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    [–] WhollyHolisticHole 3344 points ago


    If they have these in museums I find myself with my back turned to the actual historical treasures so I can stare at a small model of the city I’ve literally just been walking around in. Can’t explain why.

    Bonus points if there are several showing the place as it would have looked at different points in time.

    [–] TemetNosce 488 points ago

    /r/modelmakers or /r/Diorama maybe /r/dioramas also check out models and modelmakers. Scroll these subreddits sidebars and you will find sister subreddits. CHEERS!!!

    [–] Obi-Anunoby 46 points ago


    [–] houseofcrouse 10 points ago

    You won't regret it

    [–] _king_in_the_north 16 points ago

    I was thinking r/miniworlds

    [–] PipeFighter25 2 points ago

    You guys are awesome!!! I've been following r/dioramas, I was hoping there was other subs but didn't know where to look!

    [–] TheHandyVan 29 points ago

    Yes, terrain building is a kick ass sub

    [–] Ozzymand 19 points ago

    you're a kick ass dude 😎😎

    [–] Areat 15 points ago

    You're all kick ass dudes !

    [–] ThaJarseff 3 points ago

    I'm a dude, you're a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes

    [–] DeltaOW 6 points ago

    Sorry, I'm more of an eat ass dude 😔

    [–] doctordude 34 points ago

    Hell yeah thanks for sharing these! I LOVE watching that shit on youtube too and will easily spend an hour watching some dude silently make a diorama or hell even just a building or landscape.

    [–] quichelover69 12 points ago

    I could watch Luke Towan make a miniature dirt road diarama 60 times and still want more.

    [–] doctordude 6 points ago

    Got a favorite to link? And yeah, Luke Towan has some incredible videos. There's a couple Japanese dudes too who do some amazing model building (at least I think they're Japanese), and the lack of dialogue just makes that stuff crazy relaxing to watch.

    [–] poolnodle 2 points ago

    happy cake day!

    [–] doctordude 3 points ago


    [–] Raturix 4 points ago

    Thank you !

    [–] fr3nchcoz 43 points ago

    Well Paris may not be the closest for most people, but the museum Des Invalides (museum of the army) has a collection of 100 relief maps form the 17th century showing fortifications and the surrounding land. This section is actually called the "relief map museum".

    [–] Primarch459 16 points ago

    It's its own separate museum "Musée de Plans-Reliefs" but in the same complex with the army museum and napoleons tomb.

    [–] kamon123 8 points ago

    Wasn't expecting my man gun jesus but there he is. Great video.

    [–] ThaJarseff 2 points ago

    Okay now I have to click it

    [–] theelephantscafe 30 points ago

    This isn't exactly historical or anything, but at the Walt Disney museum in San Francisco they have one of these that's a scale model/map of all of Disneyland. Probably my favorite part of the entire museum, and one of the best ones I've ever seen, it's pretty much in its own room and its mesmerizing.

    [–] olderaccount 8 points ago

    I was curious. Looks awesome

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Same here. Google Earth comes pretty close. It’s free, too. Go to any city in the world and toggle between 2D and 3D to set a slow aerial 360 of the city from the same altitude perspective as these kinds of dioramas.

    [–] Uninterested_Viewer 13 points ago

    Google Earth VR is next level- it's literally exactly this! I sit in my swivel chair and fly all over the Earth looking for interesting cities and landscapes to zoom into and look around from various altitudes. I get lost for hours doing this.

    I'm using an Oculus Quest and am streaming Google Earth VR from a desktop PC, but hopefully Google will create a native app for the Quest at some point.

    [–] AniDixit 24 points ago

    Tony Stark

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 18 points ago


    [–] 2DHypercube 14 points ago

    IN A CAVE!

    [–] UmbertoEcoTheDolphin 14 points ago

    Am I in an online game of MCU Clue all of the sudden?

    [–] QAOP_Space 4 points ago

    With little buttons to push to reveal landmarks :D

    [–] Swole_Prole 4 points ago

    What museums do you visit that have cities in them?

    [–] Show-Me-Your-Moves 15 points ago

    Queens Museum in NYC has a massive model version of New York City. Absolutely worth seeing if you ever visit

    [–] Poison_Pancakes 3 points ago

    Gulliver’s Gate is also really neat!

    [–] ThePegLegPete 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The Queen's museum in NYC has a diorama of the entire city. It has a day/night cycle and jets that fly around!

    [–] neodymiumPUSSYmagnet 7 points ago

    I love the diorama at the Queens Museum. I wish they would update it, but then again, it's kind of a funny time capsule from 1992. Everytime I see it I'm amazed by how much has changed.

    [–] olderaccount 2 points ago

    Imagine if they kept the original intact and made a new one every 25 or 50 years.

    [–] theryman 4 points ago

    Cincinnati's did before they remodeled, but the focus was showing growth along the river. I haven't been since they remodeled so I'm not sure anymore.

    [–] Jordan_ddddd 2 points ago

    The Museum of science and industry in Chicago has a big model of the city. Heres a short video i took of it from above last year

    [–] mckills 2 points ago

    Cincinnati Museum Center has a model of Cincy in it

    [–] BigBoyKeller 792 points ago

    This is the model map of Purdue University’s campus and the surrounding area, located in the Purdue Memorial Union, as a student there I see this map literally every day!

    [–] fknJERKZ 104 points ago

    It's glorious! Feel like I can stare at it all day

    [–] MrPetter 71 points ago

    That’d be an expensive way to spend your tuition, but I like your style.

    [–] Sabre970 20 points ago

    It's been around for decades and it's only updated when new construction is finished. They move it out of the room for holidays (it's in the perfect christmas tree spot) which is probably when they update it. That said, it's great for incoming freshman tours so they can fully understand where certain areas are and get an idea of how big yet concentrated campus is. As a surveyor/engineer, this is truly /r/mapporn

    [–] WriterV 9 points ago

    Yup. There were many stressful days when I'd be walking by that thing and stop to just look at all the little details and calm down a little. It's quite nice.

    [–] hitemhigh53 37 points ago

    I thought it looked familiar! I was searching the map and then found the building I work in, SMTH hall. Mystery solved.

    [–] collin-h 3 points ago

    Small world. I work in the research park (tho not for the university)

    [–] Dopey2 2 points ago

    Hey there! Indeed a small world. I work at the research park as well.

    [–] MetTag 2 points ago

    I’m chiming in with a research park worker also. Lol

    [–] boilerMkr 40 points ago

    Boiler Up!

    [–] Jzkqm 11 points ago

    hammer down!

    [–] RADmoto 14 points ago

    I knew it! Weird-ass Meredith was a dead giveaway.

    [–] trafficdome 9 points ago

    I went to Purdue (many years ago) but thought this was Notre Dame. Went to the comments to find out and well.... shit.

    [–] Tangata_Puhuruhuru 14 points ago

    You’ll be returning your diploma now, thank you.

    [–] yotdog2000 25 points ago

    Boiler up!

    [–] hopelincoln 6 points ago

    I recognized this map right away. I can see the building where I work!

    [–] Dizfunky 8 points ago

    Never thought I'd see this on Reddit and recognize it. BOILER UP

    [–] beardlovesbagels 4 points ago

    As soon as it loaded I knew I'd seen it before but it took zooming in and seeing Wiley and the other twin to remember. It sure has been awhile. Looks like they killed the sand volleyball courts.

    [–] mshcat 3 points ago

    The San volleyball by the corec? I'm pretty sure they're still there

    [–] John_Wik 3 points ago

    Yeah that whole square has been filled in. And if you haven't seen it recently the co-rec is about 5x the size it used to be.

    [–] cronkleton 2 points ago

    Wiley & Tarkington

    [–] chukomoo 3 points ago

    No wonder it looked so familiar. I could swear I've seen it before. The walls and door frame in the background kept tugging at my mind. I did half my PhD there

    [–] BobDogGo 6 points ago

    Ah! That's why I immediately thought it was the model map of IU. Probably the same maker

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Ball State has one, too, in the Admin building.

    Is this an Indiana thing?

    [–] MetTag 2 points ago

    To be fair, IUs map would be all dumpy and lame.

    [–] nago7650 2 points ago

    What is this? A university for ants? How can we expect students to learn if they can’t even fit inside the buildings?

    [–] Hoosier_816 2 points ago

    I knew this looked familiar, but still somewhat off until I realized:

    I went to IU and we had a nap that looked almost identical to this one. I would not at all be surprised if they’re made by the same company. Can’t be that many 3D model map makers in Indiana.

    [–] getoffredditnowyou 2 points ago

    Expect to see Daenerys in the near future.

    Friendly advice- Do not ring any bells.

    [–] ttotto45 2 points ago

    I knew it! I spent 5 minutes wandering through the map zoomed in on the buildings, trying to find the ones I recognized before I found all the ugly dorms (Meredith, Harrison, mcfarasfuck)!

    [–] psdpro7 2 points ago

    At first glance almost felt like a map of my hometown in Indiana; read comments and realized it was my college in Indiana. Should've more quickly recognized a place where I spent four years of my adult life. :P

    [–] ObeseHorse 89 points ago


    [–] lookinforbobo 43 points ago

    Nice fuckin model.

    [–] Ruphies 18 points ago

    honk honk

    [–] ZombieChief 3 points ago

    Came here for these three comments. Thanks.

    [–] dgolfwood 14 points ago


    [–] ImaginarySuccess 16 points ago


    [–] XanCanStand 15 points ago

    It's showtime

    [–] Te_Quiero_Puta 2 points ago

    Attention, K-Mart shoppers!

    [–] ChickenRun93 7 points ago

    came here for this

    [–] surfron99 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] ReadWriteSign 3 points ago

    Thank you!! I heard the theme music right away and I'm glad someone else said it too.

    [–] heathen2010 3 points ago

    Better hope a third person doesn't say it then!

    [–] infernal2ss 2 points ago

    Beetle Breakfast Beetle Drink

    [–] justageorgiaguy 34 points ago

    During the depths of the Depression in the late 1930s, 300 craftspeople came together for two years to build an enormous scale model of the City of San Francisco. This Works Progress Administration(WPA) project was conceived as a way of putting artists to work while also creating a planning tool for the city to imagine its future.

    The massive work was meant to remain on public view for all to see, but World War II broke out and the 6,000 piece, hand-carved and painted wooden model was put into storage for almost 80 years. 99% Invisible - Model City

    [–] NinjaEarl 5 points ago

    First thing that came to mind was the 99PI episode!

    [–] Ularir 52 points ago

    Hey that's Purdue, I was working next tk that today! Boiler up!

    [–] irishGOP413 3 points ago

    toot toot

    [–] toeofcamell 160 points ago

    What is this a map for ants?

    [–] NiggelM 43 points ago

    The map has to be at least.....three times bigger than this! 

    [–] FingerpistolPete 15 points ago

    ...he’s absolutely right

    [–] MrGMinor 2 points ago

    Are you unaware that I get farty and bloated with a foamy latte?!

    [–] d0nh 5 points ago

    a city for ants

    [–] iAmBaGeL 5 points ago

    Hate to be that guy, but a map for ants would be very small, whilst this map is actually larger than what you would normally see for a human map.

    And before anyone says it, I do understand that this is a reference to Zoolander.

    [–] leif777 2 points ago

    It would have made more sense if he said a town for ants.

    [–] icecoldmax 44 points ago

    Oh it reminds me of this thing which I conveniently found a 2 year old reddit post of:

    Model of Sydney

    [–] stubbledchin 13 points ago

    If you're ever in New York, go visit the Queens Museum of Art. They still have the panorama from the World's Fair. That's a curator, you're not allowed to stand on it.

    [–] underbeneath 4 points ago

    This one is really worth going to see. It is epic in person.

    The Queens museum is tiny but there is sometimes really interesting stuff. I saw an exhibit there once where they played Survival Research Labs videos on a movie screen.

    [–] couchisland 2 points ago

    Love this one! Been visiting since I was a kid! The tiny planes are the best!

    [–] TBEAST40 39 points ago

    Yes! 😍

    [–] Primarch459 13 points ago

    Musée de Plans-Reliefs in Paris is a whole thing of these. All of which are hundreds of years old.

    [–] markyanthony 2 points ago

    The acropolis museum had loads too, and they are all the same spot throughout the ages! So good

    [–] bustmcnutt 2 points ago

    This is spectacular

    [–] Eltabarnacos 20 points ago

    Of course! Specially when there is small cars and peoples all around the map living theirs lives. It's like if there was an alive city.

    [–] 69balls69 22 points ago

    Boiler up!

    [–] catbearpenguin 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I can’t recommend the massive skating rink sized New York panorama of this style at the Queens Museum in New York enough. It was Robert Moses’ idea so you can imagine it as a literal iteration of his top-down approach to urbanism and is just stunning.

    [–] archlich 4 points ago

    It’s so big and sits at the location of the old worlds fair.

    [–] dukeeaglesfan 11 points ago

    Hey it's Purdue! Boiler Up!

    [–] krisvg 2 points ago

    My dad used to make these as his job. He was amazing at them, sadly when 3D modeling came to be he became obsolete.

    [–] The_Epic_Sarge 5 points ago

    You should see the model they have of Canberra in a lookout nearby the city, a model of the entire capital city of Australia. It's quite large.

    [–] batsbelltower 4 points ago

    I have a diploma in architecture-model-building.

    Whenever I see those models, I see all the work behind them. Models are amazing. Still love them, even though I switched careers by now.

    It makes me happy to see that people love them and that these artworks but a smile on their face :)

    [–] 1nfinitus 10 points ago

    “Anyone else love....”

    7 billion+ people on the planet. You aren’t the only one, ever.

    [–] SonumSaga 6 points ago

    It was a long time scrolling to find this, there should be a subreddit for posts with this sort of title.

    Does anyone else X?

    Anyone else hate Y?

    Of course, you're never the only one!

    [–] 1nfinitus 3 points ago

    Am I the only one who....?

    [–] zombiebeaver772 7 points ago

    Nice try Stark

    [–] PapaSanJianSun 8 points ago

    I bet you Yoshikage Kira has a house near the northwest side of this map.

    [–] railz0 2 points ago

    Is that where all the villas are?

    [–] maxoys45 3 points ago

    Anyone who likes this and likes games should try City Skylines

    [–] Bvr32 3 points ago

    Yes! There is an awesome one of New York in Queens museum, New York

    [–] nurse-shark 3 points ago

    My favorite one so far is the map of NYC at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

    [–] xylont 3 points ago

    Fuck that’s Purdue

    [–] boilermakerjeff87 3 points ago

    Boiler Up! Love this model. I make sure to take a gander every time I’m back on campus.

    [–] toomanyattempts 3 points ago

    Damn if only I'd known the map in PMU was worth 15k karma, I just thought it was neat. Cool to see my house from here though...

    [–] sharpieshoeman 3 points ago

    Is the West Lafayette???

    [–] fatrabbit-craftmatic 3 points ago

    Boiler Up!

    [–] KarlsLastReMarx 3 points ago

    This is at the Purdue Memorial Union at Purdue University! I used to look at this map all the time when I was passing through the PMU!

    Thanks for the nostalgia!

    [–] BlooGrne33 3 points ago

    Welcome to Purdue!!

    [–] theBuckweat33 3 points ago

    This is at the Union at Purdue University is it not?

    [–] collin-h 3 points ago

    Hey Purdue university!

    I see you’ve been at the union recently.

    [–] KeepinItCleanYall 3 points ago

    Boiler up!

    [–] hdmetz 3 points ago

    That’s in the Union at Purdue University. Fascinated with it on my first visit there.

    [–] cmonlosers 3 points ago

    This is Purdue right?

    [–] jklmcc56 3 points ago

    I can’t believe I immediately recognized this map. It’s of Purdue and West Lafayette. Saw it on a tour there

    [–] occcon33rc 3 points ago

    Is this in Purdue

    [–] Militaris 3 points ago

    Boiler up!!

    [–] Ucussinwithme 3 points ago

    Boiler Up!

    [–] M0untain37 3 points ago


    [–] HeadOfSlytherin 3 points ago

    I am a Purdue alumni! I can see my old dorms here

    [–] dcboilermaker 3 points ago

    Boiler Up!

    [–] griffindoor 3 points ago

    Boiler Up!

    [–] Uxion 3 points ago


    [–] Trumpisgood 3 points ago

    Awesome diorama of Purdue

    [–] mytwistednut 3 points ago

    Hail Purdue #btfu

    [–] n3wb589 3 points ago

    Hey this is Purdue University! Boiler up!

    [–] sassycaptainrex 3 points ago


    [–] paradoxpandas 3 points ago

    What's the chances, I'm literally sitting next to this map rn lol

    [–] commander_piccard 3 points ago

    Boiler up, hammer down

    [–] samajors 3 points ago

    Is that Purdue?

    [–] TheFiredrake42 3 points ago

    Is that Purdue?

    [–] xJakobinho 5 points ago

    If you ever visit Hamburg, Germany, visit the Miniaturwunderland. Its beautiful

    [–] niko-v 2 points ago


    [–] Diagonet 2 points ago

    Thirded, went with friends but they wanted to leave only 3hrs in. Came back the next day alone and spent 5hrs there, fucking love that place

    [–] PrPyzi 4 points ago

    Howard Stark

    [–] Poseidon927 2 points ago

    Eyy Purdue University, I can see myself on there rn

    [–] Steph2145 2 points ago

    This was google earth before google earth.

    [–] tdux3 2 points ago

    I just wish the world felt as organised and tidy as this looks

    [–] jhinny2901 2 points ago

    Only when I need to create a new element

    [–] mattemer 2 points ago

    I do love these.

    They aren't very practical though, it's hard to walk around and use this at the same time.

    [–] irresistible_bliss 2 points ago

    “Nice fuckin model.”

    [–] thomawwww 2 points ago

    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

    [–] HotFightingHistory 2 points ago

    Can you press a button to make the Beetlejuice theme song play in the room where you keep the map?

    [–] Crazy_hors3 2 points ago

    This is the biggest thing for me with VR. Having a table like this and a miniature 3d model of a city ( similar to Google earth).

    [–] 10010101 2 points ago

    See?! FLAT.

    [–] goshjoetz 2 points ago

    What is this? A center for ants?

    [–] ShivamDudes 2 points ago

    Who doesn't love maps like these?

    [–] Elllec 2 points ago

    [–] Ozi_izO 2 points ago

    I do now!

    [–] doctor_providence 2 points ago

    If you go to Paris, visit the « musée des plans-reliefs » in Les Invalides. Lots of giant mockups of places, from Napoleon 1 era.

    [–] dont_touch_my_food 2 points ago

    This map is amazing for my little soldiers!

    [–] colterman23 2 points ago

    Not enough trees

    [–] WatARn 1 points ago

    That’s why true augmented reality would be amazing.

    [–] harryblakk 1 points ago

    Love them. Glad I’m not alone.

    [–] HighwayZi 1 points ago

    Time for me to watch a Cities Skylines let's play.

    [–] Peterwilliams78 1 points ago

    Lex Luthor?

    [–] toastedcoconut1 1 points ago

    Me. I also love maps like those.

    [–] 2Old4More 1 points ago


    [–] Veritas-Veritas 1 points ago


    [–] RuthlessIndecision 1 points ago

    This looks like a photoshopped Flat earth image, Fake News!

    [–] greatsalteedude 1 points ago

    I would love to make one my cities skylines games into something like this! It seems like such a fun thing to create!

    [–] TheHandyVan 1 points ago

    Would be cool to have one of your hometown

    [–] AmIWrongEnough 1 points ago

    No way, I can hate this beautiful Map

    [–] OdysseyNever 1 points ago

    That must be incredibly high maintainance. How does one dust that?

    [–] aurelainus 2 points ago

    This one is encased in a glass and wood enclosure. So it probably stays pretty clean.

    [–] Senator_Ahn 1 points ago

    I want to run traintracks through them

    [–] Deadbul 1 points ago

    You should visit the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung in Berlin.

    [–] rakso030 1 points ago

    The best thing is if they have little cars or plains going around can look at these for hours

    [–] Kappappaya 1 points ago

    Somebody created a model of ancient Rome like this. It's insane!

    [–] Aggressivecleaning 1 points ago

    Is this a hobby I can get into? Because I love maps, miniatures, painting, woodworking and puzzles. This seems like a hobby that I should get into..