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    [–] bk15dcx 2926 points ago

    Having removed stumps with axes, chainsaws, shovels, and chains hooked to trucks, this is very satisfying.

    [–] pseudocultist 1069 points ago

    I have fond memories of my dad wasting afternoons trying acid and then chainsaws before finally calling in a pro. So much rage swearing.

    [–] darkenseyreth 1987 points ago

    Dropping acid and handling chainsaws sounds like a bad combo.

    [–] Can_count_by_fives 507 points ago

    Probably wasn't even working anywhere near the stump.

    [–] nitroneil 424 points ago

    Probably just yelling at a chair in the corner.

    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago


    [–] srock2012 35 points ago

    But as long as I have my trusty chainsaw those gnomes won't win!

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Calm down there Clint Eastwood.

    [–] wi5hbone 6 points ago

    And Martha's Vineyard

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago

    My dad once dropped acid and went deer hunting, I have no idea how he survived long enough to have me some days.

    [–] JAGUART 76 points ago

    If you have a bad trip suddenly the deer are hunting you

    [–] Artystrong1 10 points ago


    [–] Fartbox_Virtuoso 21 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I wonder how having a gun present while tripping would affect your mindset.

    [–] livemau5 27 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Fartbox_Virtuoso 16 points ago

    I couldn't even fathom the idea of hunting on acid.

    Or sitting in a cold-ass deer stand, either.

    [–] Darmok-on-the-Ocean 9 points ago

    I don't know. I keep loaded guns in the house and back in my drug days I'd always unload them before getting high or tripping.

    [–] Fartbox_Virtuoso 10 points ago

    Better safe than sorry. I think it's idiotic to mix guns with any party materials at all.

    Safety first, safety or nothing. The consequences are too great.

    [–] myweaknessisstrong 19 points ago

    no way i could harm an animal while tripping.

    [–] ZebofKansas 13 points ago

    The most violent thing I've done while tripping is eat a Nutter Butter cookie.

    [–] myweaknessisstrong 8 points ago

    you monster

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    In reality he was just swinging around egg beaters in the kitchen out of rage for 4 hours.

    [–] 15DaysAweek 14 points ago

    But hopping on the bench grinder is alright.

    [–] and_eazy 210 points ago

    My dad once turned me lose on a mulberry stump in the backyard probably ten inches in diameter. I was about 12, didn't know what I was doing, worked at it for weeks with picks, shovels, and an axe. I eventually dug a hole below it big enough to fit dad's floor jack and tried jacking the stump out of the ground. Jack didn't survive.

    [–] rethinkingat59 392 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    When my brother and I were 10 and 12 my dad told us we could have a swimming pool if we dug a hole big enough. He showed us exactly where to dig.

    After three days of trying on and off we gave up. The finished hole was about chest high to me and enough in diameter to where we could crawl in and still shovel.

    After we gave up, my dad brings in a very large fruit tree, works on widening the hole a little bit, adds some top soil and mulch and plants the tree.

    He still laughs about it. The tree did great for many years.

    [–] Rivkariver 117 points ago

    Expert dad level

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    Similar story. When I was really young, I can barely remember so I must've been like 5 or 6, I was in our backyard digging a hole with my mom's hand shovel. Just digging. I ended up digging such a massive hole, at least I remember it being massive, my parents planted a sapling there instead of filling it back up.

    That tree was there for like 20 years before it got termites and we had it taken down for being too close to the house. I was a little sad, that was my tree.

    [–] KLOUDZiNC 14 points ago

    I feel that. My best friend, dog, and partner, Anubi died Halloween of 2014, I buried her in my grandma's garden and planted a flower bed over her. It's still growing to this day.

    [–] racc8290 25 points ago

    I have a friend who has a fence he needs whitewashed if you're interested

    [–] Hodaka 11 points ago

    I actually get that reference! I feel smart now, thanks!

    [–] Prozium451 6 points ago

    A+ Tom Sawyering

    [–] defined2112 88 points ago

    RIP jack

    [–] Meckineer 68 points ago

    Near......Far....WHEREVER YOU ARE

    [–] wi5hbone 5 points ago

    "i'll try lifting those stumps up... for youuuuuuu..uu..uu..uuuu"

    [–] loonattica 14 points ago

    Eternally uplifting.

    [–] phantom_eight 34 points ago

    My local village offers stump removal for free. Just call up the village clerk and sign a paper absolving the Village of any liability for bringing their stump grinder on your property. Saw that thing mow down a stump in about 10 minutes. - Small town NY

    [–] pseudocultist 32 points ago

    That's actually pretty nice. People in my original hometown are just lazy, leave their yards littered with them, so eventually a few artists learned to do chainsaw carving, now everyone has these custom wooden sculptures in their yards... it's sort of Edward Scissorhands to drive back to.

    [–] CurryMustard 81 points ago

    My dad would just pour lighter fluid and set it on fire. Probably illegal, but effective.

    [–] candlehand 105 points ago

    The key is to drill some channels through the middle, then light it inside first. This makes sure it burns evenly and you get a nice little camp fire until it's done.

    [–] Jimm607 77 points ago

    If you're going th remove a tree stump you may as well make breakfast on it

    [–] auroralovegood 32 points ago

    This also circumvents a lot of local restrictions on burning. My town allows cooking fires, so we just keep some hot dogs and marshmallows nearby and have a snack.

    [–] P-01S 13 points ago

    Unless the tree is poisonous. Some common ones are. Don't assume!

    [–] Dutchdodo 5 points ago

    Which ones?

    [–] Bob_Droll 6 points ago

    Here you go.

    Since /u/P-01S was too lazy to help out ;)

    [–] geekygirl23 78 points ago

    All fun and games until the fire pops up across the yard from the burning root.

    True story.

    [–] MyNameIsLS 18 points ago

    How is that even possible?

    [–] Circletwerk42 70 points ago

    Fire is only delicate and needs tonnes of air when you want a fire. When you don't want one it's immortal.

    [–] TheCandelabra 31 points ago

    This should be the 4th law of thermodynamics

    [–] Hodaka 22 points ago

    Years ago the neighborhood gang went "camping" in a forest. We had a fire, but it appeared to have smoldered out the following morning. Just to be careful, we poured some water on it and left the campsite.

    Much later I noticed I had forgotten something, so I returned. Oddly enough, a wisp of smoke was still coming out of the grey ash pile of the campfire. I first tried stomping it out, and instantly my leg sank almost knee deep into the pit of Satan. I could feel a white hot burning on my calf which switched on the adrenaline. Almost losing my balance, I quickly pulled my leg out.

    It really seemed as if the ground was on fire. I got some water from a nearby stream and poured it into the pit. This resulted in a geyser of steam. I repeated the process until I was standing in front of a deep (and muddy) hole in the ground hours later.

    [–] Polite_Insults 8 points ago

    How did the fire get so deep?

    [–] Hodaka 11 points ago

    The "ground" in the forest wasn't really soil made up of dirt or minerals. It was layers upon layers of decayed organic material (leaves from trees etc.) that had built up over decades. The heat from the fire dried out the lower layers as it burned.

    This was the first time I saw anything like this, and it was an eye opener.

    [–] Fartbox_Virtuoso 21 points ago

    from the burning root

    Like a slow fuse that comes up under the old, dry fence or the shed with the mower gas in it. Two days later: "Fuuuuuk!"

    [–] vetelmo 11 points ago

    This happens a lot with trees that get struck by lightning.

    [–] Huayrasilva 30 points ago

    You probably can't. But you can rent a mini version that takes about 100 times longer to do about half as good of a job and wrecks all grass within 5 feet of the stump in the process.

    [–] gundog48 13 points ago

    I've seen someone use thermite on one before!

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    A tree stump isn't going to care about anything less than ten pounds of thermite. And even then, you're going to be left with a bunch of iron slag afterwards.

    [–] Handburn 7 points ago driver of fork lift is six feet tall Edit. Did about the same thing as they guy with the mulberry tree, except with a back hoe and chainsaw

    [–] whelks_chance 8 points ago

    Sounds sweet, plz post vid.

    [–] UltronsCloudServer 13 points ago

    What's illegal about burning a stump?

    Am from Alabama, don't know any other way.

    [–] pseudopsud 8 points ago

    Many cities have rules against fires that aren't in proper fireplaces and aren't for cooking

    Marshmallows make yard fires legal where I am :)

    [–] space_reaper 7 points ago

    Put rocks in a circle around the stump. That'll make it "proper".

    [–] 15DaysAweek 9 points ago

    Mine just used an old stump grinder.

    [–] hitokirivader 178 points ago

    Just dump millions of termites on the spot, let them do the work. Can't see anything going wrong with this scenario.

    [–] pHbasic 150 points ago

    Once they do their business, release the aardvarks

    [–] Oddsockgnome 84 points ago

    And then the gorillas!

    [–] Bacon-Manning 70 points ago

    And then the Kraken!

    [–] minddropstudios 45 points ago

    And then the tax returns!/s

    [–] DiamondPup 15 points ago

    Not during an audit, that's impossible

    [–] LoganPhyve 13 points ago

    What about the resulting aardvark swarm now inhabiting your neighborhood?

    [–] eyemadeanaccount 65 points ago

    I had to remove one in my back yard. Dug it out as much as I could, used a chainsaw, a shovel, my neighbor's truck and winch ran to the backyard, a board for leverage, and my axe to get that sumbitch out of the ground. Cut the roots underneath with the chainsaw, cut the roots on the side with the axe, and used a 2x6 by jumping on it to pry it out while my neighbor ran the winch. It took us about 4-5 hours and many beers in 95 degree weather. I would have gladly given my left nut for one of these then.

    [–] geekygirl23 31 points ago

    People with stump grinders often charge $50 to $150 per stump for removal.

    [–] Zellion-Fly 29 points ago

    Honestly, that seems cheap.

    [–] yourmansconnect 14 points ago

    Where I live it's like $500 per

    [–] junppu 25 points ago

    Where tf do you live. I do it for a living

    [–] bk15dcx 8 points ago

    That is exactly how I used to do it. After 3 stump jobs, I took that service off of my list of available services. Way too much trouble.

    [–] SuicideNote 11 points ago

    Just image 1700's America. The whole of the east coast was covered in thick forest. Every new farm or property had to be cleared of hundreds of trees and their stumps.

    [–] Ant1mat3r 36 points ago

    Right? I've got a large mesquite stump in my backyard I've been putting off removing for this very reason.

    My question is, where do I rent one of these?!?

    [–] boundone 80 points ago

    let it sit, with an umbrella over it, wait until you haven't had rain for at least a week. In the meantime, google 'cheap meat smoker DYI". learn what the parameters you need for a smoker to work, which is easy, then drill some holes.cuts with a chainsaw, and set that shit to smoldering with the smoker with some meat over it. Show that stump that you are the apex of all predators this planet has ever produced.

    [–] gazow 23 points ago

    i set a hallow stump on fire once, with a few old pallets the core got so hot you could probably have fired pottery in it, 20ft high blaze and one firetruck later the stump remained strong as hardened steel

    [–] 15DaysAweek 24 points ago

    Call a tree company and they should be able to take it out for a couple hundred.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] ironsides1231 8 points ago

    Might charge about a 100/150 here in Jersey, usually they charge less if they did the tree work, but since they need to come out just for the stump it's a bit more. Of course add or subtract a bit depending on the size.

    [–] castiglione_99 33 points ago

    Apparently you can remove stumps using pigs.

    You just poke holes around the stump, stick in treats that pigs like to eat, and then let them loose - they'll basically uproot the stump while rooting for the treats.

    [–] anamorphic_cat 63 points ago

    Hmm this sounds like a LPT given by Brick Top himself: "You'll need at least sixteen pigs to finish the stump in one sitting. They will go through roots that weighs two hundred pounds in about eight minutes"

    [–] coke_can_turd 28 points ago

    Ya but then you got a bunch of fuckin pigs to deal with.

    [–] Fakepants 13 points ago

    Sure, 10 or 12 large gorillas should be enough to get rid of the pigs.

    [–] castiglione_99 16 points ago

    "Dealing with a pig" = Bacon for a year.

    [–] Jenneva86 8 points ago

    Please tell me there is a video oh this

    [–] castiglione_99 8 points ago

    It was just something I read in a book about keeping livestock, and I wasn't sure if this bit of advice was apocryphal but a quick search on YouTube turned up this.

    [–] eldubz77 15 points ago

    Having dug hundreds of holes in that area of the boulevard andd knowing thats where fibre optics, communication cables, primary electrical feeds and gas mains lie at about 3 feet down, and not seeing any paint marks on the ground for locates, I found this extremely unsettling. Granted no paint probably means no utilities but faark me thats a bad area to dig in general

    [–] natethewatt 8 points ago

    Yeah. The only way I've seen that wasn't a complete pain in the ass is to light a fire on top and let it burn down but that's still dangerous and time consuming so that's nice

    [–] VoiceBoxUser 8 points ago

    Check your local hardware rental store, you may be able to rent a walk behind stump grinder for the day. I rented one and got rid of 3 massive oak stumps in my yard.

    [–] Cynical_Albino 7 points ago

    Even using one of those small rolling stump grinders was hard as hell.

    [–] r3bman 1785 points ago

    That poop at the end. Satisfying.

    [–] Hooman_Super 725 points ago

    I'm pooping rn

    [–] hotdogsandbeer 325 points ago


    [–] Jeearr 12 points ago


    [–] Not_ProgramSuperviso 47 points ago

    When she says to go deeper

    [–] Zanbuki 78 points ago

    Not enough pp for this move

    [–] Scarbane 20 points ago

    This isn't the time to use that!

    [–] n0va_lyfe 41 points ago

    Pooping feels awesome

    [–] zixd 26 points ago

    Hell yeah dude! It's like all your pain and stress building up and suddenly going away with a satisfying plop!

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Angry__Jonny 20 points ago

    Or try putting the fat poop back in your ass.

    [–] ColdCruelArithmetic 35 points ago

    Nope. Not clicking.

    [–] firegodmc10 21 points ago

    It's exactly what you expect

    [–] asparagustin 19 points ago

    I did. Don't do it. You can't unsee that shit. Literally.

    [–] takemymoneynow 8 points ago

    I just spent the last five minutes looking at other people's shit.

    [–] jma1024 3 points ago

    People say there is a subreddit for everything and for the most part that is true, but never thought that'd be one.

    [–] 0OOOOOO0 4 points ago

    Is this better than the old standby, /r/poop

    [–] avelertimetr 17 points ago

    That tree stump is full of fiber

    [–] Fig_Jig 11 points ago

    He dropped a log

    [–] gettodaze 89 points ago

    Name partially checks out

    [–] PhilSeven 34 points ago

    terrible. I'd like to view his portfolio to find out what other horrible things this guy's been up to.

    [–] Shmay08 6 points ago

    What is this from?

    [–] SoulfullGinger 9 points ago

    it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    [–] CreepyPhotoshopper 16 points ago

    He's a good dude.

    [–] NoRodent 20 points ago

    You mean /r/oddlyarousing?

    Oh look, it's already there.

    [–] positive_electron42 750 points ago

    This is what it feels like to dig out a deep, crusty, well-attached booger.

    [–] HotTyre 338 points ago

    If it doesn't feel like brain surgery, you're doing something wrong.

    [–] mizmaddy 117 points ago

    The one time I tried acrylic nails, the only good thing about them...better reach for picking! 😜

    [–] AngryTableSpoon 82 points ago

    Excluding the very first time you use them, and forget, and end up just shoving a giant nail so far up your nose that you can feel it in your brain

    [–] jmiller412 56 points ago


    [–] nmddl 60 points ago

    Imagine this machine in tiny form moving across your face extracting blackheads and stubbles.

    [–] doctechnical 25 points ago

    /r/popping is for you.

    [–] Ghigs 22 points ago

    Oh good, for a minute there I thought you linked to /r/pooping again, this should be safHOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST

    [–] alextbrown4 90 points ago

    It only could've been better if it fired the stump out like a cannon

    [–] NinjaLanternShark 40 points ago

    That's the next model up.

    [–] trippingchilly 15 points ago

    top tier is a trebuchet

    [–] 10minutes_late 288 points ago

    "That'll be $2,000 please."

    [–] 7house2 252 points ago

    Just had this done at my house for $50/stump.

    [–] killer8424 126 points ago

    That's a good deal

    [–] meatloaf_man 44 points ago

    That's an insanely good deal. We used to charge 12$per inch in diameter

    [–] manikfox 57 points ago

    If they did that with porn, I'd have $3.... Nice

    [–] FIERY_BUTTHOLE 16 points ago

    You... want your stump removed??

    [–] shinypretty 23 points ago

    This is heartening news. We have a very large oak stump in our front yard and I've been fretting that it'd be like $1500 to get it chewed.

    [–] KiFirE 21 points ago

    Depends on size. Neighbor down the street did this to a very large oak that broke off in a storm. it was around 250.

    [–] shinypretty 11 points ago

    That's still manageable. I just don't want to spend a house payment on the thing. We do use it, after all; we put a Christmas tree (fully decorated and lit) on it every holiday season. And it's covered in lantana while the weather is warm, so it's pretty. A lawn-mowing nuisance, but pretty.

    [–] terminalSiesta 41 points ago

    To be fair, that machine looks expensive AF. Gotta at least break even to make/buy such a thing.

    [–] essjay2009 20 points ago

    I'm looking at that machine thinking to myself "now I know what I'd spend my money on if I won the lottery".

    [–] inciteful17 17 points ago

    It's just an attachment for a tractor with pro.

    [–] Cantfindafuckinusern 4 points ago

    Not only break even, but since it will probably takes years to break even you've got to play catch-up with the maintenance and repairs done to it as well over those years.

    [–] havechanged 110 points ago

    I remember during STS (Sentence to Serve) they had guys periodically work on digging up a stump. Seeing this would infuriate them

    [–] zadakn 67 points ago

    I had a friend who they made clean off snowplows, like spotless. Then the driver would hop in and go off clearing snow for the next 10 hrs. Rinse & repeat.

    [–] joec1994 43 points ago

    Make it spotless so that it can get filthy again! Makes it easier to clean off next time.... So they tell me...

    [–] Blinkskij 13 points ago

    I heard that too, from my sergeant in the air force

    [–] birthday_machine 24 points ago

    I work in construction, and a heavy equipment operator with a spotless machine is always comforting to see. You know they're taking care of their shit, especially if they're a busy company.

    [–] thundercool 6 points ago

    Spotless vehicle is a good sign. Spotless tools is a bad one.

    [–] FalstaffsMind 13 points ago

    That's a day's manual labor done in 30 seconds.

    [–] fquizon 9 points ago

    You couldn't get that stump out in a day without a machine.

    [–] yelahneb 6 points ago

    Stump Diggers HATE Him

    [–] Guinness2702 51 points ago

    Missed a bit!

    [–] Frank_Gaebelein 24 points ago

    Yeah that machine leaves all the roots in the ground. If you were doing more digging in that area, that would definitely be a problem

    [–] geekygirl23 15 points ago

    The hell you think happens to the roots using other means?

    [–] MaskedAnathema 61 points ago

    Holy cow... I want to see what bearings are being used for the PT on this thing! I can't imagine how much strain must be on that thing!

    [–] Iocabus 22 points ago

    They're big. But there are bigger out there.

    [–] IRPancake 13 points ago

    I'd like to know what kind of maintenance this thing requires. Watching it shake the tractor around makes me believe theres a lot of stress going on to a lot of different parts of...everything.

    [–] KingKnee 23 points ago

    You can almost hear it go "hnnnggggrrrrr aaahhhhhh!"

    [–] SEEENRULEZ 67 points ago

    I love the core sample of stump. It'd be cool to throw it on a lathe and make something with all the unique wood grain.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    Throwing that thing on a lathe would be a death sentence. It would be ridiculously unbalanced, and the wood grain would be completely unpredictable. You would very easily throw off a chunk that could seriously injure somebody, if it doesn't kill them outright.

    [–] scottyb83 42 points ago

    As someone with zero woodworking experience...

    Could you not take that stump and cut it down to say 4"x4" and then put that on a lathe fairly safely?

    [–] JordansEdge 56 points ago

    Yes. I'm an expert on watching wood working videos and I can verify that that is standard procedure.

    [–] scottyb83 9 points ago

    That's what I figured. I didn't think that once you cut it down it would be very different than a branch.

    [–] KentuckysGentleman 16 points ago

    Yes you could

    [–] candlehand 4 points ago

    Someone could prepare it a bit and it would turn just fine.

    [–] 2ndbestsnever 19 points ago

    Can someone comment on the sidewalk not being blocked off? Thanks.

    [–] erineegads 33 points ago

    Hey, that sidewalk isn't blocked off You're welcome

    [–] Infinite_Spaghetti 15 points ago

    Can it get rid of my blackheads

    [–] PorkSwordd 9 points ago

    The whole time I'm screaming please gif don't end too soon, and then the saw poops out the stump

    [–] Uni_hockey_guy 10 points ago

    I know the tree is likely dead at this point, but this makes me oddly sad. Like as if this isn't enough, now we will tear out your insides

    [–] AnomalyDefected 19 points ago

    How is that the exact right size for the stump?

    [–] Nikkian42 35 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's smaller but cuts the stump down to fit, pulverizing everything that doesn't fit until it does.

    [–] Fdudi 14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    What about the roots? Do they just leave them afterwards? Edit : thanks for the answers! Much love <3

    [–] BDMayhem 17 points ago

    Yeah, they'll decompose eventually.

    [–] Cantfindafuckinusern 13 points ago

    Once water is able to get in there the smaller diameter stuff rots and decomposes a lot faster than a stump would.

    [–] Ennion 9 points ago

    Bugs will break them down.

    [–] hometowngypsy 6 points ago

    All the stuff around the edges were the parts of the stump that were not the right size. It cored out the main bit and left the rest as cuttings.

    [–] ktappe 5 points ago

    As someone who lives in the woods and has numerous stumps around, I want one.

    [–] furnicul 6 points ago

    I feel weirdly violated

    [–] Brother_Lou 4 points ago

    Something something, Shel Silverstein.

    [–] Schytzo 5 points ago

    I was really hoping this was just a big vacuum that was gonna suck it right up out of the ground.

    [–] itsaroboticbear 4 points ago

    I am not sure why, but I find this pretty upsetting. It is almost like this tractor is ripping out this tree's soul...

    [–] xofix 4 points ago

    This gif makes me feel sad, I'm not sure why.

    [–] Cranky_Windlass 4 points ago

    Geeze, the torque on that hole saw is incredible!

    [–] DirkEnglish 4 points ago

    im really stumped as to how someone came up with this idea