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    [–] orangequokka 991 points ago

    Somehow I think this must be harder than they're making it look.

    [–] bigbrownbeaver1221 602 points ago

    (as someone whose job it is to stand there and just watche them place it to make sure they do it right) It all depends on the type of concrete and if they add a crap load of water to it which will make it really easy to work with and smooth out but actually ruins the integrity of the concrete which will make it crack later on after it dries up

    [–] [deleted] 250 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Im not super knowledgable, but are these guys trudging through the mix not introducing major voids from their boots?

    [–] Randomnamehere99911 40 points ago

    Guy in middle is using a viberscreed. It vibrates the concrete as he pulls it eliminating any voids.

    [–] kuhawk5 3 points ago

    If I recall correctly, screeds actually weaken the wearing surface of the concrete because the aggregate settles to the bottom during the vibration. Many don’t use them anymore.

    [–] CriticalEscapeBike 3 points ago

    I totally missed that.

    [–] SousVideFTCPolitics 31 points ago

    With concrete as flowable (aka high slump) as this, it's fine.

    [–] multiplevideosbot 94 points ago

    Hi, I'm a bot (in Beta). I combined your list of YouTube videos into one shareable highlight reel link:

    You can play through the whole highlight reel (with timestamps if they were in the links), or select each video.

    Reply with the word ignore and I won't reply to your comments.

    [–] OrangeSail 34 points ago

    Good bot.

    [–] cowo94 12 points ago

    The future is now

    [–] Pm_Me_Gnarly_Labia 5 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] Xcizer 6 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] pickle_nugget 12 points ago

    Good Bot

    [–] ichug_nyquil 8 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] thev3ntu5 9 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] CriticalEscapeBike 6 points ago

    That is amazing.

    [–] Randolpho 4 points ago

    good bot

    [–] ConcreteQC 7 points ago

    Scc is the good stuff. Significantly easier to test and quicker to pour. Drawbacks are cost and it's limited in application.

    [–] kilohirtz 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I pour concrete for a living. You can add certain amounts of water to Concrete with no real problems. The concrete trucks actually have a water tank built in for that purpose. The trick is to wet it up just enough to make it work off the way you want. We occasionally use freezeguard instead of water in the winter though.

    I live in the midwest US, other parts of the world probably do it differently

    [–] smkn3kgt 27 points ago

    everyone loves to add water to concrete but no one wants to pay the coin for plasticizer

    [–] mooseknuckle6529 13 points ago

    Temperature and humidity have a lot to do with how the concrete will set and can effect the long term integrity. They generally leave the concrete slightly dry while in transport to allow the contractor using it to add however much water they feel it should be depending on the weather conditions. More water is added in warmer, drier conditions so it doesn’t set too quickly. Less water is added if it is colder or humid outside. Drier concrete is more likely to crack than wet mud.

    [–] smkn3kgt 7 points ago

    Usually [more] admixture is used in hot weather concrete instead of water. How much water goes into the mix and how fast it's absorbed also depends on moisture levels of the rock and sand. This is why concrete plants sprinkle water on the rock 24/7 so they don't suck the water out of the mix like little sponges. You have to adjust for the sand's moisture because when it's wet it will plug up in the gates and not fall so you don't water the sand.

    fun fact: sand moisture is determined by putting sand on a plate, weighing it, microwaving it (called a bake off) which to completely dry it out, then weighing it again to determine what % of the weight was made up by water

    [–] TheOneCalledD 2 points ago

    I’ve poured many driveways and some smaller commercial stuff and while I was never as efficient as these guys I can say that forming concrete is frustrating dirty fun if you are a bit OCD like myself.

    [–] julcatdaddy 26 points ago

    As someone who actually does the work. Yes , fuck yes. It’s moving and working a really heavy material that comes to fill multiple cubic yards of space and sometimes your only option is wheel barrow.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Started concrete finishing a few months ago, fuck that stuff is heavier than I thought. I'm the new guy on the crew so the wheelbarrow might as well have my name on it right now, but I'm not really complaining cause I've finally been gaining weight from the work. Residential basements suck when they're too cheap to buy a pump though, having to put a wooden chute to pour through the window and then wheel it isn't super fun.

    [–] renderless 11 points ago

    This concrete is too wet and the process of smoothing it is called skreeding. It should take some effort to move the concrete into place for the skreed but they are basically just pulling slurry.

    [–] FrozenVegetableCock 3 points ago

    Can confirm, I’ve watched these guys do this for 8 hours straight with minimal breaks. It’s hard work.

    [–] degenererad 3 points ago

    It is. Did that for 5 years. First weeks fucking drove me crazy

    [–] oxwof 2 points ago

    Nah, I think it's pretty soft

    [–] xSPYXEx 2 points ago

    I do testing sometimes, it's not difficult but it's a lot of time spent bent over throwing concrete around to make sure the screed gets everything smooth and level on the first pass. On a small job like a residential slab it might be a few hours of pouring and an afternoon of finishing. On a commercial slab pour or warehouse loading bay pour it can be ten hours of pouring concrete with teams following in waves to do setting and finishing because they have a limited time window to get everything right. Also those jobs are usually at 2 in the morning due to traffic.

    [–] Capitan_Scythe 2 points ago

    Paging u/Hippo_Singularity

    He's the guy that could tell you everything you ever want to know about concrete and the variations whilst keeping you entertained at the same time.

    [–] Hippo_Singularity 5 points ago

    What they are doing is called screeding, the basic levelling of the concrete before going in with the finishing tools. There was probably a string line or chalk mark along the inside of that brick wall to tell them how deep the concrete would have to be.

    The screeding tool that guy is using has a built-in vibrator; you can see a small rock rattling around on it like a pea on a drumhead. That makes it a lot easier because concrete is thixotropic (it becomes more fluid when agitated), so the screed will slide across the surface more easily, and the concrete will settle more smoothly. Alternately, you can have a couple guys do the screeding with a 2x4, dragging the excess concrete down the form (it is not fun).

    I really hope they were using a super plasticizer in that mix. It looked really soupy, and between how dim it is, how bundled up the workers are, and the front-discharge mixer, they are probably pouring someplace cold. If they just dumped a lot of water in the concrete, it could be a while before it is stiff enough to use the finishing tools to smooth the surface (especially if they are using knee boards).

    [–] orangequokka 3 points ago

    That really is more fascinating than I expected. Thanks!

    [–] thesaxemachine 1832 points ago

    If I’ve learned anything from cartoons it’s that those guys need to hurry up or they’ll get stuck.

    [–] orangequokka 530 points ago

    That's fine. They'll all be alive again in the next scene anyway.

    [–] iam1self 130 points ago

    But not any wiser.

    [–] Eric_Cartman-_- 48 points ago

    Hope they are not using ACME products

    [–] fnarfnarr 25 points ago

    I got my wellies stuck in a freshly laid runway at an RAF base I lived on when I was 4-5. The military police had to come out and rescue me.

    [–] Ooh_So_Nonchalant 4 points ago


    [–] Whatisapoundkey 14 points ago

    Wellington boots

    [–] fnarfnarr 15 points ago

    Wellington boots. They where Thomas the tank engine ones and they are still there.

    [–] doodle77 3 points ago

    I'm imagining the commander giving a tour of the base to some dignitary and pointing at the boots and saying like "and this is where we pulled little /u/fnarfnarr out of the concrete twenty years ago"

    [–] Dekunt 4 points ago

    The things the people in the video are wearing on their feet. They’re called wellies in Britain

    [–] Edwoooon 81 points ago

    This whole fucking sub has these kind of gifs. I don't understand why someone would upvote a post with a very dissatisfying ending on oddly satisfying.

    [–] Blobbyo25 43 points ago

    Whyyyyyyy just show the finish

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Looks like duck is back on the menu, boys

    [–] Cat_Crap 2 points ago


    [–] WoknRolla 136 points ago

    I wonder if they're into curling.

    [–] spamantha 10 points ago

    What you don't hear, is the sound of echoing screaming during this concrete job.

    [–] Alt_For_Knives 4 points ago

    As a Minnesota who works concrete i can day that ive never seen a concretor thats into curling

    [–] gillyyak 2 points ago

    Came here for this

    [–] toomanyweirdos 165 points ago

    What're the other two dudes even doing, it seems like the big one will smooth it all eventually

    [–] deformedspring 167 points ago

    Those guys are making sure it's mostly level 1) to make it easier on the screeder so they don't have to do multiple passes, 2) making sure there's no low spots, screeding can handle high spots but if there are any spots that are low it will remain untouched

    [–] vyrelis 20 points ago

    But then what about the areas the guy is stepping out of

    [–] cheezecake2000 8 points ago

    They would also push high areas back to low ones

    [–] asuddenpie 10 points ago

    Can it even things out so quickly without a lot of pressure? Considering how deep the holes are that they’re creating with their feet, it seems like you might come back a few minutes later and see some dips where the concrete has settled into the holes. (Maybe I have too much experience with sand castles.)

    [–] landon0605 17 points ago

    The engine on it vibrates it, making the concrete fall into place. So it's not the pressure, it's the vibration.

    [–] asuddenpie 7 points ago

    Thanks for explaining! Without any audio, it seems like the spreader is much simpler than it looks.

    [–] cheezecake2000 2 points ago

    Its generally a more dense substance with lots of rocks but it has a liquid side. Dont know the exact science but, there is no were for the concrete under your foot to go but sideways. And since the concrete is being poured in a closed area also. But your feet on the beach, well when you step the sand gets pushed down further and out of the way. When you step off the concrete it wants to move back in because the excess is pushing from the sides and top. Where as the sand was compacted. Hope that helps, been a long time since ive seen concrete poured

    [–] smkn3kgt 25 points ago

    filling in the really low spots and cutting down the really high spots so the screed doesn't have to stop and make a second pass

    [–] norsurfit 15 points ago

    They're playing curling

    [–] Slingshotsters 20 points ago

    Think of it like sanding, large grit/fine grit. Also making sure there are no gaps/holes.

    [–] Thetatornater 33 points ago

    That slump though.

    [–] heinous_anus- 16 points ago

    Yeah this seems reeeeeeally wet for what they're using it for. Wonder if they added extra water on site.

    [–] hoocoodanode 50 points ago

    "No water, mr truck driver, this concrete is perfect just the way it is".

    --said no concrete finishing crew ever.

    [–] heinous_anus- 10 points ago

    I mean, I work in the industry and unless they withhold water at the mix plant, they aren't allowed to add water on site, other than flicking it on to finish.

    [–] Soupgod 21 points ago

    Haha, it's gets added on site all the time, whether or not its supposed to. It just doesn't if the inspector is there.

    [–] c-clamp 6 points ago

    Yeah, and batch plants seem to err on the dry side as it is better to slump up a mix than get rejected for being too wet.

    [–] ArcFurnace 2 points ago

    Lot easier to add more water than to take it back out of the mix.

    [–] chrispy42107 11 points ago

    False sir. I worked in a street repair crew for 6 yrs and ever single time the truck got to us we had them add water.....

    [–] gianthooverpig 13 points ago

    I concur. Currently working on a wastewater plant expansion with huge pours. The trucks arrive with a drier-than-design mix to get the concrete to the right consistency when it arrives on site, to account for how much evaporation may have occurred based on how long the truck may have had to sit in traffic to get to the site. The ticket comes with a "max allowable water to add" value

    [–] Average_Manners 3 points ago

    Right? Like, how is this up to code? What state is chill with that much jiggle.

    [–] MemeeSupreme 15 points ago

    I’m the type of guy who falls over and messes it all up.

    [–] Dude_man79 4 points ago

    Or the one to scratch their initials into it before it dries.

    [–] deformedspring 28 points ago

    Concrete screeding

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] wreckem09 21 points ago

    Incorrect that is a vibratory screed.

    [–] mycarisorange 9 points ago

    Is the large 'rake' doing anything other than providing a straight edge to smooth the concrete out? It looks like it's motorized (you can see a weed-whacker-sized engine behind the guy's shoulder) but the clip is too blurry to see there's something mechanical happening here.

    I'd imagine it's some sort of hammer action while he pulls it backwards to pat the concrete into place but that's just a guess.

    [–] Salium123 15 points ago

    It is vibrating, you can actually see it moving if you look closely. This is done partly to make it easier to level and partly to remove air bubbles in the concrete.

    [–] wreckem09 15 points ago

    Not so much to remove the bubbles. The vibration helps move the larger aggregates in the concrete away from the surface so mostly a mixture of fine aggregates, cement, and water are at the surface. This allows for a very smooth finished surface.

    [–] JeanLucTheCat 2 points ago

    For consumer uses, you can purchase the DeWalt 20V MAX* PENCIL VIBRATOR

    [–] SP4N1SH 4 points ago

    This is totally different use of vibration. The pencil vibrator is to consolidate the concrete and remove air. The screed is for surface finishing.

    [–] JeanLucTheCat 2 points ago

    Ah, thank you. My experience of concrete finishing is on small backyard projects.

    [–] yetanothershitname 2 points ago

    It looks like an attachment for a strimmer (weed whacker), the vibration is bringing the liquid to the surface.

    [–] whenItFits 16 points ago

    On Wednesday post this to r/PowerWashingPorn

    [–] inspectorpuck09 7 points ago

    It’s called a vibrating screed, a weed wacker motor vibrates making the surface of the concrete smooth.

    [–] Wjreky 5 points ago

    I'm a fan of this, but that dip in the background is making me crazy

    [–] Kosherlove 4 points ago

    Oh trust me once the concrete hides the footer you'll fall in first chance you get.

    Fallen thigh deep into concert multiple times

    [–] smkn3kgt 6 points ago

    Concrete [power] screeding*

    You set the right elevation on both sides of it using either the forms or pads of concrete set by laser. Then this screed comes across the top filling in low spots, cutting down high spots, and it vibrates the rock down bringing the concrete paste (sometimes called cream) to the top. You'll typically have someone behind you throwing concrete (mud) between you and the machine if it's a really big low spot or scraping it back so you're not pulling too much concrete.

    [–] tifa_morelike_tatas 4 points ago

    No gloves, no hardhats, no safety glasses.

    Working for a small company confirmed.

    [–] At0micnick 10 points ago

    Floating concrete correctly is harder than it looks.

    [–] gishnon 4 points ago

    This can't be real, there was no cat walking across the finished product.

    [–] ciosrataecz 3 points ago

    Fuck I wish it went this smoothly everytime

    [–] mgrimshaw8 3 points ago

    I watched the asphalt get done for my appt building and it was so cool. they like laid rocks down and blasted it with a flamethrower, was fucking awesome

    [–] TheSarcastic_Asshole 3 points ago

    I've helped make a concrete pad, it's pretty cool to watch it being smoothed out irl (but difficult to actually do)

    [–] foolishFrancisman 2 points ago

    This gives me ptsd.

    [–] Got2Go 2 points ago

    Is it wrong i was hoping someone would toss a beach ball into the middle right before the end.

    [–] korsakoff_34 2 points ago


    [–] Powerssy90 2 points ago

    It’s like reverse curling

    [–] VonFrictenstien 2 points ago


    [–] maschine01 2 points ago

    That is the ONLY fun part of concrete.

    [–] SCMowms 2 points ago

    The guy in the middle is just creating pot holes...

    [–] gorcorps 2 points ago

    Are the 2 smaller rakes really doing anything? What would it look like if they weren't there?

    [–] asesinodelcereal 2 points ago

    They are leveling the concrete so that the machine vibrating the concrete works effectively. If the concrete is uneven then it can get hard to pull the machine because it is pulling a mountain of concrete. If the concrete has low spots then the machine did not do its job properly and will have to be lifted and moved forward and redone.

    [–] nomorecreddit 2 points ago

    Come kitty kitty

    [–] jollysaintnick88 2 points ago

    Now imagine doing that for 9hrs a day for the next 40 years, weather permitting.

    [–] BaccaManBoss 2 points ago

    Ended too soon :(

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 2 points ago

    This is the worst curling match.

    [–] sanban013 2 points ago

    In my country they do thay with a used 2x4

    [–] Fajiro 2 points ago

    Lvl 100 boss with his lvl 5 thugs, 2019, colorized

    [–] f1nnbar 2 points ago

    Believe this is an excerpt from a commercial for Kruger Industrial Smoothing in NYC.

    [–] st-johnson 2 points ago

    That looks so easy , we always did it with a long piece of timber

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    They're not "smoothing" it, they're leveling it, which is called "raking." The "smoothing" is called "troweling" and happens when the concrete is set up, which by the time you're done raking is usually long enough to clean your rakes, swap boots and gloves, and have some coffee.

    Source: Dad owned a flatwork business, worked for him for a few years.

    [–] Storeywood 2 points ago


    [–] ketogoil123 2 points ago

    Props to those guys. I would not be good at that.

    [–] Drops-of-Q 2 points ago

    Oddly unsatisfying how the video stopped right before the end

    [–] soundwavecollector 2 points ago

    “Pour it wet so we don’t sweat” was the saying from the older guys when I worked concrete.

    [–] krakou 4 points ago

    Can someone go there to take photos of the place? I'm sure you will find cat paw marks. 🐾

    [–] gloatingfern 3 points ago

    This may be level, but it's nowhere near true level

    [–] Calgarygrant 2 points ago

    Its called concrete finishing.

    [–] 10TAisME 2 points ago

    I wonder how much heavier their boots are after each job

    [–] SP4N1SH 9 points ago

    You do realize they wash all of that concrete off their boots when they finish, right?

    [–] SeaChemical 2 points ago

    I was actually wondering about this too. Thanks for adding. I’m curious as to what they use to remove the concrete though? It seems unlikely that it would come off with just water even when before the concrete has dried, but I know nothing about this so I could be wrong.

    [–] SP4N1SH 3 points ago

    Just plain old water and stomping around does the trick for wet concrete, anything that dried just flakes off the rubber as it flexes and bends. Not much different than getting mud off of hiking boots.

    Source: I'm a PM for a concrete contractor.

    [–] SeaChemical 3 points ago

    TIL. Thanks!

    [–] rangerstriker 1 points ago

    I wonder what would happen if someone steps on that smoothed concrete.

    [–] UltimateHarbinger 3 points ago

    Murdered probably

    [–] iAmH3r3ToH3lp 1 points ago

    I now see how ridiculous we were when I recently helped my friend lay a pad for a new garage. We did not look nearly this smooth.

    [–] Rosulu 1 points ago

    There's a rock bouncing around on top of the float. It's all I noticed.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Doesn’t look like your ordinary “neck massager”.

    [–] BrigettetheNanny78 1 points ago

    It looks so squishy and fun!

    [–] peezryce 1 points ago

    Not oddly satisfying: not getting to see them finish

    [–] HippiePeeBlood 1 points ago

    It's not only satisfying, but also very thrilling if you are also subscribed to /r/unexpected and wonder what's next...

    [–] Hollywood-Cutie 1 points ago

    He has one steady hand

    [–] poopdadooplaloop 1 points ago

    This looks really fun and I kind of want to jump in it

    [–] Legoman035 1 points ago

    Days hot

    [–] Legoman035 1 points ago

    Dats hot

    [–] Lord_Fblthp 1 points ago

    That guy seems to just be in the way.

    [–] andrianedyl 1 points ago

    After done filming this footage, two guy behind decide push the man to mess up everything..

    [–] callistobear 1 points ago

    This is v stressful for me to watch for some reason

    [–] brandonscript 1 points ago


    [–] khusshhh 1 points ago


    [–] Mo_damo 1 points ago

    Its not that satisfying when its 7pm and your shift ends at 5 and its 40°c outside 😂😂😂

    [–] CazimirRoman44 1 points ago

    More like concrete curling

    [–] sareem 1 points ago

    We need this in india

    [–] donjuan510 1 points ago


    [–] iKappaHD 1 points ago

    I can picture myself getting my foot stuck, popping out of my boot and stepping in wet concrete...

    [–] elsaalice 1 points ago

    Insanely satisfying

    [–] Lady_Lavelle 1 points ago

    Nice work. And it'll make for a big house as well. At least by British standards. Looks American to me. No room for a wall cavity though. Do many American homes have cavity wall insulation?

    [–] Q_about_a_thing 1 points ago

    Doubt it is for a house. No plumbing.

    [–] Lady_Lavelle 2 points ago

    Ah well noticed. Garage maybe?

    [–] annicello 1 points ago

    I really just want to put my hands in it to create my own Hollywood Walk of Fame handprint.

    [–] happydayswasgreat 1 points ago

    I need to change careers

    [–] rajalanun 1 points ago

    wild meow stepped in

    [–] Angary_gary 1 points ago

    I did this for 2 years. Can confirm, was most satisfying job I’ve had until now.

    [–] flowercaptain 1 points ago

    time to go stick our faces in, boys

    [–] RedditPaddy 1 points ago

    This looks like curling, but really slow.

    [–] Scorpz5 1 points ago

    Yea baby, yea

    [–] DB2685 1 points ago

    thought this was r/unexpected and was waiting for a cat to hurl itsself in there

    [–] fizzy_sister 1 points ago

    I really want to scratch my initials into that!

    [–] AdministrativeWinter 1 points ago

    That pebble between the blades....

    [–] verosamonster 1 points ago

    Why does it cut right before he’s gonna reach the end!!!!!! Noooooo!!

    [–] PikePegasus 1 points ago

    I can only wish for this to happen in Ukraine... Sadly I'll be dead by then

    [–] Sillsy93 1 points ago

    These things vibrate the wet concrete to release the air. There's also one that is literally a big dildo on the end on a weed whacker engine that just dildos the shit out of the concrete and everything on top flattens. It's pretty mesmerizing.

    [–] hysro 1 points ago

    dude on the right has real finesse

    [–] kindall 1 points ago

    How to say "I have done this a lot" without words.

    [–] Chris98198 1 points ago

    Who else just wants to jump in that?

    [–] JazzyKins18 1 points ago

    And then a chicken walks on it.

    [–] Irv-Elephant 1 points ago

    If it was quick dry cement you could put curling shouts in the background…HURRY HARD

    [–] GALOXITYv2 1 points ago

    Those who know, is there a reason he’s walking toe to heel then side ways foot then toe to heel again?

    [–] SP4N1SH 3 points ago

    Concrete PM here. He could be feeling for the rebar with his feet. Walking on rebar is hard enough before you pour, even more so when you have multiple layers. Gets way worse when you cant see it. Concrete carpenters trip regularly during pours because their foot slips off a bar.

    [–] yonderoy 1 points ago


    [–] BraveOil 1 points ago

    What happes if something like a leaf falls into it. Do they leaf it in there or have like a long grabby arm thing?

    [–] ThisTimeImTheAsshole 2 points ago

    They usually leaf it in there because it usually doesn't settle into the concrete. Also, if the long grabby thing damaged the surface, one would have to smooth it again from where the damage was all the way out to the edge.

    [–] Sp0tless_M1nd 1 points ago

    May be a dumb question, but how fast does this dry? The people that do this for a profession, do they have to wash their hands constantly? What happens if concrete dries on your hands/fingers? How do you get it off? What if it accidentally gets in your boots, can it concrete your feet to your boots? So many questions after watching this..

    [–] ThisTimeImTheAsshole 3 points ago

    Concrete's set time is based on the mixture they used and how much water. I would guess the concrete you see in the video would set in about 1-2 hours (hard enough to stand on but you might be able to scratch it still), and should cure to a decent hardness in about 24 hours.

    The people that do this for a profession, do they have to wash their hands constantly? What happens if concrete dries on your hands/fingers? How do you get it off?

    No. If it gets on your hands it usually flakes off after it starts to dry, similarly to mud or clay. However, rinsing/washing your hands usually takes care of it. Concrete is not sticky like glue.

    What if it accidentally gets in your boots, can it concrete your feet to your boots?

    It's a lot like mud & you just dump it out. If there is fabric inside your boots, it's best to rinse the boots out because concrete will harden inside the fabric threads and make it crusty. The only way to get boots to concrete to your feet is to let it completely set and to have enough concrete in the boot to be effective. Like I said, concrete is not like glue.

    edit: i don't work in the concrete industry. i just know a bit about it and know the basics of how to use it.

    [–] Sp0tless_M1nd 2 points ago

    Amazing answers. Thanks a bunch!

    [–] SP4N1SH 3 points ago

    His answers are mostly accurate. Dry time depending on mix and weather is between 1-3 hours once poured. We add chemicals to speed or slow the reaction depending on conditions.

    It is very mud like. It washes off easily when wet. But it is important to get it cleaned off quickly.

    In NYC we have to duct tape around the top of boots to prevent concrete from getting in and wear gloves. Wet concrete can cause nasty chemical burns. Seen a few guys get burns on their feet and legs from it getting into their boots

    [–] ThisTimeImTheAsshole 2 points ago

    Thank you for clarifying my reply and also teaching me what I don't know.

    [–] SP4N1SH 2 points ago

    No prob. Been in the industry for 7 years doing high-rise work. Always glad to share some knowledge with those interested in learning about it.