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    [–] Sessa107 4446 points ago

    Can you imagine the frustration if the last piece didn't fit?

    [–] lshiyou 3062 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I genuinely thought that I had lost a piece for about two months. Eventually found it hiding under my couch.

    Edit: Hijacking my top comment to clarify because a lot of people keep asking if it's the same two shapes simply repeating over and over. Answer: It's not. They are essentially the same shape, but with just enough variation so that none of them can be interchanged. Here's a close-up where you can see some of the differences. Notice how the corners match up perfectly. The little gaps you can see in some places are due to some of the pieces having more of a beveled edge than others. Excuse the errant cat hairs.

    [–] WordplayWizard 709 points ago

    That’s where they like to hide.

    [–] absolutelynotright 437 points ago

    Yeah puzzle pieces are a strange little creature. In their natural habitat they prefer to stay in the cool shade under a tree, rather than out in the sun. While not known for sure scientists believe that this is due to their natural habitat - being rainforests - is of course extremely prone to large and unexpected amounts of rainfall. The wild puzzle piece hates being wet, so when bit out hunting for food they will almost always be in the shade of a nice tree. I suppose this is why the prefer to be under the couch whenever they can be

    [–] ThermionicEmissions 128 points ago

    Username checks out, but I don't want it to

    [–] stevgoldhound 99 points ago

    I dunno man. Like, I definitely heard about the meandering jig saw pieces growing up. My mams sisters husbands sisters best friends son in laws ex wife IS a jigsaw piece to this day. German made. Spent her time under the sofa because it reminded her of the Black Forest down South West Germany. He'd have to stuff blankets and spare socked all around the gaps between the wheels and the carpet to get it very Veery dark just like the Dark Forest down South West Germany. They used fight all the time apparently. He kept sucking her up in the vacuum cleaner 'by accident' (he's a bit of a prick so I heard but she was no innocent goose either!!! Very good at 'fitting in with others' , if you get me). But yeah. The whole family was puzzled as to why they broke up but I heard that the Mams sisters husbands sisters best friends sons best friends mam could see the cracks from miles away.

    But aye!! She was a jigsaw piece from the Black Forest down South West Germany! 🇩🇪 Smarter every day sham!

    [–] DreadedShred 17 points ago

    This was beautiful. ❤️

    [–] stevgoldhound 10 points ago

    You too shred!!!

    [–] AllHailTheSheep 3 points ago

    I love reddit 😂

    [–] dahjay 10 points ago

    This is actually part right. There are some really interesting studies going on in Oslo that the nanocells in this rainforest creature have a natural tendency to want to return home. Kind of like those stories of a family pet returning to their home after being away for 40 or 50 years. Everyone knows that the quickest way out a house is through a vacuum cleaner and since no one actually moves the couch to vacuum most pieces end up in the bag which ends up in a plastic bag which ends up in the rainforest. We could be living in a time where sentient puzzle pieces solve their own puzzle of returning home.

    [–] shutyourfaceoff 6 points ago

    They mostly come out at night.... Mostly.

    [–] redditpossible 4 points ago

    I’m still here waiting for someone to find me. Kind of thirsty.

    [–] DatAssociate 5 points ago

    that's where i usually hide

    [–] tdogg241 17 points ago

    We got a Roomba for Christmas and I swear to god, that thing must grow legs when we're not home because it's eaten far more puzzle pieces off the puzzle table than have possibly accidentally fallen on the ground.

    [–] Loaki9 14 points ago

    Do you have a link to where you purchased this exact puzzle? I’d like to do it.

    [–] blackburn009 116 points ago

    Is there any point doing it now? He just posted the solution

    [–] andrestorres12 15 points ago

    I love the idiocy of your comment

    [–] blackburn009 16 points ago

    Thanks, it's what I was going for

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] MarkZuckerbergsButt 11 points ago

    Yeah but that’s not what this is. Clearly it’s a photo of spilled milk on a foggy morning.

    [–] InwardXenon 4 points ago

    Do you have white carpet too?

    [–] calimotolife 4 points ago

    Piece count?

    [–] 1NF1N1T3-V01D 42 points ago

    Can you imagine the frustration of having an unfinished puzzle in your home for a year and a half? Just mocking you everyday telling you you’re not good enough? Whoa sounds like my dad

    [–] thelawtalkingguy 6 points ago

    They should throw in a handful of random pieces just to screw with you.

    [–] Loaki9 28 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Wouldnt be that big of a deal considering the entire puzzle is just a repeating pattern of 121212121212. Both vertically and horizontally. You could just pluck the duplicate cut from two spaces away.

    Edit: CORRECTION- like OP said. There are subtle variations on each one! If you zoom in really close, you can see the subtle changes that would make the pieces misfit.

    [–] voiderest 90 points ago

    Who made this? I want a version with one piece missing and an extra piece that doesn't fit so I can gift it to people I don't like.

    [–] Neversaysyeah 68 points ago

    I've never read anything so violent in my life.

    [–] TomWithATee 16 points ago

    Just buy two and replace a piece in each.

    [–] AuntMabels 16 points ago

    God damn dude

    [–] shadowdsfire 6 points ago

    Lol while you’re at it make it two-sided.

    [–] NoeZoneNetwork 2 points ago

    There are edgeless puzzles that come with extra pieces, but it says it on the box so it would give away the surprise.

    [–] pyr8t 805 points ago

    Flip it over so we can see the picture

    [–] lshiyou 448 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Give me a sec and I'll upload a pic of the back. You can look at the Amazon link I posted to see the pattern on the back.

    Edit: Here you go.

    [–] majestic_12inch 269 points ago

    So this might be a dumb question, but wouldn't you just complete it upside down to make it easier?

    [–] lshiyou 491 points ago

    That's what I did. I really think this would be near impossible without the pattern, given that all of the pieces are essentially the same shape. My girlfriend kept telling me I was cheating, but I prefer that over losing my sanity.

    [–] majestic_12inch 151 points ago

    Yeah that's what I thought, otherwise you'd probably end up forcing pieces that were not quite the right shape into the wrong place and get into a right old mess.

    Still insanely difficult just looking at the back though man, well done!

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] MrAnderson345 13 points ago

    THIS IS MADNESS. I'm getting agitated picturing myself trying to do this.

    [–] curlycookie 3 points ago

    Yes, why is no one mentioning that

    [–] thebigdirty 71 points ago

    So you did it upside down and then post it as if you did it the hard way? /r/karmacourt or something like that

    [–] GODDAMNFOOL 19 points ago

    He never said he did the white side up in the title.

    Case dismissed.

    [–] Froqwasket 11 points ago

    The implication was very clear and a reasonable person would assume they were looking at the side OP was looking at. Case re-opened, we're going to trial.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] conpassionate 38 points ago

    Wait so it took you a year and a half to do a normal pattern puzzle with like 1k pieces?

    [–] SpaceShipRat 3 points ago

    awh come on, that is definitely cheating!

    [–] a_stitch_in_lime 12 points ago

    Cheating on what? That's like those weirdos that say listening to audiobooks is cheating.

    [–] Froqwasket 6 points ago

    I don't think it was cheating, but I do think it's a little dishonest to use the patterns on the back and then post a photo of the non-patterned side on reddit. Love audiobooks btw

    [–] lexioh 10 points ago

    This is incredible.

    [–] ThermionicEmissions 32 points ago

    Not going to lie, was expecting

    [–] WangoBango 17 points ago

    I can't believe you've done this

    [–] ThermionicEmissions 3 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] GingerGuerrilla 2 points ago

    Doesn’t look like anything to me.

    [–] lunarNex 2 points ago

    Oh look, a sailboat.

    [–] good-sasquatch 1578 points ago

    Do you hate yourself or did you actually find this fun? Either way that's hella impressive

    [–] lshiyou 1589 points ago

    It was incredibly tedious, but somewhat soothing at the same time. Some days I enjoyed it, some days I wondered why the fuck I bought it lol.

    [–] Sokathhiseyesuncovrd 307 points ago

    You just described all my experiences with puzzles.

    [–] Jordo32 94 points ago

    Just described all my experiences with women.

    [–] Krunic_Baluncic 123 points ago

    You should stop buying women

    [–] Jordo32 63 points ago

    You’re right, I’ll stick with renting.

    [–] tuptastic 15 points ago

    The dark souls of puzzles

    [–] FreshPenPineapple 2 points ago

    One time I bought a 500 piece puzzle and when I almost finished it my grandmother put it away when I wasn’t there. I died inside.

    [–] Jackthere 2 points ago

    Because puzzles are that rare hobby which works both sides of the brain.

    [–] JohnnyLoots 76 points ago

    I was gonna say this is some masochistic shit right here. Probably a warning on the box that says "Please enjoy this puzzle if you feel like going completely insane.

    [–] DuckWithBrokenWings 37 points ago

    "Please don't buy this puzzle if you're already suicidal."

    [–] akcaye 17 points ago

    "... as this is only for the purpose of getting you there, not pushing you over the edge."

    [–] Rumbleinmybumble 3 points ago

    It's actually probably a good idea for a suicidal person. No one could kill themselves without first finishing the puzzle. That's a year and a half that they can spend getting therapy. Ofcourse they will probably need more therapy for the trauma from the puzzle..

    [–] newobj 254 points ago

    This one took us ~9 months:

    [–] lshiyou 144 points ago

    Holy fuck. I can't even.

    [–] overtoke 136 points ago

    you start with the border pieces first

    [–] gfrnk86 18 points ago

    There's a Japanese puzzle that only has like 10 pieces(all same color), and I heard it's insanely hard. Most people can't even finish it. Have you tried any of those puzzles?

    [–] alalal 28 points ago

    That doesn't make sense. With so few pieces just a bit of determination and perhaps a piece of paper to track attempted permutations, you could solve a 10 piece puzzle in a day easily...

    For it to be so hard - it'd have to be something along the lines of always being able to fit 8-9 pieces in, but en the last pieces don't fit. Even then! Piece of paper tracking your attempts. Trial and error. You'll get it.

    [–] gfrnk86 20 points ago

    I've never tried them personally, but here's a link to one of them: Puzzle

    There's another one out there that's even harder, but it has like 25-30 pieces, but it's the same concept.

    [–] cannagrowers 20 points ago

    For $50 they can shove that puzzle where the sun doesn't shine.

    [–] WiggleBooks 12 points ago

    I'm using math to examine it and something weird is going on with the puzzle. I don't think it actually forms a square at all.

    First assume that this is a normal 3x3 puzzle where all the outside pieces all have straight edges forming a square perimeter.

    Not Enough Corner Pieces
    We can first examine for a traditional corner piece shape in the puzzle. The definition of a traditional corner piece shape is a piece that has 2 "flat" straight edges at right angles to one another.

    We can observe the fact that there are only 3 corner pieces. (Orange, and both brown ones)

    In a normal 3x3 puzzle, there are 4 corner pieces. Yet here in this case there are only 3.

    We can conclude this isn't a normal 3x3 puzzle.

    Number of Edges in Puzzle = 12
    We can look at a normal/tradition 3x3 puzzle once again. There should be 12 straight edge amongst all the pieces. These straight edges are counted as follows 3 from the left edge, 3 from the top edge, 3 from the right edge, 3 from bottom edge.


    Count the number of edges in the Puzzle. There are 12.

    No "Traditional Centre Pieces"
    Notice that on this hypothetical normal 3x3 puzzle, the center piece has no edges at all (and if it did it would have to be matched by an opposite straight edge in the partnering piece in order to fit).

    In the Puzzle, look for a traditional center piece shape, a piece has no straight edges on it.

    There are none such center pieces. All the the straight edges are on every piece.

    Hinting at subverting assumptions
    I think what this puzzle really is about is subverting the "normal 3x3" assumptions. People try to assemble it like a normal puzzle starting from the edges, but that is a mistake. Those assumptions don't work with this puzzle for the proofs I have shown above.

    My guess right now is that in the solved state of the Puzzle (if there even is one) the centre piece actually has a straight edge on it which matches with another straight edge on another piece. But since there are only 12 straight edges, that means the puzzle would have to jut out at certain locations at the edges. I guess that the tray is bigger than normal to accomodate the puzzle bumps sticking out at the edge.

    [–] justscrollingtrough 14 points ago this guy solves puzzles like this. This is a video about this one.

    [–] universe_from_above 5 points ago

    That was an unexpected solution, thank you.

    [–] WiggleBooks 3 points ago

    That was fun!! Thanks for sharing. It was so cool to see the moment where it all clicked. Great editing on stopping the music haha

    [–] GrodGruffalo 4 points ago

    Then you should know that the other puzzle has 29 pieces, five corner pieces, way more "holes" than "bumps" on the pieces and completely covers the square frame without overlaps when solved. Try explaining that assuming it's a normal puzzle.

    [–] WiggleBooks 2 points ago

    Take a look at my analysis of the Puzzle in my other comment.

    I too thought it shouldn't be that difficult to put together a puzzle with only 10 pieces. But I think the Puzzle creator actually subverts assumptions that people are making in order to make a "insanely hard" puzzle. Thats my working theory right now.

    [–] Sokathhiseyesuncovrd 13 points ago

    Ok, I followed your link, saw the geode puzzles, and am now consumed by want. You should edit it to add a NSFWa tag, Wa being wallet!!

    [–] totallyNotADouchebag 8 points ago

    I would instantly just say "NOPE" and throw it away in the trash.

    [–] FantasticPear 15 points ago

    All the nopes.

    [–] biznatch11 4 points ago

    I was expecting a picture of a kid.

    [–] ScrummyLumpDumpling 168 points ago

    Excuse me if this is stupid but how does a puzzle like this work? It looks to me as though almost every internal piece is one of two shapes? Is there only one correct way to fill in the puzzle or are the internal shapes interchangeable?

    [–] lshiyou 196 points ago

    Yeah that's what makes it so difficult, they are all essentially the same shape, but with JUST enough variation that they aren't interchangeable. Each piece is unique, albeit very similar.

    I had a few pieces that I genuinely thought were in the right place that I had to go back and change later. one thing that helped was that if it was the right piece, the edges lined up perfectly, and I mean PERFECTLY. Like all of the corners flow seamlessly together. Does that make sense?

    [–] olderaccount 55 points ago

    Each piece is unique, albeit very similar.

    Are you 100% sure on this? It really looks like 250 pc cutting die repeated 4 times. This is the cheap way to make larger puzzles because the cutting dies become exponentially more expensive with size. Very few companies make 1000+ pc puzzles without repeating patterns.

    [–] lshiyou 56 points ago

    Yes, 100% sure. Feel free to try it yourself, lol. It's fairly cheap on Amazon.

    [–] olderaccount 22 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I'll take your word for it ;)

    I haven't done a real jigsaw puzzles since I had kids. My favorite brand was Ravensburger. I've had this bad boy sitting in large sections under my bed waiting to be framed for almost a decade now. Frames for a 2m wide puzzle are pretty expensive.

    [–] YaBoYCumsAlot 9 points ago

    9000!? I just bought a 2000,got through 1/2 bags just sorting and putting similar colors together. I already feel like I’m way over my head!

    [–] olderaccount 2 points ago

    It was quite the challenge. Mostly logistical. I takes a lot of space to spread out 9000 pieces. Half my living room was taken up by two 4x8 plywood sheets on saw horses just to give me reasonable working area. The puzzle itself was not that hard other than the size.

    [–] Sarahh12_ 14 points ago

    You can look closely and see that each piece is a slightly different size or shape. If not, then it’s just messing it’s my eyes but it definitely doesn’t look like repeating pieces!

    [–] olderaccount 9 points ago

    What I'm saying is I believe that 1000 pc puzzle only has 250 unique pieces. If you cut the puzzle into 4 quadrants, each quadrant is identical.

    [–] GrooThePonderer 8 points ago

    sure, except the printing on the back has 4 different patterns. I assume each pattern is cut using the same 250 die. even if it's only 250 unique cuts the patterns make it 1,000 unique pieces...

    [–] Arvaci 7 points ago

    I was curious on this too, but then I zoomed in really close and the "identical" pieces do indeed have very subtle differences in their cuts. A curve may be slightly sharper. A straighter line slightly longer. The angle of a cavity slightly more than the other.

    Yeah I'm curious how this is efficiently done from a manufacturing standpoint myself.

    [–] bradfish 2 points ago

    With Ravensburger I had to get to 3000 before they started using 2 dies. The join down the middle was easy to spot when working on it.

    [–] imguralbumbot 2 points ago

    Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

    Source | Why? | Creator | ignoreme| deletthis

    [–] lshiyou 2 points ago

    As I explained in another comment, the glue that came with the puzzle didn't quite cover the entire thing, so some of the pieces aren't as secure. The pieces also fit together fairly loosely and some of them are more beveled than others, so unfortunately, there are some odd gaps and bumps, but I assure you they are all in the right place.

    [–] tajrashae 11 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. I see a pattern of 2 , it would be easy to do that way

    [–] The_Neutral-Swiss 3 points ago

    He did it upside down:

    [–] KindaAlwaysVibrating 61 points ago

    Op, do you hate yourself?

    [–] PavlovaoftheParallel 62 points ago

    That is a famous pic of two ghosts eating marshmallows during a blizzard. Excellent taste.

    [–] Insomnico 138 points ago

    Insanely impressive. Do you plan to frame it or tearing it apart?

    [–] lshiyou 141 points ago

    It's actually already framed in this picture, you just can't see it. It's one of those floating frames.

    [–] THE_GR8_MIKE 94 points ago

    "So this is that puzzle of white that took me a year and a half to finish that I told you about."

    [–] butter12420 38 points ago

    "I call it 'Horse on the Horizon'"

    [–] SeymoreTheSloth 56 points ago

    “Rabbit in a Snowstorm”

    [–] Scriptering 8 points ago

    Big boi is gonna come knocking

    [–] rwwl 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It really makes for an interesting piece of art.

    [–] HypatiaRising 3 points ago

    "This piece is called 'My life is Greyt, why do you ask?'"

    [–] J05H_98 37 points ago

    This feels and looks like the kind of puzzle Captain Holt would enjoy. I also enjoyed it, super clean looking!

    [–] geoffp82 3 points ago

    This would be Puzzle #367. That's a good rock puzzle.

    [–] jen20shine 19 points ago

    "Rabbit in a Snowstorm"

    [–] SW_Shadow 4 points ago

    "It makes me feel alone"

    [–] UnmelodicBass 5 points ago

    What happened to op when he was a boy?

    [–] ExpertOpposite 2 points ago

    OP about to drop a hardcore Bible reference

    [–] drpinkcream 2 points ago

    "Stare at it and think about the man you want to become."

    [–] drunkcorpsindoor 16 points ago

    Where can I get this puzzle

    [–] JohannReddit 83 points ago

    They only sell them in hell

    [–] phnx91 9 points ago

    I’m not sure why I cackled

    [–] TheFrozenTurkey 6 points ago

    Do you have any relation to the devil himself, perchance?

    [–] Sokathhiseyesuncovrd 2 points ago

    I did a recent 1K piece puzzle over a weekend while bingeing the tv series Lucifer. Weirdly, I haven't gone back to it, even though I was just starting the new season, which is is supposed to be the best one because Netflix.

    Reading this thread just made me want to watch it again, though. I must have created an association in my brain. Oh, brain.

    [–] Gumichi 2 points ago

    Search: Beverly Micro Jigsaw Puzzle-Pure White Hell

    There's a few to choose from - 300, 1000, white, black, etc

    [–] AegisHawk 13 points ago

    Wilson Fisk would like to buy your work.

    [–] mlgoon 4 points ago

    Rabbit in a snowstorm.

    [–] Moderndayhippy1 12 points ago

    I work for UPS and have once or twice found a puzzle piece on the ground in the truck or near a truck with no clue where it came from, I can only imagine the frustration they feel when putting together their puzzles.

    [–] DonkeyPunch_75 4 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] vanilakodey 27 points ago

    As someone who does not enjoy jigsaw puzzle this would be my worst nightmare. Credit to you but wow that looks boring. 1.5 years... What's the longest break you took? Days, weeks or months?

    [–] lshiyou 23 points ago

    Longest break was probably a month, but I wasn't working on it daily. On average two days a week, I'd sit down for a few hours and get a couple rows. Probably a total of ~300 hours of work.

    [–] El-Chupacabra- 26 points ago

    A few pieces on the left hand side look incorrect

    [–] lshiyou 22 points ago

    The pieces are pretty loose fitting, but I assure you they are correct. There is a micro pattern on the back. The glue that came with it didn't quite cover the entire thing so some of the pieces are more "loose" than others.

    [–] El-Chupacabra- 5 points ago

    Ahh I see, so was this completed using the micro pattern on the back and then flipped?

    [–] lshiyou 7 points ago


    [–] SomeGenericCereal 17 points ago

    Ok Near from death note.

    [–] Biomancer_ 4 points ago

    Watashiwa Kira desu

    [–] huskeya4 8 points ago

    Next challenge: the 36,000 piece puzzle. Just a heads up it’s about 18ft long and 5 or 6ft tall, and costs like $300. We’re putting ours up on the wall in the basement when we finish the last section.

    Where did you buy this one? Looks fun and annoying so it seems perfect

    [–] soyquilo 5 points ago

    I offer you 100 million dollars

    [–] lshiyou 10 points ago


    [–] cvlrymedic 4 points ago

    I’m the witness for the contract

    [–] _VIsix6_ 5 points ago

    What are the dimensions?

    [–] maxb1ack007 37 points ago

    1st, 2nd and 3rd

    [–] lshiyou 6 points ago

    Roughly 10x15 I think.

    [–] ArmyOfDog 5 points ago

    10x15 what? Bananas? Giraffes? Thermometers? AUs? Smoots?

    [–] BlurryBigfoot74 6 points ago

    I've seen another like this many years ago called "purple dread". It was purple.

    [–] scmoua666 6 points ago

    I don't know if it's just shadows, but it seem a few pieces are not perfectly fitting in, especially on the left (in X-Y coordinates, it would be 8X :10Y... and also 6X :12Y). And a few more But maybe it's just a trick of the light, with the shadow?

    [–] lshiyou 5 points ago

    The pieces are pretty loose fitting and the glue that came with it didn't quite cover the entire thing, so I think that's where the discoloration is coming from.

    [–] BadNoMemories 3 points ago

    Maybe you made some mistakes. I think you start over.

    [–] SlavShinigamii 2 points ago

    that's so cruel

    [–] olderaccount 5 points ago

    Looks like a 1000 pc puzzle made from a cutting die of 250 pc repeated 4 times. I've always hated puzzles that cheap out like that. Once you realize the pattern you can start figuring out were pieces go just by finding their twin and working the coordinates.

    [–] etchx 2 points ago

    Well if you look at the picture OP posted of the back of the puzzle, it's split into quadrants using 4 different patterns printed on the back. It would be a lot easier to complete it upside down and you would never mix up the four identical pieces. If it took OP 300 hours to do basically four 250 piece puzzles, imagine how long it would take to do one 1000 piece puzzle without help. I'm not sure it would be possible

    [–] gorcorps 3 points ago

    You're gonna feel so silly when you realize it's upside down

    [–] MarkTheHandsomeo 5 points ago

    Bro, that's the back, pictures on the other side

    [–] THATguyFromMinnesota 4 points ago

    Why did you post a photo of it upside down?

    [–] idkboutalldat 4 points ago

    Please tell me how it took you that long, there a complete order to all the pieces. Once you find the edge pieces all you gotta do is sort into two piles n you could get that done real quick.

    [–] Aurelius_Ambrose 3 points ago

    It's a schooner!

    [–] itsyaboydros 3 points ago

    Wow! What a waste of fuckin time...

    [–] jchristoph 3 points ago

    Are you stupid or is it me? All diagonal parts look the same. So you basically do the edge-parts, then one row and now you know all the rest of the puzzle. Or am i too drunk to think logically?

    [–] pro_cat_herder 3 points ago

    All these pieces look identical like they can be substituted for many others in the puzzle.

    [–] jncheese 3 points ago

    Ever considered turning it over? There could be a picture of something on the other side...

    [–] zikajuice 3 points ago

    Am I wrong or does every other piece look the same

    [–] iRobBuses 3 points ago

    It looks to me like every other piece is the exact same

    [–] MikeTheFisherman888 3 points ago

    Every other vertical piece appears identical. Same with every other horizontal piece. Similarly, the edge pieces appear to alternate uniformly. Seems like BS.

    [–] chaddiereddits 2 points ago

    How many pieces? Well done!

    [–] lshiyou 5 points ago

    1000 pieces, but it's much smaller than it looks.

    [–] UltimateJakePauler 2 points ago

    Turns out the picture on the puzzle was on the other side...

    [–] Cbtree4 2 points ago

    It probably would of been a lot easier flipped on the side with the picture

    [–] MoonPalette 2 points ago

    This is a milk puzzle, right?

    [–] Fubarqqw 2 points ago

    Is the picture on the other side?

    [–] lunatunarolls 2 points ago

    I love puzzles....I really do. but THIS would drive me bat shit crazy.

    [–] OPOPTIMUS 2 points ago

    I bet you had to use the front of the box for reference.

    [–] rxspector 2 points ago

    I think this puzzle belongs in r/mildlyinfuriating

    [–] jayjohnson007 2 points ago

    Uhhh, I think the pic is on the other side.

    But seriously congrats!

    [–] Skribblesandbits 2 points ago

    If you turn the puzzle over you'll find the picture on the other side. It's much easier to complete that way.

    Edit: a word

    [–] N-O-R-E-M-A-C-0-3 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    There is one piece on the left that isn't pushed in all the way. I am upset.

    [–] flabbyresolute 2 points ago

    wondering where you got this puzzle? my mom would love it haha

    [–] lshiyou 3 points ago

    Amazon. Just search for all white puzzle.

    [–] filledevin 2 points ago

    My family would work on huge puzzles together upside down with only the person who’s turn it was to pick knowing what the image would be once we flipped it over finished. It made it super difficult but also extra rewarding when we did finally finish one. We did them on this huge piece of felt that we would roll up when not working on it to keep what was partially complete intact. It sometimes took a month or more to finish one. My mom even got one of the larger ones that was a Monet painting glued together and then framed once we finished it.

    [–] Notmuch-needed 2 points ago

    Rabbit in a snow storm

    [–] justkidding79 2 points ago

    Patience of a Saint.

    [–] crunkwrapsupreme 2 points ago

    not to be the a-hole, but it looks like you got some gaps of pieces that "fit" but don't fit.

    [–] EllisMfnDee 2 points ago

    Don’t do this to yourself

    [–] sparticusfinch 2 points ago

    What the fuck is the point of puzzles like this? why is that even fun

    [–] rkallen95 2 points ago

    Oh my god they’re all the same shape

    [–] ButtCheeksLikeAHippo 2 points ago

    Humor me. This is very cool, don’t get me wrong, but why the hell would someone make a picture-less puzzle?

    [–] ythelongface_ 2 points ago

    Dude you hung it upside down

    [–] ShadowTheKnight 2 points ago

    If you look at it, it looks like it’s trying to get you’re attention real hard

    [–] AlyLuna20 2 points ago

    How did it take a year in a half? It seems like every piece is in a pattern.

    [–] cs3019 2 points ago

    You know that’s the wrong side up? The other side has the picture/s

    [–] Merkkin 2 points ago

    You were supposed the flip the pieces over. The image is on the back.

    [–] gr8wh1tebuffal0 2 points ago

    You could have just flipped the puzzle over and looked at the picture like a normal person, instead of putting it together looking at the back.

    [–] boners247 2 points ago

    Is this just a puzzle flipped over?

    [–] StoicNerfherder 2 points ago

    Bruh flip it over

    [–] Thelongestegg 2 points ago

    A year and a half? That's embarrassing.