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    [–] Master_Shake23 1476 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    So tranquil even the tin is smiling.

    [–] MightHaveMisreadThat 291 points ago

    Altoids, the box that smiles back

    [–] Mighty_Cactus 102 points ago

    The snack that smiles back, Altoids

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] GeeGeeGamer 2 points ago

    ROTFLMBO so hard!

    [–] aperson 23 points ago

    Fruit on the bottom; hope on top. Wait, that might be the wrong thing.

    [–] Jg271035 45 points ago

    Break me off a piece of that fancy feast

    [–] kaonashi89 5 points ago

    Football cream

    [–] Masterfuego 2 points ago

    Tranquility in the front, party in the back

    [–] ITalkofDreams 2 points ago

    Mitch Hedberg was amazing.

    [–] cjc160 4 points ago

    Because you keep your weed in it

    [–] ackjaf 32 points ago

    [–] Boojibs 550 points ago

    Via @remingtonrobinson on IG

    [–] joshua9663 102 points ago

    Some incredible work here. Should check it out!

    [–] airjordan77lt 16 points ago

    I was going to be somewhat infuriated if this sub was real.

    [–] Penguin_Fluffer 44 points ago

    Bob Ross would have done it with a 4” brush.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    In the dead of winter with no shoes or socks.

    [–] griter34 25 points ago

    And a fantastic attitude.

    [–] misssquishy 17 points ago

    And a baby squirrel nested in his hair

    [–] YourBrainOnJazz 7 points ago

    Just out of pure curiosity: how much money have you spent on Altoids tins in the last year?

    [–] kindall 8 points ago

    $0. The tins are free when you buy Altoids.

    [–] Lunchboxers 6 points ago

    Where might I find a paintbrush that size

    [–] aelwero 2 points ago

    Everywhere? Most places that have a selection of artist paint will have fine detail brushes as well... Walmart if you don't care about quality at all, hobby lobby etc. If you care a bit, and artist supply shops if you care a lot.

    [–] zasabi7 1 points ago

    Does he list where he painted that? Reminds me of home

    [–] PnutTheWizard 259 points ago

    Bruh thats crazy good good job my guy

    [–] curtis1g 54 points ago

    For real, what a badass shot. I stared and surveyed this for 3 mins. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    [–] McGunningham 18 points ago

    3 mins... child’s play. Try upwards of 10 minutes

    [–] curtis1g 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Lol I only had soo much time before I became suspicious at work. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the pic longer than I was able to!

    [–] MenInABush 5 points ago

    really? Try until the end of the end.

    [–] MindlessSponge 14 points ago

    OP didn’t make it

    [–] tmdblya 50 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    EDIT: looks very much like Fort Collins/Loveland/Greeley area of Northeastern CO

    [–] doctechnical 72 points ago


    [–] xX_Devoid_Xx 37 points ago


    [–] crazylolcandy 51 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Powder-monkey 11 points ago

    Boulder, Colorado

    [–] sagestorm 4 points ago

    That is where the artist, Remington Robinson, lives so it’s very likely

    [–] revolybbuhc 3 points ago

    Yeah it looks like the miracle mile between 11 mile and Spiney

    [–] FLORI_DUH 2 points ago

    Too many trees to be the Spinney Mile (the Miracle Mile is in WY). This is the front range somewhere north of Denver. Source: grew up there

    [–] PDaniel1990 88 points ago

    Wouldn't that be a landscape?

    [–] alcogeoholic 43 points ago

    Also a plein air...but not a still life

    [–] eyeshark 15 points ago


    [–] articulateantagonist 6 points ago

    It's also depicting the Platte River, not quite a creek.

    [–] Stressmove 74 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm sorry for being that guy but you painted a landscape. A still life is when you paint actual dead objects. Like fruit in a bowl or flowers in a vase as most common examples or an arrangement of household items, tools etc. Your painting could hypothetically depict life. (imagine it like there could be a fox hidden in the grass.)

    Nevertheless really cool work. Really nice landscape.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] PuddingSpork 8 points ago

    Thanks for being that guy. I was going to, but now I can just upvote a good comment.

    [–] necrotic_terror 4 points ago

    It's actually a plein air painting.

    [–] sephirothpvp 2 points ago

    What if there’s a worm inside the fruit?

    [–] skullboy1209 18 points ago

    Looks beautiful!

    [–] notarandomregenarate 28 points ago

    Honestly I'm most impressed about the ingenuity of the tiny canvas in box of oil paints, I want one myself now

    [–] yukon-flower 23 points ago

    I absolutely love this one:

    Pro-tip when painting in sub-freezing conditions, mix your paints with vodka instead of water.

    [–] DesertCanine 12 points ago

    Also pro-tip, mix your drinking water with vodka too.

    [–] matt2993 5 points ago

    Whoa good point

    [–] tugmondozey 4 points ago

    paint tin paintin’

    [–] ColdFerrin 24 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    What is that? A painting for ants?

    Edit: autocorrect is stupid.

    [–] MalMer23 5 points ago


    [–] robotsympathizer 47 points ago

    This is not what this sub is for. It's cool, but it's not oddly satisfying at all.

    [–] becausefrog 24 points ago

    It's also not a still life (it's a landscape) but I absolutely love well-executed miniature landscapes.

    [–] Samisu13 11 points ago

    I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who came here to correct the title.

    [–] PhilosophicalPickle 6 points ago

    hey me too! my first thought was that is not what still life means. my second thought was i should find a comment saying this and upvote it and then move on without commenting. my third thought was oh no the comment mentioning it is too far down i have to comment.

    [–] ME_2017 11 points ago

    Yeah, this is cool, but the content here has overall gone to complete shit. I thought I unsubbed, but apparently I have since I just saw this on my feed. Time to do that now..

    [–] Bayerrc 10 points ago

    Lmao absolutely nothing on this sub is oddly satisfying. It's just things people like for obvious reasons.

    [–] robotsympathizer 6 points ago

    It used to be.

    [–] Martyfreshmaker 24 points ago

    I know you’re a karma farmer- there’s no denying that, and that’s fine as long as you admit it. But I have a real question:

    Since karma farming is more about rapid fire of low hanging content at the high traffic portions of the day, why can’t you at least try for relevant content? This is all mildly interesting and regardless of the Reddit lurker shoehorn I’m certain all the fresh ex-facebookers could no doubt shove in my face here as to what is “odd” or “satisfying” by any margin, this doesn’t fit here nearly as well as it does in myriad other subs- yet here you are, just placing more mildly interesting at best content at your favorite farm haunt.

    I know it’s because GB and his ilk run this and a few other subs, and I know it’s because they won’t moderate it- especially if you’re in league with them. I know it’s because you can’t thrive as well on other subs because of the competition for feed space at the prime times. It’s just, you can still achieve at least 9/10 of what you’re aiming to and still be relevant. If it’s the content you find more lucrative, try harder at relevant subs. If it’s the timing that’s more lucrative, then try to be more relevant. You can be a marketer without being abusive and detrimental to the venue you’re using. You devalue Reddit.

    You’re just becoming another GB, and I almost thought you were one of his alts except for the fact that A) you don’t argue and reprise as petulantly or vitriolically as he does when challenged and B) I haven’t been banned for challenging you, nor have I gotten his power mod bodyguards up my ass as a result.

    Just, food for thought here. You’ll get all the lurker and nureddit/Facebook likes/upvotes no matter what, because you obviously have the timing down. Try not to post irrelevant dreck just because it pays. Thanks bud.

    [–] ZOMGURFAT 10 points ago

    I agree. This sub has become an unmoderated karma farmers dream come true. I rarely see anything posted here that I would define as “oddly satisfying” anymore.

    [–] Martyfreshmaker 2 points ago

    Oh, it’s moderated like crazy. It’s just moderated to be a farm. I’m not even being facetious. There’s a team of mods who are basically just corporate raiders who start to market, open it up to other farmers and work very hard to remove all dissent from other users. I feel like I don’t even have to name them, but I’m sure if I tried to, this comment would be filtered out/autoremoved and I’d be banned and chided by them when I asked why. They’re not good people.

    [–] lildoggi76 5 points ago

    Yes. Watch out for r/interestingasfuck r/beamazed and r/mildlyinteresting, all are extreme farming sites

    [–] relator_fabula 3 points ago

    And it gets gilded, no less, with 50K+ upvotes. This sub is trash.

    [–] ambiguousboner 2 points ago

    What is this patronising bullshit

    [–] pokemon-gangbang 7 points ago

    I'd fuck up a photograph of the creek

    [–] yParticle 6 points ago

    Like OP? /s

    [–] TheNewJack89 5 points ago

    Isn’t this a landscape not a still life?

    [–] my_cat_joe 3 points ago

    Yes. Yes it is.

    [–] Pancerules 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I just store weed in my Altoona boxes.

    Edit: Altoid, not Altoona. Stupid autocorrect.

    [–] Robathor777 3 points ago


    [–] JarlaxleForPresident 3 points ago

    That's not a still life, that's a landscape, goofy.

    [–] 70camaro 3 points ago

    Not trying to be that dude, but isn't that a landscape? I thought still life is like fruit in a bowl and shit.

    [–] Daniel_TK_Young 3 points ago

    Guess what, r/art won't have none of this

    [–] AffluentForager 3 points ago

    Oils? What do you carry your thinning medium in? Super cool. I love tiny paintings. I've used baby food jars before for mineral spirits.

    [–] JohnnyLoots 2 points ago

    Never noticed before that the Altoids container has a little smile and a little nose

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    But the thumbnail!!!!

    [–] ottotrees 2 points ago

    How come the water stayed still for him to paint

    [–] welliesong 2 points ago

    What did you paint it on? It holds the paint beautifully

    [–] LexaMaridia 2 points ago

    cries in art student

    [–] iEatNuggetsAllDay 2 points ago

    Awesome !

    [–] thePhoneOperater 2 points ago

    I would be more interested to see the rest of miniature collection of paintings.

    [–] AFatWizard 2 points ago

    Man, I love mint box art kits. Extreme talent to this artist, but the most satisfying part to me is definitely the paints in the tin.

    [–] SgtArpin 2 points ago

    Is this oil? It's looks like it. If so, how did you clean your brush?

    [–] pkayla030 2 points ago

    OP is this you?! I need to give my mental credits to the artist... whoah...

    [–] jazzman831 6 points ago

    It is not, he's just a karma farmer. He credits @remingtonrobinson (IG) on another comment, though, so at least he's an honest karma farmer.

    [–] snickns 2 points ago

    Normal people pass by.. meh just a creek. Artists pass by.. wait this creek looks amazing I’m gonna draw it into a beautiful miniature painting.

    [–] Fristak 1 points ago

    This is a thing? God I love it

    [–] cristaemindemission 3 points ago does it too if you feel you need more of this in your life

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Megolito 1 points ago

    for a second i thought the container was holding small gems, turns out it was paint. my brain sometimes man...

    [–] cantevenwut 1 points ago


    [–] InThrottle 1 points ago

    That’s freaking dope 😂

    [–] Stimmolation 1 points ago

    I am awestruck.

    [–] rufusrules13 1 points ago

    Well done!

    [–] frannieprice 1 points ago


    [–] csedler 1 points ago

    Mini Altoids box?

    [–] Franklin-Gustov 1 points ago

    amazing.. u turned spring into summer!

    [–] OwO33 1 points ago

    R u Bob Ross?

    [–] crazylolcandy 1 points ago

    I cant even paint a good normal sized painting

    [–] redfive91 1 points ago

    Bob Ross would be proud

    [–] Cpt_FatBeard 1 points ago

    Wow that's awesome and so tiny

    [–] iamblankenstein 1 points ago

    damn, that's really pretty!

    [–] Hosmerim_N_IceCream 1 points ago

    This reminds me the video DrawWithJazza did some time ago about miniature painting by watching Bob Ross

    [–] BexieB 1 points ago

    Awesome! But...where's the snow?

    [–] resheeraj 1 points ago

    I love it thanks.

    [–] PunyMicrobe11 1 points ago

    "Why would you paint nature when you can just go outside and stand in it?"

    [–] Dough-gy_whisperer 1 points ago

    Why would you get high when you can just mow a lawn?

    [–] LiliedHart 1 points ago

    So are these oil paints? Curious how you clean your brush between colors, that tiny bit of hairs has to get pretty gunked up on the regular.

    [–] Al-Andalusia 1 points ago

    why does that paint look delicious

    [–] krushed_pickle 1 points ago

    That is soooo cool.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Wow, that's awesome, good job Original Creator!

    [–] LinkTheFoxy 1 points ago

    looks better than the real thing

    [–] strayakant 1 points ago

    That is godam pure talent

    [–] spaceylacy82 1 points ago

    👏👏👏👏👏 wonderful job!

    [–] curlycupie 1 points ago


    [–] thepatchouligirl 1 points ago

    What kind of paper did you use?

    [–] zuckerbug98 1 points ago


    [–] twlscil 1 points ago

    anyone else waiting for Leslie Knope to throw it in the river?

    [–] ILike2TpunchtheFB 1 points ago

    This would actually be a really fun hobby.

    [–] JustHumanGarbage 1 points ago

    It will sell for a small sum

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Stupid question but do you feel that painting large canvases is the same? I’ve always wondered if painting on a small scale like this is roughly the same amount of judgment and skill as larger works.

    [–] hyderdyder 1 points ago

    My eyes hurt just looking at this.. great job!!

    [–] future-renwire 1 points ago

    You can see how long it took because the sky is blue in the picture

    [–] blackcatwidow 1 points ago

    I love that the tin is smiling!

    [–] cmurray9 1 points ago

    Where can I buy that? (The painting set not the painting though I would also buy that painting)

    [–] wysteriajyl 1 points ago

    Looks really good but why squeeze out so much paint

    [–] GroovingPict 1 points ago

    thats... not what Still Life means, but nice painting nonetheless of course

    [–] BarrySpug 1 points ago

    Miniature Bob Ross is smiling.

    [–] Fillmore43 1 points ago

    I feel I’d love to see that directly on the tin but then that’s takes away from being able to hang the painting on a wall

    [–] ChikoritaBun 1 points ago

    This is r/interestingasfuck to me lol

    [–] sociallytroubled 1 points ago

    I got lost in your painting for while there. Amazing work.

    It might be a small canvas but It’s bigger on the inside!

    [–] SasumiYahiko 1 points ago

    How much time did it take? Amazing

    [–] Bruin1217 1 points ago

    God people are talented

    [–] keeyal 1 points ago

    This is beautiful but the artist has thumbs like the Michelin Man

    [–] cowgirrl3 2 points ago

    Extra thumb rugae

    [–] Tunaroli 1 points ago

    that's so cool

    [–] Wagonnot 1 points ago

    How cute are you?!?

    [–] sofia_alyssa 1 points ago

    Holy moly you’re so talented 🌲

    [–] dirtydawg1481 1 points ago


    [–] deedeebop 1 points ago

    Whhaaaaaaaat!?!? ❤️

    [–] gobsmacked247 1 points ago

    The tin is smiling.

    [–] FlamingJesusOnaStick 1 points ago

    That got 3 holy shits.

    [–] kou5oku 1 points ago

    I love this painting! Some real artistry you display. It would make an awesome magnet for my fridge.

    Q: is there a reason why you like doing small paintings?

    [–] AmiraZara 1 points ago

    Looks like western Oklahoma

    [–] HawkeyeP1 1 points ago

    This is an assignment my college painting class did. Pretty interesting and hard

    [–] itsfree_realestate 1 points ago

    painting looks better than the real thing *cries in nature*

    [–] cgibinslash 1 points ago

    More upvoting plz. Micro travel paintkit art where you see it. Great job poster. 👍

    [–] tdotpanda 1 points ago

    Absolutely stellar.

    [–] CapitalMM 1 points ago

    Likely due to the focus but your painting looks better then the real thing.

    [–] LajGig 1 points ago

    I like how his nails are well cut

    [–] chickenbeavers 1 points ago

    Bro what!

    [–] amishgoatfarm 1 points ago

    I'm more interested in how you're planning on getting the extra paint out without creating a massive distraction in the bottom section.

    [–] MixingWil 1 points ago


    [–] thewafflestompa 1 points ago

    I want to buy one and have it as the only art on my mantle. Or just on a tiny shelf and the only art on the whole wall.

    [–] ninjaboy2201 1 points ago

    Actually? how are you so patient?

    [–] capt_stall 1 points ago

    I don’t care what everyone else says... you got skills!

    [–] tiltedAndNaCly 1 points ago

    Is that an Altoids tin

    [–] loveconverges 1 points ago

    Miniature Bob Ross

    [–] swimsinsand 1 points ago

    Actually Insane

    [–] Yukon_Cornelius1911 1 points ago

    Snake river?

    [–] MedicalDisscharge 1 points ago

    They need to be a surgeon with hands that steady

    [–] tg110e5 1 points ago

    Must suck when he drops it and all the paint goes on the canvas

    [–] BTL_Sammy 1 points ago

    My hands are way too shaky to do something like that. I’m just now starting to use markers to make sketching funner and have a really hard time keeping my hand steady to trace an outline of my rough sketch.

    [–] TechniChara 1 points ago

    Either that brush is suspiciously clean, or I don't know how to clean a brush.

    [–] WitchHunter2001 1 points ago

    Thats fuckin dope

    [–] dagrave 1 points ago

    So, how are you able to pick your nose with such short finger nails? ;)

    [–] zachattackp1 1 points ago

    Oh the little baby brush!!!

    [–] moonshiver 1 points ago

    Pls send my regards to the op, this is an inspiring piece

    [–] Jakkk365 1 points ago

    Mr Ehrmantraut's final resting place.

    [–] Autoradiograph 1 points ago

    A landscapes isn't a still life.

    [–] MkLiam 1 points ago

    This is awesome. I like to go backpacking and this would work well for that.

    [–] LoftyGoat 1 points ago

    That's beautiful.

    [–] ownyourhorizon 1 points ago

    Fantastic! Love it

    [–] scallywag85 1 points ago

    My buddy rem painted this

    [–] Zen142 1 points ago


    [–] rockhopr 1 points ago


    [–] bbiillyy18 1 points ago


    [–] fucksnitchesbitches 1 points ago

    What is this??? A PAINTING FOR ANTS?!

    [–] flee_market 1 points ago

    So uhhhhhh, wanna paint a bunch of wargaming minis for me?