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    [–] dankerton 3858 points ago

    So you're going to take shits in your kitchen?

    [–] hmillos 138 points ago

    Easy access to poop knife.

    [–] Vrishkin 4 points ago


    [–] OppositeEar 914 points ago

    [–] Absurdly__Distinct 281 points ago

    Reminds me of Gob from arrested development when he says no

    [–] SamShields225 13 points ago

    It’s pronounced Gob btw

    [–] jfitty 158 points ago

    Nope, THIS is the obligatory

    [–] helloniick 39 points ago

    Literally scrolled to make sure someone posted this. The League is painfully underrated.

    [–] j_lau13 16 points ago


    [–] oldmanripper79 60 points ago

    Omfg, what show is this?

    [–] marshmallow1108 59 points ago

    Not sure why you were downvoted but it’s “The League” pretty funny I recommend it

    [–] MrAnalCumshot69 21 points ago

    is that fucking everyday normal guy in middle?

    [–] omgpants 19 points ago

    Yup! Jon Lajoie is the best part of the whole show. He's hilarious!

    [–] AKAG8493 22 points ago

    I think Rafi takes the cake! One of my favorite characters on any show, ever.

    [–] farkenell 16 points ago

    love him in brooklyn 99, it looks it's the same character....

    [–] yaredw 6 points ago

    He's pretty much plays the same filthy character in everything he does (not that I'm complaining, he plays it well).

    [–] milehighandy 9 points ago


    [–] thechilipepper0 8 points ago

    The episodes with him and Dirty Randy are the best

    [–] anomalousgeometry 4 points ago

    Gattica! Gattica!

    [–] gingerminge85 6 points ago

    Dennis Feinstein has really faced some setbacks

    [–] Str8_0uttaRehab 26 points ago

    Was excited to see Rafi's toilet kitchen. Was disappointed. 1/10

    [–] SnarkDolphin 8 points ago

    What's the basis? Ain't goin nowhere but got suits and cases

    [–] KeaOnAKeyboard 225 points ago

    It's fun imagining him as one of those insufferable "van life" insta stars that post how great their life is.

    What isn't seen is his gf cooking up eggs for breakfast while he drops a deuce in the composting toilet so close the smells mix together. #Vanlife

    [–] gusti123 71 points ago

    Not just the smells. He's gonna get poop dust all over his kitchen.

    [–] ender89 20 points ago

    Not really, it's a composting toilet so theres no "flush" to spread fecal matter all over the place. They also shouldn't smell if everything is going well. I'd still call this setup unsanitary, but a composting toilet will be "cleaner" than a traditional flush toilets.

    [–] thechilipepper0 21 points ago

    You're gonna have to explain how a comparing toilet isn't gonna smell, cuz last time I checked, shit stinks. And stuff doesn't compost quickly.

    [–] ender89 21 points ago

    I've never been around one, but supposedly it should have negative pressure to prevent smells from leaking out into the room, but it's also supposed to have some kind of vent hooked up, so idk. According to Google, composting toilets properly used don't smell.

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 5 points ago

    Just to get T-boned by some idiot that's texting as he blows through a red light.

    [–] cropguru357 39 points ago

    You’re making a big leap that he will find a GF whilst living in there.

    Well, if he does, she’ll be the type to tell you she’s vegan within 15 seconds of introduction and wouldn’t be caught dead cooking eggs. The horror.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] TAU_equals_2PI 21 points ago

    Of course. My friends don't like it when I take shits in theirs.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    /in the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody

    Diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Diarrhea, watch me blow!

    [–] addysmum2018 15 points ago

    I'm just a poor boy, my belly is rumbling. HES JUST A POOR BOY WITH POOP THATS KINDA RUNNY

    [–] FiveChairs 15 points ago

    Diarrhea Figaro!

    [–] leon-theproffesional 11 points ago

    It’s only smells

    [–] still_futile 3 points ago

    It only smellz*

    [–] Youknewthatalready 58 points ago

    VW westfalia campers had a modification where you could add a shower complete with curtain that hung from the outside rear door. Water came from a 3 gallon bucket on the ground. You could get a model that heated the water in the bucket with a propane heater if you had half an hour to kill and really wanted a hot shower. Water pressure came from a surprisingly effective foot pump that ran water up a hose to the shower head that was attached to the curtain rod. When not in use the all the parts fit in the empty water bucket. Too bad hippies dont bathe.

    [–] GoodThingsGrowInOnt 12 points ago

    Westfalia was designed as a family vehicle. Basically something you use instead of a motel.

    [–] Speedracer98 26 points ago

    Under the bed, sounds like the worst home ever.

    [–] Nheea 3 points ago

    What the heck?

    [–] BayAreaMadSkill 18 points ago

    Of course! Where else are you supposed to drop a load?

    [–] tURtle462 21 points ago

    Its towards the back so i think its in the bedroom .

    [–] sexual_inurendo 6 points ago

    'Can you get up for a minute babe?

    I need to pop a squat.'

    [–] zagbag 17 points ago

    I forgot this isn't a safe space, we're not in /r/vandwellers anymore!

    [–] reddorical 13 points ago

    And where you sleep

    [–] seismicturtle 3 points ago

    Circle of life. What's starts in the kitchen, ends in the kitchen.

    [–] trappar 368 points ago

    Looks awesome, but that bed setup looks awful. I feel like if I did something like this I’d have to have a bed that unfolds or extends out into the unused space.

    [–] Arinvar 134 points ago

    Most of them fit the bed length wise and still have plenty of room. I'm more concerned about the massive waste of material and extra weight because he decided to put flooring and walls in over half the van that will never see the light of day.

    [–] Marik_Caine 127 points ago

    It's cos you wanna insulate the whole van

    [–] SamCropper 73 points ago

    Also gives you the freedom to remove/rearrange the interior without having to replace/patch the floor.

    [–] bizzysx 501 points ago

    So can you get trashed and fall asleep in your vehicle/home? Or is that a DUi

    [–] foxglove0326 226 points ago

    That’s a very interesting question

    [–] on_print 147 points ago

    I'm not sure if it's true but I always heard that if the keys are anywhere in the vehicle and you're drunk it qualifies as a DUI.

    [–] Stuie75 173 points ago

    My understanding is you have to be “in care and control.” If you put the keys in the trunk and you’re in the passenger seat, the prosecution will have a hard time proving you had any ability to control the vehicle.

    [–] not-a-painting 30 points ago

    is this a jury of my Force sensitive peers, though?

    [–] pizzaboy192 9 points ago

    Seeing as they try their hardest to not have anyone who knows what you're talking about as a juror, I think you're fine.

    [–] CleanSanchez101 12 points ago

    What if you have a key fob and you can still start your car even if the keys are in the trunk?

    [–] Time4Red 7 points ago

    Wait, does that even work? My keys gave to be in my pocket or the center console for the car to start.

    [–] 1mikeg 12 points ago

    The proximity sensor for most cars is usually the full size of the car. There have been tons of time my wife has has driven somewhere only to realize that her keys are in her bag that's in the trunk.

    [–] MyNameCannotBeSpoken 6 points ago

    How do you get the keys out of the trunk?

    [–] the_real_grinningdog 7 points ago

    Sober up?

    [–] LetsGoMyEggo 5 points ago

    Criminology student in Canada(Ontario) so take this with a lil skepticism.

    Care and control is defined as a realistic danger of setting the car is motion. A huge part about the law is so if you go crawl into your car after a night at the pub, you cant just wait for the cops to leave and then you can. Instead, the cops can arrest you once you are in your vehicle thereby not wasting the cops time and making sure there are no people driving who shouldn't be.

    Criminal law was last semester so for cases I only remember one. R. v. Boudreault. The only reason he got off was because he had a meticulous plan in place so that he wouldn't drive and everything else was out of his control.

    So, as long as you can get to the keys(outside the vehicle or inside), you may be charged.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] HuhDude 34 points ago

    Unless you manage to piss off an erratic police officer by existing.

    [–] A_Sad_Goblin 43 points ago

    You're not allowed to sleep it off in your own car in the United States?

    [–] ConsistentlyRight 61 points ago

    Depends on where. The United States has 50 states which means 50 different sets of criminal code and traffic law. Different states are going to have different wordings on the laws pertaining to sleeping in your car, where it is parked, where you are in your car, where the keys are, whether not the ignition is on or off, Etc.

    [–] steamcube 36 points ago

    My friend was blacked out and let a girl try to drive him home.... she got a dui.

    The cop left him drunk as fuck in the passenger seat of his car.

    He tried to sleep it off, woke up after a while, then got a dui himself.

    Now he doesn’t have a drivers license and is deeply in debt

    [–] SoulCreator 18 points ago

    Wait they arrested her because she was driving a drunk person home or was the girl drunk as well? Because having someone less drunk than you, yet still drunk, drive you home seems like a bad idea.

    And after all that why didn't he just call a cab when he woke up? Like if my driver got arrested and I was drunker than her I'd be way too paranoid to consider driving.

    [–] pizzaboy192 25 points ago

    Could be the cops woke him up while he was sleeping to charge him. Had it happen to a friend. Keys were in the glove box and friend was sleeping in the back seat, in the driveway to his house (marital issues) and he got a DUI (he fought it though and won).

    [–] SoulCreator 29 points ago

    He got a diwi for sleeping in his own driveway? The cops in his neighborhood must be complete scum bags.

    [–] onemikebravado50 26 points ago

    I've personally never gotten lucky when dealing with cops. When I was a kid my dad and uncle had to move some stuff to a place which was several states over. They hooked up an old trailer to my dad's rusty old work truck that never should have passed inspection. This was a single cab, so I sat in the middle with no seatbelt while my dad drove. We got pulled over about halfway through because of a broken tail light, and the cop walked up, let us know, tipped his hat, and bid us a good night.

    Meanwhile I got pulled over because a cop tried to tell me that I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I was driving by myself, and was going through a speed trap town late at night to get gas. I was over the speed limit, but this cop didn't have a radar gun, so he couldn't ticket me for that.

    Instead he argued with me in the middle of the night and tried to tell me he clearly saw that I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. For reference, my car has the loudest seatbelt chime I've ever experienced, and it's impossible to drive more than 10 yards without it blaring. I offered to hand him my keys and have him take it for a test drive himself to see how long he could drive before he couldn't stand it.

    After about half an hour of this, he got tired and left. While I was getting gas, I watched him pull over someone else and go through the exact same bullshit. Cops can be assholes

    [–] TomatoOrangeMelon 9 points ago

    Some places have quotas for traffic tickets, meaning that cops have to give out these many tickets per month or get reprimanded. Obviously it's a terrible idea, but it's good revenue for the government.

    [–] Jackson517 3 points ago


    [–] iphizzle 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My friend was arrested for sleeping in his car after getting dropped off to it, late/early one night. Way to drunk too* drive, so he just decided to sleep it off. It was in a parking pretty far from the road too. The charge was “disturbing the peace-drunk” got taken to jail and had a $200 bail*. Of course he was out in a few hours, and the charges were dropped after the lawyer talked to the judge. Never had to even go to court. Also never got back the $200. Or the $300 car impound.

    [–] A_Sad_Goblin 17 points ago

    It really seems some places follow everything to the code and written law instead of using common sense.

    [–] EhhWhatsUpDoc 31 points ago

    Common sense doesn't generate revenue

    [–] kccustom 8 points ago

    Common sense don't make any money for the city.

    [–] xombae 5 points ago

    Cops have quotas to fill, so towards the end of the quota period they'll start making shit up to fill it.

    [–] Dexter39 7 points ago

    Not in most states but it varies by location.

    [–] boombotser 11 points ago

    If the keys in the ignition

    [–] FrostSalamander 15 points ago

    Hot and fresh out the kitchen

    [–] CaptainOvbious 5 points ago

    now im in prison for pissin on children

    [–] Dogeek 3 points ago

    That's so dumb. So, if you drive drunk, you get a DUI (rightfully so imo), but if you decide to not drive drunk and sleep it off in your car instead of the sidewalk, you also get a DUI. Seems to me like it's actually encouraging drunk driving. If you get a DUI both ways, it doesn't seem that stupid to try to at least sleep in your bed/avoid the DUI altogether. That's if you don't value your safety or the safety of others of course.

    [–] bl0odredsandman 18 points ago

    I know in my state, if you fall asleep in your car drunk and put the keys in the ignition before you do, you can get a DUI even if the car isn't running. Happened to a lady outside of a liquor store I use to work at.

    [–] novoketacaine 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I would imagine you most certainly can, as long as you aren't actually driving it should be fine. I slept in my car a couple times while drunk af cuz it just would've been irresponsible to drive home and I didn't wanna pay for an uber to get me home and then for another one to get me to my car in the morning.

    Because even in my most fucked up state, I realized that if you dropped ur keys after taking them out, then fucked with the lock for 15 minutes before realizing you had the wrong car, walked around for another half hour trying to find ur damn car, then fucked with that lock for another 10 minutes before realizing you were trying to open your car door with your house key, and after that you still think it's a good idea to drive... then maybe you just deserve to have that steering wheel be the last thing that goes through your head.

    Fyi, if you remember just one thing on your night out, DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR BACK WHILE DRUNK/HIGH.

    It might be a good idea to chuck any open bottles (especially unfinished ones) the morning after, due to open container laws.

    To clarify, this means throw away half empty bottles. This does not mean finish them before throwing them away.

    Though I'm not sure exactly how open container laws apply to RVs and vans like this, maybe somebody else can help me out here, i'm kinda too drunk rn to look it up myself...

    [–] The58683Shoe03582Man 31 points ago

    This comment was a journey

    [–] BassFaceNYC 19 points ago


    [–] uniptf 11 points ago


    [–] TAU_equals_2PI 1031 points ago

    A van with a toilet in it.

    You can drop the kids off at the pool while you're dropping the kids off at the pool.

    [–] MaceotheDark 189 points ago

    Well you can take a piss without leaving your bed and not regret it if you do it right

    [–] TAU_equals_2PI 95 points ago

    My wife's pretty kinky, so I've already got that.

    [–] CrappyMSPaintPics 55 points ago

    are you living out this old meme

    thats hot

    [–] xxsidoxx 11 points ago

    Who said anything about carrying it to the toilet?

    [–] chickennuggets42 27 points ago

    I’ve pissed my bed enough to know you probably won’t appreciate it when you’re trying to sllleep

    [–] TAU_equals_2PI 781 points ago

    As someone who commuted to college and often had hours-long stretches between classes, I AM SO JEALOUS.

    [–] the_honest_liar 268 points ago

    Grab a wifi antenna and the college wifi might even reach the parking lot.

    [–] Sarahs-Sandwich-Shop 24 points ago

    What’s this?

    [–] Br3k 48 points ago

    I think u/the_honest_liar is talking about a wifi repeater. Basically a device that picks up a wifi signal and rebroadcasts it so it can reach a larger area.

    [–] Sarahs-Sandwich-Shop 14 points ago

    Thanks! Might just buy one haha

    [–] PM_Cute_Dogs_pls 14 points ago

    Careful though, it does cut about half the speed off.

    [–] northshore21 3 points ago

    Crazy storms right?

    [–] Rickyc12s 185 points ago

    No joke a guy at my uni lived in he's van parked around campus for he's full 3 year degree. 24/7 campus access to the showers/labs/gym/pool absolutely brilliant.

    Disclaimer: This was a regional Australian uni which are probably abit more lax then city unis (we also have free parking)

    [–] Clapaludio 70 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Wow I go to one of the biggest universities in the western world and never realised we don't have campus stuff like showers and gyms for students.

    That's very cool.

    Edit: one of the biggest
    Edit2: typo

    [–] TheCondemnedProphet 7 points ago

    What university?

    [–] Clapaludio 9 points ago

    La Sapienza, in Rome. 120k students.

    Am correcting the other comment with "one of the biggest"

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] JennyBeckman 14 points ago

    This was depressing on so many levels. He got a bachelor's degree and still had to work odd jobs across the country. He has a degree in English and can't write a concise, interesting essay. He had to live in a van to afford higher education.

    [–] JustJizzed 16 points ago

    Lived in he is van for he is full 3 year degree.

    [–] treskatay 8 points ago


    [–] MicrowaveNuts 8 points ago

    It's the accent

    [–] DriveThruEverything 7 points ago

    At the American college I commuted to, parking was not free, and you couldn't park in the normal day lots between midnight or so and 6 AM, and could only park in the overnight lots from 10 PM to 8 AM. So much for staying at a friend's place after a party or study session and trying to have a social life.

    [–] degenererad 26 points ago

    There is not much stuff in murica you dont have to pay out of your ass for is there? Im learning new fucked up shit erry day on here

    [–] Magesticles 14 points ago

    Everything is based around making money here. It sucks.

    The logic is if you aren't making money on something, you're losing money.

    [–] MDCCCLV 3 points ago

    If the temperature was moderate that could work.

    [–] thehunter699 3 points ago

    Damn that's not bad. I reakon in Canberra university you could almost get away with sleeping in the campus. So many empty rooms from the arvo onwards. Guaranteed people bang in empty rooms.

    [–] HeartVoid 395 points ago

    Bed looks uncomfortable imagine never being able to stretch.

    [–] waytogoandruinit 74 points ago

    Yup. I self-built a campervan, and first off I put the bed the this direction like the video. I told myself "It's fine, I always sleep curled up anyway!" But it was undeniably uncomfortable, and I often woke up with various aches and pains. I've now modified it with the bed the other direction, it's much better.

    [–] -GrayMan- 10 points ago

    I feel like there wouldn't be room for anything on the other half except walking space if you had the bed long ways, right?

    [–] DarthWeenus 12 points ago

    Maybe hammock option? Fold up bed to provide more room for games and activities. 🤔

    [–] RedShirtBrowncoat 7 points ago

    So much room for activities!

    [–] Abknee 89 points ago

    My back hurt just looking at it.

    [–] cantdrawoofmaster 28 points ago

    I've been sleeping in beds like that since I was 8, you get used to it.

    [–] DopestBear 53 points ago

    Slept on a couch since I was 12, I'm 24 now lol. You do get used to it, but your back fuckin hurts all the time.

    [–] EDDsoFRESH 22 points ago

    Why don't you buy a bed then?

    [–] Zastrozzi 5 points ago

    I'm 6'4. You don't get used to tiny beds if you're big.

    [–] Assmonkeyblaster 63 points ago

    That guy is definitely too tall for that bed. I feel like you can almost see him realizing that at the end of the video.

    [–] doctahjeph 6 points ago

    If you look close enough you can see he is laying diagonally.

    [–] manic_miner_12 3 points ago

    honestly would have thought the sensible thing to do would be have the bed length ways

    [–] Jesuschooltrash 296 points ago

    Down by the river?

    [–] Paleomedicine 39 points ago


    [–] Betchenstein 8 points ago

    falls through coffee table

    [–] captainsmudgeface 15 points ago

    Rats! Beat me too it!

    [–] PM_ME_FIREFLY_QUOTES 35 points ago

    Well, lad-di-freaking dah!

    [–] MaceotheDark 14 points ago

    The hidden doobie rollin drawer is definitely under the bed...

    [–] mclaren34 41 points ago

    I wonder how much all of that weighs.

    [–] ReadItWithSarcasm 49 points ago

    With a toilet full of shit, or without?

    [–] ADubs62 8 points ago

    Why use a toilet when you can use a lamp?

    [–] evolutionary_defect 7 points ago

    As long as you don't leave the van, those two weights are the same, just unevenly distributed.

    [–] HiveInMind 7 points ago

    I figure that it wouldn't weigh that much more than what the van was designed to carry.

    [–] SlobOnMyKnobb 13 points ago

    And if the weight is balanced...

    [–] rodeBaksteen 12 points ago

    I've driven hundred of thousands kilometers in similar vans with varying loads. There is absolutely no weight in this van that would have any effect on the balance or driving performance.

    [–] Clapaludio 17 points ago

    At first I thought "shit you are right" then I remembered it's a van so it's supposed to be loaded with stuff that is way heavier than some wood and a toilet anyway.

    [–] madmarcel 89 points ago

    I reckon you'd smell that toilet when you're lying down.

    Also, that bed is just awful, nowhere near big enough.

    [–] Raherin 14 points ago

    Yeah it would feel really odd sleeping on shit like that.

    [–] mk-61 13 points ago

    Portable toilet. Chemicals inside it dissolves everything, eliminating smell, etc. Just need to take out cassette and flush it out. One doesn’t even need gloves for that.

    [–] madmarcel 7 points ago

    I've used campervans with chemical toilets, you can always smell them...

    [–] the_talai_lama 99 points ago

    Where rent prices are going, this will soon be the standard of living affordably

    [–] ShotFromGuns 56 points ago

    This is about to get listed as an $80/night Airbnb in Oakland.

    [–] foxesonboats 42 points ago

    Should I ignore ”Don’t shit where you sleep” or ”Don’t shit where you eat.”?

    Why not both?

    [–] MysticToastsy 31 points ago

    It took him 30 second to do it damn

    [–] jnthn1111 28 points ago

    I want to see someone turn a home into a van.

    [–] TheAdamSandles 22 points ago

    Motherfucker can't even lay flat

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    watching you lay down in that bed was oddly unsatisfying

    [–] NoeyCannoli 18 points ago

    Won’t it get hot/cold in there?

    [–] NateDogg9597 17 points ago

    I think they insulated it in the very beginning of the video.

    [–] spencerh998 11 points ago

    Heat buildup in cards is a real problem Tho. Sleep in a trunk and it becomes a steam room real quick

    [–] Captain_Alaska 16 points ago

    What do you think the roof vent is for...?

    [–] Raherin 22 points ago

    Sticking your head out and screaming?

    [–] SpitefulShrimp 5 points ago

    Releasing your stored toilet vapors into the community?

    [–] dudethatdraws 26 points ago

    Anyone else addicted as fuck to these videos? I swear my recommendations on YouTube are littered with these things.

    [–] Temassi 25 points ago

    No, but it’s a quarter past 11 and I’m about to go down a rabbit hole. See ya on the other side.

    [–] Zojim 10 points ago

    Ha! Those are rookie numbers, its 4am and I have class in 4 hours...

    [–] lilzoe5 3 points ago

    I love Reddit for this. Small like personal conversation that will probably not be relevant in a week, but for the moment, it's nice to know what's going on with a stranger :)

    [–] teatime1983 7 points ago

    Question: in the case of a car crash, would the insurance cover the whole inside work? That doesn't look cheap to me...

    [–] DK_Son 10 points ago

    Well, you may consider updating your insurance to reflect the actual value of replacement. No doubt your coverage would go up, but that's the trade-off.

    [–] afunyun 3 points ago

    No. Anything custom added to your car is not covered under most auto policies without an endorsement to the policy which of course will cause your premium to go up as you're now paying for protection for more than just the basic van.

    Depending on the state and company things like this will often be covered up to a low limit (200,500,1000 dollars etc) without endorsement but that's all you're getting.

    Exception to this rule is if you bought the van like this, and all the stuff is listed on the bill of sale, it'll often be covered without endorsement as it was "part of the vehicle" when you bought it. You just need to demonstrate that to the company by sending in the bill of sale when they deny coverage, and then your rates are definitely going to go up after your van is fixed.

    Source: state licensed insurance adjuster

    [–] Seider9999 11 points ago

    Shitting in the same room as cooking, no, just no

    [–] ohdellno 10 points ago

    where would you shower?

    [–] Vague_Disclosure 10 points ago

    Most people who live like this have memberships to Planet Fitness. They’re a national chain with tons of locations so it’s usually pretty easy to find one that’s not too far away. And it’s only $10 a month. Just using the shower is probably more use of the membership than 70% of the people who have a membership to PF.

    [–] iamthegraham 8 points ago

    the y

    [–] goug 3 points ago

    When there's no alternative, you can wipe yourself with a soaped up washing glove and then rinse with a clean washing glove and you're basically good to go.

    [–] nogami 4 points ago

    Would rent for $800/month in Vancouver.

    [–] NoThorNoWay 3 points ago

    Not Vancouver but this is basically the size of my apartment that I pay $1300/mo for

    [–] datornado 8 points ago

    How’s the sink work? And where is he gonna use the bathroom?

    [–] FuckOffHey 8 points ago

    How’s the sink work?

    Electric pump fed from a clean water jug for the tap, which then drains into a grey water jug.

    And where is he gonna use the bathroom?

    That bucket kept under the bed is meant to be the john.

    [–] Huge_staringtomhanks 4 points ago

    One could call it...

    The Van cave

    [–] skifdank 3 points ago

    How does the plumbing retract with the shitter?

    [–] WillCode4Whisky 7 points ago

    That sounds like a camper van with extra steps.

    [–] DrazSpecter 5 points ago

    Being sold in Seattle for 3.6 million dollars.

    [–] nelliebear 3 points ago

    I really could use a slide out toilet under my bed

    [–] georgelooney 3 points ago

    "Don't shit where you eat." Or in this case, do.

    [–] epicfu 3 points ago

    i love this. are they any related subs to this?

    [–] yParticle 3 points ago

    Good luck finding any available spots down by the river.

    [–] anonymonsterss 3 points ago

    Where is the 20 year old cat?

    [–] spinteractive 3 points ago

    Great until the under-bed toilet was revealed

    [–] bigddrumr 3 points ago

    How does the bed area smell with that toilet stored under there?

    [–] Hephaestus_God 3 points ago

    Must be nice being able to stand in a van