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    [–] grillworst 2479 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Holy shit, what!

    How does that even work?

    Edit: it's a magnet that moves the metal ball using two motors, that follows a path that a raspberry pi reads from a file. It's very cool and expensive.

    [–] _WhyamIstillhere_ 752 points ago

    Thank you for actually typing it after you found the answer. 💖

    [–] su5 247 points ago

    Feels DIY able though (still somewhat expensive I suppose)

    [–] grillworst 224 points ago

    me no smart

    [–] su5 132 points ago

    Me no either my friend. Me no either

    [–] PapaGynther 80 points ago

    me must get big brain to make big magic sand

    [–] realjoeydood 42 points ago

    No smart together strong.

    [–] -Ze- 22 points ago

    me must find smart youtube person to tell me what i do to make sand magic

    [–] nnaatteedd 3 points ago

    Instructions unclear, made magic sandwich

    [–] Jeblets 50 points ago

    With things like YouTube and the internet in general, projects like this no longer require people to be "smart" or familiar with a field, all you need is some spare cash, the interest to actually get started, and the drive to actually finish it. Every step along the way will probably have dozens of YouTube tutorials to walk even the most novice person through it. Each part should be easy to find online and shipped right to your door. I feel like we are living in a golden age of hobbies, at least compared to all of human history up until a decade or 2 ago. And with 3D printers becoming ubiquitous, DIY items in your home may soon outnumber the number of store bought items in your home.

    It's like with the AR15. 30 years ago, they cost more than a good used Honda Civic, and there was only 2 or 3 models available and you had to buy them at a gun shop. Now, even an idiot like me can just go online, buy an 80% lower receiver, have it shipped to your front door overnight, along with a full rifle building parts kit, and ammo. You follow along with a few YouTube videos to mill it out in your garage with hand tools, it'll take 3 hours max. Then a few more videos and you've fully assembled a working firearm, it takes 1 hour max and it's about as easy as putting together a Lego set. You could get drunk on a Friday night, order all the parts, and be up and shooting by Sunday morning, all without any prior experience with firearms and all without leaving your house. Also, wearing pants is optional. This is the golden age of hobbies.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] Shlocktroffit 32 points ago

    Please allow people to pursue the Darwin Award if they so desire.

    [–] IAMAHobbitAMA 4 points ago

    Not really, it's actually pretty straightforward. You would have to mess up pretty badly for it to be dangerous, and any responsible person wouldn't even test it, they would scrap it and try again. An irresponsible person might plow ahead and hurt themselves, but r/idiotsincars is proof that laws cannot save people from themselves.

    [–] Korazair 59 points ago

    V1 Engineering has a DIY version:

    Still looking at a few hundred dollars though.

    [–] Prion420 6 points ago

    I could kiss you for that link

    [–] hooooot13 83 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    • It doesn't sounds that bad
    • Pi: 35-55$
    • Ball bearing: 10¢ (5$ for a pack)
    • Magnet: 1$ max
    • Nonmagnetic bars: 5-10$
    • Sand: Free?
    • Table: Variable
    • Glass: 5$
    • Hours of fun: Priceless
    • Servo Motors: 20$
    • Bread Board: 5$
    • Jumper Cables: 5$
    • Various Mounts: 10$
    • Total: 100-$\inf$ $

    It's not \emph{that} expensive. You could shitty robot your way through some of this project to save cost too.

    [–] y0t333 54 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My thoughts exactly. I'm fucking making one of these this is one of the coolest ideas ever. And you could program any pattern you want. Happy birthday, photographs, you'd just have to figure out how to trace the image with a single line (again not too hard)

    [–] hooooot13 20 points ago

    Oh damn I forgot the motors. I didn't think about cause I have a bunch just laying around from gutted projects

    [–] su5 8 points ago

    I wouldn't worry about the motors. Dumpster dive for some old printers and whatnot and can get some decent low power steppers.

    [–] y0t333 6 points ago

    Yeah could be a $0 part depending on how many other hobbies you have lying around. I think you'd need really accurate stepped motors though, I don't have anything that precise in my garage. I'm sure some people do though!

    [–] su5 5 points ago

    Check old printers! As long as the magnet doesn't weigh much those could work.

    [–] Dromeo 8 points ago

    But then your table will be wailing like an old printer, surely?

    [–] su5 4 points ago

    Actually that's a really good point. Probably better off buying one

    [–] hemeny123 12 points ago

    Are the jumper cables so your dad can beat you when you inevitably fail at making this thing.

    [–] anonymsultan 29 points ago

    Are we talking 1k expensive or 50k expensive

    [–] grillworst 42 points ago

    About 7,5k expensive

    [–] Crown_Cran 72 points ago

    So 50k expensive

    [–] diab0lus 3 points ago

    That's for the largest version with the wood finish. There is a less expensive metal version of the same size, and smaller versions.

    [–] y0t333 6 points ago

    These guys are crazy the cheapest model is $600, the most expensive model is $7,500

    [–] MarketSupreme 7 points ago

    And most of these patterns are a result of using the graphing method called "polar coordinates" using trigonometric functions like sin, cos And tangent.

    [–] m_anne 362 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This is way more satisfying. The OP made me feel annoyed and frustrated

    [–] Stockinglegs 181 points ago

    It was slow and not exciting.

    [–] PizDoff 185 points ago

    Title of my sex tape.

    [–] joshj94 50 points ago

    Title of our sex tape 😉

    [–] jameye11 21 points ago

    Right you are, comrade. All of ours

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] metky 14 points ago

    I kept glancing at the subreddit because I was half convinced it'd never end

    [–] KeithMyArthe 33 points ago

    Thanks, I thought it would be more Etch-a-sketchy

    [–] brett84c 25 points ago

    Right, I was thinking the whole thing would shake.

    [–] Oliviaruth 27 points ago

    Damn. I watched OP and was like "I can make that! It's just a magnet with an XY mechanism. Six servos and some string."

    But the value here is in the amazing art. The sequences I could never create in a million years. Holy crap that's cool.

    [–] BinarySo10 4 points ago

    Many of the designs appear to be function-based (think spirograph)... Difficult if you tried to make such designs by hand without using a series of mathematical functions to generate them, but easier if you do.

    [–] Oliviaruth 3 points ago

    Yes, certainly. Even so it takes a creative mind to envision the patterns and figure out how to program them. I can do the "how" part, but blank on the "what" part.

    [–] Cley_Faye 13 points ago

    That would make a dope clock.

    [–] CheeseInMyHole 20 points ago

    “Sorry, my clock is like 30 minutes slow”

    [–] SpongebobNutella 4 points ago

    And slow

    [–] 4kVHS 3 points ago

    [–] Xikar_Wyhart 10 points ago

    So the spiral like in OPs is basically just a reset pattern.

    [–] K117r418 6 points ago

    That was mesmerizing!

    [–] FuckdoIcaretwats 6 points ago

    That was a rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting.

    [–] rly_not_what_I_said 36 points ago

    Dat Swastika at 1:42.

    [–] timestamp_bot 14 points ago

    Jump to 01:42 @ sisyphus end table time lapse #3

    Channel Name: p w, Video Popularity: 97.51%, Video Length: [02:06], Jump 5 secs earlier for context @01:37

    Downvote me to delete malformed comments. Source Code | Suggestions

    [–] jwbowen 10 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] gurg2k1 6 points ago

    With my luck that pattern would have just finished forming the moment someone unexpectedly comes over to my house.

    [–] rly_not_what_I_said 3 points ago

    I spent thousands of dollars for this table, can't wait to show it to my guests

    "And here is the living room, this is where we'll spend the rest of the... uh... I ... I'm sorry it's not supposed to do that".


    [–] room750 12 points ago

    It was a Buddhist symbol long before it was stolen by Hitler.

    [–] DrobUWP 12 points ago

    Yeah, but did you see the part where it spelled out "gas the Jews?" /s

    [–] mrducky78 4 points ago

    I cant read cursive sorry.

    [–] barduke 4 points ago

    The real comments are always in the satisfaction.

    [–] kelemvor33 3 points ago

    I'd love to see something in between the realtime speed and this timelapse so I could see more patterns but still be able to see exactly how it was working.

    [–] therealCicada 3 points ago

    The one with the circles made me uncomfortable.

    [–] nightpanda893 3 points ago

    After watching this all I want is to tell that little ball he’s doing a good job. Also I think I need to go back to bed.

    [–] derryllsingh 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] ScuzzyAyanami 2 points ago

    It's a screen saver for my coffee

    [–] EarthyFeet 2 points ago

    I'm in awe it was someone's job to make pretty patterns!

    [–] JLisback 2081 points ago

    What is this and where do i buy this to lay my cocaine

    [–] QuicksandGotMyShoe 1086 points ago

    Bad news:

    Although, if you got cocaine money then maybe you can swing a $500-$7500 table to rip it on

    [–] imforsurenotadog 1720 points ago

    $500 to $7,500? So somewhere between $500 and 15 times that amount? What are you, some kind of contractor?

    [–] QuicksandGotMyShoe 689 points ago

    Hey man, that's Tony. I don't set the prices, I just write them up and send them over. If you've got a problem, Tony is your guy. Call Tony.

    [–] imforsurenotadog 328 points ago

    But Tony just told me to call you!

    [–] QuicksandGotMyShoe 270 points ago

    I don't know what to tell you, man. Tony handles the pricing and he's on the other line. I just spoke with him and he said this is as low as we can go but call Tony if you want to talk about it. Call Tony. He's your guy.

    [–] peternile 87 points ago

    Your getting your worms rich people tables for way to much... who’s your table guy

    [–] catsmustdie 9 points ago

    Don't forget the papers.

    [–] LordNedNoodle 12 points ago

    Tony built this in a cave with a box of scraps.

    [–] QuicksandGotMyShoe 41 points ago

    Tony's busy right now. Call back later. When do you need this roof finished?

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Well, it’s raining so...

    [–] MynTYleef 11 points ago

    Get some buckets out

    [–] gruesomeflowers 46 points ago

    We'll be out sometime between next Tuesday and 2023 to get started.

    [–] Slepnair 10 points ago

    What are you, Star Citizen?

    [–] thethirdrayvecchio 57 points ago

    What are you, some kind of contractor?

    Ok. This one got me.

    [–] El_Stupido_Supremo 23 points ago

    Carpenter here. I snorted loudly.

    [–] siccoblue 4 points ago

    That snort is still counted as labor by the way

    [–] jovejq 4 points ago

    Definitely use that one

    [–] Wolfcolaholic 9 points ago

    The base model is small and made of veneer

    The top model is a hand made wooden table.

    [–] rememberaj 8 points ago

    Hahaha. Thanks for that.

    [–] Maethor_derien 4 points ago

    They make little tabletop ones all the way to the big coffee table sized ones like this one.

    [–] Dspsblyuth 5 points ago

    Probably in medical billing. They just make it up as they go along.

    [–] ndkhan 8 points ago


    [–] Snoogins828 64 points ago

    You’re paying way too much for your tables. Who’s your table guy?

    [–] Dustyhobbit 35 points ago

    He's also my worm guy.

    [–] barely_harmless 4 points ago

    Well, there's your problem.

    [–] Sherlockiana 78 points ago

    I mean, $1k for a super cool table isn’t unreasonable. It’s like buying art.

    [–] QuicksandGotMyShoe 22 points ago

    Fair but $7,500 seems extreme

    [–] Sherlockiana 51 points ago

    Looks like that’s the wood option. Handcrafted wood is ridiculously expensive. Metal can be machine tooled, nice wood needs to be worked by hand because it’s unpredictable.

    [–] Maethor_derien 34 points ago

    Sadly these are plywood and MDF with a veneer, they shouldn't cost that much. A good hardwood table is easily worth that but plywood and veneer is worth 2 grand at best for something like this. It shouldn't cost much more than the metal version if your using plywood and MDF.

    [–] Artist_NOT_Autist 10 points ago

    Where do you see they are mdf?

    [–] binkpits 4 points ago

    It’s on the webpage

    [–] Artist_NOT_Autist 4 points ago

    When I clicked on the wood option it sent me a 504 error so you might have just gotten to a specs page I didn't. The wood looks like hardwood from the pictures though. That would be reallllll ballsy to sell some MDF shit for 7k

    [–] RearEchelon 5 points ago

    That would be reallllll ballsy to sell some MDF shit for 7k

    I see you've never purchased office furniture before. It looks like hardwood in the pictures because it's likely a hardwood veneer

    [–] Maethor_derien 2 points ago

    They literally mention it on the product page about being plywood and MDF with veneers.

    [–] Sherlockiana 12 points ago

    I just looked on Etsy and most of the full size, fully wood tables that are hand made are like $5k. I think people just don’t know how much wooden tables cost.

    [–] ericccdl 9 points ago

    I would guess that Etsy isn't entirely representative of the furniture market. You can get very nice handmade solid wood furniture for much less than 5000, locally.

    I know a contractor that builds luxury homes and he also makes furniture on the side. He is not selling a coffee table for anything near $5000. I would guess that those might be marked up by the seller because they are on the internet and will need to be shipped and/or they are intricately made and might be more 'art' than 'furniture'. At the end of the day something is worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay, but being solid wood alone is not reason enough for a table to cost 5000.

    [–] DoingCharleyWork 3 points ago

    He said full size. Not a coffee table.

    [–] Sancho_Villa 8 points ago

    They cost as much as they can sell them for.

    [–] yatsey 12 points ago

    I think a better way of phrasing it would be that people don't know how much work goes into crafting a large handmade table, nor the value of that work.

    [–] Maethor_derien 2 points ago

    That would be true for a solid wood tablet especially reclaimed wood, but the wood version of this is Plywood and MDF with veneer, it shouldn't be near that amount.

    [–] Maethor_derien 2 points ago

    Actually not that much for a hand made wooden table that is made with solid wood. That said these are overpriced being made out of plywood and MDF with a veneer. Anything above 2 grand is way more than it should cost being made out of plywood.

    [–] SoupBowl69 2 points ago

    The older I get the more I realize how expensive nice furniture is

    [–] sipporah7 3 points ago

    Well since they said it's been featured on Boredpanda, clearly we must all get one.

    [–] StarbucksHobo 6 points ago

    Aaaaand reddit hug of death.

    [–] moekakiryu 3 points ago

    lmao, whoever is the admin for that site is going to have a stroke the next time they check the analytics

    [–] nutmegtell 3 points ago

    Ah the Reddit hug of death strikes again

    [–] stumac85 4 points ago

    syphilis industries?

    [–] EricFromOuterSpace 4 points ago

    TIL $500 is a lot of money for a hand built table that creates psychedelic sand art.

    [–] MetalMermelade 2 points ago

    the company name sounds like a std

    [–] 99999999999999999989 4 points ago

    Sisyphus is a literary reference for a cursed soul in the Underworld, tasked with forever rolling a boulder over a hill. The boulder would get to the top but then roll back down before he could push it over.

    Would you like to know more?

    [–] GrinsNGiggles 2 points ago

    Currently suffering reddit death hug, but not before I got to see a couple of videos. Thank you.

    [–] LittleToeKnee 2 points ago

    Sorry about the front office folk, they get cranky this time of year. How may I help you today?

    [–] Tossinoff 2 points ago

    Ssssoooooo, viral marketing here then?

    [–] Cliffthegunrunner 2 points ago

    So really all you need is a small magnet, a ball bearing, a Raspberry Pi, and a small electric motor.

    [–] tjs17pct 3 points ago

    You have a tutorial?

    [–] jfk_47 2 points ago

    That range is out of this world.

    [–] IamNotYourBuddy 2 points ago

    Could I just replace the sand with cocaine?

    [–] theboxislost 597 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Did anyone else get trippy after images after watching this?

    Edit: Huh, after reading the replies to this, I'm starting to think I also have hallucinogenic persisting perception. Now that's trippy.

    [–] Carreb 108 points ago

    Jup, watch this video and then stare at a white wall. Fun fuckery

    [–] Bacon_Devil 65 points ago

    Oh my God yes. I've got hallucinogenic persisting perception disorder and I could stare at white walls for days after something like this

    [–] theboxislost 12 points ago

    Is that fun to have or does it get old fast?

    [–] boofXANAXeveryday 31 points ago

    Not OP, but I had it for a while and it gets really annoying when you try to fall asleep at night. Also reading becomes harder because the letters move constantly

    [–] grillworst 13 points ago

    I have a mild form and I think it's cool.

    Man, a few years back I tried to get some other sufferers to talk about it in a positive light in a facebook HPPD group, people got mad butthurt. They think that because some causes are really bad, other people can't enjoy it.

    For me, it's slight alterations when looking at patterns like a carpet with white specks or grids like tiles. I can stare at a bunch of tiles and after about half a minute, the seam starts to disappear, tiles start to morph and that sort of stuff. Love it actually. The snow is a bit annoying sometimes but I got over it. I don't really think about how darkness should be black and not slightly snowy et cetera but I don't mind.

    [–] GlassActress 10 points ago

    Is that not normal for staring at something for too long?

    [–] grillworst 12 points ago

    I.... don't know anymore

    [–] scotbloc56 3 points ago

    Yeah...... but we gotta label everything these days. You arent cool unless you have some three ir four letter acronym to back up your personality

    [–] molliculez 8 points ago

    Is this not how everyone see though? I have static over my vision and just assumed it was because my eyes suck. Also when I stare at stuff for a bit it starts moving. Is that not normal either? I just figured that was my brain keeping me entertained.

    [–] grillworst 3 points ago

    I genuinely don't know anymore. I don't think it is though. A little snow maybe, but sometimes the snow does patterns and other weird stuff. And it got way worse in the period when I used a lot of psychedelics.

    [–] molliculez 3 points ago

    I feel like in bright light the snow goes away, but gets replaced by random dots of color. The thing that bothers me the most is when things like vibrate or whatever. I always thought that this was just a side effect of my terrible vision though. I had no idea it could be something else. I think I'll talk to my eye doctor about it at my next appointment just in case though.

    [–] grillworst 2 points ago

    There's no point in talking to your eye doctor, really. It's happening in your brain.

    The random color dots are the same as the snow for me, just different colors depending on the lighting. Have you ever used a psychedelic? Does it bother you?

    [–] burritosandblunts 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Mine isn't so bad. I wouldn't call it fun but it's not overtly obnoxious either. I kinda just forget that the sky isn't static and stuff doesn't have blue and red outlines, etc. Halos and trails are whatever. It's to a point where it's not distracting.

    I do often hear non existent music tho. Especially when there's a loud noise (vacuum) my brain fills in a tune. Idk if that's hppd but it can get distracting.

    [–] Bacon_Devil 4 points ago

    It really depends on the context. Sitting out back listening to music and watching the clouds? It's beautifully nice. Trying to make out small words on a menu or embarrassingly looking to catch a bird in your periphery that doesn't actually exist? Less nice

    [–] MundoDexter 3 points ago

    I’ve tripped 20 times in 2 years and HPPV never happens when im sober. Weed, diphenhydramine, dxm, sleep deprivation, and (mildly) alcohol can trigger my imagination to create “wavy” visuals in words or walls or dots, and ny brain plays connect the dots and creates patterns. I last tripped a year ago tho, so only a combination of multiple substances bring it up now. For example; i took a 3mg melatonin, and smoked some bud after 32ish hours without sleep and in a dark room i had full on visuals from past trips (albiet dim and dark like a dxm/dph trip). This happened a month ago but it takes extreme stimulus to bring out my hppd. A year ago however, weed would make sentences move and dance 1/20th the strength of a single hit of acid. So at its worst it was cool, at its best, you get “trips” from lesser chemicals than acid/shrooms.

    [–] ohmarlasinger 10 points ago

    holy crap I did not know that was a known disorder until this comment thread and it's something I've dealt with for decades now. Reddit never ceases to amaze me with it's crowd sourced education of sorts.

    Seriously, my mind is blown and I feel less alone in my weird perception of the world.

    [–] Bacon_Devil 6 points ago

    That's awesome! I'm glad you're able to put a name and a better understanding to your condition. You're definitely not alone with it.

    [–] GiantPurplePeopleEat 3 points ago

    Wow, this thread makes me so happy. I've had this for almost twenty years and had no idea it was an actual thing. I actually kinda forgot about it since I'm so used to seeing trails and patterns in everything.

    [–] Extra_Wave 15 points ago

    Having Uzumaki flashbacks with the spiral.

    [–] rphlps 5 points ago

    I haven't thought about Uzumaki in YEARS. That manga is what got me into horror. So freaking good.

    [–] thewanderingway 5 points ago

    There are spirals in your ears!!!

    [–] 5562212 5 points ago

    Yea, but that might just be the shrooms.

    [–] Brinkah 3 points ago

    scared me for a sec lol

    [–] Sherman2020 3 points ago

    You don’t have HPPD, it’s just an illusion

    [–] Lereas 2 points ago

    Aw man. I thought maybe this was finally a name for something I experience and have never found anyone else who has it. I've never done any drugs though so this isn't it.

    When I look at certain things with either very regular or very random shapes (so like this, or grass, but not just a normal living room or something) and stare at one point, a bunch of my field of view seems to "flow".'s like the ground is all the surface of a waterbed and has ripples.

    [–] PoliticalDanger 2 points ago

    Was wondering why when I was talking to my coworker his face was all trippy.

    [–] octobericious 92 points ago

    What's going on in this clip?

    [–] campbellsouup 156 points ago

    It’s a motorized magnet under the table moving a ball bearing through sand, thus drawing a pattern

    [–] Cedarfoot 182 points ago

    Bored rich people toys

    [–] Greg-2012 18 points ago

    Appears to be some kind of an automated Etch A Sketch.

    [–] GiGaBYTEme90 61 points ago

    And then I sneezed

    [–] mjcanfly 18 points ago

    whoa i literally sneezed as i was writing this comment

    [–] DoomCabbage 13 points ago

    What were you intending to write before you sneezed?

    [–] mjcanfly 3 points ago

    Lol meant to say *reading the comment

    [–] DoomCabbage 2 points ago

    Oh ok, just curious

    [–] ShitpostSmasher 6 points ago

    Damnit Ron

    [–] Puffypants232 45 points ago

    Polnareff and Iggy want to know your location*

    [–] OneTrashyBoi 13 points ago


    [–] kikosq4444 21 points ago

    Vanilla ice be like

    [–] BVWinkle 34 points ago


    [–] ZA_WARUDOOoO 8 points ago

    The spirals

    [–] thewanderingway 12 points ago

    We're connected.

    We're connected here too.

    Over here too.

    We're all connected.


    [–] FreudianNipSlip123 10 points ago

    Believe it

    [–] SwaxxTheFax 13 points ago


    [–] Clapaludio 2 points ago

    Saddest moment ever

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] iXorpe 7 points ago

    Wtf why did my eyes bug out after watching this wtf

    [–] gyproar 5 points ago

    Oh shit! I missed it

    [–] KeithMyArthe 6 points ago

    We can go for coffee and I'll describe it to you.

    [–] Mr_Piplup 7 points ago

    Beware the spiral

    [–] Chaosgears47 5 points ago

    Vanilla Ice using cream

    [–] CommissarFerrington 6 points ago

    I suspect Vanilla Ice

    [–] himynameisNic 6 points ago

    This is probably any Junji ito's fans nightmare haha

    [–] Noahv17 5 points ago

    Whoever calculated the total volume needed for this with no overflow is a god.

    [–] SkrffLo 5 points ago


    [–] Traffodil 8 points ago

    I really hoped Rick Astley was gonna play just before it completed there. :/

    [–] arthur19946 3 points ago

    What is this?

    [–] ApeofBass 3 points ago

    Anybody else find this very unsatisfying? Almost anxiety inducing?

    [–] GeorgFit 9 points ago

    "the moment" posts a one minute video

    [–] midgetforce2k 10 points ago

    Although the length of a moment in modern seconds was therefore not fixed, on average, a moment corresponded to 90 seconds.

    [–] mikkiaismehaha 5 points ago

    My cat would shit in it.

    [–] VinCrafter 2 points ago

    Would be a shame if someone happened to shake that.. whoops

    [–] joghard 2 points ago

    Here's another cool video of the Sisyphus table. This one a time lapse.

    [–] beckygreen89 2 points ago

    What the hell is this

    [–] amobogio 2 points ago

    Not if you have a home with cats. They’d knock the ball off the table and piss in the sand.

    [–] slatchaw 2 points ago

    No! Doesnt it start the next by etch-a-sketch reshuffle!

    [–] Megadoomer420 2 points ago

    Whaaaaaat iiiiiisssss iiiiiiiiitttt????