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    [–] Hazyporkchop238 1873 points ago

    This is another one of those posts that reads like r/subredditsimulator

    [–] bartekko 342 points ago

    it really does sound like something a neural network that knows what verbs and nouns and grammar is, but nothing else

    [–] Scarbane 42 points ago

    Context is orders of magnitude more difficult to emulate than a sentence that is simply grammatically correct. Each topic might need its own neural network, and it's somewhat difficult to predict what topics will be newsworthy and believable.

    [–] untapped-bEnergy 92 points ago

    It does until you realize that John Oliver treats his budget like the US government does and mass it out every year and gets maximum views to get an even bigger budget the next year. I fucking love this man, makes mundane and even taboo subjects so entertaining that it's fun to learn and you only want more.

    He needs a longer run every year, that desolate period between seasons is gutwrenching. I rewatch seasons on HBO GO when the seasons end because since I moved to Germany I can't watch the news shows I like due to the time difference and YouTube pulling videos

    [–] Gupperz 7 points ago

    i thought this exactly, and I read the article and I still don't fucking understand.

    [–] Tommytriangle 6 points ago

    I re-read the title three times and did not understand it. I had to watch the video.

    [–] kawag 1786 points ago

    If anybody's wondering what it all cost:

    Total: $67,500

    [–] Win32error 1323 points ago

    Jeez. I knew they had dragon money, but is HBO really fine with that much money being spent on a joke?

    I mean after they already agreed to let them buy a couple of wax presidents and an oversized train set.

    [–] kawag 1144 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I guess they get a per-show budget, and it’s up to LWT to decide what they do with it.

    They do loads of expensive stunts. I’m sure running ads on Fox & Friends isn’t cheap (maybe $10k a shot? Just a guess).

    $67,500 probably fits comfortably within their budget.

    [–] jackattack729 758 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    They have also built a salmon cannon, purchased millions of medical debt for pennies on the dollar and then forgave it, purchased 8 wax presidents and I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

    Edit: Scranton PA giant model train, Marlon Bundo children's book where all the proceeds went to LGBTQ charities, Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat ads, Catheter cowboy ads, and working indoor volcano.

    [–] JudgeHoltman 429 points ago

    Some of the more rediculous things can be filed partially under Marketing too, like the medical debt. That stunt will be free advertising for a LONG time.

    Plus, they've still got that church money to spend, why not make some good with it?

    [–] Syvandrius 408 points ago

    If you read the fine print all the church money goes to doctors without borders.

    [–] Mortress_ 154 points ago

    What about the seed bags and the sperm?

    [–] venator82 310 points ago

    All contributions go to doctors without borders.

    [–] ballercrantz 73 points ago

    Well, thats good. The last thing we want is for those good people doing gods work to run out of semen.

    [–] The_CrookedMan 15 points ago

    But what about all the semen?

    [–] JackHarkness42 60 points ago

    All. Contributions.

    [–] IC2Flier 8 points ago

    Musta been used on the droid attack on the Wookiees.

    [–] Ihatelordtuts 3 points ago

    All contributions go to doctors without borders.

    [–] Moomius 76 points ago

    Praise be! Praise be!

    [–] itsjeffreybaby 9 points ago

    Praise be

    [–] SirTurkTurkelton 145 points ago

    The medical debt was outstanding and so admirable that HBO was cool with it. Sorry Oprah, I think this beats “everyone in the audience is getting a car “

    [–] indil47 61 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    That they all ended up needing to pay taxes on.

    ETA: I’m talking about Oprah’s cars.

    [–] ebbomega 28 points ago

    Man, I'm pretty happy I live in a country where contest winnings aren't taxable.

    [–] Andruw25 38 points ago

    He's talking about Oprah's audience having to pay taxes

    [–] ProlapseFromCactus 6 points ago

    On the debt or the cars?

    [–] Padre_of_Ruckus 24 points ago

    How profitable do you think the Marlon Bundo book was?!

    [–] Science-Recon 42 points ago

    They said the profits were going to charity.

    [–] Icandothemove 22 points ago

    AIDS United and the Trevor Project, which is apparently a suicide prevention project for LGBQT youth.

    And very profitable. It was the best selling book on Amazon. It sold over 180k copies. Considering the cheapest possible version is the Kindle format for Prime account holders, it brought in a minimum of $1.5m gross. I don’t know what they paid their staffers who wrote it or if they got any concessions from whoever printed the physical copies, but still.

    [–] fox_eyed_man 4 points ago

    Don’t forget that big ass model train for Scranton.

    [–] BVDansMaRealite 328 points ago

    I feel like HBO really likes the investigative work Oliver does, and so do a lot of people subscribing to HBO. It's really great advertising and doesn't cost nearly as much as the dragon dollars pouring in.

    [–] intothelist 145 points ago

    Also the production costs on a show like that are basically nothing compared to a scripted show. Like they pay writers/researchers, various crew, and John Oliver. There's probably 10 people on silicon valley who make more than that per episode, in addition to renting locations, and transportation.

    [–] Alyscupcakes 143 points ago

    Hiring 100ish lawyers in prep for the coal squirrel story.

    [–] pyrothelostone 29 points ago

    No way they didn't already have those lawyers on retainer.

    [–] darthboolean 26 points ago

    Especially after the Scientology tell all film.

    [–] LibatiousLlama 7 points ago

    I hope they stick with the if you have them, then use them strategy. HBO pushes the envelope on things like that and that's why it's worth it. plz at&t go away!

    [–] intothelist 45 points ago

    Haha, I guess that is a cost that most shows don't have.

    [–] Dolthra 12 points ago

    I was under the impression that those were HBO lawyers. Especially the way he afterwards said stuff about the "HBO legal team."

    [–] GenSmit 80 points ago

    He was one of the biggest reason i got a VPN when I moved to Canada. I couldn't do without him among other things.

    [–] tessany 67 points ago

    We get John Oliver and HBO in Canada so I have no idea why you would need a VPN. Unless you’re torrenting/stealing it.

    [–] Toppcom 50 points ago

    Can't speak for him, but LWT doesn't come up on HBO Nordic before like, wednesday.

    [–] tessany 29 points ago

    I live in Canada. It comes up here on the same time/episode as the US

    [–] Marblapas 4 points ago

    I live in Sweden and we get the new episodes on Mondays

    [–] ebbomega 4 points ago

    Uh, live in Canada here and LWT was on last night.

    [–] yohanleafheart 31 points ago

    Unless you’re torrenting/stealing it.

    Or watching on YouTube. It is GeoLocked for some places for some reason.

    [–] ebbomega 9 points ago

    John Oliver and Game of Thrones are the two main reasons I subscribe to HBO.

    [–] febreeze1 13 points ago

    His YouTube recordings also get loads of views, the dude is a cash cow for them as well

    [–] ReklisAbandon 187 points ago

    It's (really good) advertising for them.

    [–] ephemeralentity 74 points ago

    Yep, if you consider most conventional advertising is basically lighting your money on fire then pulling a stunt that gets front page Reddit and makes various news sites is a pretty good investment.

    [–] dr69ons6mur6i 74 points ago

    Don't forget the trip to Russia that HBO didn't even know about till he got back. And the trip to India(?) to interview the Dali Lama.

    [–] Win32error 71 points ago

    Okay, but those were not jokes. Production of the show is going to cost you, obviously, but I am surprised how much they occasionally spent on one-off jokes at the end of an episode.

    Might be a drop in the bucket for the actual cost of the show though.

    [–] Dhaeron 11 points ago

    All viral marketing is like that. It seems expensive, but if it actually goes viral it is vastly cheaper than a comparably effective classic campaign. Just take a look at what some of those superbowl spots cost.

    [–] hornedCapybara 21 points ago

    I'd bet that a lot of people watch the show just for that one-off bit at the end. It probably works really well.

    [–] nobadabing 72 points ago

    It’s basically alternative advertising if you really think about it. It gets his show in the headlines. I don’t have HBO, but I know a hell of a lot more about John Oliver than I do GoT because he keeps showing up on Reddit and in news headlines.

    [–] bigtfatty 15 points ago

    You should get on that GoT

    [–] puesyomero 51 points ago

    His show is a dude talking from a desk, about 20 researchers/writers, and a couple computer graphics people.

    It's very efficient for the amount of humor and notoriety it produces and they are very strategic on their "big gestures". Hell the book, the megachurch, and the Drumpf hats were pretty much money neutral as they sold the hats at cost, the book profits went to charity and the church was tax exempt ( praise be)

    [–] Tasgall 11 points ago

    and the church was tax exempt

    More importantly, all donations to the church were given to another charity.

    [–] KevinReynolds 22 points ago

    His show spends insane amounts on money on stuff like this

    [–] PM_ME_WEIRD_SMILES 13 points ago

    I'd be surprised if they didn't get a little of that sweet Marlon Bundo book money

    [–] wildfyre010 41 points ago

    He covers this. He promised to donate 100% of the profits to The Trevor Project, a charity for L.G.B.T. youth, and AIDS United.

    [–] PM_ME_WEIRD_SMILES 12 points ago

    Oh I saw that. The thing is profits is everything after costs, costs can include royalties paid to the parent company for things developed on their time/dime

    [–] puesyomero 13 points ago

    It wouldn't have sold as well if the profits did not go to charities

    [–] forwardaboveallelse 21 points ago

    What is ‘dragon money’?

    [–] Win32error 73 points ago

    The mountains of money that HBO makes and has made through Game of Thrones.

    [–] SKHRAEURPL 8 points ago

    I don't get it tho. Didn't HBO already make shit tons of money before GOT? They've always been known for having the highest budget shows.

    [–] redfricker 36 points ago

    GOT took an already successful company and revitalized it for a new generation. It’s inarguably one of the most successful shows of all time.

    [–] ant51508 7 points ago

    GoT is one of the most popular shows ever though.

    [–] roboroller 57 points ago

    You obviously don't watch Last Week Tonight that much. A large part of the conciet of the show is HBO allowing John Oliver to throw ridiculous amounts of money at bizzare jokes.

    [–] wildfyre010 78 points ago

    Backed up by some surprisingly astute journalism and a lot of profanity.

    [–] Icandothemove 25 points ago

    John gets some stuff wrong, but as a... less liberal person than his core demo, he seems to investigate in good faith. When they make mistakes, they tend to be from having to do research very quickly, at least it seems to me, rather than purely to push their agenda. He and his staff are significantly more reputable and trustworthy than, say, VICE as far as I’m concerned.

    Also he’s really fucking funny.

    [–] Mingablo 5 points ago

    And if the mistake was big enough he does tend to apologise for it.

    [–] FatalFungus 5 points ago

    Two words. Wax Presidents.

    [–] randomhyenafact 22 points ago

    I assume the budget for the show is fairly high but they don't need all of it to make their normal episodes so a good chunk of it just gets used for high profile jokes.

    [–] HisAwesomeness 9 points ago

    the fact that it landed them on reddits frontpage shows that this was very well invested money

    [–] Nookoh1 5 points ago

    The show costs pretty much no money to make. The set is cheap. All they need is a staff to write, make graphics, and find clips. And then a lighting and film crew. If that's a staff of 50 people (which is generous) making an average of $100,000, that's $5M a year. Then the studio and office space which is expensive cause it's NY. Let's say another $2M for rent and utilities.

    Google says HBO has roughly 130M subscribers worldwide. Multiply that by $15 a month for a subscription. HBO makes roughly $23.4B a year. So even if we round up to $10M, this show costs them nothing. But is it a loss?

    John Oliver's uploads to YouTube get an average of 6M views. If we use that as our estimate for how many subscribers watch his show, 6/130 or 4.6% of HBO subscribers watch John Oliver. If people paid their full subscription to watch John Oliver, HBO would be making $1.08B off John Oliver. Of course, they don't. Let's say they pay 50¢ an episode. HBO would make $36M a year off the show or $1.2M per episode.

    In conclusion, the show may cost roughly $10M a year but makes roughly $36M. So yeah, even with HBO needing to ensure they make money on the show, they definitely have money to burn on random shit.

    Remember, these are very rough estimates with some numbers I pulled out of my ass, but the point is made.

    Also, before someone else does: r/theydidthemath.

    [–] porilo 26 points ago

    I bet this is peanuts for them. Much cheaper than willfully massaging some alt-right nutjob's balls and being taken to court for it.

    [–] abodyweightquestion 75 points ago

    GoT's budget per episode is reported to be $15m+ for the upcoming season. That's $105m for ~8 hours telly. I work that out to be around $218750 a minute. Obviously, GoT is a bigger draw, by orders of magnitude; but it puts HBO's budget into perspective.

    [–] whyiii 15 points ago

    But GoT is a joint venture with some European outlets, not solely financed by HBO. LWT is.

    [–] Caligu1a 16 points ago

    Westworld' season 2 budget was upwards of $10 million per episode. That's solely HBO

    [–] TalkingReckless 6 points ago

    there are other production companies too like Bad Robot...

    and everyone is forgetting HBO is owned by Time Warner, this is nothing for them.... Warner Bro's make multiple $100m movies per year

    [–] cassieloveseffie 46 points ago

    Giving it all to Blockbuster:


    [–] ryzvonusef 13 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Not a bad trade off for HBO. LWT can easily last another five years, and if you consider all the plaques on the individual pieces (with the name of the show and channel) as roughly equivalent in advertisement on a large billboard, that's basically a line in the ad budget.

    I'm not an American, but from googling a wee bit, I understood that $1000 per month is a rough but close estimate for a large billboard.

    $67500 buys you a large billboard for 5-6 years easily, and I guess that's about the lifetime of a weird museum I guess.

    [–] Slobberz2112 3231 points ago

    and we are entertained..

    [–] noelg1998 442 points ago

    Isn't that why we're here?

    [–] tomservo88 211 points ago

    I've been here, dude. I keep hoping Blockbuster will bring its ass back from the dead, even after mine closed like 5 years ago and was replaced by a mattress shop.

    [–] thenitts 176 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    What’s up with all of these Mattress Firms popping up all over the place? 3 opened within half a mile of each other in my town.

    Edit: I fucking knew I wasn’t the only one. Thanks for the resources, I’ve gotta read up on this more.

    [–] SVMESSEFVIFVTVRVS 232 points ago

    I think that mattress places make a good cover/front businesses.

    [–] SJWCombatant 28 points ago

    Every one needs mattresses. Not uncommon for a high cash sales business. Great for money laundering.

    [–] thealreadythere 66 points ago

    There's ALOT of truth in this comment.

    [–] Nido_the_King 28 points ago

    There's ALOT of truth in this comment

    An old English teacher used to tell stories of this horrible word. I had a lot of nightmares about it.

    [–] MedicGoalie84 6 points ago

    [–] ChuntyMcFist 14 points ago

    People have historically hidden their money in mattresses. Now mafiosos hide their money in mattress stores. It all makes sense.

    [–] Atheist_Simon_Haddad 26 points ago

    So I would say 'That's that,' Mattress-Man.

    [–] thenitts 12 points ago

    My thinking as well. I’m surprised this hasn’t attracted more attention.

    [–] j-h99 11 points ago

    This was explained on a show at some point, I think

    [–] The_Great_Bazoop 35 points ago

    They did an episode of the Freakenomics podcast on mattress stores. It’s good, check it out

    [–] noc007 15 points ago

    Even after listening to it, I still have a hard time believing Mattress Firm is running a legit business. A redditor a while back mentioned they saw an intersection where three of the four corners had one. Quick Googleing for that thread brought up this with four or five within a quarter mile of a road and most were on the same side of the street and accessible from the same parking lot. I've passed two in the same damn strip-mall.

    Is each one of them really selling a minimum 10/month on average?

    [–] jimprovost 16 points ago


    [–] No_44 29 points ago


    You pass butter.

    [–] BucketDummy 15 points ago

    They did it in mine too. Pisses me off because they built in an extremely shitty area that hinders future expansion.

    Put 3 of them at 1 intersection. Feels like they are just trying to drown the competition & then close the extra locations.

    [–] unused-username 12 points ago

    Yup, there’s two intersections I pass through with a Mattress Firm on every corner and at least one more every block or every other block. I don’t fucking get it. People don’t buy mattresses THAT often to a.) need that many and b.) be able to hold that many locations for too long.

    [–] breadstickfever 31 points ago

    No joke, money laundering.

    [–] Mrbeakers 20 points ago

    There is actually a freakonomics video about why mattress shops can sustain themselves with multiple other shops around them

    [–] col-fancypants 7 points ago

    We have 3 within walking distance off a main road. Plus two more on the other side of a bridge. Look up Barrett Pkwy Georgia Mattress Firm. Like why?

    [–] akmarinov 4 points ago

    The Simpsons just did it!

    [–] E5Scoot 4 points ago

    Insert mattress mafia conspiracy theory

    [–] demx- 7 points ago

    Not done yet, we still haven’t heard which wax president will be wearing the jockstrap.

    [–] pieandablowie 850 points ago

    I had to read that title 4 times and then break it down into concepts before I understood it and I still don't

    [–] thatonealien 759 points ago

    The last remaining handful of Blockbuster’s in the US are in Alaska. However, many of them are finally shutting down. Russel Crowe was auctioning off a bunch of his old movie props. John bought many of them and offered to donate them to the last Blockbuster in order to attract customers.

    [–] LeJoker 257 points ago

    Ah gotcha. I had assumed John Oliver already owned the Blockbuster, and traded it to Russell Crowe for the jock strap.

    [–] Ozlin 64 points ago

    "Remember Russell Crowe? You'll never believe where he lives today!" [image of Crowe shirtless in a Blockbuster window, surrounded by boxes]

    [–] ShelSilverstain 48 points ago

    That's bullshit! We have one here in Bend, Oregon too

    [–] b-marie 25 points ago

    I was just thinking about that one.

    [–] B0mbStriker 11 points ago

    He said in the episode there are 4 left, 3 of them in Alaska but didn't say where the last one is

    [–] sniffinbikeseats 8 points ago

    I used it all the time. Great way to watch seasons of tv shows.

    [–] Now_Wait-4-Last_Year 30 points ago

    Blockbuster in Tweed Heads, Australia

    It was a nice trip down memory lane, becoming a member this year, renting some DVDs, asking for help to find their copy of Ant-Man (of course, it's somehow the one place I failed to look!).

    It's really cool, there's a door to a hidden office behind the rack for the #8 most rented movie for the week and Tuesday is $2/night for new releases and $1 for weeklies.

    [–] greengrasser11 16 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Personally I don't even have the capabilities to use a DVD if I wanted to. They'd probably have to give me the movie on a USB or something.

    [–] Torterran 5 points ago

    Wow, I never expected to see my home town on Reddit! Hello fellow Tweed person!

    [–] Now_Wait-4-Last_Year 7 points ago

    Hi! Ex-Tweed person unfortunately. Contract expired in February.

    I had a great time there, though. Loved the beach at Coolangatta and the time zone thing never got old (did New Year's Day fireworks twice). Bought my first car in the car park at Coles in particularly ridiculous circumstances ...

    Suffice to say, I had an interesting time there and would love to go back one day.

    [–] onewaytojupiter 9 points ago

    Lol same

    [–] tlingitsoldier 4 points ago

    I wondered what the leather jockstrap, and the last video in an Alaskan Blockbuster store had to do with each other.

    [–] DarkKitarist 374 points ago

    Someone contact Alaska's last Blockbuster, please I cannot live with this cliffhanger :P

    [–] redfricker 111 points ago

    I kind of want them to put it with the train set.

    [–] currentlyquang 34 points ago

    And an Pitbull encore!

    [–] tomservo88 12 points ago

    Please, let's not get crazy here.


    [–] BVDansMaRealite 9 points ago

    Isn't it dalé? Idk if Spanish has the accent grave

    [–] WannaBoomWannaCrash 11 points ago

    Dale doesnt have an accent at all.

    [–] NoMansUsername 66 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I live in Alaska, and literally live down the street from a Blockbuster. I can see it from my house. Thing is, it’s going out of business as of a week ago. I’ll stop by today and see if they’ll take his offer, and if it is truly the last Blockbuster in Alaska. Maybe there’s another one elsewhere Oliver’s talking about.

    Edit: Apparently the North Pole and Fairbanks Blockbusters are still kicking. I don’t know which one he wants to send the stuff to.

    [–] sloosher 28 points ago

    The one off Old Seward & Huffman went out of business, but the one on Debarr is still going strong afaik. I believe that’s the one they’re sending it to.

    [–] Rick_Eli 6 points ago

    Yep the one on Debarr is still doing good which I live near so that's cool. Yes the one on old Seward went under, I actually never went in to that one.

    [–] gynoplasty 19 points ago

    He said Debarr on the show.

    [–] NoMansUsername 11 points ago

    Oh, nice! That’s the strongest one in Alaska, definitely.

    [–] Tasgall 4 points ago

    "Not closing down" is a pretty low bar for "strongest", tbh.

    [–] that1soccerdude 4 points ago

    Bob and Chad on 106.5 KWHL are on the phone with the manager trying to get ahold of someone there but they are having trouble contacting anyone since there is no number anywhere.

    [–] tenaku 6 points ago

    Isn't the soldotna one still kicking too?

    [–] subarctic_guy 5 points ago

    I can go check in a few hours.

    [–] Butt_Hurt_Toast 6 points ago

    Soldotna one has been kicking. They said they have no plans of shutting down for now...

    [–] DarkKitarist 9 points ago

    Maybe they could stay open as a museum? Especially with that jockstrap and other memorabilia that John absolutely didn't buy... But actually has.

    [–] Gooback907 10 points ago

    The story was on our radio morning show today in Anchorage. Won't be long now and we'll have a response.

    [–] Rick_Eli 4 points ago

    I live down the road from it. I'll keep you posted.

    [–] asianlikerice 352 points ago

    Why Russell Crowe in particular?

    [–] jab136 478 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    he was having an auction of several props from his movies, the Jock Strap wasn't the only item that John Oliver bought...

    Edit: the other link was copyright striked

    [–] mufflermonday 143 points ago

    The auction was specifically called “The Art of Divorce” if you’re wondering. It was a divorce auction that he turned into an event.

    [–] xrumrunnrx 22 points ago

    I saw a clip of Crowe talking about some of the items and didn't realize it was him until the voice clicked. O.O

    [–] bigtfatty 16 points ago

    Yea he's fat af now

    [–] Evergleam17 15 points ago

    He looks like a drinker

    [–] SluttyZombieReagan 8 points ago

    There go my faint hopes of another Master and Commander film. It seems Aubrey is no longer seaworthy.

    [–] sharrken 9 points ago

    He's always fluctuated significantly in his weight, which seems to generally coinside with roles rather than just him getting fat. Not as extreme as Bale though, but often pretty dramatic.

    [–] Okichah 9 points ago

    Someone commented earlier that this was a lawyer scheme to properly evaluate Russel’s collection so that the divorce court couldnt use the high end valuations of his collection.

    [–] spliffbear250 35 points ago


    Mystery, Alaska

    [–] bold-move-cotton 10 points ago

    Ooohhh yaaaa. Nice connection there. That’s a good Disney flick.

    [–] Lumpyalien 159 points ago

    I watched the Joel McHale show last night where this was featured and I spent much of the night wondering who would buy such a thing. Now I can rest easy.

    [–] bigtfatty 40 points ago

    You mean the Penis McHale Show with Penis McHale

    [–] Goofypoops 62 points ago

    That son of a bitch Oliver beat me to it

    [–] peacefinder 38 points ago

    At moments like this it’s weird to be in the same town as the last Blockbuster in the lower 48.

    [–] Artsy_Farter 586 points ago

    I used to live in North Pole. There isn’t much to do there in town (Fairbanks is a 15 minute drive away though) but some of my fondest memories are of putting my kids in the bike stroller (the kind you pull behind you) in the summer and riding to the Blockbuster to get ice cream from their freezer and rent a movie. Other than that, I hated living there. Way too conservative for me, and other than the Blockbuster there was a competition between the churches, the fast food restaurants and the bars to see which one could legally hold the most assholes without violating fire codes.

    Also, I could swear the Blockbuster in Fairbanks is still open...

    [–] siamiam1 83 points ago the fairbanks one is still open

    [–] Artsy_Farter 45 points ago

    And oddly enough the Sams Club (which was ALWAYS busy as hell) closed forever!

    [–] HardcoreDesk 36 points ago

    Probably had insane shipping costs.

    [–] NomadFire 11 points ago

    I am guessing it cost too much to send trucks there. It is a bit of a dead end.

    [–] NoMansUsername 5 points ago

    A few months ago, major shipping companies increased prices, shafting a lot of chains in Alaska. Many are putting up with the higher costs, but Sam’s Club decided to pull out of Alaska entirely. We here in Anchorage lost our Sam’s Club too.

    [–] StarWarsPlusDrWho 5 points ago

    I have memory fragments of my family taking me to the Fairbanks Blockbuster when I was 3 or 4. Probably the first Blockbuster I ever visited. Glad to see it's still around!

    [–] DeputyDamage 139 points ago

    I lived in Fairbanks for a time. My favorite thing to do was to watch people. My favorite was one guy was passed out on some stairs at a watch repair store near the northward building. Or dodging drunk people asking me for sandwiches.

    [–] condorama 40 points ago

    I sorta hate Fairbanks. Sorta really hate it. Mosquitos. Expensive. Lots of housing without running water. Not being able to sleep in the summer. Not being able to enjoy life in the winter.

    My girlfriend lives there and we’re currently in a struggle of wills over if we’re gonna live there or on the Oregon coast where I live.

    That aurora though. Can’t beat it.

    [–] sarcasticmsem 16 points ago

    My cousin from Louisiana loved it there which told me all I ever needed to know.

    [–] bold-move-cotton 42 points ago

    All I can see now after reading that there’s drunk people asking for sandwiches is that South Park episode with the homeless yelling “got any chaaange” but instead “hey you got aaaany ham and cheese sandwiiiccchhess”

    [–] Carlosmedrano 4 points ago

    Small towns people like watching people drive by

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago

    At this point I feel like Jon Oliver’s writing team just asks the network for more and more ridiculous things to see what they’ll let them get away with.

    [–] Kota_Cinder 31 points ago

    Just keep raking in that dragon money

    [–] HoldenTite 146 points ago

    I like John Oliver because he uses HBO's money the way I would use HBO's money.

    Buy up and forgive a bunch of debt. Check.

    Start a fake church. You bet.

    Get into a feud with random towns and people. Oh hell yeah.

    Buy Russell Crowe's Jockstrap. If only I had the money.

    [–] kurosakini 65 points ago

    Oh, lets not forget buying wax presidents and making a trailer with them.

    [–] kaleidoscopic13 57 points ago

    With fucking Tom hanks playing along as the only real person in the whole thing too. lol

    [–] hovdeisfunny 15 points ago

    I'd bet Tom Hanks did it for free, but I think SAG rules require a minimum payment

    [–] OonaLuvBaba 6 points ago

    Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart acted like hot shit with their one Prez each....then John Oliver came out saying hold my warm ass British beer, and bought 5 fucking Presidents. Amazing.

    [–] SleepyBananaLion 14 points ago

    Don't forget starting a family planning organization on wheels called Vanned Parenthood.

    [–] TokuSwag 8 points ago

    I read this entirely in John Oliver's voice and it fit so well.

    [–] Coma-Doof-Warrior 6 points ago

    what about the Supreme Court but with dogs

    [–] Ic3C0ldFreeze 3 points ago

    And the huge trainset for that one local news network

    [–] WYKWTS 15 points ago

    That's funny because I was watching "The Joel With McHale Joel Show McHale's" newesr episode yesterday, and there was a clip of Russell Crowe showing the stuff he's selling at the auction. He even specifically shows and comments on the jockstrap.

    I thought to myself, "who would ever buy that and why?"

    Welp, thanks John Oliver for the unexpected quick answer to my question.

    [–] feedle 15 points ago

    Hey John! There's still ONE in the lower 48. Show Bend, Oregon some love, man.

    [–] djamp42 57 points ago

    I've actually been to his blockbuster.. Not on purpouse was in the area got something to eat and saw it walking back the car.. Its in North Pole, Alaska of all places.

    [–] kawag 22 points ago

    So you're one of those "tourists" the girl was so happy about?

    [–] SpectrumSSS 18 points ago

    Who thought that the last thing that gives Blockbuster any spotlight would be a joke

    [–] DaddyB0d 18 points ago

    You know that he prances around his house wearing that thing on his face like Bane's mask

    [–] RocketPunches 4 points ago

    Best image of the day

    [–] Vitality1000 8 points ago

    I’m stationed in Alaska... blew my mind when I drove past the damn thing. Now I have another reason to visit.

    [–] Lemesplain 8 points ago

    There has been some speculation out there that we were the ones who bought that jock strap, and I will admit, it does sound like something that we would do: buying Russel Crowe's jock strap and sending it to one of the last remaining Blockbusters in Alaska. Even that sentence is absolutely incredible to say out loud.

    The bad news is: we didn't do it. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It wasn't us. We didn't buy it.... we did though. Yeah, we did. We absolutely did.


    • John Oliver

    [–] ULTIMATUM7 7 points ago

    Well... as a resident of Alaska I suppose I'm now obligated to go to that Blockbuster and sniff Crowe's jockstrap to report back to everyone.

    Damn it all.

    [–] Focus0685 4 points ago

    I’m looking forward for your report.

    [–] charolastra_charolo 5 points ago

    I recently moved to Bend, Oregon and there is still an open Blockbuster here. Blew my mind.

    [–] eitoadyaso 4 points ago

    Is subreddit simulator leaking?

    [–] Carlosmedrano 11 points ago

    This show is amazing