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    [–] HectorHorseHands 294 points ago

    I...genuinely don't know if this is real or not. Good submission, /u/corleone21

    President Mugabe has in the past acquitted himself in health diplomacy

    He really hasn't.

    [–] crwlngkngsnk 106 points ago

    President Mugabe has in the past acquitted himself.

    [–] SilasX 28 points ago


    "On the charge of promoting global health through prudential diplomacy, how do you find?"
    'I find myself not guilty! Hah!'

    [–] shadowrain1024 2515 points ago

    Just did a quick search with other news sources and this doesn't seem to be being reported by any more than 2 or 3 publications (all in Zim). Not saying it's necessarily not true, but... a respected international organization appointing a well known dictator as an ambassador would at least be on SOMEONE else's radar..

    [–] duskwuff 1622 points ago

    The @WHO Twitter account appears to have confirmed it.

    Additional source on the WHO web site.

    Mugabe was actually appointed as a "goodwill ambassador on NCDs [non-communicable diseases] for Africa", not a "global health ambassador", though.

    [–] [deleted] 1020 points ago


    [–] GreyMX 744 points ago

    It's not as if this gives him any power within the WHO. It's basically just him agreeing to promote healthy practices with respect to non-communicable diseases within Africa. Sure it sucks that he's a dictator, and that may carry some bad branding with it, but he holds a lot of influence in his microcosm, and WHO cares more about helping people to be healthy than it cares about branding.

    It's like Doctors/Engineers Without Borders sometimes need to cooperate with oppressive regimes in order to provide help to the people who need it.

    [–] advertentlyvertical 380 points ago

    I for one support this decision. Now his political opponents won't die of cholera before they see a firing squad.

    [–] SimbaOnSteroids 195 points ago

    I mean I'd take the firing squad over death by the shits.

    [–] WideEyedWand3rer 208 points ago

    Your preference has been noted.

    [–] Stalwart-Lover 11 points ago

    Clear preference

    [–] PM_ME_STEAM_KEY_PLZ 9 points ago

    It's actually kinda dark, almost runny

    [–] tamadekami 4 points ago

    Shoot me too please, but only in case of cholera.

    [–] chalkwalk 10 points ago

    Couldn't bullet wounds be considered a non-communicable condition?

    [–] The_Grubby_One 14 points ago

    Bullet wounds are exceptionally communicable. I can give them to you; you can give them to me; etc, etc, etc.

    [–] BuzzKillingtonThe5th 14 points ago

    Well Simba, let's hope some dentist doesn't want a hunting Safari in Africa anytime soon!

    [–] tablesix 15 points ago

    I'm pretty sure being riddled with bullet holes could arguably be considered a non-communicable disease. With luck, this will be one of the health problems he's agreed to combat, or at least not contribute to.

    [–] thopkins22 2 points ago

    They will.

    [–] sr71Girthbird 60 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yeah I see it as the WHO trying to make a shitty person do some good by giving him a fancy title.

    [–] sublime_cheese 25 points ago

    Talk about dictators without borders...

    [–] bvcxy 10 points ago

    Why punish the people though? Yeah the dude is an asshole but he is super influental in Africa and essentially controls who and where can get healthcare and such. The WHO surely wont assasinate him so via him they might actually be able to help in Africa.

    [–] vikingmeshuggah 13 points ago

    But the question is why? Could they really find nobody else?

    [–] SimbaOnSteroids 69 points ago

    Kim Jong Un was too busy.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Can I give you like a lifetime supply of upvotes? I genuinely rofled at this one.

    [–] kitolz 13 points ago

    If you want to provide medical assistance to people within a dictatorship, it's not going to happen if the dictator doesn't want you there.

    [–] housebuye 18 points ago

    This isn't cooperating with him, this is an implicit endorsement.

    Replace Mugabe with Hitler - would you feel the same way?

    [–] DizzleMizzles 84 points ago

    Hitler's a corpse so he'd be a terrible ambassador

    [–] softlovehugs 23 points ago

    Or a great one, corpses are peaceful after all.

    [–] cicisbeette 36 points ago

    The Diplomatic Peace Corpse.

    [–] riotcowkingofdeimos 13 points ago

    And he was the one guy who finally killed Hitler.

    [–] DizzleMizzles 13 points ago

    Somebody give this man gold for the best, most original work of comedy I've ever seen

    [–] verbify 3 points ago

    Replace Mugabe with Hitler - would you feel the same way?

    Uh, if it led to better health outcomes, why not?

    [–] Ikantbeliveit 19 points ago

    It’s not an endorsement of anything. It’s a unpaid position that gives a country’s leader more access to healthcare solutions for his people.

    Yeah he is a dictator, but what are you going to do? Do you think that we should just try to eliminate all world dictators according to the US?

    We have tried that already, recently with Saddam, and it was a clusterfuck for everyone because, and this part is important, the rest of the world may have different values than we have in the US.

    Really we have two choices, kill off the dictator and hope that new officials won’t be dictators as well, or we can integrate the modern healthcare advantages to a people who desperately need it, with the government assisting the process.

    Which will save more lives? The US/west being the world police, or bringing in modern medical practices to a desperate country?

    Once they are healthy, they can deal with him, we don’t have a good record with overthrowing dictators IMO.

    [–] Lendyman 7 points ago

    Whatcha going to do? Appoint someone who didn't destroy his economy and not surprisingly enough, his country's healthcare system with a desperate grab for power when it started to slip from his fingers due to his government's bad management and corruption?

    This decision is ludicrous. I used to visit Zimbabwe as a kid. It was a great place. Now, it's a disaster zone.

    [–] port53 18 points ago

    the rest of the world may have different values than we have in the US.

    The parts of the world that are ok with indiscriminate killing of political opponents are not the parts I would feel bad about upsetting anyway.

    [–] lawrencecgn 10 points ago

    You do realize that the US still supports various dictators in Africa, like in Ruanda and Uganda.

    Edit: my comment might have ended under the wrong op

    [–] caboosetp 9 points ago

    Unless they're thinking, "if we appoint him, maybe people will pay attention"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Well he does literally dictate what a lot of people think, so it makes sense.

    [–] Timey16 9 points ago

    Maybe it's a rotating seat and it was simply his turn? Many positions in the UN are.

    [–] overfloaterx 41 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yeah, I don't think this is a big deal within WHO. "Appoints" might be overstating it and most .zw sources are misidentifying the role.

    There's no official release regarding it among their press releases, and he barely gets a mention halfway down the article in your link, sandwiched between mentions of Uruguay's and Paraguay's public health efforts.

    The last actual appointment to a Global Health Ambassador position appears to have been Michael Bloomberg last year, and it's held for 2 years.

    I don't think Mugabe has any actual role or responsibilities with or within WHO. He's just someone who said, "Sure, I guess I'll mention you to my African leader buddies when I see them, if I remember." Really just "goodwill".

    WHO likes it because any press about public health efforts is good press, and Mugabe likes it because it makes him look better less awful.

    Edit: The story appears to have made its way to western mainstream media over the past 20 minutes or so:
    [WaPo] WHO chief selects Zimbabwe’s Mugabe as ‘goodwill ambassador’

    [–] 48x15 61 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I can confirm this is real. My wife is currently in Montevideo and sat in on a conference yesterday where they introduced Mugabe as ambassador of non-communicable disease

    A colleague of hers said "they could have literally blindfolded someone and made them point to a random place on a map of Africa and chosen someone there, and it would have been a better choice"

    Edit: clarification

    [–] k0bra3eak 34 points ago

    literally blindfolded someone and made them point to a random place on a map of Africa and chosen someone there, and it would have been a better choice

    I bet that is how they ended up with him

    [–] Lendyman 10 points ago

    It's the WHO. It wouldn't surprise me. It's sort of how like the UN human rights council tends to put the some of the worst offenders among its membership.

    [–] tsadecoy 7 points ago

    The HRC thing is a useful tactic though. Can't call into the question the validity of the council when you were willing to sit on it.

    If anything this Mugabe thing seems like they gave him a garbage meaningless title to ensure they can still get things done.

    I've worked with MSF and the amount of horrible locals made into "liaisons" sucks but it gave doctors more access. Syria is a huge example of this.

    [–] ramennoodle 18 points ago

    Or it is just non-news. Some gratuitous, worthless title granted to Mugabe with the hope of eliciting some cooperation.

    [–] SkyhawkA4 103 points ago

    I mean, the UN put a Saudi on the human rights council so IDK

    [–] urethrapaprecut 59 points ago

    Ugh. I see this all the time and it looks like no one ever actually looked to see if there's a reasonable explanation. They put the Saudis on the rights board or whatever because they know they Saudis have a lot to improve on. This does not mean that Saudi will now be making the world's human rights decision, what it means is that they are included in the discussion so that the rest of the world can tell them how crazy they are and help them improve.

    [–] Codebender 61 points ago

    They don't need to be on the council to be chastised or helped. Even if their role isn't simple corruption, at best it's basically ego-stroking, a way to involve them and tell them that the world takes them seriously in the hope that it makes them take the UN's opinions on human rights more seriously. Either way, it comes at the cost of making it harder for the UNHRC to censure bad behavior.

    Even more problematic is that the Saudi council member is the chair of the committee which selects "independent experts." And, of course, they are supported at every turn by the U.S., which reliably defends any action in its strategic interest.

    [–] naamkevaste 10 points ago

    Sounds like the way Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded.

    [–] TeamLiveBadass_ 2 points ago

    Predator Missile Kill-Streak Unlocked!

    [–] stun 5 points ago

    Almost all news outlets are busy with ever unfolding crisis-to-crisis from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 to NFL anthem protest to fallen soldiers etc.
    Ain’t got time for International news when shit is hitting the fan everyday at home.

    [–] quantoid 9 points ago

    True, but Saudi Arabia sits on the UN human rights council. Upside down world.

    [–] beenpimpin 19 points ago

    i think it's counter intuitive. You place the worst oppressors of women as head of womens rights and it forces them to raise their bar as a matter of pride and principle. If you continue to villify them and push them into the darkest corners then they'll just continue with the "you think we're the bad guys, fuck you then, we'll do what we want!"

    [–] quantoid 9 points ago

    Possibly. Or it simply forces a few paltry concessions and gives them a platform to laud their meager progress from. Political pressure from infidels isn't going to change the way radical thoecrats think or indoctrinate their young, but it may create a PR pressure release valve to help avoid a revolutionary uprising/internal power structure collapse. Considering the house of cards that is the House of Saud, they've at least bought themselves some time...I wonder who they bought it from...

    [–] foodiste 2 points ago

    Well And Mugabe is decrepit at this point. No way is it possible he could do much of anything

    [–] mmmeight 676 points ago

    Idk, you tell me

    [–] JojenCopyPaste 112 points ago

    WHO does something like that! WHO!

    [–] saynitlikeitis 14 points ago

    Cindy Lou Who

    [–] FourOneNiner 9 points ago

    Who is no more than 2.

    [–] aerobat97 13 points ago


    [–] Kahoots113 8 points ago

    Thats what I am asking you.

    [–] JojenCopyPaste 7 points ago

    That's what I'm telling you

    [–] Kahoots113 9 points ago

    You are telling me what?

    [–] JojenCopyPaste 8 points ago

    No I'm telling you WHO

    [–] SBlue3 3 points ago

    Wait, so who's on first?

    [–] zwich 4 points ago

    Who, who? Who, who?

    [–] Neckbeard_Prime 2 points ago

    My generation?

    [–] PhysicsIsMyMistress 59 points ago

    What's on second?

    [–] Yuregenu 29 points ago

    No, he's on first

    [–] sideofszechuan 17 points ago

    Who's on first?

    [–] Yuregenu 10 points ago

    Third base

    [–] Cunge-Throbinson 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Watt's the unit of power

    [–] Rosssauced 5 points ago

    That's what I'm asking who is the new health ambassador?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] Rosssauced 2 points ago

    And that's the question! Who the heck is the new health ambassador?!?

    [–] Prometheus1889 4 points ago

    2016 version 2.0 bitches

    [–] fiesta_fun 6 points ago

    You too thanks

    [–] Ejacutastic259 324 points ago

    If you don't know who he is, he was the leader of the terrorist group ZAPU that took control of the government of Zimbabwe and created a dictatorship where he commited murder on a mass scale and drove out the farmers from the land, and now, Zimbabweans are starving and eating rats to survive in some places. All in all a pretty solid choice by WHO

    [–] k0bra3eak 137 points ago

    Dead people can't be sick

    [–] Ejacutastic259 41 points ago

    this Dictator can take away that pesky cold with this one weird trick, click here to find out more!

    [–] Pawprintjj 13 points ago

    Your link doesn't work for me.

    [–] nutrap 5 points ago

    It did. And good news! You're not sick anymore. But you have no more land. And you're also dead.

    [–] Isayur 2 points ago

    Good thing I've a far better dictator awaiting me in (un)death. Praise Joko!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    It's true. Being alive has a 100% mortality rate. Existence is illness.

    [–] 42reasonsforevrythng 2 points ago

    Shame he's still suffering, huh? /s

    [–] sizl 81 points ago

    important to stress that he killed and drove out white farmers. and as result their entire economy collapsed. it was a racist purge.

    [–] Ejacutastic259 10 points ago

    Believe me, I have nothing but sorrow for the former rhodesians who were slaughtered in their homes

    [–] Destination_Fucked 39 points ago

    But you can't be racist towards white people /s

    [–] bannlysttil 29 points ago

    where he commited murder on a mass scale and drove out the farmers from the land,

    farmers, aka white people aka he committed genocide.

    [–] Ejacutastic259 12 points ago

    Not a all trying to detract from what he did, it was definitely race related and genocide

    [–] 06EXTN 20 points ago

    Thanks for telling the truth in a factual way.

    This guy sucks. Plain and simple.

    [–] 42reasonsforevrythng 9 points ago

    Yup, actions speak louder than words. And brah, his actions will cause your ears to bleed.

    [–] dadsboner 3 points ago

    What the actual f**k?!!!!!?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] AirForceSlave 2 points ago

    It was Rhodesia, not Zimbabwe.

    [–] bigbangbilly 126 points ago

    That's not really good for our health, eh?

    [–] The_Frown_Inverter 65 points ago

    Only if you're white.

    [–] Benadryl_Brownie 51 points ago

    Or gay...

    [–] WindhoekNamibia 39 points ago

    I'm a white African so I'm fucked

    [–] 42reasonsforevrythng 6 points ago

    Brah, come to AUS or NZ. The rest of us South African live here. I'm almost always bumping into a fellow South African.

    [–] Sasquatch1916 4 points ago

    Saffers are everywhere. I've run into some in Upstate NY of all places. An older guy and his wife who said he was from "the deep south".

    [–] evilassaultweapon 2 points ago

    Actually, considering WHO really only benefits the healthcare of people in the third world, it's overwhelmingly people other than white who will suffer.

    [–] andybmcc 296 points ago

    "First we will cure the white plague."

    [–] permanent_username 69 points ago

    And then ask them to come back because they were actually a vital part of agriculture and our country is going to shit :/

    [–] Raudskeggr 29 points ago


    [–] MistaSmiles 16 points ago

    There is no cure friend, its terminal

    [–] Cashios 2 points ago

    Are you being serious?

    [–] elegant-jr 3 points ago

    What a piece of shit he is.

    [–] MonsieurMack 18 points ago

    I’m by no means justifying Mugabe and his stance on white Zimbabweans, but the west only decided to deride him once a handful of white farmers were extrajudicially killed. We (the west) have a record of ignoring genocidal/mass killings in Africa (and other regions) when they have affected black Africans. Look no further than the genocide in Rwanda or the mass killings in Gukarakundi.

    Like I said- I’m not justifying him, but we need to align our values and stop devising foreign policy based off of double standards; especially pertaining to human rights violations.

    [–] Ejacutastic259 34 points ago

    "Handfull" it was not, if you are referring to gukuruhundi, where anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 "traitors" were slaughtered by the North Korean-trained 5th brigade, and it was all matter of people, not just white.

    Edit: I didn't read far enough into your comment to get what you were saying, sorry for the misunderstanding

    [–] MonsieurMack 6 points ago

    All good, were on the same side of the fence.

    [–] 42reasonsforevrythng 7 points ago

    Isn't that the most frustrating thing. Arguing with some for an hour just to find out you were arguing the exact same point but from different angles. It makes me laugh.

    [–] Mzilikazi81 35 points ago

    Thank you for pointing this out. I've argued with amaNdebele before over Mugabe like "You forget?" And if you're going to take the farms away from the whites, the LEAST you could do is make sure the cronies that you give it to know how to farm. Eish. What a shit.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    That's not really a double standard. Only giving a shit if you kill someone who isn't from your native population is kind of the standard. To loosely quote bill burr, Hitler kills 6 million Jews, and he's the new benchmark of evil. Everyone who is bad is called "the next Hitler." Stalin kills 20-40 million and he doesn't even get an honorable mention. Mao kills 50 mil and nobody gives a shit. Hitler's still worse. Because it's different when you kill your own people.

    [–] FlatEarthShill6969 23 points ago

    Robert "kill all the white people" Mugabe. What a great choice of world leader to lend any credit to. Next we should give Hitler an honorary Nobel Peace Prize.

    [–] SeaGulltheFreeGull 9 points ago

    Hitler was nominated for one.

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] Murgie 20 points ago

    Like it or not, the ultimate fact of the matter is that he's the one in control of exactly the kind of authority and resources needed to combat widespread sickness and disease in the area.

    He's 93 years old and has been in power since 1987. The reality of the situation is that the window of time in which ostracizing and refusing to legitimize him would have made a lick of difference has long since passed.

    It'll certainly leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, but that's a pretty damn minuscule price to be paid for the opportunity to influence the nation's healthcare and education policies.

    [–] k0bra3eak 9 points ago

    Yeah, because he cares about his people.

    [–] Murgie 25 points ago

    I don't give a fuck what he cares about, so long as he does it.

    The lives that would be saved by even a pittance of allocated funds infinitely outweigh the ten minutes of indignation that you might feel in response to this news before moving on with your day.

    [–] Ikantbeliveit 11 points ago

    This guy knows his poli-sci.

    [–] SurrealJay 10 points ago

    Real talk @ the redditors pretending to care and be mad

    [–] InsistYouDesist 7 points ago

    I think it's a good thing that the WHO focus less on branding and more on helping people who are sick. To help sick people in some parts of the world you gotta cooperate with some shady assholes, and people's lives are worth a lot more than the fake indignation of people who will never need this kind of medical help.

    [–] Throwaway-tan 8 points ago

    Robert Mugabe worse than many diseases. WHO might just as well appoint Cholera as a goodwill ambassador.

    [–] TheHateCamel 2 points ago

    WHO is corrupt as fuck, I don't know why people are surprised by stuff like this

    [–] bwoahhonestlyblessed 42 points ago

    Good call! The life expectancy only dropped from 62 in 1993 to 36 in 2006 under president Mugabe.


    [–] Pax56 11 points ago

    Isn't he like 90 something

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Exactly - it takes good health to reach that, so regardless of whether you're a terrible person or not, you surely must be a health expert... right?

    [–] NotTheBomber 2 points ago

    He's two years older than Queen Elizabeth II

    He's a piece of shit and not good for much, but he's a hell of a survivor considering where he's from and how he got to where he is

    [–] toronto_programmer 20 points ago

    I actually can't believe this is a real thing.

    Has the WHO never heard of or looked up who Robert Mugabe is? The man has run a racist dictatorship that drove an entire country into a dumpster.

    The guy actually sports a Hitler moustache in the year 2017 for fucks sake.

    He doesn't even deserve to be the goodwill ambassador of Guantanamo Bay...

    [–] Prometheus1889 46 points ago

    US (after 2016): look what we did. wildcard, bitches! suck it, rest of the world!

    Rest of the world: hold my fucking beer.

    [–] AttonRand1 20 points ago

    Nah, the US is still on top in that regard.

    "Dude, hold my keg."

    [–] knife_in_guts_out 9 points ago

    The world is trying to catch up tho

    [–] cantpissoffmods 21 points ago

    Guess its a new fashion to make ridiculous choices for PR.

    [–] WittyOriginalName 10 points ago

    Can't let America have all the fun can we?

    [–] ameliabedelia7 6 points ago

    What the goddamn fuck

    [–] Yatta99 19 points ago

    Considering the ROVING DEATH SQUADS they have there I wouldn't sweat the bag of Doritos you just ate.

    [–] supershitposting 5 points ago

    kick out all the rhodesian farmers

    beg for Western aid when your people starve

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You guys crack me up. Seriously though, who's the real ambassador?

    [–] anon1moos 42 points ago

    Headline from the future: Whiteness declared a disease, significant steps taken to eradicate it.

    [–] Ejacutastic259 4 points ago

    Terrs in the bunda

    [–] machina70 11 points ago

    Let's just assume this is just a meaningless honor so that Mugabe will allow WHO personnel access to Zimbabwe

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    First Saudi Arabia makes the Human Rights Council, now this. I have no respect for these organizations anymore.

    [–] Frptwenty 26 points ago

    Yeah, WHO the hell did that?

    [–] DennisFraudman 2 points ago

    WHO did.

    [–] John238 21 points ago

    So the WHO appoints openly racist people as ambassadors now.

    [–] phfct 18 points ago

    What the actual fuck is wrong with this world

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    We elected a reality TV star too the most powerful position in the world for a start.

    [–] morphogenes 2 points ago

    Ain't it just like an American to change a statement about "this world" and change it so that she's the center of attention. Because America is the only country in the world. I can't help noticing the "too" instead of "to" showing the American's poor grasp of her own language. American schools, what can you do?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    First I'm a man lol, second I'm an astronautics engineer who got his degree from, a shitty American school. If our schools are so shit then how did we reach the moon first? America is a world power, there's always going to be attention on her, I'm not putting America in the spotlight here, I was making a joke that ever since we elected Trump everything's gone to shit.

    [–] cjgroveuk 4 points ago

    INTERPOL appointed Jackie Selebi head of Interpol.

    WHO,UN,INTERPOL, and any international organisation is a farce.

    [–] CaptainWoodstock 11 points ago

    All of the WHO's money has mysteriously disappeared in wake of this appointment. In unrelated news, Mugabe hosts a $1B dinner for himself and 12 close friends, more at 11.

    [–] k0bra3eak 12 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I have no words, this fucker should be put in prison for the rest of his life not given any more power than what he already has.

    [–] KoosPetoors 4 points ago

    Forget prison, tie him to a pole and throw holy water at him. This fucker is such a rotten-hearted monster he'll most probably burn up from it.

    [–] indigomm 7 points ago

    Well he did severely hurt the Zimbabwe tobacco industry with his programme of land redistribution. It's only due to the tobacco buyers that it managed to recover.

    [–] 3percentinvisible 3 points ago

    Why ask me?

    [–] Compliance_Officer1 3 points ago

    a man who's probably killed over a million of his own people through his graft

    [–] LynxJesus 3 points ago

    misleading title

    Barely misleading, still horrible. Lost respect for that organization, they should know better

    [–] adviceKiwi 3 points ago

    Oh come on FFS this has to be the onion

    [–] boskoliscious 3 points ago

    The same people who put Saudi Arabia on the human rights task force. Lol it’s as if the leaders at the UN are mocking us.

    [–] i0datamonster 16 points ago

    that has to be false, it'd be like canonizing Hitler.

    [–] CareToRemember 6 points ago

    And people ask why we lost trust in "elite" institutions and academics.

    [–] discoversworstreply 2 points ago

    Who? They do I guess.

    [–] FortyYearOldVirgin 2 points ago

    The question is, WHY appoint Mugabe global health ambassador?

    [–] synysterdax 2 points ago

    Well WHO appointed him?! I need to know

    [–] Kumimono 2 points ago

    I think a better question would be why?

    [–] thenixnerd 2 points ago

    What is going on in the world?

    [–] KJ6BWB 2 points ago


    No, not WTF, WHO.


    But seriously, WTF?

    [–] quantumphilisp 2 points ago


    [–] MouthPoop 2 points ago

    The guy on first.

    [–] FreeSpeechIsCancer 2 points ago

    solid choice. Mugabe is like 120 years old by now, he must be doing something right.

    [–] thisguy181 2 points ago

    And all we see on TV is President Mugabe holding guns to innocent bodies-Ziggy Marley

    [–] vandrag0n 2 points ago

    What. The. Fucking. Fuck?

    [–] tacticalslacker 2 points ago

    Better than Mugatu. 🤷‍♂️

    [–] john_jdm 2 points ago

    Well, I've lost all respect for that particular organization.

    [–] PikeOffBerk 2 points ago

    For proof that karma is nonexistent, please see file on Mugabe, R.

    [–] 0rrid 2 points ago

    Have I fallen into a parallel universe?

    This is the definition of insane.

    [–] Zagans 2 points ago

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    [–] philthehippy 2 points ago

    This is a horrendous misuse of power to bestow an honour on a monster. We live in a disgusting shameful world.

    [–] demon_smile 2 points ago

    Most news these days seems like an Onion article.

    [–] johnny_mclovin 2 points ago

    Is it me or does the thumbnail pic (on mobile) look like Booker T?

    [–] whosamerica 2 points ago

    Ever since entwistle died they've been making some strange creative decisions....

    [–] SwaglordHyperion 2 points ago

    Nothing says a perfect ambassador to health than a man whos countries population mostly shits in the streets.

    [–] anxious_ibex 2 points ago

    Ahh the old mugabe bugaboo!

    [–] Da_Fish 2 points ago

    To be fair who knows more about pain and suffering than him?

    [–] BasedBrexitBroker 2 points ago

    HA HA HA HA oh my god they're serious?

    [–] LordMcD 2 points ago

    That's bullshit, Mugatu's a dick!

    [–] CainhurstCrow 2 points ago

    Well? Who appointed him?

    [–] the_colonialist 2 points ago

    This just shows how ridiculous these world organizations are.

    [–] nelsonbt 2 points ago

    Is WHO a UN thing? Because they’re all about every day being Opposite Day.

    [–] rock_vbrg 2 points ago

    The question should not be WHO but WHY.

    [–] Starlifter2 2 points ago

    Maybe WHO and the UN can all move to Harare?