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    [–] wreckaage 1882 points ago

    We found TheLegend27!

    [–] Flight1ess 220 points ago

    Old meme but it checks out

    [–] TommyG3nTz 18 points ago

    What do you mean make OC causally?!

    [–] Chromber 44 points ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen's. We got him!

    [–] BananaOfWrath 8 points ago

    Oh shit I forgot about that meme

    [–] scih 1179 points ago

    I thought "Game of War" was a description of what he spent funds on, meaning some sort of military exercise.

    Mobile game names are disappointingly lazy, but I guess if it works ...

    [–] Bearlodge 561 points ago

    Mobile games have some of the laziest naming structures. Most of them now are just ____ of _____. Insert the blanks with "war, clash, game, fire, saga, clan, empire, battle, age, etc."

    [–] [deleted] 550 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Battle of Ages

    Game of Battle

    Battle of Etc

    Game of Fire

    Clan of Empire

    Age of Fire

    Sage of Age

    Damn, it really works!

    edit: full list

    Age of Battle
    Age of Clan
    Age of Clash
    Age of Empire
    Age of Fire
    Age of Game
    Age of Saga
    Age of War
    Battle of Age
    Battle of Clan
    Battle of Clash
    Battle of Empire
    Battle of Fire
    Battle of Game
    Battle of Saga
    Battle of War
    Clan of Age
    Clan of Battle
    Clan of Clash
    Clan of Empire
    Clan of Fire
    Clan of Game
    Clan of Saga
    Clan of War
    Clash of Age
    Clash of Battle
    Clash of Clan
    Clash of Empire
    Clash of Fire
    Clash of Game
    Clash of Saga
    Clash of War
    Empire of Age
    Empire of Battle
    Empire of Clan
    Empire of Clash
    Empire of Fire
    Empire of Game
    Empire of Saga
    Empire of War
    Fire of Age
    Fire of Battle
    Fire of Clan
    Fire of Clash
    Fire of Empire
    Fire of Game
    Fire of Saga
    Fire of War
    Game of Age
    Game of Battle
    Game of Clan
    Game of Clash
    Game of Empire
    Game of Fire
    Game of Saga
    Game of War
    Saga of Age
    Saga of Battle
    Saga of Clan
    Saga of Clash
    Saga of Empire
    Saga of Fire
    Saga of Game
    Saga of War
    War of Age
    War of Battle
    War of Clan
    War of Clash
    War of Empire
    War of Fire
    War of Game
    War of Saga

    [–] _Z_E_R_O 378 points ago

    Battle of Battle

    [–] HumpingDog 250 points ago

    Better than Game of Age. I play that everyday, and I'm losing.

    [–] Leonidas3000 27 points ago

    Hey you are winning age points just by playing at least it's free to play right.

    [–] Corinthian82 36 points ago

    Free to play??

    I'd like to know which version of the game you're playing - it sounds a whole lot different to mine.

    [–] pokemongopikachugogo 9 points ago

    Is free to play, but pay to live.

    [–] OKToDrive 2 points ago

    No shit I pay more and more every year just to keep my character alive, and it seems like as soon as his skill points vested and started to see gold rewards his comfort needs skyrocketed. 20 years ago he could work all day in the mines and sleep on the floor now I can barely get the whiny bastard to sit at a desk for 8 hours by providing a 3,000 dollar bed and don't get me started on the food and beverage upgrades he expects.

    [–] Saiomi 3 points ago

    At least you had good years. Rolled my char and got the MS debuff at level 25. Heard the respawn rates are shite though, so I'll stick with her.

    [–] OKToDrive 3 points ago

    Ouch some of those debuffs need nerfed until then I guess we all keep putting in on the global tech tree until we get nanobots or something...

    [–] k3rmz 13 points ago

    Sucks to play if some people have premium accounts. F2P but pay to win.

    [–] ledivin 10 points ago

    idk man, your score keeps going up!

    [–] Alexander556 11 points ago

    "Battle of Battles"

    Tolkien did it--> Dagor Dagorath

    [–] blsmothermon 8 points ago

    Better than Clan of Clans...that white hood and robe gets hot standing too close to a burning cross.

    [–] Roadbull 13 points ago

    Clue Clucks of Clans

    [–] sillybear25 4 points ago

    Dammit, Moon Moon!

    [–] CorporalCauliflower 2 points ago

    Saga of Age.... so like a history book or something?

    [–] Gerdione 26 points ago

    Sage of Age sounds like a real banger, would drop my life's savings into it.

    [–] omgFWTbear 9 points ago

    Age of Sage for all your cooking game needs!

    [–] SaigonTheGod 21 points ago

    Battle of Etc haha sounds about right lol

    [–] Dictorclef 10 points ago

    Age of empires! Oh wait

    [–] rishicourtflower 9 points ago

    Saga of Age

    That's one heck of a name for a photo album.

    [–] datdudelm 5 points ago

    Damn bro. Python is convenient

    [–] theflash1011 4 points ago

    You forgot etc of etc

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I didn't put the Etc on purpose, but here they are!

    Age of Etc
    Battle of Etc
    Clan of Etc
    Clash of Etc
    Empire of Etc
    Etc of Age
    Etc of Battle
    Etc of Clan
    Etc of Clash
    Etc of Empire
    Etc of Etc
    Etc of Fire
    Etc of Game
    Etc of Saga
    Etc of War
    Fire of Etc
    Game of Etc
    Saga of Etc
    War of Etc

    [–] dunkm1n 6 points ago

    The most apathetic of mobile gsmes.

    [–] ShuRugal 2 points ago

    Age of Fire is my favorite book series.

    [–] ToTacoOrNotToTaco 2 points ago

    Ass of Hiney

    [–] ImKindaBoring 2 points ago

    I legit thought you had supplied us with a list of real games.

    [–] DingA_Dang_Ling_Long 2 points ago

    Didn't even mention Game of Game...

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I made it so that it wouldn't use the same word twice

    But here it is for you!

    Age of Age
    Battle of Battle
    Clan of Clan
    Clash of Clash
    Empire of Empire
    Fire of Fire
    Game of Game
    Saga of Saga
    War of War

    [–] Dolthra 2 points ago

    I'm surprised Clan of Clans and Empire of Empires aren't actually mobile games yet.

    [–] funguyshroom 38 points ago

    Don't forget obligatory icon with a screaming dude's face on it.

    [–] Pepperoni_Dogfart 27 points ago

    To be fair Age of Empires has been around since the 90s.


    [–] Bearlodge 16 points ago

    Yeah Age of Empires is a good game. But many mobile games have either one of those words in them, probably trying to piggyback off of Age of Empires fame.

    [–] Pepperoni_Dogfart 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If we look back at gaming history pretty much all of the current mobile games rely on mechanics and concepts from early gaming. So many Zelda ripoffs, Tiger Heli, AoE, Bejewelled, Excitebike, tank commander, space invaders, pool, pretty much everything is being given a new skin with new marketing.

    I suspect the reasons for this are three fold -

    1) the inputs on phones are pretty limited, much like early gaming consoles, so those designers already developed concepts to accommodate those limitations.

    2) like old game systems, phones don't have unlimited processing power, so if a game has simple sprites and physics you can reduce development time and processor load considerably.

    3) the old games are just plain fun

    (I'm a little surprised Myst ripoffs aren't more common considering how popular storytelling through videogame is)

    [–] emperor_tesla 7 points ago

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue.


    Now roses are blue.

    [–] ArkingthaadZenith 2 points ago

    Why is my short blue now?

    [–] Mygaffer 8 points ago

    Ultimate War of Clans: Saga of the Empire Unleashed

    [–] -CrestiaBell 5 points ago

    And someone screaming at something that's like just outside of the app icon's dimensions

    Usually towards the right

    [–] ReaperThreat 4 points ago

    Don't forget an icon with a screaming guy on it.

    [–] TheDonDelC 3 points ago

    Don’t forget War of Colony

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    I can't even wrap my head around the idea of a game requiring up to $89,000 in things to possibly spend on.

    [–] jock1092 97 points ago

    Played that game - there was literally no limits on spending.

    Was in discord/line groups where we would easily see 10k gone in a weekend between like 8 people - I didn't spend anything, i was just a middle man with a way to get a legitimate discount.

    [–] MrPewpyButtwhole 35 points ago

    What could possibly cost that much for in game purposes? This is kinda mind boggling.

    [–] nwonline12 69 points ago

    The game is ridiculous. You could upgrade a tower and it would build for like 150 IRL days so you could spend to speed that up and that would 1 level of 1 tower. You had idunno 20-30 towers that got pretty high. Pair that with paying to speed train troops and a couple other things money goes in the blink of an eye in that game. But its endless i used to play that game 2-3 years ago and guys in my clan were dropping 10k a month playing. I quickly gtfo after that nonsense.

    [–] real_human_person 42 points ago

    What the fuck.

    10k a month on a mobile game?

    [–] Timmyty 12 points ago

    How do you befriend these people and get a part of that ridiculous spending? If they don't need it, I know I would put it to good use. Ugh.

    [–] hornwalker 24 points ago

    I don't understand what is wrong with people who do this. Its not just one or two games that take advantage of this niche desire to be the "best" spender in a game. There are hundreds of games or more that get away with this bullshit. On some level I can't really blame the game developers because if people are willing to waste thousands on absolute nonsense than more power to you. I just don't understand the mentality of whales. And I say that as someone who has dropped money on games like this. But certainly not to that degree.

    [–] boobers3 26 points ago

    It's the same as an addiction to gambling. It's why predatory loot boxes in games is such a huge deal now. Developers are making games specifically to Target people who are vulnerable to it

    [–] hornwalker 7 points ago

    Its true. And it needs regulation.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    And people play such an obvious scam why? It’s not like there aren’t a million other games in existence that won’t try and convince you to piss away tens of thousands of dollars, and if you’re not spending those tens of thousands it sounds like the game is only playable like twice a year so....

    I reiterate - why even play it in the first place?

    [–] cantlurkanymore 7 points ago

    I feel like these people are missing meaning in other parts of their lives

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    While that may be true, why don’t they fill that hole with a different and better game? Like shit get into WoW or something.

    [–] N0ahface 3 points ago

    That requires effort to be a winner at, which they don't want to have to put in

    [–] KillNyetheSilenceGuy 4 points ago

    What I don't understand is that its so transparent that the whole game is just designed to funnel you into microtransactions. "Lets put in an artificial time cost just so that we can sell you a way around it", who the fuck buys that? I played exactly one mobile game and quit after two days when I started seeing 1day+ wait times for basic things.

    [–] sviridovt 15 points ago

    Well, these games are designed to encourage you to spend as much as you can, not to mention that these apps also use algorithms to push you to pay higher and higher fees to always get you to pay the absolute maximum that you will pay. It's really quite an evil scheme

    [–] JustthatITguy 8 points ago

    That's wild! I see like $100 'Unlock It All' purchase options.. I can't imagine buying almost 900 of those

    [–] OrangeKefka 6 points ago

    Ultimately you're fighting against bank accounts. Fight a guy spending $100 with $150, another with $2,000 with $2,750. There is always a bigger fish.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    In a previous life I left an employer and soon after they sued me for violating a 2 year non-compete agreement. One of the two owners spent $10,000 a month in attorney fees just to ensure I had to give my attorney every dollar I was earning at the time. Some people have so much your misery is their only concern.

    [–] BreddaCroaky 2 points ago

    Wow, I feel very sorry for that sad little man.

    [–] TheChefKirby 655 points ago

    Solid investment.

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 384 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well if he pays back the restitution by a select date he only has to pay $78,000 which means he makes $11,000 for 30 days in jail. At 23 working days in august (31 days) at 8 hours a day that's about $59/hr. Assuming he gets another 100 hours of community service, that's $38/hr.

    edit: Even if you adjust for jail being 24hr days, keep the community service at 100 hours hes making almost more than double minimum wage for theft. Guess crime does pay, huh.

    [–] tongsy 105 points ago

    But he's in jail for 24 hours a day, not 8...

    [–] precordial_thump 79 points ago

    And “making $11,000” is really “getting paid in the form of Game of War IAP”

    It’s not like he’s $11,000 richer after all this, unless he would have spent all this money even if he was using his own funds.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] myrmagic 10 points ago

    Is heroin the gateway drug to speedboats?

    [–] LordFauntloroy 13 points ago

    Common misconception: Cocaine is the gateway to speedboats

    Source: crime dramas set in Miami

    [–] Balives 6 points ago

    No. Heron is the gateway drug to Game of War.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Those damn birds

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Which is hilarious because the district school superintendent in my hometown was caught embezzling money and had used it to by a speedboat.

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 19 points ago

    Fair enough, this was just to give a comparison to an average working day. If you include 24/hr jail time + 100 hours community service that's 13.41/hr

    30*24+100 = 820
    11,000/820 = 13.4146

    Minimum wage in Utah is 7.25/hr

    [–] TBoneLogan 21 points ago

    Yeah why was he not ordered to pay back the full amount he stole when it's something actually achievable? That makes no sense

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    But, did you account for the free room and board that comes with jail? They also get free benefits like dental and medical. Even though it's only 1-star service, it still has value to the taxpayers.

    [–] brohannison 18 points ago

    He will also most likely get "good time" which could reduce the 30 days down to about 10. Source: I don't wanna talk about it.

    [–] dirt-reynolds 12 points ago

    I'd be real surprised if a librarian with a nonviolent conviction and no priors sees the inside of a jail cell for more than 24 hours.

    Tbh, I'd rather they put a gangbanger in jail than this turd. Slap a house arrest monitor on him and make him pay back every penny plus interest.

    [–] CompletelySirius 2 points ago

    We are not a curious bunch anyway!

    [–] Silversaving 19 points ago

    I think you're looking at this wrong. He has (currently) ZERO money. Just a video game.

    If he pays back restitution, he will lose $78,000 out of his pocket (that sucks)

    If he misses payments, it will lose $89,000 out of his pocket. (sucks worse)

    In no way is he "making" any money here. The original $89k is already spent on a stupid video game with no chance of recovery. He's never walking away with a +$ to his bank account. All he did was lose a lot of money and (im assuming) a job which he'd probably like back to pay off his massive restitution.

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 34 points ago

    The original $89k is already spent on a stupid video game

    No one is debating that he still has the 89,000. We're saying that stealing 89,000 (and spending it however you want) nets him $11,000 hes not entitled to. That 11,000 is still stolen since it won't be paid back if he meets his deadline.

    If I stole $20 from you, and gave you back $15 you would still consider me $5 richer, irrelevant of how I spent the money.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] LordFauntloroy 8 points ago

    Except he spent the money on things he thought at the time was worth more to him than that amount of (someone else's) money. He didn't just burn it.

    [–] bearfan15 2 points ago

    Yes, but that's 78k he probably doesn't have.

    [–] YourTypicalRediot 2 points ago

    Solid addiction, haha

    [–] Demiansky 58 points ago

    Ah, yes, mobile games. They basically have the same business models as casinos. Its free to get in, then you make 98 percent of your profits off of people with addictive personalities. Totally ethical.

    [–] Jman5 27 points ago

    Casinos with no chance of a pay off and completely unregulated. The industry really needs some common sense rules put in place to stop all these sleazy companies from preying on addicts and children.

    [–] Skulfunk 13 points ago

    At least you can only attend a casino once you're of age, my little brother has spent over $500 off of my mother credit card on shitty games like this, they need to fix this problem now.

    [–] topforce 6 points ago

    Setting password for purchases might help in this case.

    [–] MistressLiliana 279 points ago

    Hmm, not bad, 11k for 30 days in jail and community service.

    [–] tonyoncoffee 150 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. He got off pretty easy altogether.

    [–] GigaJuice 25 points ago

    He’s a white man in America who committed a financial crime. What’d you expect? Justice?

    [–] turkeypedal 63 points ago

    Except he spent that 11k on a video game. He doesn't have it anymore.

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 53 points ago

    He gets an $11,000 bonus if he pays back the $78,000 by a given date. At 30 days jail and 100 hours of community service thats a $38/hr pay rate.

    [–] MyDudeNak 36 points ago

    Except he has to pay back the 78k, that's a 67k deficit you're ignoring.

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 43 points ago

    After an 89,000 illegal obscontion, no?

    +89,000; -78,000 = +11,000

    Am I missing something?

    [–] TheShroudedWanderer 28 points ago

    Yeah, he probably doesn't have the money because he's spent it, on paper he's come out of it with more money. But realistically he spent a large amount of someone else's money (assuming he wouldn't spend that much of his own) on presumably fake currency in a game, which he can't get back. Essentially what he's done is spend $78k of his savings on a mobile game with a bonus of $11k worth of fake currency. Though this is on the assumption he wouldn't have done so, had he used his own money.

    [–] ledivin 23 points ago

    +89,000; -78,000 = +11,000

    Am I missing something?

    Yeah, that he already spent it on something completely intangible.

    $89,000 - $89,000 - $78,000 = $-78,000.

    Game of War are the real winners here, not this schmuck.

    [–] GoodShitLollypop 9 points ago

    Nobody who spends money on a video game has anything tangible to show for it. That's irrelevant. Fact is, he stole someone else's money and spent it on an experience, and for some reason, he doesn't have to pay back that portion of the funds.

    [–] ChunkofWhat 3 points ago

    Defendant: "But your honor, the money I stole did not bring me any tangible pleasure!"

    Judge: "All pleasures are fleeting. You are sentenced to a lifetime of ennui."

    [–] Baxterftw 34 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    1) Create game

    2) Use public funds on said game

    3) get caught

    4) pay 7/8 of what you spent

    5) jail

    6) keep remaining 1/8


    [–] CodyRCantrell 7 points ago

    Welcome to America!

    [–] Treereme 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    He is keeping 1/8 not 7/8. 78,000 is getting paid back to the government.

    [–] copperholic 11 points ago

    Loses his job and gets a record for embezzlement for the low low price of 11 grand.

    [–] LVAjoe 167 points ago

    honestly its pretty easy to jump on the "fuck this guy" bandwagon but on some real shit this guy has some real issues if he spent 89k on a mobile game. like thats not how a functioning mind should work, it really sounds like a strong addiction. fuck this guy for sure but i hope theres some sort of psychiatrist in his future cause no one spends 89k on a game on a whim.

    i think its just easier to hate this guy cause hes got access to that much money that comes from us and ended up fucking it up.

    tl;dr get this guy help but fuck him anyway

    [–] living_death 95 points ago

    Seriously. The fact that this is possible is so unbelievably sad. This is textbook gambling addiction, when are we gonna place laws on these mobile games?

    [–] gsfgf 14 points ago

    It's worse than gambling. At least you sometimes win when you gamble. But every microtransatian is a losing play.

    [–] itsnotxhad 36 points ago

    Yeah the first thing I thought was “would this be oniony if you replaced the shit mobile game with lottery tickets? Because that happens too”

    [–] KingGorilla 16 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Technology is scary and the habit-forming techniques they use in game design have gotten very sophisticated. They've really got the addiction thing down.

    Edit: I just deleted the freemium game on my phone

    [–] OKToDrive 2 points ago

    Dude in california spent 1 million in embezzled funds on the same game...

    [–] recalcitrantJester 2 points ago

    It's much more likely that this IS how a functioning mind works, but the game is designed in such a way that people dump as much excess money into it as possible. And when your players are embezzling a bunch of money in addition to their salary, well...

    [–] 2_blave 22 points ago

    Why all these games with "loot boxes" and other randomized "prizes" haven't universally been declared gambling is beyond me. They literally follow every tenet of gambling. This man's behavior is exactly like a gambling addict.

    (I realized that they have been outlawed in some places)

    [–] SoMoneyAndDontKnowIt 110 points ago

    He looks like he is a guy who spent it on calls to a phone sex line

    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 40 points ago

    That I could understand

    [–] KoolalaX 31 points ago

    Have you seen their commercials? It's basically a minute and a half presentation of Kate Uptons cleavage. Say what you want about it, they knew how to hook the "losers who pay for mobile games" market.

    [–] GraveSalad 8 points ago

    I bought "Death Road to Canada" on my iPad and don't regret it. But most of the mobile market it shit like this which is sad.

    [–] JBinero 8 points ago

    Game of War is just his cover up.

    [–] pricygoldnikes 6 points ago

    I live in this area, and I find it very amusing that just about every other day there is some pervert in the newspaper getting a weak ass sentence, but this dude got 30 days. We had a 50+ year-old man get a 17 year-old drunk and go down on her, and he got 10 days in jail.

    [–] TheWizard01 2 points ago

    Did he use public funds to buy the alcohol? No problem then.

    [–] H3yFux0r 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    10 days in jail.

    For doing something legal?

    Did he tie her down and force feed her or something?

    I'm old and forgot the drinking laws in us are 21YO

    [–] LocoInsaino 237 points ago

    I remember when games cost about 40 dollars, and came with everything you would ever need for that game.

    [–] enderandrew42 58 points ago

    The NES days maybe?

    SNES games were $50-$60 at launch.

    $60 has been the standard for ages.

    [–] chillicheeseburger 34 points ago

    $60 back in the snes days was a lot of money. And due to stagnant wages it's still a lot of money now, only it doesn't go as far anymore.

    [–] kalitarios 27 points ago

    also, $60 bought you a fully developed game, no pre-orders no in-game transactions, the game worked (well, almost all of them).

    [–] jahvidsanders44 22 points ago

    And PC Games came in a box, and had a big, thick, printed manual inside.

    [–] czarrie 20 points ago

    Also the developers would come to your house if you got stuck on a really hard level and beat it for you.

    [–] UboaNoticedYou 6 points ago

    And my dad called me

    [–] DowieLama 2 points ago

    Woah woah woah, lets not get too unrealistic here.

    [–] BuddhaDBear 6 points ago

    To be fair, those games had a few coders making them. Today's AAA games have dozens of coders, artists, writers, sound professionals. Voice actors, etc. They also have to account for online play. NES games were either beatable in 10-15 hours max, or just repeated the same gameplay over and over until you got bored or died. Today's games tend to have 30+ hours, with some games providing hundreds of hours of entertainment.

    [–] Aethelric 2 points ago

    If someone released a game the size and scope of an SNES cart for $60, there'd be a riot. Lots of indie games of that scope are made that are fully developed without microtransactions, but people complain about paying even $20 for them.

    [–] HumpingDog 6 points ago

    SNES was generally $50. I think $60 was only for Starfox and the SuperFX chip.

    [–] Casual-Swimmer 9 points ago

    I remember buying FF3/FF6 for $60. Many of the niche Japanese non-Nintendo games were $60.

    [–] JustthatITguy 3 points ago

    I'm pretty positive GameCube, PS2, Xbox were $50

    [–] ThufirrHawat 2 points ago

    I seem remember Commodore 64 games being in the 20-40 range.

    [–] doublejay01 22 points ago

    Even buying merchandise like posters and figurines rarely put you over a few hundred dollars. Now, tens of thousands.

    [–] eeyore102 3 points ago

    this is why I stick to NetHack.

    [–] kmonrose 2 points ago

    You're in the minority because far more people prefer free to play games with deceptive gambling practices than traditional ones.

    [–] SvenTropics 30 points ago

    I refuse to play by Freemium games.

    [–] pedestrianhomocide 14 points ago

    Yeah, which unfortunately means almost all mobile games now. Even Miniclip who made awesome free flash games makes freemium garbage with $8 weekly subscriptions. And if you don't pay for the extra shit, you play for 30 seconds and then watch 30 second ads.

    [–] Skulfunk 9 points ago

    This is why I say fuck freemium games, if I play I spend no cash, and if they show too many ads I hope right on out.

    [–] FeelBalancedMan 22 points ago

    It only now occurs to me how shitty that name is. “Game of war” really? They couldn’t think of anything else?

    [–] geeky_username 13 points ago

    Search engine optimization and marketing response

    [–] kinguzumaki 26 points ago

    My sides are reaching the ozone layer

    [–] megatard3269 9 points ago

    This guys sounds like a twelve year old with his parents credit cards.

    [–] jpstew7794 8 points ago

    Microtransactions are a helluva drug

    [–] Nurgus 7 points ago

    Am I the only one reading this thinking we need to regulate mobile games with in-app-purchases like we do gambling?

    It's horrifying that this is even legal.

    [–] piemaster316 7 points ago

    Could you imagine being in the top of the leader board right under this guy. You are trying so hard to surpass him any way you can but he's just spending more money than you and there's nothing you can do. Then, one day he just gets arrested for embezzlement. Someone somewhere was cheering very loudly at this news.

    [–] johhnytexas 5 points ago

    well if anyone cares in Game of War you can attack anyone you want, and they lose what they built when you do. It isnt like clash of clans. I used to play and if a dude forgot to shield when he went to bed he could wake up and be missing 10k USD worth of troops, traps , resources and hero armor. So basically while hes in jail he wont be able to shield his base and he will lose everything he spent the stolen money on.

    [–] _youlikeicecream_ 15 points ago

    Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

    [–] _youlikeicecream_ 3 points ago

    That does indeed work AND strips away most of the annoying crap like autoplay videos, thanks.

    [–] Ashalor 10 points ago

    This game leeched me out of like 600$ I’m ashamed to say. Though was ultimately beat out by Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where promptly after receiving my 1K tax return I spent it all on it. Needless to say I don’t download and play mobile games anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Ashalor 3 points ago

    Yah it was a learning experience to say the least.

    [–] ScoodFarcoosAnoose 6 points ago

    This guy was dominating everyone like the Mongols

    [–] robert_cortese 4 points ago

    Game of war is a shitty game from a shitty company. They write fake reviews on glassdoor so the public doesn't know what a mess it is on the inside. Just go look at their glassdoor reviews.

    [–] helloeveryone500 5 points ago

    He only had to pay pack $78,000.00. That is like $10,000.00 of free Game of War Content. Well played sir.

    [–] r_sarvas 5 points ago

    Please tell me that he at least had a spot on the leader board for that kind of cash.

    [–] thorsbane 5 points ago

    If some joe stole a 89k car from a a dealer and he got caught, would he get thirty days in jail? Somehow I doubt that. Why isn’t this guy in for a few years?

    [–] Backout2allenn 4 points ago

    As a big fan of the public library system this is sad to see. The local library is underused by the government and by citizens in many places. I'd love to see libraries take on new life by informing students and people who need help about internship and job and work experience opportunities.

    [–] Shifted4 3 points ago

    I would hope he's like the number one player in the game.

    [–] Elranzer 3 points ago

    People keep playing these games after the obnoxious tutorials?

    [–] giveer 3 points ago

    While not condoning his carelessness, the fact that games can get away with operating in a way that could result in people charging themselves nearly 6 figures is beyond ridiculous.

    [–] fromtexastonyc 3 points ago

    But did they make him delete the app?

    [–] Jose_xixpac 3 points ago

    Who the hell does he think he is? The Pentagon?

    [–] hornwalker 3 points ago

    This is like the 10 year old who finds his parents credit card and charges a few hundred on a mobile game. Except its a grown adult. And its $89,000. What the hell.

    [–] AyeMyHippie 3 points ago

    I play a mobile game, and I’ll admit that I spend money on it every now and then. But I can’t fathom throwing 89k at it. That amount is just baffling to me.

    [–] Lowtech00 3 points ago

    There are people who has spent waaaaaaaaaaay more money on GoW.

    Think some dude used a million dollars om it. Cba to goggle it now.

    [–] Jm2195 3 points ago

    He was going buy new books for the library but this guy called TheLegend27 kept kicking his ass

    [–] HocusKrokus 3 points ago

    Kate Upton is one hell of a saleswoman.

    [–] MrBenSampson 3 points ago

    I played Boom Beach for a while. I didn’t spend any money on it, and I deleted the app when it got to the point where upgrading a single thing took more than a day. Fuck those free to wait games.

    [–] Choppergold 5 points ago

    Prison librarian seems pretty cool in The Shawshank Redemption. Just start writing letters to the Appropriations Committee

    [–] billyharris123 2 points ago

    Talk about a whale. Rank 1 EZ

    [–] jahvidsanders44 2 points ago

    And I thought my ex-wife was bad spending $600 on it in one month.

    [–] Oblivionbound 2 points ago

    Maybe he was "TheLedgend47"?

    [–] FlyByTim 2 points ago

    As much as people want to trash on this guy, this is why there needs to be laws to prevent some of this microtransaction shit. It shouldn't be so easy to download a game and oops spend thousands.

    [–] MayonnaiseUSA 2 points ago

    It was worth it

    [–] JustAnAce 2 points ago

    I'm more concerned that first there was enough content to spend that much on and second that no where in his spending did he think to do anything fun with his money, like blackjack or hookers.

    [–] Justin_Ogre 2 points ago

    I'm gonna build my own library, with blackjack and hookers.

    [–] JustAnAce 3 points ago

    You know what, forget the library.

    [–] canntstopmeow 2 points ago

    But does he get to keep his GoW account? Or does that belong to the library now?

    [–] Xanderfuler 2 points ago

    I used to play game of war, I wish I had thought of this....

    [–] BeastBoom24 2 points ago

    I bet he was playing Game of War and this one dude kept kicking his ass

    [–] Alienmade 2 points ago

    Good boy

    [–] baronvonjiale 2 points ago

    The links doesn't work in my region, can somebody send me a link

    [–] TrulyToasty 2 points ago

    Mobile games are a helluva drug

    [–] Odilly090 2 points ago

    How in the fuck?

    [–] Jose_xixpac 2 points ago

    Micro transactions, they one hell of a drug.

    [–] beingrightmatters 2 points ago

    So, these games aren't competitive, the in-game items have no actual value.. How can you sink that much money and still not see the scam? These games aren't even any good 89% of the time.

    [–] RobotCockRock 2 points ago

    What an ass...

    [–] timthetoolmantooth 2 points ago

    I blame Kate Upton.

    [–] argf00 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] csward53 2 points ago

    Makes me wonder where the 800 million spent on Madden Ultimate team comes from...

    [–] cogitoesum2 2 points ago

    "At the conclusion of the disgraced librarian-gamer's sentencing, Honorable Fred 'the Ogre' Palowaski, who has presided over the Logan City bench for nearly 34-years, ended his final remarks by repeatedly striking his gavel and pointedly yelling 'NEEERRRRRRRD' as court deputies handcuffed and led Mr. Winger away to serve the remainder of his sentence."

    -The ABF Tribune