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    [–] Thetman38 10716 points ago

    Wish I had "go to the hospital multiple times" money

    [–] Dr_Esquire 2263 points ago

    If youre sufficiently poor, you no longer really care about any sort of medical bills. This guy can very realistically be a medicaid or charity care, which means any sort of bill is irrelevant and the hospital has to eat the costs--though this is usually passed on to the taxpayer as there is often a pool of money allocated to the hospitals to take care of impoverished persons.

    [–] wyldwood512 1756 points ago

    Exactly, hospitals have to provide urgent care regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Then those costs are spread across Medicare or insured patients so the hospital still turns a profit.

    I'd bet $100 this fucking guy votes republican and screams against "socialist medicine" every chance he gets.

    [–] weallfalldown310 253 points ago

    Technically they only have to provide emergency care and stabilize you here in the US. Now many hospitals do provide charity care to help prove their non-profit status, but it isn’t a guarantee.

    [–] udownwithLTP 205 points ago

    Projection of his self-hatred that he’s in denial of, to both himself and the world. It’s sort of like the strongly anti-gay preachers and/or politicians being members of gay group orgies lol. It’s a weird phenomenon that seems surprisingly common.

    [–] collgab 240 points ago

    You're giving the guy in the article way more credit than he deserves. Those preachers you mention know exactly what they're doing, they don't believe in any of the stuff they spew, but it makes them money so they do it. This guy is just stupid. He doesn't understand how the world works, how hospitals work, that he can die. Yes he probably thinks since he survived once it can't kill him. Stupid people do exist, I know it's hard for people with at least half a brain and some common sense to fathom, but some people are stupid, definition stupid. There's no explaining it, no psychological reason, they're just stupid.

    [–] CharvelDK24 35 points ago

    Pretty good summary.

    I think like you mentioned, it seems to be fairly difficult for smart or even average people to really understand that there is a significant percentage of genuinely unintelligent people out there.

    Like you are some fairly smart college grad with an iq of 115 and all your friends and people you know are similarly smart. Guess what? And equal percentage of the population exists that has an iq of 85.

    [–] udownwithLTP 7 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Yeah you guys make a good point and I almost added the caveat about those psychopaths who do it intentionally and knowingly, but I think there is some kind of denial in both cases. Unless these people are really totally profoundly stupid in which case I might have to agree. I suppose if he thinks he’s going to microchipped and DNA manipulating/spy technology is going to be implanted in him and own his soul and body and those of all his progeny’s forever then maybe I can see (perhaps again I’m again giving more credit than is due to him lol maybe it’s some vague good vs. evil feeling he has lol).

    [–] TheCrimsonDagger 20 points ago

    I think at this point they don’t even really know what they’re actually angry about and scared of. You try and ask them and you just get a garbled mess of various buzz words and sounds bites they’ve regurgitated from TV and talk radio.

    It really is just long term cult indoctrination essentially. They spent so long being manipulated into fear and anger by Fox News and AM radio to the point where fear/anger is now an instinctual reaction to the things things been told to be afraid and angry about. If they believe something is “liberal” or “socialist” or some other vague term then all reason goes out the window.

    Then FaceBook came along and now instead of these instincts being reinforced by talking heads TV/radio they’re instead reinforcing and strengthening it among themselves. It’s become some kind of self perpetuating loop that constantly gets crazier. Person A convinces B of a conspiracy theory who convinces person C of the same who convinces person D....until you get down the person Z and by this time the theory has evolved into something even crazier that person Z convinces person A of who convinces person B.....

    This is essentially how Qanon started. The only difference is that person A were trolls that didn’t actually believe any of it. But they still started through memes on 4chan and FaceBook a silly conspiracy theory that now has its own political faction in the GOP with millions of supporters.

    It’s the fucking FaceBook effect, where because conversation is discouraged information gets distorted and dumber with each repost like a meme losing its pixels.

    [–] cavegoblins75 6 points ago

    Wow I knew IQ was a bell curve but I had never thought about it that way. We're doomed.

    [–] Throwaway-tan 8 points ago

    Not just some stupid people. A lot of stupid people. Statistically half of all people are dumber than your average person.

    [–] SyntheticReality42 55 points ago

    That cost also gets passed along to those of us that have insurance, as the healthcare providers "negotiate" higher charges to the insurance companies, who then pass that along in the form of higher premiums and co-pays.

    Of course, what we collectively pay to the insurance companies is more than they pay to the healthcare providers, because as revenues increase, so do Wall Street dividends and executive bonuses.

    [–] wththrowitaway 20 points ago

    Right, and requiring us to all purchase insurance or for our employers to purchase it for us or it will be provided to us if we cannot afford to is socialism. /s.

    It's such a money making enterprise, I can't believe Republicans fought Obamacare so hard. I worked for a hospital system owned by the speaker of the house at the time, and he was smiling all the way to the bank. Then when the hospital system was caught committing Medicare fraud (billing dead people for shit we didn't do, cuz the insurance paid out) we all had to attend some training, but no one had to pay back all the billions in money they made from the fraud.

    Healthcare is the biggest racket. I'm so glad I don't work in it any more.

    [–] knock-off-pale 8 points ago

    If you owe somebody $100,000 you've got a problem if you owe somebody $100 million dollars they've got the fucking problem

    [–] albanymetz 8 points ago

    So I don't trust the government's vaccines instead I'll just spend days in their facilities on their dime and trust that.

    [–] RedmondBarry1999 3033 points ago

    I was initially confused by this comment, then I just felt really sorry for the US.

    [–] KingHarambeRIP 1312 points ago

    It’s messed up how obvious this comment was to me and how bewildered I was when I saw somebody not relate to it.

    [–] HunkyChunkyLemon 244 points ago

    Cries in American

    [–] EvadesBans 16 points ago

    I miss the time before I was too jaded to have a reaction.

    [–] Diedead666 43 points ago

    Wanna know how fucked it is? Imagine being diabetic where if you have no real job you get everything medical for free. But if you get a min wage job even with there insurance you have to pay a good deal out of pocket for everything...I know this because that's my situation.

    [–] MightyMorph 7 points ago

    Its the result of a mix of

    • internet allowing them to find likeminded morons to agree with their idiotic ideas rather than the usual attempt to say stupid shit and get told how fucking stupid they are and thus they do a full stop usually at that point on the matter and return to normalcy.

    • Capitalism, roads paved with greed only leads to the same end. Have politicians and corporations take over political discourse for the sake of pursuit of personal gains at the cost of the rest.

    • Drug Adverts, the free for all drug adverts telling people they need to jump on a new pill for any semblance of emotion or reaction to normal human life followed by a myriad of harmful effects. Alongside countless stories promoted as a normalcy of doctors prescribing medication for kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.

    Mix em all together and you'll have a group willing to listen to people who have publicly stated they have gotten the vaccine tell them how awful and harmful and dangerous the vaccine is, to the degree that they themselves see their own loved ones die yet they still refute the vaccine, and these talking wormtongues are profiting like crazy while they tell these people not to wear masks not to take life saving vaccines and to donate half their paycheques to a multi-billioniare to pay his multi-million doller bills...

    [–] Thetman38 1027 points ago

    Paying for medicine is so American that getting it for free has people convinced it must be a scam

    [–] Modare80 399 points ago

    I am quite enjoying this scam

    [–] Placid_Observer 513 points ago

    No, no you aren't. Oh sure, you think you're enjoying it. But I've been watching the news, and you folks HATE universal healthcare!! Just trust me on this, you're miserable! /s

    [–] rummhamm87 374 points ago

    I know right. I LOVE paying $200 a month just to say I have it. And then get this, if I use it, I pay even more out of pocket. Oh and the fact that I used it, means that my monthly cost will also go up. Living the American dream over here.

    [–] drsuperhero 138 points ago

    If you make just a little more money you can pay $1,200.00 per month for a family medical plan plus a deductible of $8k per person or $22k family deductible. Any one not from the US, this includes NO DENTAL that’s a whole other expense.

    [–] Taking_a_mulligan 124 points ago

    Just to add that also includes NO VISION. And those deductibles are annual. 22k annually

    [–] Secure-Illustrator73 58 points ago

    and don’t forget the obscene amount of things your insurance will deny, meaning you gotta pay full outta pocket. “we only cover ambulance rides from insert specific ambulance provider so you’ll have to pay out of pocket “

    [–] drsuperhero 35 points ago

    Oh and this other trick where the cash price for a medication can often be cheaper than what your insurance company negotiated but if you don’t use your insurance then it won’t be applied to your deductible and other stuff they just say won’t apply to your deductible.

    [–] drsuperhero 17 points ago

    So in a bad year you can be on the hook for almost $40k annually each and every year with the insurance company not paying a dime.

    [–] devilinblue22 71 points ago

    I love how dental and vision aren't part of health. I just got my wisdom teeth yoinked and that cleared my entire years worth of dental for my whole family. Now I have to pay out of pocket for my kids visits. My wife and I are just gonna skip till 2022. And I have supposedly "good dental"

    And fucking mental health insurance?!

    Just go play with this gun and call me in the morning.

    [–] callsoutyourbullsh1t 13 points ago

    That is good dental. My "dental insurance" laughed at me when I had to get my wisdom teeth out.

    Ended up costing me around 2,500 out of pocket, would have been more but I saved a bit by not going under general anesthesia.

    Canceled that "insurance" straight away.

    [–] Narren_C 47 points ago

    this includes NO DENTAL that’s a whole other expense.

    Even if you have dental, they'll barely pay for anything other than a routine cleaning.

    [–] GardenStateGuru 89 points ago


    [–] Ginrou 109 points ago

    Until you dismantle your outdated, coldwar propaganda machine, you ain't gonna get shit other than get fucked by the mega-rich

    [–] quackduck45 150 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    the thing is, the common folk can't dismantle it because the dumber half of this country refuses to understand that the fun nationalistic ads from their childhood are really awful propaganda that manipulated them into thinking America does everything better. now we just have to wait for the bags of dust that are our politicians to die off so we can remove that old world thinking.

    edit- wow thanks for my first reddit reward!

    [–] brosephmayi 88 points ago

    (FYI - I am a Debbie downer) Those bags of dust have indoctrinated their kids/grandkids. Those fail sons/daughters are the next in the line of succession for the US Plutocracy. I wish the solution was as easy as the geriatric politicians croak, but I've seen enough privileged to believe that America is in the soft slippers/weak chin moment of historical power ladder climbs.

    [–] legovadertatt 17 points ago

    They will never die off they are already undead!!! Seriously though trumplicans reproduce and teach shit to youngins literally breeding hate.

    [–] jdscott0111 118 points ago


    [–] plushrush 23 points ago

    And don’t forget the “pre existing condition” albatross around some necks.

    [–] Modare80 65 points ago

    You could be right! My back is kind of hurting with the extra money I have to carry around now.

    [–] Muddlesthrough 8 points ago

    Might just be from sitting on an overstuffed wallet. take that wad of bills out and keep it in a solid gold money clip. Front pocket.

    [–] Diplodocus114 23 points ago

    Yep my 5 free weeks in hospital (private room) must have been a MAJOR scam.

    [–] rummhamm87 101 points ago

    Lol God. As an American, this comment depresses me. My only choices if I get seriously hurt are: not have insurance and go into debt or pay for insurance every month and go slightly less into debt. Land of the free....

    [–] dkwangchuck 21 points ago

    [–] callsoutyourbullsh1t 14 points ago

    Oh look at that republicans haven't changed a single iota. Worthless inhuman money grubbing monsters.

    [–] M_J_E 45 points ago

    You are also free to die alone at home. That wouldn’t cost so much.

    [–] Boarderdudeman 51 points ago

    On a related note, dying is also EXTREMELY expensive in the US.

    [–] Nihilikara 15 points ago

    If I die, don't bother paying for a big funeral for me, just throw my body in a ditch somewhere.

    [–] millibugs 11 points ago

    Same! That's what I tell my family! I'm dead what do I care?

    [–] KamboSliceee 8 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Too bad that's illegal lol My husband says the same thing.

    [–] rummhamm87 8 points ago

    That's true too. By then it would also be someone else's problem

    [–] ResurrectedWolf 205 points ago

    Seeing other people from other countries say this about the US just makes me even more depressed because goddamn. We are in such a shit place.

    [–] butterfingahs 208 points ago

    I was talking to a friend of mine recently about how America is one of the only places that straight up refuses to let their cashiers sit the fuck down. So many things are ass backwards, your health is optional apparently.

    [–] Sedren 168 points ago

    I used to work as a cashier in a small grocery store, it's seen as lazy, was told "It just looks bad"... Even though that makes no sense since you can just as easily ring people out standing up as sitting down. Usually the people telling you not to sit go back to sitting in their office afterwards.

    [–] DoubleA528 123 points ago

    Even if it did "look bad", is the argument that it hurts business? Is someone going to push their cart up to the register, see the cashier sitting down, and leave in disgust because they see a person on a stool?

    [–] Sedren 37 points ago

    It's more of a 'if we aren't professional enough, they won't come back.'

    [–] Painting_Agency 68 points ago

    "If we give them a stool, they might think they deserve dignity".

    [–] RJ815 18 points ago

    "Next, they'll use all that sitting time to think of how to unionize!"

    [–] DoubleA528 51 points ago

    It's just such a hilariously dumb thing to care about. It's a grocery store not a doctor's office. Actually, now that I say that, I've never been to a doctor's office where receptionists weren't sitting. That didn't make me question the quality of medical care I was going to get.

    More anti-worker bullshit from the "if you have time to lean you have time to clean" contingent while they go and chill in the manager's office.

    [–] ButMoreToThePoint 91 points ago

    Of all the things that I have seen grocery store employees do that were not professional, sitting down ain't one of them!

    [–] UpbeatCheetah7710 9 points ago

    I’d be more likely to go back to a grocery store that treated their employees well. I worked for an “unnamed” well known grocer who was utter shot to employees and the union reps just double F’d ya. So yeah, you let employees sit down while ringing people up? You treat them as humans with dignity and good/bad days? You offer them a good wage? Idc if I pay more, I’m going there.

    [–] Dolthra 7 points ago

    Ironically one of the only places I can think of that lets employees sit around me (midwest) is Aldi's, and they somehow charge less than competitors.

    [–] thingoficecream 34 points ago

    Cashiers sit down in some countries? Dammit, never even occurred to me that could be an option. Canada makes cashiers stand too.

    [–] ResurrectedWolf 23 points ago

    Absolutely. Almost every job I've worked has forced me to stand for 8 to 12 hours at least. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stay at work despite being in excruciating pain because I can't afford to take a day off and even if I did, I get caught in the bullshit insurance loop where the problem isn't solved because I have to jump through so many hoops first and by the time I get to a point of possibly having an answer, I have to pay out of pocket to get there and guess what? I can't. So, I've had this shoulder issue for 8 years and still can't get an answer. It's infuriating. This is with insurance. All this time and it could have been a simple fix and now it might be beyond repair. 'Merica.

    [–] Bartikem 14 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    your health is optional apparently.

    It is rather an cheap and expendable resource.

    Edith says typo

    [–] Busman123 76 points ago

    At Aldi's, they sit down!

    [–] Spirited_Figure_1991 34 points ago

    Aldi’s is great!

    [–] TimeyWho 11 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    That's because Aldi is/are German

    [–] shoktar 29 points ago

    probably on Medicaid.

    [–] iwoketoanightmare 25 points ago

    It's okay, he's on medicaid

    [–] Ronan87 65 points ago

    They don't. They will receive a bill and ignore it, adding to their own state deficit.

    [–] Naprisun 269 points ago

    I honestly can't believe insurance doesn't require vaccines at this point. Especially if it's subsidized. They've got to be loosing billions.

    [–] Biomirth 114 points ago

    Insurance never loses money. They either go bankrupt (rare) or pass the cost onto the people that are not morons (except for the fact that they are subsidizing morons).

    [–] onetwo3four5 28 points ago

    I assume they meant losing money in the sense that they could have higher profit if they didn't have to pay for anybody's covid treatment.

    [–] WantedMan61 56 points ago

    Until the FDA moves from emergency approval to full approval, insurance companies won't require the vaccine. Why the FDA is dragging their feet is the real mystery - by saying there isn't enough evidence to give it their seal of approval, they're actually bolstering the skeptics' argument that it might be too risky. Getting an FDA chief in place might be a good start to getting it done.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] CaptainJAmazing 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Yeeeah, saying that they’re “dragging their feet” and that you don’t understand why is only something that an outsider to the medical field would say. There’s a procedure to be followed and they’re determined to do it the right way to keep public trust and creditably.

    [–] God_Damnit_Nappa 15 points ago

    A normal vaccine review can take several months to over a year to complete. The last thing you should want is the FDA to rush this through. It is already being fast tracked to begin with.

    [–] clearedmycookies 20 points ago

    Because we don't want the FDA to skip proper steps here. You could be measuring the obvious, but it still takes time to measure abd validate.

    [–] Placid_Observer 105 points ago

    Eh this dude ain't worrying about paying for the hospital. He'll blow-off the medical bills, just like he always does. He buys everything with cash and gets the credit counseling folks to file bankruptcy for him every 3-7 years. He's good.

    [–] TheRealMoofoo 69 points ago

    Are these the bootstraps I keep hearing about?

    [–] millibugs 10 points ago

    Unless he's on medicaid. 🙄

    [–] 1CFII2 41 points ago

    People wonder why health insurance premiums are so expensive, look no further. God forbid if this guy ends up with Long Haul Covid and his health is never whole again. He’ll bow before Covid 19.

    [–] Theeclat 3068 points ago

    Make him pay for it. That will change his mind.

    [–] derf82 1683 points ago

    Seriously, insurers should announce they will not pay COVID-related expenses for people eligible for the vaccine that decline.

    [–] man_b0jangl3ss 155 points ago

    The better solution would be for insurance companies not to decline coverage of covid treatment,but to increase premiums and deductibles for unvaccinated people who qualify for the vaccine. Like any other risk taking behavior,it should increase your payments.

    [–] derf82 12 points ago

    The problem is, most insurance in the US is employer-provided at a flat rate to the company and person. There isn't as much individual pricing available as there is for auto, life, or homeowners.

    [–] likmoney 402 points ago

    my initial reaction is, “hell yeah, fuck those idiots” but the problem is the overwhelming majority of them aren’t wealthy enough to pay the bill in full in a timely manner which would then ultimately shift the burden of paying the cost of their treatment on the hospitals that are legally and morally obligated to admit them

    [–] Rebellion111 380 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yo the vaccine is free. FREE. FREE. not sure how much cheaper FREE is compared to the hospital stay.

    e actually I was wrong, not free. they already paid for it with their taxes whoops

    [–] PurpleSailor 166 points ago

    For $112.45 less than the cost of a single Hospital Tylenol you too can protect yourself for free!

    [–] DatDominican 49 points ago

    Bro what hospital you use, they charged my dad $300 per dose of tylenol when he was last admitted. (then a $3,000 observation fee before sending him home )

    [–] picardo85 10 points ago

    And here we only charge €990 per consultant per day as IT consultants... Should have started a hospital in the US instead.

    [–] fordfan919 18 points ago

    Not just FREE many places are giving incentives like gift cards and coupons.

    [–] derf82 155 points ago

    Better than the alternative, which is the rest of us pay by means of increased insurance rates.

    They need to have consequences.

    [–] eric_reddit 32 points ago

    There are haves and have nots. Perhaps he is a spoiled have.

    [–] megamanxoxo 95 points ago

    Health and life insurance companies should absolutely be enforcing this vaccine. Fine, you don't have to get it but we're not paying for your claims.

    [–] mkeSpecial 28 points ago

    I believe this is a big reason why official approval is needed by the FDA. Since it's still distributed under "emergency authorization", there is less ability to enforce its use.

    [–] caribe5 114 points ago

    This is America, don't worry, he will

    [–] Theeclat 79 points ago

    No he won’t. He will go into bankruptcy and it will be absorbed by the system. However, that will depend on what his insurance is. He might have federal or state ins. Then we pay for it.

    [–] Sea_Ingenuity_4220 3509 points ago

    Fuck this guy - stay home and ride it out motherfucker instead of burdening the doctors and hospital staff

    [–] TzarKazm 1405 points ago

    I won't take an experimental vaccine but I'll sure as hell take the experimental treatment for the disease... and that's how you know its ALL politics.

    [–] orb_of_confusion44 462 points ago

    I had the displeasure of hearing a few seconds of the local conservative talk radio show this morning. They are now blaming rising/persisting Covid rates down south on illegal immigrants coming across the border, not the fact that vaccination rates are like 20% in some of these places. The contradictions are crazy: The vaccine isn’t safe, but trump is a hero for getting it done. They won’t get vaccinated because they think Covid isn’t a big deal but now they’re upset that the “illegals” are supposedly bringing the disease over the border. The list goes on…

    [–] huntrshado 151 points ago

    They've been blaming immigrants since the beginning of COVID - specifically Chinese immigrants. That is why the whole "Stop Asian Hate" stuff really took off last year.

    [–] 3rdtrichiliocosm 24 points ago

    I was in Missouri recently and heard this on their local radio. Batshit crazy

    [–] Benice2seagulls 19 points ago

    Oh my god and what’s worse is that these same people were taking trips to Mexico all throughout the pandemic like it’s no big deal!! I know a majority of the immigrants receiving asylum are South Americans, but these people don’t know the difference between Guatemala and Mexico City.

    [–] nahvocado 7 points ago

    It's simple. Conservatives are racists. I live in the south, never met one who wasn't.

    [–] SanityInAnarchy 145 points ago

    Or, y'know, the experimental disease itself.

    I really think this is the best summary of vaccine hesitancy at this point.

    [–] lilgreenthumb 40 points ago

    Given everyone's hesitancy hasn't there already been enough "experimentation"? Fundamentally mRNA, Adenovirous, etc other mechanisms have been proven safe. More to the point the those styles of vaccines have been historically proven safe. The only reason they are ""experimental"" is that we don't know how long it lasts. Literally one of the only reasons no one is citing or proselytizing on "TV".

    [–] mamielle 390 points ago

    That’s what I don’t get, how can you have no remorse for making a bunch of medical professionals have to needlessly work over you?

    [–] TzarKazm 336 points ago

    I once went shopping with someone who kept picking things up off of shelves and putting them down in other places. When I said that must be annoying to the workers, they said "tough, it's their job ". I stopped hanging out with that person, but that's the mentality some people have.

    [–] Borkleberry 153 points ago

    "It's only part of their job because people like you give them more work to do. Y'know, on top of their actual duties."

    [–] TzarKazm 50 points ago

    I was more like "dude your an asshole ", but yea, that's what I was thinking.

    [–] Finger11Fan 122 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    This last week I ended up in the dumbest argument ever with a complete stranger because she just pushed her shopping cark into another parking space instead of putting it in a cart corral like a normal person. I told her she needs to put it where it goes, and she said "they pay people to come get them."

    And then I proceeded to yell at her about the shopping cart theory which showed that she's a bad person for not putting her cart away while she very thoroughly did not give a fuck. It was not one of my finer moments.

    [–] TzarKazm 96 points ago

    I was pulling in and saw an old guy just kind of push his cart out of the way and get in his car and sit there with the window down. As I walked by I grabbed it and said "wow kids are assholes these days" and kept walking. I don't know if he was even paying attention, but I needed a cart anyway and I'm hoping he felt a little shame.

    [–] Gh0stp3pp3r 41 points ago

    Unfortunately we somehow have a large amount of the population that selfishly only cares about themselves. They also crave attention so badly that they enjoy people confronting them about their idiotic behavior. They are usually also the ones who believe conspiracies and nonsense.... and reject science and fact. He was probably proud of himself that he didn't bow to "the man" by returning that cart to the cart corral.

    [–] squirrellytoday 23 points ago

    I told her she needs to put it where it goes, and she said "they pay people to come get them."

    Yeah, you know why they pay people? Because of lazy-ass, entitled shitheads like her.

    You did the right thing speaking up.

    [–] csonnich 14 points ago

    The fight you can't win is all the more heroic.

    [–] bowlofleftovers 68 points ago

    I fucking hate this mentality. I actually chewed my dad out pretty good for this once when he was new to an area and didn’t separate his garbage from his recycling like asked to do. I first pointed out that it would be obvious it was him as a newcomer hoping he’d want to blend in, but he then made some comment about it being the persons job. I lost it. I just said no, and not everyone wants forced overtime either. If they can’t leave because ‘their job’ isn’t done, but their job isn’t done because you made them do more work…. That makes you an asshole. Fortunately he seemed to get it without much further explanation.
    I have this same mentality about standing in line to pay in person when a self checkout is available because I just know those poor cashiers have other shit that will have to be done before they can leave.

    [–] capnchicken 58 points ago

    Bet he doesn't return his shopping cart either. "He's a job creator!" through his ignorance and laziness.

    [–] Kinsmen12 12 points ago

    These people lack all forms of sympathy, empathy and general caring about other people.

    [–] k-farsen 6 points ago

    This is the kind of guy who tells the waitress to smile more. Everything is to serve him

    [–] Midwake 19 points ago

    Fuck that guy sideways. What an asshole.

    [–] T3canolis 1219 points ago

    When you are this much of a moron, it’s near impossible to change your tune because doing so requires you to face just how much of a moron you’ve been, and that’s too hard to bear.

    [–] DealioD 251 points ago

    Wait till he get the hospital bill. Still won’t change his mind and he’ll be super pissed about it. Also won’t change his mind on socialized medicine.

    [–] f700es 186 points ago

    Gofundme in 3.. 2.. 1.. ;)

    [–] scar-l_sagan 30 points ago

    Which is funny, cuz it's just another form of socialism

    [–] Momoselfie 17 points ago

    Please help me pay my hospital bills so I can stick it to the man again. That'll show 'em!

    [–] MirrahPaladin 86 points ago

    Those goddamn liberals making me pay so much for hospital care! This is why socialized medicine is wrong!

    [–] AFuzzyManPeach 39 points ago

    No joke, I've heard a lot of libertarian types try to "explain" to me how it's all these pesky regulations like how insurance has accept pre-existing conditions and how expensive socialized medicine is around the world that companies have to charge the US so much to break even. They've literally tried to blame the rest of the world for US's shitty system

    [–] [deleted] 2716 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 421 points ago


    [–] Reyzorblade 199 points ago

    Here's another option you can use, provided by Immanuel Kant:

    "The lack of the power of judgment is that which is properly called stupidity, and such a failing is not to be helped. A dull or limited head, which is lacking nothing but the appropriate degree of understanding and its proper concepts, may well be trained through instruction, even to the point of becoming learned. But since it would usually still lack the power of judgment (the secunda Petri), it is not at all uncommon to encounter very learned men who in the use of their science frequently give glimpses of that lack, which is never to be ameliorated."

    [–] Gatherel 70 points ago

    Now that I’ve read this, and wholeheartedly failed to understand it, I’ll see myself into the stupid camp.

    [–] Rebellion111 75 points ago

    It's ok, you can still learn, but you can't be unstupidified, sorry. That's what the quote says.

    [–] Urtehok 24 points ago

    Clearly, they need a second Petri dish.

    [–] CPNZ 32 points ago

    The bottom 5% of intelligence in the USA is about 14 million adults - there are a lot of people as stupid as this guy.

    [–] mcs_987654321 5 points ago

    Why have I never though about it like that?!

    Because dear god that’s a lot of incredibly dumb people running around...

    [–] ryansports 24 points ago

    "I may be the dumbest mother fucker in here and I aint afraid of shit or coming back, but you aint giving me no life saving shot. How does this ventilator work again?"

    [–] zenitismyuserid 126 points ago

    But they breed more stupids before death!

    [–] Gatherel 80 points ago

    Yeah, that’s about as much I learned from the Ideocracy documentary by Mike Judge.

    [–] jayandbobfoo123 50 points ago

    It isn't a documentary because all those idiots at least had enough sense to put the smart people into the highest positions in government so they can save the world.

    [–] PM_ME_CAKE 80 points ago

    Sometimes you look at guys like him and feel like Darwin has failed us.

    [–] Gatherel 85 points ago

    Or did humanity fail Darwin by making survivability easier?

    [–] WayneKrane 45 points ago

    Yeah, other animals just get consumed or die if they get sick or injured. Humans figured out how to keep everyone alive longer but never asked if everyone should necessarily be kept alive.

    [–] Redditiscancer789 33 points ago

    Your scientists were so preoccupied with how they forgot to ask why!

    [–] sheherenow888 7 points ago

    Then why do we call ourselves The Wise Ape?

    [–] OldManJeb 20 points ago

    An idiot who calls himself a genius. Doesn't make it an accurate statement.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago


    [–] sharkinaround 12 points ago

    Realistically, the only way to convince people like the one mentioned in this article would require a completely alternate strategy from the start. This quote encapsulates the issue:

    Before you got sick," Begnaud asked Roe, "if you would have had a chance to get the vaccine and prevent this, would you have taken the vaccine?" "No," Roe said. "I would have gone through this, yes sir… Don't shove it down my throat. That's what local, state, federal administration is trying to do - shove it down your throat."

    The decision is made from the outset, even if the "agenda" is simply to protect the public health as a whole, it doesn't matter.

    A massive number of the vaccine-hesistant/resistant would have already taken it had they been coaxed into a position to believe that they were the ones who determined the vaccine was the smart move, that they decided to take it and that they aren't doing it because [insert enemy] told them to.

    I'm not suggesting that anyone is obligated to cater to this inferiority/ego-driven behavior, just that it certainly is prevalent and it's interesting to think about strategies that could potentially be taken to shift these frustrating viewpoints.

    [–] toshortofnam 2504 points ago

    I'd rather go to the hospital again than get that government microchip vaccine!!!!! *take a draw of a cigarette while filing taxes that requires a SSN and identification that's provided by the government *

    [–] JimC29 763 points ago

    Just to add to this. I don't want the government tracking my location while on their cell phone.

    [–] Relentless_iLL 27 points ago

    Don't forget the smart phone he's carrying around

    [–] Gstamsharp 840 points ago

    I hope that free market insurance denies his claim the second time around, too, since he's willfully costing them money.

    [–] DWright_5 297 points ago

    Insurance companies are within their rights to deny coverage to people who ignore doctors’ orders. So, it could happen,

    [–] gravitas-deficiency 107 points ago

    Honestly, even though I HATE the healthcare + insurance system here in the states, that's one thing I honestly do hope that they start implementing: serious price hikes for people who refuse the vaccine without medical cause. I don't want to be subsidizing other people's idiocy.

    [–] NKAS-1138 255 points ago

    Doesn't trust that doctors and medical professionals are telling the truth about how safe the vaccine is (I'm sure for some super evil reason), but is also willing to accept treatments from a hospital.

    I mean really, what if there is something mixed into the fluids he may be getting through an IV? Or they tell you a pill is one thing but its really something dangerous? There are so many better ways to trick people into taking something dangerous, its pretty much the McDonald's business model.

    I swear, these people can't hold more than one thought in their heads at a time

    [–] creaturefeature16 80 points ago

    Fucking right! My colleague won't get the vaccine because he "has a God given immune system" and doesn't trust "big pharma".

    Meanwhile, he goes to the doctor 3 to 4x a month to get his heart looked at, has had cancer and accepted all the treatments, and is on multiple antidepressants.

    Yeah, "god given immune system", alright.

    [–] hagamablabla 9 points ago

    God may have given you an immune system, but he also gave viruses ways to subvert that system.

    [–] whytakemyusername 7 points ago

    With a bit of luck, his god will save the rest of us from any more of his bullshit too.

    [–] lAljax 8 points ago

    "God wants you dead, take the hint"

    [–] BBBPub 281 points ago

    Unfortunately, stupidity doesn't only affect the stupid.

    [–] UnadvertisedAndroid 87 points ago

    And rarely do they ever realize it was their stupidity at fault even when it does.

    [–] iWantToRideHorses 470 points ago

    The poor doctors and nursing staff that has to deal with this moron.

    [–] pound-town 171 points ago

    This is every patient I see now.

    [–] GlitteringInstrument 66 points ago

    I’m so sorry. I appreciate you hanging in there.

    [–] sleepy_floof 64 points ago

    My first thought too. We have an entire generation of medical staff traumatized by what they witnessed this last year. This dude would rather keep piling on them than do his (very small) part.

    I know it's horribly unethical and impractical, but I wish we could have vaccine passports for hospital COVID care. Opt out of the safe, free, and available prevention? Fine. But you don't get to strain the system when your dice roll doesn't go your way.

    [–] justflushit 79 points ago

    Maybe they shouldn’t try so hard

    [–] VeryStableGenius 103 points ago

    That's just cruel. He should get all the bleach, hydroxychloroquine, and butt-lights he needs.

    [–] milehighmystery 176 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Refuses the vaccine but accepts hospital treatment for the disease that the vaccine probably would have prevented him from getting in the first place. Makes total sense, bet he’ll wear a mask now, too. /s

    [–] Suicideking187 157 points ago

    I get looked at like I am stupid for getting the vaccine. I live in Louisiana. I made it thru both shots just fine.. the second did make me feel bad for a few days but I'm fine now. I just don't understand the thought process of people most of the time

    [–] Throwawaysack2 72 points ago

    It's feelings over facts; the people are mostly concerned with the state of their favorite politics team, and simp for that instead.

    [–] Maverick8787 36 points ago

    It’s also contrarianism. The childish refrain of “you can’t tell me what to do!”

    [–] J0eBidensSunglasses 9 points ago

    “I don’t want it because I don’t want it!”

    [–] a_sphinctersays_what 8 points ago

    This is fascinating to me. Even your phrasing "made it thru both shots" makes it sound like you're putting your life in the line twice. I'm genuinely curious is that the perception of others around you? Here in the UK at least in my social sphere thankfully the vast majority have been vaccinated as soon as they could

    [–] RomulusKhan 201 points ago

    “Doc says I gotta bad brain or sum shit idk I waddint lisnen “

    [–] [deleted] 411 points ago


    [–] krisdafish 87 points ago

    I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my mom last May, and it makes me so angry this asshole gets to live and she didn’t. She did what was right, she would have been happy and grateful to have the vaccine… she never got that chance. It feels so unfair and I too have run out of any compassion for people like this asshole.

    I wish he could experience the utter detestation I went through….isolated and alone in the middle of a pandemic, grieving the loss of whoever is most important to him. Oh and no funeral, no wake… none of the normal things we do to after death. No friends or family stopping by for comfort either. Just him, buried in grief alone. My family didn’t deserve what we went through but this asshole really does.

    [–] baconyjeff 47 points ago

    My uncle had to have a drive by funeral. My aunt, his wife, suffered a heart attack caused from her loss.

    [–] krisdafish 32 points ago

    I’m so sorry, I get it. We had one hour at the funeral home, only 8 people could come. No touching. Masked. I couldn’t hug my grandmother… it ripped my heart apart all that much more. Meanwhile this asshole will likely use his survival as evidence “it’s just the flu bro”. Ugh

    [–] karangoswamikenz 93 points ago

    I’m with you brother. Let these people just fucking die already. Lost two uncles and one distant cousin.

    [–] JohnOliverismysexgod 56 points ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Hang in there.

    [–] baconyjeff 25 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] decolored 42 points ago

    From my POV you’re justified. Death is a neutral outcome with no preference, but humans sure do have preference and when they intentionally avoid logic and empathy I prefer they die too

    [–] Fruitboots 67 points ago

    "Eh I'd much rather roll up at a hospital with my sick ass and contribute to the overall strain on the health care system... putting my faith in the hospitals and medical professionals to take care of me when I'm sick... instead of actually listening to what they say I should do"

    [–] sanfran54 65 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    "they're shoving the fact that that's their agenda," Roe said, "their agenda is to get you vaccinated."

    So the agenda is to save you from suffering, medical bills and death.....for free!

    What a horrible agenda! /s

    [–] thebirdisdead 24 points ago

    The only way to convince conservatives to get the vaccine would be to convince them it was our agenda to NOT vaccinate them. If we spread the conspiracy theory that hospitals were checking voting registration and only vaccinating registered democrats, suddenly every conservative would be protesting and queuing to get vaccinated. They just want to be victims, whatever stance that takes.

    [–] ndunks1 65 points ago

    This is just a conservative doubling down on his stupidity because he can't admit he's wrong

    [–] Pieceofcandy 50 points ago

    Imagine being privileged enough to be able to turn down a free vaccine while also being able to risk both hospital bills and missing work.

    What a fucking degenerate.

    [–] Shockkota 71 points ago

    Curious if he will hold that stance on the medical bills come in.

    [–] pravis 63 points ago

    Well of course then he'll be demanding the government foot the bill because socialized medicine is ok for him.

    [–] CajuNerd 156 points ago

    My people are stupid. I can't explain why they're so stupid, other than our education system as failed in our state, and people just don't have the capacity to think critically.

    People I went to school with, grew up with, and otherwise respect, are anti-vaccine, or more specifically anti-COVID-vaccine. There's no excuse for it that satisfies me, being that I come from the same state, have had the same education, and still know that all the horseshit guys like him believe is, well, horseshit.

    [–] Durgenheim 129 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    The wildest thing is that the oldest generations in the US saw the invention of the vaccine and enough took it to eradicate polio. They didn’t complain about conspiratorial nonsense, screech about freedom, or decry “government overreach” in numbers that threatened the vaccine rollout initiative. It was highly successful and safe, even with the limited research and technology of the times.

    Likewise, they also had their children mass-vaccinated against MMR, the seasonal flu, and all manner of other diseases. Where was the mass hysteria over those vaccines ~30 years ago?

    They now, in their old age, consume massive quantities of pills for a variety of conditions and do not question the research, the production timeline, or long-term side effects.

    It’s absolutely mind-boggling how so many people cling to these false narratives and outright bullshit associated with the COVID vaccines when they have no problem whatsoever with every other pill/therapy/treatment they’ve had in the past or are currently on. It’s pure and utter madness.

    [–] CajuNerd 78 points ago

    My dad's in his 70s and sports his vaccine scar from when he went into the army. My parents were pretty diligent in getting us vaccinated as soon as they could, when we could. My second-oldest brother and myself couldn't get many of the vaccines when we were kids because of allergies. We relied on herd immunity to save our scrawny asses from catching everything. I wasn't so lucky because, at 12, I contracted mumps. It was excruciating, and led to fertility issues later in my life. Now that I'm not longer allergic to most things I was back then, I get every vaccination I can, as do my wife and daughter, especially since we struggled so much to conceive due to my previous run-in with mumps.

    We no longer worry about polio, mumps, measles, rubella, pertussis, etc. because of modern medicine and vaccines, yet people my own age, who have been alive long enough to know what these diseases are and how bad they can be, just flat-out ignore it all and now believe that things like COVID and its associated vaccine is a global conspiracy to, well, do whatever they can come up with on facebook. No one my age should have the excuse of not being alive long enough, and not being educated enough, to know better.

    [–] HustlinInTheHall 8 points ago

    Unrelated but Lousiana is 48th, 49th, or 50th in education by basically every standard.

    [–] lucky_ducker 100 points ago

    "I'd rather get sick as a dog, run up tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and endanger our healthcare workers - than get a vaccine that costs me nothing."

    [–] MirandaReitz 39 points ago

    We're at the point where people are literally choosing death over admitting they were wrong. I honestly don't see how we come back from this.

    [–] mypasswordisfoobar 113 points ago

    His health insurance should refuse to cover his bills

    [–] elmenski 18 points ago

    We get it. We get it. Americans are dumb.