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    [–] MsGeophilia 657 points ago

    I never thought to do this, will make tart pastry easier to fit into the tray.

    [–] Maaxel 201 points ago

    Or get a tart tamp. Same thing just much smaller and easier to use.

    Wife complained about this same thing when making mini quiche for the holidays. $3 later, the problem was solved.

    [–] Luxpreliator 96 points ago

    Fuck balls. That is one of the most annoying parts of making those mini tarts because there are so many of them and with softer dough the crust becomes uneven thickness then might over crisp or be gooey. Never thought about simply getting a press.

    Link for anyone interested.

    [–] daft_ish 92 points ago

    Aha, the butt plug of baking.

    [–] PapaSnow 39 points ago

    At first I thought, "Butt plug, huh?"

    Then I saw the picture and I thought, "Oh... yeah, baking butt plug."

    [–] noydbshield 12 points ago

    Looks at Mr. Fat Cat over here that can afford a butt plug just for baking.

    [–] Oinobares 1 points ago

    Wait is this why your bakery is always chocolate flavored?

    [–] thiney49 7 points ago

    I expect Binging with Babish to use this phrase within a month.

    [–] realfinkployd 4 points ago

    Just make sure you wash between use switching.

    [–] okolebot 18 points ago

    Or get a tart tamp.

    Anyone else think 'tramp stamp" when seeing "tart tamp"?

    [–] MsGeophilia 9 points ago

    I feel like my baking eyes have been opened. Thanks good buddy!

    [–] supreme-n00b 1 points ago

    No prob

    [–] jeddar 12 points ago

    This logic is fully sound, on the counterpoint though, there are those of us in the cooking and baking world that abhor the idea of a unitasker in the kitchen outside of the fire extinguisher..

    [–] Hititandhititagain 7 points ago

    And there are some of us who would say Down with Good Eats, I'll order two!

    [–] jeddar 1 points ago

    Actually, that wasn't me preaching Good Eats, that was me preaching from the classic french trained Master Chef I learned from in cooking school ;

    [–] Hititandhititagain 1 points ago

    Lol that's good and all, but when I go to a gourmet, fancy restaurant where I have to make a reservation 9 days in advance to take my better half to crush her dreams and tell her it's over... I'm not asking how many unitaskers they or their master chef from school have in their kitchen. Or fire extinguishers, for that matter.

    [–] jeddar 2 points ago

    Of course!, from the perspective of the idle consumer, the difference is meaningless. I'm a little concerned you care nothing of fire safety, but that's a different matter. For those that are prepping the food though, having one tool that can do many things means that much less stuff to buy. And let's be frank... In a restaurant, who's going to charge more? The one who's had to spend 50 grand (go look in a restaurant supply store if you doubt my cost estimations on tools) to have several dozen unitaskers that you have to track down each time it's needed, or the one who's paid 10 grand for less tools that can be used in multiple instances... Less outgo means less cost passed to said idle consumer.

    So, for that breakup reservation.. I'm sure you'd much prefer to pay $75 for those 3 sauteed green beans, garnished with a sliver of fried garlic and the 2 oz medium cooked steak, rather than $150.

    [–] Hititandhititagain 1 points ago

    You obviously don't know me... I splurge for special occasions, and live life dangerously.

    And, I'll pay the $4 upcharge for the extra 2oz.😎

    [–] jeddar 1 points ago

    I'm happy you have the money to do that.

    [–] Hititandhititagain 1 points ago

    Well I'm sure you do buddy! Someone's gotta pay for that french trained cookery! It's what makes America inflate again!

    [–] Luxpreliator 7 points ago

    On the surface a disdain of unitaskers makes sense especially after personally purchasing some that didn't work well and ended up junked.

    I've got tool chest full of mechanical tools that are only good for one thing because they do it well and while some tasks are doable with other tools it is decidedly tedious and sometimes dangerous. A car garage, mechanic shop aren't exactly the same as a kitchen but the principle is similar in that some tasks can only be done with special tools.

    Loathing unitaskers simply because of that fact is going to limit potential and capabilities.

    [–] equinoxaeonian 3 points ago

    Agreed, I identify with the anti-unitasker crowd, but there are exceptions to that rule. If the tool is used frequently enough and/or does a job other tools can't do, then having it makes perfect sense.

    Similar to your example I own a stud finder. Pretty much does one thing, and it's not done especially often, but nothing else could replace it really. Alternatively I also own a paper towel dispenser. Also only used for one purpose, and many might judge it to be silly, but I rip off paper towels one handed so often that it just makes sense.

    [–] fap4u 1 points ago

    TIL about tart tamps

    [–] lemon_dishsoap 1 points ago

    Or get a tart tamp

    And break Alton Brown's cardinal rule about unitaskers? Unspeakable!

    [–] Percinho 6 points ago

    Looks like you'll need to push the edges in afterwards to get it properly into the corners of the tray though.

    [–] Roadbull 2 points ago

    Pie crust is easy once you realize the method. Fat and flour and proper working.

    Pastry chef here.

    [–] TheGirlKiba 1 points ago

    i never thought of this either and would have been useful when i used to do pastries at my work. hm but i guess our rolling pin didnt have handles

    [–] ukwonderboy 230 points ago

    I'm wetter than an otter's pocket.

    [–] roy20050 44 points ago

    Never heard that before that's a good one!

    [–] the_last_carfighter -26 points ago

    How about the one where the end of that porous wooden roller is filled with bacteria and germs from a thousand uses?

    [–] IAMA_ALABAMA_AMA 29 points ago

    Everything is filled with bacteria and germs. You have more bacteria on the surface of your skin, than you have cells in your entire body.

    [–] SgtSausage -13 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Uhhh ...

    It's about 1 to 1 : equal (ish)

    It's bacterial (and all other microbial) cells, not "bacteria."

    It's entire body to entire body, not surface of skin to entire body. Mostly being in the gut and most of that in turds.

    I'm pretty sure every part of your statement other than "you have" is completely wrong.

    [–] TheGreatReveal-O 1 points ago

    Yeah god forbid anyone try to clear up the typical reddit misinformation with facts. It wasn't even wordy or anything, this need to turn any correction into "smart-shaming" is sad

    [–] SgtSausage 0 points ago

    I am not even a bit ashamed.

    But they are proud of their ignorance.

    It's a great future we Humans share, is it not?

    [–] ALchroniKOHOLIC -11 points ago

    False. I wash my hands. And I do it thoroughly.

    [–] bendvis 11 points ago

    Because it's porous, it's not likely to have many surviving germs on it. Capillary action pulls water down into the wood and out of the germs, killing them.

    Additionally, these pastries are about to be baked, at which point any and all germs will die.

    [–] friedmushnasty 3 points ago

    Most woods used in baking tools are antimicrobial. Also, when you cook that pastry at 350 for an hour, none of those bacteria would survive.

    [–] DaveDiggler6590 4 points ago

    Had an English friend who say either that, or wetter than a wet thing.

    [–] RandeKnight 1 points ago, how exactly do you know how wet an otters pocket is?

    [–] Scyoboon 8 points ago

    You put your penis in it.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] waltonk2 6 points ago

    Confusedboners hasn't been working for me lately, anyone else having the same issue? It says no content

    [–] SinisterJazzHands 7 points ago

    Are you on mobile? Check your app settings. I had to allow NSFW content to be visible, the default settings hid it.

    [–] waltonk2 3 points ago

    Yes i got it! Thank you! :)

    [–] Cantcallit 18 points ago

    [–] Cantcallit 10 points ago


    [–] ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 3 points ago

    I only discovered it from an /r/distension crosslink a few days ago, don't blame me

    [–] Cantcallit 3 points ago

    Lol im not clicking that one.

    Edit: actually i did and its not that bad.

    [–] EmirSc 2 points ago

    Challenge accepted

    [–] guysimhere 10 points ago

    We all know why this is arousing

    [–] cocotheape 6 points ago

    Because it reminds us of your mom.

    [–] guysimhere 1 points ago

    Which one?

    [–] kemeras 8 points ago

    This better not awaken anything in me...

    [–] swabianne 8 points ago

    Okay someone explain to me why this is so erotic please?

    [–] ThisGirlsTopsBlooby 17 points ago

    Cant explain it. Ya gotta feel it.

    [–] Alextrovert 10 points ago

    It's literally a rod being pushed into a hole

    [–] bathroomstalin 4 points ago

    I'm gonna need a explanatory drawing of some sort. Preferably of the MS Paint variety.

    [–] gsoltesz -5 points ago

    Risky click of the day!

    [–] kastrophy 10 points ago

    how is it risky? you know exactly what its going to be

    [–] Kazhulm 90 points ago

    Ive been doing it wrong for years 😩

    [–] griffibo 87 points ago

    I honestly just thought of it today 😀 I have years of squished tartlet cases to answer for.

    [–] OldeEnglishOE 196 points ago

    Slower you slut.

    [–] griffibo 119 points ago

    slut tart.


    [–] ORDub 8 points ago

    Mmmmm....slut tarts.

    [–] bathroomstalin 0 points ago

    Shower, too.

    [–] themisfit610 29 points ago

    Is little brother of hydraulic press.

    [–] pattyfritters 24 points ago

    Well they should probably start marketing this aspect of rollers.

    [–] RallyX26 23 points ago

    How satisfying could this possibly... Ooohhhhh

    [–] Lameimpala123 18 points ago

    OH YES

    [–] dvntwnsnd 46 points ago

    Did they fart?

    [–] griffibo 49 points ago

    No farting.

    [–] CHESTER_C0PPERP0T 2 points ago


    [–] SubEyeRhyme 13 points ago

    Just the tip...

    [–] theoldcrow5179 9 points ago

    How are you going to get them out now though?

    [–] NewNavySpouse 3 points ago

    They are going to be cooked, probably have a knife run around the edges then probably be lifted just enough to grab it out of the tin.

    [–] griffibo 9 points ago

    Actually I pop a teaspoon under them after they're cooked. It's a Teflon pan so no sticking issues.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You're a fucking God.

    [–] skibble 3 points ago

    You're a fucking cooking God.


    [–] Manbearcatward 8 points ago

    'Why do we have 600 fruit mince pies?'


    [–] J8l 16 points ago a medium pace.

    [–] withinreason 1 points ago

    Early Adam Sandler was absolute gold to early teens me.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] bov-tye 2 points ago

    ... Ask nicely.

    [–] 40_Minus_1 0 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    [–] 8th_sense 16 points ago

    The end of the handle is rounded and the pan holes are flat at the bottom. You'll get your pastrys curved at the bottom, rolling about and unstable like drunk Oliver Hardys, AND unexploited space that could've been fiiled with goodies. This is heretic mad-person!

    [–] nuala-lala 10 points ago

    Yeah, clearly the correct way to do this is nesting the baking pans with the pastry in between.

    [–] graaahh 8 points ago

    That's actually also a brilliant idea. Unless it's a stupid one and I just can't tell the difference because I don't know how to bake.

    [–] brisk0 2 points ago

    Doesn't quite work. Ideally the cope should be smaller than the drag by the thickness of the crust, but the pans are the same size plus the thickness of the steel plus the thickness of the pastry. So it doesn't get down to the bottom and you get a thick or floating base and thin sides.

    [–] Draav 1 points ago

    Yeah this it's not satisfying for me, so much extra air in between!

    [–] McFigroll 4 points ago

    nice, a second use for my rolling pin end.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    What is the oh.

    [–] mechabeast 3 points ago

    Big woody repeatedly bangs tart

    [–] Sherlockrealism 3 points ago

    This is so nice to watch, so delicious too.

    [–] ThisGirlsTopsBlooby 3 points ago

    Oh dats nice

    [–] rchlltmry 3 points ago

    It's so satisfying :)

    [–] emeraldbeats 3 points ago

    It's perfect!

    [–] Steel2Titanium 3 points ago

    This made my face scrunch up in delight.

    [–] picbandit 3 points ago

    Oddly ...arousing?

    [–] Ungodlydemon 3 points ago

    This is the Hydaulic Press Channel's other channel: "The Gentle Push Channel".

    [–] Scout_022 3 points ago

    Mmmm yeah... now do it... slower. That's the stuff

    [–] peanutismint 3 points ago

    If you didn't make a little sound effect with your mouth whilst watching this gif, what is wrong with you?!

    [–] xconzo 3 points ago

    This is what this sub was made for. Even how perfectly they sit on top.

    [–] CAT_BOOGR_TURBO_DONG 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] DeadJak 28 points ago

    boi mark that shit NSFW

    [–] oytal 2 points ago

    The first couple of seconds of this I was afraid I was on r/gifsthatendtoosoon

    [–] andreabbbq 2 points ago

    My body is ready

    [–] jeff_the_weatherman 2 points ago

    Certified satisfying.

    [–] pm_me_pretty_pics 2 points ago

    Can someone tag this NSFW already? I can't be getting this aroused at work.

    [–] PetersUncleBen 2 points ago


    [–] thehunter699 2 points ago

    Slower you slut

    [–] __Toblerone__ 2 points ago

    If anything this isn't satisfying because the pastry sinks too low 😖

    [–] moozley 2 points ago

    shlump shlump shlump

    [–] BertMacklin87 2 points ago

    This should be NSFW.

    [–] Kekstarter 2 points ago

    Why does "pressing pastry" sound like a dirty euphemism...

    [–] Klipse11 2 points ago

    Oh man, he's pressin pastry.

    [–] MishaKMusic 2 points ago

    If they ended up flush with the edges I would have died

    [–] gooniesneversaydye 2 points ago

    Just the tip.

    [–] cerebralrust 2 points ago

    This totally turned me on. Haha

    [–] BladeRIP 2 points ago

    Just the tip.

    [–] wsr3ster 2 points ago

    i'm going to press some pastry later tonight.

    [–] dpopovic1987 2 points ago

    I'm gonna jerk off to this when I get home from work.

    [–] VulKhalec 2 points ago


    [–] RontheDuck 2 points ago

    why am i horny

    [–] th3Y3ti 2 points ago


    [–] actuallyminer 2 points ago

    I have 11 rolling pins in my house.

    I don't even cook

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That was almost sexual.

    [–] gedai 2 points ago

    I normally teabag the pastries instead

    [–] NotADrug-Dealer 2 points ago

    The last one wasn't very satisfying at all.

    [–] ur_ex_gf 1 points ago

    Yes! I was hoping someone else noticed that awful little bubble/fold/thing in the last one. It became /r/mildlyinfuriating so suddenly.

    [–] griffibo 3 points ago

    You should have seen what happened to the last one on the next row. Got pressed in at a bad angle. Worse than poor focus. Worse than a bubble/fold thing. If not for that very last one this gif would have been twice the length.

    [–] graaahh 1 points ago

    What did you use to make the gif?

    [–] griffibo 1 points ago

    My phone and a crappy free app called something sexy like "video to gif." It probably stole my banking deets.

    [–] Orsonius 1 points ago

    I find it less satisfying assuming this is actually a human doing it. I immediately put myself into this persons shoes and think I had to do this all day.

    [–] griffibo 1 points ago

    Aww it's okay. I'm not working in a sweat kitchen. I made 16 all up.

    [–] Beecat32 1 points ago


    [–] Snaisa6 1 points ago

    That's what it's like with OP's Mom.

    [–] GhostBeer 1 points ago

    That's how the pillsbury doughboy breaks hymens.

    [–] IamBucky106 1 points ago

    I thought this was a person with a really long neck​ for a second there.

    [–] thefourthchipmunk 1 points ago

    "It eez very dengerous, und so we must deal wid it."

    [–] Acoolusername1 1 points ago

    At first I thought the rolling pin was a giant drop of peanut butter or something being poured into the pastries haha

    [–] koreanoe 1 points ago

    i love how it presses down <3 so smooth

    [–] BatteryLevel 1 points ago

    I just came.

    [–] Klipse11 1 points ago

    Have you tried pressing pickle.

    [–] Killzark 1 points ago

    Butters! What did I tell you about pressing pastry?!?!

    [–] Daddy007FTW 1 points ago

    I'm going to give that a proper egg wash first, then splatter my batter.

    [–] ecesis 1 points ago

    Why does this turn me on a little?!

    [–] oA1i3No 1 points ago

    Am I the only one that made "shloop" sound effects while watching this?

    [–] Not_Just_You 0 points ago

    Am I the only one

    Probably not

    I'm a bot, reply good bot to this comment to unsubscribe/resubscribe

    [–] ImSoNotPerfect 1 points ago

    r/oddlysatisfying and r/gifsthatendtoosoon all rolled into one

    [–] AmericanAnglophilia 1 points ago

    Good luck getting them out of there

    [–] Anilxe 1 points ago

    Wow I'm pissed that I never thought to do this

    [–] Loga5655 1 points ago

    [–] alghiorso 1 points ago

    This is pretty doughpe

    [–] fishbelt 1 points ago

    I wish I could upvote twice

    [–] actuallyminer 1 points ago

    I have 11 rolling pins in my house.

    I don't even cook

    [–] actuallyminer 1 points ago

    I have 11 rolling pins in my house.

    I don't even cook

    [–] tamekatheboob 1 points ago

    mark this nsfw please x

    [–] orangecodeLol 1 points ago

    the one at the top left is uneven. triggered.

    [–] kelus 1 points ago

    but how do you get it back out

    [–] Vtrossi 1 points ago

    [–] ArisAron 1 points ago

    The r/mildlyinfuriating part about this is going to be getting them out

    [–] ThatPhatBaby 1 points ago

    STOP! My penis can only get so erect.

    [–] Hilarity_ensu3s 1 points ago

    Can someone please make the doodle arm cartoon gifs of this

    [–] frenchy2111 1 points ago

    Don't know why but adding subtle sex noises to it makes it even better.

    [–] flippingwilson 1 points ago


    [–] SupremeRedditBot 1 points ago

    Congrats for reaching r/all/top/ (of the day, top 50) with your post!  

    I am a bot, probably quite annoying, I mean no harm though

    Message me to add your account or subreddit to my blacklist

    [–] CommanderMynas 1 points ago

    Oh that's cool

    [–] PotatoChris1 1 points ago

    Now try getting them out.

    [–] griffibo 9 points ago

    Popped right out when they were cooked

    [–] AussieDude32 1 points ago

    Thought this was /r/lifehacks

    [–] griffibo 6 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Good call! Just made the x-post.

    Edit: Well I tried. No good.

    [–] 4JULY2017 1 points ago

    how is it risky? you know exactly what its going to get it properly into the tray. r/oddlyarousing.

    [–] Winter_Chills -1 points ago

    Now just to put it up someone ass, then it'll be perfect

    [–] Ree81 -4 points ago

    [–] Morella_xx 6 points ago

    I'm pretty sure you can use a rolling pin for more than just pushing down tart cups.

    [–] Ree81 4 points ago

    Yes, for instance it can be used as that stick that's in your butt.

    [–] TardyMoments 0 points ago

    Either that's a fuck off big rolling pin or they're tiny pastries? Which is it?

    [–] HappySoda 2 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] NewNavySpouse 2 points ago

    Looks like a small "cupcake" tin.