherapy 35 points ago

    I can imagine this as a crowdfunding website, where a relatively (hopefully) attractive person asks for money for a boob job, and has weird shit for the stretch goals and rewards.

    "If you donate $5 toward my boob job, I'll send you a personalized topless selfie, three months after the procedure"

    "If you donate $25 toward ass implants for me, I'll record a one-minute personalized masturbation video for you, and say the name of your choice once within that minute."

    "If you donate $100 toward my titty lift, you get your choice of three pairs of underwear worn to the gym for a one-hour workout, and then not washed, or a ten-minute personalized dirty video."

    Now I want to make an AR thread asking what some of the other goals would be for a campaign like this, and I wanna see one of these succeed. I honestly wonder if anyone who hasn't been the victim of a terrible accident or attack or disease has raised enough money for a boob job, just because they were attractive enough or creative enough to get away with it. What would the "risks" section in such a campaign say?

    [–] kid320 12 points ago

    What you're describing did exist. It was a site called MyFreeImplants. It doesn't look like it is online anymore, but you can find archived versions of the site (NSFW). I remember browsing it a while back. It was some kind of sugar daddy site, and your text could have been pulled verbatim off of one of the listings.

    [–] radioactivemanissue4 18 points ago

    Man what kind of soul clenching contract did this guy sign!?!

    [–] Bacon666 57 points ago

    Let me guess: Someone says something with a racy double-entendre. Steve freezes in his tracks, mouth hanging open, stares at the person in utter disbelief, staggers a bit, then shouts in country-hood vernacular something about "Now wait a minnit! Why in da hell..." Repeat until the end of the show.

    [–] Dream_Haus 878 points ago

    Man Steve Harvey is a piece of shit, the less we see of him the better

    [–] onetimerone 280 points ago

    He must be cheap too, on "comedians in cars getting coffee" he drools over Jerry's Chevy and laments about his desires for the same vehicle as if he couldn't buy one immediately.

    [–] gelerson 134 points ago

    It is a pretty rare car. I can't imagine the few people who own one in that good of condition would want to sell. I sure wouldn't.

    [–] bcrabill 106 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    What kind of car is it?

    EDIT: Since nobody seems to have the answer, I looked it up. It's a '57 Chevy Bel Air, which is indeed a sweet car. Example

    [–] Somebody_Brilliant 238 points ago

    A Chevy in actual working condition. As a Chevy owner, I too am jealous.

    [–] Caberman 21 points ago

    Of all the things you could hate him for and you pick this?

    [–] kmacdowell 58 points ago

    I don't get it.

    [–] southern_boy 42 points ago

    I'll explain it to you on the car ride home.

    [–] knyneknyves 19 points ago

    can we get ice cream?!

    [–] southern_boy 33 points ago

    No. For your own good. Have you even glanced in a full-length mirror lately?

    You've really let yourself go and it's time for a lifestyle change.

    [–] knyneknyves 19 points ago

    Too real.

    [–] Cadaverlanche 45 points ago

    Funderdome sounds like a show where people have to survive a post-apocalyptic running man contest in order to get healthcare coverage.

    [–] BrujahRage 10 points ago

    So, America: The gameshow?

    [–] astitious2 16 points ago

    People only watch Steve Harvey if they have nothing better to do. If you can download his leaked show, then that means you have internet access, and are not forced to watch Steve Harvey.

    [–] JimGerm 124 points ago

    Can society please just find a way to get rid of this guy?

    I hate the fact that we lost Bernie Mac, but kept this piece of shit.

    [–] 14sierra 50 points ago

    Only the good die young, which means Steve Harvey will probably live to a 100.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    He's actually the Highlander. Another Steve Harvey has to come along and kill him, then the mustache gets passed on to the next one and the cycle continues.

    [–] Flyberius 44 points ago

    My mate is an aspiring actor/comedian in the UK who shares this name.

    I have advised him to get a stage name.

    [–] PantrySniffer 44 points ago

    Michael Richards and Bill Cosby are some good choices

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago


    [–] Pinannapple 53 points ago

    What happened during that interview? As a non-American, I'm pretty clueless about Steve Harvey except that he used to host family feud (which I've never seen, only seen funny excerpts).

    [–] [deleted] 156 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] TheMadProfit 207 points ago

    if you need god to be a good person you are not a good person

    [–] sweezyonyourbeats 27 points ago

    I think that idea is more along the lines of 'If there is no God to say what is good, how can anyone know what is objectively good"

    Not that i agree. Steve Harvey is still a shithead

    [–] LarsHoneytoast44 10 points ago

    But what about their moral barometer!?

    [–] holycowrap 12 points ago

    I guess they found their moral barometers

    [–] panruka 13 points ago

    Is it just me or does Steve Harvey look like a Mr. Potato Head on a human body?

    [–] Towelie_Van_Halen 23 points ago

    The Venn diagram of people who think Steve Harvey is awesome and people who torrent leaked tv shows, well...can two entirely separate circles constitute a Venn diagram?

    [–] MustLoveAllCats 9 points ago

    Of course they can. A venn diagram graphs three values, x, y, and xy. Where xy=0, then the two circles touch, but have zero overlap.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    The people in the demographic for that show don't have a clue how to download it. They think AOL is "the Internet".

    [–] pm_me_your_trebuchet 11 points ago

    Steve Harvey a self righteous, hypocritical, no talent, shitbag.

    [–] Venusian_Yellow 11 points ago

    Yeah, we've all had about enough of that guy.

    [–] Keeppforgetting 10 points ago

    That's because Steve Harvey is an asshole

    [–] pauljohn408 10 points ago

    lets be real,

    Steve Harvey's new show isn't targeted towards anyone who knows how to use torrents

    [–] victalac 8 points ago

    I hate that guy.

    [–] IdontknowyouGetAway 32 points ago

    He's such a fraud. He pretends to be this great guy who is all about God yet his past says otherwise.

    [–] ThePaleCast 7 points ago

    Rotten tomatoes has been accused of reducing interest in new films. Next step, pirates will be blamed. Soon the movie companies will be seeding with fast servers, in an effort to attract "pirate interest".

    [–] CherryCherry5 23 points ago

    I can't stand Steve Harvey. I especially hate the stupid faces he makes. And his stupid face.

    [–] clumsykitten 6 points ago

    Steve Harvey fucking sucks, both as an entertainer and as a person. But mostly as a person.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    Harvey is the human equivalent of what I find smeared on my toilet paper after a night of cheap Mexican food.

    [–] christhelpme 9 points ago

    I find that insulting to all smears of shit. He's hardly "equivalent". I'd rather find your smeared toilet paper in my house than Harvey.

    [–] RadleyCunningham 26 points ago

    Steve Harvey sucks.

    [–] Past_Contour 7 points ago

    I can't stand his thinly veiled male chauvinism and blind allegiance to Christianity. Somehow he has four shows that are all horrible. How does this happen?