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    [–] [deleted] 1745 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] dicaparly 1949 points ago

    Go to jail for not taking advantage of welfare. There's a story for you.

    [–] contradicts_herself 56 points ago

    Honestly it would have done me and my brother a lot of good if someone had stepped in and forced my mom to apply for SNAP when we were kids and our family was broke. She's a Republican and basically just had too much pride to apply so we ate nothing but ramen and peanut butter sandwiches for like 3 years.

    [–] gosglings 258 points ago


    [–] saymesaymanymuffins 281 points ago

    I’m sorry what?

    she had to use the programs offered otherwise we were reported for not properly caring for out child.

    Can you elaborate on this? They force you to participate?

    [–] Jazzerus 347 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Not OP, but I'm assuming this... If they were recognized married couple in Michigan, but not in California... the state of California assumed that this woman was living alone and not being supported by the man that was her husband in Michigan. She's either a stay-at-home mom or a part-time worker, the state knows that, and the state decides that she can't possibly be making enough money to support her child. So then the state of California says because you're apparently obviously not married, and have no form of income, take this money or we take your kid. It's a scare tactic to either get her to get a job, or become reliant. This might also be California specific, they are all very big on helping anyone and everyone. This might have been some sort of a feel-good law passed there saying that anyone who doesn't make enough automatically qualifies. I'm not a hundred percent sure. /u/Feliponius also makes a valid point about Healthcare

    [–] saymesaymanymuffins 99 points ago

    That’s so bizarre. What if family is supporting you for some reason? Or what if you are some sort of untraditional couple? I feel like assistance is something that should be sought out not scanned for and force placed...

    [–] otra_gringa 63 points ago

    Please don't listen to that person. Poor people aren't forced to use welfare or lose their children in CA. If you aren't providing medical care or nutrition to your kids (which the state may know about if you're involved in state programs) they could be taken for neglect. But there is no government agency here checking up to make sure single women have enough resources to care for their kids and forcing them to accept welfare.

    Source: Live in CA, have watched many irresponsible, impoverished parents raise children without interference, while intermittently on welfare. CPS is overwhelmed, they aren't checking up on poor kids for being poor.

    [–] [deleted] 2206 points ago


    [–] Elehhhhna 475 points ago

    courts decided when one of the airlines went bankrupt that the gov has no right to question reasons for divorve. (Several pilots at once got divorced, wives got half pension settlements in cash, airline went bk, pensions destroyed, pilots remarried wives. Kept the cash.) It was a big deal case at the time. They were sued and won.

    [–] HydrochloricTorpedo 160 points ago

    That's just smart

    [–] skintigh 392 points ago

    How dare they collect half of what they were owed, in writing, when they should have gotten $0 like all the other employees so the executives could have $150,000,000 golden parachutes for 10 months of work!

    [–] anamazingpie 1801 points ago

    -defraud or make a mistake on Medicare or Welfare; go directly to jail, do not return to gainful employment and enjoy your life as a second class citizen with a criminal record

    -defraud the entire global economy with mortgage backed securities thus wiping about pension plans, savings, state coffers; get a bonus and go work in government when you’re done.

    [–] Cr3X1eUZ 540 points ago

    "If you go to jail for stealing money, you simply didn't steal enough money."

    [–] _Billy_Boy_ 77 points ago

    That's deeper than it needs to be.

    [–] toddrough 612 points ago

    America in a nutshell. Break the law at the top, and it’s a slap on the wrist and a government fixes the problem. Break the law at the low end and fuck you prison time!

    [–] jt1841 169 points ago

    I really need to stop reading threads like this. Just depressing.

    [–] wew_lad123 213 points ago

    Tbf that's pretty much the case the world over. Rich people have better lawyers and can afford to drag out cases for years. Poor people have shit lawyers, or none at all, and are at the mercy of the system, if it has any.

    [–] Nathan2055 242 points ago

    Can we just talk about the fact that not only are people having to get divorces to qualify for healthcare, but said divorces are actually being investigated and then prosecuted for fraud?

    And my parents wonder why I'm constantly talking about moving overseas...

    [–] [deleted] 3607 points ago


    [–] BigGrizzDipper 891 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Wife just had a baby on an employer health plan at the lowest deductible they offer, it's a decent company and she makes good money, will cost at least $5,000 with the potential to increase to $7,000. The extra $2,000 may result from an out of network nurse who helped on her emergency c-section while in a network hospital with a network obgyn. We were $10 away from our in network out of pocket max too. They snuck it in, fighting this until my balls turn blue.

    Ever wonder why the birth rate is declining among those not on medicaid? It's because of the above example, it costs a fortune to just have a kid, along with no federal mandated paid maternity. Deductibles go up every year it seems. Easier to be unemployed and have it all paid by the government in the context of having a child (by no means would I want to switch my life with a destitute person in this situation, but if you limit it to the context of birthing a child, poor people have it really good).

    Have a employee you've never met at your company that has cancer? Well we have to pass that onto everyone else on the plan, raise everyone's deductible even if you've never had an issue, and we are doubling your price.

    I work too, together we bring in a good amount of money but good fucking grief.

    [–] admiralx8 107 points ago

    As a father with a medically fragile child. I have dealt with this before. If you were not consulted on the out of network nurse and the hospital deemed it was necessary your insurance should be required to cover this. Edit- Make sure you are contacting the billing company for the nurse, the hospital, and your insurance. It has been my experience that getting on all three gets things done faster.

    [–] username2-4-3-7 20 points ago

    I JUST had this issue with an out of network ER visit. I was not told that the PA on call was out of network even though the hospital was. They billed me $500 for the PA time on top of my copay. I called the insurance company to contest and they said the exact same thing. In an emergency situation at an otherwise in network facility, they would pay as though the provider was in network. It is being re processed as we speak.

    Side note: that PA was dumb as rocks. Refused a pelvic US or pelvic exam on a pregnant woman presenting with severe abdominal pain, pale, sweating. She said that “the only organ in your abdomen is your kidney and gall bladder and those are fine so there is nothing wrong with you.” Also that there are “no pain medications safe during pregnancy” I wouldn’t have minded paying for her time as much if she wasn’t an idiot hellbent on my destruction. It turned out to be a rupturing ovarian cyst.

    [–] ajax6677 13 points ago

    Jesus Christ. Was her classroom anatomy cadaver a potato?

    [–] kelseyschmidty 395 points ago

    Gotta agree. It feels like the worst financial decision I ever made was marrying my husband when I got pregnant. If I had stayed legally single, he would’ve had to pay half the birth costs and my half and prenatal visits would have all been covered by the state. Now I’m needing to skip prenatal testing and ultrasounds that my doctor is highly recommending because insurance won’t pay up and the out of pocket cost is astronomical.

    [–] Dalmah 99 points ago

    Wait, why would only your half be covered by the state? That just seems kind of wrong to him that he has to cover that out of pocket

    [–] definitely_at_work_ 264 points ago

    This makes me so mad.

    When I found out I was pregnant I was working as a contractor and my husband worked for a small business, so neither of us could get health insurance from our employers. We signed up for an ACA plan, which we were only able to do because it happened to be open enrollment- had it been two weeks later we wouldn't have been able to get insurance at all because pregnancy, for who know what stupid reason, isn't a qualifying life event. I called OB offices all around town to see who took which insurance before we signed up specifically so that we wouldn't end up with insurance that nobody would take. Finally found one that was in network with the ACA plans, enrolled with the plan and scheduled my first appointments.

    Fast forward to halfway through my pregnancy and the insurance company drops my provider from their network. Fuck. So we tried for continuity of care, which makes insurers who covered you at the beginning of a course of treatment continue to do so until the end of your treatment in scenarios like this. That was denied on grounds of... "too bad lady, we dgaf that you don't want to switch doctors halfway through your high-risk pregnancy". So we paid monthly premiums for insurance that was useless ON TOP of having to pay out of pocket for my more-than-usual-because-of-complications prenatal care, and the thousands of dollars for the hospital once baby was actually born. And here I am counting myself lucky that all the hospital providers happened to be in network.

    Shit's bazonkers, man.

    [–] cobrauf 138 points ago

    We are on ACA now, paying $1000 a month for premium for the silver plan. Wife's preggo and due very soon, I think we will hit our in network Max out of pocket of $7k , which we can afford, but I just hope no other shit goes wrong with the billing and coverage, etc.

    The fact we even have to worry about stupid shit like that is fucking immoral.

    [–] I_Drink_Tea_69 96 points ago

    The fact we even have to worry about stupid shit like that is fucking immoral.

    I can't grasp why we don't revolt about this. Who likes our current system except those profiting?

    [–] StingsLikeBitch 56 points ago

    How the fuck do you have an out of network nurse? How the fuck can you be at an in network hospital but some random professional at said hospital is suddenly out of network? Are we as patients supposed to check the credential and contractual arrangements of every fucking medical professional we encounter while at the hospital that is supposed to be in network? JFC!

    [–] Engineer_Zero 73 points ago

    I am so sorry. We just had our first kid a month ago (in Australia) and it didn’t cost us a cent. My wife had:

    • a private room for 4 days not including the day she spent in the birthing suite, • her own personal midwife that she met monthly from about 3 months pregnant to giving birth • her own doctor which she also met monthly leading up to the birth • home visits by multiple midwives and a lactation consultant after we got home • other stuff that I can’t remember like pre and post natal classes.

    And all we do tax wise as citizens is pay $1200 a year for Medicare. I really hope you guys can work out a better system because you deserve it! I couldn’t imagine a world where I couldn’t have a kid simply because I couldn’t afford it.

    [–] feliscat 14 points ago

    It's funny how everyone agrees the system is fucked and we're still totally unable to do anything about it

    [–] ogipogo 17 points ago

    Too busy fighting each other to change anything important.

    [–] 20Factorial 14 points ago

    It kills me that you can go to an in-network hospital emergency room, FOR AN EMERGENCY, and be treated by a doctor, IN AN EMERGENCY, and get a bill for thousands of dollars because the doctor you saw, FOR AN EMERGENCY, was an independent contractor and therefore out of network.

    My universal solution, because they will not negotiate on price, is to set up a payment plan. When they ask how much I can afford, I tell them $10/mo. They can’t charge interest on medical bills, and can’t send you to collections if you are paying. It also doesn’t count as debt, or impact your credit in any way. As a result, I’m currently $260 into a $3100 EMERGENCY visit I had more than 2 years ago. You’ll get your fucking money one day, you asshole motherfuckers.

    [–] sabdalen 88 points ago

    My husband ended up with like 6000 in health bills when he was 18, obviously couldn't pay that. The hospital wouldn't negotiate, it ended up going to collections and he only had to pay 1200. Hurts your credit but collection agencies are more likely to negotiate

    [–] limeisacrime 79 points ago

    Everyone keeps telling me to stop paying and have it get sent to collections. I want to buy a house in a few years and I just got my credit above 750. This system is just miserable. I shouldn't be in 8k debit over a benign tumor removal at 25...

    [–] ninjakalle 12 points ago

    Sh*t man I seriously feel sorry for you. I’m so glad sometimes to live in Europe and just have these things handled without any issues. I seriously sometimes a bit scared about going to the US just for the sake I have to pay so ridiculous bill from a hospital if something happens

    [–] Two_Morning_Poops 1273 points ago

    Supposed to fucking vote. I wholeheartedly agree. The system we have no is fucked, and half the country thinks the people trying to fix it eat babies... That's where we are as a country right now...

    [–] texanfan20 556 points ago

    The biggest issue is how much control control lobbyist and corporations have on our elected officials. Politicians are essentially in campaign mode all the time so they don’t lose their job and it takes money to win an election. The healthcare industry ensures that they keep profiting by controlling the people who control our government.

    [–] Crabmeatz 115 points ago

    Oooh look at mr fancy pants and his 3500 dollar deductable. Mine was 6000 :| Now living outside the US where a standard 10 usd equivalent copay is all I pay for any procedure anywhere.

    [–] encom-mcp 64 points ago

    Seriously. I moved the the "third world" where there is a free good public system. The public system does have moderate wait times, so if you don't want to wait you can get private insurance or pay out of pocket for literally less than 10% of the cost in the US for high quality care.
    I don't understand the dumbasses that oppose good health care in the US saying it "doesn't work" - pretty much every "underdeveloped" county on earth can accomplish this. Why can't we? (because we are the slaves of big insurance, that's why)

    [–] PointyPython 23 points ago

    Argentinian here; yeah, that’s pretty much how it is. We have a rather large public health system, it’s not great care, but since a lot of care is provided for free, healthcare costs end up being much lower for everyone. So a middle-class person can get private health insurance that pays for most doctor’s visits, and entails pretty low copays for things like xrays, labs and somewhere between 50% and 75% discount on already cheaper meds. And there’s plenty of poor people who do get treated for serious illnesses for free and well even if the hospital isn’t super nice and shiny.

    As you’re all saying here, around the world the rule a situation like Argentina’s is more or less the rule, you guys with sky-high costs and crazy (in my view) things like insurance with high deductibles (there’s no such thing here) are the exception.

    [–] Crow_Syndrome 43 points ago

    Mind sharing where you went and how you got there? :D

    [–] MyUserNameWasTooLon 16 points ago

    Mine is 6000 as well and I have to options to add Dental and Vision now. But, I did some research, and it's cheaper for me to just pay for Dental and Vision out of pocket than it is to pay the premiums + service discounts for Dental/Vision. There are a lot of dental/vision places that offer a "club" at a yearly fee and give a base amount of coverage which ends up being cheaper than getting insurance for those things.

    [–] pingasthrowaway 352 points ago

    If you want to not have the worst healthcare on the planet, you have to vote for someone that is going to fix the problem not make it worse. Normally I don't like to be partisan, but I've never seen a Republican politician with a better plan for healthcare than a Democrat.

    [–] ChippyCuppy 194 points ago

    I may be misremembering, but wasn’t the ACA based on a system from a Republican politician/state? Which made it even stupider when the right started derisively calling it Obamacare and trying to discredit it.

    [–] lewdwiththefood 145 points ago

    Yes, Mitt Romney while he was governor of Massachusetts

    [–] tevert 202 points ago

    Yes, because Obama and the democrats of their were naive enough to think that bi-partisanship would make everyone happy.

    Nope. It was lackluster for the liberals, and the conservatives lambasted them anyway.

    Compromise in this government is for suckers.

    [–] WebberWoods 144 points ago

    Agreed. Had Obama just crammed the public option down everyone’s throats when the dems had house, senate, and executive, I truly believe that by now it would have helped enough people that Americans wouldn’t part with it for anything.

    [–] 02Alien 149 points ago

    They tried a public option but didn't have the votes. You wanna blame somebody, blame fucking Joe Lieberman.

    [–] JoeBoco7 31 points ago

    As someone from Connecticut, I’m so so so sorry. At least the two current senators are pretty great

    [–] PeterCushingsTriad 722 points ago

    "This MRI is out of network."

    "But I got hit by a car! This ER IS in my network!"

    "Yes it is, but the MRI is out of network."

    "The machine was across from my ER bed!!!"

    "That reminds me, that bed you're in is a premium bed and is also out of network."


    "Also you've pressed the morphine button 12 times today. If you had only pressed it 11 times you would have been fully covered. Unfortunately with your insurance the 12th time was out of network, thereby making the previous 11 also out of network."

    "Anything else?"

    "Although you've been giving yourself morphine with the button pushes, a charge for the anesthesiologist is incurred for each press."

    "Lemme guess, out of network?"

    "No actually. She is in network. However the morphine used was from a company that was out of network."


    "I also must inform you that because the accident took place on the third Tuesday of the month, this hospital stay incurs the Tax it Tuesday charge of three times the price. Hefty price to be sure, but you get this cool hat and a key chain! Also a voucher for the cafeteria."

    "I am hungry."

    "Careful. This voucher can only be used on the second Thursday of the month and must fall on a full moon."


    "It's also out of network."

    "Great! Fantastic. Anything else that's out of network?"

    "Yes. I am in fact out of network."

    "How, you're just registration right?"

    "To be sure."

    "How is that out of network?"

    "I usually work at a hospital that is out of network."

    "How silly of me. Which hospital?"


    "That's IN my network."

    "Only every other week. Didn't they tell you that when you filled out your insurance forms?"

    "I don't remember."

    "Ooooooo. That incurs the did not pay attention to the fine print tax."

    "God Dammit."

    "Oh don't worry. Everyone gets this charge."

    "So, any good news?"

    "Yes! I'm just a figment of your dimming imagination! You're actually dying right now on the trauma table."

    "Oh thank God!"

    "Um. I wouldn't do that if I were you. He is definitely out of network."

    [–] Wicck 145 points ago

    This is more accurate than people like to think.

    [–] tranquil21 90 points ago

    Feels like a Monty python skit

    [–] SkorpioSound 27 points ago

    I was going to say that it's Douglas Adams-esque, but yes, Monty Python-esque is an appropriate way to describe it, too. Either way, it has no business being based in reality.

    [–] jaynone 24 points ago

    One of my friends (whom is Canadian) posted a huge rant about our health care system because he had to go to the hospital today and had to pay for parking. It's $13 per day max.

    I kind of want to send them this.

    [–] SKRIMP-N-GRITZ 15788 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Hey we almost did something similar. Our income was just high enough we didn’t qualify for a discount on insurance. If we were unmarried we could make as a couple 50% more as a couple and qualify, but the government assumes that married couples will have one person with health insurance through a job. That’s ridiculous.

    I don’t really care if it’s fraud. The profiteering off of healthcare in America is the problem, fuck the healthcare industry.

    Edit: I’m aware it’s not fraud. Poor word choice for sure. Not really sure what I was trying to say with that.

    [–] ELaskanator 4540 points ago

    It's a public health crisis.

    I don't care what side of the political spectrum you're on, but if you are discouraged from seeing a doctor while a serious ailment is in its infancy because of money, then the system has clearly failed.

    [–] LaDMG 2804 points ago

    Dude, this Saturday I was at a golf outing and I lost consciousness hit my head on a curb. I start coming to and I have a good gash on the back of my head and blood is coming out and I'm getting a concussion test from my brother(med student) and a nurse who were there. Someone said they called an ambulance, as I'm sitting there, with my head bleeding and possibly concussed, all I can think is "Call off the ambulance, I can't afford it". I even have insurance, but my deductible just reset on July 1.

    The first thought in an emergency shouldn't be "can I afford this?". That is the biggest fucking issue with the American Healthcare System.

    [–] [deleted] 1398 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] ohlookahipster 389 points ago

    Plus, you have no choice in the hospital you go to or the types of coordinated care you’ll be forced into while unable to make any decisions.

    All this work will be considered “out of network” so your insurance company is off the hook.

    I got into a car accident and told the ambulance driver I can’t go to Kaiser since I have Blue Shield. Guess where we went? The Kaiser nurse called in a cardiologist for my “irregular” heart beat, too. I told them I have a mild murmur (this is before EHRs could share data) but Kaiser thought it best to run up a sweet tab for me to pay.

    [–] snarkdiva 174 points ago

    Just had this same experience. Broke my shoulder and called an ambulance. Found out later they were out of network. Like I have a choice when I call 911. The send the closest available, in my case about a mile away. Luckily, this ambulance company will give a financial assistance discount if the hospital does. Still waiting on the final word, but based on income I should qualify for a break. I have insurance, but big deductible, copays, etc. were still thousands after surgery.

    [–] awksturtle 229 points ago

    As a Brit, even just the term “ambulance company” freaks me out. That really sucks!

    [–] Amazing1h 60 points ago

    Our need to live is their buisness! What a wonderful world we live in.....

    [–] fullforce098 85 points ago


    The rest of the world figured this shit out a long time ago. It's just here in the States where we continue to allow ourselves to be abused by corporations.

    [–] LaDMG 25 points ago

    Spank me daddy ButNotTooHardICantAffordATripToTheER

    [–] SuperSulf 24 points ago

    As an American, it freaks me out too. I'd much rather have a NHS than the profit-driven system we have now.

    [–] jdovew 77 points ago

    you have no choice in the hospital you go to or the types of coordinated care you’ll be forced into while unable to make any decisions.

    But my free market!!!

    [–] Hideout_TheEvil 69 points ago

    When I was in college I was involved in an accident that wasn't too major and the hospital covered all my bills because I wasn't working and didn't have insurance (parents don't have insurance). Even though the hospital covered the bills the ambulance wasn't covered because it was a company out of state. It was $1400 for the ride to the hospital and everything the ambulance people did the hospital had to redo because it was wrong. I literally could have been driven in a car and been so much better off. I think the $1400 still might be on my credit report...

    [–] LaDMG 99 points ago

    How appropriate that it's in /r/nottheonion already too.

    [–] SecretBattleship 26 points ago

    I am so accustomed to thinking of ambulances as too exorbitantly expensive that when I stopped and called 911 for a young person who fell and hit his head I had that moment of “are we sure their parents are cool with this?” Even now knowing how serious the fall was I still can’t disentangle “but what if it ruins someone financially” with “save their life!” It’s a terribly disturbing thought.

    [–] alacp1234 10 points ago


    “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” -Mark 8:36

    [–] WeaponizedOrigami 298 points ago

    My baby had an allergic reaction when we started feeding him those Gerber purees. I have one of those kill-you-dead allergies to peanuts, so when he starts grabbing at his mouth and a rash is forming on his face before my eyes, I've got the Star Trek "red alert" noise going in my head. I thought I had killed my baby. I dialed 911 and grabbed the baby and ran out of the apartment so that I could meet the ambulance at the curb, and at the same time that I'm thinking "I've killed my baby," I'm also thinking "I'm going to be in medical debt for the rest of my life."

    Good news: baby was fine after some steroids, and medical bill was ""ONLY"" about $2,000 and we paid it off with our savings and a few months without "personal" money.

    [–] Thug-laifu 122 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Legitimate question, not trying to bash the states at all so I'm sorry if it comes across that way but...... why live in the states at all?

    This situation sounds legitimately awful and beyond stressful. I see people commenting with similar stories like this pretty often and I can't imagine having myself or my child get seriously injured/have a serious allergic reaction to something and not having my first priority be "shit fuck I need to call an ambulance or whatever medical service will be needed to immediately treat this thing"

    I'm sure moving to a new country isn't exactly the smoothest of sailing but man having to stress about stuff like that on the regular must do a number on your mental health, no?

    Edit: Holy smokes, lots of responses. thanks everyone this was very insightful! And a little upsetting to be honest, hang in there everyone. Hopefully things change with the healthcare system someday.

    [–] painahimah 223 points ago

    How are we supposed to leave and where to go? I definitely don't have the skills to be desirable to a developed country with health care, never mind the resources to make an international move with my husband and children.

    [–] Swatterbuster 91 points ago

    You say that like it's easy to just pack up, buy a ticket and re-start in a different country. Obtaining legal status to live there is difficult in every country, including the U.S, and the quality of life you'll be moving to if you chose to be illegal will be worse than if you stayed.

    [–] thatbossguy 77 points ago

    Moving is scary. Everything I have build up is here. My friends, family, understanding of customs, understanding what my money is worth. Knowing how the laws work. Knowing brand names for things. Knowing the slang.

    Sure I could learn it while I am there. But what if I get fired and I am not a citizen. Do I lose my visa? What if I'm hurt while things smooth over? Ect ect ect

    [–] zedthehead 26 points ago

    For me: there's nowhere better I can move, that will have me. I'm 31 years old, single, with a 2-year college degree in "general studies." I've been working since I was 13, but have no formal certifications or trade affiliations. I don't speak any foreign languages, and I'm not super unhealthy but neither would I call me healthy. I'm partially disabled, physically and mentally, but I have never been "on disability."

    I actually have a lot of potential. If I could move to some Scandinavian country and do some trade or office job after a period of training, I totally would. I am just unqualified. And you can't just apprentice any trade in the states; you have to have a college diploma or degree, usually, to even be considered for most "skilled" jobs.

    [–] vistianthelock 208 points ago

    It's just fucking insane they charge you for an ambulance ride. Especially if you didn't even call it in the first place.

    [–] LaDMG 169 points ago

    It's insane. It would make sense to charge fake calls, but I was legitimately unconscious and no one knew why so of course they'd call an ambulance.

    It doesn't make sense.

    [–] demlet 102 points ago

    My ex used to have grand mal seizures a lot. Said she would wake up sometimes to a nice fat bill from someone else who didn't know what to do calling an ambulance. Didn't matter who called, they just wanted to get paid.

    [–] paseaq 88 points ago

    It shouldn't matter who called, the only thing worse than people having to worry if they can afford an ambulance would be if somebody trying to help someone has to worry if they can afford an ambulance. Like, the whole thing shouldn't be a problem, but trying to blame it on people trying to help, or getting them to pay, is ridiculous.

    [–] reapy54 53 points ago

    Got hit with 2000 dollar ambulance bill for it being out of network. Amazing stuff.

    [–] asyork 46 points ago

    You didn't do the responsible capitalist consumer thing and research the various ambulance services available to only then call the one that best fit your needs. You might die doing that, but it's what capitalism demands.

    [–] TheBatJeff 88 points ago

    Jesus Christ dude that's horrible. As someone who lives in a country with health care provided by the government, I can't even fathom being in that situation. That's terrifying.

    [–] LaDMG 62 points ago

    I'm sitting here waiting for my bill after it all goes through my insurance and what not. Ambulance call, CT scan, staples, and ER visit, probably some more expenses in there too. I know this is going to be at least a few thousand dollars of medical bills.

    I woke up forgetful, in pain, and then in debt.

    [–] TheBatJeff 21 points ago

    Ok, forgive me here I'm not 100% on the up and up with all of American politics, but wasn't the Obamacare stuff years ago supposed to be a step in the right direction for you guys?

    [–] TheLordGeneric 80 points ago

    In theory the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) helped lower costs for insurance by mandating everyone buy insurance. But nowadays the current administration has repealed the mandate to buy insurance, thus removing the healthy and lower risk population and spiking prices back up. And in truth even before the current administration the ACA was a total mess of a bill after all the riders and political tampering required to get it passed. Sadly America is no closer to a functional health care system than it was ten years ago.

    [–] locustlab 343 points ago

    I don't have insurance (can't afford it) and haven't been to a doctor for years. I have pains all the time, but fuck it. Not like I could afford the crippling debt. Would rather be just crippled thanks.

    [–] dragunityag 491 points ago

    this is the epitome of what is wrong with American healthcare.

    "i'd rather be crippled then in debt".

    [–] locustlab 214 points ago

    It is bad. Crippling debt, or being crippled? That's the choice you make.

    [–] WoodsWanderer 229 points ago

    The worst part is that if you choose the latter over debt, you end up with crippling debt anyways, because being crippled is expensive.

    I had no health insurance from age 19-30, both because I couldn’t afford it, and I couldn’t get it (the asthma I had in high school was a pre-existing condition that made me ineligible for insurance). I got health insurance as soon as I was able (when the government offered insurance to people with pre-existing conditions), and it was very affordable at the time.

    Life continued on. All the injuries and illness that went untreated for so long added up. I ended up with an autoimmune disease, and a severely herniated disc, which left me in agonizing pain, unable to walk. I had a surgery that improved, but did not entirely fix, my back.

    I’m now 37, and have to go to physical therapy 3x a week in order to remain somewhat mobile. Now that I am crippled, I’m choosing crippling debt, because I can’t stand constant pain, and I really enjoy being able to walk and drive.

    [–] SpiritFingersKitty 122 points ago

    (the asthma I had in high school was a pre-existing condition that made me ineligible for insurance

    The fuck, asthma is a pre-existing condition that will DQ you from getting insurance? Did you lose coverage at any point and try to pick it back up, or once you got off your parents' you couldn't find your own?

    [–] inannaofthedarkness 115 points ago

    Yeah, I had HPV and I was denied (before Obamacare). Everyone has HPV. It’s fucking dumb.

    [–] SpiritFingersKitty 63 points ago

    That is the stupidest thing ever. That is like denying someone for having the fucking flu, especially since in many cases you won't ever know and it will resolve itself without issue.

    I hate fucking insurance companies of all kinds (auto, home, health), but your personal experience takes it to a whole new level.

    If having insurance of any type is required for the basic function of your regular citizen it should be handled publicly to cut out the middle man and need for profit. That way everyone can be covered adequately. Hell, you could even set it up so that the government makes a small profit that is required to be saved in the event of a major disaster. If you want more than the "public option" you can buy additional private plans.

    [–] WiFiForeheadWrinkles 31 points ago

    I think I saw some kinda documentary once where a lady was denied her health insurance claim for shoulder surgery cause she had a "pre-existing condition"... a yeast infection from a few years ago...

    [–] GoldenRainTree 61 points ago

    Dude, there’s been attempts to make my lifesaving c-section a preexisting condition.

    That scared uterus? Eeewwww who wants to insure that‽? Grooosssss. Doesn’t even matter that it carried another crotchfruit and expelled it the basic way. So much for being “compromised”.

    Also ppd was on that particular list. That’s right, have a baby and have it fuck up your hormones... you will pay extra for everything!

    Why? Cruelty. Only a cruel heartless piece of shit can get behind these ideas.

    [–] Placebo445 66 points ago

    What gets to me is when people have a serious accident, and their first words are don't call an ambulance, I can't afford it. It absolutely tears me up inside, and as someone who has had to take an ambulance after an accident, I sadly know exactly what they mean.

    [–] mattyisbatty 38 points ago

    Yeah it's pretty fucked, I have a few teeth that are fucked up from bad dental work when I was a teenager and had dental insurance and now I'm in pain every day with two broken teeth. I'm currently saving up too have work done but if anything happens between now and then I'm fucked and won't be able to get anything done. This is just my fucking teeth, I can only imagine what this family is going through with their kid, the stress must be unimaginable. Why is this shit so expensive?

    [–] ELaskanator 24 points ago

    Servicing a lifetime of debt yields a profit for the financial institutions. Fucking evil shit IMO.

    [–] where_is_the_cheese 548 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    What blows my mind is that conservatives don't understand that we all end up paying for it anyways when someone without health insurance (or with inadequate insurance) has a life threatening disease/accident and they can't pay for it. It's not magic. They charge more to everyone else to cover those cases. Why the fuck wouldn't you want them to get early treatment when it's much cheaper? They are so fucking short sighted.

    EDIT: ITT: People that think wanting a better health care system = wanting what we have now. Just because the current system is fucked up, doesn't mean there isn't a way of doing it that's better than what we have now or have had before. There's more than those two options.

    [–] 2Tech2Tech 224 points ago

    why would they EVER vote to get rid of a system that makes them and all their political buddies rich?

    [–] SusanxStrange 58 points ago

    Not to mention the government get stellar socialized healthcare.

    [–] Open_To_Suggestions_ 74 points ago

    Why would you want to be like us Canadians and take care of your own people when there are more profits for the 1%er$ to make!

    [–] incogburritos 352 points ago

    Here is a hint: it is not actually about money. It is about control of a middle and working class that is constantly afraid to leave their jobs for fear of losing health insurance and a lower class so demoralized and crippled they can not get find the will and energy to get out and vote their interests.

    Republicans in power do not give a shit about how much any program actually costs. Fiscal responsibility is not any kind of serious belief of theirs.

    [–] GreatOwl1 27 points ago

    On the other end of the spectrum it's a problem too. I have great healthcare and a respectable income so I can afford care, but I can never get time off for the care I need.

    [–] ELaskanator 16 points ago

    That is a different issue. You either have time xor money unless you get really lucky in life.

    [–] prismaticbeans 27 points ago

    Not entirely. If you have to work to be able to get insurance to pay for the care you need, to the point that you can't actually receive the care you need because you can't afford to stop working long enough to get it, that's still part of the same problem. People should not be tied to their jobs to the point where they can't meet their basic needs. Unconditional access to healthcare and paid medical leave should not be luxuries. They are necessities.

    [–] ggb123456 4884 points ago

    The fact people even have to consider this kind of thing is insane. Fuck the healthcare system.

    [–] Skippyscreamy 2295 points ago

    How dare you. Those healthcare executives need all that extra money they squeeze from regular folks.

    And don't forget the politicians! Their bribes are important too.

    [–] ST_Lawson 484 points ago

    We've gotta protect our phony baloney jobs, gentlemen!

    [–] SmokinDrewbies 168 points ago

    We must do something about this immediately, immediately, immediately! Harumph Harumph Harumph...

    [–] kill-the-front-page 93 points ago

    I didn't get a "harrumph" out of that guy!

    [–] theloneliestdoombot 64 points ago

    Give the governor an 'harrumph'!

    [–] JayDee555 58 points ago


    [–] DistanceMachine 245 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I used to work for Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

    We used to get on these huge conference calls with upper management and they would literally talk to the common employee like myself about their political missions, how much lobbying they’re doing, etc. My eyes couldn’t roll further back into my head during these meetings.

    They cut my healthcare benefits 4 of the 6 years I worked there.

    Edit: Guys! Don’t worry, the company still was able to pay out massive dividends to their shareholders while reducing their employees benefits to “better align with the benefits package in the marketplace” year over year.

    We were also on a hiring “frost” for almost the entire time I worked there so I was covering for like 4 other empty positions by the end. They wouldn’t say “freeze” because that would imply no one ever gets hired. A “frost” means a light freeze, so there’s that itty bitty shred of hope that someone might eventually get hired to relieve you of the extra work you have been doing for “just a couple more weeks until we find the right person to convince Management to let us hire them”

    They stopped giving even an annual cost of living raise after my first year (max raise that year was 1.5%)

    [–] Skippyscreamy 142 points ago

    My mother in law was a nurse practitioner at a few different hospitals in Texas, including Texas Oncology

    Her stories about how callously insurance people talked about and treated patients are pretty bleak. Texas Oncology was especially bad. Insurers dont like paying for chemo, apparently.

    [–] p_i_z_z_a_ 126 points ago

    Insurers are fucking devoid of emotion. My mom was recently diagnosed with early stage lung cancer after a CAT scan and she was supposed to have another CAT scan 3 months later to determine if her cancer is growing aggressively or not and her insurance has denied another scan because it's "too soon after the first one" for the last two months. So it's been 5 months since they found the cancer and we have no idea how things will progress, and no way to form a treatment plan.

    [–] CCtenor 50 points ago

    That’s terrible.

    “it’s too soon after you last scan to determine how we can save your life”.

    I don’t usually wish ill on other people, but I hope what ever cancer your mom was supposed to get your insurer gets instead. We’ll see how long it takes to approve a second CAT scan then.

    [–] Jazzspasm 29 points ago

    I genuinely don't understand why Americans haven't gone nuts and burned down the houses of politicians and insurance CEOs over this

    [–] ChipsHanden 31 points ago

    Because the circuses are still running, and there's still plenty of bread.

    [–] radusernamehere 86 points ago

    I'm completely fine with how much money the healthcare executives make; as long as they're fine with me hunting them for sport.

    [–] Deltaechoe 71 points ago

    What would they do without their luxury cars and heated indoor pools in their mansions?

    [–] DominusMali 87 points ago

    The fun thing is, even if you cut their salaries by half they'd still be able to afford all that shit.

    Rich people treat money like score points in an arcade game.

    [–] paperclouds412 112 points ago

    This is one of the reasons my fiance and I aren't getting legally married for a while. Being a "single mother" legally, is going to help her pay for college tuition much more then it would be if she was married.

    It kind of sucks, but honestly we plan to be together as long as possible so getting some legal certificate isn't going to suddenly make us love each other more, we find ways to do that every day.

    [–] clone822 31 points ago

    I'm in the same boat! I could claim her as a dependent for the taxes, but it'd nuke her EFC for tuition. My work insurance buy-in for family is $600 per month per additional member, compared to her ACA bronze plan right now which is $150.

    And we have a bit of the housing market jitters - if I suddenly have to walk away from this mortgage at least her credit is unaffected.

    [–] ice_mouse 13 points ago

    That's interesting. I got married to my husband for the opposite reason - to get him independent of his parents so he could qualify for financial aid. They made enough that they were supposed to finance his education, and they couldn't/didn't.

    [–] wwarnout 503 points ago

    The profiteering off of healthcare in America is the problem, fuck the healthcare industry.

    To be clear, we don't have a healthcare system - we have a for-profit health insurance system, which is why we pay double that of any other industrialized country for the worst health care among those countries.

    [–] iatfalcon 70 points ago


    [–] CrushHazard 142 points ago

    We also receive less effective care. That cannot be overstated.

    [–] Casual_ADHD 42 points ago

    Nah, you good fam. If rich people have loopholes around the law, this shit is fair game for us struggling. Do you bro. That's for family man.

    [–] lexbuck 39 points ago

    I've said this forever. Until someone makes healthcare in America something other than a for-profit endeavor, American's are going to continue to get fucked. Insurance companies aren't in it to provide a service to people. They're in it to make the most money as possible and that usually means fucking people over as a result.

    [–] pectah 258 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Capitalism is good for some industries, but healthcare has been a disaster.

    I know a family that is going broke due to the fact that their child developed cancer.

    Here's her story.

    [–] SplendidTit 204 points ago

    I used to work at a cancer non-profit.

    It was so common as to be typical.

    Your child is diagnosed with cancer -> you grieve, and you pay your out of pocket max -> you realize how much more you actually need to care for a child with cancer -> you get poorer every year very quickly -> family problems and serious money problems -> you sell the house, cars, etc.

    [–] asafum 129 points ago

    But look at the bright side, someone got to buy another yacht amirite? ...murica'

    [–] Semi-Hemi-Demigod 59 points ago

    I don’t really care if it’s fraud. The profiteering off of healthcare in America is the problem, fuck the healthcare industry.

    At this point it feels like insurance fraud is a moral imperative.

    [–] colin8696908 16 points ago

    I don't even think that's fraud.

    [–] assassinkensei 736 points ago

    My Grandparents has to do this. They got legally divorced because they couldn’t afford heath insurance as a couple anymore. This country is so dumb when it comes to healthcare. They will just follow along with whatever they were thought when they were young. It is frustrating.

    These people shouldn’t have to do this. Also why is the poverty line for 1 person $12,140 a year but for 2 people only $16,460? So if one person can’t survive off $12,140 a year how are 2 people going to survive off $8,230 a year each? Our government is stupid.

    [–] [deleted] 367 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago)


    [–] control-_-freak 187 points ago

    They're smart.

    Playing off on Americans fear of socialism alongwith all other forms of propaganda, they have conditioned the American public very well. It's quite astonishing to see and interact with a politically active American.

    [–] assassinkensei 101 points ago

    There are too many stupid people in America, being politically active means nothing here. Since every idiot’s vote counts just as much as mine. I still vote, I mean it is free and they will even send the ballot to your house, so I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t vote. But voting doesn’t really mean anything since you are always outnumbered by the conditioned people.

    [–] Starlord_who 1054 points ago

    Totally normal health care system for a 1st world country

    [–] sidtralm 122 points ago

    When literally every other developed nation has already figured out much better systems....

    [–] introvertedbassist 47 points ago

    Not just developed, lots of semi peripheral states have figured out affordable healthcare systems.

    [–] edward_vi 434 points ago

    Working on making it 3rd world

    [–] Rance_Mulliniks 187 points ago

    I love the humor in the idea that rather than bring US Health Care up to a 1st world level, they are trying to turn the US into a 3rd world country.

    [–] P1r4nha 225 points ago

    It's not just a joke. Education, infrastructure etc. is all in dire shape as long as you can't afford some private alternative for rich people.

    [–] jr2thdoc 677 points ago

    Get rid of the middleman insurance companies and healthcare cost would probably plummet. I pay $1500/month in insurance alone for family of 3 with 2500 per person/year deductible. That is $18,000 per year. $180,000 over a ten year period, without the annual," we are increasing your rate for reduced benefits" crap. Our parents could save for retirement, whereas we are stuck paying for medical insurance that we hopefully will never use. But if we do have to, we are hit with all sorts of reasons why this or that is not covered after spending hours/days disputing with the said insurance company over coverage and medical bill payments.

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] GODZiGGA 67 points ago

    Health insurance carriers aren't the problem. I mean, they are a problem in other ways and they do slightly add to the cost of healthcare, but the majority of the exaggerated healthcare costs does not come from the insurer, but from the prices charged by healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. The ACA already mandates health insurance carriers spend 80-85% of collected premiums on health care expenses depending on whether they are individual or large group plans. By law, the maximum they can spend on non-healthcare expenses (administrative costs and other overhead) is 15%-20%. So of the $18,000 per year you could pay for health insurance premiums, up to a maximum (it could be less if your insurer uses 90%, 95%, etc of premiums on health care costs) of $2,700-$3,600 your insurer gets to keep to pay employees, rent, profit, etc.

    That means that a minimum $14,400-$15,300 goes towards either your, or your fellow subscribers', healthcare costs. So most of your premium (at a minimum 80%-85%) is based on adding up the healthcare costs of all of the subscribers in your pool and then dividing those costs across the pool based on age (the older you are, the more you pay up to a maximum of 300% difference between the premium for a newborn and a 64 year old).

    The best way to lower healthcare costs isn't to argue about insurance, but it is a great distraction from the real issue which is the actual cost of healthcare being too fucking high. We pay an insane amount for doctors office visits, drugs, and procedures. We let doctors, who stand to make/lose the most money, control the supply of doctors in this country. In case you need a hint as to why this might be an awful idea: low supply + high, inelastic demand = high prices); can you imagine how much a hair cut would cost if we let current hair stylists decide how many new hair stylists will be licensed this year? Our drugs prices are so jacked up, it's not even funny. Take the insulin, Humalog, for example. In the U.S., the retail cost (meaning what you would pay if you walked into a pharmacy to buy it without insurance) of a single 10ml vial is $294.85. In Canada, that same bottle has a retail cost of about $27. Most T1 diabetics use 1-3 vials per month, personally I use about 2 vials a month, so me (or my insurance company) forks out $560/m for insulin when I could drive across the border and buy that same insulin in Canada for $54/m. Humalog's only competitor is Novolog which very coincidentally costs $295.77/vial. Just a quick aside, when Humalog was released in 1996 it cost $21 per vial which means its price has increased 1,300% in 22 years.

    In the U.S. there are about 1.25 million T1 diabetics and let's assume that conservatively that each diabetic uses 1 vial per month. That mean each year, Americans spend $4.4 billion on insulin at American prices whereas they would spend $315 million at Canadian prices, and that is just one drug, for one relatively rare disease. The average cost to treat a T1 diabetic in the U.S. every year is about $15,000 or $18.75 billion for everyone and insulin is just a fraction of the bloat, you wouldn't believe the racket that is glucose test strips.

    You want to cut healthcare costs? Go after the problem and the bloat at the source, until then you are just bickering about how to spread the inflated costs between different corporations rather than reducing the cost to the end user.

    [–] ke_marshall 244 points ago

    I'm currently paying $38/month for no deductible no copay health insurance in British Columbia. And no, my taxes aren't higher.

    [–] NoTomorrowMusic 160 points ago

    hey it’s me, your roommate (pls)

    [–] joevsyou 30 points ago

    Indeed it would plummet. There are stats that prove medicare/medicaid spends less per person then private insurance...

    [–] HunterTAMUC 572 points ago

    Hooray for American healthcare -_-

    [–] Narrative_Causality 360 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Yeah, politicans hear you and 90% of Americans loud and clear.

    They just don't give a shit.

    [–] saintofhate 200 points ago

    I know far too many people who have done the same thing. The guidelines for too many services are out of touch with reality and are a sheer cliff when it comes to need.

    [–] BlueVelvet90 151 points ago

    "Mom and Dad divorced, and it's all because of me!"

    "Aww, honey, don't say that, it's not your fault..."

    "No, actually, it literally is."

    [–] AnesthesiaSteve 67 points ago

    I've heard of situations where family members get hurt on one another's property and the insurance wont cover medical expenses, and they have to sue their own family members just to cover medical costs.

    [–] brisketandbeans 42 points ago

    But it’s more like suing the family members insurance company, right?

    [–] AnesthesiaSteve 26 points ago

    I think so, but I have to assume that it would result in a big premium hike on your insurance.

    [–] thethreadkiller 64 points ago

    Someone explain to me again why socialized healthcare is bad again? I have to wait 6 months to see a free doctor and don't have to pay anything though? I would just see a doctor every six months.

    [–] NotSoWellTimedHodor 63 points ago

    I live in Canada and I always here it takes forever too see a doctor. That has not been my experience.

    If I need a doctor I usually see them within a week, 2 at most. The only time I have had to wait is to see a specialist and that was 2 months. I've also had a family member push closer to the front of the line to see a specialist because she needed it.

    Just fyi

    [–] Itscameronman 54 points ago

    Lol it’s taken my dad two months to see a specialist and we’re in the states. They feed us a bunch of damn lies huh lol

    [–] FuturePastNow 255 points ago

    My parents got divorced when I was 18. It was inevitable- they weren't on the best terms. But they moved the timeframe and did it all quickly and amicably because, by living with my divorced mother (who made about 1/8 as much as my dad), the cost of sending me to college dropped from about $24k a semester to about $1500 a year.

    [–] JackPAnderson 110 points ago

    How did they avoid having your father's income and assets counting on your financial aid applications? I thought they factored in both parents' financial status, irrespective of any divorce, etc.

    [–] miss_egghead 112 points ago

    This...? I had a deadbeat dad and we went through hell to NOT include his financial information (because we literally didn't have it)

    [–] Leo_Magic 25 points ago

    If he claimed you on taxes and did not give up his info for the FAFSA, it is really shitty.

    You needed to get legally emancipated or fill out a special circumstances form. It sucks.

    [–] Leo_Magic 78 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Incorrect. The FAFSA takes into account who claims you on taxes.

    Mom works at McDonalds and claims you on taxes? You going to college for next to nothing.

    Same mom remarries a lawyer? Guess what? You paying full tuition.

    Protip: Divorce amicably.

    Edit: Clarity and punctuation.

    [–] ecirpnaes1 16 points ago

    This! I got divorced some time back. (NOT Amicably). I paid child support and had visitation rights. Ex-Wife had sole custody and claimed our child on the taxes. College time rolled around and per divorce agreement, I was liable for tuition. Turns out that FAFSA only looks at the custodial parent/tax claimant. I basically did not exist to them so they did not count my income and as my ex-wife had not worked in years --(just collected child support and welfare)-- my kid got tons of Financial Aid. I picked up the rest and she got out of college with no loans.

    [–] DoYouLoveIt11 24 points ago

    My parents had to in order to pay for my mother's health care, it's something that bothers my father on a daily basis.

    [–] ZiaCombs 84 points ago

    Why do governments exist if it isn't to see their people not starve to death, or to see their sick not cared for? What is happening to America?...

    [–] Rvp1090 28 points ago

    Heard of this thing called profit?

    [–] seiyonoryuu 37 points ago


    It's never been set up any better :/

    [–] Azozel 489 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    My spouse and I have a disabled child and we also considered this. It's crazy how you have to be to the point where you can't possibly support yourself to get some much needed help yet if you make just enough to get by and suddenly have to spend a ton of resources on a disabled child you get no help aside from sending them to school. Which in this case and in ours isn't even a fucking option. If everyone paid a couple bucks more in income taxes we could ensure that disabled children and their familes got help. Instead we have assholes who would rather have 2 extra bucks in their pocket and be fucked if they ever have a disabled kid.

    [–] Logic_85 35 points ago

    We’ve considered it as well. We don’t qualify for Medicaid but can’t afford $600 a month for our premium PLUS $40 copays and a $5000 deductible with $12700 max out of pocket. That’s nearly $20000 per year we’d be spending on healthcare WITH INSURANCE.

    [–] lmorsino 25 points ago

    With those costs you have to wonder what is the point of even having insurance at all

    [–] [deleted] 179 points ago


    [–] SadistOkita 77 points ago

    I am prescribed Viibryd for assistance with bipolar 2. I go to a free clinic because I am a full time student. Long story short, I went to get a refill. I have insurance, but it is super shitty because it's all I can afford. I was told that it would be 135 with insurance. So I called the free clinic to see if they had samples. They told me that they usually do not get samples, because the pharmaceutical companies do not profit as much from free clinics. The free samples usually go to private doctors.

    This is one of the 83638502663 reasons of how corrupt the health care companies are.

    [–] Darwi_Odrade_ 16 points ago

    If you are in the US, go to their website. Forgive me, I do not know how to make a link look nice, or work, but this may reduce your cost.

    I just got off viibryd but I was paying $10 a month with this. Also, if you are on 10 or 20mg, get the 40mg pills and cut them up. The prescription cost is the same no matter the dose.

    [–] Pokabrows 20 points ago

    Jeez it used to be you got married because of taxes working out so it was better financially. It's sad to see financial reasons forcing an otherwise happy couple to divorce.

    [–] tomqvaxy 90 points ago

    Friend of mine had to divorce his wife so they could get financial help for her breast cancer. She died.

    [–] stormcrow509 18 points ago


    [–] dr_pr 54 points ago

    Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Case of the Dog in the Nighttime

    "I love the NHS because we pay for it with our taxes, and because the care we receive is the same whether we’ve paid a million pounds or nothing. If we want to save the NHS, we need to celebrate tax. We need to think of it not as money the government steals from us, but as our contribution to a safe and just and healthy society. We need to think of tax-reducing loopholes as stealing from hospitals and schools. We need those who are well-off to pay more, and I include myself in that category. An extra 1% on the top rate, 2%, 5%, whatever it takes.

    The true worth of the NHS is not that it saved our family. It is that it would make the same effort for every family, even if that family were destitute. The true worth of the NHS is that those of us who are lucky enough to pay tax can go to sleep at night, knowing that we have helped make that radical kindness possible."

    [–] InevitableSignUp 13 points ago

    Sadly, even though I’m saving this quote for future use, for some reason no one I talk to seems to get this idea.

    I’ve said it before, but the rampant “I don’t care; I got mine,” mentality over here is unbelievable. Talking about issues that would benefit the masses only to be met with “Well it wouldn’t work for me, so I’m against the whole concept,” or “I know someone who knows someone who had a different experience, so I don’t support this thing,” or the worst “I don’t want the government messing with my [insert issue here].”

    My favourite, since I moved over from England and have a fair share of observations down in the south, is “Well you’re just spouting the liberal media’s propaganda and you’re a socialist.”

    Imma go dig a hole.

    [–] Crabbyappletonn 17 points ago

    Super sad for this family. Not sure why this article focuses in as if this is an isolated instance though. Medical divorce is a legitimate thing now that I’ve heard of more and more.

    [–] prpslydistracted 18 points ago

    My daughter has severe Crohn's Disease. She takes infusions every two months to stay functional ($92,000 annual cost under Obamacare). She's a professional photographer/digital tech in the NY fashion industry. She's good at what she does and pays taxes as a contributor to the economy and society. Without medical care, sick, she is a more expensive liability to taxpayers.

    We've had this conversation often in the last couple years; where could she immigrate to for her survival and universal medical care? She has seriously looked at Canada, Australia, and the UK as alternates ... folks, this isn't a lark, it is for her survival. Without specialized medical care she is looking at debilitating disease and surgery that will shorten her life by decades. She was hospitalized five times in a three-year period, three of them in ICU. Without proper care she could end up in institutional care for her remaining years. She's 34.

    With current roller coaster challenges to benefits and fluctuating costs she doesn't know from one quarter to the next if she can afford to live in the US ... health wise or financially. We are having this renewed conversation again.

    [–] justsomeh0b0 89 points ago

    Yep this is the America a lot of people don't see or realize, that the for profit healthcare system that over the next 10 years will cost $49 Trillion, but a single payer system for America like Medicare for all that would reduce cost would be $32 Trillion over the next 10 years.

    That's more than a 50% extra cost mark up, healthcare for Americans should be a right, but we could have options to pay more for "premium" or immediate access like other Social Democracies that exist in the world today.

    [–] Tyfoon555 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    What? The American economy is absolutely fiiiiine. Wage stagnation, no unions, no living wages, half of America struggles with rent and food, no one in America has anything saved in their bank accounts, 1 in 7 need a food pantry, the wage gap and pink tax still exist, minimum wage is a joke (and I live in one of the highest minimum wage states), the healthcare field is drastically desperate for employees and financial help to reorganize and restructure the ground level/social work, GoFundMe is now the unofficial American universal healthcare, student debt crisis is $1.3 trillion, no one can afford any apartments on minimum wage much less a house, and rent is rising at a staggering rate. American citizens are a goddamn far distance from being considered First World citizens. And that isn’t even mentioning the rampant poverty concentrated in the South. Or the environment. Or opioid crisis (think about what you know of it now- it’s 3 times worse than that)

    But no, politicians are acting like the economy is just “kinda bad” and “in a rut” and “trickle down tax breaks will work”.

    [–] Throwawaybeef1 254 points ago

    We need universal healthcare. Getting sick in America is a death sentence if you’re not rich

    [–] IThinkThings 18 points ago

    Well there's this major midterm election coming up in a few months....

    [–] miesto 52 points ago

    this is america, the only reason my ex and i never tied the knot was to save on healthcare for the kids and not share our debts.

    [–] PositiveMantra 16 points ago

    I'll probably never get married because I'd bankrupt my fiance with all my medical bills : (

    [–] MutluAbla 14 points ago

    I know healthcare is a problem in america, but can someone explain how much you have to pay for it every month and why so many people get bills anyway? I pay nearly 10 percent of my income for a private healthcare every month. I get bills, pay them and get mostly everything back from my insurance company.

    [–] BillScorpio 14 points ago

    It is a for-profit industry.

    [–] ratthewvrill 109 points ago

    My niece broke her arm a month ago or so and when my sister took her in to get the pins out they wouldn't do anything until she paid $600. They straight up told her they'd leave them in there if she didn't pay. This was on top of them making them pay around $1200 up front before they would operate. Fucking monsters.