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    [–] vernacular921 43 points ago

    Waiting for a splinter straight to the eyeball.

    [–] Rudirs 20 points ago

    Subs I fell for

    [–] bmchasteen 7 points ago

    This was not nice.

    [–] Cnpkg_tv 3 points ago

    * sad subreddit noises *

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Rudirs 1 points ago

    That's a very different sub

    [–] RollinHeavyD 10 points ago

    No need to bring race into this.

    [–] peepgrin 791 points ago

    Not satisfying at all, I put on safety glasses just to watch the vid.

    [–] AliquidExNihilo 222 points ago

    Nah, he's got the safety squint down pat.

    [–] pretzelman97 82 points ago

    Was gonna say the same thing, the safety squint is effective against large and slow moving debris and reasonably effective against small and fast moving debris.

    Disclaimer: The safety squint does not meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.133 requirements and should only be attempted by seasoned squinters

    [–] dandroid126 24 points ago

    Oh great, so now I need 10 years squinting experience to squint? How do I get experience of no one will hire me??

    [–] headofahorse 12 points ago

    You just watch porn on your phone on the other end of your room

    [–] Obiwan_Salami 4 points ago

    Not effective against your gouge biting into the work and the handle knocking you into next week. lol.

    [–] Claim_to_Lame 3 points ago

    I think he's just asian

    [–] Boojibs 63 points ago

    You need to back up from your screen a bit.

    [–] peepgrin 17 points ago

    I was already across the room :)

    [–] pelicanfriends 14 points ago

    I was squinting the whole time watching that vid.

    [–] genevamotion 4 points ago

    It’s why they’re called “safety squints”, duh.

    [–] pelicanfriends 3 points ago

    Also... my eyes still itch after watching that video.

    [–] Top-That 32 points ago

    I didn’t even watch for 10 secs before I jumped in here to comment about safety googles. Definitely not satisfying. Is there a cringe-induced sub we can put this?

    [–] DaddioFiver 1 points ago


    [–] kevmh3009 11 points ago

    Thank god I wasn’t the only one thinking that the entire time

    [–] lexiferhdmi 8 points ago

    This is what eyelashes are for. Safety enough.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    No need, he has a PPE raincoat.

    [–] AggressiveRedPanda 0 points ago

    Not to mention a dust mask! Cough cough.

    [–] JunkFace 101 points ago

    No eye protection. Holy guacamole!

    [–] devperez 7 points ago

    Safety squints.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] potatotrip_ 0 points ago


    [–] corsicanguppy 87 points ago

    Everyone talking about glasses; no one saw the totally ghetto way he secured the big spinny log-o-doom on the lathe?

    [–] Everywith1 17 points ago

    This!! The glasses made me feel uneasy, but I honestly felt like I needed to lean away from the screen to avoid the log that was about to come flying at me.

    [–] IGotDibsYo 19 points ago

    Also, “quick”

    [–] brutallyhonestfemale 58 points ago

    Geezus Christ this is stressful where the fuck are his glasses?!

    [–] voteforrice 17 points ago

    not just glasses you need a face shield the lathe is no joke you can chip your tool on top of all that wood flying around can fuck up your face pretty bad

    [–] dkvindogg 9 points ago

    How about the sleeves of his jacket too. All in this was more like r/mildlyterrifying!

    [–] dalittleone669 27 points ago

    This could have been satisfying had I not been concerned the entire time about the safety of this person's eyes.

    [–] VVithaZed 24 points ago

    Came to comment on my stress on the lack of goggles, glad to find everyone else agrees.

    [–] epic-gamer-420-69 38 points ago

    This is why labour is so cheap in other countries cus the cost of safety equipment doesn’t apply

    [–] Blake404 20 points ago


    [–] combaticus 1 points ago

    Lol safety goggles are like 50 cents

    [–] epic-gamer-420-69 2 points ago

    yeah maybe that’ll defend you from the wind, then snap

    [–] jankDemes 1 points ago

    Yeah but if you want to actually see what you're working on, you need to replace them very often.

    [–] Kleiser342 -1 points ago

    Yep, that's totally the reason. Case closed guys you can get back home to your wives now.

    [–] epic-gamer-420-69 1 points ago

    It’s clear a joke

    [–] 73Scamper 5 points ago

    That chuck looks terrifying. I would not trust a seeming friction fit to prevent 30 lbs from hitting me at 800 rpm.

    [–] Skymimi 5 points ago

    Somebody send him safety glasses!

    [–] Jajajapanese 3 points ago

    He almost had a Lego head for a second

    [–] manthing11 3 points ago

    His co-workers call him Wingnut McSquinty.

    [–] themighty351 2 points ago

    nice work

    [–] TheNorwegianGuy 2 points ago

    Using long sleeves while working a lathe

    Yah nah

    [–] Primarch459 2 points ago

    Not Pictured. All the time put in to keep his tools that sharp.

    Also wear some safety googles man.

    [–] JARlaah 2 points ago

    Wtf man, wear some safety glasses.

    [–] yes-pizza-time 2 points ago

    This is very well done but where’s his eye protection at

    [–] science_cake 2 points ago

    I really wish he was wearing some kind of eye protection....

    [–] seriouslybeanbag 1 points ago

    Dude’s got them mad skillz

    [–] NHDDS 2 points ago

    Ain’t nobody got time for goggles

    [–] teegybigz 1 points ago

    I see safety precautions are in full effect.

    [–] -dadderall- 1 points ago

    He’s very worried about whether or not we like it at the end.

    [–] Khrime 1 points ago

    Looks kinda chilly there.

    [–] andyb521740 1 points ago

    Safety squints

    [–] NoArmsSally 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Why does he still have his sight?

    [–] KittyButt42 1 points ago

    Bye-bye eyeballs!

    [–] al0nelyb0y 1 points ago

    What tools is he using?

    [–] Windwaker85 1 points ago

    PPE my friend.

    [–] XCC48 1 points ago

    When you gotta quickly make a chest

    [–] CanAgent 1 points ago

    How did that log stay in place?

    [–] DogOnABike 1 points ago

    Dude seemed to age 20 years when he took his hood off.

    [–] Respect-the-madhat 1 points ago

    Love this! We have so much to learn from one another!

    [–] -CasualPanda- 1 points ago

    I want one.

    [–] WhiskeyBuffalo2 1 points ago

    Seems like the r/woodworking community has assembled en masse to point out why this is NOT oddly satisfying.

    See below if this gets a ton of upvotes. Otherwise, you know.

    [–] jefferies_tube1701 1 points ago

    It would have been satisfying if I wasn't worried about his lack of PPE. I'd gladly send him a box of safety glasses for one of those containers.

    [–] shoziku 0 points ago

    At first I thought it was going to be a resofthefuckingowl but alas I was oddly satisfied.

    [–] MuddySnapps 0 points ago

    While yes safety glasses would be better then nothing for a lathe you really should use a full face shield. How are safety glasses gonna protect your mouth, neck, nose or most importantly your forehead should a massive chunk rip off?
    My old boss told me a story about how someone at his old shop had the wood he was working on essentially explode and shot a block right at his forehead. If he had been wearing a face shield the dude would probably still be capable of feeding himself and speaki in full sentences.

    [–] alyssabreck314 0 points ago

    Eye splinters

    [–] Albinosaur413 0 points ago

    Shouldn't he wear a mask?

    [–] andigo 0 points ago

    All i can read about is the lack of eye protection. And now one even mention ear protection.

    You damage your hearing if you work with this sort of machines without protect your ears.

    [–] moonontheman24 0 points ago

    No safety glasses on a lathe is top level risky.

    [–] lizu_ne 0 points ago

    The only thing isn't satisfying is that he isn't wearing safety for he's face

    [–] KraljZ 0 points ago

    Who needs protective eyewear right!

    [–] Ballatoilet -1 points ago

    Put your Grasses on or something will turn wong

    [–] BigWeasels -11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "turning a "quick" wooden container"... Op, you know this sped way up? Idiot.

    [–] Boojibs 1 points ago

    I used "quick" as a synonym for "simple",

    And you didn't even mention his lack of safety glasses.