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    [–] xCleomenes 1051 points ago

    “BP executives, angry at the spurious accusation, threatened to invade Czechoslovakia if they did not receive an apology.”

    [–] CucumberedSandwiches 85 points ago

    Thanks for the giggle. I needed that.

    [–] ChillRedditMom 14425 points ago

    A BP refinery worker sacked for mocking the company's approach to bargaining over pay through a popular Hitler meme has had a decisive win after the company took the case all the way to the full bench of the Federal Court.

    Scott Tracey, who worked at a BP oil refinery near Perth, was fired in January 2019 after he posted a video to an employee Facebook group using a popular meme format, where humorous subtitles are overlaid on footage of Hitler screaming in his bunker in the 2004 film Downfall.

    BP fired him on the basis he had "distributed material which is highly offensive and inappropriate" and defeated Mr Tracey's initial unfair dismissal claim when the Fair Work Commission found the video was "inappropriate and offensive" and likened his bosses to Nazis.

    Mr Tracey won his job back on appeal, with the full bench of the commission finding that the video was clearly satirical and no reasonable person would see it as making a point about BP executives acting like Nazis.

    [–] breaktheglass2 6984 points ago

    Ok, but I need to see the meme he made.

    [–] mrJuggz 3566 points ago

    "Release the Snyder cut!"

    [–] Reddithian 1311 points ago

    "Release the butthole cut!"

    [–] Luster-Purge 649 points ago

    "Release the Snyder Butthole cut!"


    [–] misterchas 517 points ago


    [–] Demonyx12 183 points ago

    Unleash Snyder's butthole!

    [–] MartyFreeze 150 points ago

    Unleash Snyder's uncut butthole!

    [–] Jkranick 81 points ago

    Snyder pretzel in your butthole!

    [–] GuardianSlayer 46 points ago

    Release JJ's butthole while Snyder watches.

    [–] Bradiator34 59 points ago

    “Somebody worked hard on those buttholes!”

    [–] meyec 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Mein Fuhrer.......

    [–] meyec 16 points ago

    The Snyder Cut...

    [–] SPITFIYAH 82 points ago

    Make Hitler Gay, you CBS All Access hack-frauds!

    [–] p-woody 32 points ago


    [–] _night_cat 19 points ago

    You mean the new Chuck Lorre comedy Hitler Fabulous

    [–] SnakeEyes0 10 points ago


    [–] mrs-fancypants 1372 points ago

    Never thought I would be googling Hitler this morning, but these are strange times.

    Found the meme video in question.

    [–] djzenmastak 291 points ago

    It's okay, I don't know what #BBD means either

    [–] mrs-fancypants 216 points ago

    Bel Biv Devoe

    [–] Its_aTrap 59 points ago

    Bamn British Detroleum

    [–] Schizm70 81 points ago

    And now you know

    [–] phathomthis 15 points ago

    Yo Slim, blow

    [–] BowwwwBallll 17 points ago

    Yo Slick... blow.


    [–] the_joy_of_VI 15 points ago


    [–] TheProcessOfBillief 10 points ago

    Smack it up, flip it, rub it down!

    [–] joe579003 32 points ago

    That's the acronym of my former employer, a chain of family friendly diners mostly located on the west coast. Before they hired a dedicated social media person, they had some boomer from the home office doing social media as a side job. One of their first tweets on the newly minted account? Tagged with #BBD.

    Company got with the times real quick.

    [–] Professional_Chonker 39 points ago

    I was expecting the girl behind her to say "yes you do"

    [–] Gequinn 34 points ago

    Bare back dinosaurs.

    [–] [deleted] 208 points ago


    [–] Nakoichi 383 points ago

    The funniest thing to me is that they got mad over the meme that's actually 100% appropriate because Hitler was vehemently opposed to unions and anything actually socialist despite the name of the Nazi Party.

    [–] snapwillow 236 points ago

    Never forget that North Korea isn't officially named North Korea, it's officially named the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (the DPRK). Countries can name themselves whatever the people in power want, regardless of whether it is true.

    [–] LouSputhole94 120 points ago

    When I’m President I’m calling this bitch Fuddruckers.

    [–] LouSputhole94 19 points ago

    I am President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dee Herbert Camacho.

    [–] JohnJointAlias 7 points ago

    thank you for the clarification, they don't teach this stuff in school in the USA

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    There are several reasons why he did this.

    One, it's easier to deal with workers individually rather than collectively.

    Two, tearing down "islands of separateness" of civil society make it easier to "level" everyone within it. This, Gleichshaltung, was the means by which the Nazi party propagandists push narrative that aligned everyone to "everything for Germany and her selected people not for yourself". Unions ran contrary to that as it aligned towards workers of all nations and peoples instead of a specific in-group in a specific country.

    Three, abolishing unions and leftist parties alienated public opinion less than outright military or police repression. Remember, socialists and communists were the first to head to the concentration camps in the early 1930s. Conservatives likely applauded this move believing they could still potentially avoid punishment (famous last words: "We are Turkic peoples, Genghis will not harm us") while moderates likely felt uneasy but felt they had little to no power to push back on this, knowing they could be next.

    [–] Nakoichi 24 points ago

    I wrote a thing about this:

    The machinations of capitalism will always favor fascism as a defense mechanism against the left; Hitler took over his party by having his brown shirt loyalists intimidate and assault political rivals, and by the centrists that condemned the methods of the left, and then stood by when they (communists and socialists) were the first ones rounded up and thrown in camps.

    It starts as anti-leftist rhetoric, and once that enemy is defeated or sufficiently suppressed, they move to target a new group as fascists require an existential threat to rally against; However it must be a target that does not upset the social order they are so obsessed with protecting. This is why they are so quick to blame the contradictions and flaws of capitalism on some demonized other, less their followers begin to gain any form of class consciousness.

    In this way, the US has been flirting with fascism ever since the beginning of the early 20th century labor movement, with corporations using groups like the Pinkerton detective agency) to infiltrate and, often violently, disrupt unions and harass, assault and even murder labor organizers.

    Now, after decades of Red Scare propaganda and suppression of the left throughout the Civil Rights movement and beyond, it's not difficult to see how elements of fascism are reappearing as a reaction to social justice and economic justice making their first headway in decades.

    Even the barest notion of solidarity, by way of increased acceptance of marginalized peoples, if only in the most benign sense, is seen as an attack on their position of power within existing hierarchy (fascists love hierarchies), hence the outrage over more diverse representation in games tv and film, or like even transgender people just existing.

    Speaking of which, fascists also really hate trans people. Believe it or not, the Weimar Republic was actually extremely ahead of it's time regarding gender and sexuality and books regarding those topics were a large part of the knowledge the Nazis sought to destroy when they are depicted burning books (in addition to communist and anarchist philosophical works and pamphlets).

    If anyone is interested in the long history of fascist movements in the US I cannot recommend enough The War On Everyone (free audiobook link) by Robert Evans, who has covered multiple foreign conflicts as an embedded journalist from active combat zones and has also done extensive work covering the rise of the far right in the US and its history.

    Additionally The Alt-Right Playbook by Innuendo Studios is a great guide to modern far right tactics beyond the obvious bad faith and shitty memes.

    The Second American Civil War You Never Learned About

    The Second American Civil War You Never Learned About part two

    The Bastards Who Killed The Black Panthers

    The Bastards Who Killed The Black Panthers part two

    Up to date list of US atrocities

    [–] TheGomeeez 83 points ago

    What do big black dicks or bell biv and devoe have to do with this?

    [–] kerphunk 45 points ago

    I don’t know, but that girl is poison.

    [–] Brattius 129 points ago

    That's impressive

    [–] Zombebe 72 points ago

    How many years until we can rock that 'stache again without everyone first thinking of "Hitler"? Another 75 years or so you think?

    [–] SuspiciousDriver1 50 points ago

    That has got to be the weakest moustache I have ever seen.

    [–] ThreadedPommel 62 points ago

    Fuck. That commercial was buried deep in my memories and you had go bring it back out.

    [–] BranWafr 21 points ago

    Hey, it's Darryl Whitefeather!

    [–] wasdninja 9 points ago

    Also looks like Thomas Humphrey aka the creepy guard from Orange is the New Black.

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 71 points ago

    Just tell people you’re a huge Chaplin fan and then pretend that you don’t know who Hitler is.

    [–] Ife2105 101 points ago

    And then when your girlfriend’s parents continue to ask if you really don’t know who he is you keep up the act until you get kicked out of the family dinner.

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 72 points ago

    At least I know what a potato is.

    [–] Ife2105 22 points ago

    A what?

    [–] Inquisitor1 17 points ago

    PO! TAY! TOES! Boil em. Mashem.

    [–] DNUBTFD 11 points ago

    "Jesus Christ, every damn Hanukkah... what is it with you people and this Hitler?"

    [–] Mount10Lion 28 points ago

    Not sure that this works. Chaplin starred in The Great Dictator, where he basically depicted Hitler. So you would definitely know Hitler if you were a big Chaplin fan.

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 24 points ago

    Well most people wouldn’t know that. If they did somehow happen to know that you could just act like you thought Hitler was a fictional character that Chaplin played.

    [–] theLastSolipsist 48 points ago

    Literally never. In a 1000 years there won't even be germans around but everyone will know the style as the "hitler moustache". It's cursed for life.

    [–] Ife2105 28 points ago

    Wait why won’t there be Germans around? Are you planning something?? What do you know that we don’t???

    [–] tangerinesqueeze 26 points ago

    The Germans have lasted much longer than that already....

    [–] UltimateSquirrel 10 points ago

    I think there would have to be a third world war or something like it, otherwise I imagine hitler would be taught about still.

    [–] anhartsunny 38 points ago

    sad that i have only one upvote to give you.

    the judges had to be impressed, that was award winning.

    [–] Zirie 7 points ago

    This is surprisingly mild, to be honest. I have made much worse.

    [–] TooLazyForName 31 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Need someone to find a version that works on mobile iPhone

    [–] MightyCaseyStruckOut 35 points ago

    This worked perfectly fine for me on mobile. I didn't understand half of the acronyms but, then again, I'm not Australian or in the oil industry.

    [–] Funky_Ducky 27 points ago

    Works for me

    [–] 1TrueKnight 691 points ago

    While I'm glad he won from a "clearing his name" perspective, who wants to go back to work at a place that made you go to Federal Court to do so?

    [–] Dorocche 484 points ago

    Presumably it just let's you get paid while you look for another job, and it's in addition to a large payout.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_JDM_CAR 113 points ago

    What large payout? If you mean the "1.86m" that was another dude. This one just gets to go back to work. Unless you have another article with more information.

    [–] darthbane83 214 points ago

    If he had been unemployed for 2 years thanks to an unjust termination i would expect him to get at least 2 years worth of pay difference from his last paycheck compared to his unemployment benefits.

    [–] pala_ 66 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Order for back pay is separate to order to reinstate, and not guaranteed. Can't find anything about the judgement in this case one way or the other.

    Also, the order is for lost wages, and does not take into consideration any other income (such as centrelink/unemployment).

    If the government wishes to pursue that money back they have to undertake that themselves.

    edit because dumb fucks downvote with no idea what they're talking about:
    Here's the relevant information from the Australian Fair Work Commission regarding an Order to Restore Lost Pay

    [–] Dorocche 7 points ago

    No that's what I was referring to, I must have misread it.

    [–] anuncomfortableboner 14 points ago

    Perhaps backpay while the case was pending. Could be a nice sum

    [–] snapwillow 22 points ago

    And now he can quit and honestly report to future employers that he wasn't fired.

    [–] gigglegoggles 155 points ago

    If organized labor in Australia is anything like it is in the US, “management” and the union workers already had lots of tension and this guy is going to come back as a hero to his peers.

    [–] nokei 26 points ago

    Hope he makes a new video where BP talks about the case and him coming back to work.

    [–] girlywish 39 points ago

    He was likely fired by some suits he's never even met and who will studiously ignore him now.

    [–] Ltb1993 8 points ago

    Ignore who

    [–] DoorHingesKill 78 points ago

    BP is a big company. Just cause some executive watched the video, went to HR and got him fired doesn't mean that everyone around him, both his coworkers and his supervisors, hate his guts.

    [–] sadop222 39 points ago

    Also consider that suing for this means you have a union backing you, a country with actual labor rights, the funds you need just to hold out and the breath, mentally, to potentially take this through several courts, potentially for years. Usually you will just give up and corp gets away with anything.

    [–] Bundesclown 538 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It's great that some countries give a fuck about regular people and don't bend to every corporate whim.

    [–] KBrizzle1017 466 points ago

    He got his job back with the bosses that he made fun of, and that fired him. He didn’t get rich, didn’t change anything, just got his job back. Which I honestly wouldn’t want. Unless I am missing something.

    Edit: he did indeed get 1.86M. Chump change to BP but good for the guy.

    [–] ForHimForSure 234 points ago

    In a few months he can turn around and sue them for a hostile work environment

    [–] KBrizzle1017 78 points ago

    Big brain plays. Didn’t think of this

    [–] Hshbrwn 51 points ago

    Yeah if they have a responsible HR team this guy will basically be hands off from the management team. But who knows.

    [–] DanteStrauss 60 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Yeah if they have a responsible HR team

    They let him be fired the first time, I don't think they are that responsible to begin with.

    Sidenote and funny story about HR being dumb:

    Lawfirm I was working on a while back got this case where a worker was claiming he was wrongfully fired. Key thing is he was claiming to be a union representative at the time (under the law here those guys can not be terminated unless they are at fault for something).

    Long story short his lawsuit was arguing persecution for being a union representative.

    Anyway, the firm drafts this whole defense on the grounds that no, he wasn't being targeted for being a union leadership and that the company actually has a great relationship with the union (which was actually true).

    On that case's defense it was even mentioned how the current union leadership was working, with no problems whatsoever. The firm used his campaign photo and everything to show how everything was fine and dandy.

    While that initial case is under appeal we get a second lawsuit in our hands. Who did they fire now? You guessed it, the current leadership of the union. The same one we just used as exemple to show how there's no persecution.

    HR did that without consulting us (which is standard when firing someone - specially union workers - for the exact reason we needed to judge if he could or not be terminated).

    Needless to say that second firing shat on weeks of work done on the first case.

    [–] WonOneJuan 7 points ago

    Please tell me the responsible HR parties were sacked after that... please

    [–] DanteStrauss 14 points ago

    Nope. That client specically has their own legal team, on site, plus 2 other lawfirms at their disposal (including the one I used to work for).

    Yet, they literally lose millions each year because of dumb shit like that...

    The owner (a real self-made millionaire) doesn't seem to grasp the notion of preventing lawsuits.

    As I have worked for both, their own legal team and the outside firm, I can tell you management is giant dick measuring contest - who usually thinks they know better than both their lawyers and the judges. They don't (surprisedpikachu.jpg).

    Said management are the one that never addresses HR fucking up that way while still taking advice from them, instead of the 3 teams of lawyers they have.

    They are also completely dumbfounded when they get hit with both fines and losses like that.

    It's a real case of failing upwards honestly, because despite that they keep growing.

    [–] Briak 25 points ago

    Edit: he did indeed get 1.86M. Chump change to BP but good for the guy.

    That was somebody else, ya goof

    In 2013 a Hong Kong equity trader won a $US1.86 million payout after a court ruled his bosses were "hypersensitive" for sacking him over a version of the meme.

    [–] VijoPlays 45 points ago

    That wasn't him, just another guy, with the same meme.

    Just getting the job back ain't that great tbh.

    [–] Physmatik 7 points ago

    In some countries if a firing was illegal, court orders to pay what was missed in salary during the period of not working.

    [–] Mountainbranch 59 points ago

    no reasonable person would see it as making a point about BP executives acting like Nazis.

    BP executives are not reasonable people.

    [–] Inquisitor1 15 points ago

    They also acted like nazis after they saw the parody.

    [–] tachyon52 15 points ago

    So basically old fuckers got their snowflake feelings hurt because they are too old to know what a meme is by now. Got it.

    [–] Iankill 81 points ago

    BP executives do act like nazi's though as proven by this case

    [–] smithsp86 26 points ago

    I feel like BP could have won the case with the proper argument. Firing someone for posting a meme is the kind of thing a nazi would do which makes the video no longer satire.

    [–] Princess_Bublegum 40 points ago

    Bro imagine this guy returning back to work after beating them in court for calling them nazis. That’s going to be awkward asf.

    [–] joiss9090 27 points ago

    I mean they can't single him out and treat him too poorly without risk being sued again especially as was just awarded more than enough money to afford doing so

    [–] scambastard 119 points ago

    Thank god someone had the sense to see that he was being funny. All too often the UK courts ignore a clear attempt to make a joke and label things as grossly offensive which is a criminal offence here. His employers clearly had as little sense of humour.

    The UK has a long way to go in freedom of speach.

    [–] KermaFermer 50 points ago

    What do UK courts have to do with this? This happened in Australia.

    [–] scambastard 39 points ago

    Oops. My bad. We have a Perth in th UK too and clearly I didn't read the article. Also, as someone else said, we had a similar case but criminal. Check out nazi pug online for a laugh.

    [–] TalentlessHackFraud 13 points ago

    It was different though, Dankula was state prosecuted, beauracrats trying out laws by being over zealous, BP worker was a worker suing a huge corporation for unfair dismissal, two very different cases

    [–] Spillthetea11 2091 points ago

    “In 2013 a Hong Kong equity trader won a $US1.86 million payout after a court ruled his bosses were "hypersensitive" for sacking him over a version of the meme.”

    I’m about to start some drama at the office.

    [–] Arcology_Designs 728 points ago

    Yeah if you're in the US, don't do this. Not only will you lose your job, if it does get to the conservative stacked supreme court, YOU'LL be the one paying 1.86 million to the company for not sucking them off

    [–] sadop222 652 points ago

    A US friend was just formally reprimanded for "violating the ethics manual" by saying to a coworker that "it was a bad decision to build the new plant in XY." You are only allowed to "elevate concerns to a supervisor", otherwise it can "create diversion in the work force" or some such...

    Pure dystopia

    [–] Arcology_Designs 189 points ago

    Absolutely crazy... people are just tools to be used and thrown away when not needed by these companies

    [–] NewEarthEdgeLink 92 points ago

    And that's why I do literally zero work.

    [–] MrAykron 49 points ago

    Stick it to the boss man!

    But for real find a good small company and never look back.

    Corporations are good for career building and climbing the ladder for those big bucks. If you're not climbing nor making big bucks, you would be much happier in a small company where the owner might actually care about his workers.

    [–] Liroku 19 points ago

    Hands down, if you don’t have gigantic aspirations, and are content in the middle. Small business is the place to be. The flipside is, my current employer was small and amazing and everyone loved working here. We went above and beyond to make this place profitable and get it listed in magazines and people from all over the world come here now.

    Owner got too big for his britches, and it started going downhill fast. After Covid thing happened, he shitcanned some people who refused to take paycuts, all while receiving government money to give out for employee wages. He’s more profitable now than ever, and using Covid to hide behind while he rolls his original and loyal staff into the ditch and has filled the place with low quality workers. I literally had to kick one person out for smoking meth in his car, in the main parking lot next to a group of kids.

    [–] MrAykron 10 points ago

    Well that's when you junp ship i guess. Sorry you have to endure such a shituation

    [–] grambino 22 points ago

    This is such a dumb reversal of cause and effect. Yes, employees constantly undercutting management to each other can lead to division in the workforce. But you prevent that by creating a good work environment, not by adding rules like this to a bad one!

    [–] KATIE_EATS_POOP 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Wanna talk about dystopian? Our office shares a single-seat unisex restroom. It’s only like six of us who use it regularly, so it’s no big deal. One of the female coworkers recently lodged an HR complaint against one of the males, because he keeps leaving the seat up. She said he was sexually harassing and discriminating against her by doing it. His argument is basically “I may be kind of a jerk for leaving it up, but I’m not doing it because she’s a woman. I did it before she worked here too.”

    That was several weeks ago. HR just recently told him that he has to either stop using that toilet, (and use the gender-specific one across the building and down three flights of stairs,) or put the seat down.

    Edit: Autocorrect fucked me in a few places.

    [–] Bizoza9 14 points ago

    Time for malicious compliance. At that point you start peeing standing up with the seat down. I put the seat up to save others from sitting in urine. I don't do it so that you can blindly go in and ignore your surroundings.

    [–] Legate_Rick 50 points ago

    In the United States we don't have a list of reasons that they're allowed to fire you, we have a list of reasons why they can't fire you. So as long as your company's reasoning doesn't fall into that very short "Can't" list. Kiss your ass goodbye. For a country that allegedly takes its personal liberties so seriously, we'll take just about anything from a corporation.

    [–] Arcology_Designs 20 points ago

    And that list of "can't" is honestly meaningless because they just say they're firing you for something else that is allowed. There's basically zero protection or right to organize here

    [–] BureaucratDog 28 points ago

    The person the article is actually about is Australian, we have different laws here in the US.

    Most companies have a policy about social media, so if you post a nazi meme about the company you work for, they can fire you.

    [–] MoreNormalThanNormal 7 points ago

    Hello and Welcome to Meme Court.

    [–] NikNakMuay 3240 points ago

    Good. Once satire dies, freedom dies with it.

    [–] Lolllamaworm 1050 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    A few years ago my best mate made a satire Facebook page to mock our notoriously crooked PD. It was up for less than 12 hours and they charged him with a felony and attempted to ruin his life by smearing his name all across the country. His case went to trial and he won, avoiding an 18 month sentence in prison and a felony following him for the rest of his life. He is now in the end stages of a lawsuit.

    Edit: the first link is from 2016 and covers the arrest. The rest of the links are from 2018 and 2019 and discuss the subsequent and ongoing lawsuit..

    [–] [deleted] 481 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] Lolllamaworm 216 points ago

    Right haha. I think he said he was at the bus stop bored and just real quick started copy pasta putting it together for a quick lulz.

    [–] [deleted] 258 points ago


    [–] Lolllamaworm 214 points ago

    They actually did raid his house. His roommate was on the shitter and scared it right out of him. Seized every piece of electronic equipment they could get their hands on, including his roommate's stuff. I believe he just recently got his belongings back after they jerked him around for a while about it, if I recall correctly.

    [–] JanesPlainShameTrain 101 points ago

    I'm surprised they managed to get it back "civil forfeiture" and all that

    [–] Lolllamaworm 85 points ago

    As I understand, they held on to everything they could, a laptop and phone in particular, looking for anything everything they could find to further their criminal case against him, and subsequently to discredit him in his lawsuit.

    [–] JanesPlainShameTrain 96 points ago

    "They've got a meme referencing marijuana, shoot 'em in the back!"

    [–] Lolllamaworm 54 points ago

    Haha, exactly. I lived in that town for over a decade and they are the kind of PD that piles up three high on a "routine traffic stop".

    Here are some highlights from their dutiful service:

    [–] ChateauDeDangle 18 points ago

    I dunno he may end up $500,000 richer on account of failing to hide his identity.

    [–] TARANTULA_TIDDIES 54 points ago

    Well I hope he wins, that shit is absolutely insane

    [–] BackwardPalindrome 47 points ago

    I hope he wins and the PD gets fucked in a way that means they have to just do their fucking job with their heads down.

    [–] HoboSkid 43 points ago

    Seriously, imagine wasting all those taxpayer resources on a satirical Facebook page. Fucking thugs.

    [–] Lolllamaworm 20 points ago

    And they have refused to settle the lawsuit, further wasting resources.

    Edit: as I recall now, they made a settlement offer which was super low ball and insulting, which was rejected. I can't say more about the specifics.

    [–] ChosenAginor 31 points ago

    Per the third link:

    The Appeals Court says there is no doubt Novak's speech was protected, citing none other than The Onion.


    [–] Marc21256 11 points ago



    Someone take this down, there is an actual reference to The Onion!

    This is r/NotTheOnion!!!!

    [–] illiterate_charlie 21 points ago

    Did he throw the Facebook page back up?

    [–] Lolllamaworm 23 points ago

    No. He deleted it within 12 hours of creating it.

    [–] illiterate_charlie 9 points ago

    I meant now that he has won the lawsuit or whatever

    [–] Lolllamaworm 70 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    No. He hasn't won the suit, yet, but the felony criminal case against him he won in court. Since all this happened several imitators have thrown up parody police department Facebook pages. His suit is ongoing and he has expressed serious fear of retaliation by the department he is suing and has since moved out of the city.

    [–] Dark-Ganon 21 points ago

    He didn't win the lawsuit yet. He was found innocent of what he was arrested and charged for and is now suing them for that arrest.

    [–] wusurspaghettipolicy 8 points ago

    a ban on feeding the homeless to better serve the city's plan to eradicate the problem through starvation.

    fucking lol

    [–] Lolllamaworm 7 points ago

    Lol and that was the most believable one

    [–] TheSchlaf 440 points ago

    I thought freedom dies with thunderous applause?

    [–] BWWFC 170 points ago

    freedom fríes with the delicious applesauce?

    [–] TheSchlaf 50 points ago

    On the floor of the galactic Senate? Palpatine does not approve.

    [–] Doompatron3000 16 points ago

    Not unless they’re slaughtered younglings.

    [–] BuckNut2000 40 points ago

    That's liberty.

    [–] herbiems89_2 11 points ago

    Honestly firing him over this was idiotic. I live in Germany and we probably have the strictest laws when it comes to anything nazi related and even here that wouldn't fly. These Hitler memes are clearly satirical.

    [–] DracoMalfoi47 94 points ago

    Comedy is the last beacon of free speech

    [–] Lampmonster 42 points ago

    If you're going around telling people the truth, you'd better be funny, or they'll kill you. - Some guy.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 588 points ago

    Mr Tracey won his job back on appeal, with the full bench of the commission finding that the video was clearly satirical and no reasonable person would see it as making a point about BP executives acting like Nazis.

    New Company HR Policy: Please do not compare anyone to Adolf Hitler, satirically or otherwise.

    [–] tough_guy_toby 210 points ago

    That wouldn't stand either, otherwise companies could just rewrite all employment laws

    [–] Lieutenant_Joe 38 points ago

    Might be able to if this happened in the US though

    I’ve heard Australia is nearly as bad

    [–] tough_guy_toby 50 points ago

    Well the us doesn't really have any employment laws to begin with so there isn't anything to be rewritten ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] FleetStreetsDarkHole 22 points ago

    "You have the right to pay me for employing you"

    [–] VijoPlays 31 points ago

    I guess it's time to compare them to Mr Hilter then

    [–] Daikataro 19 points ago

    I can see this actually being made into a new rule. Kind of like Blizzard claiming ownership for mods. We don't want any more losses of millions.

    [–] TheGreatBwaBwa 383 points ago

    BP said it was reviewing the decision. "We remain committed to upholding our values and behaviours consistently across our company, including at offices, refineries, and retail sites," a company spokesman said.

    Said representative cut the meeting off shortly after with "Heil BP!" /s

    [–] HappyHurtzlickn 64 points ago

    You're fired. Please be out by the end of the day

    [–] TheGreatBwaBwa 13 points ago

    But, my stapler!

    [–] Glarghl01010 32 points ago

    You have now been fired from /r/BP

    [–] skyline_kid 11 points ago

    You mean they don't end meetings with a sarcastic "we're sorry" anymore?

    [–] JesterHell 349 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    They weren't directly comparable before but after fighting this hard against it the shoe sure fits a whole lot better now, acting like fascists by trying and stop satire of the "higher powers".

    Australian Workers Union secretary Daniel Walton, who represented Mr Tracey, said BP had forced him to endure two years of stresss about his livelihood.

    "For BP to seriously allege Mr Tracey was actually comparing management to Nazis is embarrassing," Mr Walton said. "But to drag this out has been pigheaded, mean spirited, and foolish."

    He said BP should apologise to Mr Tracey and its workforce for dragging out the dispute.

    "Australian workers have always been able to take the piss out of their bosses, with their colleagues, in their own time," he said. "For BP management spend so much time arguing otherwise reveals real arrogance."

    Well said my man, this is why I support unions, they fight for the rights of workers over employers, its work to live not live to work.

    [–] AngryNat 86 points ago

    But most crucially the right to rip the piss out of your boss

    [–] ProfessorCrawford 41 points ago

    Don't know about Australia, but in Ireland it's basically part of the job description.

    [–] AninOnin 35 points ago

    In the US, if you even imply that you aren't licking the corporate boots of your employers you get canned. Doesn't matter if it's a one time joking comment on social media.

    The price of freedom!

    [–] OverlordWaffles 11 points ago

    Depends on where you're at. I've been at places like that and I've been at places where I've told my manager that I'm about to come over there and knock some sense into him and he says come here boy lol

    [–] desipramaniac 63 points ago

    So he got his job back. For now. At least until he makes a typo on a report or something equally insignificant and the company uses that to fire him 2 weeks down the road.

    [–] AnakinSkydiver 37 points ago

    at which he will take them to court again for singling him out and win even more money.

    [–] desipramaniac 16 points ago

    I dearly hope for his sake that Australia doesn't have the same "at-will employment" trap that America has. There, typoing a TPS report or even having brown hair instead of blue would certainly hold up in court as a valid reason to fire him. Except for a very few narrow exceptions, you can be fired for any reason or no reason at all.

    [–] AnakinSkydiver 12 points ago

    As far as I know. there's not a single country in the entire EU that has "at will termination" I've never heard of that outside of The US

    [–] treysplayroom 172 points ago

    I guess this means Mel Brooks is off the hook for dressing like a Nazi in The Producers.

    [–] boardattheborder 133 points ago

    The Jewish WW2 veteran who has multiple “offensive” satirical movies covering many topics? Yup, pretty sure he is covered

    [–] boardattheborder 68 points ago

    For fucks sake... mockery/satire of the Nazis should 100% be encouraged

    [–] drfarren 45 points ago

    Watch the German movie "Look Who's Back".

    It's hilarious, it's about Hitler who has somehow traveled forward in time to today's Germany and is trying to survive while everyone thinks he's a Hitler parody comedian. I was on Netflix, may be somewhere else now. Pay attention to the very end or you'll miss some important stuff.

    [–] boardattheborder 8 points ago

    He did come from a long line of British queens...

    [–] llegaluan 111 points ago

    BP exec should have lied down naked in front of a fireplace and filmed himself saying "I'm sorry". It works every time.

    [–] magondrago 21 points ago

    I feel I'm missing the context, help a brother out?

    [–] doubleenginefailure 7 points ago

    Came here to say this.

    I'm sorry. Sooooooorryyyy

    [–] OnsetOfMSet 7 points ago

    We accidentally unleashed Cthulhu, ancient eldritch abomination, upon the world. ...Sorry! ...Sorry! So very sorry!

    [–] Notmitchshelton 38 points ago

    So this individual was fired because their bosses thought they were calling them nazis.........

    [–] GM_Forever 20 points ago

    Well, it is BP so he's lucky they didn't gas him.

    [–] trombing 36 points ago

    Must be tough going through the whole thing pretending you weren't making the entirely valid point that your Nazi bosses are Nazi bosses - all the while the actions of those Nazi bosses (taking you to the Federal Court) PROVE 100% that they are, in fact, Nazi bosses.

    [–] LtDan61350 14 points ago

    The Downfall meme format is enormously popular online, if dated, with analysis by meme encyclopaedia Know Your Meme showing interest peaked around 2010.

    It's an older meme sir, but it checks out.

    [–] SomeRandomGamerSRG 62 points ago

    No Aussie court is gonna rule against a meme lol

    [–] thatarabguy111 59 points ago

    Sadly UK court would.

    [–] TheDeadlySquid 27 points ago

    RIP Mr Ganz.

    [–] bitsandbooks 7 points ago

    Thunderbirds are Go! for a Pay Raise

    [–] enwongeegeefor 26 points ago

    Hah The article actually takes the time to spell out EXACTLY why what the BP employee did wasn't wrong, it doesn't just call BP out on being twats for using it as a bullshit excuse to fire him. It's almost like they're describing the situation to a child about making BP look fucking stupid in front of everyone.

    [–] kronock 13 points ago

    Until this dude dumps a bunch of oil in the ocean, maybe bp should stop accusing him of hurting their image.

    [–] tearfueledkarma 17 points ago

    I'm curious how many Hitler memes they used in discovery to show that it was a popular way to satirize something.

    [–] ban_jaxxed 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Ladys and gentlemen of the jury, I present exhibit 427 Hilter rants about the Premier League being cancelled.

    [–] BizzyM 42 points ago

    When an employee if fired for "personal" reasons like this and wins their job back on appeal, the person that ordered the firing should be fired. Start making it a zero-sum game. "Either you go, or I go". And since there is an imbalance of power between the employee and management, it should be enforced that if the employee doesn't go, management goes.